The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 21, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1918
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Corihellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, S,SCO VOL 16, NO 190 CONNBLLSVILLE PA. TRIDA1 JVEMfvC JU\JJ 21 101$ Beset by Allied Armies on Front and the Unrest at Home Situation for Teutons is More Precarious Than at Any Time Since Drive Began; Italians Slowly But Surely Gaining; Hundred Thousam 1 Idle and Rioting in Vienna. NEW DRIVE ON BRITISH FRONT IS IMMINENT By Associated Press AMERICA'SS HOLD SS-MILE T-BO\J. ^ASHINGION, June 21.--American soldiers arc now holding th fisrhtmg line lor ,1 distance m .{^ miles on the western »ront, iitcording to miormadon given members «t the Houst irilitarj Coiuinittfe todaj at the Tveekly conference mth Sccretiirj- B.iKer .iud General March, thief oi staff. NEGROES PAY HONOR TO DRAFTED MEN WHO GO TOCAMP TONIGHT lied (ross Hatiircd m Procession jriiioiit,h the Stmis, Police and Hremon in Lnp A paridt. and baniuec in lonor o' the negro dr Stees who lea^o heie to night for Camp Sherman 0., 01 or the Baltimore Ohio r^il oad a 6 IT o clock v,en htld last night The procession formed at Sc\onUi street on -lie \Vebi bide and after covering ht principal streets oC t^o cifv disbanded at the Union Baptist church \\htre a barquet w^-s servul to the drailed men T^d pirado was kd by the police Eo lo^cti iiumedjaleU by thL coiorel baud B th the ^L-JI Side and botith i | CoanUlsullt, \ol nt r lire d jiar niLOts luint-d out Manj no£,~~o worn I en garbed iWs Red Cro-° nurtyos marched m the me o f parade One | n t \ R OT-I I \V V, \ T M(!l MKlts 10 \\HllI From a far off tropical country comes a call for new* fioiri home--fnm CocineHssiH-u flic f o l l o w n g leltei i p c e i v t l l ] h c Cour t,r is self explina torv l u h t a line to v o u from a few lonesome minneb j r a f%i oft tropical coi nt \vlio w o u l d l i k e o crr-e p o n i w i t h a *ew n e e o ing girls of vour \ i c i n it\ Things he e an, a u i u l t v Ioneso*ne while we are wuun? for a cl ancc to get our vha^k at the itin wnic 1 " \v? hope w II come *H on \S e Vi ill closo hop ing to reren e R ep!j from them (the girlsi soon The luu r is signed In P i vatos Gtorge Metier Michael DonncII} Hem H cbbcr J- ir Bri\ C C Clearer ind G V Kobert^nn Thei address is Th rd I ousiona! R a i m e n t 1 Hth C n m p a r j M a i i n e = cari of he port of Ncv. \ork GERMANS LOT OF Bfi C People ConMiUrui 1 losli and Blood Bj K.usti So 15onc WILL GET WISE SOME DAY Vninnl Strips )T Snmmer f - n f o r tdinntouts I l l s \uspiPiou:» Opeuinc:, I ir^L and \ p p i t m U n V n t l u m i Ht irh nixM-U ( iris aiiu Hi Heiinui. Cliauta ir^iia week ope iod vestcidaj w i t h good attend incc i n h per formarices I n t h n afternoon L con tr) vii, 1,1 ven bv Uie I l o r r Gi N who also i, s \ e a "lusica prelud n he e\on u[, Tbt lect irt bbl n ghi \\as {^\ea In \\ i him iliino ! erne i on Pa^h^avs to Pow r f i tne e cnn g th big tent wib w e l l nl al and bod nutrher v. -e t) n r m p h l j c n j o v r d The i cinrei id f i r e scd the tudicrce "or in houi ^nd i half talk n^ m a f o r c o f u l mainei an i rising to hi c Imiax s iv uh a rip d f r c Sow of id jnct ves th it 1 opt f l i p inin ret ^ pros enl in i closest i fn IOD ""1 e fir^i icnu nil on t h e r o i l in ( u n s atifl ImmitniUou it|P°" c r '· cner^j expradfd to t e ci 1 S i K ! I \ SiN(, OS E ^ f ( l K U S E n ( i{o^» 1 1 13 tin, ? n 0 i a i our 50 p= in i or oc d 1 th ·· it i s e 1 v i! i -ioon I el L 1 chi di LI oalueu a Mini o ~t tu Hint, it ov e i i h i r nng o Ui Itcd C o \ As Date Approaches to "Work or Fight" In- teres£ Grows FUST EXPLAIN STATUS \t [I c } n t L m n I i r th ~^Qi son Jl r \ \ i c K II iui r cu Is o ! e r oi i n t n Tii md ar ! / 1 i C H i J i uc Hel n I i cd C oj p L l o a n r i Kn ^ ill Be Summoned Lota] Dr.ut i 1 .r BIGHT ro ONE STORE ROBBED, ATTEMPT MADE ON ANOTHER LAST NIGHT J-S -301 son and l l e r w u k 'rKdii , l \ i l l ,!c Mudi I il i llirt in l . l i i h I J i u n J j-lj Jirailcil ^ilecli\i.s \n Siirani m i l l o r 'rm\ V r m t ; i i II JiiMrnctions ire IttroiKdc NORTON NAMED TO HEAD WAR SAVINGS th°cf r negro woraea feature was a stretchu car led b Austria's offensive against Italy apparently has rewhed ( Ol _ r ^omen m v,iuch la; the uTi^-y itself into a defensive movement both ,n the mountains and O f a wounded soldier along the Ptave "While facing Allied counter attacks on the The un tees, had au honor position "fighting front the \ustrian government is being harassed in a hepaiade cam ng a la'te AI en Vienna and elsewhere bv popular outbreaks caused bv food c ' lr Ua * J h e P a j m v. M L bujdav d rjn*i* school was also in lint Bringing up oi , ,, , -.1 , , tl* "ear of tit pararte VVT.S L long lm- Spurrea on b} their successful resistance Italian troops are g( l o u n n g % , ww rur k; and matang repeated attacks against the enenn position west of the no -,e-rr.ivvn V L h i c i c The fir t rigs Piave and have gamed some ground In the mountains around thai have hex i seen u a P ir ide for Asiago Franco-Italian troops have re-occupied important post- some Um w e r e m ime KM n gbt tions Wednesday the bag of Austrian prisoners aggregated AH w i r e t lice' w i t h mime-, out to ein nearly 2,000 bnnging the total captures to 11 000 The fighting |'°_ nor _TM J1 le tlra f, e , csv ° ° CCUon of ISJMXW in its seventh da and the Austnans west oi the Piave probablj are in a more precarious position than at anv time since last Saturday s^ng Around Montello on the northern end of the Piave line the T ie dra'tees reported at the armon Anstnass have been driven back shghth Their efforts to ad- this mom ag at 10 o clock Between vanee near Venson near the center of the line have been check- five and i ) men w i l l jc sent to the ed With severe losses Ohio training c,unp The; l e a v e here Heavy rains are reported m the mountains and th»se may OI1 train *' 6D au j! ' ral - s er ° a 5 ' )L add to the torrent in the Piave which alreadj has washed away c *' tram 1t ,,, rst . . . . , _ , . ,, . . , , 1 1 ii_ r v orv n a n called iiv local boar i many bridges With the flooded river behind the enenn the Italians counter attacks are gaming in strength In in effort jo \npe out or capture the troops which ha\e crossed tfie Piave p e c % aA have been unable to advance into the \ enet an plain Eaots are reported m suburbs of Vienna and 100 000 work- i in important war manufacturing there are on strike The continue to demand more bread and the agitation is spreading with a serious food" situation itself Lnipin "Nove-liy Certnpaiiy s IMnce , T h e store of the t,mp re M o v e t j eompmij jloitu Pitf,biii b s reel was amerce! aud r o l l e d as-l n i g h t glint, w a c h e s anu cert t "es L tie, ta^eu Tho h i L v e o v e i l o o ^ d ? U that was in a d r a w c i \n -i-ttenij t w is also mae^ to etu i the tore of the Con nolLsville Machine »x. M i n e ( ar com panv on \Wtu i ee t but it was un ho d dared Another p u h v a v te power is tl o pat to God The third le uis (o the people To t r ng out h s p j m l m t h e lee ture lh spcako v v i e i h i l l u t r i o d t h e m d bcuptiv art canes t; rami, t 3 come r re m a vocabuiarv ilia was Me ul iaarU r t niK Oni IT , \ i i v i h t n e s In cor noc Lion w h t -KIT Mr no " t i l t h i t t ^ deals o f I t V Ison s er louims tlie v o i ilsn t r tared t n i t the w i r ha unhcj d o a truck load of n an for Pistr ct No 5 appeared t h i s t o r n ink The wen Yrtl nr rorilon h Mat how 1 Joffe ,on \ a n d e r t i l t Pollu McC raw Scoltda] lanes M Ch iitoin t n i o a t o w n ind D No 1 \11 b i t wo of the rren e a l e d hy Germany appears unable to help because it is faced ^iln'Roo'rn'son anTiiuTer jorrtVt ie former of McKeesport and the of lor.. The cantfen corrmi teo * tcr "METHODS 01 M VRF VRL. I The canti-en e-orrmi ten of Ibe Red ITALIAN ARM\ HEADQUARTERS June 21 --The second rros! Prepared lunches for nc nog o phase of the Austrian offensive featured b\ attacks to the drartoe -' right and left of Valst.igna along the Brenta mer and in the mountains should logically begin soon now that the effort of the rrrrv MJ7M TA1WUT PATSY MEDFfi FOUND Piave has tailed It is Celt that if the \ustnais do not renew ^"11 klUH lUMUnl, *«iu* mi^iv their efforts to penetrate to the plains through the Brentt region rVT OTUAI p f OfVSPiNV Md taking Mont Grappa it would be an acknowledgement of *"" 1UIVLL, 1/UlUrrtm, iefear and their nabili j to carry out the ambitious plans WIRES MAJOR MEYER wncned a -sseek ago The looborj at th Pmpirc N o v e tv cov red the store wa; d covers aboi t 6 o eiock 11] ^ en! em r 1 iho lanho r! th s morning r i snow ca-ses lad worsen ire cominr to (1 a 1 nf ticen lans^ickLd but nothin 0 tak.e u eounrrv s n e v o i l e p r e h si 1 from them Ten r e v o l v e r s .ind thro m i n v a oi nj., ma l a s f line. \vatches wore utken from t^e show w i n tow iad ewe en COO and 700 cart ridges troi t e stex-1- Tre th ve e u n d t h r o u g j lh rear of the stre C i v s panels n thr t oor w e r e br ken bt t t e h tr terobs Lhe dooi could i ot be lifte-a out mak i is ueeei irv f r y e burglars o crawl tlirougl tV b o t o n panel A h n t e i th screen drxir oa the o i t s i d e w a ^ prlt i ' c ntne Koed Oormns bu i h e v --11 open B oodstams fouiKL a the d spla WH do\\ woalei u d i e t t h a t m c i a w l ng Ihlough Uie )rH en ^lo-ss anel o^e. of he rojberb receiveei cut The I h i e v b l e f 1 y the sm e doo in w h i c h Lhej eiue ed The police are w o r k i n g oil tile r ob-cr% On Water stree-t U P Uass m Uie 1 windows in the rear if the ear eo*n palsy's sto-e was broken bu bars pro Jen J I c I s \menca T h e he j in tfit ( imnti- List ic HJT.I n n ^ i re nai c l e tc d u o ! rcct t t. \\ ir s vm,-, Irii-c ^)) ch l)p e an t o d i v JUf* Iq ers n I ni i i vs n at the sin i. i me istri ned 1 j i piuige t u d ^ o \ e fie LOiin ^ 1 r No ton 11 1 o 3 m Jr-d t c tlm 1 ib i\ IA an drs%(. \sa= ) ]ojTti». i c h a r n a J i kctc ] M i u n Di\ R J MrC foi C o n r r l K v Ik O D u r s AC (. Jlcllc ^ onion \\ \ ,Li \ nsMlk \\ \ I dr i son J{ D I k n r \ D i n b * I d r c h a n t i B h Me s If ·speaking uf he war he said t) r Corimn Odt on w a.s made of bone i^aeib If the v we e jot boncheails ihev w o i l d n be G r ins 1 he G r man people are loike^l an bv k i er as nurh flesh and h] n 1 bono w th ho l o n e r m n n r cl"ar ip N u i a r m s,i H ] n n t o w ^ I Cra Ru«=h Ma Mot telian 1 I ;v n H \ ] ov J Ma 1 ovb i 1 rl r nas \e.iv s rr ( ) r Hemps ead I or vopo s Ho ai r ams Pen t M a - i r n 1 I I e i r ho R pul l i r Jn n t " nr '.IP nd ^\ -5 J O e e h b ar Ju e tioi B o r b o w e r L " i o r t o w ^1 H e e i nan \ ^ n d o i b i l t Joseph 1 I vented Jie t h i e v e s rrona gaining an entrance GUILTY OF MURDER IN FIRST DEGREE )Ut I d i n t b e i e v e vo could find a Gorman in this e o i n t r v w Q v o lid go t a c t to e enmnv if v u u ef eitel im Ihe r a n s p o r r a l l o n O n e l e a r n C e r m i n v is g o u t to f a i l n this w a r is 1 i -lation t lat will us*, us poop e as s 0 imnv pawns shall p c n o i . Ti-p Gormans vrfll ca^ch on som d ij 1 Co and that wil bo tlio uav when a grea Vr/uncan a n n j ptaiius Ls J ^ on I r e partpots of Berl n OL SHAKING THE WORLD OVER h vte Ui" Cerman people (Cot tliuiexl on We dor t n t r ln ti( , T w o ) WOMAN BAR TENDER AT MOUNT PLEASANT \.s u i v 1 e tl e w h e n Provoat A slial oe e i a l C i o v v d e r s work or I i,h r i l e o n e s e l l c c i v e ap- o che ^, i e s t i a n t and ei ploieb who arc alledeei l \ it I ec me mei e i tere ted 11 iui ap] lie mon TLe leie^l bo i Is mid the ie°ai at onb pla n in t i i pictMsionb datv is nil v i n f e-gisirants w h o have oe.ii fou d j e i i i e r s 01 engaged i nom ro Sue 11 e o e e u i a t o n 01 em- l l o v n n o ip L I T jefore the boaid a a s t a t e d t lie me] rr ei t am e v i - 'cnce l e are 10 su i nt o e lab ish t i r i t ,h te 'elericd cl i su e ation The I u-el n of p i o v i n g th t tl ev a,o aot la % en a c ed n a i e r i o e e u p i - t n or e i p l o v m e n s l e n l - v upeia he e,-stranus t emselvoG I i o m lio i cts idd i d 1 v tl e hearing n i v e i i l e ^ s t i ut l o hoards vv ill il o heir eie n If t cannot h n l o v v n ihat U i c e i s - a n t s usefu 1 n lie eel ihe t ard has no discre I I n IH t lo in 1 t o elas ifical on *~nd a sijrn the re" stran o C lass 1 Do ion of bo le eai Inains are c I J f e t o i] )cal l ) the Ji tri"t 1 m d s as previrjs c a c e s If such a e s on is i lo i mi, j it be m- f i i i a b e t i i c i e i - i i r i i ihe assijru- i nt of ibc r t a i ei class 1 v 11 stai 1 ili ncri j oie'er n u r e v i I ) C v u' aw \ am he? w i t l i e c v n an 01 dr ninibe"- w h i c h will insure is IL t e i P i 10 iho m lira v s r v i e e e n tl o ne\ call i r men of 11° qi a] Teat on '-ome perp L tj F av ar -=e in refer n e o the elefin tions 10 be iveii oe rta n v orels used to Icscribe oce.u pitiors o. ion but iho h)ca] boards w i l l l e d sposeel to O m the broadest meaning ]ertiis 0 ajli unde the refl- ations Th K - e nuffcur employed is d ucr of a del verv truck lor a i K r c a n t l e e)r ndustria estabhsV olassed as usefullv em- Along the Pia\e the Italian positions are virtually un- uptun sieme 1.1 t o m p m j f. Busier hanged The Austnans are fighting well according to the I t a l - j jum m dtv foelaj liounjinp i p ans but the latter are outclassing them It is believed that the Itcruib mr Id serve Hilitia. Italians would have dmen the \ustrians baciv across the r i v e r C o m p a i j nil be mist cd m to sefore this time but for he nature of the fighting -vhich an Am- »iti t ir ^o u en report at tliu ennorj »ncan on this front sail reminded him of the Indian combats ' - u t a u \ o btme received word n tbe old davs Mght lighting and bushwhacking methods are e b « r f^ from Major Mee r t at it larj Ii(turns V e r d i c t HiK \itnioon ut i 0 tleicK V f t e r licmf Out I'ulsj lleelle illi g el iU:tr el EJLV nioiul lirteIU 1 whose luiij YHS (Jtot into an abauelom d » e l l at I convicted neon lt murder in hrst ih P i ptduon to J ask a;, tie 1 he Jilj- Joh mr ( exjd flfi/e us, Jjpf. tiiror Tells Uu ItoUri. n« \M liaii Kaincv Heniu t, leciuro^- at Ihe chautauei 11. last e v e n i i ^ was a gioa of the Comellsv lit Toiurj at lh \rl ngton hotel at a dm }iniitp dimtig leioni last ev^ni t He pave, a short scappy talk on the wor Kotanans are elo ng nient w i l l hioughou the eourti-v as Lc is OJ- ploed but a man enga;red in pnvaTo servod t h e i r acdvitius ana ndicatcd e a p a c i j as Ue d-iver of a pleasure the several 1 nos o usefulness open to utcimob Ie v 1 be classed as a do- tlis, organ z-Uio- 1 uosl c s e r v a n t an 1 no be given the The v T k of daptmg our country privilege of deferred classification to tin, new conduons that sill pro- Jn their interpretations of the terra wil afte he war is a task uiat Ho work Jie local boai ds w i l l be gnid- tarians oue,ht even now to begin to p d bv the f ollowmg parag-Tiph of Ihej Starto-d to Hare LH^jiM 1 of Prepare oi Vr Uennetx said rheinenv regulations Spelker Uuosc Itetekel tor Vio- job of making the world ove?- -s one | In ihe present emergeuc} it is not that » II call for the best Jiougbt and Possible so e\toi a the; pro! cuon of effort of evor c tizeu who aspires to deferred classification 'o Uose rcgis- fi I h i p oee in jiis comnumty and the I trants engaged in certain occupauons or emplojments wbich ore unprodtic- of Krooks D met \UorLey N \ Cort V\ estmorcHad countj vesterdav of ten ed FALLS FROM WINDOW Men L K Repperl, a tor Mtdio had tolel the ju-y his veision of tlie kill ing \rgurnercts vvoro made from op Harry he onl distraction of ihe armies is watching the bombing mci 'n the city at the armon yperations of the riva' aviators to c i rte raifa, of Companv The Austrians earl in the offensive had almost half the ^"^ "^ dr ^ ft ^e w i l l iccci )lateau but now thej h a v e o n l j about one-third Deluding many I ^ mmflh " nc J Jl ^f' a ^ to1r '' tthwe s TM^', posing-newpomis t f their best positions Such as the town of \eivesa which has'others vv o are m tV draft burhaTC W B 'TMc and District Attorney S ·een set on fire bv the Italian artillery |no been can d w , n a "lso have an ad l j o h A orr TM The ury was then ex No fear is felt in Venice that the Austrians will get there vantage of advance instruction i eusod """' 9 ac]ock rhe corresnondent on visiting the citv found an absence of ex- The men will oe measured for um | itement and there was no intention to leave on ^he part of the forms tonight also ihe mustering m sonmt BPGDfS TOHOBROfl. nhabitants Large stocl s of bandages which the American ot the con panj however was rot as | \ed Cross has had on hand in Venice ior the last few monthsi s u i e f uam cblerda J Afternoon when Sprmj Hill lie Ishcred Out at 12:52 ' . , , . .,, , . !,. _ T i _ , j . j ! word came vave pro-ved most useful 10 the Italian wounded rom Putshu Mc}trs comn ,, m cated TY Dimn who notified Capi-im Stooe MACCABEES ELECT THRUST i f BKiriSH PBOBABLt. PARIS June 21--(Havas Agenc} )--Grave events are mi-ending on the British front according to military experts who ee in the intensity of th German cannonade at various points he prelimmarv steps of a new German attack It is pointed' Oftict rs Chiisin inst u?ht to lie In- ut that the fourth army group tinder Crown Prince Rupprecht filled m Jul) f Bavana has had leisure for reorganization during the three j Offiee-i of Yough tent of jMiigh s ipeks since it was engaged in battle and no\v is ready for i. n e w , of the, Maccai ces were elec ed last flort along the front evening for .lie ensumg si-c tnouths O'clock Tonight Summer will bo ofScially ushered m short y after midnight tonight The almanac gives the houi as 12 o2 A person nation he s*ad. uve Tiere b a treat demand for abor in al] produc ne occupations am, enploymenis and especially m 'arriculTDre and Oeher necessary in- JB. 0 Vc«oiint.aii( -(rioai!]r Ininred dustrics Theieforc regre'rants who in Mishap al e« Castle, | have been given deferred classifies- ion be fell from a second siorv lloa ari *' 10 c ' ul sngage in some p-o^ who emplovsj window of us oTice J 4 Da-vis din* d u c t l l ° occupation or women to a.11 vend offer proeuri- lion accoLDtmt for the Baltimore ' - - - - . . . . d u c t l l ° vllhout substantial financial loss or furnish or Jibtrlbute a^j mtoxica. in? I Olno railroad at New Castle and for har!ls! »P " themselves or others drinks s guiltv of a m sdemeano Mr Spelker mtroc'iicod the custom of; employ ng females as ba ir^-ids on June 17 when he hired Mrs John Schach e of Mount Pleasant as bar rnald ai his hotel MOTOR EXPRESS SERVICE 1il] Be luiuifriiritod Mondaj bj 1"dls, 31111s Kotar Car Company Beginn ng VIondaj JUUL 24 tbe -- -- Wells-Mills Moto Car company of M J me 22 romorrov, will he the j Connellsv lie will i lauguralo express service between this cit and Pits berg 1 rips will be, n adc dallj and n crh omplojeel in a M-iilar ej-iacm m he companv s ofhce.s here vas senouslv ujiired and it is feared he cannot reeovei r he accident occur red abou a week ago According to reports received here Mr Davis was adjusUng a window when the object on which he was | standing toppled forward ihrowmg "lent below It is said that one laig s pu ictured The injured man vias roe removed o the Shenargo \a'!es m S hospital at New Castle Mrs Davis ^^ should be willing lo seek, some productive occupation or empiovrnem or enter ihe mi narv service rather Jian, re nain in an occupation or employment in which Jiej are rende-mg no- effective"ass stance to the nation. longest da of tli season Under the dajlight saving plan complete darl ne=s does not fill until nea ly 10 o c ock F43101SJ IP i.VIATOR KILLFD. PARIS June 1--(Havas A.gencj)--Sergeant Kobavaski ie Japanese aviator in the French service has been killed in r con unaneior erial battle He was figl ting against a number of the enem ' comirande 'hen his machine was sei on fire bv au mcendiarv bullet He.keepe- Tho w i l l be. mslall"d ·neeting rugnt of Ju j The officers, a e Past imped from his airplane at the height of about S 000 feet and i c aries MarlcIt^ behind the French lines Or PRIOMJRS UlHtGH). PARIS June 1 -- (Havas Agency) --French prisoners who ave been in German'v sane August 1914 w 11 be exchanged on me 24, according to the Petit Journal IS- ES ILtRTXTS kHiLFI), Carpenter nttsburg Chai-le., H 19 DLE OF M01T)S t-arey Si em O Robert D Dram WASHINGTON June 21-The- Ma ' e ' a ^hmbu'a O 36 Corps casualty Its issued oda} 'ttcmnded sevc-(-ly Sergeant Hay ntamed 127 names diMded a fol- mond V Ottse C a m jie Pa Pr Colborn aud T J M Franks Vurphv first V ter sccoid M vf llei p anisl J H Vrtis \! 1 r plett rt-lie Knight comm ndei \\ a ter Shavs M B Pryce icutcTiant cows H C Cltispei leeoid ti Bj.t en chaplain physicians 4. J H i francis seigeant master at arms J l o G R B Weisger of G John Lenhart bluer pickc \.\ i son V T^avoUo trustees B "ryce ane Charles committee L \ nHIeUi in I ie.utenant Coionel Henry Coulter tre second of tho licth Regiment m Trince o ge her with his idjutant t apta u John D Hilehman a d nemhe"s staff were billPtoel in a bai i chickens horses pigs and all othei barnyard 1 easts and fow Is ac trordmt to w o r d loceived u Greens burs parcels and packages up to -oO ponuds w i l l be- handled TJO rout^e ft ill "le bj wai of Scot dale Mount Pleasant Oreenshu g while an auiiliarv truck will handle raff c flora Dunbar Duvvson and Van The truck "* here -t (, V W l l h | about 10 The ws Killed m action 3 died o' nmds 19 wounded severely 9' The list includes Died of -(rounds, Private Stanl.y D vates Dale Cirpcnter S i a n t o n O Jaroas i. McCh re Pa-k(.rvnlle Val ley 'W Va. Corporal Peter P Rich Continueii on Page Ttva Crantcd "'I imaffe Tjic(nsos. Adrian L ttle and Goldie VI Smith both of Ohiop}! Jisse- \\ halev a d Marv V Lvaus botli of Coinellsvtlle, MsKinlej Logan and "lattie Sm Mi botl of Dunbar were granted lar- nage licenses n TjmoritmvrL 1 Tl u n d e r showers this afternoon or ' tonigh Sa nrda fan and coolei is t Ifte noon weather foiecast fot "v\est e n Pennsjlvjua Tenipcratare Record. 191S 1917 Ma\ mum. 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Mi'!( !!0\ SI NT !0 I V I i l M I l i U M V , riltP lei u \lrv js rirunei ef jJnnhar w is s ni e t e I line 1 M u s Marine Coi ps l am i i. c i m p at Pert 1 o^al S C v - e s e r l e v liav i t rcecmlj em- 1 lisle at 1 i s'u ,, "Minimum 61 oG M^ean T t 71 Tbe "Sough iver 'ell during t h e ' o f i c e of Superinteadent U H night from 1 80 to 1 60 feet. i Broug tton. Fl-al T e l i 1 ( dtrabmi OHice^s He 1 doe S liuie.1 C o m i e i a ii_a kill. Mon b n so i [ar and D J t i c a s u i p i v e r" re-eleclce! at he in nt il tonventic i of lh \p e n c v n 1 od erat on of Laboi in St. Paul jester day l^tr^o^ Tonns orr rOH SOllH OiliOLPTA Iiarrv J C avvford and D A. Ansell of Diwwm and George TV Roark of Dickeison Ran, left vesteitUj for Ior Soyal S C. havint, enlisted in, (Continued oa Pace Two

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