Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on September 3, 1972 · Page 31
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 31

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 3, 1972
Page 31
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Page 31 article text (OCR)

^Sunday Gasett^Mml w«t 3D-- -Sept. 3, 1972 "3TI ' _--- , t/. .S. Trackmen Suffer Reverses American. Gritting his teeth and talking to himself, Seagren raced and soared over the bar on his last try. "I should have passed there and waited for 17-10%, Seagren said. Instead the East German made the new height cleanly on his first vault. Seagren took his three tries, missing barely on his last attempt. After clearing the bar, his chest barely! brushed it and sent it tumbling. Akii-Bua fascinated the fans by show-boating after his victo-fe%. n ry. He leaped over imaginary!;?-]"" hurdles, went into dances, andiloyc"" waved and grinned at admir-jl;?,'TM ers. jcoiiins Wottle also won the hearts ofi^s the crowd. A lean, sallow-look-jS'! 6 " ing youth, he wiped tears from! To ,. his eyes on the victory stand onii during the playing of the National Anthem. His 1:46.86 was below the world mark of 1:44.3 he equalled in the Olympic trials. The American basketball team won its sixth game, easily beating Spain 72-56. It was the 61st victory for an American basketball team, never beaten in these Games. The Yanks now enter the finals where the Russians appear to be the strongest threat. United SUtra (75) Spain (Si) G F T * 0-0 8 Brabndr 5 0-0 10 Buscatr- o 1-1. 1 Cabrera 3 0-0 t, Ccrbaln 3 0-0 6 Estrsda i. 3-i 11 Iradier 0 0-0 0 Uuyk 3 1 - 2 7 Margall 0 0 - 0 0 Ramos 3 0-0 6 Kalian S 0-0 10 Spui-VIa 3 0-0 t, Snlllna . 33 4-8 72 Totals Stales G F T o o-o n o o-o o 2 0-0 l. 0 0-0 0 3 1-2 7 4 1-2 1 o M o 0 (M) 0 0 0-0 0 7 0-0 14 2 4-6 8 7 04 14 2$ 6-10 M 31 41--72 * wi r,- attor ney Bob Kelly, a long-time friend oi i,]k River, wants it on the record that he is not among- those who have set back and watched the decline and fall of this once fine bass stream, which is being dealt mortal blows by the Sutton Dam. Wrote Kelly: "You well recoui.i. the ruination of the Elk by the Sutton Dam and its operation by the Army Engineers. probably the most destructive force in the United States today. You say, 'few people have raised a hand in protest over the condition of the river.' "I have been protesting since the Engineers started lobbying for this dam with their 'facts and figures.' I opposed the dam construction. I have from year to year protested the weird operation that pronounced a death sentence on 103 miles of West Virginia's most beautiful river. "I have talked to Army generals and colonels and the senators and congressmen and have written a hundred letters. All that I and many other protestors ever get is a lot of talk about other polluters (of course .there are others) and the beneficence of the Engineers. "I have kept rain-gauge records and river data and have DELICATE Olympic Question: Can Sex Rob Yon of Gold Medal? BASEBALL! --AP Wirephoto BOB SEAGREN CATCHES BAR With KNEE ON FINAL TRY U. S. Pole Vaulter Has to Settle for Second Place English Giant Killer Cox Upsets Rosewall in Tennis MUNICH (AP) --Olympians blush. "I see him only on week-former Czech discus champion found themselves involved withjcnds.'" w ho fell in love with hammer- la delicate question Saturday-1 ^Iph Ma " n - L; s - inter 'throw king Harold Connolly in l u r u j mediate hurdler from Provo.i,, ,, . . .. lean sex rob you of a gold "ied-!Tjtah, who also lias his wife l " e 19r5 fiarnes . married him, jal? i\vith him. was asked if theyjbecame a U.S. citizen and i Dave Wottle of Canton, Ohio, had reached any agreement Joined him as a competitor in i brought his bride to Munichiduring the period of com-i ensur j n g Olympics, and also won the gold medal i n |P eitu ; lon - : "If you're young and fall in .h» Riinmotpr run iust hpatinc She comcs up ° my room love for the first time, it can be the 800-meter run just beating but we nave agred nol to do vm , emotiona ,., 0 , said IRussia s Evgeny Arzhanov. anything until this is all over," i But that didn't really provide ne replied |a clear-cut answer. , Dr winston p Rieh| of New ! "Coach Bowerman asked me Orleans' Tulane University ;not to bring my bride to Mun- head physician of the US lien." explained Wottle, who , eam said he con . sirierfd lhe 'was married just before them a t t e r 1 - n . ge]v a tompest in a Istart of the Games. He teapot " " 'thought it might hurt my per-. .. u s more psychological than formance.' physical." he said. "As in the "She came along and is iv- ca ' e of anvlhing _ evcn bcer or mg away from the village, out. cokt , 1 see her every day. I think it's ' · all up to the individual, person-: , l d TM * Umk anyone can lay- ally. I'm so anxious to get ai dow " . ha . rd .. an d fas rules, t medal that we decided to a b -must be l e t entirely to the mdi- stain from sex until my event lvldua . 1 - Bu , 1 ; ° ff hand ; ll wo " ld ! is over" ;Say w be good for an ath jlete to follow his normal proce- Takes Dim View : ciure. Only if it's a distraction ; does it become problem.'' Bowerman is Bill Bowerman: Support From Olga of the University of Oregon.j Dr . Rj c hr s analysis found who is head U.S. track and! support f r o m America's Olym- field coach and who takes ai p j c veteran. Olga Connolly, "the- dim view of mixing sex withj the Olympics. He not only told Wottle to leave his bride at home but: warned all of his athletes about; camp followers, using the; bible's Old Testament as an ex-| ample. j "There's evidence that sol-j diers didn't go to battle right; after they'd gotten married,"! he explained. i Ruth Fuchs, East German housewife who won lhe worn-! en's javelin Friday with anj Olympic record 209 feel. 7 j inches was asked afterward how martial life might affect i her athletic life. TODAY 1:47 "HAWAII DAY" CHARLESTON vs. RICHMOND ' Charlies" "Brcwes" WATT POWELL PARK Only on Weekends "My husband works in Lcip- FOREST HILLS, N.Y. (AP)i rain-slicked grass after missing'minded Briton, took fourth - English giant killer Mark! a shot, several times batting (seeded Hie Nastase of Romania Cox stunningly upset second-'balls angrily away after Coxi, .- ,.' i.- r in th(1 f : fHl ,,. i seeded Ken Rosewall 1-6. 6-3. 7-1 had scored a point. ! before bowine'-5 6 2 6 ~ 2 6 ririuon t« S,,H^ i ' n~ _ · , -- """" i 6 - 7-6 Saturday in second-round 1 "I just couldn't set enough L r 8 " ' ' ' " ' " ' TMw 1 r 7 ?i 6 T - SpeW1Dg int ° dear Waters and ^y of the U ' S - °V* n Tennis 1 serves back into plav," the dis-i 't ,, . reported conditions to the Engineers only to be told that I Championships. jgusted Rosewall said I £ vonne Gooiagong, the sec- didn t know the 'facts.' Armv Engineers' 'facts' havo inno -n,» ·»_,,-.,..., ! CAREFREE LIVING, INC. Your Authorized Dealer O f . . . HOLIDAY TRAILERS * RAMBLERS ^TRAVELERS * VACATIONERS EXCELLENT INVENTORY TRADES ACCEPTED O P E N D A I L Y 9 A M - 8 P M - S U N D A Y 1 T 0 6 Roy Huffman-- President "Quality Conies First" Carefree Living, Inc. BRIDGE AT EIKVIEW.W.VA. Phone 965-6431 or 965-5631 OPEN DAILY 10-10; SUNDAY 1-7 SUN., MON., TUES., WED. Army Engineers' 'facts' have long since ceased to amuse me. "As long as the Congress gives these despoilers pork-barrel money to spend on dams, so long will they continue to kill rivers. Elk was beginning to clear up last week afler being muddy for almost a month due to water from the dam, but it was an The 29-year-old Cox, who got! "I also had a little trouble ? nd ranke ^ woman's player . . , J VVM», gut, , , . _ , , . , ,, frnm Australia nnb- jtniin. , the label upset-maker in 1968; w ''h mv footing," said Rose when he became the first ama-! w a'l. who took at least four teur to beat a pro in an open event, took command against the 38-year-old Rosewall in the second set. It was easily the biggest ur spills in the two-hour match, from Australia, took countrywoman Karen Krantzke 6-3, 7-5; pretty Chris Evert of Fort once just lying there in a |La«derdale, the No 3 seed sprawl and pounding his fist on ^fP 1 p the grass, his teeth bared in an^ 10 "? 1 angry grimace ^ an " No - ~ In its September issue, Field Stream magazine earned a "Rate Your Candidate" article by Michael Frome, the magazine's conservation editor. The article included a box score showing how every member of the Senate and House of Representatives voted on several important environmental bills. The senators and representatives were given a star if they voted on the side of the environmentalists, an X if they voted the wrong way (in Field Stream's opinion) and an NV for no vote. Here is Field Stream's scorecard on West Virginia's two senators on eight issues: Byrd X X X X X X X X n^ Randolph X X X X X X X X (Tr Neither Byrd nor Randolph replied to a uneasy truce at best. The water looked more or less dirty-- (set in the first four days of playi "My serve was the turningj!,!'^f, certainly not the way Elk once looked and will probably never !'" toe championship that Rose-|P oint -". s ^ d pox,^ a ranking TM"^\. * * * Field Stream Rates the Politicians to the gray, leaden! who did not nlav" Saturday. ""'Imade Gives Satisfaction Always past Marita Redondo of Calif.. 6-1, 6-2: incpise Durr of I France beat Kristy Pigeon, 6-7, 6-1, 6-4. ! wall won in 1970. " i player in Great Britain but un- Australian John Newcombe, · , _. 'seeded in this tournament. 1 toe No. 5 men's seed, elimi- Picturc of Dismay ;Rosewall was seeded just be-jnated Eddie Dibbs of Miami, 6- Rosewall was the picture of i hind defending titleholder and' 3 . ^ 6-3; Tom Okker of the dismay and frustration, of ten | Wimbledon king Stan Smith, 'Netherlands, the No. 7 seed, looking to the gray, leaden'who did not play Saturday. jmade quick work of Harold AUTO SERVICE SPECIALS skies as if seeking help. He once pounded his fist on the . Taylor Toys Nastase !Salomon of Silver Springs, Md., Roger Taylor, another upset- Plans for Playoff In I. L. Are Made 6-2; but No. 9 Marty Riessen, Evanston, 111., had to work hard for a 6-3, 7-5, 6-7, 7-51 .decision over Mai Anderson ofi Australia. j I Sandv Brae NSTALLE FREE In | Should the Charleston Charlies ;ville won the right to host the J_1'1O XlC(l '· | and the Louisville Colonels fin-j first game. The second--and | ,ish the Intei-national League.third if necessary--would be n;il c ,,, , c , . , j iseason in a tie for first place,'played in Charleston. '. Bill Snodgrass.Jon Stacker 'the two clubs would meet in a irjhere is no He ^ for any ,^ d . CllarI ^, Scarbe !^ , al1 sl l ot l [first round lead in the Sandy Club men's clubi 36-MONTH GUARANTEED BATTERY 14 J Reg. 22.94 4 Days Q u a l i t y engineered for lasting power. Fits most cars. Battery Cables... 1.56 to 3.97 Just Say "Charge it!" O.E.M. STANDARD SHOCK ABSORBERS 3 33 Ea. Keg. 4.66--4 Days Original - equip- m e n t - t y p e shocks end sway, bounce. Sizes to fit most cars. rated each member to listing voting records. Field Stream also ; would give the winner a right to ! would take onThTfourtrTp'lace ! B , rae - Golfh - ( lember or an enviromental Scoreboard, taking jpl-ay in the finale of the Cover-1 team and the second place ! cnam P lonsh 'P- J ? . t f i . . . _ I . f~, . . . . . _ I . * ! M'Un f i .. «1 ., into consideration such factors as voting record, degree of '"or's Cup against the winner of! team would meet the third i J ne final round w .' il! ^ neld commitment, extent of involvement and effectiveness in get- i a series between the third and' place team. -today, with the first tee-offl ting things done. Monheimei- said the Charlies ;times at 9:3 ° a - m - decided this Saturday in a con-j at Charleston unless the Char- ference telephone call. Ilies are called upon to On the flip of a coin, Louis-'Rochester. i "The first i fourth place teams. 7i t n 4 - TM ; n i "in,^« * ·· ' Charlie gm - Ijen Monheimer.jwould open the playoffs on the ** P, M . **. r irrri^r: e .,rs is's^ssragiK r A ±f-w«s right, or in position to do a great deal more, still a glimmer - - - - - - - - ? , . - « . · of hope." Byrd was listed in the 20 to 30-point "poor" category--"need to wake up before it's too late." * * * Hechler Receives 'Excellent* Rating Following is the way Field Stream rated West Virginia members of the House of Representatives according to their votes on 12 environmental issues: Hechler . . * * * * * * X \V X X XV X X X X Lee Trevino Ties Beman Championship Flight Bill Snodgrass 77, Jon Strieker 77, harlcy Scarberry 77, Carl Lylls 78, Tom First Flight Ralph Fuller 62, Brady Adkins 83 Second Flight Tom Lesher 81, Kent Runyon 82 Third Flight i G. R. Martin 86, John Lucas 88, Bob game would be- Bowerl 8e - j played here in that case and the : BOD Grah a nrT, th ch F ar? eh y' ciarkwn 89. rest of the series in Rochester.''! Todays Pairinss sairi Mnnhoimov ! 1'' x a - m ·· Anc| V Barnett, Dick Martin, Sdiu monneimei. ·Charley Clsrkson and Gprald Navlor If there is a tie for third anl^ :4[ |j ^ K9r ^ s ' GBO R Graham ' and H fourth places only, then a single : cas. °Bob n 'Bowers and' jonn' 1 "Hughes. L "o nlavoff PaniP nil TuncHav nicrhr a - m · Tom Lesher, Kent Runyon. Jim l«aj(ou_ fedme oil iuesaay nignC. Hambrick and Clinton Wiley. 10:10, Joe Kee Mnllohan Slack Staggers . * * * * * .* X X X X X N V X * * NV NV X X X X X X X X * X X X X X * KM)' XV 20' * 40' X 17' * 50' I would be played to break the tie Ta /API -- Lee Trevino birdied with the playoffs then (o start Bob |the final hole of the second ;on Wednesday night. round to finish with a 68 and tie. 'Deane Beman for the lead in the S125.000 Greater Hartford; Open Golf Tournament Satur- and Clinton Wiley. 10:10, Joe N\ ,*John Campbell, Don Kanneer -X'V' 1 Watson. I3;:o, Mick Humphrey. ~ ' J '. '/ 4-FULL-PLY POLYESTER CORD "78" SERIES BLACKWALLS Reg. 21.88-6.50x13 M 88 Plus 1.76 F.E.T. Each NO TRADE-INS REQUIRED! MOUNTED FREE! Whitewalls 2.44. More Each ALL TIRES PLUS F.E.T. vlor. and Jflv Carpenter, Paul Martin and' Bob 1 'it. 111:30, Don Shaffer. Malcolm 1 -. Coleman, Bill Settle and Lee warden. : On the House of Representatives environmental scorecard compiled by Field Stream. Ken Hechler was one of eight !of 10-under-par 132, was one- Russia representatives listed in the 91 to 100 points "excellent" group, 'stroke off the pace after Fri-ie"^ "Out in front," said Field Stream. "Deserve cheers and (day's opening round. He fired! support." jfour birdies Saturday Others in this group included Silvio Conte of Massachusetts, fi pa jft 1 " ff with a b ° gey °" John Dingell of Michigan, Bob Eckhardt of Texas, Robert MUNICH (AP) - L.ft ol medsl win- Young and Bfn Lcpley. 11:20. Bill Snod-' nsrs m ln» j3th Sumrnpr Olympic Games 9ra«. Jon Strieker, Charley Scarberry ~ ... ,,,. , . . , ,. a "f r .. Saturday's seventh day of com.'and Tom Janicki. Trevino. with a 36-hole total; petition: -- Gold Silver Bron/e Tolsl ?1 17 U il 18 W U 51 Kastenmeier of Wisconsin. Henry Reuss of Wisconsin, John Saylor of Pennsylvania and Morris Udall of Arizona. first hole after i po?and' :a ngary .14 10 "If today's round is my worst ! !reaf Bntam of the tournament, then I have Norway Jan excellent chance to win,";Czechoslovakia Robert Mollohan and Harley Staggers of West Virginia were ! Tl " ev i n( said. New nc zeai a nd placed in the 46 to 60-point "'marginal" category: while John i Beman, teeing off early Slack and James Kee went in the 20 to 30-point "poor" category. Hechler, Slack and Staggers replied to Field Stream's questionnaire; Kee and Mollohan did not. jurday, waited in the clubhouse'owm jto see if his second-round 66 t^Jf," : would be good enough to give canai ( h i m possession of first place *a^ r going into Sunday's round on ;the par 71. 6,583-yard course. Lee Elder, tied with Trevino behind leader Bert Yancey after the first round, finished ;with a nine-undcr 133. "As long as I can slay a shot or two behind, it's not too bad a 24 ; 11 7 17 7 17 TOWAKS ( otirfomiiiiiirii*. firo- hrrfroom Ocean-Front I otntehotisci far nale Immediate Pot*p*tion. It AM 01 REALTY CO. I*. O. BOX I fit XilnnlU-Brnrh. V f . 2851 £ .i*, ( r n r ALIGNMENT AND WHEEL BALANCE 66 6 Days J Torsion Bars Extra Air conditioned cars 52 mor! Reg. 10.81-4 Balance 2 front wheels and pre- c i s i o n align front end. Shop K mart ! Save! Just Say "Charge it!" 8-TRACK STEREO TAPE PLAYER * HERE'S WHAT WE DO: 3. Inspect calipots 4. Bleed hydraulic system and refill 5. Inspect rear linings lor wear 6. Road test DISC- BRAKE RELINE 66 4 Days Only All work done by trained me-' ch a n i c s . On front end only, most U.S. cars. Shop K mart® and Save 3 State Bowhunters Take Hunt in Utah Bill Jeffers of St. Albans, Flip Crouch of Poca and Bob Doeffinger of Point Pleasant were at home on the range in Utah recently on a two-week bowhunting trip for mule deer. They camped in the Mantilasal National Forest, caught native :P° s 'tion, as long as I've got. the trout within 20 feet of their campsite, spent some time on the i lea(i Monda .V-" E! der said, sprawling Redd Ranch and killed three deer. Crouch got eight WETHEPSFIELO, coTM (/·,? itaa-. and four-point bucks and Jeffers goa a five-pointer. G?e^rH S Vtfnr"G d oif°TournU' e nt S on 5 'fhe "I've never seen so many deer," said Jeffers, who is a state '; '' a *" a H ' rt(ord Countrv Club champion in target archery. "It wsa nothing to see six or eight : L«"j^ f - : r s r M-*A-IM nice bucks in a morning's hunt. We hunted from tree stands, but .L^'eii if we had wanted to walk the woods, we could have jumped ?TM $1 deer left and right." The West Virginia hunters met Bill Tatton. foreman of the Redd Ranch, and were invited to watch modern-day cowboys at work. "It was fascinating to us," said Jeffers. "It's really quite an operation." Ralph Jcrtnst ' Brrl Ysncf, a?" s.J Ry i Pflcs L)rry VVtxxl A.V71-134 AP^6--134 GUY AN SPEEDWAY MOTOCROSS-CYCLE RACING AMA Sanctioned September 4, Race Time 1:30 p.m. Practice Starts 17:OO NEW LOCATION! NEW LARGE TRACK 4 miles on Crawley Creek Rd., from Chapmanville. Rt. 10. Markers! + Special Trophies if MINIBIKE CLASS Up to 11 years of age Admission: S2 adults; 50' children PLENTY OF FREE PARKING! FOR INFORMATION CALL 752-231 3 88 Model K100B -4 Days C o m p a c t unit with 2 enclosed speakers.Wood- grained. Save! · Hardware included Satisfaction always at K mart 5 QUALITY MOTOR OILS 4 FOR Reg. 37= Ea.-4 Day Choose 20Wor 30W K m a r t ® heavy-duty motor oil. Save! Kmart* 10W30 Oil.. 3 for 1.00 6531 MacCorkle Ave., 5. £ Chariest*,, W. Va. Automotive Items Available at Kanawha City Store Only

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