The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1930
Page 10
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TAfTK! OOTTKTWK, COWNETLIOKVTI u Basketball WEDNESDAY, MARCH By .TAMES M. DttlSCOU/, Basketball @Large Crowd to Accompany Red and Black to For Contest With Montissen to Leave Connells- vlllo at .":«(» O'clock on ial Train. Southern Star i Place With Senators COACH DOM NAMES LETTER MEN FOR 1929 Sixteen Awards A n n o u n c e d ut A n n u a l Gridiron Kuiu(ui?t Hdd Lust Night. LOCAL QUINTET HAS GOOD CHANCE Coach B r u w M. tlhenror ia carefully K-'oojninr. t h e crack ba.s.kHoer» of the Hunbar Township High School for tl-.elr tr.M"K contest tomorrow night, a. I'irt. S u w i i u m , Plttsl»urp, where !o.i(o."»cn H i g h , a formidable quintal, w i l l bis (··ficouiitorfr.l i n t h e Diifflinatlon (·iii!-iuiii:ent of UK. Wefllern Pennsyl- v d i i i a It.'tf^r.sclnilastic Athletic t/oi^erriiic !i,-i.n !t:pluyol eomo 1 fxr a b i l i t y durint; t h e present cani- I'aigi) aatl in 16 s:arte it hfie chalkixl up U t r i u m p h i - i .vhicii is no crusy ; ssigiin.t-rn f o r «t y romhlnatlon, con- i iirinj: tin; piuvc.r of swmo of tho :oes. However, tar-ro's no question '.ut t h a t t i n - iv«'r! ami Hlack w i l l faix- .IK moe.t t J I f l i c t U t task of he sosson .vhon if b a t t h r i Monosscn, Westmore- !anl (xiunty champions, Neverth-clt'sii (hat's ?H» (···it(-rlO!i that the Mononp;a- h c l a V a l l e y club is unconquerable be- laiu-'c e a r l i e r in th« x .sonpon is'orwin lowered tin- Colo-* of t h e isionessou clan in a f r e a t s trusgle. Thn hop 1 '* 'f ' h o D u n b u r follovrr« i,-, t l i a t li'.o team Is "on." If t h e Sh-oart-r machine if? in form. Monvs- .'-RII will find out that J). T. ha-- some- t h i n g to i;;ty alx:ut tho f u t u r e p a r t i c i - pation In t h e circuit play and there's many local f a n r who foci t h a t tho Red and Black hae a sweet oppor- t u n i t y (o s t a y in tho raco and next Tuesday night e l i m i n a t e t'niontown f r o m tho p e n n r n t dftflh. Monescen c a n n o t bo regarded lightly in any son«o Tor that community is famed for its hit:, p o w e r f u l c:\ : .:^ r o n t l n K e n t s but f r o m tho tone -C tho Ivelsonririg mentor he's expect! :is IMj; t h i n p e from !iin hoys who arc p e t l i n s all ^ p t for a | licctic st.ruK.crle. | Ono of the !u-f,'-;wt lelpgations of j hat-kotbiill f a t i s evor lo losivo t h i s 1 v i c i n i t y w i l l l r « ' k to Flt!«bnrK to spur j t h e K.f'd and J U a c k o'i fo bJKSor , If tn ral support will have · (o do with t h i s rontwt Dim-: bar can VH ci anted on to do m u t r h ' for a p p r o x i m a t e l y -iOO followers aro MpectcMl to tsjard the sptyclal t r a i n w h i c h will be ip-rutxl ov«r tho Pitts; burj;; Ixikc Kr!; H a l l r o a d . T i c k o t s have bc-cn pi need on sale and tho m a n n e r in w h i c h the ;'astoboartU are lK-inq Kobliifxl U i ' give m u c h astur-. ane that t h e .juariiritoe oC 300 w i l l bo rnarilly payees!. However all of th-o 1/elfionrlng rooters aro urged to BO- . c u r e their t n . i n and game tickets at onco ami it h urged that tho £«nn ; m a l i e ' t h o trip by train. · Tlio t r a i n ' v i l i leave tho C o n n e l l s - : v l l l o d e p o t -- - o n t;ic» Wc^t. Side,--at 5 : 3 0 . o'clock Thur; ila.v eve)nn;. Htop« w i l l ! bo nwiIe e.u "ou(o. n t Dickerson Kim. j AVhon t h o t r a i n a r r i v o t i a t Homestead,; special s f r f t e t eu'.w w i l l tneel, (,l)o ;;athcriiu; a n - 1 t r a n s p o r t tlio dc-icga- j lion to I'iu. ? t.'wliiim. SimJUir a r r a n g e - j i n c u t s ; w i l l p-eva.ll dt\ ti\0 r e t u r n t r i p . ; Bobby Takes on Baseball Czar Pitcher Carlos M'tora, formerly of the Birmingham tea.ra of the Southern l^eague, pitxrhing in practice nt the Wat frinirton American training camp at Biloxi, Miss. The Southern boy is said to have plenty of speed a id a fancy a»- Borun«fe af curve; Bethany Gives Attention to Spring Sports ROAST TURKEY HEADS MENU Sixteen youths, to wrrom the "letter" of the Connellsville High .School will be, a w a r d e d for participation in football, we-re named by Coach William K. Di'tde- at the a n n u a l haniuH ( h e l d last niirUt in the d.uungroom of the First Episcopal Church. The awarca svill IKS made next week. Delay ir the d i n n e r event was oc- casronod b v Illness among inombcrs of the squad, -til of whom were eligible to w i t at. he biimiuet La1»Ie. R o u s t t u r k e y , w ;h all the I r i m m i i i R B , was served an 1 disappeared \i~kc m a c if. I n aiuu u n c i n g tho winners of the leltws, Ocach Isolde ;,aitl he had t a k e n I i n t o consideration ( h e . m a t t e r s of i l o y a l t y a id f a i t h f u l n e s s an w e l l as | w h a t he olievid were l.he nc-i-e: n a r y :· oi ((tiartc-rx io a c t i o n . Those who won the letter:; a r e Dick j H r j i d l r y , M a r t K.^an, Howard B l a c k i !.(ji.if, (."lark-s .S-hni;u. Dick .Vliller, |P. R u t l e - , .tone:;, Ray Mc- j C o r m i c k , "Horse" J o h n s o n . Hob i Kerns;, l a n lien;:;!, M e l v i n Bipern, ! , l ) t H n i i t ' i , V a n c e S h a n k , J i m I f r n w n ' iii.'; a n d SMideiH Manai;. i p K.ibevt. Shatter. The c o a c h a c f o n i p a n i e d his a.n- i.-r/iin-'.'.'ti'fi-niM wish ;i few '(-me re- j .' m a r k s - , o exrelieu'l iutv:eo to (.lie lads. , " K e - p y j t i r 1'uot ixoinK. a l l I h o t i m e , " I he cone tided. A f t e r he meal t h e r e was a program U f b r i e f l a ' i i j j . tii|KT. c n! t-iutc-n!. Bi'ki ; H. Sin it i was i n u . - t m a s t o r . Ho i n - j i rodu:e. J ) r . J. L. . f u n k , pn-suiem ot i : h e Bua'ci oC ion, au'.l " t h e best | fr.emJ t h e a t h l o l n . s o ! t h e I ' o n a e l l s | vilio Mi,'b School have." j Dr. J u n k said t h e r e wcri lots of faces M hich seemed very f a m i l i a r to h i m . Ho had treated m a n y of the buys ;' r their i n j n r i v s an.i invited ( h i - r n t ) :nsiilir liln '.W'rv !.·'··· theirs Bobby-Jones, shining: liffht o the tee* and fairways, doeim't seem alarmed at th« grim count nance of his adversary, High Com- mlasioner Ke.nesaw Mountain ^andis. former Federal Judge and now czar of major Itnervja basol ill. Bobby knows that tho baseball czar can't "bon-:t" aim fQr t' e season no matter how ha talka back to tho umpire. Ray Y. Heorj Again Leads Duquesne to Section VII Title; Play This Evening Interest Centers In Class Title at Bethany College Local High School Graduate L«d Ton HI to YV. P. I. A. Flagr Two Vcars Ago. SW1SSVALE IS OPPONENT City Teams on Edge for Title Series Which Opens Tonight at Armory; Caseys Meet Keagys -® Sports Comment By .JOHN H. WHOR.IO. Buttle Delayed Until 9 O'clock JJy Mutual Agreement; Scats .'Reserved. Tho h«cn riralry of Conn-ellfirUle Dunbar Township will 1-e lorgot- | tan tomorrow njght when the O-rangoi ainl Black followers ·will join anne w i t h the Hcj mid Black am anil.wlly chc-or for tlie IxjIflGnring machine, Tbi« IB tbe/epirlt that keeps the enthusiasm Uiro in .the extra lurrienlar actlvlti-ea In the two Instltationn. When lt'« compatition, t-he ix»poctivo contestants put up a real 'w.ttle iuul when tha l)attlc is ended, tho loser doeitn't forgot to -congratulate the winner and visa versa. Fho two schools are interested in e ich other, al-ways putting in a gxod word. This accounts for tho largo do! jgaUon «f Oonnollflville I1gh Schoo! graduates who will go to Pitt Stadim i with the D. T. rootera. Btujehall fandoni awai-ta wit.h in- toroBt the coming of the dir.mond r-er- fonnerw on April 15 for th«s inaugi)ra- tlon of the 19M spring tr lining season at Athletic Park, Scottdale. Tiiin will be quite an innovation in this locality and great, enthusiasm is manifested. ;.ny l i m e Lhoy W. V i., March J S K T H A X V arat.toiiH for anoth T son of S p r i n g sp» rt.H under way :U. U t l my Director of A t h l e t - -s arranged a s l i f i t r a c k JUKI lonnii; t The track toarn p a i g n at tho lie-Id g i n i a University t h o f i r s t indoor :nc w i l l \i~ and to me*t(/i sent to Hi tho Ohio w i t h W; are. also i ; schwiulc I · K i j t t u d g '? onot- m o r e .ilk'gc when- in! for 'both iln; a mi'. w i l l open Its tain- loursr-. of \VeHl. Vlr- :i M a r c h ~~, w h e n ·t on t h e i r sc'hcdulc '-· til" s p r i n g , ti.;am:i Ponii Stain relay;; i t a t e relaytj. Uuil ili-.Icff anil w i t h eluded. The grand for M n y ,'!() w h e n ; to Heaver Falh;, s'-hr/o! f i i r o i : t o r huvc- rui'-h use i % ' U l l i l t K) his did liii f o o t b a l l . J. K Li-rt;\v, a i l.ho bo-.'s t i " i i . \'oii vi!! d e r i v e w h e n - h o t i r t i o c' I D !rt :l:.i\'(-. t i i v ho." d'Hl u t l e n t i o n as a p a r t i c l p a U o u . ThJ atkio.d that ho d i d n ' t for t h o ; H h U ' t » w h o i - i l K i i r : - ; u- wt-M as lie DF.THANY. W. Va., March t h o u g h ih" v.itrir- basketball iii was brought t" a cUxif.- last. wv t'-ri-j-.t in mill h i e h in the. ;n« rlMun{ikii*hip w i l l bv pl'.iy«d Seniors AIM! J''r:«-:httien The w i n n i n g tlo flr:*t h.tlf i! tho ; : w i t h five vlt'torips and orif wluli; t.ho Frf~Hhin«ii ftv*i oijua r:r/rl to w i n Ui« a«cx'tu: hal ." -- A l - j ini! t h e Section tonight, the n . i c t i . , i'.o i : ; t a n l . - j i i r hi m a n y bc-ne 'im-'S you w i l l i n a t i c r w l n - r c - !"., · . ' O i t r f i of t h !i-i. L"»\-f ( ! ) may ie J u n i o r pro up a f e w f; : "A ( li."ls£i i'ur y' ' was those : " H i f oacli can c\\-c yon al! h i f i h n o w a n d H t r a t i t r y , hut. iic can'! p ' a y .ii," hi; c l c ' i - l a r i ii, i u o n i i ) - , i l n K h o . p o a k i a j : for 'he- iiic^l pan lo wlio w i l l r e t u r n u--xt. Kprtson. t h e S i g h t i n g spirii in you. 1C AH d u r i n g Unfit h-inorii !: a f f a i r ;i.iui ii liri!jl' t h a i ! able- to pin l h M o t i i !cuiif tuii! t i i a t e r l a l t.fif nip t\ a f t e r :l«f-f a:i i"«ia o. «' .iw only- 'so two ;u:i -,t.t:.Kfti»' -iomo and it. i., iroinf;- h i g h l y intoro/itiMg serifts Th« h o w e v e r , (i(M v m nt- h a v « 'he :t ovor tlio uriilert:! i s s n u ' t i , «:1u fact, e for j tuck I iKird ; tho e 7 i t ) t u a ! a s n j is Koiiisr to lus to win, e, year t h e DECISIVE VICTORY IS REGISTERED BY DONBAR DRIBBLERS e i.ninlnr Hip;h Schoo basketball ve;;!st(. red a n o t h e r victory whon Nowcor »»· J u n i o r H i g h School iiuitxtet w a r lioi'oatcfl by a (score oi l'J-9. It wi s .Uuiihar's most decisive v i c t o r y . / ·· Ci«nnni:ci, iiiirlj?ct f o r w a r d of Ibo F u r n v i c e T o w n q u i n t e t , lri h i s aggre- .wu'iou v.-ilU f o u r field tcoals. Galloway :.U)od o u t f i r t h e losing organization. Tho l h u - u p : liniljar 10. Newcomer ..... 9. CianHKH'o ..................... V .............. . Calloway AS'orsel ............................. F ........ ..... Stiichowioli (.'ooper ............................. C. --------------- Varto [4. Cooper ...................... Ci ........... -.- Jefferson B e r n u n i i n o ......... ----- 0 ..................... LtUitak S u b s t i t u t i o n s -- For Dunbar, De- Mlasio, K o . - w i u , Crosw, Bugusiky, AIc- C.usUcr; t' r N o w c t n e f . Decarc, Alb e r t , Sink! vox, .Holly, Murks. N'it'kl gvals -- Ciamocco -1. Cooper, liujaisky, l\t'rwiu i!, Galloway 2, Sinki- v».\. i t ' s -- I H u t b a r , 1' o u t oC S; :i out. of S. W n x t r c i ' ! \ V ' u x t « » ' ! C'h.i.rloy voi.ta i:nit Joey SjK-ipa! h;»v-- made up! Tbf. l.'uloiitown b u i t l c r r i who wouldn't ritlc on ^a;iii t r a i n ;ire a g a i n on Intiinalo terms. C h u r U - y f o u g h t in Plttsburg th« o t h e r day :.i :·.·.[ .)oe was iti his en ·;:.·!· ay :i st-coiid. They re- t:e;itiy wt-iit i n t o the r i n j i to sutth tiu'-ir "i!ii ;nito" ;iuu S-[HMi;;vl ricoiX'd ovor}' itn. tul iii i ( l i H a p f w i n U n foil! fltM.'si;) . to T o w n s h i n bs;l a "S-i!0 vision u Ca-nnU'ltiiols ii," i n . , . .,, . , .. , . . bt-naiul 'lown.-'.h);i lloor l;tst n'.rthl tho l i a a ) gmiM.-- in S t a t i o n 1:!. \V. I do i'a.. for tho a n n u il T r i - S ' t r i t c conicr- etice nier-t. Tho 'IV-nnin sq ial w i l l tueot tho 1'll.t s!Uai in tl: ; lir.'it. inateli«i hn- tween the «choi- n. Camej;ie Tech, Broaddus. \Vash-. eft and Uuquc-fitio an- al.Ho on tho ) :othany TcnniM c a r d , UNIONTOWN SPLITS WITH SCOTTDALE Y INSIST PROGRAM U n i o n t o w n Y. M. C, A. swlrainiiig and volleyball t aras broke oven hi a meet with Scott lalo Y. M. (.'. A. last u i K l i t at tho Mil! Town a u r t i t o r t u m . While- tho T ayetto countyscaters had things Uu:i · own way In ( h e aquatics, they vero forced to taste defeat in the valley bail -niatcli. Scottdale wor the lirst same, .17 to 15, and then thi second by a score, of 15 to "· Unlont.--wn came back t talto the next two, I f i - H , and 15-10, hut was swept away ii the f i f t h eneo inter, SeoUdalo gaUlr s; a 15-C (ie-cislu i. MIEES RO-CKS WILL REPRESENT LAKE ERIE IN NEW YORK TOURNEY McKoes Rocl s, champion basketball team ot the H'ttsburg Luike Krle Railroad Atlil ;tic Associatio .1, w i l l participate i n : he aii-Jiual cage touriiii- meiH of. tho N iw York C'etii,:'^! Lines A t h l e t i c A.H.SOI i a t i o t i at liuUatiapolia, Ind., on Frida. and S a t u r d a y . Thu I'ittsbu '", Pi vision has a formidable comb n a l i n n a n d t h e ( j i i i n t e t is expecte.ti to c;iv; a good account ut' itself. Hathor tha i riwk s«rioun rouse- p r i n c i p a l j f tb.s High u l H i o K developed iu o n l y us t h y y apply you t ever a f t e r year." P. 11. !x;rr-;, School s;.iid "!Ui! i!jor!s a r c v a l u a b l e i n li!t;':-i situnti'.'ti.s. Tii-: a w a r d for the. "most v a i i i a b k p l a y e r on t h e,". offered by Mrs. J. K AnKlo, waf pn:-;ji.-nted to Di-cl; J l r a d l e y by Jatne.s M. Drisco!!, s t i o r r - 1»S c l i t o r o£ Tho Courier. The "nios: v a l u i i i l e " m a u wa.s selected by a. -0111- mHl-jc at. the close of Uu seasou Tho fe-ift, a Rolil football, wati. h hs i .in ruul knit'j, hay b;eu properly engraved. O l h e r B who spoke, were Honry Allo-n, representative o£ the N-CWB, .1. H. Mc-K'.rexat, O. It. f l e r w i c k and Dlc'-c Bradley, i n t o action to-' tjoou a f t e r Jiis appemli- r.'itls o p u n i i i ^ ' i , Jmvel Kins, Pirate m a n a g e r , lui;: «l*njt"inin;l tho yiiuugH- p a r t i c i p a t e i n t h o p r a c - lu Hues eiarl. those ctn- v. A. 't'!it f r a y had h w n r ihc ··«.':.', u i a r ^vhcd t e r shall nol ''"'"-ill^'rKrid i n 1. Charley 11 suirred agai b a i t i ··re.-1 its over Tenipb' p h i a . it '.va llio ijoatioii f that they !i«v lxx-n pi; y i n g tog c U i e r for tho t.\'-t. four y- are and have a perfect, ri-m.mth work ng coin- h l n a t l o n t h i i t .'s ban! (o be .t. Alto ihoy have ;dayol tojoiher n olvain- p i o t m h i p fcamm; n.ntl know how to.. st.uiMl, tho lire, of s u r h battl s. With j l ° "P 11 "' a l l t h i s against", them tho "F osh" are, ciiiiti'loiH tn' tal-iiruj tho m - a i i i r o of! t h e l u f t y Scni-iri. ai-! mart i to vie-1 (ory. It w o u l d n ' t be such a real c u r - I prise if tho "Prrshl?«" did / i n for if (hey are M l t l n g in their ruo style they are a tough bunch to f xap. 1x^1 by Guy Lackey, I.'ow ( as-tlo, and Jack i r w i n of C o n n e ' l s y l l l e , he Freshman t«tm is a gocri lilt ft r lxth ot thc-cx! boy arc n r o (Uxj mon land [jack-ey IH tho 'leading: boo er of the league. T)ien, if the Seni- m expect to win it is u p to him to lokl ihos-es 1 two Htarfl in e.hock. The ganiff of the s;r cs will be K;iy V. H e n r y , uoii of -Mr. and Mrs. .(. (.'. H e n r y i V l ; i\.st C'ni.w"fori avenue, ·k, in-jh.'u; .'pi'oduc'xi a n o t i u - r motional cham- ·t. foi i p l o t i n h l p Ui.Mkctt.ian cJub at oti«li!p Kiijh School wh.--re is coacl .The | p o p u j f t r w i n tor Kfiort. hy t h o j The Uukrti, l r i u m p i i a n ! in ieniors j V I 1 , w i i ) fiwinfr into ac.Uou heduh:' j ruwUng tho crack Swlssvalc ilefval i pc-niittnt winners tn Section X I . oil f.hi« i l^'ty, a !railtiato of t-|n. Conncllsvllle i l i p h Si-hooJ, ','!«£!-, uf Itii'!, and later of Sui-xiuchanna l)llai;"', hail pro- kicel his seooml title coznbinafion in ; h r f H year;;. Hvinieeteail yoar (irenkiii,--; hi.s ni.-ivt m a r k , Twn yeers Ho-nry'n c i n U i n ^ i ' i n t rnii[KHl t h r o u s H ; .'ii! o p f n r i t i o n in the. elimination I rouni-lii of l h « Wosic-rn I'oniwylvanla i InierschoUistic Athlc-llc lyeaRUc. wUi- i f l i n g tho p e n n a n t and participating in ' the .Stato play at Stat« f'oliese. i Hvnry'u team will be. (he eocxstwi ono i (;oa^liocl by a Conneilarille Hifrh ! Hchool gnwluaio. to take ixirt in tho j t o u r n a m e n t thia year, North Union ' T o w n s h i p haviiiR beon elituinatcl laet, ( T h u r s d a y by i h e uud-efeated New j 0:u-;tle a£rs;j'eg."nlk)n which iis expected in the Until diiipofiition of tho c i r c u i t a w a r d , /lay Welsh, who was on tho ft ret. ConnoJlsviUe c l u b to win the. d i v i s i o n a l laurolK, pilotcl the North Union clan. Two county i all-fMKiU-on mythical tcara i the other fay, said to have 1)een chosen by the coaches. One 6tylxl thorn as "official" ijocaiiBe "a very cloeo Mtrvoy won made- of oach i n d i v i d u a l Btar." Apparently tho "tnytbe" wor· chosen be-1 '' irc procurable m i g h t y to IK « Sfmiors, vantajr« to tho lpca»fte t'he "si rv?y" fail-ed to touch to any great d? ;reo the exploits of Thrasher, I'err / Township High School, the best puarrl in Section XII and the nrtoet va uablo player on the Commodore sjua''. The "official" part, potisibly c;tme w h e n i Thrasher was rolej;atHj to honorable, ' mention although he is ilc- best guard ' in tho entire division. I ' Primo Camera, tho h u m a n mountain, had to go «ix r o n r d s le.forei h« j won by a "knockout" over Hoy Clark , of Philadelphia. Tho 27:-pounclcr was ' given a black eyo as ; fiouvonlr of ; his CJuaker City visiit. I wan his first; ' i n j u r y since he started bis invasion i j in this country. Fnnk Wiener,: ; chairman of tho State Uoxins Com-j inlfiKion, recently tlecla - ed that he j ! wouldn't, etand for no foilishneita from } (Jarnena and that be would i\or. be j ! permitted lo fi-ght. in ,hj Keystone| : States unloss he met a * r orthy -oppon-1 I ent. Yot ho tolerated a bout with [ i Clark. THREE GAMES MAY BE PLAYED With Irolh teams rarin' to go th«; lirst contest to determine upon whoso brow tho city basketball title shall b? placed tliis season will be played at 9 o'clock tonight at t h e .State Armory. The Kenpy Cornor and the Casey Club quintets will clau-h at t-hat hour, the time for tho Rama being delayed bewiuao of services at tho churches in tho oity. The two outfits have 1een at odds for some Ums and oaly coma together after '·onauiorabl-o Jockeying around. Tho toriDH, agreeable to both, hava not boon iirmoune«!, but tho decision to play came jufit in timo tx catcli public interest, which was beginning to wan«. Howovcr, n real crowd is anticipated this evening anl largoc attendances will probably mark tho second and third g;unes whon they ar« played. Th« fact that there is a difference of opinion a« to which club to really tho hotter is iloing a lot to promote i n to real in the clash. Each outfit be- lk-ves it has considorahle K3go over tho other a IK! someone -will have inoro t h a n GTI imaginary claim after toniglvt's cnK-iKcment is fin!ahi'J. A upocial block of seaUs ha« been r«s«rviil for an advance sale. Tickets at Tangrotti Punari's «toro or at Keagy's drug store. These tickets make it unnecxa?- eary to be there early to get a good location. Neither club is permitted to .id4 new material to its roster for tho j)recent eoriee. Both are made up entirely of locnl talent, and for the raoet part are youths who learoel tli« gain-e in High School. Fann know their fa«es and will be on liand to iKxjst the youngsters financially. ISach qtilntot has a deficit for the season wblfth it. hopos to clear \rp by the pr?Herit novJes. In another \V. I'. I, A. .League elimination ciaeh at Pitt Stadium last night, Now Kensington eliminated McKoes lifx-ks Jlffrh School, 27-14. * » * fl-erman Township Varsity tipsot tho Alumni, 21 to 14, in a fast game, played tonight at 7:15 gymnasium and a largo pectixl to bo on hand. In the Irvln crowd is ex- Among Celebs at Battle of Miami t'itt ook f o r w a r d , ! laii nijibt a.-; '.)!; e l l l b j way to a lu-L'S victory ! X ' n i v e r s i t y a t f'hiladel- | o n l y t l i c e3tH"Oi"id ]·:« 'i- Tvmpio. Bonnie Leonard, f irruer boxing champion, plans to r u i W a large sport arena in Pitts'bn; g. It is to Ixv erected Dofxsre next ^rorember at a ocet of about $1,500,000 Bennic is tho ownor of tho FUlfiburp Plratca in UIQ Amorloan Hocltcy W. P. I. A. LEAGUE 1930.SECT10NAL PENNANT WINNERS is Uie list of the 1930 sectional pennant w nnens in the Western Pennsylvani;. Interecholastic Athletic League: Se-otion I--New Kep.eington. Section II--AinbrW ;c. Section III--New Castle. Section Section V--Mones«-n. Erection--VI--PVird City. Section VII--Duou* sne. tjoction VIII--Nort i Bra«lock. Section IX--McKe s Rockfi. Section X--Uniontown. Section XI--Swistvale. Section XII--Dunl ar. 3CtioJti XIII--North Union. Section XIV--Hid- ory. Section XV--Wayrwburg. Pittsburg City--Pi" tb Avenue. DUNBAR BOROUGH LASSIES DEFEAT CONNELLSVILLE Nosing- out W-wiUninstor last n i g h i , t.ho Diiriiioano Univemity bafiJcotliall club is w i t h i n distance of tho t r i - Ktatc conference title today. The 'Westmiimtor club noetiofl a victory to clinch the conference honors. · · · When tho Hig-'h School footbHl! squed Iw.Ran the "flinlngroom rueh" at ihc Fir«t Methodist Upfeeopa! Church no l i n o could ever iinv* b«Id against it. Real enjoyment comes f r o m every El Producto. That mild, distinctive c h a r a c t e r has never varied--and never will. MANY SIZES tOc to 25c o rbi?3e tv/o couples in center have boon before' y o u r eyes for a long time. They are, l e f t to right, Mrs. Babe Ruth, !;he Bambino, George and Mrs. McMauus. They are pictured watchins- th» " iatt'e of the Big Bust" at Miami, Fla., whera J: ck Sharkey was awarded the decision when P ill Scott, the British champ, refused to carry on. The D u n b n r Borough High School girla have regisstore 1 another victory, defeating the A. 0. C. Girls of Con- iiellavillD by a coun oi 10-0. The n i p and tuck battle wat- a real thriller. Bur ha us led (lie nctor.s with tbrt'C tield goals. OeHoiL played )est 1'or the Coiuiellsville la iKies and collected ! two cotintars. The line-up: ttuubar-- JO. A. U. C. C\nb 1). DiNello V Deficit Iturhaiis : ' McMahoii Jonea C. .._-- S t r a w n Kiska - i. C. _.-- Row: Rechenberg U Prichard Gilmore -- 0 Kniiiey Substitutions--Dun bar, Cross. Field goals--DIMello, Burhaus 'A, De-Bolt ", M c M a l i c n , Prichard. Foul goals--Ou'ibar, 2 o u t of 5; A. B. C., i out of !. WHAT SIZE: P L E A S E 7 M»\,ar K I)iH(rlhuinif llroorh, 1'lazu lildic,, fWO IdfMi Ave., i'IK»li»ri;»i, I'H.

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