Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on September 3, 1972 · Page 48
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 48

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 3, 1972
Page 48
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Famous Fables By E.E. Edgar OFFER: At one time, when Sean O'Casey was financially desperate, a play publisher offered him three hundred pounds for the world amateur rights to his three best-known plays, and a half-share of all royalties for evermore, reports the playwright's widow, Eileen O'Casey in "Sean." "Sean hated to part with the properties, but he had a wife and a child to feed. He wrote to George Bernard Shaw for advice. "Shaw, to whom royalties were something sacred, vehemently disapproved of .the deal. ' " 'It's an absurdly bad bargain for you,' was his stern reply. 'My advice is to let your wife and child starve.' " TREATMENT: Joseph Conrad was convinced that doctors were in a league to do him in. On one occasion, the n o v e l i s t w a s t a k e n ill suddenly and his doctor was hurriedly summoned to his bedside. The latter, who had been out hunting, was still carrying his shotgun when he entered the sickroom. 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Ask for X - P K L "WATER I'lU.S" on our guarantee of t a t i s f a c t i o n o r money back. Get it today at COHEN RITE AID He's Trying to Build Super Mountaineers .2m - MORGANTOWN-Pro scouts who have visited West Virginia University's football scrimmages say the Mountaineers probably have more speed and quickness than any other team in the country. They also have a notion that the .Mountaineers might be as well conditioned as any team in the land. If this be the case--and there are none to deny it--then give Coach Bobby Bowden a pat on the back for doing the one thing he needed to do to bring this about. That is, he subscribed to the program offered by Dr. Robert L. Kurucz, head of the graduate school of physical education, who has been something of a crusader for strength, stamina and agility in all branches of sports. Dr. Kurucz, a PhD at Ohio State in 1967, bases his program on the pulse rate, which is the index to an individual's work output. During the course of a football season, for instance, he not only improves the stamina and strength of a player, but also increases his speed. "As a young man takes note of the improvement in his physical condition, he also will show an increased confidence in his ability to get the job done," says Dr. Kurucz. Coach Bowden talked with Dr. Kuricz before the start of practice in 1971. Some of his coaches--like Garrett Ford and Duke Henshaw--had attended Dr. Kurucz' graduate classes. So had trainer Phil CalHcutt. "They came to me, telling me-about the ideas this man had," said Bowden. "So I told my kids that in addition to the regular pre-season conditioning program, which is almost standard everywhere, that I was going to throw in a mile run after each practice--doing it as prescribed by Dr. Kurucz. "I can't say that they liked it so much at the start, but once they got into it, they were really excited. I could see that it was doing great things for us. "I gave them the letters "B" and "C", which meant Boston College and California, our first two opponents. 'We're going to be in better physical condition than they are, if nothing else,' I told them. And we were, thanks to Dr. Kurucz' program. Throughout pre-season practice, we would shout 'BC' as we ran our miles." This prevailed all season long. The Mountaineers were always in better condition than the opposition. They got beat a few times, but it was never due to a lack of conditioning. "When the fourth quarter comes around, I always think of Dr. Kurucz," said end Nate Stephens. "I don't get tired any more." David Morris, defensive back, said this program not only had toughened him physically but also mentally. It gave him a feeling that he could knock down any player who got in his way. Dr. Kurucz hasn't put the Idea across to many coaches yet, but he has gotten a CHARLESTON, W.VA. By A. L. Hardman Or. Robert L. Kurucz couple of calls from the pros. He spent six days with the Washington Redskins recently and Coach George Allen was so impressed that he allowed Dr. Kurucz to go onto the playing field, even in the huddle, to do his thing. Anyone who knows Coach Allen will tell you that he wouldn't allow a civilian of any description to even get within shouting distance of his players, much less come on the field. Dr. Kurucz not only has given the Redskins more stamina and strength but also has given them a cure for their hamstring and groin complaints. Before that, Coach Chuck Noll called him up to Latrobe, Pa. to do the same thing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. "And from the way the Steelers responded, I'd say they're on their way to a Super Bowl challenge," says the proud doctor. · If the Steelers and Redskins are all that much stronger this Kason, Dr, Kurucz will have a right to feel proud--just as he felt proud when the Mountaineer! flexed the'ir muscles against all comers last year in the department of physical fitness. It was a year ago this month that the handiwork of Dr. Kurucz began to get notice in the press, although weeks before that he and Coach Bowden had gone over the full program in detail. Some wanted to wait and see. But even before the season was well under way, the Mountaineers began 16" show strength and stamina. Dr. Kurucz points out that the whole secret of his formula lies in the ability of the athlete to take on more oxygen. "A proper amount of oxygen consumed will enable an athlete to perform 100 per . cent In every quarter of a football game," Dr. Kurucz says. "Likewise, greater oxygen consumption will enable a player to recover quicker after super efforts, and prepare him better for the next play. "We accomplish this by running 1-5 of a mile at prescribed times. Immediately after running the 1-5 of a mile, an athlete ·must take a 10 second carotid artery pulse, located on the side of the neck. He should strive for a 10 seconds pulse of 30 beats. If he is over 30, he should drop back to the next level of the test. If his heart is much under 30 beats, he should move up to the next group. "A heart rate of for the 10 second period will give him a heart rate that will most efficiently improve his oxygen consumption." . Dr. Kurucz says a walk of one lap around a football field--equal to 1-5 of a ·mile, after completing the full mile should return the heart to the normal of 20 beats in a 10-second period. Then he is ready to run another mile. He was shocked to learn that two Charleston Charlies had been forced out of the lineup this season with pulled hamstrings--out for long periods of time, too. "Professional baseball should take better care of its athletes," Dr. Kurucz declares. "The big leagues have big investments in their players, but they lose some .of them through the neglect of physical fitness." Within the next year, Dr. Kurucz hopes to open his classes to the undergraduates at WVU. Up to now they have been only for graduate students. "There are many students who go on to become coaches without work on a master's degree," he says. "So it is imperative that we make these classes available to undergraduates so they will have full knowledge of the program when they get their degrees." By the simple process of applying the fingers to the throat, Dr. Kurucz can report on the human heart rate or he can immediately get this report with the use of the pulsemeter, the only instrument used In this program. By using this tool, a coach can monitor workouts and their effect on the team once informed as to the meaning of the various rates. The doctor hasn't worked so closely with basketball as he has football here, but he has sprung his magic on most all of IS sports teams they sponsor at WVU. The big seven-foot center, Mike Heitz, worked at the program for a while and found that he'had raised his jumping potential from about five to 16 inches. Sunday Gazette-Moil

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