Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 30, 1974 · Page 5
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 5

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 30, 1974
Page 5
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Sfca^jou* toc*ia* sfce f isfcmes sm'ie* prejet* i» THROWING BACK (C) Tk* fmikimgUtM WASHINGTON - At a time some American poor are eating do* food to get protein, U. S. fishermen are throwing back billions of pounds of protein-rich fish to die. Neither government officials nor the fishermen are happy about it. But they say they have not yet found a way to use the fish. Director Robert W. Schoning of the government's Na- .tional Marine Fisheries Service said his agency -- part of the Commerce Department -is studying the problem but is still two years away from a decision. American Poor Eat Dog Food for Protein As Billions of Fish Returned to Sea Die to fc*4 ases far 4earied fish, "llftre is quite a variety «f fiaV. .Kfifurtiif t» In the meantime, American fishermen, for want of a market, throw hack up to 70 per cent of the fish trapped in the nets they throw to catch such gourmet species as flounder and shrimp. MOST OF THE fish thrown back after being netted off the bottom die because they cannot survive the pressures imposed by being suddenly dragged up from the depths. "It's not right that we turn this area into a burial ground for fish we don't keep." said John C. Botelho. a New Bedford. Mass.. skipper who has beea running trawlers (also called draggers) on Georges Bank in the northwest Atlantic for 31 years. He aaaej tkat the Soviet aa4 JapiatK aMta*i of scoopiag ap aad heftiaf everytaiag for ·coeetsiag oa their lisa factory duos is aot rifkt from a coaservatMB staadpoiat, either. He aid other fisaermea wait foretga fisaiag fleets to use aets with mUimtun size mesh i* that small fish could escape. As Botelho and other skippers explained it. trawler fishermen go out for only certain kinds of fish -- ones they can sell at auction at the dock aft- er the lmay trip out in the Atlantic. The skippers tow their nets where they believe the desired fish, such as yellcwtail flounder, are congregated. But it often takes days of towing in various places before the skippers find a place in the ocean "clean" of undesired fish they cannot sell. This method of trial and error -- multiplied by the hundreds of American fishing boats trawling through waters off the U. S. Coast -- means that billions of pounds of fish are dumped back into the ocean. In the Gulf of Mexico, the National Marine Fisheries Service estimates that 15 pounds of unwanted fish are caught with every pound of shrimp. Most of the fish thrown back are the croaker -- prized in some areas as a table fish. While precise figures do not exist, the fisheries service estimates that 1.5 billion pounds of fish are discarded in gulf shrimping operations every year. The total discard figure for the nation is much higher than that, of course, because of the heavy trawling operations off the East and West coasts. is 4ev«i»auf a awfcet for team. The market outlook is "extremely clouded," he said in a telephone interview. Two possibilities for the discards are minced fish and fish protein concentrate ---or fish flour. Both have their drawbacks. Technology is in hand to make minced fish. jKt tegtttar ia wfcat iseatteo' fcfc Woefcs. StttiUBtY. T*£*E is BO mystery to maktag fish flour. Same eooipanies have already made it with the idea of sell- mg it as a source of protein -like powdered milk. But can minced fish be made into tasty, nutritious products that people will buy? Is there a world market for fish flour to justify the government's going into that program again? «*««* reach ia ttli, ** Cmmett* tore afeaejr «oaM them *attfc- Mffc a anf raw lo bay fink «MT throw* hack ia Ike oeeaa. However, huager ia this country -- dramatized by findings that poor people are eating dog food to get protein -- asd U. N. predictions about food shortages around the world most likely will prompt Congress to demand immediate action from the executive rather than wait another two years. Birth Control Plan Not Liked LEEDS, England (AP)-Pamela Buckley told authorities her husband Lyn was in the habit of chaining her in a chastity belt every so often. The last time it happened, she called police, who say they caught her husband in the act. assault charges July 25 and released on bail. "I have to bring my wife in line every now and then." he told Leeds Magistrate Court Thursday. "When she's been ·»^« v **^.A ·auw vMAn^i a n u a v u \ . l . " - " « · » * * * * « · · If lit** O l l C o UC Buckley was ordered to stand trial on chained up, she's a different woman." STREET FLOOR NOTIONS 24 Boxed padded hangers, satin or velveteen, orig. 5.50-6.00 NOW 3.99 12 Metal underbed chests, orig. 7.99 NOW 199 Group of window shelf boxes, orig. 12.00 NOW 5.99 12 Wicker sewing boxes, orig. 5.00-25.00 NOW 20% OFF 10 Lap trays, orig. 3.00 NOW .99 STATIONERY It) Crystal bird paperweights, orig. 2.00 SOW .99 10 Large clocks, orig. 24.00 NOW 14.99 10 Round crystal paperweights, orig. 7.98 NOW 4.98 COSTUME JEWaRY Summer white clip-on earrings in button or drop styles, orig. 1.00-5.00 NOW'/j MICE Group of better jeweli/, necklaces, pins and earrings, orig. 3.00-30.00 NOW Vi PRICE FASHION ACCESSOMES Assortment of scarves in prints and solids, oblongs and squares, orig. 3.00-12.00 NOW .75 to 3.00 Ladies' nylon jackets in assorted colors, orig. 14.00-18.00 NOW «/j PRICE Assortment of belts in lots of styles, and colors, orig. 3.00-12.00 NOW/2 PRICE SPORTSWEAR Group of coordinate sportswear, orig. 9.00-15.00 NOW 4.50 to 7.50 LACY CARDIGAN SWEATERS ORIG. 9.00 6.99 MONDAY, TUESDAY A WEDNESDAY ONLY! Group of blouses, orig. 12.00-13.00 NOW 3.99 to 8.99 LINGERIE Group of sample line lingerie, small sizes only, orig. 2.00-20.00 Group of blend summer sleep wear, orig. 6.00-7.00 NOW 4.29 and 4.99 HOSIERY 50 Pairs assorted knitted foot socks in assorted pastel colors, orig. 2.25 NOW .99 Group of pohty hose 'in opaques and sheers, brig. 2.00 / .,/' ' · ' · ' , ' . 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NOW 4.99 to 8.99 PIN MONEY DRESSES 25 Arnel Jersey short sleeve shirt-dresses in .. .^ , ; assorted patterns, sizes 8-18, orig. 17.99. NOW 12.99 ; DAYTIME DRESSES .. . -"" ? "A group of dresses -and ensembles; x ^^^^^ orig. 24.00-25.00 ·'; NOW 8.99 LINGERIE/ROBES 60 Gowns, slips and pajamas, orig. 8.00-12.00 NOW 3.99 65 Slips, half slips and,junior bras MOW .Wench 26 Kodel/cotton shifts, orig: 10.00 ' · NOW 4.99 FOUNDATIONS One piece foundations in pull-on or zipper styles, regular and panty, not every size in every style, orig. 17.00-25.00 J , NOW 10.99 Lightweight panty briefs that are excellent · under swim suits and shorts, . . . · · ' ; S-M-L, orig. 8.00 . . . NOW 2/7.00 YOUNG W.VA. 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NOW 1.996199 Terry aprons and blender covers, orig. 4.00 2.75 NOW 1.99 and 1.35 Linen tea towels, orig. 1.50 NOW .79 Odds and ends of sheets and cases NOW '/j PIKE AND LESS Assortment of bedspreads. """ " ' ''' ' "'" . FASHION FAIRKS Assortment of fabrics, cottons, polyester, in solids and prints NOW ViPRjCEt LESS Group of winter fabrics NOW 75% OFF FIFTH FLOOR 50 Sleeveless dusters and shifts, » " 6.00 2.99 69 Nylon gowns, orig. 6.00-7.00 " " , f f FOUNDATIONS 72 Junior miss bras with lightly lined soft cup, by Formfit Rogers 32-36 A-B-C, orig. 4.50 » NOW 1.99 48 Three-quarter length bras with all stretch back, lace cups lined with cotton, S6-.42 B, 36-44 C-D, orig. 6.50 NOW 4.99. 24 Girdles in broken size range, close out on these styles, .orig. 5.00-10.00 NOW .99 12 Formfit Rogers hi-top girdles with zipper, 30-38" waist, orig. 18.50-20.00 NOW 7.99 WOMETS SHOES 30 Pairs tennis casuals, orig'. 4.99 NOW3.W 40 Pairs Connie and Cotillion shoes, orio. 11.99-15.99 SILVER 7 SaverVj to"V off on assorted silverplate hdloware pieces UMITBQUANTITN5! CHINA Save '·: on discontinued china, most sets are 4fcpieces, service for eight; sorry, no serving pieces VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES! BOOKSHOP : 344 Books, paper backs and hard backs in children's and adults fiction and non-fiction, limited quantities. Most are one of a kind in this group NOW Vi PRICE LESS HOUSEWARES 36 Mugs, orig. 1.25 · NOW .50 12 Sets of three baskets, orig. 3,75 NOW 1.00 16 Candy or cookie jars, orig. 2.00 NOW 1.00 4 Electric Bake Serves, orig. 19.99 NOW 14.00 2 Electric fry pans, orig. 22.90 NOW 15.00 2 Toasters, orig. 10.90 14.90 NOW 9.00 18 Automatic clothes brushes, orig. 8.88 NOW 3.00 ELECTRONICS 6 Panasonic AM/FM portable radios, orig. 17.95 NOW 12.00 2 Soundesign calculators, orig. 99.95 NOW 75.06 MAJOR APPLIANCES 18 General Electric ice cube trays, orig. 1.50 NOW .99 4 Hoover Constellation canister cleaners, orig. 39.95 NOW 31.95 25 Pairs of Andiamo sandals orig. 17.00 NOW 8.90 INFANTS'WEAR 24 Toddlers shortalls, orig. 3.75 NOW188 22Swim caps, orig. 1.49-2.29 NOW .99 CMIS'WEAR 7 Halter/skirt sets, orig. 9.00-10.00 NOW 1.99 BOYS'WEAR 120 Pairs of jeans, orig. 5.50 NOW 1.29 MEN'S WEAR 50 Pairs of slacks, orig. 8.50 NOW 1.99 35 Pairs of slacks, orig. 9.99 NOW 199 TOYS 3 Tykeworld sets, orig. 8.50 \

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