The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 21, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1918
Page 3
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, JUNE 21, 1918. THE: UAII..Y HEWSY NOTES TELL |Uses Ordinary Buttermilk To WHAT S HAPPENING ; IlaanHfrr Her rVmnfovinn IN THE MILL TOWNJ EeaUtify Hel Coffi P lexloa Airs. Anna Prytheritch, S3 Years Old, Dies at Home of Her Daughter. ATHLETIC CLUB TROPM ARRIVES friends of Mrs, 3lary Boyd, \1io Is an Inaltd, Arrange for Her an l*n- usnal Birthday Party VThicli She Enjoys; Soldier's TYite | This Pretty Ohfl Tells tbc Connells lille \trns Vnjnot to take money unless this delightful ne.\ Vanishing Cream qutckiy faliQvrs. a dcided improve- Kent Try H Today at oar espouse. B u t t e r m i l k Crettm creates beauty almost l i k e magic The most wonderful f t h i n t about It Is the fact that whilst it 1 tuns the dullest ITLOSI life lex's com- j plfxion to radiant beaut} and makes I red or rousrh hands ST arms snowj" j w h i t e , ye-t there li not tht slightest ' sipn of its use nfter application It ' actually vanishes from airht »nd the | mr*s£ heater! Atmosphere will not proof the V*ln Vo m a t t e r n h c t h e r j-ou «.re troubled with a poor complexion. Trrlnklea, puffl- SpccinL 10 The Courier. SCOTTDAIX, June 21.--Mrs A n n a ! n*«ta around the eys. frccWes. r I feet or lines around the rnetith, ugrly ^ md or sun o u \vlll find that «.n or all of thf-se troubles Trill Cjnichlv dit- arpear with the use of Howard s But- termilK C'renm. To prove this to your complete satisfaction. Ret a sma.ll quantity trflny at the Conneli'Tvllle Drupr "o , with tho turn the purchase m t t n ^ j iifiod i.ff-r. _, . IMPORTANT--To thou i who live m outlying- qcctions for a. ·hurch ' O T | 1 - t b e manufacturers. Howard Bros CSitmical Co. Buffalo, N ' the f u l l size package direct, mail charges paid, on rece'pt c' nts and d e a U r s name Pothench, asei S3 jears, tod «' ^ c TM 5 oTM* ^IT",VnS tht, home 01 her daughter, :*irs. Jonn | of t h f face h n r d 3 or ftrms C R U H f t fl b Sare, South Broadway, j-esieiday mornins at 8.15 o'clock. Sbe lea%es two daughteis, Mrs. .iclitt Sarc- wuh whom she made her home, and Mis. Marj Gectmgs of J'lttsburg; 10 (jiandchildren and six trreat graud- t h i l d i e n Sue b.ab bee^i a devout member of the First Baptist heie for the past 30 Funeral 'er.iCea w i l l be held on Saturday af- tcrnoou/at 230 o'clock and w i l l be m change of Re\. H. D. Al'en, pastor of The local church Interment will follow m the local cemetery. To You, 1 Tell It! Thu is a time when people want to know, and have cont.dence in the store m ".bich they stiop In the f a t e of i m m g costs and scarcit of material* this new kind ot a Specialty Store proves Us wont and ability t-y the right purchases at the right and the light p r u e , and it enables you to get at this 'ime the most B e a u t i f u l actccfwei say. "A short mUfSR-ife with Buttornii'k Oreim at nl^ht toefere rotlrlnff IK all that Is npc- T% ill freely rc- to any dissit- ilmtted period of p r l c i , CO Confluence. CONFLUENCE. June 20.--Miss Agnes Straka has returned Trom a several das \isit with friends at Pittsburg and McKeeiport, Pa, W. S. Bower, is recovering 1 f r o m a severe operation of several days ago, is still improving 1 and es- pccts to be able ere long to walk around a little. Don't forget to get your ticket for the chautauqua w h i c h opens here seasonable and deaira le goods at Monday, June 21, for f h e day iirices so much lower than anywhere! ^j lss Isabella Kurtz of the "West else in the t w o count.JR. Come in nnd see for ourseU Eendiner'.i TJroadv. av Ladies' Sto Pa., as jou get off tlie i Scottdale. r --Adv. Trophj on The ' O b - e r \ e i :iopr to be ghen to the uicnine.' team of the Junior 1'ublic Atblei.c c l u u ha» a u ^ e d an 1 is on t;.\hibit.rm m Uit V rigat jewelry *toie on Pittours .-.tree:. North ?ide aud K ersou are tied for first place in the league am. will play o f f [ ! o n t o ^ n three garne^,, one TucMia. V.'eflnes-, Rc .- K G Trimmer was a business da and TauisJa even ngs at Jxucl:s , o * l l o r to oiuopIe yesterda ' M..55 EK.e Tleggs. the popular music tpiichcr. T\as -'a Oliiopj'Io yesterday, i where she has a large music class. .Mrs. JE. S. Thomas mod littJ? of Bverson, are rUltlag 1 friends here at prPsenL Side, is visiting friends in Roc'tcwood M present. Dr. H. P. .Me era htis returned from a few days' visit wuh friends In C.arksburgr, TV" \"a. Roy Lenhart, a well kr.n\\n em- :Joe of tht Ncicacolln Coal company "f Listonbitrg, was a business visitor Here yesterda}. J. L Hall has r e t u r n e d from a visit friends at ConuellbvUie and Un- THE (1 i lue : i l - c. pr.srr: ti\i sky - M Park ;o decide the \% .n. ei of the cup Oiicji-e I»r£lj(Iaj iffa^r. Friends 01 Mr*. ^c.r Quigley Bod Tranced a ·. e::* u n j Q u e bir.hday I,art foi her a', iho S^uOi Chestnut j daughter Afreet bonie ^ r.utha:. Mr? \ Ciiil^le). : cstei I^y :h: t Ker liirthria lu.tea'. o; r u m g f ' cn,!^ to c mo in to * Mr? Hoy' **tio !s an'l a^cl \e-iy'.our-, ri.o va- a.,::ol foi a p»ercr.i T$?*e v o^c i'l t e d ·..Uh ifed, '.\ ui f'C. :.. 1 r,i ,.~scd so 1 ,- iioL.u u- d r a ^ n L. M r hillt. ii3i:rlKC! for hor c-',c:y !." mi.i- a:*!^ ta:tii. =r a; i. o'c ( c k C " t f * d 2 / ;· until C l' Us., ( v e n i n g At that litre s'.ic .tr.rtcd d r a w i n g e%er ten ". mutes \ t ' 7 ." ar.d from then un,'l S 1 e \ e y n v, n.**,u cs "'Lr^ l:od e n j o . c l the t 1 -; . e i much At -'fi ti lonarj ("nn^Piilion. Mrs. A l b - . : K«K^ . Mrs Pan 1 : C K L n t U a r r . V i s ".'alf r f-ton or 31;- H-r^choil II' r i i r t au(. Mrs. Walter f'cpo attCdf'eJ t r r - .MKshen " i s s i o n a r r.!'ot npr ilMf was held at n-d Thu^s^ay ?.[.^ A't ort KPIS'.C: of tins p l a t e is icc'rd 'is nud corre- ^-londiiig sccreta \ r n d .Mrs. R T. "THE ROSE OF BLOOD"--A Fox standard attraction In which Thcda' Bara. ia seem in tr.c role of a Rnsalan ' revolutionist, is being shown today. The story his an exctflle-nt plot and j Qo'.4s interest throughout The central character, played by UI.s Bara,! is a young Rnssiftn woman a lover} of luxury and easo She IR at first I employed a? a ffororness for the child I of an aristocrat of high degree, and | falls in love with the master of the house f^en before bis invalid wife dlea. After that event the man ia j tie en rettirfBg; lore to her and chases her out of the room. N'e.rt (lay tirey ' arc "very friendly, but he refuses to i marry here as xlie la only a servant { From tliai polmt she has leanings to- j wards the revolutionists and tnkea an I oath to sare ftuasla from thc arlsto- j crats. Her former employer relents | and msTles her She is happy ·with' him, but continues true to her oati. She Is the moans of putting away fieveral rampant burenncratft. and on each of her victims she leavea a red rose, a-*id from thla comes her sobrl-- j luot, irhfle h*T Mniftttj' Is still hidden from the jHsllce. H*r ^urfbarrA la made prime minister She loves him. but Hex. V, M Bracken, pastor of the £ e "Telutloniflta call upon her to .L ,_.-_.... Wow him and the roral council i:p to Envft the country from being turned »rer to tie Germans It Is th* pic- tnre's big sltBttten. She accornflial;- ea Rus«'a. ^alration and her OTTB ^or- j TOT vfl53 BAM. Is aupport«4 b ? ' Charier Clarj and other screeti star^ t of prominence. A feature of the pro- i gram are pictures showing the leaving of the last quota of draftros. Both attractions will also be shown tomorrow. Mrs E \ a TVatson of ConnrllBvilIe. is '.iSitn.g her parents. "Mr and Mrs. AH n Hiir'tworth, here at present. ., , . . . , L c'Hircl 1 here, wa« \ l s i t i n g f r i c n d s ! D r a t - c t o w n and v i c i n i t y vesterday M r % C C Stowirt was shopping nd vibinng friends in ConnellsvlIU B. u is t*; ' i v r-t Iif r's 'Vrf Stcvirt PM1 -e11 \. jo has cn a veai' 1 ' [ i a ' n i n £ at Uu c .h been g ' \ e n a rl will '·et'iin Jane 21.--E \g his daughior md j ^nn-in-law, Mr and Mrs Charles) M i i i f ' e r in Rock wood ve^tenlay. Thomas Little, wlio lias been \ p-y ill for c o \ e r n l months, is able to be about again llarvej Friend of F r i e n d s \ i U e was p. i p r « n t Susino-,5 visitor here. .1 C Cun-y of ConnellaMiie was here j c - ' e r d a y on burrne-s. y?* Cciward Marsh of Connells- v j l ' o \- \ 3 = nng; friends here Di r P Large of Meyorsdale was here yesterf'nj on buriress J. C Ba.ley left rsterdaj for a business t r i p io Cnnrellavllle Robe.-i Blnck's : PV rrs'rtence on *hc THEVTRK. Topple. Chicago ha 1 teacher's c r r t j f t f ate to the horrr- of !IPI r M i s C V\" ftauffor Ilei hii" 1 ^"^ ' or r.c^o n the a~, ation. *o the cole - A:M\ i Oh f o Stc. D L".;i-xerp't\ w h e i c ho v !" he i r r i Saturday -orne timo Side is nearmg completion. M. i: Goller was in Conncllsvine o-terday on business f C Tc-ip of Bidwell was a bus.'- t"^ Msitni in town venerday *Trc P. K F'chtner and throe cbil- "KIS MOTH3TRS HOY."--A Para-, m o u n t production features Charles . Ra Mr Ray is ca^t as a youth who,' I b name qhrrwdness and pUick,' p stircrrd*; in clcurlng the f a m i l y name. | unearthing cunnin?, i n t r f u u o and \ ruining. Monday and Tuesday Wl- ' Ham S Hurt appenrs In Lhe Artcraft draraa "Tae Tiger Man," an absorb- , Ing 1 nurrAtive ot thc deu^rt in the dnyn j »fi thft gold rtmh. A netorleus haniit | is regenerated through the lehjjious f e r v o r of a beautiful woman, the wife of a mlnlstei of the gospel. LS cone to 10 acres . fo drcn a r e ^ i « i U n g friends at present. m nunbai cd. L, n fo. ( 1 . 2 ' G S room ':nown a , nr Snlt*. . S i CMI / OWSP. ba r n S'"' ' i:nc!ate px-- 1 house, newly paint-! i'Tid ?.tc possession, ' Clos^ffied Aiht-rtTscmpnts Bring results. Cost only Ic a. woro. The Iloosier Company has just served ub with notice of a general raise in the price of Iloosier Cabiiists, wholesale and retail. We have exactly 64 Iloosier Cabinets in stock which we bought at the old-time price We could put the new price on them and make an extra profit on every one. Bnf Instead of that, no arc going to phc onr rnstflmrrs this nne^pootPil s*vlug. TTo luivo lined up our cnlin* stock uf Ifoftiiers to ^o on sale toaorroit lit 'lie old Io» price! When we ope7i our doors, the first 64 women who come in and pay $5 will get them. Then--fhe minute that this allotment of Hoosicrs is taken--THE SALE WILL END! Special Terms of Sale Pay nnlr $." Tvlicn you «ick out your Hoosier. Fay Uic balonrr $1 trtekljh-nRly fte a meal. Your money back If yon arc ntvt Hclighieil. Sale cnfls tbo ln?H*Rt Oi Bofl»!ers nro cone. Doot^ ouoTi ·.( S (i. m. fTnwTTOTT--close lit 10 p. m. No HTflo^ler orHrrs ncc^ptrd hy tolrphonc. Because it is tbe largest and strongest maker of cabinets in the world, the Hoosier Company hais been able to the last to keep its prices down. Rising costs of labor and raw material have finally forced tke maker to announce a general raise But eve;: at thc increased prices, no other cabinet will be able to compete with Hoosier values. At the old low prices, we offer in this sale--there's never been a bargain to equal them Come early--be one of the lucky "sixty-four." Hinged Door* or RoQ Doon The Life-Time Helper That Every Woman Needs nocsiei Kitchen Cabinet js a Labor-Saving Machine. Kitchen SysUm and Germ-proci: rood Con- laine 1 - combined. It sa^es slops, food and work. It gives rou time for Red Cross Knitting and other war work. Mrs Frank Ambler Pauipon, the noted Domestic Efficiency Engineer, found that it saves an. a\erigc of J in.les a day. The Shaker Flour Sifter sifta flour four times fastc-r than most. The Over-Sire Base has 20 per cent more spaces for pois, pans. etc. The Two-Way Sugar Bin hold* liM»*e the ordinary amount The Revolving Rack of 7 Air-Tign. Dast-Froof Spice Jars it aKo e\ciu»i\e. Thu M o U o n - S a \ e r Arrangement is the result of scientific motion biud\ Thy 1'iKluttcred Clipboard g i \ C i Lvice the aveiage ·\\ork-ipace All foaiuros lKl^c the certified p.jpro\al of thc HoosiC 1 - Council o£ Kitchen Sncnlisis composed of leading houbehold authorities. The home of reliable, exclusive lines of Quality furniture and flomefurnlshlngs Ccnnellsville's Reliable Housefurnishers Since 1891 Aaron's four-store buying power makes possible "-larger values tor less money 9 ' Send 'ho Dally Courier to your boy in the trwy. C*ll at th Courier ot- Qce KiA leave bis address. Rate S#c | per m«nth.--ASy. » ' » hru-o. b , t h e H/nk · c-.^daU 1 , foi ?',S" 0 6 roor^ -ncde.r l")' feet, Gro\e u c r i , ft. Adv-20-2l-2J. t k ^ ^ U l i s'mp, p r o p e r t j Ow- GUARANTEED RELIEF f0f RHEU1AIISI, LUMBAGO a8J ALL MUSCULAR SORENESS j _ U10 ,20th Century Linimont Guaranteed by the Con- nellsvllle Drug Co. and All G«*d Druff^iats DDWITT '-pend- Mr;. C f f j r i Hap-« "Pian *r; a few das n Pit'sburg Mrs. Gp'tni'ie J I t l l s of Chicago is is'ting fno^d"' ^orr J I .Muiphv *; at Rriding. Pa attending tne S'ate L"naeilal:e r s' c'-nvention. Mrs. "U'llliata bas returned to M e r s d a l e to her be me after a visit pa id her patents, Mr aad Mrs Foster \ an Horn r Mr». Eai' Tar.n^ull and family of "^roun^ine rave ict-irncd home after " \islt paid Mrs Id? Kcpner. Mr. and *Mi\ I'' v i''d Weikman ' as their truest^ -V.',-C5 Ray and Ilattje lij erlj of Gre^nslmig and ^fr3. T i a Sbowniau of G n ^ n ? o u r g . Miss DoroLhi. Er ckcr is visiting: " ittslmrg friends. Misses Trucks and Etta Kins are attending a convention at Mr*. Robo-t S'ccmn entertained the "adies* Aid society of the First Bap- J ~ f church at her home nn Txucks i ".icnue Fotlowirc nn interesting, pror^-am very m -c refreshments "··»"e rervcd. I It £(.·("* right to tlif =pot and frrlnr* soothing rcilo/ lust rt.b (t on. It »*B- r-lrato^ f j u i c l v l y -- m n V P S you forget ^'Jt'r pain ami nl**ery In r n lime. Put It on fu 1 ! «tronrtli rfart*t oat of the bottl- It doe', nrti burn itnln ftr l o n e a Kretny residue, ut It C6rtft.1nlr p u t ' in end to all P.heunMittc Ttin?. I.uinbagrf. Scfaticft, Xmrnlpia dnd Pl«o- ri*?;- Palnn It acM nulftkir n.i»I V«ttei than anything 5 ou h*ve ^v«r tri** 20th C a n i u r y Liniment has hrnir**- reltet to ihODsanAa of auffersrs. It draws all the pitiTifal stlftncsJi, noreness and aweUinp from Rheumatic jolnti and rtoei it so snrMy and speeSily it ^*m» Almvfft Hkfl rmtyJc A ttirtfle jtp- pltcntlon will ixve It in Almost «fcry instenee KoTrCmb*r thprc (s nothing ^o good t«r hrnneSltlT, lore thront. stiff nock. lkinf«*^^ or *nr« niuacle^. ar.fl tint results «.r* cuarinLefrfl If jon don't ^ncl jnlek r*11 Bf. tale* the *· ttl» haeTt t» it« troly Tr»j»*eTful llnl- f*r sfft^ra It c*.» Ao f«r d jret (t battle teAay. The Connellsvillc D r u r Co cn supply you BUSY BUSINESS MEN ^clcnrc Wflit* T**m Owt Af«*r Itcck- Th* m«st "frcMcin mnn In rcpard to health Ja the buv buainers man At swefi he r;nhes out fr^ t, bite to ea.t He bolts his Coofl without prcper mi'-tl- catf*n, *n^I heaps on his ffiomach an er- tra fenrilen (rrester thitn It is able to ffifl frrerworte4B! otftmach fs crytns: for X*lf, it *y^«at? te» htrm for relief ITI va- BRING ON THOSE JARS I 1i««'rhiM« et«r MI t' iff. rtflrt kr^afh, Ti«4 breatli, etc Cm* Wt-*-nfc tultlrt tn.ken after nteK m«*l trill h e l p any fr*ETm Sr;f*F»* -»r*nflftrfull5 tM« irtmt««h in t*ie werlr of di »ft tahletj are sold by A \ with a riclfl jr"HraTft«e to over- anfl «T1 stomach trnn jjielc. T h f y m f t k n ««t- Ml-#--t, olfauso^ and p^T'Oe t^mneh anfl bowMn nncl n u t ^ vlffo sare»l sfcnnmeh to»Ic ir th» Friend vn£« betiur jet lie frws craj- anf b*«k by aettdins a two-cent ·(imp to · Kofional W«r Garden C*«imU«lm it WwtJnjrton, D. C., raJ b. r**ij t» E»mr ire(xr)r'» ca!i l»l«p, «r - Keep Out AJr and Moisture Parowaxprotects your jams.jellies and preserves against deterioration. Jt assures the perfect vacuum for "cold pack" preserving. It is the clean, pure, extra-refined par- affine. Economical, too! THE ATLANTIC REFINWG COMPANY Try ou- classified rulverUsements Absolutely Removes Indigestion. Druggists refund money if it fails. 25c Classified Advertisements Ic a Word, Huntlnp Di.rgrnlns T If so, read oar advertising column* \0 ADTASCK DT PRICE Keep die fmnHy free irom colds by usmg M UCTI The Community Jewelry Shop, 100-102 South Pittsburg street wish to announce they will sell by auction their entire Giock and fixtures. The stock consists of Diamonds, Watches, Wrist Watches, Rings, Silver and Jewelry of every description. Positively nothing reserved. Auction sale each day at 2.30 and 7.30 F. M. ami continuing every day at the same hours, until all the goods are sold. We are going to enlarge our store and install a modern stationery store, in addition to oar line of jewelry. Here is your opportunity to purchase any article at youi own price. Beautiful souvenirs given away eaek afternoon and evening. Col. John F. Turner, Auctioneer. Come and Get Your Souvenir. Auction Sale 2:30 P. M. Cornnnunity Jew 100-102 South Pittsburg Street, Connellsville, Pa. Auction Sale 7.30 P. M.

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