The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 8, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1939
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MATICH S, 1D3D. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNEOLSVIJUIja. PA. PAGE FIVE. MT. PLEASANT HAS TEACHER, PARENT TALK Is First of Series Arranged to Discuss Mutual Problems. OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Mar. 8.-Teachers, and parents o£ Ramsay I'igh School students held a parent- teacher meeting in the high school auditorium Tuesday evening, the first of a scries arranged for the month by the Parent-Teacher Association. C H. S. NEWS OF THE DAY Kooms 3 and 10 Win Candy. In the upperclasslmen's assembly Tuesday jifternoon Helen Munson awarded a box of pandy to Senior Homerooms 3 and 10 tor having attained their quotas in the subscription drive Tor the senior yearbook. Ray Sullivan received the candy as president of Room 3 and Frank McClure as president o£ Room 10. Yale-Frinceton Game. The Yale-Princeton basketball game, played by the girls every year, will be held at 7:30 o'clock Friday evening, March 24. Former players on the teams irterestcd in attending are welcome. C R I B B A G E TOURNEY AT SCOTTDALE SkatinK Tarty Discussed. General discussion was held in Freshman Homeroom 25 pertaining to a hike and a roller skating party. No definite plans -veie made. .Tumbled Word Contest. A movie star jumbled word contest was held in Fies-hnitin Homeroom 7, sponsored by Misi Beatrice Horowitz. No winners were announced. Drawings Made for Partners Among 104 Entries; 26 Tables. SINGLE EVENT IS SCHEDULED Impersonation*, Presented. Harry McGann gained the vote for | having presented the best impersonation in Freshman Homeroom 31. The program was arranged by the Recordings in Room 34. Earl Hir.glor played recordings m Miss Irene Kline's sophomore home- ,, Clifford G. Sing ley, principal, pre- £ *· Adrienne Bradv. sided at the meeting. Two choral numbers were rendered from the operetta recently presented under the direction of Miss Ruth Corder, supervisor of muic in the high school. Ferene Speer and John Xixon, Jr., sang "Thou You Wander Away," and Ethel Cooper and Charles Thompson, sang "Only One Rose." The brass choir, Philip Freeman, JTarion Busko, Wells Zeman, Panfleld DeNichola, Jack Snyder, Eugene Stefl and Charles Thompson, played "March of the Noble"; and the reed Chinese Checkers Played. Chinese checkers wctc played in Freshman Homeroom 20 Tuesday afternoon. The winners were not an- Nevvs Assignments. J. A. Lerew has posted a ne\v list of names to take care ot the current news with the first three names for Doilies Make Dining a Delight SCOTTDALE, Mar. 8.--Drawings have been made for' the cnbbage tournament scheduled to open at 8 o'clock Friday evening at the borough building as follows: Table 1. Peter Collins, Homer Loucks vs. Harry Collins, George j Detwiler; table 2, Andrew Petonic,' Regis Collins vs. John Anderson, H. Dettling; table 3, Arthur Corrtmore, Grist; Melvm DcBolt, Mary .lane DeMulh and John F,:o. nounced. Suggestions were turned j B---"William Hnishman, Randall Gantz, Helen Lieb; William Campbell, William Glassbum and Joe i Luczak. general and the second three for Roy Ba ker vs. Pete MacMillan, Frank economic. They are: j Ganoe; table 4, James J. Miller, A--Joan Downs, Patsy Falvo, Mid Elmer Wise vs. William McDowell, in to be used as future piograms or activities. quartet. Reuben Zcman, George Simon, Robert George, and Samuel I sponsor. Schindcl, Jr., played "Canzonetta.'' A discussion, ot philosophy of education for Mount Pleasant schools. Humorous Speeches. Freshmen in Room 40 gnvc extemporaneous speeches on numerous humorous subjects such as "How to Fry An Egg." Harold N. Diem is presented by Nelson Addleman of the faculty. Extra curricular activities were presented by Kensey Dillon, also a faculty member, being his talk on the findings of a committee which studied the students participating in activities. The purpose of the meeting being to bring about a better understanding between the home and the school, an open discussion was led by Mr. Sing; ley on the subjects presented. ' There was a good attendance. No Action on Fast Time. No action has been taken by borough council on daylight savings in the borough. A communication received fiom the committee on this plan was laid on the table. School Funds Low. At the meeting of the Board o£ Education Monday evening, $3,000 was transferred from the sinking fund to the general fund, which contain.-, $1,400, so that the teachers salaries may be paid at the middle of the month. The treasury is low and while the appropriation is due the latter part of, March it will not be sufficient to carry on until the tax money comes in. A letter was received from the | Parent-Teacher Association concerning the lighting system in the Second and Third ward buildings. The board had contemplated the rewiring of the schools last year, but owing to the fact that the heating system in the Second Ward building needed rebuilding, the wiring was impossible. However, it will be included in this year's budget. John C. Haberlen, superintendent of schools, who has been ill at his home was unable to be present. Guild Elects Officers. Miss Charlotte Fox was leader at the regular meeting of the Olterbein Guild, held Monday evening at the church. At the business meeting the following officers were chosen: President, Mary Jo Sawyer; vice-president, Sylvania Canosese; secretary-, Eileen Gearhart; treasurer. Charlotte I''ox; secretary of thankoffering. Faith Queer; secretary of literature, Louise Mullin; secretary of stewardship, -- Margaret Fern Gratzinger; pianist, Jean Harkcom; assistant pianist, Feme Longjpatroness. Mrs. Iva Canose; delegates to the W. M. A. convention, Virginia Franks and Mildred Snydcr. ISntertauis for Guest. Miss Rose Gordon entertained at her home Tuesday afternoon with two tables of cards in honor of Mrs. Samuel Frank o£ New York City, who is visiting with her mother, Mrs. Ella Levinson. Attorney Soisson in Assembly. Attorney William H. Soisson, Jr., addressed the assembly, using as his theme "The Bill of Rights." Program in Room 32. C--June Hillengcr, Naomi Frazee, Norma Halfnill; Jane Errett, Matilda Groah, Betty Joidan. D--Bob Hooper, D. Minerd, Anthony Mongcll; Geneva Miller, John Mongelluzzo and Howard Moore. E--Edward DeBolt, Joe Er.os, Bob Frankcr.berry; Dorothy Dawson, Mickey Delia Donna and Robert Freeman. Original Compositions. Miss Beatrice Hoiewitz' Freshman Anthony Danca; table 5, Charles Shaner, Albert Reynolds vs. John H. Huth, Ted Farmer; table 6, Mark Brookman, A. C. Farmer vs. M. B. Rockiick, William Becker; table 7, B. C. Leightly, Ernes', Skinner vs. Jack Shelby, C. C. Brown; table 8, H. H. Aikin, C. H. Cline vs. Francis Palmer, Harry Colburn; table 0, Ed Smith, B. C. Fretts vs. John Hurst, Ben Clarkson; table 10, William Reynolds, Roy Hurd vs. Earl Sturtz, Homer O'Roark; table 11, Fred Ma thews, Sam Brown vs. Harry 12, Household Arts iy Alice Brooks Exquisite Pineapple Design Enhances Doilies of Three Size* COVe. 1*1*. MOUSEVJOUJ ARTS. It PATTERN 6328 Clara Long read a story in Fresh- ' English students have submitted fine man Homeroom 32, sponsored by ; original compositions for extra credit. Pritts, Lester Strickler, Carmello Catbonara, Dan Stefl, Barbara Reynolds, Doris Pritts, Ruth Prmkey, Jim Rush, Helen Schmidle, Nancy Dycrna, Floyd Palmer, Ncal Pritts, Martha Tissue, John Arn and Robert Whipkey. Mrs. Mary Hopkins. Wilma Shipley j The stuaents were John gave a reading and the period ended Merle Peck, Bob Mi.nson. with Clara Long and Mary Massioni leading the singing of popular songs. Popularity Contest in Room 42. Andrew Lasky's Freshman Homeroom 42 held a popularity contest Tuesday with the following results; Most popular. John McRobbie, Ethel Resh; best dressed, John McRobbie, Ethel Resh; laziest. Merle Haynei, Helen Ruggieri; prettiest girl, Helen Ruggien; most handsome, Robert "Whipkey; noisiest, Wilbur Ridgway, Susan Weisgerber; prettiest teeth, Mable Traugh, John Huesken; largest feet, Arthur Phuntek, Carmella Vellucci; funniest, Rosella Tober, Wilbur Ridgway, and quietest, Robert Showman and Ruth Stillwagon. Thrilling Show At Pitt Stadium By Springfield PITTSBURGH, Mar. 8.--One of the moat thrilling numbers of the program of the Springfield College exhibition team which will appear at (he Pitt Stadium on March 23 will be a series ot leaping, vaulting and diving stunts executed by the individual members of the team. Talcing a leap from a springboard, flying over a rope seven feet in the air, and linishingtsiff with a spectacular handspring or split over a side horse, these gymnasts always land on their feet when they hit the floor. . To a spectator, the movements are executed so smoothly and easily that Ihcy appear quite easy to perform. When the last man goes over six of comrades piled on the horse and smilingly lands in a somersault on the other side, the exhibition is brought to a close. c? Co-Eds At Westminster in Sororities NEW WILMINGTON, Mar. 8.-Ninety-two co-eds at Westminster College were pledged to MX campus, Greek letter soionlie*. Pledges included: Chi Omogn--Elsie J. Chi^ner Ligonier. BeUi Sitrma Oinicron--Hetty Deeds. Newell. Sigma Kappa--Treatise Ankney, Somerset: Jane Campbell. Canonsburg, Kappd Delta--Lois A n d e r i o n. Grccntburg; Betty Hunter, Claysvillc; Doris and Doruthy Otto, Embworth. Thctj Upsilon--Louise Lcmmcn and Ko.^c Vcsko, Latrobc. Strange Rural Tragedy Given Dash of Irony MORRIS, 111., March 8. -- The strange rural tragedy in which a man murdered his friend, then was prosecuted by a friend and finally sentenced to the electric chair by a friend, was given its dash of irony today. Twenty years ago, when murderer Elvin Wood and Prosecutor S. J. Holderman were students together in the local high school, they both appeared in their class play. And in the play, Holderman accused Wood of murder. Monday afternoon, Holderman accused his friend and lodge brother of murdering their mutual friend, Abner Nelson. The personal friend of long standing of all three, Judge F. H. Hayes, then said to Wood: "May the great judge have more mercy on you than I can. The penalty for your crime is death in the Illinois State Penitentiary April 14, 1939." Wood had pleaded guilty. Needing money, he shot Nelson February 19 and flung his body into a river, thinking to collect ransom from his wealthy family. Five days later he confessed, detailing the crime so thoroughly that he even recalled that Nelson, in his dying delmum, murmured: "Father, forgive him." "I trust that the dying prayer oE Abner Nelson was for your good," Judge Hayes told the weeping defendant. JUNIOR HIGH NEWS In connection with the work on angles and triangles the ciasci of Miss Eleanor McClelland hnvc been using and examining the transit sextant and field protractors. The transit was brougbf in by Wilbur Moon and the sextant by Norman Homer. Smith, Clarence Shuey; table George FergiJion, Wayne Farmer vs. J. C. Fngan, Clark Vance; table 13, John Kacur, Dr. E. B. Gilbert vs. Sam Wissinger, Freeman F. Wholey; table H, H. Showman, Joseph Sturle vs. Ike McLaughlin, M. A. Hoiter; table 15, C. F. Lewis, Ralph Napoli vs. James Clarkson, Frank Reishart; table 16, Ray Stomm, Howard Frank vs. W. G. Wholey, Walter Ruth; table 17, A. J. Brown. George Miner vs. Clyde Q Toolc, O. E. Weaver; table 18, John Warrick, Dr. Taylor vs. R. B. Davis, E. Owens; table 19, Walter Moore, T. H. Rutherford vs. H. L. Beeglc, Harry Suttle; table 20, Ike Rollinson, Lester Sparke vs. Walter Haines, Wade Weaver; table 21, Joe Cellars, Cecil Loucks vs. Harvey Yoho, Don Laughrey; table 22, Pete Budmi, S. R. Rutherford vs. Ed Murray, William Simcox; table 23, Seward Wyggle, Mike Howewa vs. Frank Parker, Joseph Jones; table 24, Dick Loucks, J. J. Koch vs. Ed Palmer, James Newell; table 25, Mike A. R. Marshall's classes have been I Miller, Ed Campbell vs. Don Whaley, spending many of the class periods ·working at the library. WPA Crew Wrecks Wrong Building By United Pre«. NEW YORK, Mar. 8.--The WPA admitted today that it finally had happened. One of its wrecking crews tore down the wrong building. There wasn't a stick left standing of the three-story frame structure owned by the Newburgh Savings Bank when the mistake was discovered. And next door, a three-story building that the Title Guarantee and Trust Company had asked to have razed, stood untouched. The city housing authority, using WPA labor, razed old buildings Iree, as part of a slum clearance program. Title Guarantee had asked to have its frame store and tenement building at 158 Belmont avenue, Brooklyn, removed. The wrecking crew went out. At the corner of Powell street the foreman found No. 162 Belmont avenue. The next two buildings were unnumbered and abandoned. The first one was No. 158, the next No. 156. But the crew figured that the T.rst one should be No. 160, since it was next door to No. 162, and thnt the third house would be No. 158. So they attacked the third house. They had cleared the lot and reported the job done before Title Guarantee telephoned again to inquire when No. 158 was going to be razed. After an investigation, the WPA had to notify the Newburgh Bank that it no longer had a building at No. 156. · A spokesman for the tanfc said it objected very much. What action it will take has not been determined. Wndbcr Man Dies,. SOMERSET, Mar. 3.--Tony Gon- Russian Army Bis.. MOSCOW, Mar. 8.--Pravda, Cotn- sovka, who lived at the Joseph Pludcr ! munist party organ, published Ger- home at Wir.dber, died Sunday night in Windber Hospital where he was taken Friday. mar. figures giving the peace-time strength of the Soviet Russian army as 1,800,000 men. Ben Divens; and table 26, John P. Burns, C. M. Kenney vs. Stanley Kublak, Ike Shannon. Last year several tournaments were held and proved very popular. Announcement has been made that only one tournament will be held this spring. Rehearse Class Tlay. Tuesday, March 14, has been the date set for the presentation of the junior class play of the Scottdale High School, to be staged at the Strand Theatre. The play to be given is "The Panther's Claw," a mystery piny. Students in the cast are Clifton King of the Secret Service, Ralph Rogers; Norma Tremaine, alias King, Phyllis Waide; Elaine Standish, alias King, Matilda Glassburn; Jake McCord, the caretaker, Dick Benford; Jerry Freeman, a reporter, Bob McGivern; Luther Stone, the panther, Jeff Davis; Carl Blythe, the spider, John Janicki; four nice girls, Hope Senwick, Jean Hormell; Olive Dale, Betty Roffinson; Edith Dale, Jane Shirey, and Tillie Lish, Lois Shaw. Innoculate Guardsmen. The third and last innoculation and vaccination of the Service Company members, 110th Regiment, was given Monday night at the armory by Dr. N. L. Kerr. Plans were made for the annual Federal and State inspection that will be held Friday evening at the armory. Circle to Ecntcrtain. The Women's Foreign Missionary Society and the Friendship Circle of the Methodist Episcopal Church will be guests of the Jubjee Circle at its regular meeting to be held at 8 o'clock Thursday evening in the church. Leads Phalanx Discussion. Rev. N. W. Shollenberger, pastor of Trinity Evangelical and Reformed Church, religious advisor for the Phalanx Fraternity, led the religious discussion at the regular meeting of the fraternity held Tuesday evening at the Y. M. C. A. Girls Cape Game Tonijrht. The Vanderbilt Girls will play Orpheum -Lassies at 8:30 o'clock tonight at the Christian Church gym i here. There's a real thrill in being able to tell friends who remark at the beauty at these doilies, that you crocheted them yovn'self! The .favorite pineapple motif is effectively used. Crochet them for luncheon or buffet set or as separate doilies. Pattern 6328 contains instructions for making the doilies; ilkisUaliens oi them and of stitches; photograph oi doily; materials needed. To obtain Ihis pnttern send ten cents in com to The Daily Courier Household Arts Dept, 259 \V. 14th Street, New York, N, Y, Be sure to write plainly your NAME, ADDRESS and PATTERN NUMBER. Swedish Skating Star at Duquesne Garden Tonight PITTSBURGH, Mar. 8.--Vivi-Anne Hulten, pretty Swedish skater who won the championship of her country for ten consecutive years and was awarded the Olympic figure skating crown at the last Olympics will attempt to take the spotlight from the Pittsburgh Hornets tonight in her first appearance here at Duquesne Garden. It will be a big order for the 21- year-old blond for the Hornets have been burning up all opposition in their mad dash for a playoff berth in the International League. 59 More Beehive Ctke Ovens Idle A reci ssion in the beehive coke trade in he Connellsville Region was repotred during the week ending Saturday with 421 ovens in blast. This represents a decline o£ 59 ovens from the previous week which, showed 480 in operation, a drop ot two from the year's high o£ 482 ovens reached the week nf February 13 and continued the following week. Two ovens were put out at Crawford and the current week saw 59 eliminated .from the active list at Leith which resulted in the big loss. Ojien Observance May 7. George Sisler, commissioner o£ semi-pro baseball, said he would throw the first ball in an all-star and semi-pro game in Wichita, Kan., May 7, which will open an estimated 12,500 games in all parts o£ the Nation in connection with a celebration of the 100th anniversary of baseball. MORNING AFTER" 'HEADACHE 10 Spaniards Seized. I BARCELONA, Mar. 8.--Nationalist intelligence agents seized 10 persons, including two women, on charges of subversive activities. No need to go through the day with a "hangover" headache that racks yonr nerves and interferes with business. Just take liquid Capudinc and note how quickly head clears, pep returns and nerves are calmed and sttadicd. Pleasant to taHe and doesn't upbcc stomach. Try it for morning after. By dose at drug fountains and In 30c and GOc tiottles. CAPUDINE March 8, 1939 SAVE THE MOST ON THE BEST Corner North Pittsburg and Peach Streets, and 117 West Crawford Avenue PENNSYLVANIA DAYS "On the March" for Pennsylvania Prosperity Excell Soda Crackers GELATINE DESSERT 13 Carnation From Cambridge Springs 10 caL 59c Every Day 10 Macaroni or Spaghetti TASTY SNAPPY CHEESE HEINZ ASST. SOUPS M t d 3 Ibs. . 15c WALDORF TOILET TISSUED QUALITY TABLE SYRUP r^pL KING MIDAS EGG NOODLES ' Med. can No. can 'ade in Phila. GOLDEN KRUST BREAD Baked in Johnstown Sliced loaf m g c lOc 5c Peas, Corn, Tomatoes, Beets 4^ 23c GRANULATED SUGAR ^t, $1.15 Happy Baker Flour 2? 52c KIDNEY BEANS 4£.'25c Hurffs SPAGHETTI 2 T'mc Quality OLEO FINE QUALITY EGGS 2-41c THIRD NATIONAL CITRUS SALE! lorida GRAPEFRUIT ~a~ '6"25c Juice For Your Health's Sake Drink More Orange Juice Pennsylvania Days Prosperity Sale! Pcnna. Grown, Graded and Packed pk. 25' Fresh Penna. Parsnips and Turnips 3 Ibs. 10c Large Size, Pcnn.i. Cured--Whole or Shank Half Extra Special et Your Share 1 f C r ibs, I !lc H - 2 1 lb. 1 5c Smoked Picnic Shoulders A IViiiisytvtiniii Sniriir Cured i'roilutl, LEAN BOILING BEEF l S" e i«^ a 2 Ibs. 15c LAKEVIEW BACON^enna^Brwc'r 2 '£' 29C QUALITY SEA WHTfllNGS ¥. 5c Fancy Quality Fish Fillets 2 Ibs. 15c _ Freshly IVIade Jumbo Bologna lb. 1 5c

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