The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 20, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1918
Page 5
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THURSDAY. JUNE 20,1018. i'HE BAJLV COURIER. OOXNEULSVItj ,E. PA. E FFVB. NEWS OF THE DAY ! WOMEN DRIVING MOTORBUSES FOR AT MT. PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Walter Bailey, Colored Soldier, Dies of Pneumonia in Service. BODY ARRIVES IN P1TTSBURG WAR DEPARTMENT IN WASHINGTON Ciric Clnb Totes to Turn OUT $150 From Sale of Christmas Seals to the County Tubercular Society; Remains oi Lewis Gibbs Arrive. go for 25 Years-- Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Juce 20.-Word was received here yesterday j that the body of Walter Ba;iey, an j Alice Mines, Pa., boy who had been" in the military service and had j contracted pneumonia, had filed and j Four of tbe passenger automobiles of tbe dopot quartermaster's office, bis body would arrive in Fittsburs w ar department, are being driven by women, and" their chiefs are satisfied this morning. Bailey was IS years with their work. "1 love the work," says Mrs. Laura Torbert, who is shown old and had enlisted in Pittslmrs. He taking a bus from one department to another. "I don't mind the occasional was colored and had two brothers, cranking, either." Clarence and Howard, who had gone | ______ Bliss Native Her!) and Struck C W i l M n m S. Crump. Bridgeport, I I I . , not oniy bene/iteJ by usir.g: Bliss Native Herd Tablets, but 'Jie jjootl health o b t a i n e d hc)[tdd him to n r f i t H financially. This i;- w h t i - c ho writes: "I was bothured w i t h rj» for 25 years, so bad J could k n o w what a pain itf. Bliss Native since then I have at rue it o i l , a.nd good health." erisheU blood, k i d n e y disorders, ?c- zema. skin Mumfwlios, a l l disappear a-fter t a k i n y N a i t v u Herb Tablets 1 Tablets a c c o r d i n g to direct i o n s . K v o r y m a i l b r i n g s U ' S t i n i o n i . i i s of the br ntifleiut results b- m i n e d by tlis rujjrultir use of tln:«c* Uie pio.Tccr .'M.-mdard herb remedy for the gtomnvli, l i v e r nnU Ic'nlr.evs. and »ro .so c o n s i s t e n t in their ;n-~ l i o n Ui uino bo fo«nil.;r on flits l ra 0 e n box. Sr local ;ig o to n-ruml t b they f:ul l u liei ivs the n i c f i i r * A'oniio '.). 1) flover. A n d tv iirlc C A B ) . Pr Id by A. A. f c o n t a i n s e jjureh u'llt. }:'.: '·y $ ce $l · J a r k e a ISV c i ; IK- er n ',1 Our Second Floor "Will Help TOD Save IJ.v Helping Tlifin Double Tht'ir Sales " in June. As)t For United Profit Sharing Coupons. At a special nieetii:^ of the Civic club held at Uie home of Mrs. George W, Stoner on Tuesday evening it. was decided to turn the funds from the sale of Red Cross Christmas seals into tho County Tubercular Society. The local Civic club turned in almost $150. Xewis GIbbs, The body of Lewis Gibbs, who 1 [POOL INDUSTRIES TO WHIP THE KAISER IS MANUACTURERS' PLAN XEACiCE. J'l^leration of »WI,ltOO Plunts mid 10,. WW,OC« in One Wsgi- Vf:\r Wlr.- uing Jlaeliinp. A groat alliance or Eed-eration of tbe and Saturday, "The Rose of Blood," in which Thcda Bara appears in the role oE a Russian revolutionist, who weds the prime minister and makes him her final victim, will be shown. Charles Clary plays opposite Miss Bara. Oil AT THE SOISSOK. rn Choice of about 25 different styles Ladies' Summer and early Fall Suits, values up to $35. died at the Vest Penn hospital in industries ot the United States, eru- Plttsburg, was brought hers- last eve- bracing 300,000 large and small plants, .ning and taken to the home of his K ' iUl a capitalization running into tens aunt, Mrs. Ellen llorrlson. Main 1 o f billions ot dollars and employing street. Funeral services Friday a t; m o r e than 10,000,000 workers' to Yesterday's Hesalts. Chicago, 1 ; Pittsburg, 0. Brooklyn, 2; Nev,* York, 1. Boston, 3; Philadelphia, 2. .Stuniiing of the Clubs. 2.30 o'clock and interment w i l l be made in the local cemeterj. All DOT Germany behind tho lines and safe- '· guard the interests of big business In taxation, trade and tariff problems to The ladies oE too Re-Union Presby- follow toe war, was plana.-d here lo- terian church unit held an all-day ' day. sewing at the church yesterday. I Fundamental details have been Lnnch was served at noon. The ladies agreed upon by manufacturers of took up a collection to buy a service , Pennsylvania, New York. Delaware flag and holder to place in the church, i Connecticut and Massacuu.'i'ttE, In cou- Eed Cross Picture. J ference with the ne\v Manufacturers' SHss Elizabeth Donet, Ir. charge of! Council of New Jersey. Thirty thous- the recruiting of nurses for the Red ' aod plants, of cue-team of those upon Cnw, will have shown here shortly j which taa government rnusf depend at the Grand Opera bouse a one-reel! for supplies with which to smash mil- pictare, The Making ot a Nurse," : itarism, \vere represented. The ou BhOTring how nurses are trained for , BQ'~ of the industries represented is 3L«d Cross worfc. The picture is said ; said to be approximately one-third of Chicago --^-New i'ork Boston Cincinnati Philadelphia _. Brooklyn Pittsburg St. Louis W. 35 34 _____ 21 . ____ 20 L. 15 .17 26 28 27 SO 29 Pet, .700 .667 .509 .451 .443 .420 .400 .3Sli Today's Schedule. Chicago at Pittsburg. C i n c i n n a t i at Su "Louis. New York at Brooklyn. Boston at Philadelphia. to be Tery interesting. Personal. . and Mrs. J. L. Updegraph and t-e industrial productiuu of t h e nation. "Give us such au orgaair'ation. link- lag the manufacturers of this great dzacbiers, Blanche and Edith, are i country in one great fcdtratioa, and spenng a few days v.-ith friends j """0 will be no problem during the AJlKRiCAJV LEAGUE. war or after the war it t solve." Perryopolis. Mi« Adelaide Patterson of Somer- said Colonel Austen Colgate oJ Colgate sat Is the guest ot her grandfather. Company, Jersey City, vice president T. C. Patterson. of the Uew Jersc-y council, ia explaia- ing the objects of tlie new federation. Where there already is a s.tate raui- u.'acturers' association, as ir. Pennsylvania, the work of federation will start · PERRYQPOLiIS, June 19.--Joel ] forthwith. Where there Is no such l.rawn has returned to his home at J body the war-bred .Manufacturers' Avonmore after visiting relatives in Council of New Jersey will be used town. i as a mode; in the immediate forraa- 3frs. J. J. 3fu!Ien of "U'ilkinsburg, is ; tion of one. Pennsylvania manufac- spending some time with friends in i turers are already 60 p-.'r cent iT^iin- :own. ! i/.ed fcr h e l p i n g Uucle Sa:n. Yesterday's Rcscilts. Philadelphia, 5; Boston, 0. Cleveland. 6; CChicago, 5. Detroit. 7; St. Louis, 5. Now York, 8; Washington. 0. StnntSin:; oi the (''libs. W. L. Boston . , . 34 23 New York , 31 22 Cleveland , 32 20 :SU Louis ___ 25 29 ! Detroit 20 30 Today, tomorrow anci Saturday the Soissou will present an entertain-, ment designed to ple:tso ladies aud j children. It will consist of three acts of high class vaudeville, headed by Barney ilack, in a brand new novelty, j impersonations of a stylish colored girl. It is said to be real clever, and ! what Julian Etlange does in white face Mr. Mack docs In b u r n t cork, and does it in .such a naive way '-hat he keeps you guessing until Uie Guisn. Miss Helen Quiglcy, who sings, tells stories and recites, ib a whole show berstflt. Roberts and Maitland, in comedy singing and dancing, promise new songs and da.ncus. Die screen show is also out of the ordinary and offers America's greatest juvenile j actor, Bobby Connelly, in "The Boy Seoil!," a picture ttat bag a heart throb in it as well as au appeal to the boys. Frank Daniels w i l l be seen in "Captain JenUs and tbe Kids." a n d , Sidney Drew will be in a two reel comedy, "Jerry's Uncle's Namesake." Tbe offering as a waolo is excellent, MOTHER GRAY'S POWDERS BENEFIT MANY CHILDREN , One of our recent purchases in the Eastern marlic'.s has brought ISO of these beau- t i f u l Sui'H to Crmnellsville al a price that will long be n-mcmbcrcd by evory one of the luck\ perso]is that buy one of Ultsi? gar- meiils. Cojne by al] meaus Friuiiy as they : iong nt ihis The colors are sand. Quaker jrray. Prkin blue, taupr. frreen. rose, navy and black-and all ibe uew Summer style?. Pet. .596! ,5S5 .552 I .540 ,· .483 .463 .400 j .385 Tixuty's (Cleveland at Chicago. Washington at New York. Philadelphia at Boston. p u n n c ot u«il«r.l,e, colI ft-tcr- Istincjf, dtomach tmiiblci and bowef ir «B» from ivlilcli children joffcr. Tl,./y «nil plcu«ntlout«. n ,l,,i 0 r ii c n l r ,, r a (. i r I compli,b«l by thrtr nrt. I7«rJ by moU,«-. fa, 30 ' ycari. Sold by Drugciaii everywtmre, '.a tcct». ' Allea Downs of\'ille. was transacting business in town Tuesday. B. S. Luce returned tome from the Cottage State hospital Sunday. New Jersey manufacturers have established a headquarters in Washington to heip government departments slash red tape and speed up delivery of supplies. This bureau will be made IBISPIB! M OVER And NecK of Little Girl. In Blisters, Made Fretful and Hair Came Out. Mr.' 1 and Mrs, Samuel Stillwagon j the federal information and supply and daughter of "Woodhuwn, are visit- , agency of the new federation, ing relatives in town. FUE HEADQUARTERS Kay Se Trausfen-ed From "Washington to Pittsburg. The resolution introduced in. Congress by Ruprestntative E, "E. Hobbins of AVostraorelaiKi county, to re- more the offices ot Vie Fuel Administration from Washington to Pittsburg, is received with much favor in many quarters. Washington is dally becoming more crowded and the business of the departments consequently slowed up. Some of the departments and committees are forced to have offices in aa many as 20 different buildings, in -widely separated parts of the city. The government is now bsinp forced to take over apartment buildings for office purposes. As a result, :he housing nroblein for thousands of clerks and other employes bas already become critical and it ia announced that 20,000 additional office* people are coming to the city on August 1. There Is only one way to correct this deplorable situation, and that is by decentralisation, Pittsburg is the center of the coal in.dur.try and is considered as tbe logical place for the headquarters of the Fuel AdminJstra- lion. HEALED BYCUTICURA SOAP AND OiNTMENT *'Eczeroa-began at tbe back of my "iule girl's ears. It broke out in blis- -*»-:j- tcrs tiart she scratched jC ' r\ open" so tbat water ran j?si$\iv \ out. The skin was in#3.? 4* tfv\ flamed. It got so bad that \ «*· )$ itbegnntospreadoverhcr V^XT- bead a^d n«k, ranking -wfer^S] her fretful. Hex hair also ^ came out. "I saw an advert'^ement for Cuti- ^ura Soap and Oinur.ent and scot for a free sample. I bought more, and I used one cake of Cuticura Soap and not quite two boxes of Ointment when aht waa healed." (Signed) Mrs. Edison Zink, Rbecios, Pa., June 7, 1917. Clear ibe pores of impurities by daily ise of Cuticura Soap and occasional louches of CuticuraOintmentaa needed lo softtn, soothe and heal. They ore ideal for every toilet purpos e- Sample F.nohFree fay Mail. Address ftpstcanl: "Catieora. DipJ. R, iSoiion," Sole everywhere. Soap 2Sc. OlntmeTit 25 ajid Sfc. .Mutual fijirairfl 615 Wi st Crawford, cruaraatees al work; i-leotric welding, repairing, aH machinery work, \Ve arc ready :o sell gasoline and oil. Call Belt S5?.~ Adv.-20-3t. B A t . U . Wliy be b a M f -lore lic t/MO F'rmt'u Bold: U«Mid Ilnl r,ruvrfr, file only remedy T itultK, Price $1.4)0, poKtasc H i l l y ForM. Sc«tttiaK 0 « Orup K l N t . H^oitdulc. rtu Patrf nize those who advertise. TJIE S 8 Qotiiiag s £ bOdC OCCCCXSOOOOOCX2CCOOOOCXKJ ORPHKOl TlfKATE!!. "T3-LE MATnurOXlAC"-- A Triant-l drama, f e a t u r i n g Dougias Kair])a]!k. Charles Ray in. "His Mother's JJoy." OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELUSVILLE, PA. : to $4 ibs* Waists $.'!.r,0 White (gfj £»Q Wash Skirts *$«\JiS Of Goorgcttc CreiX'. Cr*,pe DC iiii and Organdies. Of t-ordt-lincs. w u i p Cords and Gabardines. A great bargain. $25 to $30 Coats J,arge and or telescope Wiih Shoos Ovi With CHIEFTAINMFG.CO. CHARLES! ON.Vi'.'A. twf^AWVJVVVft^^ J. E. KUHTZ, AND REAL ESTAT6. ( He. i South MeadQM LJUI* l' Dcnnallivll)0 P*. c If Toil Are Hunting Bargains Read.the advertising columns of The Daily Courier. You -will 2nd them. "TUB OLDEST LAW--A World feature, in which J u n o Klvidge, the criarming screen star, supported by i John Bowers and other screen stars of [ prominence, is being shown today. i "The Oldest Law" deals wliii the story of a mountain girl, who comes lo the city and there has strange experiences in her endeavor to eke out I an existence. She meets with many j strange adventures in tlie city. She 1 becomes the housekeeper for Billy ', West, who is a divorced man. She finds that Billy gambles lor fearfully high stakes and she seeks to stop him j from doing this, but without success. i Finally Billy loses so highly that he becomes fiuauciaily embarrassed, and then an opportunity presents itself : by which she thinks fcfle cau save him. j Hut it is a trap laid for her by a (ie- I signing old man, and she is about to i fall into it when she is saved by ' Billy's ex-wife. Tbea Billy reveals his ; love for her ami they are happily | unite-.:. Tho story is told with lavish elaborateness. Some of the scenic effects are notably beautiful. Miss Elvidge has one ot the biggest roles that | has over been assigned to her and is superb in it. Mr. Dowers, who plays opposite Miss BH-idgc, has one of the best roles of his career. The Weekly Review is also being shown. Friday! J. N. Trump I HITS TRANSFER WOTOH TRUCK xad WACSOSIL H O V K N G .4.ND HOI0TUVG 1-IA.V03 i ·PSCIAI.'FT. (m-« 103 n. Ora:p« Alley, Otupn- . ·ite V. n. IU O«90. Botfb Phanv*. m The array of our Country stands shoulder to shoulder with the armies of our Allies--thus forming a barrier of steel to the Prussian fury. Let each of us, even at home stand shoulder to shoulder in the defense of a just cause-and render full support to our Government. Steeline--the Wonderful New Invention-Positively Non-Leakable Again the inventive grnitis of man has conquered. Aftor years of I r u i t K - s s effort, we have succeeded in securing a mate-rial u-iiich we have .justly called "3K-e!ine," for it wears like stc?3, a material which \vc can guarantee for ten years against any defect in construction of material; which means that you will undoubtedly derive fifteen or ·v.-enty yenrs' satisfactory service from the Robinson Folding Bath Tub. Vou cannot buy this Folding Bath Tub from any other concern; \ve are the sole manufacturers; we control the factory output of "STEELINE." i ' TRAUi'IXG A TALENT A person may be naturally gifted in some special profession, business or line of work--but unless that talent is properly trained, it cannot reach full development. Cultivate your talent for saving by I CONNEUSV[U£,FA» making regular deposits with us, J. (WESTEIDE)' Your account is invited. 3 8% Interest J'aid on Savings Accounts. ? UJttOJf 3fATIOyAl BASIC, ConnelisvilJe. I l»gllg«y'^«»Cl»M^»ll«yiTO|»«gU^ffli'yil^*^ "BK IT P.TKK SO IintBLE, THKBK'S NO IT.ACK LIRE HOME" But no home w i t h o u t a bath is a fit place to live and raise a family. The convenience of the city bath room is now made possible for YOU and YOUR family. Yoi: and all your folks can enjoy tbe healthful luxury of a f u l l submerged batb in any room in the house,--refreshing, invigonuius?, cleansing. Certainly you need this Tuu--want it--so place your order now. this very minute. There'll lie no regrets. In fac-t, your only regret will be tbat you didn't order Icag ago. SEK OUU LOCAL AGEXT 611 lork Avenue, P. 0. Box 4M. rOSSKIJ-STItLE, PA. Airent in Fuyetix'. ^Yestmoreiaud unU Greene ('ounlies. TRY OUB CLA83IPIED ADS. ONLY Ic A WORD. PETET DIlVTf --TJto tfnrifft. T'nrt f I SEEMS To "Be ARODWO (THE LAST Weev=. OR. So AND HER. DTSejstvv^gp, L. SUE MOST Ee. 0

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