The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 20, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE UA1L.Y COURIER. CONN'ELLbV ILLS, PA Till KSDAY JUNE 20, 1918. HB.VRT P SNTDSS. Founuei Had i.dlto-. 1373-1916 TUE COLRICP. coiir i'~? K. M. President. JAS J DRISUOIi Sec y aid Treasurer Business JOHN L. OANS VTAJ^TCR S° Cl:y tdiiu- MISS LTXNE B KJ. Society Dil tor We Must Fight the German Tiger Unto His Death : ? M a n u f a c t u - e r h Record FOR faALIL- Iii tli la pj.per Ask fc- ra en C K S U U -- I O I I D 1OI 1 I N O CAR. Good coi clltU n Ot Lap .ilj \N 1 ai t. IL M IJjuin.-l 1 * This nation should faci squarelv ard fauty, vith ever increasing determination, vnth e^ er-grcm mg grit 115 detern nation to itterh tlc r *tro% , the tjger and stand between liifa icar fill p o \ e i ior nun inrt the loved ones I-OK bALb--t STL 1 ) I I L iSO"S A U T O m c ( U ! 1! in i of 1 mining conrti mr I u u l r o 104 W C r a w f j r J or \Vel1* M i l l b G ir I CT O i S j u n c t f the fact that we are engaged in a lont,' v,born w e shelter behind us Let us and desperate wir To tmmimzo t i i e j a b a nation face tl ib ifabtie square h J power of the baibar sm against w h i c h ' v,ilb no tbouqhi whatever of arv carlv j v*e tight would be a jr"eai blunder nnding of he wa T U, i s icili7c| i i j The man Abo in tbe jungle faces mat there is no possible peace except i the tiger as he sprirgs at bis throat tbc peteo of the death o r tht t gor - *noatn j wcil!ld - ho 1 ' ery foolish to sav that t h O j nd w i t h lull ieali/itmn o c the r ict mallet paid uTadvaace' bea^t w i l l soon get tired of th e strug- that tbe ti^tr still bas intense ferocl- gle and become peaceable aod reach I tv and po\vei let u- t jrow into " FOR S t r Lily r e n ,, Vd I SHOP ci v L i for soil . u u n c r I S J u n c o t n« ! . . AucLt Bureau o£ Clrcu atlon FennovlvaVa Ajssoclaied P^jli r Pet j 1 the Co.,rl of Cnmmoi P L s o f F i v c t t c ctnmtv Pu N 2 9 7 M irch " f-rin 1 I S Tc Cn irlcb 1 P tti IXMJ n c u t "\ i! i r h rein i t i ^ f I LliiL th ^ui i cr i i" I j l i i*. M lp ( n L in t h i s CT.'jiL Ji t i «. 1 r c t t i r n t d N f n st in \ pn us v i u i." tlu rofor r l u l r c d r i |n r n t l ourt of C mjiK n P]f \i j o I i \ e t t o L n t y I A ( ti the iirbt I M c m d i j £ u l of s u d f r u - t A D 1 10 S i i-=-\i r th« 111) 1 ind coj-r | p l a i n t , fikd t l i P i e f n inti shon citi«-( f ins j o u ln\ v. \ t i OTLC f r n t h " bonds f m u r n n o n \ 1 i u U t i t 5 1 ho l i t , 11 ml i b \ i in d no\\ v r bh i T S l C r i f f s K I M S unc 0 3 _( 27 ill Ufli i as second clasi matter at the , ConneHsvtlte Pa. to .at down an i par'oj a 1 - to w h i c h struggk all t i c manhood of t i c n i shall h\e As the tiger spr ngs foi t on f et Ub ! G contont w u l i the hii prev be throws into the spr ng tl ougl t ot i long wir and prepire THITKSDYY JETfc'G, JLM 20, 131S. e\en m nee of his strength, e\ery for K tha there ma lie no disap drop ol blood m his \ t c u u s nature pomtment when r rom time to tune and death alone w i l l stop him | VP ha\e In ftce the rea^/inon of int. The man vbo would fight he tiger fact that lhe fght is t long ind ries- must tight Ibe uger with a reillratlon' pcralo onr nnd i Igb unto doitl of the tiger nature with a reali^-ation \n thought tin tbert, w i l l be L.n of tho \icionsne s of the animal of upliea a' or resolution m Grrn iru Tlie~Conrlex'» Flat IAM P Hosplta 1 Vnlt L, ^mon^an Et- p*aUiona-y rorco*. F ranco RVLPH F SLIGfc-R Compaji H 31ith Infantry I 1 S. N \ Ar-crtcan Expeditionary i* orce^ i ranee MICILM L GREAJ-*DO H.VKOLD KICHEr, 8atter B 107th Fiolo Artillery, 2th Division, T, S. N G \merlc-in "fcxped tion- ary f orces Krao^e LLO\D B COX, Cocvpany F, 37lh LORI leers, U S A Fort M e r \ a. JULIUS CRObSE, Company K. l»th Ln 5 lncera (Railwa) Vnerican E\pe dlt.loiT.rv Torce-5 r nee JAMES J McPVKTLrtND Corapanj B 63rd E i» neera, (Railway) I ore Be ijJ-iain Harr sor Indii-naDO- ,is Indiana, r.t SSELI. L* NH \ ^T S S President Grj-u X. SJ l U JKcmber of The twocJaw-d Prw Thd Associated Pres.1 la ex clusively entl*lect to tfcs use for republli-ation of all new s dispatches cred'tcd to it or not otherwise crod'Eed in tils paper and also the local nowa published herein. h s treniendciia strength of lus endur-, 01 im overthrow of militan power] lance and of his blood-thirstiness On is on its face absurd T h e C c r n i n no other basis can a man. safely pre- propa^inda w i l l for the repress pur- , pare to fight the tiger when the tiger l pose of d^eiuni? us ta k iboul i r f \ j is fighting him oHition at home but the Grnmn p^o j 'Vnj man w h o thinks of dealing with pie as a whole are i i tins \ ir and Germany on an other basis Jian that t h t v are coing to stind hi tlie K i i M r or the I fe and dfath struggle between ind his rmhta-v crowd to the utmot* the tiger and the in in w h o n the tiger ^tre ch of their ahihu Thm hive no bas attacked knows little of the ene nouuht of o v e r t h r o w i n g tno t,n\ern mv which is figh f mg us and little o f ment and e\en if the U«ired the spirit o f ilc ousnss, of blood- ^o they 1 a\e no power to ICLOI i thirstiness ard little of the power 01 plisfc JL the tiger clement m bis nature This Tt)Crc 1S no h k c l boon w h a t c v p r enera hai, fed on human olood unt I that \se 0iall i a r \ e Germa-n flu liko the tiger, he has grown stronger da.\ for UK possibihiv of starving Gvr in doing it and the more cigcrU setks man has ou 0 since pi^ed fo w h - n to lap still more human blood Crared she captured Ilusa. and K o u n n n n by the taste of blood the tiger figh's she opt icd up a field fo- almost lim with mteoser fe ocity Crazed b^ tlie aless supplies of loortotiifs and o-l surcess in tasting of the blood of mil and other th ngg needt d to m il e w a r lions of mea and mllliotLs of \iomen \Ve «hall coaquer Crornianj oti! HI i ant! children crared w U h the lust the war that tho man attacked b\ tho ( f o r worM dominion as bj indi , tigtr tscapts dca h lninst.1' aud tint i \idual lust and ihe desire to loot the is bi the killing ot tht iger Oi - j i b i world Germacj like the tiger j is to rlo t! c k i l l l n p .ind do it u n t i l t h f -- ings with increased ferociLj at unkillcd jf^ople of Germinv a w n l t to This is Inventory month in every Union Supply Company store in the coke region. Bargains are available in every line. As fast as goods are inventoried all surplus, shop worn, soiled, and odds and ends of goods are immediately put on sale at bargain prices. These lines include ail kinds of merchandise cairied in a regular department store. You will find bargains in the dry goods department, in the shoe department, furniture department, notion department, hardware department, grocery department, meat ae- partment, in fact thioughout the entire store there will be something of especial value to attract your attention. These bargains will only last a short time. the throit of ci\ihzition 'I ln«; is i situation we must meet bo real atiou of the fact thi hi longer tli fi B ht t i e inort ttrnlc v,iV VVV must meet it not with feir but be their destruction w i h calm courage and with unbend-i What we al r oadv know of the spirit that injmatcs our bo\s -a hat iv e h a \ e 'earned of tbei 1 * fitness o meet the encrnv ind 01 their di (rmmecl p ir pr t to firi c h ihe -ob tl i\ ha\ in ind finish L so complfteH thit THEY HCST H\TE TJii- BFST. - Americans ha\e never had real occasion to Ceel depressed o"er the pos- sibillt} that our soldio-s were ot an\ ume or place lacking a'l .hose things t h ( Kaiser "ull'pe'-rranVnm" go om"of essential to their personal comfort and, tat w a r business we will be most un- veU-beins From time tc fme how- u o n h l r of £1 e lcaat sacrncc bej ore e\er, rumors ha\e been ^nen cur- m a n ,, lf % e (lo not u o r k sa;o renc b 3 persons fneadlv to the cau ,e 50r , e and ^ Q to the Iimils of our of Germanj which ha-vu been calcu- strength resources and opportunities lated to disturb and distr- s our peo- pie, particularA the par MI s of ol crdcr that lhe ^ ma} h a v e tbe bcst ht rat on can proude Ther h L i t t l f diers For instance semblance of truth, has beea given tne lie that o u r j ^p TO HI troops in France were r-ufficioatlv Iu , he m l l t a r / hlstor O r Conntlls- c'othed and fed and tha hei were u ^ a n u n i bei of instance^ b a \ e oc- otherwise obliged to unrfe-go all kinds c rred w v, en -here was irr-m ncn ri m- of hardships p-e-\entaMe as w t l l as g(! or joking the local anil o r Uic. Na- unpreventable Another insidious tional Guard The activuj and inter- falsehood which had b^ei whispered est O f persons -\ho were much con- about was to the effect uat our mcni c e r n c ( i a bouc letaming our prestige j By were depressed in sprit aod were liv- as a patriotic center hate each time ing in daily fear and dreed of coming' met the emergcncv and the humilia m contact with the hern !e and fero-j tion of hiring the organization taken cious Hun | to anotner ' o w n has Been a^olJed That these and a mul itude of In-' \ot precisel tLe same 3i L uation e^- ventlons hamg no mor( substantial isis at this Unit but wt, are confront basis m fact were true ve r y few Am-! ed w i t h a condition somewhat similar ericans at any time belie ed Certain v comparatively short, tune exists m timid anc 1 dc_oting souls nave permit- j which to complete the work of re- ted tterasehes to fear thrt tberc must cruitmg muster ng and ouJlt'mg be some truth in these subtilel con-]Compinv G Third Regun-nt Penn- ceived and skilfull} circulated lies It stUama Ilessrve Militiaa to ha\e it Is heartening, therefore 1o know that 1 in readiness to report foi duty at the the conditions under ^vfjch the sol-foummer encampment \ number of aiera are living and performing their j young men lia\e alreatly indicated fluties are the etact oppt site of w h a t ] their df^ire to become members of the pro-German propagandists would this unit in the organization of which ha\ e us believ e That sn h is the case' Captain Cox v ho has resigned to we ha\e information dc^i-ved from a personal visit to the western front by enter the 3 er\ ce has made considerable progress More men arp needed a business acquaintance of a well- L ° complete the quota, ?nd the; are known ConnellsTille citizen the latter] needed promptly father of a son in the service andf Aside :rom local pride in keeping therefore interested m kno-wing what Connellsvilles place ir the oiganired an obsprving American-would see and tuihtia ot the state which previous hear from close contact with condi- companies have mam aincd i.uti cred- tlons in the ^rar zone lt the oportunitj wi ich the uea corn- The things this gentleman ^aw P nnv w l t l offer to young men espe- ' top were a re\elation to birr .s hev would cialh ho ^ e ' 10 are or w l U SQ ora be to every Amer can permitted to re- become of draft age ought to be seized peat his experience Of the many last- i u P° n * llhout hesitation mg impressions produced by this visit' t i r c e S a ncd at a summer encamp to the battlefront none were morel m c n t and ^e *amorj d ills and m- th it tin. m. in t i n s N o n st in rn TL i i i i r t d 83 larse Department Stores, Located in Fayetts, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. }JL ila\; r\ Ul m tl o u l v b / 1 K \ . nff nm! d r ^ r j M a r um our si. ! s^ of Mi'ln il r-Ktm t h o Id d f l i u h t H id frp 1 fr n s-vdi F©M SAJL3E t f L n n i l a Vn T 9 \tlj«,rt I lain o t art h rc15 n r - t i l i ll p o ^ n a ind n-tl i^ sithj p bt rn r ( i n t 1 \ o n t u s ya i in tl re To r app tr In t u C j u r t c f ( o f l a j t . t t j i m t F T . Mondav of Jul of stiiil U1S o nr "^ eTM t h e l i b I lain t n i i J th rt-in n t t show r- my 5011 \\-\\r \\^y J. II orcr 'r bonds uf m i l r i n i )i\\ si o u l d r f,ri.nUd t h t HbfcH r t i^f . n \ r - n l J HUM V P ' J S U r j T Sh r i f f - Otlin. MJ.;V I B I t S J - n t S l o JO - clij i v, hen p\( i r% nintlic'- h u n i tt.r M l t l c brother th ro T.TP l us d i j s tr comi, Frotn t h * RTPI* soul ( our m. inn God "hil! l i f t ihlt w e l p r h t of u oe And w it i v c*.ory " cclchr-xtion t O J T h e a r t " Oxfords Pumps Shoes -- all the shades and colors that are good All the nevrest and best styles are heie S H GoHl KATHLR1NE I -- "YOUK RENDIND S. Men, u omen and children with real Snoes. Mr. Robert YUllians, Galeaburg, JIO pecerabor £7th. 1917 Tllr FLTLHF DUS. LUif-J A. Ouoii . 11 -.mi, the tiK II t r ^ tlic IOA e t tumt. 1 i v s or irxi tn*. b a i t L L i l J n t a s t r i k e ui T l i K \ li «_ \ \ t l l l^o-i M id itn 1 tnin -=li u l tro T. rt w n h rr o r t l l t l i n p i Dj'-! s i U tlrtd t K r c h i l t t r i old t mt iiravcrs When T\( r r i ( h tht. 1 r c; mcl ing- ind t L cannon i ceast. t h o h ^ m e f t r n s h r j ^ r h t l i n-e s'liJ! pniher ~i before " W A M U D -- p I X I N G ROOM G I H L XT Trans M U g h rij r .u--TWO GIRLS \ r r \ i o o i actur 703 McCornucU a \ e 13junc3t* "WVAJsTFD--AT ONCI 2nLBtl p utrtrv cook Mpli WANTL.D -- SECOND H A N D HOI b- VTriti. Dc^k L irt. C o u r i e r lit e\peri-1 Qi« c n v Wt-st Poach -- A GIKI-. restiara it 1I1L l i l t C t d strikmg than the genenus pro-vision beias made for the sus enance and ' stuiction preceding and following at t° ui of d u t % n bc an W -VNTCD--GIRL FOR C L M K X L h o u s c H o i l c 702 AlcOorrnlck _ \ t comfort of our soldiers 1e found not P for the s.trner woik at by hearsay 01 *"rom officia' lepo^ts but b7 actual messing with he mea that the are be ng furn-shed ^ith a regu-l lar ration of wholesome nounshng* the tantonraei ts, and pa\c tne for advancement the National { onnellsville has too proud a mill- food, prepared by skillttl cook^ and tar 1Grord ° 3o ^ e II 1S U P to lhe served jn 1 beral quantitus and are not 1 youn S maa to ho ' d li den.ed luxuries "which wt at home are not permitted to enjoy aid which a-e not obtainable in Luroje outside of our own ^rm\ An a"iple sap-ply of comfortable clothing s furnished every sold'er and no sinjle detail that will contribute to the preservation of health or phjsical well-leing is o^e^- loo'ked. ft is no surprise but it s a source o? pardonable pride, to know that ouri W a l t Majon V A N T L D -- J O B r lij e v p t r f net 1 .rt-bs Iruck D r i v e r ito TI.LCI^ D l i J \ oung- truin Vd c u e C o m I C L \ N T L D -- B O \ b \ e r 16 t , a r a of ·work C irfarL p ; VND C o GI iLS p k i s t n t C O N M L,Lb\ IL.LL. T j u n e t C ^.TLD -- S\I-,rS3,lA\ OR S VI L.b O u t d o o r w o r k and a good op-ur rifclit ptrsuii XX curt. Courier 18junetf Somo daj i \ e l l see t c peace t»om.e dai the noi"e of \\ ur WAN'THD--YOLNG M \ N TO CU2HK in hardw ire store Good o p p o r t u n i t y to learn the buslnes= Addn.% HARD WARL care The Courier Conno! 5- ville ojunetf " W A N T L D -- M I N E R S TO GCT Til" comp cio (ullicl U) set of tin. list e\ ·urn swords ft ill s^ther rubt the a m i n a . t i 0 n questions ' m e t \ \ h o \ v i e l d tht, babtr now w i l l Pr CL e^ 00 JA.MCS men m France have beei trained to a j march alo-t b*. ind tHt, ptovr amid the scottdaK Pi. marvelous degree of per ection in the minutest deta I of their duties and have learned %uh an mtiutneness characteristic of the Am ncan soldier whaUto do 1*1 o\er% eaieteencj Thev have%cquired a phsical ftncss and mental discipline thit gi^e them abso- lu^e control of thomscU c « and a =afe coitfldonce ra uheir sirer-ctl: -ind sLill Little v onder it it ihen that thcj a r e not only rc^d^ and willing bi't also impatlentlj eigor to set nto the "taJ business for uhich. taev went O\er There N'eithor are fte amazed to have ohscrved he briPiaace dash and daring of oar sold crs ^-ho ha\e already been engaged with the Ge-mans either defonsi\ely or o FonM.ely Such behavior has bat confirmed thp belief ^o all ha-ve i-'d fio'i the beginning that America i soldiers In action ·would not onh aspi-e !c ir in the hearts of the U in* but H^ ·would excite thr u-lmi i on of the Allies and cauco o^r 01 n bosoms to swell \\ith a 3Ust pr le nn,3JtnO dubt bor"e da.v the man \\ho fought and bltd v,il htie a ^rea h upon his head and liono-s by Lhe ton iinu w e l l admire him as he walks and \ V \ R D L A \ V I S j u n e G t He hulpt,d f i o m off Lhe to kno k t h e "Of,ks Hiu Some tlaj the man w h o t»taj *d at c i n e an/I till*.d tho t.u-rbo and the oj.m to fn\ e t'ie latioriB ^ h e a t w i l l find \ve \e i irKed 1 Is l o ^ a l p r i m e nd in our lit tie ha 1 of fame he H h \ a parquet stat fcome da. the. in n and women, WAN! DO--OLD F \LSL TFCTH Don t m t er If broken I pa $2 00 to $15 CO p t r set Send b parcel post and recoi\f- chcrk L . r e t u r n mill L M A X L U 2007 South F i f t h street Phila d e l p h i a Pi Ijune22t I OR 124 Wc bNT -- POOM WITH BOARD \pple bfeet 2 0 j u n e t f TOR « n o w tho J o j of d u ^ clone -hey vc I t h r o - r h I,K 4 n all Uie iriun, l, b » on and ^LL ho\v good iln,\ 1 Cet 1 Some day t i men ^ 10 g-ou td. and groaned \ \ h t n in the war time tht 3 \ver^ boned t- coin h up ilf cents \ \ l l l be °o b N r _ A DHHKADlZ ^P"tmcnt u . t h b a h I - SWUTZ l l j u n e t f t 1 t ir \\ill \vct.p and rt-ntl t ir hilr and put i p loud liinents Th 1 have ac inred n p u r l -t»nnw n and t^ can n u \ e - li « it d o w n in t w i c e a h u n c h e d 1.1 ir* t ic r tt irs w ill fit \\ In streams nd ponds as t h e \ c l i p coupons from FOR RENT -- STOKiufflOOMS I\ - q u i r e 1 I ORL.NCE SMUT £ lljun" f J TOR 1 J C N T -- V \ B R Y garage located on Cottage O.M. rt tr of Kail fa residence I n q u I e jv V I I b B V N k l " j u n e t f up \ c i p h n r t bon N \\ i t h cl s T 10 man \% ho faiH . II 'Ird l i t r e s IA or n^ i ': . n - "\rt hi** ton here 11 bc *iu cor Uil 1 r of t u H i d w h rt in n il 1 order n OR P F N T -- F L R M b H F D TtOOM South Side pn\ ice f a m t l x ill c o n \ L n i \V r te B care Courier You are rig^t when you say ir yotnn of Uocen- ber 24th thr t S^nroco is B reraarfcably go od tooth poa to and that It has G et-onj story to t e l l , bu the d i f f i - culty lies in p u t t i n g that etory in cuoh. lo-guage cs rill convince t 1 c public. Thp Sonroco sto-y of a -Todlcinal p r o ^ g that not only cleanses tl e to-^th out also keeps mouth and gums health rhen p it or paper does not sound vary difforen* ^ron the story of just uny ordinary dciti^rioe. pon that rooso n uo noke ovory effort to get "the Tpeopl^ to try Sca^oco. Aftor that Sorreco tolln its o*m story - and 90^ of tJieia are Senroco usors and boosters fron then on. "hers in a Secroco ·user in Pittsburgh who fr-ao introduced our product: into the fanil_eo of tMrtj-fotir of his f r i e n d s , ^nthuciaan 1 ? N o , not e r ^ ' ^ o i y . Siraplv B case of Senreco making good. It is Ji-et an stated ebove. If they viill try Senreco - ii they onco becon-o acquainted v/i th a real denti t r i c e - 7?it what, a dentifrice can a-d sho-ld be - tl e/ are Sen^c^o bocjtora from that time on. Your druggist or toilet counters can ai pply you with Senreco. It ooacs in lar^e, two ounco tubto and retails et 25/. behind every antee* Why not get a tube to-day' Try it. stand of Serroco with a money-back guar- Very tiuly youra . SENRCCO , Note the beautiful surroi]i]dinr:s--out JD the open-close to Nature--come and sec fur our^elf v-ln Poplar Grove i destined 10 become ihe leading lesideuce ciistuct of Connellbville FOR K P N T -- T \ \ O rooms f - hj, f hou*=cl drc o09 C, ui (jFti. i L \ t c t p i fat L U M S I ' l n i, No chil Tbc delights of jour vacation bed n tf-e monen you bonrt D A C Coast 1 me S earner for beautiful Muckumc iLland- balfof the del £ht* arc m the Lake voyage Railroad tickets ace honored on all D C Liot. Bieacuera wi out extra charge The D C Inenlniairsu CB trie faot iti Appointments CUIBII and PJ ^»t^kI j* ccrvice, STfety ard health pirovieions ore that could be desired All tteimera arc equipped with latest wireleis icrvici water IB atcriliEed by ultra \ lolet rty procua Two itpfcndid icasels-Cjcy of Mockinac U and City cf Alnena II--operate four tm c a week to Mack nnc liland From Tokdo Moadaye and Saturd-ijaS 3Q A M uesda^j nnd Tim adaye 0 00 F M Froa Detroit Mondays and Saiurdcy« 5 00 P M , Wednes u a y a a i d Fndiy 8 30 A M Send 3 cent stump for illustrated pamphkt and Great Lakea map Adarcsi 1 O LLWIS G P A , 9 Third Avenue, Detroit Mich TO MACKINAC [SI AHD From Buffalo $1100 Round (np 1900 Froni Cleveland $ 9 00 Hot id tnp 11 UO Irom Tu!«io $ 7 25 Rovrdlnpl30D From Detroit $650 Round tnp 51200 And \ o u can i n i k t the ppjments to sint \ouibclf The lots meisure 60x110 ft Cit\ \\attr in front of ever} lot and the Public school and Chiuch nearbv Only a fne n i n u ( ( a.r ndc 01 a 31-Hunuie ^ a J k fron 'Brimstone Cornei ' \ou mist see the=e lots to fulU appreciate the remarkable wlues the} rejireent Wh\ not come out tomorrow evei ing--or Sundae if more convenient For Full Particulars M rite T. 0. Box 111. CQ^rLLSVULLE, PA.

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