The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 22, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, June 22, 1918
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SATURDAY, TONE 22, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNETjLSVn^LE. PA. ff PAGE' THREW. NEWSY NOTES TELL nurs HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Mlmiooary Society Prepares . for Fart in Savings Campaign, DEARTH OF STENOGRAPHERS Ideal Coltege Ptocw Snenl But Bcporta There Is Piffieiltv in Supplying tke Denud; Pettr Thief BaUs Display Ca*e Otker -News. PUTTIKQ OR A POUNDof PO PER Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, June 22.--The Woman's Home Missionary society of the Methodist Episcopal church held a knitting party at the church Thursday evening when the War Fund campaign was thoroughly explained. Patriotic songs were sung and readings were given by Mrs. C. W. Stauf- ler, Mrs. Josioh Reynolds anil Mrs. i ve one lot of hogx shelled corn, meat-meal tankage, wheat middling* «od rock salt In self-f eodera," s»ys Professor Bv- inrd of the Ion-* Agrlcnltnra! college. '·Another lot in the same pen was rf- fpred exactly the same feed, plus all Hie buttermilk they wanted. Each buttermilk hog drank 32 pounds of buttermilk a day. me less than half as ranch at the $2 corn, only a third as much of the »80 tankage, and two- thirds as ranch of the $55 middlings and actually reached a weight of 206 pounds some 62 days before the bog without the buttermilk did." Dr. B. V. McCnllom of the Johns Hopkins university says: "We know of no way to examine a food In the chemical laboratory to tell anything at all about Its nntritive mine. The only way to get this t:lnd of Information Ji to test onr foodstuffs by carefully conducting feeding ,, _ ,. . . , . C w^. e U i«.o .«» let the animal sn- C. A. Colborn. The committee in | swpr ^ ln i n|ry g nc h feeding trials, charge u-os Mrs. S. C. Boswortli, Mrs. t() be o{ p^^nt TtUne , mlurt be con- Josiah Reynolds and H. C. Fox Light dnt , ted , n a , m , rly e , gborat « wries and with a full appreciation of the fact that the nine of one constituent of the diet, protein for example, can be determined only when It la known by refreshments were served. Sew St«wjrnph«rs. The Peterson Business CoIIrge is having s«ie trouble training women fast enough to take the positions that men are leaving to keep abreast ot the war tunes and to £11 the positions that the war has created. The following students have been placed re- complete experimental erhknce that all the other factors In the food mixtures are satisfactory." ' The feeder who imagines there Is wisdom In buying tankage for protein cently: Miss Susan Colborn, with , and allows hln animal to waste it by the Operators' Coal company. Anas- I not being able to assimilate It, Is not in tasia Pisula with the Taylor Marble [ the Mg-proflt class today. With the company. Miss Ethel Fretts with the , prevent price of corn It wonld seem ex- Pennsylvania railroad, being employ- | travngunt to fued hogs whole grain. It ed in the Cnion depot in Pittstrarg, and Miss Ida Posner with the pipe mill on Bridge street. would be niach better business to feed bogs on by-products of cereal and dairy manufacture after the tinman food has bower. I been largely utilized. In the irammer Friends of Mrs. Geqrge Myers gave \ ,tlme the hog can forage largely for her at miscellaneous shower at her! himself and the feed which Is given home on Third avenue on Tl-nrsday j jhim should be carefully mixed In the evening. The affair was a surprise ' ,P«per proportions by men who have to Mrs. Myers who before her recent "ntde a life stndy of that work, marriage was Miss Rowena Slaughter. Many beautiful presents were received and refreshments were served. x Thieves Get Panama. On Thursday night thieves took a corner of the glass out of the display case in front of the Morris store. After the piece of glass was lifted out it was very easy to take the Panama hat there. The case had been broken before and the piece of glass fitted in. For Suit. 10 acres land, 8 room house, barn Do not change the hog'B diet sudden ly. When you procure your concentrated roJxtore, mix it with your corn or silage or other bulk feeds if you have been feeding that way. It is be* usually to add about three parts of concentrates to two parts of ensilage. Mix weil with water and reduce to n thin slop. If fed dry In « hopper, mlr abotrt the same proportions; keep the hoppers ailed at all times and furnish plenty of clean drinking water. That this can be done economically Is proven by an experiment of the Michigan Dniry Produce company, Bd- more, Siich. The first lot of six pigs weighed 420 pounds, were fed 18 days, consuming 225 pounds of a commercial bog feed and approximately S* worth of buttermilk. They were weighed at the end of the eighteenth day and weighed 600 pounds, making a gate of 180 pounds at a cost, based on the retail price of the concentrated feed, of $11.80--the cost of producing the pork md not in'-lnding labor. They estimated that the labor wonld amount to $2.18 so they claim that the total cost of mining this lot was $8 per hundredweight for the gain. Yomig pigs should gain a pound or more a day. If yon are not getting ' this Increase yon had better look to your feed. No pig can prosper on n ( i ·Ingle grain. I TRINITY LUTHERAN CHOUGH. Rev. Ellis B. Burgess pastor. The Blblo school will meet at 10 A. M. Divine services will be conducted by the pastor at 11 A. .Vf. and 7.30 P. M. StaVfeeL "can giv77mmedT t e p"oT- « orn , in S 5Crmra ' " Tbe L 'S ht i D S °« * e session for 51,000 Candle." evening sermon, "The Smfc- 7 room modem house, newly paint- | ln S Disciple." Strangers are invited ed. Can give immediate possession, t to T0r ship with us. for $3.300. ~ 6 room house, blacksmith shop, known is" the Hepler property, Owensdale, for $1.800. 6 room modern house, lot 43x110 ,fect. Grove street, for J2.600. TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH. .M. S. Kanaga, vicar Services held in the church house, corner Fairview avenue and Prospect sereet. Sunday school, 10 X M. Morn'ng prayer and services, 11 A. -M. UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH. Sunday school at 9.45 A. M. Divine Adv.-20-21-22. E. P. DEWITT. Fenoaal. Mrs. Ben Anderson is spending a week in Youngstown. Mr. Anderson . was formerly employed at the mill worshl P ^ ^ A - £· Morn ' ng *"£, here and when it closed down he se-|^, ct .. .. ei ? ns ,_ _ e TM ,,*",, P °2 cared a position at Youngstown The Andersons are making an effort to locate a house so that the family can be moved there. Miss Mane Eckraan. \ho teaches domestic science at Winfield, Kan., has returned home for the summer vacation. F. B. Folk and son. Francis, spent yesterday in Pittsburg. Corporal Jack Bates, who is a motor mechanic in the aviation service, and is stationed m Washington, E. C., is home on a in day furlough. Bert Kunkle. of the Eichet Graft apartments, underwent an operation P*. M. Senior Y. P. S. C. E. at 6.45 P. M. Dhme worship at 7 P. M. Subject, "Taking Up the Sword of God." All are welcome. J. S. Showers, minister. THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN church, J. L. Proudfit. pastor. Sabbath school at 0 45. Morning service at 11: subject. "Christ in Another Form." Evening service at 7.30: subject, "When Jesus Draws Near." Please note the change of hour for Ihis Sabbath evening. Christian En- "regnlatms of the hours" on the dial of the ' big clock" which marks the progress of the "debt paying campaign" by A. A. Clarke. CHRISTIAN CHURCH, GEORGE Walker Buckner, minister. Bible school and Christian Endeavor as usual. Subject of morning sermon, "Things Honorable." Subject of evening sermon, "The Value of Time" On account of the Chautauqua thp evening services will begin at 7 o'clock and close promptly at S o'clock. COVENTER CHURCH, S. B. HOUS- ton, minister Sabbath school at 10 o'clock. Preaching sen ice at 11. Sermon topic: "The Sayings of | Christ on the Cross." Topic of evening discourse, at 7.30: "Our Debts " ' C. T. p. U. at 6.45. Topic: "Thy! Kingdom Come." Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7 30 Leader, Jesse Murphy. i U N I T E D P R E S B Y T E R1AK Church, South Pittsburg street and! Morton avenue, William J. Kverhart, i minister. Morning worship at II! o'clock. Sermon topic: "Your M a n - ) ner of Living." Evening worship at i 730 o'clock. Sermon topic: "What! Christ Will Do for Your l^ife." Sab- ' bath school at S.45 A. M. Juniors at J 3 P. M. Intermediate Y. P. C. U. at 3 P. M. Senior Y. P, C U. at 6.30 P M. It Pays Its Way The business man insists that his mechanical equipment shall faithfully discharge its duties and return fair interest on the investment Whether it be a typewriter, an adding machine, a drill press or an automobile, he looks for efficiency expressed in terms of profit. It is on this very practical basis that the Paige has qualified in the ·world of business. In competition with every other car on the American market, the Paige has repeatedly demonstrated that it is a preferred investment--a car worth every penny of its price and entitled to the fullest respect and confidence as an eminently practical utility. PAIGB-DETROIT MOTOR CAR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN JOHN RHODES AGENT, \VEST SIDE CONNELLSVILLE Dickerson Run. deavor at 6.45. for appendicitis at the Memorial hos- Prayer meetin pital In Xlount Pleasant on Friday afternoon. Xlrs. W. H. Clingerman and family spent Thursday in Pittsburg. Ohiopyle. OHIOPVLE, June 22.--C. D. Sailor and Fred Rafferty were among the Connellsville callers yesterday, Xlrs. Agnes Cook of Tipp-canoe, is tbe guest of her parents, .Mr. and .Mrs, Xlorris Morris, near here. Ray Wolfe has returned to his home 1 rehearsal on hare, after spending the pa^t se\ eral o'clock, months at Dallas. W. Va. ·-- J. W. Xlc-Vair was a caller m Con- THE XIETHODIST EPISCIDPAL nellsville and Uniontown yesterday. j church. Rev. G. L.. C. Richardson, Mrs. Lavina Grace of Pittsburg, is [ pastor. Bible school at 0.45 A. J!. the guest of her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. [ Sacrament of the Lord's Supper at preparatory to evening at 7.45. Wednesday evening at 7.30. Service communion Fnday TRINITY REFORMED CHURCH, corner South Pittsburg and East Green streets. Sunday school at 0.45 A. M. Preaching services at 11 A. M., conducted by licentiate I. G. Nace, pastor-elect ot the congregation. In the evening at 8 o clock the Sunday school will render a patriotic Children's Day service entitled, "The Sunday School and Our Country." Everybody welcome. Choir Friday evening at 7 J. R. Underman, at Victoria Mr. and -Mrs. Carl Welsh left yesterday for WelJsburg, W. Va., to spend a few days with the former's parents. Frank Lytle, George Skincr, 11. Harbaugh, Isaac Hall, Ross Hyatt and F. 31 A. M. Combination service 7 to 8.15 P. M. The Epworth League and the pastor will conduct a joint meeting at which the pastor will preach a brief sermon. Th" service will cloae in time for those who wish to HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH, Rev. C. J. Wells, minister. Sunday- school at 10 A. M. Praise meeting at 14 P. M. Preaching by Hev J. H. j Brown of Scottdale. Communion at 4.45 P. M. ;' F I R S T BAPTIST CHURCH South Pittsburg street. Rev Wjlbur , Nelson, pastor. Sunday school at i 9.-J5. Morning worship at 11. Sermon topic: "The Living Christ." Evening worship at 730 Sermon topic: "Knowing and Serving God." The service will close in time to per( ' mit attendance at Chautauqua, which ! will not begin until 8 30. ! M E T H O D I S T PROTESTANT Church, West Apple street, J. H, Lan, bertson. minister. Class meeting at i 1 A. II. Sabbath school at 0.45 A. jr. Morning worship at 11 A. M. Topic,: "The Horses and Chariots of God." C. E. meeting at 7 P. M. Topic: "How to Have a Good Time." Leader, Miss Ethel Boyd. In the evening at 7.30: "How Christ's Presence Illuminates Dark Clouds." Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.45 o'clock Subject: "The Cure for Care." DICKERSON RUN. June 21.--John Francis of Glassport. was a business caller here yesterday. Joan McCowan of McKeesport, was transacting business here Thursday. Mrs. Cyrus WhipHey and son Leland, Mrs. George Johnson and Mrs. J. C. Levergood were shopping m Plttsburg yesterday. Ray Whlpkey and H. C. Cable were Connellsville business callers yesterday morning W. A. Smith spent yesterday with his family at Braver Falls. .Mrs. John Short of Dawson, was shopping in Pittsburic yesterday. S. W. Caton of Cumberland. Md., is speodmg a few days here on a business, trip 1 Mrs. Edward Fritz returned to her j borne at McKeesport last evening | after spending the day here the guest i of Mr. and Mrs. G. \V. Beatly. | .Mrs. Jesse Coffman returned to her | home it Pittsburg last evening iftei j a very pleasant visit her with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas New-, too. No More Guesswork frhenyou bake. No ruined pastry 5 ^ic poorly done bread, no wasted ma -- no worry, because of wrong r*fi illation. Get A Direct Action Oven Thermostat and measure the heat as easily 03 you measure milk in a pint cup. \ ou simply set the Temperature Wheel and obtain any degree of oven beat that the receipt calls for. Dun bar. Little were among the callers m town | hear the address in the Chautaufrua yesterday. i tent at 830. An interesting feature 1 of the morning servi-.e will be the lw» Giants of the Great Lakes. Regular steamer service between Detroit and Buffalo. The two Giant Steamers of the Great Lakes--City of Detroit HI and City of Cleveland III --make daily trips between Buffalo and Detroit, leaving; Detroit at 5 p. m., leaving Buffalo 6 p. m. Daily service is also given between Detroit and Cleveland. The steamers Eastern States and Western States leave both ', points at 10.45 p. m., arriving at destination early the followinc morning. Four trips weekly are made betwecaj Toledo. Detroit, Alpena. Mackinac, Island and St. Ignace over the Coast' Line to Mackinac. Railroad tickets' are honored on all D. C. steamers.-- I Adv. i Yon will find them in our ad. columns. DUNEAR, June !2.--The Ladies' Home Eoid Koreagn Missionary society of the Presbyterian church ftas entertained at the home of M--S. Helen Jacobs Thursday ofceraoou Mrs Ora Fischer was shopping Thursday in Conneilsviilc. Born, to .Mr and Mrs. P. A Courtney, a baby girl. Louis Trinkcr, who is stationed at Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., is spending a tew das' furlough with relatives Rev. T. M. Gladden, formerly of this place but now of Turtle Creek, spent a few houri here Thursday ren«wmg j old acquaintances. John Willie Greaves and sister. Miss } Minnie Greaves were Comiellsvllle callers Thursday. The ladies of the Baptist church i was entertained at an ali d*y q u i l U n g j at the home of Mrs. John Bamcklow. LOC.U, A3D TX,\G DISTASCE HOVIXGS. Tri-State 573. Bell S12. W W Glnff ?Ttv . TT . VWUCliy Itesidene « M1 CfMTSELLSvmLE. PA. . ' Good MncUionj Wilt WVcl.. to F^rk; the Kri^-. c«n- piete instructions Tor w.r aardcnia* wffi W sent to the rradm of thU paper upon anpltcaSion Io th« National War Cjurdac Cojumisiira, Wasi^ ineton, D. C.,!o3hc a two-cent for po*U£o. F. T. ETA5S liSTATK. Agents, Both Phones. PRINTING not the cheap kind but the good kind done here. J. B. KURTZ, WOTARV PUSUlC AND REAL ESTATE. CM. t South Meadow Lfm. C*niwilivlU« fa. Wh T be bnldf S«,- the hair. Use Kortil'N ISvld Head Hair i K («rower, the only remedy for rc- C dnltn. J'rtce Sl.OO, poxtace imjcl. 1 S Hilly Kornt. ScottdaJe'M !rnff- 1 ·. Seuttdnle, Pu. MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE,. PA. Homer's QotMog ooocoecaogooaoooooooqiaooog ,1 BEAD THS COURIER. | TO ABTAUCJS HT PRICE M OTHERS K*«p the f*mUr Ire* from cold* by u*ing 1CRSVAPORUB Me--Me--«LW AUCTION The Community Jewelry Shop, 100-102 South Pittsburg street wish to announce they will sell by auction tKeir entire stock and fixtures. The stock consists of Diamonds, Watches, Wrist Watches, Rings, Silver and Jewelry of every description. Positively nothing reserved. Auction sale each day at 2.30 and 7.30 P. M. and continuing every day at the same hours, until all the goods are sold. We are going to enlarge our store and install a modern stationery store, in addition to our line of jewelry. -Here is your opportunity to purchase any article at your own price. Beautiful souvenirs given away each afternoon and evening. CoL John F. Turner, Auctioneer. Come and Get Your Souvenir. Auction Safe 2.30 P. M. Community Jewelry S 100-102 South Pittsburg Street, Connellsville, Pa. Auction Sale 7.30 P. M.

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