The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 4, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1930
Page 9
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rtTESDAY, M A R C 1 II 4, 1030. THE DAILY C O U R I E R , CO'N NEUL.ii-VU-.LE, PA. BY ROY V I C K E R S CHAPTER XLVI. C 'fNAZ returned the letter. "Well?" "I thought you mijrht be interested--knowing what Brenna- way'r reputation ia. And the fact that lie considers it worth while to make an offer for those shares suggests to mo that they are probably wortli their face value, or will be after he hns been on the job a very short time. And I thought thut possibly, on a fifty-fifty basis--" "Never mind the terms. They'll keep." cut in Cynaf. "You want a half million, eh? Well, I can't do anything on that letter alone. I must have some report* of what's «oing on out there. Get hold of those find come and see me a«ain." There followsd a fortnight of harassed investigations t h r o u g h forei;?n agencies which yielded nol a single itom of information--at the end of which Roger wont to Cynar, again and offered to go out to Macedonia himBelf. "You won't do much good by youraelf," said Cynaz. "I know more about it than you do. The one thing you've got to bring me u proof, other than your own statement, that Brennaway has built that railway track and trains are running over it. Give me that and X'll come in. Otherwise I stay out." For Kelton there was no hesitation. Leaving the o f f i c e at that time was a little difficult. For which reason it took him another fortnight in which to arrange with seeming naturalness that the trust account should remain in his possession. In the end all the details were settled to his complete satisfaction and he left New York at the beginning of June. " A n d now I've pot to kill time for t h r e e dnys," thought Shirley as she watched Alan's car disappearing down the track. There might be dangers--dangers to the point of death and worse--if Alan failc'l to return. But she believed implicit? that he would return. Threa days in the shack with nothing to do was a rather grim prospect. Most of the comitadji had taken themselves off to the camp to find quarters. Abramovel and -tome half-dozen others were still squatting in the clearing. She had leisure to observe the nmn whose prisoner she had now become and f o u n i d i f f i c u l t y in restraining her laughter. He was, she supposed, a man of about forty, very nimble in his movements, by no means unintel- ligem, but wholly unformidabie. The leader of the armed band of outlaws looked remarkably like *n English tramp. He wore a greasy hat t h a t hail once been a fedora, a threadbare jacket, corduroy trouj- crs and booty, the uppers of which reve;k'l the fact that he wore no sock;-. "I had bo'.tor placate him and p r e t e n d to be a little bit afraid of him,' she told herself, and w«nt out into the clearing. "Mr. Abramovel, I'm under your orders now," she said pleasantly. "You aren't going to keep me in the s;iack all day, are you?" "Whore do you want to go?" he demanded in a tone which showed ne wiw prepared to be generous. "Well, I'd like to ride my htis- band's horse round the camp and watcli the men at work." For a moment he looked doubt- f u l , a n d then : "I'll put ;'ou on parole, Mrs. Brennaway." "Oh, that's rery kind of you!" "But don't ride near the track over there or some of my men might shoot. They don't understand English " Shirley thf-nked him again and then went in learch of Pctros. STie had sensed that the Greek was devoted to Alan and would doubtless do all she wa ited. She had heard Atan speaWn-.y to him in French and, doing likewise, asked him to saddle her ho -e«. "Most willi agly," agreed Petros. "But there is no saddle for Madame." ·1 wonder if this been taught to ·fleeted Shirley, m a r ? has ever jump?" S'le had her eye. on a ridge--an easy ridge some four feet high and, breaking into a canter, promptly put the mare at it. The mare refuse 1 the jump nnd Shirley pnt her at k again. The third time the marc went over and made a clean landing. She hoard a shout of approval from the men--waved her hand in acknowledgment and trotted towards the gang. Here ag-ain the mon stared sit her in wonder, then laughed. But thei'-- nnfriendlinosa cau*ed her a feeling of alarm and aha rode away from them. Presently she aaw The more i-efimed the jump and Shirley pnt hftr at it again. "In America, Pctros, women ride like men I have a riding suit with me and I shall change i n t o it while you a - e getting the horse ready." She could see that her words astonished th ; Greek but thought no more of it By the time Potros had brought t he horse to the shack, shv was in her riding kit As she stepped out them cam;- n sudden Inufrh from Abramovel and his half-doze/ eroriies. "What's tl '! matter w i t h them, Potros?" "They are aughing at Madame's clothes, an ;wer«i1 the Greek. "Arid I don't think they have ever seen n worn; n ride. Women flo not ride in this country except sometime!) wl «n you will see thorn on a laden a;«." Shirley pat ed the spirited chestnut that A U n had got Into good condition, tht n mounted. The mon stood up to cet a better view of her, staring open-raouthed. "If they ve nevrr aeon a woman ride before, it won't do any harm to do r. littJe nhowtng-off," rc- Abramovel riding toward her and nh« turned to meet him. He drew up oeside her, grinning. "You teach me to jump, eh, Mrs. Brennaway?" "Certainly 1" agreed Shirley, and gave him directions. "But you must choose your j u m p carefully at first," she warned nim. You had better start on the one I took near the shack, and you can borrow this marc to practice on and teach your own horse later." "You don't teach anyone else, Mrs. Brennaway?" he urged as they turned baclt toward the shack. "Only me, see? I'm thr leader." "All right!" laughed Shirley, She wns highly nrmised. There wtus piquancy in the thought that this cagtr, shabby little man waa a conv.tadji leader nnd her jailer for the time being Prom the remote past a phrase of Roger'* came to her, "They're a co-mic opera crowd." She laughei again. Abramovel and his gang might well have stepped'out of a comic opera. (To be cantimiod tomorrow.) Applying Modern Ideas to the Nursery Home-Making Helps Ily ELEANOR ROSS C HrUDlUCN'3 noeda have nof bs«n overlooked by th« rncxl- o-nistlc decorutors, and *hoy have found plenty of room for 1m- provernant. Tha old-fashioned nursery, fui nlahed accordlne to a prown- UP'B ldi-.u of what looks cute, la ran- Ishtng. The motlurnlstlc decorator, imbued with Idea* trorn exparlmenUU schools and the new child psychology, prcceda on the theory that the child doesn't want his surrounding* too babj'ish. Consequently, moet of the chlSdren's furniture la a minia- t u r e rupllca of comfortable piece* us Ml bj- grown-ups. Thei'- are nhildretj'e rooms fur- nisliod In (Colonial style, with tabled, wintiBO' 1 chalrn, wring chairs and pven |^-i!.^ t n n t are Just like the Colonial : '-pi odi'.ctlonB their parent* .-nay n.'iv.i In th« living room. Ttierolv ^uinller In slzo. The child's turnl- turo In not hlH tor, but equipment t* uso wlti reajsonabla care, Just a* he will later on be expected to n«e the furniture in the adult living r»omo ·f the house. A practical Innovation in ths furniture for th» nmull person Tbeyotid th* bajiy iMte, of courso) is the elastic Idoa. Slach dreaser or table, or even the b»-4, may now be purchased hi expandable rtyl . Tb» drwwcT, for" example, with it i ample drawer npacc would be sufficisnt for the wardrobo of a jfrowltiK ciiild for rnacy years. The troublo has lecn in tho pant that tie child of thr « or four, tauuht to dreBa hlmaelf. n"cdt-d low equipment within reach. jiter on. a« his lpg« grow, he lookfl -vlth contempt on the low cheat of dr iwern. But the new typ« haa detach iblo legs. Theaa caii be unacrewed ( nd cIL'icurdPd as thn y«ar» go by ant ! longer logs gcrewtMl In. The same plan In applied to bed*, which can now be purchawtl with additional ets of boards--Bhort, :nedlum and I^ng. The first bed can. therefore, be a substantial affair. Bince It ca i bo expeoted to laat throughout chll Ihoort. One rather u ilque modern Intle Wt for a nmall rot rn woa davlced by a rahlnrt-ua.kor, caH«l an to supply complete equlpi i«nt for a littln nura- *ry. The room, tn a city apartment, wan not neriy !arg« enouRh to contain bed. tabl« chair, drmuer and space for tare. And the problem Involved wan to provide apace for Mtorlng toye neatly, BO that the room need net b« exeecwlvely fluttered. The »o. ! atlon eventually arrived at waa t o build a toy cheat, with various-el «d shelves and aom- The Home KitcJhen By ALICE LYNN BARRY Saratoga and French Fried ta as part of the built bed. It had sliding doom in front, reaching iUino.«it to tha Goctr. so that the bed looked like a ploc« of buili-L-i furniture. Since shrives were -he full lengtli at the b«d and could bo pulled out when tha door* were opened, they provided extra mil-face for play, as well tut neat storage space. The Dutch settle IB another grrown- up piece that la finding favor for tha f.'hlldntti's room. It provides a pleasant seat when tho top Is swunij upright, and It can h« uned ax a 'able for eervlHST ***· chtMrem'a nidtUa or for pUiy. The new fashion IB away from too much decoration on walla, cartalns' or otter draperies. Too many bun- ' uiee uid puasy catn and Mother Cioono Kloriea repeated endioaaljr on i wall paper or curtnlninf; are a distraction in the room and add to u ' natui-:il and Ine^ltuhle clutter. Plain, vra»hshle walls, wunhable curtains of plain fabric or unobtnutlv* detilKn ara much more restful In. a room that U occupied continuounly for Ions period*, as the children'* room* Is llk-ily to be. Th* child ta raore lntoregt»:i In hla picture book* if they do not stare at him contlnu- oimly trcnn wall* and curtains. INoted Film ColumnleE Writes Versatile Novel A 31MTPLB3 dtoh of BVench or SsuratoBtt potatoes takes more time and cam than ia *!»p»r«ml. I fa »n« of those tooda that »r« perfectly wholesome if properly prepared. Hut If no:--well, then u dewrves tin- worst t h l n j r s »ald « h o u t It. "Greatiy" lo one of the objections niadp to thLi popular dish--or "In- digestlbl-*." Any fried food is Indi- KMtibl* if the fat Is olther too hot or not hot rnoURh. The fat must he hot enough to form n crust on the outside immediately--so that the food d won't absorb the which i.i what wnuld make It gT-e,-i»y. Bit* If th« fat 'it too hot. the food will burn before I 1 .. Is cookcO. To prevent .-Ither of thwifl nils- hup*, fi^at choose the right kind of ,'at. tji;'d. drlppinK.-« or vegetable fat t t r e all ^ootl, n« tticsc oan b# made vory hoi without b u r n i n g . H u t t e r Is i h o poorest for f r y i i K '^M It born*) e.i.fitv. Abroiwl olive oil t» UJiwl eis- tenwivel/, and many people con.'lder till.'' thf perfect fat., but it han a -p«clal :1avor of lUi own whtrh Is net popular with overyan* on this side (;»«· a deep kettle for frying---the ·oiincl-sidcd tisetal sauc'ppa« k n o w n ·i^ a "S..-otch bowl" is l''.-t. The f r v - '.-·;; U'is-cct should ht- tl-.o rljvht »'·/.;· - . / ' f i t i i-t«tl - over t h e to,). «o t h a t |-.v,.i -ri'i rw' left in H safoly w i t h o u t ' · H i - - ; ! Heal the t-i: ulowly. nncl aliiCt^ 1:Op i" *l small pief-i of bn«d. [t »hnu'd brown -.11 nne m i n u t f ' , I-'nol ' 1 In the f « t w h i l « but aJ.ifJf tbat, when It beginn tc prosit*, Whllo It la not hot enouh'h va form a cruat, Also, «nou£h fat ahould be u»ed tn cover tho food romplete'ly. Thla In not waateful, aa he name fat can be atratned afterward and used aealn. Baratog 1 Potatooa. Beirin by aelec Irtg potatoes of the wime Hlse. Peel and cut paper thin into tho 8!M)io si-i Hlices. Sciak a fevt minutes In cold vuter. then place in it bowl of led wnter for an hour, to fret crisp B« woll us cold. Drain and dry on a napkin Then place a few Hlicen In the wlr frying bttaleet. and Immerstj In the v m o l t l n g hot f»t. As noon *a they turii liight brown, place In a wire coltind-ir to drain, thf?n on u larjre paper-lined plutter which Khould b« left In a w u n n ovitn. H IH nrt:c»sary to kt ip t h p potatoes hot as each batch Is 1'liitMhed an thut.(hey clry «nd eriwp n i h r k l y . .lust tsforfc itfrvlng, twasoti vlih a l i t t l e salt. Keep tli« put;-'oea In n dry placu. uiiid If they tiho'ild o»xl bt-fore serving time, it Is Hiisy to crisp theuti a^raln by plax'ln . In the oven it f?w raoiri«nt». French J rled Potatoes, I'c-el und I ' U l potatoes lengthwise i n t o even Khupi.-*. They whoukl not be too large. J ' small potutoe.f tir* n f i i l . IlK'V ar^ f· :'st slU'*M_l hrnfjthwl.s*-. i l k i - n ( h e slico.-i nl in strips. LJU-J-'S tot;iM»r-^ may i;ivp To be i.'ltt in lnilv*-^ tirst. I' iff tho strips In lr.« w;ilf-r for un ho ir. t h p n dry, and p u t ;* fow at a t;rnf in t h e fi--ini^ lw.tiket i tn hot f a t . lr^'n on soft paper Rn f i · keep lint in thi, over. S«u«on w i t h j ?.«:'. anil a da. li of popper Dorothy Herzog, one of the beat blown motion picture eolumri »niter« who regales her large foj- «\.-inj; with the inside tutws of tlia world's movie colony, has jpab- ished a book e n t i t l e d : "Some I.iko H H o t . " Pollowers of the :iOjp.d f i l m w r i t e r will derive many pleasant hours through perusal of tht latest production of her American Sailor at ^aat Free After Trying E: :peri- enceis in RUBI ia. Rlgn, Lntrinj.-- Clftrencfi American salior, nrrivotl cently, nfU;j: an eitnnsi Rusaln tin the jruefit of thi emuient Like o'jher Ar tors, CarJeon wns provided grulde/i, but while the gril tourtsts $0 per dlom, tho OarlBon wwe provided fn also provided fite rallr lodging aurt food during tritvolB. This nntiTOnl gannroslt visitor who was not nn Ar Kate to Che Communist It te explained by the fact his three yaara^-ttnil three of Russia Carlson was yearn and eight nionthn. ing SGTen months were sj freights from one end « the other »3«klns t.'Kcnpe. Carlson's father. Olc, 1 engo, and be haa requetut tly to prepare the futted developed aa appetite In t' yenra on tlte dlrt of t prtgona. Vi«lta 115 PH»or When the Moore McCor er, 8»gaporaclr, left Helsl lanft, on Octotier if, 1W!6, OnrlBon enjoying the dr; Finland. A fow days If. jumped thn Flnnlsh-Eus and landnd in jail In lycnlr after a fonr and » half prliwnment, he wn:« banlst years to Astrakhan. 'TYBvellng In ensr ntnffet led by iH-tned Ghe'clst, Ca fifteen prlsona befora arr trnkhan two monha Inte he flipped 1'rolffhtft nnd i three months lati»r on frontier. Ho then rliltml Smolennk, Minsk, Moae«w IJOT, and Sarntor, before Astrakhan, vrhera the urped him to eonf-H« he w lean spy, promising him Henrlng thnt otlicir Amci hnd been shot after rankli fcsslon», Cnrlnon yefused fnsed to islgn paiers me Soviet cltlien. Instead, knowledRe of Russia *na Inform the Ch«kl«U wrmt of their goTernmont, and lithed to Unilsk, where, of strife-*, h* \va« released KTilrghls Staples. Etonpet Again A(?n!n escaping, ho renc Ish frontier a n d was ftg; nnd Imprisoned st Klc rnontliH before h- was n n d ^ r ffuard. In tl reekons he hn« r l s f t e d f 'The holshevlks are pin t h i n g In IluRwls :»fter tl pnllcrn," rHn(*d Cnrlson also building BO called prisons, siifipnfrcdly fcllcv c h i t n c t u r e -if our prison prisons In Russfn sre Ji peasnnts wlio hiive failed eitortlonnte grain tns an executions an held thr nights R wc-ek. "Tlie mo»t tryln; i.Ttper; Kiev when they fed me and black hrt-nd ?or a w ·ny water, tiylnp to co confess I waa a spy." He reporta t h a t tha onl; Isfled are t!ie ChfklstB ni mnnlsts, anil un unusnallj bar of people ore being the now reign of. terrffr T ther proof t h a t fhn Oomm coIlapBln;?. OarlBon 1s twenty-nine When he went to RiiBslft 16S ponnds, wlieo he weighed 118. Bears Sleep in Wfn Hunter* Say I Winnipeg, Mnn.--That f: going to Bleep v-'hen w t'aln't an, three yoving hui knteftBwan, Nut Grosser, and Blake Williams, him They had marked down fit Haddock, snhzero want! they Irntw Hrnln wan nnci xVat was permitted lo cri den to bniij Mr. Baar out. Dat he dJ! toko I ha p have th« other boy« (jrn» fit hla leg*--Just for Inirt explained It. That sav(!d his llfo, tl ability to ma|io hla /rolnv Ing flat \vhnn ha dlncovat tsko. Ha wn» well In tho de outsider* heard R jitl that como from e fflnnt. 'nty friend out, Clo«o behind brown banr, Whmi thn b eyes open tbo htmtern w- tho adjoining i.-ounly Ilitu. Carlson, an it lillga re- ·e Sour of Soviet gov- erltan viil- wlth Cheka ies cost tho expenses of e. He was ·ad tickets, nost of the toward a erlcnn dele- ;ernatlonal« t h n t during: lontliB 1 tour n Jail two 'he rerrmln- ont flipping Rnosia to res In Ohl- id his farn- :alf, having e last thr«s« i« different i. nick sl:eam- igfors, Fln- It ftlsn left roglran of er CnrlBon Ian border ;rad, where, nonths* 1m- d foj three aoeompan- Ison visited flog In As- ·. Escaping, us arrested h* Latvian th» J«Ha of Owi, Tarn- ·ettrrnlng to bolsheviks is an Atner- 1s freedom, can sailors g such con- md also re- clng\ him a ·Is growing iled htm to be thought IB wus bnn- er n Inmgsr nd sent to ied the Po!In arrested for four ·ef.umed t* e course of iln Onrlson fty prisons, mlng every- s American "They «re America rikn Insr the nr- AH. the tnraad w i t h to pay the ' major Jnll ;8 or f o u r inee was at mlt herring ;ek withotit vpel me to people sat- d the Corn- large nnra- ntecnted hy hlch Is fcr- inlst rnle !s years old. he weighed ©t o\it he :er? t Isn't So hie of bears nter comes tens of 8ns- andy Olnsa dlncovcred. i bear's den sr cnme and nBclmiB. So «·! Into thn ocnotlon to 3 ««oh one inco, tta he «t nnrl t,li« ay Irt noth- id his mis- i when tilt might hnva mnled their \vn» n big «« Jfnt his ro croeslnff Couple Found De in Tourist Korclahur}!, N. M.--Tl of a eiivijjltt Identified «f Mrs. Jtiseph E. Hohli (lliinnpolid, were f o u n d l 1st cn'mp here. I'ollct ttiej insy h«ve been n ly poisiHiBd, A Inrge money WHH fountf on J id Camp a bodies Mr, Brii'l jou, Ini n ?! dental - smn oC oblnaoci. YOUR is it on our stubs :ription list? We will guarantee you full value FOR YOUR MONEY ; THE OLD HOME TOWN PAGE NINE. Stanley IT A1NT THE CAR PEPPERED, THAT )M K|CK/M-7 JUST LOOK AT MY HAT,", F/XED UP FOR THE TOU re i s-r PRICES EB SNODSF1ASS WAS PUTnN5 SOME SH. WORM HCJL.KS )M A COUPt-E Of" OLD FIEOES OF FURNlTURe TODAY, WHEN JEfM MOUTc-N DROVE BY )N HIS Adrice to Girls By ANNfE LAURIE , 3-Yevr-O!d World's Champion D EBAR A.NNIM I un a sir! la my am RTMtty In v9 wtth a boy in a year my vealor. I IMW» coinn et»ady with him for «iz month n n4 n«w h« la bectnttlnr to tfo rort with other girl*. Somotijnon be nay* h« loreo ma hat there are tlmoa wb«3 be »cta an IT hi; doesn't. Ha uaad to com« ·aid »ec) mo qalto often, bat now b« very ntildom coin** and wtoen be doaa, ho usually tuUsa kferut BOOH other jrlrL Should I coottaiM gting wltk bin) and d1rere«axrd wttfU b« to dnlnc or should I stop? I don't wxit to break oar frtondahip. BRCTWTt ETTBa. B RO'WrN BTTKS: Ton may not wtoh to break tho frteadiUtlp, but t^« VomiK man 1» certain)7 doing hl ctiar« to dwrtrcry IL. Talk with hbn, ank hbn ttwi reous«em for hi» bcttavtor, tor Uvsr« U no i-«m»on why you shouJd bav« to »ta.nd rt. Find other, rrletwlu, do not cuoJco yourself un- hnpojr. Of oourmi you should not dlux-egaM wfat ha 1» doing, Many n vrlte bos had to shut on* ey« to certain defecta In her hiuband'a ehancter, but thrr« ia (turely BO ne*d for a young WOBHUI to do *·, to tbo ctiaa ef · bor CHand. Senate Oil Lobbyist Rereals Source firf Funds Liitle-thrct- yeer-old Mar/one Sttt smiles demurely »s ahf drugs her prtciot?.* champioasbi p cop oat ape n tbf diving board. Mttxjoirie hss ju»t been acclaimed world's chan- swimmer for b«r ge. When bat 2.1 atoatia old snc won this Barnes New berry Cup by swimming 2' feet, T$e ctp /j competed for annually. Bf 10 Ul HUNT PC' ·£aS M.D. AUTHOR Qf'DItT AMD HEALTH fOR Ooohtnf Potatoes DOCTOR: 1. My family tWnk tha eating- pptatoes cooked with tho uHlns on, or frtod a day or two after they wero c o o k e d , a r o too h « (i v y t o dlSPBt. W h 1 n h ws.y ar« polatoen I ho most easily Wlrt Franklin, of Ardraore, Oklsu, i president of the Imleipendent Ofi Producers' A*8oclatto:n. appeared I before the Senate Lobby InvesU- imtion Committee and revealed l?i« »ctlvjU«8 itl lobbrins for a toritf on olL tot which HiB agsociatiort Is aald to hare mieed larg* sums of money for UBO in obtaining, passage of the Wit. Skipper Suspended I food, as IN Khown by the fact that i thoy protect Irnlnnrt from amircy. i They linvo n. Jilprli Ki'iirto of protein i'nnd t h e y Icavo n.n nfkaline aah. Re-' I member we nil ijet too much of th* ! iiRld a»h foods: .cereals und fle«h i (noijn. who ara suffering from i aciiloKl.-i, pout, k h l n e j nnii blood vcs- HP! i n v D l v o i n v n l . can boncfll by sub- , , bulu H u n t j P«t«r», M D taken to a doctor? "I, M"y r.rniH and Ipffa fero to n I a e p, 1 H I t d u e t o p o o r circulation or In- DUfllclrnt o x c r- cl«e? "0, Should n. fiflrl of 15 who iiann't menstruated yet be 1IK8. N." 1. A bilked potiuo la connldored thn most coaily dlga«i«4. Mooned potjt- toes BI-O next. Jfried nntatoea (nice thn longest to digest becauao of tha fat, ftit being a, jood principle thru Stays longreut In t'u stomach; which Is all rlffht, too, if there is no I r r l t u Tha potato peel Is gooA roiJHhago, but tha old Idea that there \vero vitamins and ml lera! elnim-nuj In the peel Itaslf, has bo«n proveil »·- roneous. It is t - u s that thn bent part of tha protein and mineral elements aro right \ ndor tho skins of the potatoes, w h e r a tho t f o n n l n a t l i i j ; "eyen" are, nnd il t h u potalor« arc rifioled before cool Ingr, sotno of i h i y ia lost, depending- upo;i tho dc.Mh of peeling, When pitalo'ja, uni boiled arid then peeled no that the tliin tskhi llcelf comes off. n o t h i n g is luat. I f yon have to pec.] potatoes in a h u r r y , acrub them wtll ami boll up {tin P«elinff3 to MOO Hi.! broth In a HOMP. or put thorn dlmct'y I n t o l ho mjup, if you aro going to t t r a i n it. Don't let potatot i sonic In colt! w o - jj of tlio pro .eiii ami salta are ; 2. Arms anil \egn "Kotnir to Hleirp" I irmy lin rauund by poor circulation from in.-uiy rcHSons, perhaps th« po. ; Hlllon you use In Klttiu/t and «Ie«plng. Havti n phyolcul «h««:li-up lo a*« it i thi-it) [» any othor ronson. ! ii, No, It iHii't iieea«iw».-y to tak» ', t h « Kirl to n physician. (Of ootiwe, ; It IH vvlso for nil of im tn hayn * j c h u M k r i i r i U I»h«t. oni-fi a year.) Th» ' l i m n o f . I ln onset of tneiiHtraatlon ; V.TI-ICH i-i) jnarliodly, from (1 to 17, ; Wo iiuvp i lumiphtot on tha Hygiene : lit W d t i v n which ifuea i n t o this nub- I Jecl., Kw column rii!«« fov obtain- lujf IhlB, · « » Mrs. V, \j. O.i You .'ihoulrt gu tc ·, c1onti;.;t k n o w n on nn orthodontlBt ('inn \vlio s t m l K h t u n s te«th and drawn out thorns thnt haven't erupted to Ili« Hiirfai-e). He will havo an' X-niy ni:nlc to sec the condition of yourrt. Mm. ("I.; \V'o have an artlcis on Coliln. i'Mi.-u-rh, etc., which will help yon on y i n i r other ((iic«tions. No, thcix; la no relation b«tween i - a n c f f of thu hri:iRt a.i)d troublea peouliur to women, HIJ far as I know, Ktlitiir'ii A'o/.fi ]Jr. t'et'«r:i cannot ill«Kni);;n iiijr r ,ivd i-orsonal .Bdvlca, Voi.ii- r i i K - s l l D i i H . if i.i (,-Fiirtni! InlnroHt. t h e i r t u r n . K'ioju-'.sl:; for urtlclns or P a m p l i l e i H on li.-ttvl rniiHt bfi aircom- pmiind |-,y a f u l l y n'lf-niUlresseii, .stmii|x..(! * n'. i-loj,,-. p b j K t h r ; following' mil -li,-ir:;.: tu In.-!;) i-ovcr I'Ofit of itinl l i a r i d l i n / ; : fu u t i ' - l i : \v:mli.-il, t \ n r : o n i n ii · :ui:h i j i i i n ! h l : t ( e n (..ntv] in i-oin. Tl: i'otatoca ara .,'ooU :omg to uau j jflmltli'.r Ui.-inKli.ix. AilJrusa Dr. j I'ott-f:;, MI r;iiv of tun. paper, uiitl-seurvy l l e f j l h l y , nnd r,ot over 200 wurds. Charged with negligence as a result of an investigation into the stranding of the Admiral Benson, on Peacock Spit, at the mouth of the Columbia river, Capt, Charles C. Graham, above, master of the vessel, has been suspended for six months by U. S. steamboat i» specters. i Nice Clean Job Work Conrae to The Courier

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