The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 22, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1918
Page 6
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BUTTERCUP GEAR. LITTLE BUTTERCUP, BRIGHT AS THE 5UH, 15 YOUK MESSAGE TO '^INTER'S ALL OVER,AND A ROlN TREE t best keeping whlle v Tom =ia. the side of the opposite h tn away Pul ins grip on his grin the a circular opening in giint cypress directly ind only i *G\\ feet aside he branches ob structing his view the bo was sir prised antl det ghted to find that he opening wis at least t w o feet in dla meter ind. that it AV ould be within reach o" ni handi i' ho mo\ed a Too or t w o nei c- on tho limb now supporting liib we S"ht The limb bent oenc i t h his weight a couple of. fee as h^ m o \ e d ! but he mamgert to z ap the « dos of the opening 1 which f o r t u n a t e y piovcd to be fiim Tom l i s t h~ust lus pun do\\n pto the ca\it in order to sound i s dep h \ friphtene I bquearf *ollowed and a fox bquirrtl w skcd p i s t h i m skurrj in£ wildly up the sides of tho cyprebs o the \er top j-aylnt hold on a [ h m b above him Tom drew himsel'* up and s w u n g himsrlf feet forcmo t into the hollow - w h i c h wis near y five feet deep and viricd in w i d t h from ibout three feet i* the top o two at the bottom. Not »ny too comfortable tl E boy now rented quiet his £oce to the opening V. th n. a few minutes after Tom en tered the hoPow he heird the c ip of p dd!e5 in 1 k n o w t h a i hii pursue s were approach np in his canoe It wis evident f u r t h e r f h i i they h a d b r o u g h t i dog for edited b rkirg close a hand wis now heird Tempted to «an out ind. look doivn Tom drew ir his head quickly and almost held nib breath Ore glance hid repealed n o Tn a Hoi low HEN Tow Barclay a Georgia boy started on a fishing trip on a summer afternoon in 1836 he Uttle dreamed tha* he was to encotmtor hostile Indians. Tom Ifrred with his parents in a log cabin on th« eastern side of a jreat swamp far from an neighbor and he did not know t) at the settlers on the western side had hurried their families into an old block hou^e seek Inr safety from marauding Creek In dians on their way from \labama to join the Sezntnoles- in, Florida But the boy was soon to become better Inform ed for an Island in the \ery swamp he proposed to fish In had been taken, powession of b some f these Indians in order the better to mike a stand against the mUjtia and seUlers in pur suit of them In blissful ignorance of all this and provided with fibhlng tack E Tom fol lowed a d m .rail through dense -woods down to thf flooded area of he swamp -svhere he stepped ln*o a dug ou* canoe and pushed* his \\n\ Into the walerj Jungle until he -eached an open pool of considerab e depth in \%h ch he was wont to catch sorro \ery fine black bass calling thc-m trouL But today for some reason the ha^s disdained the e a r t h w o r m s wriggling on his hook and after a fruitless hour Tom decided to push on to the island and there look for a bee tree a harvest of wild hone being- even more welcome at home than a fine string- of fish So on he forced his canoe here paddling easili ID-open water un der giant moss drtped cypresses there toiling along a tortuous trail through reeds and -water plants full of the d n f t of fallen branches or imons the crowd ins trunks of both s anding and fallen trees It was about mid afternoon when he saw dry land ahead ind r orced his wai to a, landing Shouldering his rod and gun Tom picked his u a j throuph pall berr brush up the island s slope un il he en ered open pine woods dotted here and there -wj h clumps of pal mettoes ind *hicV,ets of scrub oak Hoping to find a bee reo among (he tall pines he walked forward his ees mos 1 turned upward until he sud denlv heard a bullet whistle past him following the c^acn. of a rifle Halting f n amazement Tom saw not more thati three hundred yards away two Indians who were naked to the najst except for paint and a feithery headdress It was plain that one of them bnd shot at him for the o her wis just lifting h's *-ifIo is 11 to fire Waiting to see no more Tom fled, to ward his canoe bending* aown as he ran looking- back tnd trying o keep clumps of palniettoos between him and his foes. The two Creeks followed caut ouslj as if suspecting the pros ence of oth«r w h i t e s and £,eve-al bul lets sang- by the fleeing bo\ Poor Tom was reilly hoping to escape when on seeing- i third Indiin near his canoe he turned aside and racod toward i more distant part o' the swvmp line Then not knoung i whit else to do he nn straight into the suhmerfred junple duck ng- down In the brush ind nruggliog forward in watur hat -=oon rose fro-n his knee" to his waist After his all was quiet the Indians seerninfirU averse to wading in after him and perhaps decidng to continue the pursuit in his canoe As soon *u he feit rea^onabJ sure of this TOTI bepan to move \erj quieth and to look about for a hiding- place In no grea w h i l e he chose a wa er-oik covered with dcns^j foliage and begin to climb noting as he did so that the spreading brtrtches of the oak embraced the trunk of in immense old c press The refuse chosen, wis b no means satin factor but Tom thought thit quiet in a-ij sort of h i d i n g plicf was better for the momcit than noisy movement in th* w tter A f t e r cllmbirfr is Mpn is «eemed A MESSAGE TO THE OHILDKEN OP AMERICA EROM MRS HILDA M RICHARDS Mrs Hilda Mulhatiscr Richards neads the Woman's Division of the United States Errploymert Service of the Department of Labor Since the time she was a girl Mrs Richards ha^ been interested m people who earn their own living and to learn exactly what it rreant to be a wage earner she worked as a gjrl in a factory at $1 a day Mrs Richards is very much interested in the children of the country who one day will have to go out into the world and take their places among the men and women who by their work are building tne nation Thas is the message she sends through this page to the children of America Your education is the important part of your preparation for your future life When the time comes and you must leave school to make your own way in the world you will be asked by your employers What can you do ? The time you spend now for education will count as part of your equipment for your work whatever it-may be In addition to the regular elementary and high school education take some special training in order to fit yourself for special work If you want to be a carpenter take a course m carpentry, if you want to be a stenographer, take that course ' Remember that you will be asked to contribute some special work to this country, so prepare yourself *hrough these years of study lor your task Do not leave school to take a job unless there is no alternative If you rush out of school to go to work you will find yourself after a few years wishing you had stayed in school and-taken more training "When you are ready to go to work find out from your teachers and principals what positions are open for you and choose the one for which you are best fitted Some of the most successful men and women began their careers in a small way Therefore keep m mind that ability honesty and courage will guide you through thorough places" HILDA M RICHARDS Indians and a dog in the ciroe almost d rectJy under the t ater oak The boj \v utod in p a i n f u l suspens" w h i l e he «O! n d ^ fro-n be)ow includ the con mueri barl ng of the dog showed cleirl\ t i c belief of his rncm jets that he v I 5 ; neir Tnm guessc 1 that t h e hollow UTS screened from 'heir ^ lew and t h a t as he wis no \ia ible in the branches of either tree t r r halted onl\ bcca ite of the dog s bf ) i % j o r He djd not Know tha at the dec sue m o m e n t the squirrel in the top of he t m n leafed cypress* performed good service bj changing j = posit on ttnd a.ttr Let njr the u p t u r n e d e-; e*» of (he Red Men t h u s furnishing them a i easorable explanation o£ the dog ^ excitement The canoe pissed on and quiet fol owed but for v^c- hours or more Tom scirceh da w "d to mo\e hind or foe while lit* listened in entlv and heird i now and hen he d p of paddles the ow irurmur of voices and the barkmp or the doc as the cinoe passed and *e parsed hi? neighborhood He brea hed more f-eel in the comple e ruiet that followed n shtfi I know nff thit the ·^pnrch fo- him hid been fina b aban doned But he w%5 now attacked w i t h shirp hmser j.nd found H necessary to twist and turn m order to ease his cramped limb 1 ' At last he fell asleep onK to s art rouse u p and listen anjnou^U many tim,s during- the lors night He was j-wakened shorih i f t e r daylight b The sound of Iroarms and -ealiz ng thit tome sor o' battle was m progress, Tom fel emboldened to swin^r h mself into the v? e r o a k "«ilh the Idci of descending from his perch Pulliri; the fobas 0 i part of the open pine ridee of the !=Hnd was brourht into 1 \ICT\ and across this, at inter \als -^hite men could be seen in pur suit of the Indians Then Tom bos though he was for frot ill about his own safetv m his eagerness to get near be a, uitne^s of and perhaps take some part in the conl c~ Without sto-ipirg to reflect he ^1 rl ( o w n he tree ard hurncdl w a d e d i^ho^e Then he ran rcckles.sU t o w T r d (he sound*; of firing which had now pro'wn less and was hea-d on i at internals Suddcnlv a lone Indiai burst out of he bru5h far ahead and ran like a. deer toward he swamp FvidentJ h« did not see the boy whom he was to pass about two hundred yards to the left. Without thought and from, pure In stlnct Tom halted ra se! his pnn and fired The Indian dropped his rifle, but he sra-cel} ooked around and mereh raced 'nil) rrore madlv toward he swamp which soon received and screened from \ic~w his flpefns form Then Tom rai or toward a point whence caire exultan* shouts ind sooa found himself among laughing gest cu atms and boast ng white men From a neighbor whom he kne^ \ve I Tom obtained, the particula'-s of Jie fr ght caused b"N the Indian marauders the p irsuit of (hem he defeat of the band on the island and the scattering of the surv\ors The battle "Has over and \Jctoir had been ·won I vas too l a t e said Tom regretful lv and quite senou^Ey bat I got % crick at one of em I saw runnm *or the swamp and thit -was something Our Puzzle Corner BOORIX\ ERS' PXJ7ZUE The Frimals spell the name of a famous book the Finals that of the Kitted authoress 1 Anything that causes acute ·mm 2 A likeness 3 A alow mo-veniijit in music. 4 Zeal T, \n thing thin or lean 6 The scene of i famous battle in i ranee during the p-etent war A small size of type 3 Royal 9 Iark heavy rain beaming cloud« JO A town in California II To ren?el HYDRA HEAD! J \\ OUDS 1 I am a rude or violent fellow i hange my head I am vulgar change orce more. I am the limb of a tree 2 I am sticky cnange my head am. rash change once more I am i ot nice 3 I am a number change my hcid 1 am not sweet change once more j. ru to flo* p'-ofuseb *4 I am a soft-ve! etj cloth change iy hoad I am. grease for lubricat ng c * change on.ce more I am a """iteighfened color -- 5 I an" a tangle change mi head 1 am a colo~ ch^ngt once more I am submerge. 6 1 am a bird change my head I am to entrap change once more I ajn a retired place A^STUERS BOOhLOVERh PV££LE -- Silas Earner--George Eliot StmG " I mag L LargQ A rdo K S craG M-arn L Agatt RcgaL \ imbl ElnO RcbuT HYDRA HHDLD TFOJ2D9 -- 1 Rough Tough Bough 2 Pasty ffasty \ usty 3 t our Sour Pour 4 Phtsh Slush Flush S /Link Pink-Sink 6 Rook Hook "\oofc MOTHER' GOOSE PUZZLER Who sang for His supper of butter and bread Who hadn t a Inife to cut it when fed 3 The question of marriage tortured his life How car one be wedded without any wife^ (Litllc Tommy 7"uc/(cr) TOYS RND USHJL ARTICLES THRT ft BOY CRN BY E-liftNK I . DK-PT Ol t rinNOfti.TR^\NiN,r oBi-ic SCHOOLS Of DETROIT YflrRN R££L. At points marked + bore f' hole-s for pegs To £ . fastened fo pa/is D s-Dzto/I of r 3 )*y? ^9 ~ for ^^^s holding yarn /^/ CAP To COVER NAIL About 70° K Washer f£ Penny no// (Layoff inches and half /nche-s on one arm Parts D and F are to tie fastened to C as shown at IS LITTLE NEWCOMER and a baseball bat And a br-ind nc« cap for brother at' bcc if-you can find the ball hat and cap bj cutting the Mack piece* out -and posting f -iVPl OS1 pxcri boj hiii lo iron i me to time help his m o t h e r 01 airier « i n d j a r n from !ho bJ e n into i bill M o t h e r or sisic c tn not knit right from the skein so he i r n must first be wound into a ball and brother must help do it Vnd j o u kno\ how it mikes your irms ac^o o hold that tkem for q u i t e a while And scmetimcs the varn doet not un ivjnd evenJj and mother ha=; to un tar 0 Ie it Or perhaps you forget ibout tl e a r n and are thinking \vhit ii fine time vou could hi\ c down in the shop and become careless about the «"aj you ho*d tho skem Arore snarl c result and it takes mo-e time to com p e e the tisk and j o u r arms ache all he h trder "Vou can pre\eni ill this bother If you wi 1 tike Lhe time to make the reel shown hereivH 1 ! It is %ery p) it ica-l and not at all dinicu L to make Vny kind ot wood can be used but a^ it is to be u«ed right in the parlor perhaps something should be used h t v,il\ permit an attractive Job o re-suit Get out all pieces to the required dimensions DO N"OT FORGET TO MVKE OUT A STOCK LIST Bb SI STBMATIC Tour arms are re quired each, being one half inch by one Inch by 33 inches This 1== men tioned to avd d all possibil t of con fusion in reading the draw Ing A n u l l i L t i aru r i,hu\ ti s ) r a t c l j tud i stock 1 st oa^ be q a i L k l v i a l t On one of he rm oft mci* ^nicnti o f h a l f inches i in^hc i l l s \Mll ht, 'ourd \ c r u^ f u l lo vour n o t h e r or the arm c in In. romo\ cd ft om L te reel \ hen not tr so ind en be jed to mcibiirc hi. -nork TV hen t.11 liece-i ire nished o d mansions boro a holo in the proper p oces for I p c n n v It should be of a a zc that Tvilt pc"mit the ri,el to turn easily If preferred tho "^ole may be I ored a f r e r the \ i r i o u s pirts are fastened together n their prope relation In TT A i hole sho jJd be bored in the bo torn of i si/e H-go cnougl ind lecp enough to permit th he id ui the nail to orter o rar \ e r p heid w o u l d in crfere w i h 1-c proper c t t l n g of ti e r^el The pegi, m he -rn s should slant si ,,hU. to prevent the \ a r n from bin pm,, ort a* the reef is r v o h e d An ngle of about "0 degrees is suggested Bore these holes \ e r j ca-efulh D o w e l rods can be use for pegs but jf he^e ire no iv ulible i**fic frr^ pe(T- cin bo mide bj rounding the corners of i stick three eighth inch square an 1 smoothing w th s m d p a p e r Pirts A and S should be fas ened toffelhcr Small na lb can be used 1 ut a bcttei/job \\ 11 bo secured if screws jre USCL n * e d On part C f i s t c n j vsdrl I ex *ct v i the rcnter the p ir s D is snown in the STU ill driwing in he l o w e r rig it hind corner On the Lop of these pieeei, f isten part r Assemble to inserting- tho m I trrciieh pirts \ ind !R t h e n p a c e i wislier over he mi Tho other pins ire nwci i laced In po i ion o er f h f n i l The irmb ire now Clipped i r t o plicc ind t h e reel ib reid\ for u^c, .To piolect the hinds from injur a sraa 1 cap should be -nide t o fit n \ e r the end of the r j i l Vo dnwmg it, s h o w n fo" this Ju«t ike suitah c p ece of wood bore a ho e n ie end for the nail and round off (he fop The reel s adjustable f o diffcrem size ske ns of yi-n b-v mo\ mg the pegs :o he different sets of holes f TS B V D L,^OLGH to mo e to a new cit\ ind s art into a new «chool arrong bos and. gi-ls. and teachers ha vou hi\e n e ^ e r seen jefore w h e n t h e change is made at t h e beginning of he school ear But o start in at tho spring 1 Afier e^ery bod\ else is acquainted a_nd w o r k = 1 epun and 5 ou re ben nd and btrange and a 1 that--well anjonc who ha* fner tnc( it K n o w s w^a hird w o r k i is t lat s certim But that was exactly w h i t Sue had c do She and her father and mo her moted to BranMlle n t % c late w nter nd Sue was nu ti once into the new oo3 At her old home she had been in the «=ccond pr-ade but here it \\*LS thought best for her to ^end a Ii tic time back n the flrM tnd work her w i up \ n d is though hi in use f was i o( rf ippomtnen enough -ho foun i that t h p prirN nd boys d i d n pli\ i single pime not one sin !e ^nme th TIT* =he Old Such a *"orlorn ind 'onesorno 1 t i l e girl ou noM.r saw S le w o u i d n t lr lo learn the new g-*mes at rcco^s «hc just s t on the steps ar"i \n ted miserihh for the bell o ring \.nd she shook hor h o i d ind pretended rot o sec when a n \ o n e t"ied o speak to her T3it_]s ind bo\s soon stopped lrun,, \ o u i i ^ he i r e of ha aid ne\ tiller 1 her that s t i c k up pew S rl iml let h r r n one al ogether I- i n a H v the teaci ei notiLod Sue s u n ^ tpi fjco ind t«.kd two of her pupil*; iho it SL We -\ c tr od to r \ w i t b h o r said "^om but ^hp w on i pHv She won 1 nlk to us or n \ t h m * * ( K w e et her alone ^he ^ 011 e\ en insw er u* an\ more tdded Helen cro^sl we Ion t w a n t her in this scliooi =o flierc Did o u ibk her o P'TV \ our j games -x^ked ihe teacher t h o u g h t f u]J or d (5 \ on s n r = IP h n e % jni c hc coul i show \ o u % ow to p " \ ' X\ e asked h e r to p \ ours of .course r pi c 1 To i m u c h puzzled i it the quo tion V In ' Bee ui^e n n ^ b c she u o u ! Ii \e felt m o i e it horre f sh cou d help j o u h a \ e some fun inswerwl he l e x c h e r ^nd no d o u b t c be knows Jo of joll% ne \ games t h i t - \ o u f o l k s wou d like o earn Tom lool erl at Il^len and she =tared back a^hlni "U c h a d n t h o u t j t t c' ha sai J 1 om sooe-h jt ic iore fur to show fo t s hin to be *ho \ n i h a s t r u e V\ e 1 n it tomorrov Tbe nc\t mom is" before he )t.f 'or , c ool 1-e ro permisoion from his mother to alee t w o mstc id of one of grandmother M i ^h ^ line applet; to school TV h do jou want w i t h t w o " * isked 2i s rrot^er as she smil mgli greed We re pong to mal e a little new gji] **Gel at hume todi\ exp amed Tom and. apples help lots sometimes ^.nd sure enough that ap-ple did. Tom me Sue just as the were so ing into the school lard and ·wttout pa mg one bit of attention to her sober fce he handed her the a^ple and airted 'What s j our favorite gajno o pla} before the bcjl rings' 7 Sues face changed in a miraite and she smiled happilj Oh I love to play Pirmer but you don * Bins 1 it the ·^ame way and I don t know Jio^r to do it. Let 3 try our wa sn^estccl Helen, who stepped ap just then "you show as Sue lucked the ipple into her pock et laid her book on the step and be- f?an to pla and that was the end of Sober Sue 3n two days she had rrrado so iran\ friends that she quit* forpot to be lonesome any more, I th nk i o u r plan Tiust have worked said he- teacher smiling a* she saw the now 1 ttle ftfrl p^ainff so contentedh with The others 3t did replied Helen 'all we Sue f i c c Chan^t d In \ Afinnfc. needed U T S (he r t.h ·* tru Sues la J g h L ub her pi n t * and now "-he s p l a \ m f - o n e of o u i s too Ihe rext time a new ] i c j?i r ] romcs to this school \ s e l l know how to bc^in BE AF^ER G RANDMA lePmg stones gay. Heard tnis shout mid merry laughter "Don t tell the one xou told before. We want the one you told be after M

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