The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 22, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, June 22, 1918
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m ConneDsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper, Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,690 VOL. 16, NO. 191. CONNELLSVIIJLE, PA., SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 22, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. BATTLE AGAINST AUSTRIANS WON, PREMIER ORLANDO TELLS ITALIAN CHAMBER OF DEPUTIES All Available Forces of the Teutonic Allies .Have Been Brought Into Conflict While Italians Have Drawn on Only Small Portion of Their Reserves. A1TEMPT MADE ON LIFE OF EMPEROR CHARLES liy Associated Press. CHICAGO, June 22.--Between 50 and 100 men and women, members of the Hagenback- Wallace circus, were killed early today when a Michigan Central train of empty Pullmans running GO miles an hour, crashed into a special nin of sleeping cars of the show at Ivanhoe, six miles east of Gary, Ind. It is believed the entire personnel of the circub was wiped out in the smashup. Four wooden coaches in which the circus performers were sleeping were demolished and the victims caught in the wreckage are believed to have burned to death, as it caught fire and burned for hours. Six hours after the wreck eight bodies had been taken to the morgue and 25 persons were missing, believed to have been incinerated in the wreck. One hundred and twenty-five injured persons were taken to the hospitals at Gary. Twenty others were brought to Ham- LilVYEJl IS .ACCI'SEl) IS A T2£ASO*f PLOT. 1 . By Associated Press, ; ROME, June 22.--The battle situation is unchanged and in-!mond. Ind. fantry engagements were not resumed during Friday, says the 1 Manager Gollman of the show, which exhibited under canvass at Michigan City, Ind., statement issued last night to the Italian Parliament by Premie^,last night, estimated that the death list would reacli 67. Mr. Gollman named the following Orlando. '. -· 'ampng the missing, believed to be dead; It is now permissible to say that thebattle has been won. I ' Rooney family, bareback riders; Meyers famih. animal trainers; Cottrel family, bareback the premier told the deputies Friday moriing according to thel riders; Art Darick, strong man. died in hospital; Rosie Rosiland. equestrian; Donovan family. Tribuna. ' j elephant trainers; Robert Ellis and wife, aerialists; Mrs. Jennie Codd, Blooraington, 111., per- The Austrians, the premier added, are now gathering alliformer, died on relief train; Joseph Coyle, clown; Sirs. Joseph Coyle and two children, said to available men in certain sections of the Mountain front. Only have died on relief train. The show was traveling in two sections of a Michigan Central train going from Michigan .(City to Hammond. At East Ivanhoe, a hot box caused the second section to stop. A train of empty Pullmans coming to Chicago crashed into it. the locomotive plowing its way through the day car and four sleeping coaches. The injured were taken to hospitals at Hammond and a small part of their reserves have Italians. been drawn on by the LIFE OF ^JIPEKOR Kf PERIL LONDON, June 22.--Reports are current on the Amsterdam I Gary. Exchange today that an attempt has been made on the life of Emperor Charles of Austria, says a Central News dispatch from Amsterdam. The reports are unconfirmed. A telephone message from Gary said the heavy steel Pullmans 'crashed through the MUflSTKR I'XHER KJiKENSKY BATTLE DECREASING AS SEfOXD WEEK OTO.VS Fighting on the Piave line apparently is decreasing as the Austrian offensive enters upon its secord week, tn the mountains there has been little activity tor several days, but ;he Austrians are reported to be concentrating large bodies oi men there, presumably for another at."mpt to push CorNrard to the Venetian plains. Italian resistance and counter attacks Irotn Montellc to the mouth of the Piave. aided by the sudden rising }f the river, have played ha\oc with Austrian troops bent on capturing \Iontello and dominating the plain. Slowly the enemy on the important I plateau is being driven back by the Ualians and his efforts at otbcr points lave either been driven bad: or re- lulsed. The fighting on Montcllo con- inues to be intense. Austrian losses have been heavy ind an Italian newspaper estimates them at 120,000. More than fort? \ustrian divisions have been engaged in the battle line and thirty of these lave suffered heavily. A report re- ;eived in London is to the. effect that .wehre German divisions are to be ;ent to Italy to take the place of an Alexander I. Konovalov, minister oJ | 'qual nHmber of Austrian divisions tf commerce and industry during the je transported to Franco. ' Kercnsky regime, has arrived in the Behind the Sghtins front 'he dual United States. He states that h.s mis- oonarchy is seething with discontent' sion is to inform the administration at wer the food situation, which shows Washington of the exact conditions in lighter circus coaches like so much paper. The wreck was complete. Here and there in the wreckage legs and arms protruded and groans testified to the suffering of ihose still alive. Trainmaster Whipple of the Michigan Central was on the train and was reported among the missing. Fourteen injured persons from the wrecked circus train, were taken to St. Margaret's hospital in Hammond and it was said that 50 others been taken to the hospital at Gary GARY, Ind., June 22.--Estimates of the dead in the Michigan Central wreck near Ivanhoe j Station varied from 100 to 150. The wreckage caught fire, destroying many bodies and killing j the injured pinned under the debris. Twenty-six persons were brought to Mercy hospital, ten to the Gary general hospital, 20 to the Illinois Steel Company hospital and three to St. Antonio hospital. (Continued on Patro Two.) "Woman of Mystery" in Dawson Murder Promises to Be Faithful IS RELEASED FROM JAE Will Be So Prosecution For Hei EelaSions With Italian Companions ARE APPABEXTLY HAPF5 Dwsn't Carr If People Call B3m 1 Fool, Inrin-Snjs; "I Ahvajs TTas I *Sticker* aad Scan to See Thii Tbrong-ji," He TeBs Eeportec U. S. HAS WORKED WONDERS IN FIRST , YEAR OF WAR Stupendous AchjeTCments Vividly Described By Chau- tauijua Lecturer. WHERE THE BILLIONS GO 10 sign of improvement. ! Russia and to ask aid for that war- Enropcan Torts Practically Kecon- strncti'U; Hundreds of 31ilcs of Rail- irsy T.aid; -ill This Besides Sending Millio'n Men 0cr Without a I^ T K V C K " 1XMJISTS IN SPJIUCE HOlJ-OtV. The "peace" locust has made its- appearance. While on an outir.g to Spruce Hollow thf other day Albert Morgan and Anna Doppeiheuer of Poplar Grove, found two of the insects of which appeared the letter "P." Tradition has it that the locust thus forecasts great events. It has often been said that "war" locusts appear he- fore the outbreak, of a struggle. In spite of the heavy rains last evening a big audience at the Chautau-j |torn country- M. Konovaloi declared qua heard Captain Martin D. Hardm,| IODREI FIFTY-THRKK IS i that allied intervention in Siberia i who has just returned f i o m France,. AIUII CASUALTY'LIST. I would go a long way toward the ere- j tell ot war conditions In Europe and ation of a responsible government in' 11 COLORED MEN LEAVE HERE FOR CAMP SHERMAN, 0. CONNELLSYILLE GETS FULL CO. G; HAS 51 TO START Thirty-two Young Men, Including Captain Stone, Arc Mustered In. OTHERS WILL BE LATER Roster is Ouo in Excess of Number Ji«iuired by 3njor .Meyer of Thin] Begiment to Insure Full Command America i i T e "ionHis Ahead in .Movement of Troops, 1'i'iieral llarcli 'Iclls Sn*paper Jlen. By .Associated Press. WASHINGTON, June 22.--Nine hundred Uuijsaiid men snipped across the sea, General j March told newspaper correspondent^ today at the weekly conference. This ] includes the irpops shipped fiom all ! American ports nf embarkation The United Slates is today five months ahejd ot its program for plac-i ing 1 an array in France, General lUarch ' said I The figures on Amercan troop ship- j \\celt fixed the number shipped at j more than JTOO.OOO. The addition of j 100,000 d u r i n g the week showing the | rate of! progress that i3 being made, j While the general baitle situation \ for This City; Drill Tuesday Si^ht, 1 3otfes goo a today. General March said, j Special to Tbo Courier UNIONTOWN, June 22.--"Now drane, we'IJ go far, far away from tnese wicked people and. forget the hoar [-breaking past," declared Lymai: Invjn, husband of Mrs. Sarah Irwin aliafr "Sarah Wright," the woman oi Patsy Medio was yesterday convicted of murder in the first degree for the slaying of Raymond BarteJH confessed lover of the woman, as he caressed her fondly in the Fayette county jail fo'lowing the return of the verdict, Mrs. Jrwin broke down completely ami sobbed as the reconciliation was elided behind the prison bars. For WFFK- QOfl flOfl NftW a lev ' Imiratos neltbcr spokc - Mrs WEEJV, 3UU,UUU HIM! j Irwin broke the silence with pledges of faithfulness in the future. "We are not going back to Pittsburs to live, as there would be temptations there for you, but I am ready and willing to depart at once for the wesr, where I am sure the sun of HUNDRED THOUSAND SENT OVERSEAS LAST have been happiness will shine on us again," Irwin to'd his wife. Mr. I.-win. who is a Pittsburg contractor, told a local newspaper man that he had "Gone almost crazy over the affair and that Mrs. Irwin's mother. Mrs. Watson, who lives at Allen- pert, was on the verge of collapse." "I hope to God she comes through this thing all right. You think she will, don't you," asserted tbe husband, v.ho evidently was under the impression that his wife would be held for her admissions of misconduct with the WASHINGTON. June 22.--The army asualty ·- list today contained 153 lines, divided as follows: Killed in otiin, 52; died of wounds, 2S; died of Irplane accident, 1; died of disease, ; died of accidents and other causes. 0; wounded severely, 37; wounded, cgree undetermined. 2; .missing in ction. 15; prisoners, 1. The list includes: Killed in action, ·rivate Emery Dean, Fort Gay, W. 'a.; John H. Summers, Ctari^burg. V. Va. Died 0* wounds, Sergeant OrJando f. Loomts, Sayre, Pa. Russia and would contribute greatly toward the winning of the war. TO TWENTY-ONERS year this nation has been in war. "No intelligent man," h e said, "could know what America hasjione in this one year that we have been at war and believe that we have fallen down on the job." A musical prelude was i given by the Madrigal Singers. 1 Captain Hnrdin said that when Am- GO OUT JUNE 25' 01 ica ^tered the war France was tees Are Held in Armory Prior to Departure. Company G, Pennsylvania Reserve Militia, remains in Connellsville. (Thirty-two young men were mustered J i n last night at the armory by Major Meyer oE Pittsburg, and sufficient ! had been previously enlisted to bring ' required to be enrolled last night to i assure the Cull company for this city. The f u l l company was the result ot [some lively recruiting by Captain A. RAIN IS NO HINDRANCE! °T S heTrstdri,l be held Tuesday F.y Associated Pres*. WASHINGTON, June 22.--Draft executives cf all states today were directed by Provost Marshal General Crowder to begin on June 25 and to Died of disease, Martin C. Lacy, [unhall, Pa. 1 continue for three days thereafter the Wounded severely, Clair W. Knctt, i mailing of questionnaires to regis- urwensviUe, Pa.; Martin J. -May, trants of the Class of 1918. .vis, Pa., and Ray W. Stantor., Moosic,, Twenty-live per cent ol the regis- a.; John Rade, Youngstown. 0. Itrants of each board will be provided staggering. "I am disclosing no military secret when I tcl! you this," he oaid, declaring that America's entrance had put new flshting blood into Ihc nation. 'V.'hen America started sending men OUR 3UR1M3 DEATH Di ACTION. with, questionnaires each da}. Boards were instructed to leave serial and order number spaces blank WASHINGTON. June 22.--The nia-i, m ti[ elatsifieat.on takes place, prob- .ne corps casualty list today con- ilned 31 names, divided as follows: illed in action, 4; djed ol wounds, ably some time in July. Spirits of Sclectives is "ot Dampened 13 Downpour as They Jlurcli to Baltimore Oltio St4ilJ«n; Board ~8o. 2 Sends Fire; Sit J'rom District o. The second contingent of colored evening at 7.30 o'clock. The men who are already enlisted, but who wete ,. £ fwanIt . l ° sct hcr TM^ trorn all thls f , or , 1 know tnal s ^ has suffered j ?[, eally ; continued Irwin. wilh tears the present lull on the western front I " llul s his eyes. "I believe the lesson nveans only t h a t German combat di- P be has Icanied in U»s business will visiors are being reformed for an- j be suffl "cnt to enable her to straighten other drhe. , up and !ead t h e ri S M MTM* °t a life. American troops have done well l ^^ care v ' hat ihe people think o£ wherever the test of battle has come tons far, General Marc ing the character whether regulars National Guard. National p.rmy or Marines. The fight at Cantigny. the most im- porlant engagement in which American troops have' participated, be- , m c - J always was ch said, regard- j mean lo 3ee tnis through." f the (roops I 'Neither Pittsburg nor "sticker" and I county will ever see us again," broke in Irwin. There is nothing but trouble there and I feel that Sarah's experience will make her a good not at the" meeting last night to be' v : ° i n r i ' TM Banded by Major General ._ __,._ _... .,._ _ woman in the future years which we cause it (rave opportunity to judge of ' oxnect to spend happily together. I the f u l l measure of their training, he j wl " do everything I can to mak e hef sain, had been fonsbt by the first di- SOOd and I don't believe she will'ever across there were three ports in Bu- dra£toos (rom Colmellsville to go into possibt- rope where our supplies were to be ^ scrvJC8 , cft here ;ait nign! al 6 , 5 j The i landed. America had to enlarge these; 0 , clock , for Can , p stlermanj 0 _ ^^ tenant, mustered in, are to report at the mory at 7 o'clock, at which time Major Meyer will muster t!wm in. Measurements for uniforms wtero taken last night. Uniforms and equipment will be supplied as quicKly as Robert L. Bullard. Thi= division is now, ho said, a thoroughly t-ained, Mgh-pradc unit and wns the first American d,vision io reach Prince. ports and build warehouses tor stor- j rj oari age. They have been HU.OREK TAKE PART ; L\ VIE.V-YA WOTS., LONDON, June 22.--Accjrding to | IB Vienna Neue Freie Presse, during, reel riots in Vienna, the police and | ilitary were called out and took I front, are reported by the war office today. Prisoners were taken and casualties inflicted on the enemy. nto I possibk?. company is without a first lieu- p Sherman, O. Local I leuam, none having yet been corn, , »» No. 5 sent six men and ixcal I missioned. Harry Restofski is second doubled and| B c a r d No , SCQ[ flve ^ The elevcu i l e l l t enant trebled, and the warehouses ivhich| mcn [e£ , th( , armory s n o r t l v aPler 6 The names of the 32 men who were have been built, if placed end lo end,' O 'clock Beaded by the Scottdale lade- i mustered into the company last night would stretch from Wasb.ngton tO| pc . n(lent band (colored), and accoui- follow: New York. Between 200 and 300i pan , ed by a b i g i olegatlon of thelr , Captain A. 0. Stone, Cyrus Kennel, miles of sidetracks to railroads have| tr iends, marcted to the Baltimore Alfred Scblmger, John Kupcbeck, Don beer, built and many hundreds °f I Qnio station. \ j Porter, C. Howard Yaw, S. W. Bra-'im, miles have been double tracked and, T!le draftees had to march to the 5,000 HIUTISII 1OLLKO BL'RDT, WEEK. LONDON, June 22.--British- casual- triple tracked. All the labor for these things has been largely done by station in the rain, but they, were a happy lot and did not notice the damp our ov/n American boys. There is no j we ather. There were several hun- labor in France. The labor there is under those little white crosses." Captain Hardm said that th;s nation has sent almost 1,000.000 sold.ers to dred negroes at the station to see the men off. ' Every man called by District No. 5 reported, and only one mr-n called by ·Kropp, Joe Reed, Ernest Stlllwagon n much the sair.e manner as Samuel rict measures and issued warnings . parents making them responsible ;l~~^~l w ^ rc ,r Che action of their children, says, j.,,-,^ or ^ wounds _ o(ficer i Exchange Telegraph disputcu Iromj 2 3 -. men , ^ 7 ties reported during the week ending; France, and not a ajngle man has i Local Board for District No. 2 failed the ocean [ t 0 appear. He was John Robinson of 36,620. ded as follows: EIULkJi RAIDING PAKTI1S JBASU.V REPULSED. PARKS, June 22.--German troops tt nijil attempted raiding opera- ns in the v'.cinity of Belloy, south- est ol Monldidier. They were re- llsed, says tiday's war office report, milar operations undertaken by the lemy la Ur'^er Alsace were equally tsuccessfu'.. Wounded or missing--Officers, 414; men, 30,72-i. ttlEMCAXS TO faTEST SURPLUS IN BONDS After Privilege to Declare Dividends Js Denied !jy Injunction. At a meeting of the directors of the Thompson-Conaellsville Coke company yesterday, President J. P. Brennen and Secretary W. G. Rock were instructed to purchase government securities with the surplus funds of the company. There is an injunction PRESS BACK GER3IAXS. WASHINGTON, June 22.-- General irahing's communique for yesterday j against the company, restraining the ceived here today reported improve- directors from declaring dividends »t of American positions northwest | and the directors took this means of Chateau Thierry. Brisk artillery using the surplus. ;htlng m the Woevre^ tha Vosges d in the Chateau Thierry region is ·ted. LONDON. June 22.--Raids by Brlt- Ralph M. Keeney was appointed assistant general manager, in charge of operations at the company's two plants at Republic, succeeding Andrew Thompson, who retired two months ago. A contract for the erection of 20 miners' houses at Republic, work, to begin, imemdiately, was Jet. been lost when crossing under American convoy. war it took 3U days for a ship to go j called by Local Board No. 2, will go "Before the ' McKeesport. Huboi- Jordan, also back. ' to camp from Utica, N. Y. Tbc No , mDn who , e£t here He told of tlie miles of macadam roads cight wore . A r t h u r Gordon, Henry j to Europe, unload and come Now it is accomplished in 16 days." J. J. Palladmo, Q. D. Marietta, Wildy Stillwagon, Frank Erler, Austin At kins, J. I. Limp, .Lawrence Lea, L. H. McCullough, Ham- Ilodgers, A. NT. commit another, wrong as long as she lives. "I never met either of the men. who were married to Sarah but I havo been told the second inshand iras a fine man. -What do I care if the whole world laughs at me and thinks I am a fool. I started Uus affair and I raean to see it through." It was with quivering lips and a nervous tone that he told how persons YOKE FEDERAL MANAGER Of Consolidated i.nUe Kric ;md Jlonon- Kalirlii linilwajs. . With the consolidation of the Pitts- , h a d teffl P l « d bis wife while he was burg Lake Erie railroad and the j w °rtanff day and night to keep up his Monongahcla railway for purposes of l l l o n i e in Penn avenue, Pittsburg. He operation under the United States stated that he had no knowledge of Railroad Admin.stratum. J. B. Yohe, he r visits to the Italian cafe where general manager of operation of the blie met Bartclli and others. I/ake Erie, has been selected federal ] 'c said he afterward learned of a manager of be consolidated lines. letter Sarah wrote to her mother, in Colonel J M. Schooninaker, under j which she declared that she went this arrangeemut, re'jams charge of astray in providing clotning, etc., for the corporate affairs of liis company. a son. of a previous marriage, as her Harry Gross, Kent Clifton, W. L. Wortman, J. D. Livingstone. Howard of the Pennsylvania, and Uaniel Willard of the Baltimore Ohio, and R. Taylor, Horace Atkins, Robert ' is separated from control of the road's Springer, R. L. Hodge, Howard Rlchter, Howard Moore, Earl Kessler, Lyell Buttermore and Second Lieutenant Harry Restofski. AUTOS ARE ROBBED operation just as tney now are. G. B. husband was out of work part of the time. The letter was apologetic from start to finish. When Irwin first learned of his wife's predicament he came from Obey who, as general superintendent, i Pmsburg weekly, taking her chicken this arrangement, retains charge of ' the Monongahela, will continue in direct charge of ns management under Mr. Yohe's supervision. ,,, . . . . ,-,., , ' SmiLb, Matthew J. Jefferson, Yonder- war. We might have ocen a little slow £ Srotidale; James SSS3.-S skin." Speaking of tbe number of American soldiers in France he might not have as many said there France and England would like to seei c ° lor6d P^or but that we had a whole lot more thaa|TM or *Germany wanted us to have. He added that one thing we have done with, our array is to turn the tide of the spring drive. Referring to atrocities of tlie Ger- ^ontlnued on Page four. |D. 1. Immediately preceding the departure of the diaftecs for the station, religious services were conducted, by tbe of the city in the ar- were offered Cor vie- I tory and the safety of the soldiers, and patriotic hymns were sung. ry Sen-ices. ..Services preparatory to communion j Fair tonight south portion; and cooler Sunday fair, the the will he held next Friday evening at 1 noon weather forecast., Cor Western other implements earned by an an- j to:st are being made by tlie o w - n c i a ) oi cars. One man, this morning said! that he had a flashlight and an air guage taken last night while attending the Chautauqua. Other cai own- I ceiye( j ' a dmr.ers and the delicacies ot tha season. Incarcerated in the county | since Starch 2G, Mrs. Irwm was given | about 5150. receiving J1.50 for each ! (lay conrmed as an absconding wit- 1 ness. ^Vhen he came to Uie county jaH i to take Sarah away, Irwin wore a ^ neat blue business suit, (an shoes and 1 a greenish colored soft hat He cir- ried a black traveling bag for "Sarah's las. Miss Burns enhsled c ie\eral , flings." He paced up and down the' ago for stenograpn.c v. ork corridor of the prison while awaiting ahrcac. and yesterday morning she re- i the arrival ol Warden Hugh Gorlsy GOINGTOJTALY A ami Hums, Local S'ottoprs- phrr, Ordered to Be Beady. Miss Anna Burus is the first local girl wuo w i l l he appointed to duties ers also had loose articles, carried in the flaps of their machines, taken. On the opening night of the Chautauqua. according to reports, every car standing the bi^ Lents must have been gone through. The boys who perpetrate the robberies have no use for screwdrivers or an gauges, but take them because (hey are obtainable. Reformed Children's Day. The annual Children's day service in Trinity Reformed church will be letter f i o m the Red Cross , r -ho "scortcd him into the presence of j h e a d q u a r t e i s telling hcr that she had his wife, where caresses were treely | been apsigced stenographic work in , exchanged. the Krst Presbyterian clmrcn. Pennsylvania. rendered o'clock. tomorrow evening at 8 Italy and ,1 would only be a auest on of a few tlays until she received or- fters to leave. M.'ss Dumb has tendered hei resignation as stenographer for the Wi-lls- Mills Motor Car company. Sne at one time held a similar position \\ ith the S. J. Harry company. Mrs. Jrvnn was dressed almost en- nri'ly in black, wearing a black sailor lial and a dark coat. Mrs. Irwin left the jail at 7 o'clock la^t evening, and a short time later bhe and her husband boarded a car for Connellsville. Fcniisviile Soldier IlKi-linrwd. ' Patrick Houston of Pennsville, has been discharged from the military l ISammas Come Hifrh. Bananas are selling in ConitellsvIIIe as high as 50 cents a dozen, aa m- ,seo:vice because of physical disability, j crease ol about 150 per cent.

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