The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 21, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLB. PA. FRIDAY. JUNE 21, I again succeeded in crossing the Monte Belluna-Susegana railway at several j points near tlie Niversa station, but { was promptly stopped. On the lower Piave the Italian:: gained iuoro ground. The enemy losses d u r i n g the! day were enormous, tlie premier add- ) ed. The Italians took several him- 16 at the home of his son-in-law, Free- I\ S. J. SP.EARS. S. J. Spears, a well known citizen || f Henry Clay township, died Juno '· ; dred prisoners. CJMWDKK CALLS D.nilO lUi.N J-'OJt K,UM,Y JULY. WASHIXGTON, June 121.--'Provost man Osier. Deceased was 70 years old and is survived by one son, Charles Spears, oil Sniithflold, ami; | four daughters, Mrs. Freeman Osier, j I Beaver Crock; Mrs. K. M. Shipley, j i i Confluence; Mrs. J. W. Glover, M a r k - j j Plans -[or a stra-wt-erry and ice j Vou need taat new suit more tiaa I \ -Marshal Ger.enil t'roivfler todaj- caJler! cream social to-be held Thursday eve-j need the few dollars I may make an ; for S,:l70 draft registrants qualified . leysburg, and Mrs. F. M, Fisher, U n - i · nins in Odd-Fellowa' Temple for the i it! · Order now! Dave Coiifin, Tailor, j i'or general military service to ho sent I ioatown. benefit' of the -f'. M. C; A. overseas war '--Adv. | on J u l y 15 to various schools for : -- f u n d - .and. ^the..BtiE!iiess Women's j Mr. and Mrs. \V. F. Soisson of "West | training. The call is to be held open i JAJdE'S McKEXNA COSGKOVE. Christiari.assocratipn, wcrercompleted ' Pf-ach street are spending tlie day in for volunteers until J u l y I. at tHe. weekly".tnestia:.;..of .the latter; Pittsburg. association .ae Id last night in Odd; You don't have to jay war prices .UUi/tlC.LY AVl.l'i'OK Jfl.O'ilW Fellows" TerBj?!e:. Tl.e natronCE^es : it you buy at Brownell's.--Adv.-20-2t VI' AlJSTKl.LX arc Mrs. J. French K'-vr. Mrs. Uliza-' Mrs. H. Goldstone and daughter-j ITALIAN AIIMY HKAOQ Li Aim-ills, bt;th Carroll, Mrs. V. D. .Long and; la-law, Mrs. William Goldstone. have ; June 21.--The flrs4 American aviator 5trs. G. W. Buckne'f." "Tliere "will be returned home from Latrobo, where j to fly on tl« Italian front went today four tables v.-ith tie following per- they spent a fen- days with the for- 1 sons ki charge: ' . ' · - ' . ' mer's daughter, Mrs. U. H. Michaels Table- No, "i---"Miss -'Katie Storey, i Women's patent colt pumps. Louis ·Miss'Eila" Gray and Miss Ella Sand- ; leather covered heel; $6 values 5-1.85. on a bombing expedition and succeed- ' ed in blowing two holes in a new Aus- i ? triaa bridge across tiie I'iave river. The commander ot the Italian avia- i lion camp expressed satisfaction with ation forces on this front are display- t e a j .' Connc ii s vtlle, has been dratted ing tie most intense activity. b t ' bo N i U j 0 n .j war Savings com- les; No. 2, Miss Edna Cook, Misses j Brownell's.--Adv.-20-2t. Jlmb/and stclle B B«iliru, Miss Flor- | Mrs. Margaret Mowcry of Pittsburg! the work of the Americans. The avi- I ."-^nce Stauffer; No. . C, Miss HazelI is the guest of her sister, Mrs. B. -"-- - - .-Trenberth. Miss Wilhelm and Miss Comiskey ot Brookvaie. "I'ElizaBcf.H Gray; No. 1. Miss Myra j See how tbe- arc priced in our ~Fist'er, Miss Anna Brooks, Miss Stei-; show windows; you'll wonder how «c ~ -ia Stauffer, Miss Dorothy Drebert and sell 'em so cheap. Brownell's.--Adv.- | Miss Adelaide Bland. : 20-2t. i -Other committees are: Candy, Miss; If you're thrifty you'll buy at the I Gertrude Lindsay, Mrs. Percy H- ' store that saves you the most money Miss Mild-ed Miller; pub-;--that's Erou-nell's.--Adv.-20-2t. HciD'. Miss Bertha Cunningham, Miss | Yes. we have white canvas lace James McKenna Oosgrove, 60 years old, died yeHterday morning in the ljn- j ionlotrn iiclsiiital. Funeral to-.norfow · j morning from St. John's' Catholic j church in Unioniown. IJA1TKX JHtAFTED. jiccufoec Official Culled to Aid in Var Sarwgs CampttJLrn. Deputy Great Commander H. G. ! Batten of the Knights of the Macca- ; | bees, aiso record keeper of Yougn S LOT OF BONEHEADS.SAYS. CHAUTAUQUA MAN Continued from P:ifre One. by mission to boost the Wtar Savings campaign among ,thn Maccabees of Kayette, Westmoreland, Greene aud Somerset counties, over which his duties as deputy extend. , Mr. Batten will assist in distributing l i t e r a t u r e and otherwise further| ing the campaign. 'Miss Sarah Ray vas hostess at a ! a Caloric Pipeless Furnace which has j! U TM"° 0 "viT "',"''?'V"'" 5 l °" af ' ^J. Va " w l i u is lva " ted luere on a^erious! ..,._, e«ihv^h'p mocrne o f the West · ic -ices running through your e e l - j " * *' ' u 10Ilor ° -· charge. He is bc-iieved to be heading' S S?£^r k c"vJuin S a. her iar btu wi.i give'ou an even heat all £TM.- ernp eyes anc per^crs Uli3 mj in ,, aut hil through your house with ono-tbird j llilnt! ln l n e r ; . ., I»it"TM ; "· The nian is described as being about' home in Buyder strc-st. Eleven mem- | hers and two guests. Mrs. Dick Sher- j to one-half less fuel. The Caloric rick : ann "Mrs. Adelb^t Alguire, were'sold on a 5 year guarantee. It will prcst-nt. -The evtni'ig "was spent at i pay you to see this furnace befere Tancyw-ork aud knitting. Delicious you buy. Andersnn-Unlcks Harci- retresliments were ;erved. The July : ware Company.--Adv.--20-2t. meeting will be n-?H at the home of . R. Foh: at Uunbar. BURDEN UP TO REGISTRANTS iliss .Graco Rankiu of Adelaide w i i l j entertain' the T. C. T. Fancywork club i this evening at the home of the Misses . v t ie Marines. Patterson in Porter avenue. I Continued from Pace One. was announced that GO members of the. r circuit which includes Connclisville' are now in the si-rvicc. The tent crew j n-hiih is in this city is the youngest: on any Chautamtua circuit. I t waa also announced t h a t Superintendent Vy'lncgarner who was here with the Ohautauqua last yt:ar, is now Lieutenant "\Vinfgnrrujr, "HOinewhi.-re in the U n i t e d Slates." The program this af:ernoon was a cnnoert by the Madrigal Singers. To- niglit the sarno company w i i l give a mus'iLal prelude to !e foilowtKl by a ; l e f t i i r e "The Cry uf a Cruritied .rs old, and weighing 240 pounds. | Stork in Officer's Home. | A me^sago to The Courier from | Camp Sherman contains the follow-1 . ing: "Born. 10 Captain and .Mrs. j Keginald Parry Kennard, a son, Reginald I'.^rry Kflmanl, Jr., on J u n e H, ; 191S, a. Camp Slivrroan, ChillicoU:e,! Ohio." Captain Kcnnjird is a.ttachei; to the '.Oth (^o:npauj- of the ir^ith De- ; pot Br'.gadi-. i XOPJI.AS K E F F E R IS Mr. and Mrs. Edg.-r S. Hackney and i SAFE OVERSEAS sons, Edgar and Hamilton of Union: .\orman Keffcr, attached to the , town, left yesterday tor Philadelphia 303th _ Motor Supplv Train _ wmcs his i w r ' r!li lj f-apwin Marl:n D. Jlardin. to attend the of Mrs. Hack-, parcnls/ Mr . and Mrs. C. B. Keff, r '; ^''J' onl ' r'-«nily returm-d Ham ney's nephew. Lieutenant Charles N. · or ].; ast Connellsvllle. of his safe ar- j '' " ru!CO - KlCTpnth Chili! Is liorn. y,r. and Mr.-. 11. S. Cooyt-r of Dua-| liar re-vived ^ ^ r d Wednesday of the ' arri%-a! ol a 'laughter, the elevecth : Snowdon of Pitlsbu.-f:. and Miss Ituth ; rival ovcrscM , Auna Johnson of Ihiladclphia. to b o ; solemnized tomorrow afternoon at ; 4.30 o'clock at Kos mout. · C H A K L K S CAR.SO.V HAS | ! A I I H 1 V K I I O V E K S K A S . . " ' -- I Charles Carson lias arrived safely ( Kev. J. S. Showrs, pastor of the I ovc SC as, according to a card r e c e i v e d , tc 'United Brethren ciurch, officiated a t : ] B S L n i g i,i D y i,; b parents, Mr. a n r i i ' ' ' Mri'. C. 1'^. Carson t/f Suuih Connulls-· l"or tomorrow uh"re arc three KI'S! sio.-is :u foliows: : .^:l^rn!nL'. S.;',o. chi'.d.-enS-, h-'iur; 10 "i, morning Ircturo. rr.nnn, 3 o'clock, concert. A.'i- Sala company; t-hililrt'n- hour, child. :n th- f a n i i l j , at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John S'.eele at Dnnora. \ g Mrs. ?twe!c i.-s a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thoin.-i., Uii'lis of Duubar anl a sist r of Mrs. Cooper. the marriage ot .Vss Aria Mar' Kv- ans, daughter cf Mr.;. Peter Evans of Unioctown. and Je:-so Vhaiej-, a well- known railroad rr.ra of Conncllsv'llo. EOlerr.nised last ov-ning at 6 o'clock in the home of Mr. aud Mrs. Isaac Rude in Park street. Only immediate ' t l l e Iist of those called relatives and friends r.f t!:e two tarn- ;; oari | f,, r n i s t r j r : .No. ilies were present. There were no Camp i, ro on j uno 25. attendants. The I ride wore a nav blue traveling suit inn a hat to match. . j. l3l Following the ceremony a prettily i appointed wedding dinner was ser 'd. . T^) Covers for twenty-;ix were laid. nc; · bride.^roo.'ji has been nn engineer on the "Baltimore : Ohio railroad for y-six years. M:-. ar.rt Mr.=. Tllia- VOS.VCCK IS CAH.F.I) K O K ,H'M: 2IT One more man has b-en added to by Ix-.ral ~ to ;:o to Mai-tin An- Vosnoirk of Jveisenrin^ is the man to he pl:.cecl on the list. Kvening. n'.u?U'al prrhuii. Antor.i'/ fr^a coinp;'^y; huliaji .-.nngj a m i . l,\~il;ds. Prinri.'.ss Walab vva-'n. · 'i'!H' p'.i;!-::r;mi-nil,'-ut.s t,f r v t - r y i::r- · ctiit or tlic clif.:ita.::tua :."-: in :Iu- r i f y u-r:tir.g ini-'lrnttio:'.:-, anu ot ' i i v i c:'i w.^ are hert ai-,o. j !!"hni!iir K r y l ' s band has arrived ir. ' i--rts to l.c s;vi:: o;: .M'ji:il;iy. Thr ; band i* n-hf-arsir Jae*|iK'.s' Op' i ns at Shai!)". Tho Jacciiit-^ Da-ntiQg School win { X*ve ian'.-i'.ig pitrtirs every Mi.HKl-.Ly ·. ··vrininy.\:i^ nox; Mtwiay, \ Jll. 1 :,.' I'l. a: Sl.-.'u.'y (irovr Park. ]ant:- ! -t. i .ICST COME A5D SEE. TKe HOME,of QUALITY and SERVICE H PITTSBURG St. CONNE(.ISVIILE. PA. I VILLE'S GREATEST STORE. Prices Down on Children's Dresses This Juvenile Dress Section does a large business and a good business and is often given the opportunity by manufacturers of making specially good purchases which count for much in Hie economy which our customers may use in the outfitting of their little girls. This is another "opportunity." These little Wash Dresses coming to us at most favorable prices \vhoch means much saving to you. The Dresses are of the best sturdy Gingham and will stand many lairn- derings. Prices 59c, 98c up to $3.50 '··· Wash Dress Goods Wo announce a Special Sale of thousands of yards of Wash Dress goods at striking concessions. Such an opportunity as this becomes possible less frequently than before and in view of the remarkable economies we urge you to lake full advantage of this sale. Dress Linens--all the wanted colors and i ·\vhiie $1.00 a yard. ! Beach Cloths--all colors, also white, 50c yard. : Pretty Figured Imported Voiles 50o yard. New fine Sheer Lawns in floral and small dainty figures at liic yard. Pretty figured Organdies in ail the new colorings at 35c and 50c. New Plaid or Stripe Gingham, 30c, 3oc and 50c. .lliit.nal guarar.ti'os P.IL ; . r*'pairlr.f,'. alt . arf rf-ady a u d i t o r i u m . K K K P T.U! 0V VOn: Ol'TLAV. B VISIT JOHN I:A.NKI\ liEt'OKE Hi; S.MI»S OTElLSKAS-j Fred Frisbee and Mi.s.-i Louise Ran-! n left this morning for an eastern ' Mndonj Hanking Hrip ; embarkation camp to visit tho ' ley have sone in h' iise'sroplng in Uieir '. tc r's broth»r, John D. V. R a n k i n , a You -new .home in Murj.liy Avenue. i member of the H'ird Field Artillery, {before his departure overseas. th,. IVopk- ~ Arrounl, tab on M'ur outlay Call Hill;.,n :uiil Hull'. its i.r iiicotiK 1 ,inl t a Vlivo far th liir.atMl :i'.:it additional bj baviaa a clun-king r.c-uoum at -.his- w i l l !·: , - -- ba-nii. Write own ch-tk for va'-h The Plus Ultra :!as= of the Metho- i ! l : n of txpens(1 . lnd k( . op a , l . c[)nl ,,, · rtist rrotestant Sunday s-chool was I I P T n n rrn ,,.., n rrcVCI»r v, ur racck bonk. Th.. officers of f entertained last e.-eniim at the home AUSTRO-GERiAN Ui'FESSiYE tauk ,,(. pleased to farm,.!, clu-vk of Miss Geraldino S'embov.-er in Jsa- ; broks fur ctL^tttrni'r;-- anc -v · -'.v^ .n bella road. After business there was , cor.tln.ied '-nm «. ce o,... | e % e r y courtesy an,i"a;t..':i'io'i\vh,:da r a social hour. Miss Sarah Goodwin , A1(Icn _ ,, a . H a y m o n d p . Simpson, tl «· account is iars,. ,,r .^mali. Th" will entertain th- class at its next i Co!ulnbjai Pa . ; j^e,^ F , \ V n u k. Ma- ; C.tizons National Hank, 1SS Norili meeting. | hafley. Pa.; Poster J. Burton, Martina ! l':tt.4nirc; str.-ct. liuy aatullu-r Sav- j Furry, 0.; Corporal Gco.-fv P. Hua- i ij. 0 -s Ci'r:ilk,i;u. -Adv. Tivo : ....·nvelvc members and one g u e s t , t c r _ Davi6town , Pa "attended the rck"i lar meeting of t h e ' 'O. N. T. Fancy-work club, at which ! j-'R^vrn TROOi* 1 ^ 'Mrs. GeorKf Snyd:r was hostess yes-i " i\;ij terday afternoon r^t her i'.ome in South Connellsvillr. F: ncy.vork and knitting wcro rht- nm'iECiLicnts. A daintily appointed lurchoon was served. Mrs. J. V.". Trei'!-»r;h vvi!l entertain . the club at its u'-^t meeting. 1'OSITIONS. PARIS. June 21.--French iroops ' asL n *S- A i carried u u t operation.s cm the front southwo-n or Soissuiss, which resulted in the improvement of thoir j positions in the neighborhood o[ Fa- IJabc in IJtjrkncr Jlnmo. A l i t t l e daiiyhtf-r was l^irn last n i g h t Lo Ilcv. a»d Mrs-.. C. C. llucl :u-r 01 Ionia, Mk'H.. ronnej-ly i-f C u n n r i i s - · otluT M l . s Anna. R.'iidiiu- has r«;A:sn« arfsi.-'-ant !'0okko-])i'r Tor iho Y ir-p ,^ Storage company in '-he Hido. CJirttii Hoarintrs. riy-Micr;; \M-r- siv ayiir John r Trimmed Hats Our greatest millinery opportunities are now annonuc'Wl. The occasion IK a distribution of a. great number of the best and newest hats in every sizes;, i'hupe. color and trimming, constituting quite an important stocl;. There are two reasons why there will be a "OIK den;ai;(i for these hats--the first being that t h e y feme from a well k n o w n New York: M i l l i n e r whose reputation is considerable among t h a t city's smart retail shops; u i t t l s e c o n d -- i h e y are priced at less than Ha'.s of similar q u a l i f y . So "we advise yott to choose yours promptly. Choice S5c, $1.95 up to $12.50 Wash Skirts Dollars more would usually be added to the prices of these line Wash Skirts offered tomorrow. They are sold at these prices because they are tli« balance of specially bought stocks and because quantities are low in some numbers, a size missing in others. The regrouping, however, offers good selection. Dispersal Prices 95c up to $7.50 Ciiartro of Yrivs Klupst-'ner of ;ht- v.lli;. The new a r r i v a l is a 'i':!ii,'lner of Jl«-v. nmJ .Mr.-*, fi, \\' · T.'uckncr. and is I hi; set-^rnl chlh! i:; (he family, ftov, H u r k n p r tvas foe- · n'rand- todny {issiin:-?il iln- mana^nu'.nt of :ho -land of the L'.nioa Nows acrolles, A similar improvement was criecieci Tarther .;auth on this front PERSONAL. I near Hatatvesles, tbt: war otticb ail-' r ilrs. Roy yryv of I^iiro3e. has re-, nounced today. uirncd liouie nf ci r a risk \vltli Miss] I Myrtle Cou^heuo-.;r. - ITOJUUES HAKA.S.S merly pastor of the ChriMian rhxtrch I of Connellsvllle. i Clnssltlod AdT-'rr---rn^nta result". Cost on'y lc a word. TUe..bcs ; .. plact sbop after all. Uj'ownell Shoe"Co.--Adv. Mrs. W. E. Coi glionour and daugh- · ;er, Alr^. Ch^rld .McGoosan cf .Mount Pl^asaa;, -ai'c guvsis of Miss Cora .fvout of Uniohto^vn, ica'ay. -. '.Don't iqrgH y.u'can buy summer j X"r, e ' m pts 'byTue""^^-^^^' lo 'regain . ..ihoes. and .pxfor is at cut .uncos all ] , he g .. ound wm j. e5lerday by tho Brlt . roctli at Brown ;h s,-Adv.-20-2t. | ish nca r Merris on tlie'f-'iajiders front Miss Nellie FR.vance ot Republic is i werc rcpu , aeti tortav - s , var offlce an . .uiorr ARRAS. LO.N7O.V, June 21.--Further extensive raiding and patrol operations were carried out by British troops 1 j last night in the Arras region and on The Store Ahead; Highest Quality. Lowest Prices. the the hpinc | :c aad Mrs. Jolia.Yard In, South IIPPT street. ncuncenical stales . I . u . CASl'ALTIKS IX ,Ut.«V For ue best ;.nd cheapest repaid C03FPAUATIVELY LIGHT. on that roof, conductor or spouting, j WASHINGTON, Juae 21.--The army -:.rer.P::?'-: Brans Estate.--Adv. ; casualty Jist today contained 38 Mrs. P. T. Evi'ns and sou. Charlo=.; names, divided as follows: Killed in Sett last nislit fVr a fev.- -.v-oeks' visit ' action, six; died of wounds, one; died in N'ew Vork. Trom there tn'ey will oi disease, '.hree; wounded severely, go to Atlantic C i t y to occupy a cot-: 27; wounded, degree undetermined,! tag- for tlu- suirmer. ·_ \ oae. The list Includes: Wonifn'.s all p.itent leather oxfords, | Severely wounded. Corpora! Mike j black or brown. Louis orjiillitary | p. Quinn, Conifer, Pa.; Priratj AIc.x- heel; tho ft! kind (or $4.15, a t ; ander Colas, Foi-bes Road, Pa.; Joha Brownci;'a.- T Adv.-20-2t. j F. Minuer, Erie, Pa. 1 " Miss' Jerine Lacch' will leave thi.5! ..cvcnlnc for Sti.uber.ville, 0.. sppiid · OCR 3LKX EXACT TOLL ' fhe"'veek-en(f «-l:h" M5ss" Helen Jfor.-i-i OFF J1L7»,S IX WOKTBli. 'son. - . . . ] WASHINGTON, J u n e 21.--Enemy : ----__ ' patrols suffered considerable losses j I northwest of Chateau-Thierry and in j ! the "\Voevre region. General Pershing! j i·rported today in his communique' i for yi'.sterday. In the Chateau Thierry : i aacl Wocyre region and in Lorrair.e ar' tillery lighting continues. Fancy Xe\v Potatoes, per ih. 4c Large can Tornatoos KJc Small can Tomatoes Iric Early June Peas, can I4e Fancy Sugar Corn ,caa . 1-lc Fancy Telephone Peas, can liic £xtra Oool i'ears, largu can J,Sc California Cling Peaches, can 2;»c Fancy Pink. Salmon, can 2Je Oil Sardines, can So J i f f y Jell, a l l liavors ,,. llo VaiiiHa or Lemon, bottie _.- 1(^ Fruit Pu'.'.diue, package lOc Choice R'o Cofi'ce, per lb lJv Ex. choice Santos Coffee, Piu-u Cocoa (loose), lb. S^c 25 ILs. riotir Sl.J'i 30 11). sack Corn Meal 55c ^'hite Corn Flour, per lb. __ Sft Corn Starch, I lb. package Iflc Rye Flour, per lb. .____ 9u Sc-eded Raisins, per lb. 12c Good Prune....«. per lb. K)c^Q Prunes, per lb. K»c Gof,d PoLicheH. per Hi. KEc Fancy Peaches, per ib. 15c Fatny 'Pared Peached, lb... Sllu Large ja:' Apple B u t l e r ._27o Large Jar Pure Preserves ... 8ie Good Laundry Soap, 7 bars...-ic Silver Gloss Soap, 5 bars 2»c ].argc Rcills Toilet Paper -Ic Having purchased the entire sample line of Children's and Misses' Coats of E. J. Lewinson. New York manufacturers of only high grade Coats for children ;ind misses, at One-Third off the real values, we will offer, beginning Saturday morning the entire purchase at One-Third less than the real value. We "want to impress every mother who reads this advertisement with the importance of this wonderful Sample Sale, and the wonderful saving on Coats for misses and children. In fact you will be able to buy Coats for children or misses for less than the cost of the materials alone. This Sale of Sample Coats for misges and children will be the most sensational sale of its kind ever known in this vicinity. Read the Letter--Positive Proof of Genuine Sample Sale! Phone, Farragne 3201' E. I. LEWINSON CO., Inc. Manufacturers of Xew York. June 7. 1!US. K you want the Best in Frosli Meats, . also Dressed Chickens, g»-t them at our Meat Counter. Our Prices arc the Lowest--Our Line of Oleomar- p; garine is the Best. Pj Diamond A, per pound 3Dc Buckeye, lb. 3-'c Moxtey's Daisy, lb. ._ KFFORTS OF AUSTRIAN'S 0!s 310XTKU.O FAO, HO1LE, June 21. -- The efforts of the Austrians to widen the northeastern p.alient on the Montelio. the keystone of the Piave front towards the west. have failed. Prc;nier Orlando informed |iar!iamc-nt tonight. Towards the south, the premier stated, the enemy - ti Moxley's Special, lb. . Kingnut, tho finest made, a pound 3-lc J Sic _ see. "THE STORE THAT DOES THINGS FOR YOU" J09 AVEST 3IA1X STltEET, COXNELLSVILLE, PA. Infants'. Children's and Juniors* ' COATS IS West 27th St. Boston Office. J. M. Quinn, 67 Chauucey Street The E. Dunn Store. Connellsville, Penna. Mr. Cutlib'ertson:' -We are-today sending to you our sample line of Coats, ranging from 2 years to IS years, at 1-3 less than the cost price. These models constitute the very latest numbers and have been our best sellers. They are up-to-date and desirable garments. Trusting that your sale will be a great success. Sincerely your, E. I. Lewinson. 1 season's able to [Q'STyixHi.!! it=3i!=2 \=' v ^J'A~i^ it tj/ Represent the newest and most favored styios of all the popular fabrics in the t's colors, and flavins purchased them at one-third less than the actual value we are 3 offer you wonderful bargains. Come and see. Regular I'rieu Sale Price S !!.5« Coats - - - - (S -.:A ?. 6.00 Coats - «i .J.ltO i? 7.r) Coats $ 5.110 $ 1 ().()() Coats $ 7.5(1 $1i.()0 Coais -....'. $ H.dlt $I8.(I() Coats v _.... S]'\(|0 $I!K30 Coats - $13.00 sss

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