Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 11, 1976 · Page 50
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 50

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 11, 1976
Page 50
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1«D -July 11, 1976 Sunday Gazette-Mail Charleston, Wtit Virjlnlt Inadequate Fiber Common Problem Ounces By Marion Welli American Phyiical Fitneit Research Inititutt of Prevention . . . Constipation has become an uncomfortably common problem in this country. In the push for better end results, more and more what's coming out is that adequate Open Minds- -Man Advised to Keep His Cool Dear Open Minds: I have a problem at home because I have been in a state mental hospital. Everytime I get a little upset they are always ready to send me back. My sister and her husband live under us and we have been having some problems and all the blame is being put on me. They all say that I am crazy because I was once in a state hospital. How do you make people realize that it's not always true? 27-year-old male Don't Understand Dear 27-Year-Old Male: It is not unusual for people to have the attitude that you describe about persons who have been in a state hospital. It is difficult to answer such persons particularly where family members are involved. if you and your family (your letter implies possibly your wife) are indeed having problems there is help available far you and family members through the Community Mental Health Center of the area, or, in the Charleston area, the Charleston Guidance Clinic, which is part of the Community Mental Health Center, or Family Services in Charleston. If you and your family, however, feel that your problems are not that great, the only thing you can do is to maintain your "cool" and bear in mind that may people still do not accept or understand that a person can receive help and return to be a functioning member of society after having been hospitalized for psychiatric reasons. Ed Johnson, Administrator Highland Hospital 56th St. Noyes Ave., SE Charleston, W. Va. . Phone: 9254756 Illness Not Dear 27-Year-Old Male: Your Community Mental Health Center has a program of public education to promote better understanding of mental health and mental illness. Most people think of a person who has been treated for mental illness as someone whose thoughts, feelings and behavior are completely different from a "normal" person's. The truth is that just as none of us enjoys perfect physical health, so none of us can claim perfect mental health. At times each of us has experienced confusion, inability to concentrate, preoccupation and forgetfulness. Each of us is familiar with the feeling that people are talking about us or are against us for reasons real or imagined. Each of us knows the depression that accompanies a loss -- the fatigue, the remorse, the wondering if life is worth living. These feelings slow us down for a while. They may even incapacitate us temporarily. Sooner or later we manage to control them so that we can cope with the demand of life. If this is "normal" what is "mental illness"? The person we think of as being "mentally ill" has the same kinds of feelings. The difference is that he experiences them more severely over a longer period of time. He may need psychiatric treatment in order to bring his feelings under control to the point where he can handle some or all of his ordinary responsibilities. Usually he can be helped. The important thing to remember is that just as a bout of pneumonia does not automatically make a person a life-long invalid, so an episode of mental illness need not make a person "crazy" all of the rest of his life. For your immediate problem, you should contact the office of your community mental health facility which can arrange fo consultation and advise mou regarding family counseling, medication, and other professional services. With the help , of an impartial counselor, you and your family may be able to find out what is causing the difficulties and work solutions will benefit each of you. The only problem that can't be conquered is the one we fail or fear to deal with. Mr. J. Robert Daniell Superintendent Spencer State Hospital Box 160 Spencer, W. Va. 25276 Phone: 927-2110 Have a problem and want expert opinion? If rite to open Mindi, 1217 Lee St. E. Charleston, W. Va. 25301. This column i$ a service of the Sunday Gazette-Mail and the Community Mental Health Center of Region 111, which provides mental health care for Boons, Clay, Kanawha and Putnam counties. We are unable to answer all letters in this column. However, a mental health professional from Region Ill's staff will reply to all letters, provided the writer includes a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The opinions expressed are those of the professionals named and in no way necessarily reflect the opinions by the Sunday Gazette-Mail or the Community Mental Health Center of Region III. The Human Condition Evaluation Urged for Dislocated Hip By Leonard Reisman Thomas Jefferson University QUESTION: "My husband and I were told that our daughter had a congenital defect called 'dislocated hip.' Can you tell me about this congenital birth defect?" ANSWER: If there is any reason for urging the thorough and proper evaluation of every newborn infant by a physician trained and experienced in baby care, it is the defect that you are asking about. The ancient Greek physicians recognized and described congenital dislocation of the hip. With early recognition the hip can be manipulated back into place without surgery. Probably, as with your little girl, a plastered cast can be positioned to immobilize the hip. In a few months, often three or four, the remarkable healing abilities of young infants almost invariably provide for a normal growth relationship of the hip bones. THE PROGNOSIS for a normal, or at least close to normal hip, is excellent. We Commission Discusses Jail Housing Charleston can pay either $100,000 to $125,000 to house its prisoners at the Kanawha County Jail this fiscal year or ?10 per day per prisoner, the Kanawha County Commission decided Friday. The commission's decision was contained in an order to Sheriff G. Kemp, Melton to deliver a 'nonnegotiable' contract to Charleston's officials for maintaining city prisoners at the county jail. The lump sum payment of $100,000 to $125,000 will be based on the number of prisoners the city houses at the jail, plus a 6 per cent increase over the 1975-76 fiscal year's city fee of $75,000. But if the city doesn't like that plan it can go the $10 per day per prisoner route-nearly double the $5.85 daily City Manager Hugh Bosely wants to pay. What Charleston should pay Kanawha County for locking up city prisoners has been a sore point between the two governments at the beginning of each fiscal year. And each year one side and then the other sets out unalterable positions--until a compromise is finally reached. The current negotiations began early last month and included a complaint from the county that it was having to pay outside medical costs incurred by city prisoners. Under the contract the county commission said Friday it wanted, however, the city would agree to pay those costs. Crippled Children Camp Opens Today ST. GEORGE-The 30th annual camp for 128 West Virginia crippled children will open today and continue through July 24 at 'Camp Horseshoe, Rt. 2, St. George. I The camp is operated by.the Harrison County Easter Seal Society in cooperation with the West Virginia Easter Seal Society and 32 county units. Dr. Marcel Lambrechts of Charleston will provide physical examinations for Charleston area children who will board an Air National Guard bus at Charleston Memorial Hospi- *'· .K \ UMW Wage Suit Dismissed By Judge Hall U.S. 'District Judge K. K. Hall Friday dismissed a suit against -the Bituminous Coal Operators Assn. concerning the 1974 Bituminous Wage Agreement. The suit, seeking $8.5 million in damages, was brought by two coal miners and UMW Local No. 6023. The contract published in the November r 1974 issue of the UMW Journal was represented as the agreement being negotiated and subject to ratification by rank and file miners, said the suit. The published contract required that Thanksgiving Day, 1974, be considered as a paid holiday for the miners. However, the contract approved by the miners a month later provided that Thanksgiving Day, 1977, be a paid holiday, the suit said. In its motion to dismiss the suit, the attorneys for the coal association saio! the agreement executed in December 1974 didn't provide for a paid holiday for the past Thanksgiving. In any event, the motion argued that the. ' dispute" is an issue, however frivolus, " that should be settled through collective bargaining procedures. Judge Hall granted the coal association's motion for summary judgment. Odd Fellows Install Newly Elected Officers New officers have been installed in the Kanawha Lodge 25 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. They are Doyle Parkins, noble grand; Roy Peterson, vice grand; Larry Roller, Warden; Alen Withrow, conductor; George Gates, chaplain; Bill Ellis, right support to grand noble; Dean Parkins, left support to noble grand; Kermit Burdette, right support to vice grand; Clyde Warner, left support to vice grand; Clarence Ryan, outside guard; William Grimsley, inside guard; Bob Ashworth, musician; Howard Boyd, asistant musician; Jack Robertson, color bearer; Robert Buckland and John Lewis, scene bearers. are still not very certain of the actual cause of congenital dislocation of the hip. The defect does apparently involve a developmental error in the hip joint so that there is both an excessive laxity of the joint and a failure of proper growth in the hip socket. About one in every 1000 babies is born with this defect. As to heredity, there is strong evidence for the importance of genetic factors. For example, if one of a set of identical twins has this hip dislocation, the chances are close to 50 per cent that the other twin will also have the defect. And although reoc- curence of this defect in a family is not very common, the chances for your future children of having similar hip problems are somewhat increased, possibly to as much as one in 20. But early diagnosis increases the chances for normal development of any affected child. Appealed Heroin Trial Continued The trial set for Monday on heroin trafficking charges against Donald Gwinn has been continued because of an appeal filed by his attorney. Phillip Gaujot is appealing the ruling by U.S. District Judge K.K. Hall that Gwinn is to stand trial on the 22 counts against him. In a hearing Friday, Gaujot moved thai the indictment be dismissed on the grounds of double jeopardy. Gwinn riead- ed guilty three years to being a ringleader in the wholesale heroin trafficking busk ness in southern West Virginia. . ,. However, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the conviction in April. Because of his earlier piea, Gaujot argued, that Gwinn couldn't be'tried again. The appeals court recently acted on a similar appeal from Paul Hankish, whose- conviction on firebombing charges was reversed last fall. Judge Hall set a new trial for the Wheeling man, who argued that he was'being tried again on the same charges. Hankish appealed Judge Hall's denial of his motion to dismiss the indictment. The appeals court last week upheld ,' Judge Hall's ruling. In the meantime, a new trial for Hankish was postponed. KBT Promotes Kees Kanawha Banking Trust Co. has announced the promotion of Dana G. Kees to installment loan officer. A graduate of Cast Bank High School, he attended West Virginia State College and has been with the bank since 1971. fiber and fluid intake, moderate exercise and responsiveness to "nature's call" may go far toward avoiding or alleviating a majority of elimination problems. A diet adequate in fiber (bulk) could favorably influence the speed, and in some cases ease, with which waste products pass through the intestinal tract. It's reported that "... the average American today consumes about 50 per cent more refined sugar, 30 per cent more fat, 20 per cent less fruit and vegetable fiber, and up to 90 per cent less cereal fiber than did his counterpart in 1900." / * * * INDIVIDUALS VARY some\ :ii the amount and type of fiber-contaiimig foods best suited for them. Sources of bulk include whole grains; many vegetables; nuts; legumes; and some fruits, including ones with edible skins. Small amounts of unprocessed bran can be substituted for equal amounts of flour in.home baked goods or added to other recipes such as casseroles and meat loaf. Whole grain breads contain significantly more fiber than refined flour products. Fiber rich foods may also aid weight control by taking up more chewing time and stomach, space, helping you feel full faster, and providing calories in a form less easily absorbed than those in their highly refined food counterparts. In addition, fiber "... provides a medium for the growth of .theintestinal bacteria that synthesize certain vitamins, for example, vitamin K . . . " According to "Consumer Reports," "Constipation can be caused by another type of dietary lack -- the lack of breakfast." Morning food or beverages may trigger the reflex we feel as "nature's call." McCartney to Inspect Voting Machines Secretary of State James R. McCartney will travel Monday to Logan, Wayne and Cabell counties, to inspect the voting machines. The purpose of the visit is to examine the write-in vote capacity of the machines used in the Fourth Congressional District. McCartney said these three counties have a dif fernt type machines or different models of the same type. He said he is interested in anticipating problems or difficulties involving write-in votes. His tentative schedule is 11:30 a.m. Logan County Courthouse; 2 p.m., Wayne County Courthouse; 4 p.m., Cabell County Courthouse. Prunes contain a chemical with a natural laxative effect. However, such foods as cocoa, chocolate, fried products and tea may in some cases contribute to constipation. ABCs of Health Moderate exercise and adequate fluid intake are also considered helpful in promoting healthy bowel habits. «* * YOU'RE APT to have a better outcome if you're prompt to heed nature's call. It may help to set aside a particular time of day and avoid rushing things. A word to the wise traveler. Whether or not you leave the country, you may eiperi- ence temporary constipation or diarrhea while your body is adjusting to a variety of changes. To help reduce or avoid the problem, physicians suggest getting plenty of rest and bypassing spicy .or "exotic" items on the menu. Note that constipation may occur during pregnancy or be a side effect of certain medications. Ask for and follow your phys- ician's recommendations. Continuing constipation or an unexplained and persisting change in bowel function should be promptly reported to your physician. Self- medication with laxatives can delay diagnosis and treatment when constipation is a warning symptom of another ailment, such as ulcers, kinked intestines or bowel cancer. Taking a laxative for symptoms which happen to herald appendicitis could strain your appendix to the bursting point. Finally, a respected medical authority observed that ".'.. the normal range of bowel movements can vary from three per day to three per week." You needn't "keep up with the Joneses" to put elimination problems behind you! Cur 16th Year With Th« Sam* Quality loekyord SWIMMING POOL The Average Hwnwwnw Can Afford A complete line of above ground pools, below ground kits, chemicals and accessories. IACYS Modern Swimming Pools 933 WooAaven Dr., Charieston Phone:744-2711 CHARLIE KING ' MACMtMIUlOW MlMGER-MONKOIIEItr KING SIZE JOELEROSl LOANS. s 10,000 ) f Whether it'sto reduce q lot of "Small" Monthly Payments, a need For New Furniture, Home Improvements, Or Any Worthwhile Reason, see Charlie King or "Mac" McMillion or Joe LeRose For A Helping_Hand.. OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 611 LEE STREET 319 FERRY STREET 87 MAIM STREET CHAS. 343-4801 MOHTCOMERY 442-5111 ST. ALBAMS 727-29661 _ Famous DERKLINE® COMFORT CHAIRS BERKUNE' Wallaways Rock-A-Loungers Recliners Den Groups SAVES OVER 50 TO CHOOSE FROM MANY STYLES AND FABRICS Large Selections DEN CROUPS SAVES TONK RITE nMNCK *CASN FREE DELIVERY SETUP If Sold For Less Within 30 Days From Date of Purchase We Will Gladly Refund The Difference FURNITURE AND TYIER PUZA APPLIANCES «oss LANES BIG CHIMNEY 965-3329 D ' v i i l O H j( 0 V S M I T H 4 S O U S \»'. 776-4410

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