The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 1939
Page 2
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P S OF TWO n \ n Y P\, TUESDAY AIA.RCH 7, 1939 B L.YNNE B KIN CELL. B y S h e p a r d B a r c l a y "The Authority on Authorities' Dolls of Many Nations Displayed At Fete for Junior Culture Club; Pittsburgh Teacher Guest Speaker V* he i Misb Louise He itherington of Pjitsbui 0 h time to Cometoillc Monday nit,ht to ippeai as guc»t peTkci at i xcccption gi\cn bj the U oman ^ Culture tnc jumoi club she brought \\iih he 1 * i collection of 150 dails OL ma TV n i t o n s The leception v,as held at the club looms at tl c Cnrneg c Free Libidiv and nenily ove-y scit of the l u ^ r audi ouum was occupied It v. is a mojt erjoyable occasion \p- provimileV 2oO club \somen d i d £,ueiU di ended ind were laicimtcd Mrs Esther Patterson Marks 84th Birthday b the display of lovely dolls and highly entertained by a fine talk on 'I"tein*i lonal Dolls given bv Mi E Heathcunglon Mis D H Wilidrcl piesmenl of the cluj, g auously welcomed the isicmbh go, ard in the absence of Mib \V R Bow den, chai man of the m'eimLional relations corrunlttee pi^scnled the speakei Mrs Bovvden *" serviit as a jaioi at Uniontown n cl was un ule to c i ry out h?r piit on the piogta-n Miss Ilca'heungton, a mombei of the fa ulty of He \Vestnghouse High School Fil^bui^h, began her hobby of coll ctlng dolls 11 192b and today *he has a rate and puzed display In- w . . . .._ .. Mis febthci E Pottuson one of Club m honor oi j Connellsvilles oldcs and most highly eb een cc 1 women celebtated hei e gMy Coui h biithday Sundny at het 1 ome in RE ce sheet A fam ly dmnei was, scived it 6 o clo^k \\ th M · O C llnrion daughtei oC Mr 3 Patlu- son hosier The center of the I blc wa« priced with a luge and iltr c live biithdaj cake iced m white nd ndoined with 30} low candles The menu consisted of chicken wit i \] he lumminga Mis P-Uteison \ is oho the ice picnt of lo\ L!\ fo\\er DIKECTTNG BIDb 01SE PERSON TOR uiject ng a aiiit bid o"\ er the opponent s 01 ig inaJ cal3 is to djrect a lead o c thdt suit as tl e most promising defense especi ill} If the otliei fel OWE get into a no trump contract In that event your bid should act as almost an abso ute command to your oart ner unless he happens to have a pjet y good suit o* hla ov.n plus some sort of side entry oi el^c has only a singleton of yours Since this combination seldom prevails you car usually count on a good p ( u*tne to lead the suit which your bid has iskcd him to and other gilts also many beautiful citds convevmg bi thdaj congialu a- tions Mis Patterson the foimei Miss tsther Emi y Cook Franklin t o v n ship is the widow of D-vud P Pit- le'soik and has resided in Connell \ i l l e since her marriage I f t y vc i s ago En]ojing good he-It i, sic is an avid reaciei ind also devot s consid erable of her time to sew ng Her hobbj is m ki ig delicious cool ies Which She tal es dc i»h n »c v inp to tbe ehi'dici of 'he nu^bboinooo when tre call it icr home Sharing Jie dinner v th the honoi guest vvcie he" sons-in-law and diughtcis Mi ana Vrs O C ITai- man who reside with hei ind Mr (Dealer Noith Both sides vul ncrablc 1 Bidding on this deal began with Wea s fourth hand 1 fapadc North then inber'cd 2 Diamonds Fast bid 2 No trump West 3 Spades aid East3 NoLnimp Soutliledhiiheart 4 East \\innuig \\-ith thp 9 and re taming a spade to the J K mid A The club 2 came back to the Q then the spade Q was won and a small spade lost to Is orLh The becond club return was won by the J, the diamond Q sent through to the K the diamo-id J took [the returned lead and East clanked the refat k-ng 3 No trump Ip'us an ovei trick J South with no side entries to help bring in h s heart suit, and as many aa two of his partners dla monda should ha\e obeyed orden and led his diamond 3 rhe K would ha\euor and the repeated diamond would probably have been allowed to run to the A Ey normal play then Lie apade K would drive out tho A a third diamond would lose to the Q and when tj-e declarer e/entu ally had to lose the third spade lound to North two more diamonds could ha\c been cashed setting Ihf contract loraorrow s Problem A A K Q 7 6 i V I 0 -1 J 6 5 Americanization Program Held At Dunbar Twp, H, S. A 10 0 3 V A ^0 0 Q 7 2 A A K Q 9 7 (Dealer East Neither °tde vul nerabl* 1 ) How would jou prefer to bid tbl* deal*' Copyr jhl 19J9 Kirg peimrci Sjnduite Jewish Conned Wdl Hold Tea and Shower; Hadassah Regional President Wdl Speak A d j u t m i 1'cdlcj Ban ell of the Salvation Army nt Uniontown de h cicd in jcdrcbs Mond y rioming at Dunbai Township H i j h School in connection with the Nat on wide ota- seivance cf An cncnn zition Week undei the spousoibl ip of the Benevolent 'L P o t c c t \ e Oidei of Llks Adjut lit Bui i ell who spoke al a pio^nni imnj^od by Connels\!]le Loc gc 1^.0 ^03 tie^scd lie combination of spiutual t i m i m e i t and dis- aj m n lent S p n t u i l H i r i i n e n l the speaker ·5J d is in intelligence knowledge up ighaie^s and honesty ' I f we h i \ e these things and d i s u m by talking n u i y Ihosp charactei istics that io!d us b ick the e wolildr t be need for armaments to u m d off an attick ' Adjutant Buuell declared He 6 id that this ca i be ccomolislied ab mdividua s and nitions S-imuel D Oppcnheim a membei of the lodge committee that a'sc inc tided Geoige Gently and William L DcBol discussed the essay contest the lodge is sponsoring foi cniois of he high school and foi which p izes o f $50 $2j aid S10 are being offeied Music by the tudiencc and high ·ichoo orchchtia WTS in c h n g e of Miry J llemmmger Aunouncemert was made that of the 149 seniors emolled 68 had \ i t en essays or 46 per cent of the c H The essays, on the theme W lat Americanism Hears to Me," ha\e been turned over to Miss Vii- gmia McGivern and John Valentine for classific-ition and g admg and th"n will be turned over to the lodge com Tiittee for judging Winners will be announced Fridi right at a public program in Coi nel ai.ille High School Auditor- mir Similar prices are being offered to seniors of the ConnellsMlle To Itecitc Kosarj The Hob "*Jame bocietj of the ni" naculite Conception Chuich will moot -it "30 o clock tonight at the cl uich and frorn tneie w i l l go to the lome ot the lite Hemy Fette 504 c.--,_. tieet to lecite tne osa Si j dei A. L A t T V SHOPl'E Euiier Pcniianeiits, lil.OO ShaWipoo and 1 inffcr Wave, 35c Rlamijnrcs 35c Phone 2038-M eluded are dolL of Spanish descent, | and M-s C R Jones of Dunbai arc dolls I-om Continental Europe Brit- n gn idon Cl ITord Oi in H irrron isl Isles and Ameuca She pur- Jr SI c a so Inn K\o other grandsons eh st,d some during hei extensive U a \ 6 i T abroid and in tins coui t j O h" b w c i c presented to her b fuercls Among he*" co lection aie vo antique dolls, over 100 eais old ncl made enti ely of corn basks tier -nallest doll is lomted -nd an irci in heighth The sepakei said that Dsotmng has A light to exist unless theie is some just fication for u So it is with dolls ' She t e m a t " d tl at duung the midd e ages dolls ueie more j with women thar children i Djvid P and Eugene linen Pa te son of St Clan Slioie. Mich Mrs Patteison has bear a membet of ne First Presebyteiar Church '01 mum FRIENDSHIP TCMPPLE PLANS OLD-FASHIONED SCHOOL PARTI At the legulu meeting of tnenc- Temple "'ythnn Sjstejs, held Monday night it Elks Home, plans were made for an old-fashioned p« ty to be held Monday n ght ut the hon e of Mrs Sjdna ard beautiful story about rrnny i Three v 'S''c" fiom Athens lemple Duimg hei lectuie she wove a colorful of the colK all of v^n ch are authen- ic and attued in native costumes some of which he be intiful and picturesque Miss Featherngton did not give the e tirra'e cost 01 her dolls but levelled tin thev aie n- surtd f o S800 The s-peakei coi eluded hei t a l with poem v iicl she dedica ed *o hei doll Marcia w i t h uhom she played w h c i she v i-, a little girl Mircia occupied n prominent place in the exhibit Mis Carl n Anstine chan Tian of the music committee arranged a musical tiea' for t i e cccnsion the per- foimcjs being gifted and popular ocil talent The pio^"am was Mai mba solos American Youth Maich Cauer Sylvja ' O ey speaks ' Schon Flosmarm " Kicisler, Tiees R n s b a c h tntCTnetzo Russc F anKe and "A 1 Ashore Hill Miss Floicncc WilkCj Pi no solo Etude " Sha-p 11 Ed^ a i d M^Douell Miss Virginia Grah n m V olm solo Ciaccona G Minor " 1 ' 1 1QO ° Sollth si ee w e i e presert A cird and Dingo party supiK- m»nted the meeting Prises were won bj the fol'owmg Fhe hundred-High Will am J Bal , second Mis Ida Sheerer l u i d IH s Kale f-'elton ot Everson b ago--high Mi c A Dull second Mrs Zana Risei third, M r s R o v Jivnes dooi--Mis C u e Elicit special bingo--Mis Ldra ^ illiaris The M rch meeting of tl c Con- rclls lie Section of the Coi ncil of Jew i-h "V\ onen to oe held it 2 o c nek \\e~lnObday if einooi o'' this w °ek at the home of Mrs \be Chmn in T-VilIs i o id u i l l be in the forrr of i tea and linen showe r Mrs J M H l n w l U of Pi tsburgh legion il president o' the Hidissah w i l l be t i e guest spea er A fine musical p og nm will be p esenled k i c h -ncmbei s a c ked to b-ing a p ui o f pillow casts \\hich will be donated to the Hadassdh A special board meeting will he he d at C o c ock tonight it tne home of the piesident Mis Ge hart M Hoiewiu in Wills load CONTESTS A N D SPFLLING BCfc FEATtRt CLASS MtETING Ihe Catherine Von Bora B ble Business Session Held By Mozart Music Club A bnef busire c s sessio i of the Mo^Trt Mu 1 ! c Club o\ei which the president ivlr 1 - Douglas K Mc- 1 aine presided wis held Monday night it the c ub room at the Csr- negie Free Libr n-y At thih time the club \otcd to send Ecward McGill to P h i a d e l p h i i in \pril lo compete in thf 1 junior compe Hive festival at Gimbel s Auditorium tnd sponsored by the Fedciatlon of Mus c Clubs It was decided to hold the election of c ffictrs earb this year so that the rew president c^uld attend the Fed- ention of Music Clubs cor\ention Mrs Grayton \Viipl-e) u i l l ^ a \ e charge of the meeting March 20 at xvh ch time the piogiam v ill be a cl Immaculate schools Conception High \ uati Evcre t Thomas with Miss C i a h a n i a the piano Ofncer:, u* the club-- Mis Willard ^le dent Mi' George R Moyei first vice president Mrs Ernest R JV.DO- e second vice-piesldent Mrs L W Caipcntcr, recording secretary, Mrs Dor C rosselman, cor-espondng sec- i c t a i j and Mis Homer C Davis i tica uiei weie hostesses Their i des ueie Mrs L B Gangawe c and Mrs Jirncs Wardley At the close of the meeting a tasty urcn ^ as srned appomtomen s being in keeping \vilh ST nt Patricks D^ Sanduiches weie green and a touch of the iame color wis earned out in the salad Co^ ered witn a beautiful lace clo'h the table in the i e eption room ^ is centered with a mound o r vancoloied spring flowers ind adorned -t either end with slender gieeii tupeis in crystal holders Th s feature of the meeting was in charge of the social committee com- pobccl of Mis L S Bobbins chair- imn Mis Chatles L Work Mrs H ne\ L Silcox, Mis W A Sechnst Mis B K Bishop Mis Geo ge H Shurmkei Mis John J B-ady M-E limes B Btsel, Mr= Ira j"ajnes Mis F F IizGerald "Vhs Josephine M e i a n d i Mrs W C Reynolds and M s J G Sleiglitcr Mrs Willaid presented the centeiplece to Mis Bobbin* Seniors and juniors chose their luich paitncrs b matching numbers The front of the stage was made attnctise v. tb a -ow of palms, while a la-ge \ase of pussywillow adorned Lie top of the piano A sma'l table PEN\ COLPLL TO V, EB E \STEK SUNDAi APRIL D Ainounemert o' the engigemcnt of Miss Anne J,yne Stewart d i u g i ter of Mrs E met Emme of a i - cl ance lo Edwin R Ball giand on o' Mrs George Ball of Pittsburgh road neai Uriontown, was made Tt a party given Moncay night at the home ot Mrs Margaret Tecls Lenox street Uniontown Table appo nt- ments w e i e in gieen and yellow and place caras bore the names, and wedding date of the btidal couple The wedding wi.,1 taVs place Eastei Sunday April 9 at the First Me hod- ist Piotestnnt Chuich, Un'ontown Both Miss Stewart ard her fiance aie employed bv the West Penr Po - er Company at Umontou-n C ass of Trinity Lutheran Church met marked by S ephen C Fo*tei s Mo ida evening at the home of the mjsic Misses Ruth ard I onces Cossel at At tlv c'o e if the meeting Mon: Broad Ford Mrs Ecma Rulli pres;- cl JS ngi t !li» duo members l ere dei t presidra and Miss Bettv G u t r n e l gursts t T rec'ption g ven bv t i e conducted the ccvotiorah , W r r m n ^ Culture Club, in honor of 1 anous contests and on o d- f shioned spell np bee v ere the dive 1 -- sioiis of the evcnirg La er lunch Wdi sejied bj the hostesses assisted bv the faoci 1 committee compuse-d of Ml ses Dorothj and Ne 1 Davis Ins Bessie Ejestu and M ^s Catherine Trcmba the junioi ciub B FIREMEN S AUXILIARY GVLS BENEnT PAR1\ The Ladies AJX liary to the South Connellsville Volunteer Tue Con- panv ga\e a card and bingo party Mond^ right at the flieme i s rooms Prizes * ei e won is. follows Five hundred-- high, Mis Edwaid Dye second M-s Naomi McWi h inns third Miss M u y Ellen O Buen bingo -- high Miss Baibaia McCrea-y, sec- o id Mis Loudeibuck t h u d Mrs John Collins special bmtp -- Mis loude-back and Mrs Naomi Me Williams dooi-- Mrs Charles White and Mrs McWillmms The paity was well attended and aftci the games a WIN O N E C I A b S MLETING ANNOUNCED .The monthly meeting of toe Win- Ore C ss of the First United Bieth- len Hiurch u i l l be held at 7 3 0 o dock toright at the home of Mrs S K Huej 508 Race rtreet with Mrs J W Collirs ,is co-hostess The leader v,ill be Mrs E f Whipkey who w i l l use for her topic Christianity and Home Life Around the Woild The following are on the commit ee Mis A J Huffine Mrs H L Brooks Mis H A btephenson Mrs A B McKKecn Miss Delia M te Barres and Mrs Irene M L ndefe d tasty lunch se ved decora*cd th" conservation i.nd gardens corrnl'tee held a spilng certe-p -- e flnnked w i t h cijstal candlesticks nold ng gieen ai d \^hite 'apcis Thi« eomnittcc consists of Mis GLO te C Movci Mi lia D YounKip Mi M u g let Dune in M-s J B Hendc on M i s Hal -j K Leui-- Mi \\ T B Mavo ^i P ml D Lueke ch n n WOMEN S WORK GROLP WILL HOLD ALL DAY QUIH1NG The Women's Work Gtoup of the Chu ch of the Breth en v ill hold in ill-day quilting Thiuscay a' the home of Mis Ceoigc A Smith 221 So ith Cainegie a\enue A co\ered- dish luncheon will be en cd at noon A mission stud will bet n at 2 o elocic ard w II be follox ed bv a 5ho"l oujirje c s session LEGION UNIT DISCUSSES PLANS FOR POPPY SALL PJ ins Jor a ium~nii,e sale ueri ·m ice at the regular meeting of the Ame i c t n Legion Auxiliary held Mond ij n i g u it the Legion Home m North Pittsbuig street The -mnual popoj s ile w is discussed bu no de/nnte i ingenens were made Initiation of candidates, will tnke plicc at the next meeting to be held Monday e\ermg Mnrch 20 Lunch will be served v ilh Mrs j \ Bums in eh^ige Vfis "Vliilei U Cov an p esident w is in charge of the business Cession C H O R M SOeltTY CIL\NGfcS DATES FOR REHEARSALS The C i v i c Choril Societj announces a chinge n meeting dates All regu- l i r icheaisils w i l l be hold Tucsdiy ins ead of Wed icsdaj nig its unt I fjrlhe- notice The regular rehearsal will be held this evening at 8 o'clocK it the home of the directo-, AIiss Helen Keil 1119 Race ·- reet C D OI A MEETING IS ANNOUNCED FOR THURSDAY Tlie icgular business meeting of Court ^nnunciata No 260 Catliolic Daugiters of America u i l l be held Thursday evening at 8 o clock Following the session there will be meeting of the Studj Club AH rrembeis interested in the club are reque ted to at end Will Elect Officers Officers 'oi the ensuing year will be e ectec at a meeting of Mission Cucle No 'i of the First Methodist Protestant Chuich at which Mrs Lvda Condiff w i l l be hostess Thui fa- day afteinoon at hei home in East Pattc son Avenue oegm at - 30 o cld Tl » mee irg will Limit Visitors To Ward Patients Ai Hospital Here Due to the prevalence of colds and grip at the piesent time throughout the community visi ois to Connellsville S l a t Hospitals waid patients will be iimted to one member of o family until further notice, it was announced today The new icgula ion went into effect todny Heavy Loss In Barn Fire Hear Meyersdaie E'VLR'^DALE Mai 7 -- ^ large b u n on tie Peter Baer f u n near Hajs M IK thiee rules east of heie, was dcstio/ed bv fire Sa urda} Loss piTccd T S8000 pa tl^ covered c 11 L lance Ir dd tio i to the bain n OOxoO structure, lo^a by fire included hay, g r i m m hmery a pen of seven hogs and a large flock of chickers The farm has Leen occupied m tecent e i r s bj M s Feva Schrock and chi'clren It was ijel evec 1 spaiks fiom a tractor being l seel in giindmg giam started the fire The New Spring Patterns Are Here! Flash! Spotfro's give you the latest in Wall Paper. Choose from a selection unsurpassed m beauty and quality. SAVE AS YOU CAN ONLY AT SPOTTO'S! iHLE i Spring is near at hand. Conic in na\\ of tliis pre-scnson Look! What You Save Values to t2^ a t 5c Roll "Values to 25c 1 Qc Roll Engravures! Embossed! Washables! Values to 33c ,Snic "*,{ on %2.)0 Boll. to HobpiUl Patients Mi Bc r tha Johnson of Unicnto^Ti B itnt Ritenoui =e\en-ncek old djnghti.1 r f Mr nd Mis John Rite- nou cjf f. clcioft MLS Surah Wright ot M sontown An hon Capp^lla of Star Route, Benjamin ^icho ^on ot I^ormahille and P C Cnshp o£ 702 Davidson avEnu n have been admitted to ConneUsville State Hospital for treatment FREE! Broom M'itji Order oi 32.50 or Jlorc. $1.19 room lots cxccpted! ROOM LOTS 3No. 1--Values to $2.25 20 yds hordor 6 rools ceJHnp. Roum Lot A'o. 2, n1ucs to $1.25 Room Lot o. a, \nluos to '·iG.So IAMEL 4 hr Drjinff Washable Guaranteed Vz Gal. S 1.19 $3.95 Enamef Gal. $3-19 Smoolh as Glass Washes Like Porcelain Coverage Unexcelled Guaranteed Shtrnlu.tVHHainh $5.00 Varnish .19 Alcohol Proof Acid Proof. Water Proof. Does /Vot Mar. OIYrtTT«/O Sl,t Crawford Aienuc. Phone 703, Y.F.W. COUNCIL TO MEET FRIDAY AT EVERSON HALL Regul ir meelnij, of royette Coun ty Council Vetei ans of Fo cign Wois will be held F iday night in the V F W Horre at Evcrson Adjutant G E Fnedhne announced The Mrs M HaJl Hosless Adult Bible C ass Hickory Squat e Sunday School met Tl tnsdaj e v e n n f , at Iln. liome of Mis M Hill Ralph Stillwagon led the devotional service His subject \\zs Pe er Preache^ 10 the Gent les Each -ner-ber had a pait ir the mee - ing Dunng the business session tie class 'oimed plans 101 an oy ter supper to be e v cd in the ncai futuic Ptocecds w i l l bu ippliod to the fund w h i c h is bejni, laised to puuhcfie a nc\ caiict foi the chinci T h e n c i l meeting v v j l l be held Thuisdav April Invited k Tea The Republics i women o r Con of i-be nellsvillc a i e irvited to 4 tea to be M-~ C A Pin oiu?! i d Mi W 11 i nm T Buok^ c f tht o osjnrr com TI ttee nl i T. i ted \M h he recccp ! 'ion Ai^on n the out oi io\ i O i _ s \\e e Mi \\ is An leisoi I \ i ^ \ T j W C Fnscite M i s W M i u c g Tiie l -ter T!eie Mra A E Silsle\ and dat.ghter Louise 01 bcottaak a 1 membei-s of turdav \ z e r t o j j C'ub of ^ a id Mutirt Pltasan na tne 6 at the hoi le of Mi Jjnk ind - \\ ul! mee He 10 he S 10 i c o f Mi Cornells ille previo i \\ u! ftcihig: Vdvancecl cdncsdiv Nitc C \\cene dav he d Club a 1 e guen at tl e Wh'tc Swar Hotel, Ur- lonloun Toj paitjculai they are to call Mrs r R Francis, telephone 854-R o Mrs J French Keir, telephone 988 Meeting Announced The Mdrj E Dick Bible Cliss of the Fust United Presbyi-erion Church will meet at 7 4o o cloe c this even nfc at the home of Mis C R Graft at 111 East OrchaiQ avenue Theie will be election of office s Mrs Anna Alberts Dice Mrs Aura Alberts, 81 a fo-mer resident of Newell, cued riimsday at the home of a douthtei Miss Julia, at FiankUn o£ pneumonia She leaves 1\e stepsois 16 t, and- chi dren and thiee grea -grarjd- childien btork at Hospital A son was bom at 2 30 o clock tris mo ning at Coi nellsv ille State Hospi al to Mi and Mis Charles W Dahl of Second street South Connelly ille With Mrs S T Beiifoid ST \ F ^ Council Thursdij , Us S T Benford vvil be hostess | _ Meeting of Westmorland County t the icgul i ncetmcr of Mission I Co , 1 ,' ' Cl! Vr u n n s of Foieigi U a i s C r J e \o 1 of t i e *-«st Method.^ I n '" b " lclc J^uisdij at Ligoiner j n II in G C A c i t S o u l tistcad of Miich 15 i» Pioles nooon iret' nit Cl inch Wednesday nflei- t !ie home in Sou h r»i it i Giecinuod i he time i 30 ord. Mus c I it of Scottdnlc I I I . O I \ Mill Meet *!e chant D visio-i I\o "0 10 !he a o! ; I i i! n 3 "lo r ^ e d i e s d i v t-iir n 01 omt «ith Mrs Scott Soisson A cnibeis of the B B B Club wi 1 G I \ be itcita tied ut t i e lome o Mis ft t I S ott So on n \ t l a s o v c n u t South i' tl | Conn! = il ft S o i l i c l U e d n c d a j W O M E N Heed NolSi-ffsiu^utlUy pi a nadd la ductc L-O UA Eitr*o.jB rijj «pw3u,corwm. iwcau-c^ Cli-chca teraDiamondllrimdPiIlsaroeffec ivc r li^blt-QuJgiveQuIcleReilif S I d l y rg Aikfor "THK DJAMOHO REDDY KILOWATT ALSO GIVES YOU SOME OTHER GOOD TIPS ON KITE FLYING Fly your kite in an open faeld away irojn all traffic, trolley w res electric pole and tower lines Avoid kites with metal ribs Use strong cord--no wire or tinsel twine--and keep it dry Wet string will conduct electricity --and metal can cause a short li your kite should land on wires Keep a steady pull on the string If the wind slackens haul the kite down Add more tail ri the kite darts or dives If your kite should land on wues or a pole, climbing after it or trying to knock it down with sticks and stones is dangerous The kite is sure to be worthless anyway--and you may damage wires cutting off the electricity from many 1 omes IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, CALL, ' THE NEAREST WEST PENN OFFICE

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