The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 21, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1918
Page 7
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,./, JTCNE 21, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLVILU5, PA. PAGE FOUR BIG RAILROAD BROTHERHOODS WILL STAND NO SLACKING aaj of these men are mcnibei s the Brotherhood o£ Railroad Trainmen, the entire historj oC the case 1 will bo presnted to President Lee for * | such action as he deems jiecessar i m the matter I 1 Li Gore general chairman (BroTjierhbod of Locomome Firemen - -- land Ljigjneinen, sajs On Part of Members Engasted. As Bombers of ai honorable or tjon we are all dut bound to in Service of Transportation. SEND NOTES OF WARNING To Membership CiJHnjr Attention to Their Duties and Obligations oir That Thej Vrc \U t*o eminent 1 ra- ployc:; Muckers An Condemned. . Tha. the leader-* of the four rail- do a 1 m our po\se r to assist officiils i of the companv m the prompt effl- , cient and safe movement of engines | and trains and to soe that all fiienaen and hostlers propcrH promptly and I efficiency do their dut sshile in the ! service of the company The long list m Mr 0 Donne! s letters among whom there are mar hremen shows a seriously demoralizing tendency tow ards meffi ' ciencv among manv engine and t r am I service errplo^ es If J»is is pot ! promptlv and effect \e\y checked it must inevitably injure the good re- road brotherhoods stand as a ami m goo a name of the flymen and hostlers refusing to countenance delinquency a s efficient working men and loyal indifte"ence car e^sness or slack- I an( j patriotic ci'irenb ing on the pan cf employes engaged j Failure to piomptb respond for in Jie \ital service of transportation is en clearly shown b circular letters jus seat out b the general chairmen of these organizations to all ioca.1 chairmen and members oa the rcrns\hania ran oad lines eis Copies of the£* letters ha /t been forwarded to \s c istani General Van- ager R L. ODonueJ with permission to man.e them pul he The\ are signed M TUHiam Park general chairman. Brotherhood or Lcconiouve Lngmoers S C Cow en gen v al chairman Order of EaiH\a Condictors, C L Mu=ser j general chairman. Brotherhood of Railroad Tram-nun, and H t. core j general chairman Brotherhood of I o- comottve JFiremer and Engineuien The four gen ral cnai-men after receiMn^ Mi O D o n n e i s comtuunici- t ons addressed L.Q him a joint letter samg in part We assure o i of our hea~t roop- eration and M O tiust that steps mil be taken to correct the iuatte-s brought to jour attention as \\e fully appreci- \vhen called nod q tilting ser\ice of the companv \\Hhoiii, and timely notici are among worst forms of industrial and ha-\ e a se-r-ousl} domoralizir j effect on the cfciency of railroad serv ce in tbe movement of all trams now so T, itallr necessan Industrial slaking in iny forms is as great i menace to th*. German be of on" count TV propaganda can LIFE HELD NO JOY FOR HER Latiirrhal rtus trills Fust n. Tanlac Oct Life Line. Miss Berth?. Kohier o f Al ! "n own ~~ys I had chroiic catarrh ot the ate that no* M are all gove-nment, Ueafl ^^ and stonja(:ll canrrhal . employes, it is neces.a^ that h"e be cobperauon not onh ca the part £ ertajnU n rM(i mc ^ a m SL . ab e wretch without t single jov m life of the employes but also on the pa: ot the officialb o the compa iv so that we rnaj all «ork as a unL ioi the government for TVI bout coopera ion we feel that all effo'-ts mil fail along the lines of unification ot forces for the successful hand ing of traffic on our i ail roads In his circular letter to the members of the Brc therhood of Locomotive Engineers \\illiam Park general chairman said "The man wbo is fanins to report on time or is refus ng to rt-poiH when cal ed is no v helping Uie situation by such act on on he oHie-- iiand he is helpjpg t » discredit our organization or our profession as patriotic member when a this critical period there is »ach an extreme shortage o f , Dm o;en ]fi ]ha n] men m railroa senke to m»o the ( ^ u great volume 01 freigh neccs«arj o has ^^ , ^ ^ keep supplies moving proraptiv to our a-mies the gas or Deleting from Uio "It the bovs in tie t-enches failed Q | to report pron pth or failed f o re spend wnen ordered to do so as some of our railroad men are doing serious things would csali "ve t bv general order the Pres dent has pliced us all on the same atcgo-y Mth the so!-1 diers ^e are jost as much a pa-t of j this great \,ir machine ou- duties are just as great our resnonsiblhij is even greater 'or i' \ve fail 01 it we ail ihoujd do aa a lew are doing (fail Ink to re-pon( when caUed) the le- scilt would be ippalling S C Cowen general chairman Or der of Railw. , Condacto-s =aicJ m his letter V«e should get av nv from tie Idea that our respon«ihiln ceases when we have comilcted oui dailv assig-- ment The conductor is a part of the I was always hawkmg and spittii g up tne phlegm Jiat foimtcl head and throat my appetite was leaving me and when f did ca anv thing the dib^rts^ was almost mou than I couid be r I would get seve~e pams in im stomach and wo 'd belch up great quantities of ga = and bile Oh I ua-, In misery ah ddv and all mgM I tried this and I trii-d that and I visited I don t know l o w manv c'oc tors but 1 s mp'v couldn t D ct r(-ln,E I got Tanlar The r t ill? were wonderful 1 I bejnn to feel right awav and to look at me now j o u d know I nad been to head and throat art clear of m what I please and I don t h n v e anj mo e of av, ful Tanlac ConrUls lie j Tanlac can bar *.£ D C Ad\. · sold here 3 Co j be bccun 1 in Dun ^sona Dru_ btorc national railroad service and as an integral unit of this great Republic be SltlitJlfield. SVITHTLDLD JuaC 20 --Porte Goodwin and Ph.lip BKler of Wood s de w e~e boiough business vunorb S Tucsdav Mrs Hanrah Abraham and Mrs, H 0"Neil attendiJ a bi-thdav part at the borne of -Mr and Mr O r i Conn at laircannct Mondav night The cnor guest was the o clest son o* M 1 - and Mra Conn Haloid and t grandson of Mrs Abraham It the 16t l i anniveria- of his b n t h voung man the reclp'ent of pia.m ing la Conn s Wrthd^} has a dutv to perforir toktns o! relr , PinbraT , ce A spirit o£ cooperation should take The M]m mo , named , s s . hold of everr brancli of service to ° the end that we maj =erve our country faithfullv and efficient]} This Is I j ; Trankenberrj- Alfred Heas : I wlnt, ed Ha-old sarj Mr and Mrs \\illiam Conn ^ . . "T I Edna Wholerv Eta Caugbcrtj \ n g i l your task--i is mv task ^- spint I of mutual helpfulness should pervade i _^ ^ _ -an of ou, _I v_es_mjhis^t,me Clarenec CoM t r r t t Mow , Sa)Iace Moser Benja nm last A.rihui H land Ralph Wilson "Uaijorv f*at(.et- son Eleanc r Patterson Eleanor Baker Helen Johnson riorenci. past We want oil June Bridegrooms to see our moneysaving prices and to consider our easy payment plan. The immediate ownership of a beautiful home is with- in-tlie-reach-of-all because Iwe are ready to arrange very easy terms of payment to suit your convenience. fifi'^JP.rt^n.HS'i Come in and see how easy it is to start housekeeping in your own home, surrounded by the kind of furniture that you'll always be proud of and that will appeal to your artistic temperament--ycur lo^e of home and your sense of economy, with irresistible force. The fact is today more firmly established than ever-33 The Columbia Grafonola Vnollior o; TJx HancKomc at O n l j The s f u l j p s t o f d of them ill This pni u l n r m xlel 2 sclecunrs to" on Pi nils .1 id Itil n ·.[ t liariri O l l i i r ( l u m h us V sKDI) Comp in ird c t ir al the litest Columbia itccords icrv coi i r o] i ilp a^d r\cect 7 ! le^ a i e i 1 o\or t =tn tl m i nx-ond in n b ~ o \ \ n irn 11 ion IT- t h a j c i n s r Bin \CTft Our Price For Satur " \ o u l l not bo il)lc o b ly thecn mn-s v lied Davenports it _ tt us pu one in \ o u r hoim NOM \ o u med on \ M I I K ! ) ^ou il ^ c ^ i c c l y In the cost 1 f ? ^ i \\ 0 \P1K I I S 1\ DM -\ "\IAG N IPi- -- \ 3 l l l ^ l / j DOl Special! For Your Porch '! Ins I opula 1 SJK Ittfrisrcrator Cnlj Vncl It s a Gilisou iii cinsf-icte3 brst K" ivv of I c \\ on- L-noni il t.nn^ imr 1 - v c \ it \? ice cnld d v nil 1 \ Loi so ic not l cro- nin and tin n pioiort n n " t c l v low Dll IS VS GOOD AS t o n t i n i nus p si u di imet i u c spona][\ n o d oik and \on "utcd \ \ i t h large ot demoeracv s great struggle for the world's freedom from autocracy By the trms o f agreement between the minagennrrt and our or- ganisation, we are bound to respect the working conditions and lates of pay m effect There Is much we can do to assist the government to uncover not oalv the men engaged in engine and train service who are wil- fullv slacking their work b«t em- ploves in even branch ot servncei It is a national service and as we fail to measure up to our patriotic dutv just so much w e weaken ou- aTnr and navy' C E Mu ser general chairman. Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen savs land £.dith Miller L.ISZIC Moscr Lu u Hvlard E l a n i h e Miller riorenei Mil ler JTrieda Conn Vr an} Mrs \\il ham Moser Mrs Omer 'v lion Mrs Hannah Vbrnham Mrs H 0 Nc 1 Prancis McNutt, Joseph ilcNutt Eugene Reed Ray Divilbiss Leroy Conn Hobart Mille- Alrs Abraham ONeil spent tlie night with Mr and Mrs Conr and called on o hei relatives in Fair- cliance the next day "Mrs Claude "Miller of Akron O is The Last Opportunity For You to Get One of These Handsome Buffets at Only ' We teach a man at the t me of h.s ' y s " ms admittance into the brotherhood his obligation to God to himself his em- plover and his fellow member and I helieve th 3 is the time -when our obligation Is being put to the crucial test J SuttoQ ' , other relatives in the borough Mrs L S Brooks and son BIlj of I Cast End, Pit^sburg are visiting with friend* m this, their former home C Black J G Jones and H 'The" organization has entered into OISei1 made a l" c£ Jusraeas visit to in agreement containing rates of pay , Faircbacce Tuesday and conditions of employment "Wei TM c stucfc G ·*· F e«Jei t J C are bomd as an orgimzation to fulfill I B l a c k CUiraice Black Prank Simoa, our part of that compact I believe E " w M n / ai » al '4 Herman CoI'ms attended cour,. at Untontown today Mr and Mrs Ed Poltz \oung of Point Mar on motonn'g to Unjontov\Ti Tl Kirs, ·,2.00 CASH, '1.00 A W LI K. The are qinr or sawed iK n benu i f u l golden oak finish Colonial design Don t ] so this opporlun ty Complete silk sj adt srieatest value m Councils Mile v\il fie Ian p TMs Favorite Style, Extension Dining Table EVSI TEK5TS, $1.00 CASH, $1.00 A WEEK. I t s n. large massive table vMth heavy pedestal and pi-inform base Solid built and highly finished In nch golden oak. 1SSE5 you will 1 - with rop that when members of this brotherhood fail to perform *ervfce for which our com- mittce has -.tlpulated rates and con- "ached Sm tofield just as the fleice ciltlons we hive to a degree prejudiced elect-.c and thunderstorm st-uck this our good fal'h li performing our part j section ilondaj evening T ey of the mutual obligation ' I ask each local chairman to carefully check the list of names and ascertain if anv of these men are under the Jurisdiction ot his lodge If KKMASS, FOB COeSHS AID CUDS y Czilchuri CompouaJ. that FOkfc- jruai-ds 3 t gadiat chronic h}»TM knd tbroa* troubles. A tojvlc-reetoratrvo fxepaxni* without harmful or habit tointate druss,. Try Cbt-m bxtoy 60 cents box, including war tax Far *»lo br stopped with friends here until tue storm abated. W "Vv Parshall of TJnioiitowr was a business visitor "VVednesdav A J Sutton ~vas a business v s tor at Union f own Tuesda Charles Moser and William Koontz v-ero Fa rchance Tuosdaj business \isitors H* Certainly Could "Can you ^tipport my daughter In the stile shes been accustomed to?* H«!ked the father of the yonn^ man "TVelU I can tnLe tier to the movies, t if that's what you mean." VTheii Yon TYaaE Anything Ad\ ertise Iu our Classified Colnmn. PRODUCTION OF STEL | INGOTS DECREASED IN \ MAY; GAINING 1 JUNE dilions as to jabor abk ir pro\omont dubtry hab hopes w o i k c d out Jn ^a^l idm t o£ coat-ider-1 and the jjteel m I that plans being 'n for t! e best distrlbu ion of labor \vill be fruitful As to operations m he CXMO region Ihcro arc strong pleas being r ado Distribution I'laa of jiie \ur Indus-1 that ways fahould be found to induce WHO ADVERTISE IF THIS PAPEH tries Board is llnilaiig Out Tcry Sntisfactonl) to tht 'i radc. Soeclj.1 to The uour tr YORK, June 1 19--The Ameri- f u l l laboi po fomoancc parucuUilv h^ foiccd reduction o£ hquoi con sumption I h e distribution o£ pig iron, and can Metal Market and Dai'y Iron i steel pioducts under the ncvi sjsterc Steol Report wi I review the steel and ( pi escribed by the Vvat Industrie^ i-on nade tomorrow as follows [Board in ts resolution of Jane G is PioducUon of steel ingots in May TTO king out veiy we'l Ihe producers ·vvas a the rate of abou- 42 300 000 gross tons a jear or oight-tertiis of cent less than the rate m The present month s showing one April v e t e n la,rL,c measure Laii il ai \.uh the regti ations Ueforp tlicv \\ere loi- rrallj pioiiulgaied anc n most inspects hid been disti(billing terest n Connellsul c Scottdaie ^^oun^, Plea ant Dan sea VandorbiJ an improvement at. most points in Uio : pioducts quite m accordance \vit i the ' and Dunbai Beg numg Moi d vf ' in pig iron and SL^C! conswrpt on tua j | _. ,, «.re dumed oi icia rocognUion do not PATRONIZE HOME MEECHANTS amou it to tny verv large tonnage these jiueb of consumption having laigtU tflaced thcmscUes of late One n after o r importance await- in^ tomplett. aOjustai-ont is the matter ^ of d btributioo. jy jobbers, Uie jobbeis not having received as muc raatp-iai as Uit natui e of their distribution v^ould entitle tLem undei hp pre- scrioed schedule of piefe-enct. purposes and thjs raaUtr is neaung a solution oticc. To Mercha ts Manufactui f t is Gar ages and a.n one t m- case OL some mills a. very decided m provement Pig Irou production has increased sllghtlj Generally speak IDS Iron and steel operations may be regarded as a\ erasing a trifle above 90 per cer o£ raued cap-*cit\ a verr sati';fac 4 'or3 p'rform^nce considsring difficulties in the situation Con preference Us o£ nwre es^e-dal pur June 2 Veils Mills Motor Cai Com- I poses There 5 geneia.1 testunouy 111 pan\ will TO Ke di h round tiips i o 1 Uie Industrj a.s to the smoot^neas ^ PitUburg for parcel^, anc. L\press up j 7-ito. wtucli the governments coatrol, to 2~Q pounds Ji in one shipment I ot material is working Theio a r e ' Phone us torn mstruciionb "\\ el s still some Irose ends but thev are be f Mills "Uoioi Cai COIUD in* Connells iig iwpm j taken up | MUe, Pa 1X11 Phone 1022 In-State It is developing that the purposes 502--Ad\-21 2t The delights ot your vacation bciin the moraeru you bocrd n D C Coiir JLiac Steamer (or beauuful Mackinoc ls\3ud-for half o r the dcli£btsare n the Lake voyage Rail ocd tickcu are honored on all D C Line ·learner* with The D C Irsi^niD infiurcm the best m =i.pointmeri» c it ne run pamstitlanf ten cc. Safcry and hca) h provu one are tit that could be de£ re* All Bteamen nrc equipped uiJi latest v,irelcs.e lervjcc AH water is fiienhwid by u, ra violet ray proccci Two splendid ve«cli-C tj. o! Madtin-c II and C ty of Alpcna II--operate four noes a week to Mmckinic H a n d From Toledo Uoodairs 3» d S-turdas t S "0 A M Tucsdai s and Thursdays 6-00 P M From Detroit Mondays nrd Saturday » 5-00 P M , \Vcdncs da t aad Fndaj s 8 30 A M Seng 3 cert itamo for illustrated DamphietEnd Great Lakea awn Address JL C LL\Mb G P A , » Third Avenue, Detroit Mich TO MACKINAC ISLAND From Buffalo $1100 Round tap 19 00 Frorn Cic^iind $900 Roocd trip 14 00

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