The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 22, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1918
Page 4
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THJB DA1LT COURIER, CONNELLSVILLB. PA. SATURDAY, TONE 22, 19175. · · · ' pv . HENRT P, «NTDBB,. d«r ud Xdltor. l»7»-l ' ' K. M. SNTDEK, President. JAS. J. DRISCOlii. mod Treasurer. Busiaes» JOHN L. OANS. Managl.iE Editor. WALTER s. ' . CItyEauor. , ". MISS UNNE B. KI . ·· Society Editor. .-V iFBJIBER OF: · ' Associated Pr««o. : ' Audit Bureau ol Circulation. P«nniylTania Aj»oeU»d Dallies- fwo -ttnti per copy, Stic pel month; Is-per y»w by mail If paM In advance Entered u ncond claw mitter at th» po»tofflc«.. Conneimllli, P»- SATCBBAT ETE3fI5e, JIHTE 22,1919. Tim P. SHERMAN. HocpltM Unit L, . American Ex- T. "p»4itlonary Forces. France. ;· . RALPH F. SIJOEP, Company H, Slttii Infantry. ~U. S. N. A..- American Expeditionary Forces. France. MICHAEL GRENAW0. HAP.OL.D K1CHEV, .Eattery'B. 107th Field Artil- lery. 28th Division, U. S. N. - O.r American Expedition-T ·.', ary. Forces. France. 7 liOYD B. COX. 'Company F, 37th Engineers, U. S. A_ 'Fort Mytr. Va. - JULJUS CBOUSE. "^Company ' E. 15th Engineers r (Railway). American Expeditionary Forces. Fiance. -- JAUES J. ilcPARTI-VIsT). ^Comlfany -B. fiSrd Engineers, - [Railway), Fort Benjamin ~ ..Harrison, Ir-dlanapo- -- Its. Indiana. LENHAE1T, a condi'.ion requiring re-paving, such as Plttsbnrg street between Faretts street and Lincoln avenue, re-paved but a fewr years ago. .Further, an excavation in a.paved street sufficient to lay a conduit will affect tne paying to a greater width than 36 inches, or at least it will not be possible, in making proper repair thereto, to confihe the work to that narrow limit and make a good jobVot It. That section of the ordinance should be changed so as to cover whatever, .width of re-paving may be required to permanently restore the paved surface of the street to. conformity with the cross section prior to the excavation. On streets occupied by street railway tracks it might not be unwise to include the whole- space between tbe curb and one foot outside the rails in the section to be re-paved .after laying the conduits. The same provision should be made to apply to streets unpaved at the .Urns the conduits are laid therein. . This Section should be further amended - so' as to-require the com- jpanv to compensate the city not only 1 for the first re-paving, where conduits are laid in advance of re-paving, but for all subsequent repairs and re-pavings, and. for the paving and alt subsequent repairs and re-pavings, during the life of the franchise, in streets unpaved at the time the conduits are laid. Limiting the compensation to one' paving on unpaved streets raid to one re-paring on re-paved streets is unfair and inequitable "Inasmuch as it permits the company to have practically free rental of the streets, after paying the initial cost of paving or re-paving. Compensation for the right to use the streets should continue during the lite of the franchise, which requirement could be met by obllga- ting the company to pay its share of the cost of the original paving, and- i all subsequent repairing aad re-pav- Limited, the remark was made thai.' 10,000 of our wounded boys from the front .'n Prance were already back here in our hospitals in Connecticut and New York. The man who made the remark said it ^as a positive fact He said ho had his information Irom one of the doctors in a hospital in Connecticut. He refused the name of the doctor and refused to give bis own, as he said he didn't want to get anybody in trouble, but he insisted I that the government was keeping the ; real truth back-from the public." ' Both these stories are entirely untrue. There have been no such losses among the troops of the Rainbow Division. Up to the 1st of May, some weeks after the statement was made in Charlotte, there had been killed in all the divisions of the army only 345 men. At the same time all our wounded amounted to 2,500. And this included submarine casualties among our troops. . An investigation showed that the lady who spoke in Charlotte, an English woman by birth, was a fervently Navy. U.S. HAS WORKED WONDERS IN FIRST YEAR OF THE WAR FOR HENT -- A. three-room apartment with bath. Inquire FLORENCE SMUTZ. I l j a n e t f Continued from Pace One. mans, Captain Hardin said:-"Every day I was in. Prance I was! absolutely astounded to know that.; man born of woman could'have dared; to so affront a righteous God. If you could see the things that 1 have seen,; you, with every drop of blood in your heart, would hate the name ol Gpr-i many as I do." j The speaker told of outrages committed in Belgium, of motherhood forced ou girls that were little more than children themselves. He vividly described the piteous suffering of that stricken people, and told of the horrors of air 'raids, which made "night and day a living hell." "The whole German theory is that it she could make war frightful enough she could break the heart of Prance, and she has carried out a program of terror. Tho one-hua " FOR RENT -- STOREROOMS. ciuire FLORENCE SMUTZ. FOR RENT--TWO HOUSES. $15 and $20, on West Side. A. 15. WAG- QNEER CO. 2 l j u n e 2 t FOR RENT--TWO UNFURNISHED rooms for l i c h r h o u s e k e e p i n g . No children. 509 East Green st. ITjuneeodtC loyal war worker. She had apparent- ^cdth P* r - f the crimes of German} ly been imposed upon by a German in FraDce and Belgium have never rumor monger. The same is perhaps I yel been writt011 and ncvcr can/ true of the man in the smoking car Continuing he said: who was so reluctant to "get anybody I " Thc s p i n £ ° C Uie allies in thls In trouble" except his government. r ' sht was ncver mor ° dpter 'TM efi L0 The government is awire that only '' fisht to t h o death lhan !t is today/ ' by frankness can it maintain public . CapuUn Hardin then turned to the confidence. It gives out the news o f ; wo » rierful work the American Red casualties as soon as the- lists are re- \ CrOBS is d o l n K in Francc - Hc Sttlf] ceived from Prance. A conspiracy to conceal any such disaster as the loss ' the organization of mercy was badly needed. "Pony Fur FOR SAbE.--ADVERTISING SPACE In this paper. Ask for raica. FOR SALE--USED HUDSON AUTO. model 33, in yood r u n n i n g c o n d i t i o n . I n q u i r e 104 TV. Craw lord or "Wells Mills Garase. i S j u n e t f . FOR SALE--A MEAT SHOP. CEN- trally locntcd. Good rcations for ."ell- Ing. Address "M," The Courier. FOR KAL.F--ONE "LIGHT FIVE- passen-rer Heo uutotnobilo. TV 111 sell cheap. I n q u i r e of ELMER MORROW, ScotLdalc. Pa. 2 2 j u n e 3 t FOR SALK -- OAKLAND ROAD- stor. with t r u c k b**d. Too l i g h t for p r r p e n t purpose. Ch-fip tn quick cash b u y or. Address X, care C o u r i e r . I S j u n c U ^wo per cent of the of 7,000 men in the Rallbpw' Division, Physicians in France have been or the presence of 10,000 wouodod kllled '" ne declared. "» n tl many o f f men in the Connecticut hospitals j * he8fi M Lher ««K»P«i over the body j "LOST--JN (JONNKl.LSVlLr,K POCK- etbook c o n t a l n i n K 52L' and r f t f i s i r a t i o n c-Arrt boar(nK name of Vacqual* Gls- m o n d i . Reward if r e t u r n e d to P l l t s - hurg- B r e w l n p Co, 21jtme2t lated by Gorman sympathizers In order to depress the spirits of loyal Americans and weaken, their trust in SSKLL LENHART * j -- ' ·-- » ·-*-· i t h e E ° ocl faith ° c tholr government, ·President*Grant, 'u. S- l[l*ns of the streets occupied by it. i A I 1 such stories, however circnmstan- There might b'e objection to Section tlai - a ?e untrue. The casualty lists, published day by day. are the whole truth. They keep nothing back from would involve so many conspiring I o f a wounded German, administering ! government agents that secrecy would lo him ' The treacherous beast who be impossible. Rumors of such losses and disasters arc persistently circu- ;Mei«Wr ot T .". Ti* Associated Press I» «x- · cluaKely entiUed to ttva osa for '·r(publication oC all n«w« dis- ".'patches credited to It or »ot ·-otherwise cretiitaa In tbia paper ···'and^alao tHo local new» pubJtsnol The rCourier ;has been requested to|^ ide ' 11, which gives the company the right to extend its conduits wherever it wishes during a period of 10 years from the date of approval of the ordinance without further grant than, is contained in die proposed ordinance, but any objection to this section would be largely removed if the preceding and other sections were amended as suggest ed. Section 12 is in. need of radical amendment. As drawn it does not j bind the company to extend its conduits along Crawford avenue. West before re-paving. It merely was receiving mercy would draw a knifo hidden in u leg^tng ami strike the kind heart that was aiding him-" "The Red Cross hap gone into that land of tragedy Uiat Germany has made an absolute holl and has said this to tho nations of Europe: 'Tho nation of America, with its Red Cross organization proposes to match every STRAYl-JD -- TO BU'LUS T-tVEKY stable, b u y honre, w e i g h t a b o u t 1.100. | has 3 w h i t e fftec and w h k c spot on nose. T h i s horsi* was l e f t ht-r* by unknown party J u n e 20. 2 2 J u n e l t Gorman atrocity ^itli want a deed ot -· -- --· - » *"-j »iv^ij ituuiiLig utitii. i i u i u i _ · time and place which would enable i mercy ' , German agents to learn the number DCV f f D ""°" m o r e lovc(i ttnn Alnor land , oca tion of cor troops ,a France. '«'" ?'"":*·"«· "*"-·"..,, Edsar THE 1IE.V WHO SAY "YES." f-nough to say "no" when you're :isked to carry n little bit mort. To the niotliora and fathers who have sons in the scrnice, he said ho didn't care "what, the need of their boy might bp. the American Rpd t Cross woulrl reach out a hand to him at all times. The program of ibe Madrigal Singers, given as a prelude to tho lectura was interrupted several times by the . heavy rain which boat down on the j canvas so hard that the voices ot the i II o G E N E R A L HOUSE PAINTING. AD- droaa G. 13. SHAW. I l u Orchard Ave.. City. l a j u n c l Q t " FOR SAJjR--ON"E SINGER, ROITVT5 bobbin, Jfi; 1 Singer Golden Oak. 512; I GC, us-od troty three m o u t h y ?25; 1 Standard Rotary, $16; I KMrjtlge Rotary. 530, iknd many other makes of nui- chtnea. Kv«iry machtno In Drst-cJaas condition. Call and Pe« and in" them. Th*y mual be fold. "V.TiIte Sewing- Ma- chitie Co., 129 S. Pitlsburgr st 21j«ne3t* to I ln P lact!S bc follows:. ordtaance authorizing It to la? its conduits in that street when- the members ot the city council e « r « wishes'to do so In lieu of re as much concerned about the tu-b hls section there should be one mak- mg ' 8 « a » ndult °- ^ are as inre interests of the city ^s we believe they are, we cannot bt-lieve they .will e n a c t - t h e ordinance " giving tha Central District Telephone company the right 10 build a conduit system without first, making, =oDie material amendments to lixe bill. lu the form in which, the bill has been introduced it amply, provides for the needs of .the company in the premises, anil partially so for tie city, " Uit »TM»TM «£ but it does.not go. far. enough .in the*" 113 u m e tnac u latter direction to constitute a just and equitable franchise contract, or paved'street conditioned upon its construction prior to re-paving, otherwise che right would terminate with, respect to such street. In like manner the right to occupy an unpaved street should hccome null and void in event of failure or refusal to lay the conduits in advance of paving. It- is to be regretted that the conduit problem cannot be so solved at lace of overhead wires of every description can be rsmoved. Partial removal of them , , . who bci,-E f«.r n. dt.n* at your door. I n P act!S when; t h e big canvas top No" ID tlu- tirst word api-lnits to j It to^Ptllor rain came throntrtl. but your lips when your shouidcr« arc j persons in the audleiicp raised um- ! is "a step in that direction, of course, I and will eventually result in a com- j plete removal. It is therefore, all the s Oat the ownership of tte streets and have he av highwaj-s of a city or town Is, rested . , , In the public, or the" citizens of the, s w ' a ^ municipality, as a whole, and that city councils do- not have the, rigtit, while they may the- power,- to .forever divest O f bartering these Whiic.-women may appear before tho bar of justice, both as litigants and as j counsellors, they are debarred from ap- j Bearing as dispensers behind or as consumers in "front of the bug- juice the public of these rights. Instead, it is held ;by the enlightened leaders and students- of. municipal' affairs that every franchise should be for. a fixed period of years 'only, and" its 'granting conditioned upon a fair measure of compensation for the rights or privileges conferred. Aside from these features which the ordinance lacks there are other objections to it which *nay be con- aldef^;- a omewfiat"ln : ..deat!l. While G ^ rmm aro . escjtplns frorn ,, the proposed-ordinance-very -broadly; [ n airplanes, it's a safe bet that BUI gives the company-the right to "con- | Kalner would like a join in the ex- struet, maintain and operate its con- · curb-Ion if he only knew of some safe doits etc., on, in, under and through" '-, place co Iu ^ Unlike persons charged with offenses usainat the civil law, every registrant ·who Is an idler or engaged in nonproductive occupation, will be considered suilty until he proved his innocence by getting busy on a real job. jmrbody needs you to Jirlp in a C;LUKC which means extra burdens to bsar. But this Is a time when there's need And the man chat's w n r t h while Is the man of affairs who isn't afraid to way "yes." Excuses are easy to flnd In t h f s world, but thl» is life'.* curious plan That man nver knows just how much he can do, or when he line done all he c-in; The busiest toller may do nomething- more and often we flnd that he will, He manttfjtff somehow the minutes ot life with some useful service to ! fill. I For not by the deeds that you've al; rea-dy done -will men- know th*s I courase of you The tawks at tomorrow are asking | you now, how much are you willing 1 to do? Can you say that you've Riven enough to the cause If still you have something to give? Can you an?wer them "no." when you're asked to do more that. honor and Crecdotnvshall live? It's hard to say "yea" when you'ro weary and faint with the burdens your shoulders must. bear. j And *"no" Is tho easier answer to m.tke ·when you think you are doing your share. ' . But firive more and do ; more and tako on the tasks that are born of a world in distress, "When you'ro asked to assist do not smugly say "no, 1 be one of the men to aay "yes." · lms afternoon th« Antonio Sala company gave a concert folio-wed bj which Princess Watahwaso will give! Indian songs and legends. The program for tomorrow is a musical prelude by James Elcbo Fiddes in the afternoon, followed by 1 an entertainment by Gay Zenola MacLaren. ' Tn the evening the program w i l l not bcgrfn until S.30 o'clock in ' order to accommodate the churches. After a concert by James Elcho Fiddes a lecture, "The 'Winning Man." bv Harry L. Fogleraan, will bo given. Dy Parcel POJ«. to yotir door. S**nd y o u r money now. Wo will «hlp a.t oncu. Parcel Post charged paid. Enrrtnl Plymouth Rocfca ajid Rhode Island Reds ai 25 lor ........... $ 4.$Q 50 for ........... J 9.00 100 for ........... rn.50 Also "White *nd Brown Lcg- h o r n a at 25 for 50 for 100 f n r . S 8.00 $15.50 ........... arocK roin/TRY Bell Pbone IT79. Bnlonttwm, Pa. WANTED -- YOUR BAIISERING buainess. RENDINE'S. tf A n d the colored proudly. draftees marched all streets and alleys of the city, it provides, in Section 4, that the work of Constructing the conduit Utall be done^ "in advance of or at the time of repairing" only in that section of Crawford avenue lying between Prospect^ street and the Toushiogheny riven bridge. This section should be just "J^s. broadly -inclusive -as' that giving the company, .the right to construct its conduit on any street, and should spedfyrplicitly Chat · conduits," 'Both' mainland lateral; 'shair~"be~ laid 'oil ^ved street^ now occupied by aerial lines, ffi advance of re-paving of the same, and' that on"- unpaved streets similarly^ occupied -by -pole lines, the .conduits? both, main-and 'lateral, shall ·-·be laid in advance of. paving. As at; present .framed this section gives the company the privilege of - laying its conduits on all streets occupied Ty its poles, whenever Ifinfiy choose, ;without regard to paring or. re-paviris f except in the sho-rt scctlo'd of Crawford avenue specified. :" I£ Section ff is allowed to stand in Its present form Oi-e company will be 'obligated? .to-reimburse the city only for a single re-paving o f - a strip 36 .laches wide "in any paved street or portion thereof in which its said con- ouits have been laid in advance 'of re- Summer boffins today, accord!n£ to the almanac, but apparently not with the permission of the weather man. Those lonesome marines in a "far- off tropical country"' made a sood guess when they .selected Connellsville its n place likely to have a number of nice young ladiea. There is 38 ,inUes ol all kinds of trouble confronting 1 the Hun in northern France .now that an all-American force"lff~occuprinfir;that sector. AH OftDtlHARV WASH-BOILER USED AS A "HOME CAflHER Complete in»tra ctiotu for horn t canning ancl drying wfll Toe cent to Ib* r«»D*T» of Uiu paper upon «ppU- cation to the National War Garden' hlnvtcM, D. C., tm- it »tw»p for* WANTED -- AT ON'OE ' EXPER- lenced pastry cook. Apply MANHATTAN 1 CAFE. sojunest "WANTKD -- A Qufien City restaurant. West Peach street. AT THfi. Apply 13-1 ISjunufitd WANTED -- FIVE TEACHERS IN Stewart township. Board m o o t s J u l y 1st. Write JOHN UARBAUGET. Secretary, Victoria, Pa.. Z l j u n e U t "WANTKD---SAI^KSMAX OR SALES- · lady. O u t d o o r work and a good oppor- ! t u n i t y f o r t h e r i g h t person. Address XX. care Courier. I S J u n c t C WANTKD--WOMEX. FULL TIME salary, $24. Spare time, BOc an h o u r , selling guaranteed hosiery to wearer. Permanent. E x p e r i e n c e unnecessary. International Wills, Novrtstown, Pfu 22junclt' WANTED--OLD FVLLSE TEETH. Don't m a t t e r If broken. I pay ?2.00 to J15.00 per set. S«nd by parcel post and i receive check by return mail. !L. j MAZER. 2007 South F i f t h street. Phila d e l p h i a , Ta. I j u n e 2 2 t \ FOR RT5NT -- ONE G-HOOM HOUSE. ; Call Bell 403-R. 2 2 j u n e 2 t * FOR BENT--ROOM WITH BOARD. 124 "West Apple street. Z O j u n e t f FARMS FOR SALE! 1-4 per CO Aero Farm 1 miles from. City, acre .................. * '^ 27 Acres Pasture I*and 1 1--1 mile from city ---- $2.500 150 Acre Parm at Confluence, Pa, per acre ..... $ 5O 25 Acre Frutt Farm near Scottdale, Pa ........... fZJMO 56 Acre Farm near Nor- mtlvilla. Pa. ............ $3,500 10 Acres Land on Brick Road ................ £1,000 10 Acre Farm near LeiE- enrlnb" No. 1 10 Acre Fruit and Poultry Farm, best In country, near city .......... 16 Acre Farm, 3 mi lea from city, 7 room house and pood ou t b u Ud in gs. Coal not sold. 200 One Peach trees*, 87 P l u m trcca, 40 Apple trees, 14 Pear trees. Quinces and Cherry · tree*. 64 foot drilled well. Price ---- $ 57 1-2 Acres well improved Farm near Junmta, 16 acres of four foot coal, now open on farm. 7 room house, barn, outbuitdinprs, all in good repair. This land is extra good. 20 m i n u t e s walk frorr. street cur lino. Price A. E. WAGONER CO. WEST SII12, Iloth IMioncH. CoranfllMrillc. Pn. Don't "made put too imich faith in the Germany" stories about the .drive, .General Hunger is making- in that country and Austria.. He has started the same kind of a campaign just prior to every "big; push" the Huns have made on the western -front. General Croivder rules that "for the present" baseball players are enpasred in a nonproductive occupation. Judgred by the scores that seems to have teen the class to which the Pittsbure club has belonged the greater part of the season. A correspondent writes from Charlotte, Mich., to the Committee on Pub- lie Information to say that "about paving/" and for one, paving of the three weeks ago a woman at a patri- e*me width s;rip over. its', conduits [ otic rally stated from the platform when they are laid In streets anpaved j that 7,000 men .In the Rainbow Divis- *t the. time of laying. ; ; S i ou of our troops h. au - been killed. This section is wholly innd-equate j she stated that she had the informa- io protect the city's rights and Inter- | tion from the Red Cross officials and ests. Strictly construed it makes no [could prove it." ;; proTlsion for the reimbursement by jj. H» company for the cost of r«-pavics '·?. any part ol a street which, at the tima .*· "·** laying the conduit, might not be in Similarly, a correspondent in Pittsburg writes: "Last Sunday, May 5. in the smoking room on the Twentieth Century 6 Boring Mill Hands 2 Table Mill Hands 2 Planer Hands 2 Milling Machine Hands 2 72 in. Lathe Hands 2 50 in. Lathe Hands 2 Shaper Hands 2 Clotter Hands Many Other Jobs Open. All of above mentioned positions pay BONUS AND PREMIU1T Also Fitters, Iron Moulders and Patterns Makers. Bonus and Premium. Men Now on War Work Need Not Apply. See Mr. McCarthy at Arlington Hotel Saturday afternoon and evening and all day Sunday. We pay transportation. This is Inventory month in every Union Supply Company store in the coke region. Bargains are available in every line. As fast as goods are inventoried all surplus, shop worn, soiled, and odds and ends of goods are immediately put on sale at bargain pi-ices. These lines include all kinds of merchandise carried in a regular department store. You will find bargains in the. dry goods department, in die shoe department, furniture department, notion department, hardware department, grocery department, meat department; in fact throughout the entire store there will be something of especial value to attract your attention. These bargains will only last a short time. 3 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Oxfords, Pumps, Shoes--all the shades and colors that are good All the newest and best styles are here. Men, women and children with real Shoes. Note the beautiful surroundings--out in the open-close to Nature--come and see for yourself why Poplar Grove is destined to become the leading residence district of Connellsville. And you can make the payments to suit yourself. The lots measure 60x140 ft. City water in front of every lot and the Public School and Church nearby. Only a five-minute car ride or a 15-minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." You must see these lots to fully appreciate the remarkable values they represent. Why not come out tomorrow evening--or Sunday, if more convenient. For Full Particuliurs Write P. 0. Box 144. CGSJfELLSTrLLE, PA.

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