The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 21, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1918
Page 8
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. J AGE EIGHT. fBE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 191S. FURNACES RECEIVING ENOUGH COKE FOR REGULAR OPERATION ·No Crying Demand Eyen If Production Is Not Entirely Sufficient. LITHE COKE ON MARKET Awl That Only Foundry llTikh Finds ' Xorir S»le; Little Contracting 'is ' Being Done; No Present Likelihood ' _, of Changes in Prices After June 30. t - Special to The Weekly Courier ·'"· PITTSBURG, June 19. -- There is £[ general coalmen; in the coke trade '·'over the steadiness of production, ·, there beiog scarcely any var.ation K| Jrom day to day. Broadly spe.iking, i the production is not regarded as being altogether sufficient, and yet there is no crying demand from blast furnaces for coke. Apparently all the stacks in-b!ast are receiving sufficient $i 1'or. regular operation, but the major^ ity would: like to accumulate a little · surplus not only as a general prop- i osition, "but particularly at this time ' 10 carry them over the slackening in *' shipments that is expected at Inde'. pendence Day, aa usual. ', Coke operators are talking a great ' deal about labor conditions, and ex- f.-pxcss the opinion that Washington 1 hhould: devise means, drastic it neces- iary, to increase the performance ol 4aho^'. All observers agree that the Ab^et mt'.hod of approach would be tc fSlimicate or reduce the "booze" cou- -t.uo.ied, while otliei things could probably be done in addition. "- tuvnaco operations are about -tke- same as formerly, with a few -more furnaces blowing than a laonth Kgo. The Carnegie Steel company is '"·still operating 55 furnaces out e* 59. /The Clarrtou stack that has been expected to go into blast is not in yet. f" This amount of coke that Dnds its '"·way into the market is Mill verj lim- ~itea,~and nearly all that docs appeal -Is .foundry coke. This finds a ready -sale as many foundries are without -.contracts. There vill be more of this --class in a fortnight, as there is very little contracting being done, against the- co'ntracts that expire at the end -ot-tbis month. With the expiration ol -tese contracts a larger tonnage of 'foundry coke will naturally coma into '·the market. - Tie War. Industries Board will meet representatives of the iron and steel .·producers next -Friday, to discuss 'prices in connection with the fixing of "prices for the period after June 30, to -which the present prices extend. ""jSerc'is no likelihood that then' will 'lie any direct reference to coke, inasmuch as the Fuel Administration took over the control of coke prices, last fall. It is regarded as probabU that prices will not be changed in the next few months. The market re nains ^notable at the maximum limi's, as follo'vs: COKE TilAIK 3UMMAAY. The coke reprion Is moving along: at an even rate of production which i? about 7C 5 per cent of maximum capacity when operating on- a. iull time bcheaule. Such changes as occur being In the direction of improvement, no little encouragement ij? denve-l from that fact, although it is beginni: s to be rcalizcii that expectations or needs will not Iike- )j soon be met. Car troubles have been largely forgotten, the plant managers have comparative leisure in which to Study the labor situation . They don't need to msuke an investigation of thp causes underlying the disposition of thtj men to make only part time, 1 ke government investigators did recently, but they are concerned as to moans or measures to remote at least ^ome of the causes. ]n this connection mass meetings of the workers, addressed by speakers who have had close, actual contact with some phast of tl-c war or war work, -will prove helpful in bestirring the men to a real'Zition of the'r obligations. Knowing ful] well the cost of t h p complete loss of a day's operation, and what such a loss will mean at this time, there is- a growing sentiment In the replon to make a run on July Pourth ,nueacl of remaining idle as has been generally the custom in previous years Preparations would be made some days in advance so as 1 - to make a "shor* day," drawing and .charging the oveni at hours very much in advance of the usu-.l schedule and leaving the larger part of the day for recreation The nerves of the body are not nnlike the telegraph system at the Front. The_ miKiors of nerve filaments are like -a network of wires that keep all the trenches in close sympathy ant] communion. Food supplies and reinforcements are dispatched here and there and so the nerves send increased blood and nourishment rrhere it is most required. The nerve celis guide the heart and stomach. By this means the stream of blood laden with nourishment is sent to /every part of , the body. So it is that the blood feeds the , nerves. If blood is impoverished, we feel nervous--sleepless--"fidgety." The blood needs to be built up. If \va lack iron in, our blood, we aie pale, aaernic, with no vim. We are nervous or tired. The thing to do is to obtain fron your druggist the ney iron tonic, called "Irontic." This is the discovery of Dr. Pierce, of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Insttute in Buffalo, N. Y. Try it no\v! Don't wait! Today is the day to begin. Put yourself in normal physical condition. If you like you can send lOc. to Dr. Pierce and gat a. trinj package. This "Irontic" is .1 roluble form of iron combined v/itli valuable herbal extracts rolled into a tablet that will give vou " pep," i teen to reduce greatly the force nec- i essary to produce the best results in | mining coal. "The Department of Mines has endeavored in every way to facilitate the output of coal, and has frequently urged the operators and miners to ao their utmost, but if the -workers arc to be taken a-way from the mines, it will be a physical impossibility to increase the tonnage or e^en maintain the present output." Just Over the Bridge Connellsrille OVest Sine) '_ ye? Banting Bargains i You will find them in oar ad. columns. Carrol! Battery Co. A Factory Trained Battery Man. Foundry. 72-hour selected Crusticcl. over 1-inch ..... S. 3 r Production ot coal in the Fituburg ·Sfltftrict is shsntljr increased but is stlE well below capacity. Most of the cm^aiUueni in output 15 attributed to thoftage "of cars, .though it is quite ;bs9ib!V that with a good suprlj o£ ravs, as bas lately obtained 1.. the coks :rade, a labor shortage world be iraco-vcrcd. -MarLet prices are w e l l Maintained at t!ic set limits, but occa- rionaJly there are sales to regular cus- ioioci-s at slight reductions Iron the limits^ -paruculailr in the ca e of screened coal. TraBE3ct!on3 ;n pig iron are B -rov.- iag lacic nucicroub. bu*. nearly all oi them grov. out of "allocations" from ^ashtnKtoa.'tnc \Var Industries Hoard Describing that a s^vcn lu-nac-'" 1 tfiall I'ur.---;; £ g.von con:u:.'cr :. cer- tain.Sioun f . ol iroJ- This raaies v.ha" is -iechni(.3'- 1 .y ."- sale although tb: usual ele J .:entr. o£ bai ler are ia; king. Tne mir^ct com .'ucs, quotable :.t the i set limit--, as tollai.'s: A Real Indian Princess (Briylit Star) Songs and Legend3 Presented in Costume AT THE THIRD NIGHT . WITH ANTONJO SALA (CtUUI lo Court at Spain) , And Company Admission 50 cents Season Tickets $2.00 (Uncle Sam's 30% la Extr») 2 iHiHiiiiiiiiiiimiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniimiiiiiiiiimiiiimiuniiiii ra - .. Mo_.- foundry Thc^c prices are C. c. b. f'li'aces, , tvcni t n ^ Valie/i to pitt.-,burs . 10. Tbl^ -rait 1 vail ad -ance ; Princess Watahwaso, Connellsvilie Chautauqua, Saturday Night. ^jy.^^-^f^^^ AMOUNT THEATRE ' CHEF BUTTON ^WnHDRAWALOFffliNE " WOMEMS MOM DRAFT !Oi2t i{ V oiici^ Arc Taken JLway sc Jncrcat'0 in Tounai'e ' - MB! Be an. Injpossibiliij, ·Fearing, in common vrith otner inm- ig men, that the drafting of more ·line tvorkers will seriously curtail iei'pi'odurtlon of coal, botn antfara- Ifo aatl bituminous, at a time when ac._nccds arc alreudy greater than a-supply, Seward E. Button, state aid of mines, iccentiy addressed a itter to the stato draft headquaiters, sking whether some arrangement ould not be made wnereby more mines- might be retained at their vork. he Department of Mines later ifsurd 1» -following statement on the subset: "Chief Button is very 'much confined orver the acute condition that ci*t at present in the great mining scons' of the commonwealth, owing ^ tb« imperative demand of the fed- Mi lOTemment for a maximum pro- ictlon of coal in the face of a con- juttlT decreasing force of mine orkera, whoso ranks are being sar ; - »ly depleted by tie drafting of mon (o thi anajr. Undoubtedly the pres- rt- demands upon the operators are w.mott *xactlB6 over known, but it the tmirersal desire to give the gov- nmu* the greatest aid and support. ·The dwire of tU 0 opor»tor», how- »r, 1* made imposstblo for fulfill- o»t There bno been a constant *9 upon certain cla»»e» of em- afw, p«rtlcal«riy drirere, rnimen ·4 ·Ivctrteluu, aw] tb* result ha; $15 to $45 for Young Men's Suits VOTING MEN -who * aspire to the best product of the Clothier's Art; young men who want more than just outside show; young men who value hardy, rugged, staunch tailoring as well as fashion and tastefulness and elegance will like these suits immensely. They're here in the most-wanted' fabrics and all new shades, both light and dark. Sizes to fit all. The New Crop of Straw Hats I S RIPE and ready for the harvest. More models than ever before-and made from all the favorite braids. Come see them. Sailors, $2J)fl (o Slfl.OO Jlilnos, $1.50 to SliUJO l.eplinms. f I.."iO to $1,1.1):) J'unamns. $UO to $10.00 Wright- MeUler Furnishings --TODAY AX!) TO.WORU01V-- FOX PRESENTS THE UNIVERSAL AND FAMOUS AC PRCSS, THEDA DARA. IN HER BEST AND MOST INTERESTING PICTURE. "THE ROSE OF BLOOD" THIS PICTURE IS BETTER THAN "A FOOL THERE WAS." ALSO A GOOD COMEDY AND PATHE WEEKLY. TODAY AND TOMORROW bEC THE LAST DRA1TEES LEAVING FOR CAMP LEE. is Y/m. S. Hart in 'THE LION OP THE HILLS." lladge Kennedy in "THE DANGER GAME." --TOIAY AXD rOMOKROIV-- Thos H. Ince Presents CHAHLES RAY in -HIS JIOTITEB'S BOY" ?so Good Parumount-ilack Sennect Comedy. i! -- SOXBAT A3D TTJESBAT-- Tltotnas K. Ine« Presents' "WTT.TiT.4N' S. HART ! n Kctnre. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Separate Skirts and Blouses If any grovp ol wcli-dressea -women were ashed individually what Summer costume they con- sidered'most attractive, comfortable, and most economical, without dcubt a majority of them -would lacsTver,--"a dainty Wash Skirt and Blouse." We thought we were right m busing so many, and sales are proung It. But no wonder--for even pre-war styles had no beauty compared with, these. AVE BEEN endorsed by the most particular men in this community. Style and good looks at a fair low price tb.e keynote. Madras Shirts, fl to PS.50 Silk Shirts, S2..W to $10 Half Hose, 25c to SU(I Shoes, ami Oxfords J l »o S10 Scan's 2re to S*-^rt Tnneling Jlafrs 53 lo ?II5 OfNr* 1O5 K Ornp* Aflirr, Upp»- ·Jte P. H. H. DO;M. Butb Homer's GtoiMag ; o OOOGO Silk and Lingerie Blouses at $1 to $25 The "Wirtnmor" and "Wolworth" Blouses at $1 and $2 meet all requirements of an inexpensive, general utility blouse. Always new, and to be bad at this store only. At $2.50 to ?19.75 are splendid styles in organdy, dimity, washable silks, voiles and other light materials. At $3.95 to 525 are models ra elegant crepe de chine and georgette--all colors, all sizes. TUB SKIRTS in Dozens of New Styles at $2.50 and $12.50 It is difficult indeed to describe the touches that make these Wash Skirts BO smart and attractive. To see them is to ki ov.- them best,--and to admire them too. Piques, Cords, Repps, Toplms, Gabardines, Stnpe.3, Linen's. Linenes and checks--almost every skirt with some distinguishing feature all its own. The Pre-Sbrunk Skirls are $3 75 to 512 50. Other Skirts, including all sizes, as low as $2.50. Wornen Love Silk Gloves. Fine Qualities Here at 65c, 75c and $1.25 a Pair For hot-weather wear--they are cool and washable. The fie Silk Gloves are in white with self aod black stitched backs. At 75c--Kayser's Silk Gloves with guaranteed linger tips Choice of white, black and gray Kayser-make Milanese Silk Gloves, in white .black, pongee and gray, wth embroidered backs, are ?1.25 to $1.75 a pair. Voiles That Have Became Strikingly Different ''Novelty Voiles," women mostly call them, and because they are so fine of weave and so new and lonely m their designs, they are used for some of the handsomest of Suminer frocks. A number ha\ e a silk stripe or silk plaid m addition to the pattern \\bich may be a dashing sort of design or large polka dot. Also small all-o\er eiTccts, conventional figures and flowers. 36 to -JO inches w ide, and 50c, 75c and $1.00 a yard. Warm Weather Comfort and Style Depends Chiefly Upon the Corset. Are you giving the same intelligent consideration to our corset that you do to your dress? 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