The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1938 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 21, 1938
Page 8
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Many fine homes tn all sections of the city. PETER n. WEIMER WEIMER ARCADE. PROPERTIES FOR SALE OH RENTI T. C. PHALIN. SO. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PHONE 975 CHAPTER 2t LORD SIMON had been examining the newcomer coldly after ho burst into the room to caution 73nld not to talk. "Mr. Miles, I presume?" he said. "Well?" aasentcd Miles. "Glad you've dropped in. You may bo able to help us. I take it that you'vo heard ol* our little pathcrfnfi; from my man. Butterfield?" * Buttcrlicld. na though in answer, walked in. "I spoke to the person, na you ! nstructcd, my lord. I find his alibi quite in order. It was, as you knew, his free evening. He spent It, not ftt his own hotel, but at an iun culled the Red I...on. He won actually partner to the police sergeant in n contest at a game known n.i darts, my lord." "Darts." repeated Lord Simon disgustedly. "That w.ui the name of the pastime, my lord. Darts. I made quite sure of my information. At 10 o'clock ho remained talking with a group of persons outside thin public house, until 10:20, w. hen two of them accompanied him to his hotel. It appears that the winners in this game, my lord, have their--I beg your pardon for mentioning it. my lord--their beer paid for by the losers. This person nnd the police sergeant in partnership had been almost uniformly successful In the game, and In consequence in a very am- b 1 g u o u s condition. However, Mile* won assisted to his hotel, where the kitchen boy, who shares bis room, undressed him, nnd ntntes thit he was in bod and asleep bofore 11. and did not stir again. The sergeant. It appears, was- summoned here." "If I 'ad known you was Inter osted in Miles* movements, T could 'avi* told you," gn.mbled Sergeant Bcof. " Qui to so. So you have an alibi, friend MIlc% Well, well, it'ff R iincful sort of n thing. What can you tell us, though?' ' "Nothing. My ."Istcr never had anything to do with it, nor yet Foil owes. So you might as well atnp questioning them." "You must admit that it's rather odd, though. Miles, that the three of you, with such Interesting records, should be handy when n crime's born committed?" "Don't see what that's got to do with it. There's nothing me since I came out. Fel- )owe» has got a clean record for three years. And my slater's never been In any trouble. I don't think much of any detective,** he added, "who Fuspecln people, just bo cnine they once hnd been in quod '* "Nobody ha.-! mentioned the word tuspicion. Miles. It waa juit the coincidence which inter- Cfltcd me. You -fee. I'm not a groat believer In coincidences Who proposed that game ol darts?" "I did." "Tou met Sergeant Beef nt the Hed Lion, perhaps?" "No. I went to his house." "You went nnd tishod him oui for a game?" "Yes. What about it? He's R good player. And there was two fellows coming over from Morton Scone who arc hot stuff." "So It was for the honor of the villngc, as it were, thnt the sergeant turned out? Thank you. 1 M. Picon only asked him one question. "These gentlemen from Morton Scone, did they tell you anything of what you call In English the tittle-tattle of tho place? Was there any news from Morton ·Scone?" , Miles looked honestly puzzled I "No. Xot that I con remember . We didn't have much time for talking. We were playing hard." I wo* certain that he was actually feeling nervous. There was silence in the room, broken only by the gentle snoring of Mgr. Smith. I had been examining Miles. Small, slick, rath- T furtive--here was a man who at least psychologically, I -felt, could have been considered guilty. I had hcnrd of the treachery of these people of mixed blood, nnd looking at him I could believe what I had heard. His long, rather yellow hand, lying on the back of his sister's chair, could have used that knife as It had been used. And the almost feline agility of the man could, I felt, have overcome the inexplicable obstacles. But his alibi, as Butterfield had Indicated, seemed unimpeachable, so that yet another suspect was abandoned In my mind. "Anyway," he said, "I'm not go- Ing to havo my sister asked any more questions. Not without she has a solicitor here. She oughtn't to have been asked any. It's not fair. In a serious case like this." "All that we want, man stmi," put In M. Picon, "Is the truth." "Well, you can find that out, without asking her any more. Come on, Enid." She rose without « word, and with a defiant glance back at us, Miles escorted her from the room. "It Is of no consequence," said M. Picon. "There was nothing else she could tell us. So U she and her lover are to be believed, someone was waiting In the chambrc of Madame Thuraton when she reached it, yesterday." "And that someone," I felt called upon to say, "could have been one of five. It could have been Morris, Strickland, Stall, or the vicar. But it could also have been a someone of whose presence in the house we arc i aware." "Or someone of whose existence we arc unaware," put in Sam Williams. "That is, always presuming that Enid and Fellowcs have not invented that person altogether," suggested M. Picon. "Wo have only Enid's and her lover's word that he was there." "Yes, we don't seem to be get- ting very much farther, do we?"', smiled Lord Simon. Who knows?" returned M.i Picon. "A little light here, a lit-, tie light there, and soon, voila! the' sun is up and all is day." * It will be, too," grumbled Ser( geant Beef, "if you don't get onj with it." 'Bien, bicn, my friend Bocuf., But remember the English proverb, the more you haste, tho less, you speed, Is it not? We come' now to the young Strickland." I was learning something about) the effect of a crime on people,^ which I bad never fully rcalizcdt from merely reading about mur-' dcr. It was the quite unexpected; effect which suspicion, cross-.' examination, and the presence of( skilled detectives had on every-' one concerned. These things had[ already broken down the -prepos-j terously theatrical manner oft Stall, the butler, hod made Fel- lowcs, usually a cheerful young; man, growl monosyllables in a! threatening sort of way, and{ shown Enid as a girl of some* character who could tell a »tory,f or at least her own story, very' welL But I was still not prepared fori tho changes in my fellow guests,! least of all those in David Strick-i land. He had always seemed toj me one of the few Englishmen to; whom that expressive American-) ism *'hard-boilcd" might justly bo t applied. Even his appearance--. bull neck, cheeks tanned and' mapped with the red veins that' 1 aro the bloom of alcohol, cyea) hard and humorous--argued that) he would be invulnerable to thisi sort of thing. I ha4 expected toj find him terse and rather gruCf,( perhaps, but able to answer any! questions that were put to him' quite satisfactorily. Yet when ho came into the; room, I, who knew him well, waa» certain that ho was actually feeling nervous. He nodded uncomfortably to the investigators and- hurriedly lit a cigarct. Whether or not he had any connection with the crime, he had something- to hide. I was sure of that. (To Bo Continued) Real Estate for Sale Houses for Salo 84 A REAL BUYl BLACKSTONE ROAD. 7J6-718 WEST SIDE--Twelve room double houso with bath and heater, all modern. This property must be sold at once to §ctUc estate Immediate possession. Price reduced to $1.5X. PAUL WAGONER 1000 W. CRAWFORD AVE. PHONE, 148 FOR SALE--Nice ftvc room house on paved street. Price reduced. Sec Robert Korrlx. Phone 505. FOR SALE--308 Walnut Avenue, Scott- dnle. eight room hout-c, .ill convenience*. Inquire at above address. Lots For Sale 85 Houses (or Sale 84 SEE THIS PROPERTY I SYCAMORE STREET--Six room frame home, basement, vapor steam heat, all conveniences. Two car garace. Can arrange suitable terms WM. P. McNULTY EAGLES BUILDING. PHONE 1760. FOR QUICK CLOSING UP--Of the estate of Josephine Rcndinc, will sell one property located at 217-219 Carnegie Avenue, and another property located at 218-220 Market Street. Conncllsvillc. See F. E Younkln. Attorney, or R V. Kvndinc. Executor. Title Trust Bldg, FOU SALE--Six room house, bath and furnace. Hardwood floors, garage. House in good repair. 53,000. Robert Norris, Phone 505. IN WRITING n Classified Ad be sure to tell all the facts which you would want to know if you yourself uero a prospective buyer WHEN YOU SHOP through the Classified Section you buy from choice not from Dcrsuar-lon ECONOMY OK 1IME, money and effort results from Classified reading. SEVERAL NICE BUILDING LOTS! FOR SALE--At Poplar Grove. 60x140 ft. City water and gas, telephone service. near Street Cnr line and highway. If you arc Interested In cood building lots at real Bargain Prices, see C. S McCormlck, Poplar Grove, Phone. Con- ncllsville, 120-i-J. or write Post Office Box 144. Conncllsvillc. Pa. Auctions--Legais Auctions-- Legals Legal Notices. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. THE ESTATE OF RAYMOND R. Ringer, Intc of South Conncllsville, Fay. cttc County. Pa . deceased. Letters of AdminKlration In the above estate having been granted to the undersigned, notice is hereby given to all persons Indebted to the said decedent to make payment to the undersigned without del iy, and all persons having claims or demands against said estate arc requested to make known the same. W. S. ITJngcr, Administrator, South Connellsville. Pa. Hlgbce, Lcv.clln Higbce, Attorneys. 7fcb-6l-mon, ADMINISTRATRIX NOTICE. C W. Martin. Attorney. THE ESTATE OK HARRIET MURPHY, late of Franklin Township, Faycttc County, Pa, deceased. Lettei s of Administration in the above estate having been granted to the undersigned, notice Is hereby given to all persons inedbtctl o the said decedent to make payment to the undersigned with* out delay, and all persons having claims or demands against said estate arc requested lo mal.c known the same. Phoebe M. Brock, Administratrix, Smock. Pa. 14fcb-Gt-mon Legal Notices. 31 RxncuToirs NOTICE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT Letters Testamentary on the Estate of Mnry Morris, deceased, late o£ South Connellsville, Faj ettc County. Pcnna . have been granted to the undersigned, to uhom all person:, Jndtbtcd (o Mid esf.ite arc requested to make immediate payment and those having claims against same, will make them known without delay. Harry Morris, Executor, Rcldmore Road, South Conncllsvillc, Pa. 21feb-Gt-mon. A-No 1 SERVICE li v.hat you get Irom Classified Ads When you have a special need to nil. phone us the pirticulars and details You can get an ad-taker at 12 or 13. THE CLASSIFIED SECTION Offers A complete catalogue of tho wants and offers of tho people of ConncllsvUlo and vicinity REMEMBER. The more you My. th« IN A PINCH use a Claswficd AcL NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS Of Loucr Tyrone Township, Fsj'ettc County, I*.!. THE PROPOSED ANNUAL BUDGET of Lower Trone Township for the year 19:ifl as required by Legislative Act No. 'Mb, approved June 5, 1937. Is now in the hands of the Secretary. Any taxpayer Interested may sec same at the home of Joel KclTcr, Secretary, R. D. 1, Dauson. P.i. Board of Lower Tyrone Township Supervisor-!, - Gco Newell. Chairman. feb-21-22. DID YOU LOSE your purse or card case? Let us run a Lost and Found ad for you. Just phone, 12 or 13 for on ad- taker. WHENEVER you have a real need to nil the Classilled Section will help you to fill It quickly, as easily and inexpensively AN AD A DAY keeps hard times away. Let us explain our yearly Classilled rote. SPEND HALF as much for twice as much oy shopping through tho ClaBiJ* tied Ado. You tell us and we'll tell th« worldi Yearly rates upon request. CLASSIFIED ADS arc messcnficrs of PATRONIZE tho-o who mdvcrtisol Q I. O. Hepburn Alnrlon Hepburn, sister of Katharine Hepburn, tho film and stajri itnr, in shown distributing hand)]].! nmiounclng' n C. I. 0. meeting n Washington. D. C, A policeman trdurod her to Mop but did not, arrvat her. ("Cf «(r«: Fress) THE CLOSKH ou stlcX to clawtHN ads the closer your numry will stick U jou and tho faitner It will SO when yov spend U YOUK MONEY HEk'UNUiU U ou get the dcMred rvwiU* pt-toro your ad ex. plrct. \S'liy not uttvuttuo that e,'Etr« drtsscr? A CLA.SSIKJKU AD can Und ttio rlfihi kind of u Job feu 1 the ri£hi Kind o£ man or woman AS LONG At» you tui^c the Section. ou needn't wait long to obtain an thine ou net d--it is easy to ccl. PATRONIZE UIMO who

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