The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 22, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1918
Page 5
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'"SlTUKDAT; JUNE ; 2«; 1918. THE D4ILY COURIER, CONNEU^SVItJJE. PA. PAGE FTVB. MOUNT PLEASANT , CHILD !S FATALLY HURT UNDER AUTO John Harold Finch, Age Seven, Dies at Memorial Hospital. WAR SAVINGS DRIVE IS BEGUN Clyde Totliers Heads . Moiement an4 b Being Assisted by leading Men and Women of the Xowa; TVoaiu I»jlicafa!l in Thefts. £ Hike THE PABA3HHJ°ST. "THE HOSE. OP BLOOD"--A Fox standard attraction, in -which Theda Bara, the popular screen star, is seen in the leadingj role, is being shown today. The story has to do. with Licza Tapenko, a daughter of the common people. The advantage of a university education enables her to gain 'employment as governess in tie-home of Prince Arabassofl. On the death, of his wife the prince turns to LJsza 'and pleads that he loves her. 'To escape the prince's importunities she seeks refuge in Switzerland. In Switzerland she falls in with a group of revolutionists. Yielding to her fascination for a young Russian known as "The Firebrand," she joins the band and agrees to do her part to- Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, June 22.-John Harold Finch, aged seven years, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chitrles Finch, | wards "dding her oppressed land,of and grandson of John. Finch, superin- j " s haughty rulers. As Lisza Kills tendent of tie Alice and Buckeye enemy after enemy of her people she mines, vras run over by an automobile on the road outside his home yester- *»y morning about 11 o'clock. The child was rushed to the Memorial hospital, where it died about twenty minutes later. The body was taken to the home of John Finch at Buckeye, where funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, and interment will follow in the Mt. Pleasant cemetery. . Savings Campaign Organized. : The committee on War Savings Stamps is working hard and each day brings new members to the Pershihg Limit club. Yesterday added Rjch- ard Gerecter. The local committee expects to go over the top in this as the town has done in even-tiling else. · The campaign is in charge of Postmaster Clyde Yothers. He is, being assisted by Dr. M. W. Hornor.Vho has . charge of the physicians in Westmoreland county. The following committees have been appointed: Window cards, 3. N. Warden; auto stickers. Ralph Nelson; moving pictures, S. Skibinski; .town meetings, Stephen Arkwrignt; parades, T. O. Anderson; speakers, if. A. King; posters, W. P. Henderson; men to interview business, professional and every man in town are: First ward. Prof. H. H. MteLong and J. P. Wertmaa; Second wird. Join Nixon and Edward G. ·Weaver; TMrtl ward. Homer Thurs. ton and John Barclay. The women and children of town wilL be can- vassVxi by a committee .itnder the leadership oi: Mrs. Kirk Bryce, and composed of Elizabeth Overholt, Madeline Shaw, Genevleve Mullen, Sara Homer, Mary Arkwrisht, Charlotte Roy, Margaret Cort and Margaret .Jones. . WOMB in Alto Kokberies. Anna Guram was arrested by Constable James Ellis and Police Officer Jamas White and held for the state police, wbo called and got her. William Huffman, .a Mount Pleasant man, recently arrested for automobile rob- "beries, has in a c- '"ssion implicated ·the Gumm woma::, . ad she- is being .held by the state police pending an investigation. late State Examination. The Misses Brooks, iliss Violet Firmstone, Miss Mason and Ella Hrabak.: nurses from the local hospital, ·took the .state board examination in Pittsburg this week. John Jfnrphy. John Murphy, aged 61 ytars. died Friday morning. Funeral services ·will be held from his East Washington street home on Monday 'morning v following high, mass at St. Joseph's ~ church. He leaves a wife and three sons, Tom, John and Charles, and two daughters, Eleanor and Mary. Special M. E. Service. There will be a reminiscent service j in the Methodist Episcopal church Beit Sunday evening at 7.30 o'clock, to be held in connection with the Children's Day service, wliicli will be held at 10.45 in. the morning. All vmembers of the Sunday school for thirty years will be present, and most at them will give talks. commemorates each, deed with a red rose. The parts are well acted and Miss Bara is given an excellent opportunity ' to display her dramatic ability. A good comedy, Pathe Weekly, and pictures of the draftees leaving for Camp Lee, Petersburg, VSL, are also being shown. Monday and Tuesday, William S. Hart will be seen in "The Lion ot the Hills." Thursday, Kitty Gordon, supported by Irving Cummings, and other World stars of prominence, will been seen in "The Interloper." Madge Kennedy will be featured Friday an; in "The Danger Game," attraction. Saturday Goldwyn SOISSOJf THEATRE. Forry Brott presents Sam T. Eeed and associated players "Married for Money." The drafting of actors makes it very hard for the average manager or promoter to organize a capable company of players of exceptional merit to produce the class of comedy that appeals to the Ameri- caa audience of today. But Mr. Brott, who is putting ia the new stock company at the Soisson playing the latest successes in up-to-the-minute comedies, Is to be congratulated in securing some of the very best in the way of talent. A special feature will be tlie staging and dancing specialties during the action of the play. This company opens an indefinite engagement 'at the Soisson, Monday matinee. June 24, at popular prices. ORPEEIEM THBATIIB. "HIS MOTHER'S BOY."--A Paramount production featuring Charles Hay in the leading role. "His Smothered Love," a Paramount Mack Sennett comedy Till also be shown. Sonday and Tuesday William S. Hart is featured 1 in the Artcraft production, "The Tiger Man." "The Tiger man" is a bandit of a type not often seen in pictures. He mcets | his fate in thg person of a pretty young woman, the wife of a minister of the gospel, but when she attempts suicide to escape the horror . ! his toucb, his slumbering soul, steeped in crime, awakens and he is reformed. Patronize those wno advertise. "TIT FOR ACHING, SORE, TIRED FEET Use "Til" tor Tender, FoBed-np, Bura- iuc, CaJlimsed Feet »nd Coras. BCTLDS BVSCfESS. Commercial Banking Service ' That Makes for Success. For 42 years The First National of ConnellsvillB has been an important factor in the business life of this community. Naturally, in tbese war times, its officials give a good deal of attention to Liberty Bon to and other patriotic duties, but the. bank's commercial service is never neglected. It ift prompt, help£ul, painstaking and gives particular attention to ia divid- ual requirements. Consultation is in- rtted^-Adv. People who are forced to stand on their feet all day know what sore, tender, sweaty, burning feet mean. They use "Tiz," and "Tis" curss their feet rigb-t up. It keeps feet in perfect condition. "Tiz" is the only remedy in the ·world that draws out all Uie poisonous exudations, which puff up the feet and cause tender, gore, tired, aching feet- It instantly stops the pain in corns, callouses and bunions. It's simply glorious. Ah!- how comfortable your feet feel after using "Tiz." You'll never t limp or draw up your face in pain. Your shoes won't tighten and hurt your feet. Get a 25-cent box of "Tiz" bow from any druggist. Just think! a whole year'4 foot comfort for only 25 cents. --Adv. Women There B no more important wort--at any time--than the! training of the youth of a nation. We iriust win the war, but |while we are winning it, we must preserve Democracy and prepare (or * better D«aocracy foe the future. Teaching 13 now more than ever a patriotic calling, and a national necessity. Trained ' workers are the only kind that are wanted. A course of study and training-including actual teaching experience--t tlie STATE NORMAL SCHOOL of Indiana, Pa. VVnl fit yon fofthla national service. Tha demand for trained teachers greatly aaceada tbe aupply. Tha workia inspiring, oble,and patriotic. 1 ndiana is a school of ambitious workers under the guidance of a faculty of fifty experienced teachers. Beautif aland healthful location. Christian influences. Athletics. Modernbuildmgs6plendidly«iuipped. V240 covers all expenses (excepting rental of books) for school year of forty weeks for one preparing to teach, and includes board, room, laundry and term fees. In connection -with ttie Normal School are--The Indiana Conservatory of Music, The Indiana School of Business, and a Domestic Science School. Arfdraa tta rtlndoal The Indiana Catalog 1 --one of the moat beantifa! and Interesting J B A B H.KCITH of book* about achooli ever published--fm on nqueat. SUC-4TATIOM V. UnUMA, PA. NEVER SUCH A REMEDY FOR PILES It will cost any sufferer 30 cents to prove that bleeding, itching or protruding piles, no matter how 'chronic or how painful, can quickly be helped. Go to the La.usb.rey Drug Co., Connellsville, or Broadway Drug Co., Scottuaie, hand the druggist a quarter and say, "t want a jar of Sail Cura Ointment," and if you aren't satisfied --your money back. Yes, and more; try San Cura Ointment for old sores that people say will never heal, for fever sores, 'for itching skin, eczema, tetter, salt rheum, chapped hands, face or lips, for ulcers, carbuncles, boils, sore nipples and broken breasts.\ v It draws out poison; that's the secret of the v/ondertul success of San- Cura Ointment; that's why it so quickly heals scalds, burns, cuts and bruises. It's best to use San Cura Soap at all times; it is a great aid in* banishing pimples, blaclcheads and the germs of disease. 25 cents. Thompson Medical Co., Titasville, Pa.--Adv. Dawson. DAW6ON. June 22.--Earl Porter was a Pittsl)urg business caller Wednesday and Thursday. Miss Frances Barrett of McKoes Rocks is the guest this week of Mr. and Mrs. C. 3 Gaal, North Dawson. The Misses Agnes and Anna McIntyre, and brother, Martin J. McIntyre, of Leisenriag spent Wednesday evening here with their brother, Thomas -Molntyre. Mrs. A. J. Manning, and Mrs. Clarence McGill were recent Pittsburg visitors. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Howell accompanied their nephew, Harry J. Crawford, to Pittsburg Tuesday, remaining until Wednesday to see Harry J. Crawford off to South Carolina, where he will .be stationed, having enlisted in the marines. J. B. Heed and granddaughter, Miss .Ruth Hopwood of Uniontown, were guests Wednesday of .Mr. Reed's daughter, Mrs. H. J. Bell. The. Star Junction baseball team defeated the Y. M. C. A. team on the Y. M. C. A. grounds Thursday ;u the second game of the series by a score of 13 to 11. Mrs. John Gibson and Mrs. W. A. Wood were Connellsville callers on Thursday. John "Landyrcore was in McKeesport Thursday on business. Robinson Folding Bath Tub Steeline--the Wonderful New Invention-Positively Non-Leakable Again the inventive geirlus of man has conquered. After years of fruitless effort, we have succeeded in securing a material which we have justly called "Steeline," for it wears like steel, a material -which we can guarantee for ten years against any defect in construction of matorial; which means that you will undoubtedly derive fifteen or twenty years' satisfactory service from the Robinson Folding Bath Tub. You cannot buy this Folding Bath Tub from any other concern; we are the sole manufacturers;'we control the factory output of "STEELINE." "BE IT ETEU SO HTjUBLE, THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOSE" But no home without a bath is a fit place to live and raise a family. The convenience of the city bath room is now made possible for TOO and YOUR family. You and all your folks can enjoy the healthful luxury of a full submerged bath in any room in the house--refreshing, invigorating, cleansing. .Certainly you need this Tub--want it-so place your order now, this very minute. There'll be no regrets. In fact, your only regret will be that you didn't order long ago. SEE OCB lOCAi AGEXT Frank D'Auria 611 lork Avenue. P. 0. Box 450. COSirELtSYILIE, PA. Agent in Fayette, IVestiaoreisad and Greene Counties. DID YOU BUY This is what «"r Shoe Manager promised at a short meeting with (he 'Department Managers of the Big Store. So they agreed to turn O-VIT this entire ad. exclusively to the SHOE DEI'AK'JraiE.YT, and we, ourselves, are convinced f h i t t be meant exactly ivliat he said, as these arc Hie grvuti'st bargains in tlie history of our .Shoe Depart- meut.. The other departments have ao advertisement today, bnt Uicy nrontise some wonderful sur- prisos throoRliout the store. It is nearing tlie end of June and each Department is eager to RO OTER TIIK i'Or to Double Their Sales in June. S8.00 Women's Pntent Leather Oxfcrds, in lace, plain too and wing tip. JjOUis hce] 58.00 Women's Grey Kid Oxfords, in lace, Louis (P£? Af heel and plain toe «r/1l»^tJ $3.00 Women's White Canvas Pumps, all sizes, fl*~| QPv Louis heel q5J-««'v 5S.OO Women's White Kid Shoes, . in lace style, Louis heel, 9 in. tops, special ?2.50 Misses' White Canvas Slioes. in lace style, white ivory sole and heel, Q~\ (t(\ sizes ll'i to 2 _____ «?·*-»"«' $1.25 Children's ^Tiite Canvas Eabv Doll Pumps, sizes 5 to 8, special $6.75 L 98c i i " THE BIG ST()RE Perryopolis.' PBRRYOPOLIS, .Tune 21.--Sirs. T. W. Weirner was a Pitts-burg caller Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson and children of Floriffe, Pa., are visiting relatives of town. J. H. Price of Dawson transacted business in.'-toT.-n Wednesday. . William Gibson of McKeesport has been spending the past week with town friends. Edmund Martin transacted business in Pittsbnrg Thursday. Mrs. Chambers of Uniontown is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Pred Baker. --THE-- EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT. HOME. Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ,ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLDB I BREAFAST '' AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOE. TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. J. N. Trump THITE TRANSFER utvrmt T SHOULDER TO SHOULDER The army of our Country stands shoulder to shoulder with the armies of our Allies--thus forming a barrier of 'steel to the Prussian, fury. Let each of us, even at home stand shoulder to shoulder in the defense of a just cause-and-render full support to our Government. Purposeful Formula Senreco's formula la not "jnflt a litUfl of IMs and a little of that." It was deyised witti a flefltrfto object in view. The object .was to prmluc9 a tooth paste poaseselng m»d!c!nsH aa well as cleansing properties--a real cleanser that could bo depended upon to remove tartar and keep mouth and Qumc health/. The ideal defined, our laboratories set about to determine the proper combination to produce it. Senreco la the result- It nas been, tried, tested and pronounced good by hundreds ot the profession. Try a tube. A single tube will PFOT oTery claim. "Will show why tnoo- sands today use and demand Sen- reco--and are satisfied, vrtth nothing less. All drneglBts and toilet counters. Large 2 oz. tube--25 c. SENRECO--Cincinnati fflany School Children are Sickly ^loUiem wi:o value tlicir own comfort sad the irclfaro of their children, should never be with- ontabotof .Mother Gcay'B S\veet Powders lot Children, for use ihrouglioat :hc »owon. They Brunk up Colds, Relieve FevcrlahncFs, ConsUpa- tion,TeeUiini;Dl«)rrior8.'Heftd«cheiir.dStoin»ch Troubiee. UaeiibTniottioraforaoyea-e. THESE FOWKEHS NEVJilt JMIL. AH Drns Storca, 25c. Dmt't atwfpt arty auburitut*. SMIIplo PKKE. Addrem, Mother Gray Co., Jj=](oy,N. X. TRAILING A TAMEST A person may be naturally gifted in some special profession, business or line of work--but unless that talent is properly trained, it cannot reach, lull development. Cultivate your talent for saving by making regular deposits.with. vs. CONNELI.SVli.LE.R4 Your account is invited. WESTSIDE) 3% Interest Paid on Savings Accounts. UNIOX NATIONAL BAra, Connellsville, PETEY BLVK-- It's C. A. VOIGHT *«·- «H-T e to Go SAIO v IT VfOOt-DKi'T, \ ) IT SUREtY V_'iU- /

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