The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 20, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1918
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'' THURSDAY, JUNE 20.1918. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE, PA, PAGt TiT-iEE. iWSY NOTES TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING IN TEE MILL TOWN 5tOfklio!c!ers of Shornian- Stivcsoi! Tire Company Reorganize. J?flCES MOVED TO THIS PLACE Icloretl Folks JMd Patriotic Kallr nt A. M. E. Clmrcli for Xcgr Drnflcps Vfho leaTf tor Cuiup on Triday ETC- »"rillnjj Students lo Graduate. Eyes Sensitive to Light Often caus e om e p eopl e muck distress. The/ cannot bear the glare of ^lectric lights, or even strong sunlight. This condition calls i for special lenses which we are able to supply, and the wearing of; which will produce comfort in: many cases where other -lenses have failed. If interested, call. Without Pospfooras Nerves of Steel Weaken, Waste Away asfl Die Says Doctor Who Prescribes Phosphated Halt to Steady Strengthen the Nerves, Clear the Braia aud Bring Back Uie Joys of Life. and Spccin.1 to The Courier. SCOTTDAL1-:, June 20.--At tbs annual meeting c* the Skennan-ritive- a'JS Tire Rubber company lit Id in Itltsburg on Tuesday for itie election 2£ officers for tlic coining year, which j iv ai aLtendeci by prominent buf-iness tien ol Scoltdalc aad Mount I'leas- ut, an entire change vas made jn. the ouiccring oC the company. la, ta; t the funds ol the company are now p.aced in the hands of local people who are veil and favorably known in tnis community. The officials as v/ell as the GnaiLcial oiliceo ot Uie comian vdU (, now be located at Scott dale in the EUcs 1 building- The following were dieted directors: "ft". J. Walters, Joseph TVelsol. Arthur B. LoucJ.s, S. A. Sherman and E. R. Simms, Scott- diiis, e nd S. 0. Stevenson and J. V\'. OvcrtoU ot Mount Pleasant. Thef fallowing officer, \\ere named: 1'rcai- 3cut, "Vv. J. "Walters'; secretary and treasurer. Joseph Weiaui. It j the 'jitciition of these officers to start the Building of tires "with the least pos- uble delay. The factory is situated it ^iorth Scottdale. One Sore Ifay For you to practice thrift--buy in iis June sale to the limit. For nine iiore days this golden opportunity is ipen. Every day striking sales will e scheduled which have not had a jarallel this entire season. Savings liat TV ill not be equalled later, lor i:uch of the merchandise will be ot- Vied even below present manufactiir- 2ra* cost. Buy now, and buy for tie Juture. Bendiner's, Broadway La-' fctore. Scottdale. As you gut o£Z the car.--Adv. Jiegro Draftees Cot Sendoff. A great sundofE TV as given last evening for the colored draftees, whu will luave Friday from Connellsville for A patriotic rally ?as hUd at Uia A. M. E. Zion cliuixh following a parade in walcb, a nuiser of *Jie local c-Uzeas and the lied Cross units Look parL They -ft ere led over the prin- c.pal streets by Uie colored band. At fl.e church sLdxirues were made by tie Rev. A. J. Payne of Connellsville, aud James Eee^an of this place. Following the meeting at the church re- fresmenu \vere served on the lawn a.*_ the homo ol Thomas Murray on Eleanor avenue, just back d the church. The draftees whn leave Friday are John Bennett, Other Gordon; and Paul ilcCraw, Studeato to Get Certificates. The following eighth grade pupils ·of the Scottdale public schools will bo granted, certificates in writing :u 2 P. 1L on Monday, June 2-lth, a', the Peterson Business* college: Chirlos Eunk, Mildred Slune, Thelma Kush, Lamar Glenn, Vivian llloom, Eloise BarkfiU, Evelyn Staage, Ir-muis Brown, James Hamilton Virginia Montgomery Ardath Neish Alfred, Anderson, Donald Camlin, Marli- Al- ·big, Robert MuWHUams, W alter Baines, irese Shaffer, Mildred Sumf- fer, Sara Canaiin. Lawrence Stahl, Katharyn Cook, Fen ton Koister, Stella "Weddell, Anna Grace Sloner, Paul - Strickler. Ada Carroll. Margaret Burke. Isabel Hayes, Russell Menritt, ilargarec Carroll, .lames W. Harman, Donald Keller, Helen Bryan, June Sisley, William Peterson, Pauline Keslar, Virginia Leasher, Lawrence Nelson, Libbie Marks, Sara Thompson, Fannie May Scales, Wiliiam Walthour. Dorothy Taylor, Jos-cpu Pahel, John It Byrne, Josephine Smith, Harriet" Gove, V,'al ter Houseman, GJ adys Xcagen, Crystal Stoner, Lester Jcmes, Margaret Kromer. Minaia Cope and Carmiehael. ConnellsTillo 5Ieu J»uy Coal* Russell 'Weircer of this place, has sc-ld his coal land near Youngr-vood to E. B. Zimmerman, Harry Iorsey ai.d Elmer J. Stnitbers of Concells- vllle, for 56,500. These gentlemen expect to begin operations immediately. Is Granted Divorce. In the case of "William Baird vs. Elizabeth Baird for divorce, a decree was granted in the courts at Youngstown, O., an absolute divorce having been stven. Mrs. Baird before her j marriage was Miss Elizabeth Hayes ', of Scottdale. For Sole. 10 acres land, 8 room house, barn 3Cx40 feet. Can give immediate possession, for $1,000. 7 room mod-era house, newry painted. Can give Immediate possession, for J3.200. 3 room house, blacksmith shop, krowa as tbe Hepler property, Ow- eesdale. for $1,800. f j rcorc modern house, lot 45±110 f v f: ·- o street, for ?2,COO. A 'v.-20-^l-22. E. F. DBWITT. "ss Nancy Lipps and Miss G-all T'I. with Mrs. H. C. Hoop of Oori- ;. -ville. accompanied Mrs. H. S. Ho ;· 'o rittsburg. Mrs. H. S. Hoop j is ou. her way back to her Ohio home at: - a \i*It paid friends here. !ex IMru'a of Hampton Rods, is I hor.i ^ or a four-day furlough. ' \(rs. J. R. Byrne and Mrs. J. T. i I. W. Myers, Opt. D. Optometrist und Optician. Woolworth Bldg., Upstairs. Our Specialty--Comfortable Vision. AVuriz are spending a few days in Pittsburg. .Miss Blizaieth Wray is visiting friends at Derry. \Villiani Ewing, a student at Uie Military academy at Chester, has returned home after a vtelt with friends here. Mrs. A. E. Ewiug of Youngstown, 0., is the guest of her parents, iir. and Mrs. W.'JI. Calvert. Mrs. R. A. Nedrovr and family of Pitcairn, are the guests of .Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Toihers. Ea«y "VVaj- tn R*chjirKc the Sj-fltcra ^Vith r)tOHj)konu4 and Kecii the Suil»ly Xornial. BOSTOX. if ass.---"Your nei-ves and br-^in need phobphorua like y o u r inua- clc^ and body need Cood," says Dr. Ileicl, "and t h e trouble with most, of past t h i r t y is we have used up our supply of phosphorus and find ourselves all run down and unable to do our dai- y work w i t h o u t becoming all tirud out. We may look strong and Wealthy ar If we could do a C;ill day's work w i t h o u t fatierue, but while we have sLreriKtli of a certain k i n d u r can't stand a n y t h i n g We E?i\ c out because we lack phoo- phor'ia itnd lac,i erdurn.nce. We go on for m o n t h s or years usiupr a l i t t l e more p h o s p h o r u s every day t h a n o u r food supplies us w i t h and t h e loss is so jiradual t h a t it is u n n o t i c e d t i l l a crisis is Tfached and a oomp^olu nervous b r e a k d o w n is cK se at h.incl "Such a c o n d i t i o n a f f e c t s hr-tli m i n d and body. \\'e see le.-b and el less- either of pier-sure or pain. N o t h i n g imprrjs^es UK so v i v i d l y or intorcHts us as f t once did. Wa a c t u a l l y !ive less --our nerves an- not so f u l l y alivo. When I find this* c o n d i t i o n I prpscnh** phosphorated ma.t ant! t have seen i ' produce astonish i ny; r e s u l t s in a very short time. "Rr cently n. p a t i e n t came to me physically run dovn and on the vcrp-e of a m e n t a l collapse. His d a i l y w o r k had become d r u d g e r y and he pot n ^ i t h ^ r resc nor recreation fror-1 his sports or holidays. He could neither nlcfp nor concentrate his mind nn h'.«= tvorK. I advised him to eat less and take tw n WHY WOMEN DREAD OLD AGE Don't worry about old age. Don't ·worry about being in other people'--* way when you arc greUins on In years. Keep your body !n good condition and you caji be as hale and hearty in your old days as you were when a kiO. and ever one w i l l be , the ' w i t h J'hosp!]oru* a n d | p h f d p l phcjspborivted malt ill increa starnma, balar.ces 'life Moo five-plain tablets of phosphorated nialL after each meal. Tn less than t:n dny^ he \valKed into my Cilice C u l l oC vim and vig-o'r, h i s eyes briphL, 1 la step firm and h i a m a n n e r t h a t ot a in^n of twenty-five t h o u g h he was wel p a s t fifty." The value oC mall ia wvll k n o w n to all physicians. It ;.- a remark.ihlc tonic ar d t i w u c tiunder C o m b i » e d i w i t h J'hosphoru* .HHl]i)hnnplLn.teii as In ·ease; 1 men tul n n d aids t!ie system t o c o i i \ . r t fond i n t c iivm;? tissue. The old l i q u i d fcT-n.-.- rf malt are n o t c o n v e n i e n t , to ta-;o and of Oiem c n n t a m alcohol wh.i'h prodticPi a needless s l i i n u l a i in i a l w a j s ToLowed by a ilaiirrenms a n d depreis'.ny: i eoc- t i o n PhOMihorntcd malt has the tis- s u e - b u i l d i n g proper-lies of m a l t v. i t h o u t t h e evi'q o f i t l r o h c l i o s t i m u ; i t m n . A f t e r a few days ot it you will w n k o in ! m o r n i n g vigorous and refreshed, ri'.iriy | to rise and beffm t l i p dav q w: -k u i t h i l o u b l e confidence, o p t i m i s m and :ndur- ance. Note--The feelin-r of f x h i h i a'J o f t e n n o t ! ' e n l i l e a f t o r a fcv. weeks' v. of p'.iosnhornted inn It la n o t du*» to ' s t i m u l a t i o n . lit IK t h e rlieoi fulness* that comes of perfect b e M t h -- a l i f e ( stream f l o w i n g f r t - e l j . , can y i n g tli" i tiourtKhmcnL the l»ody needs tn he rid. J The fi-e c v h i l i r a t i o n of p o r f e r : health j and fau!t.c"is n o u r i s h m e n t IJT so rare j to most people as to be r^ r n n r k a b j f and s i r n n R c . I'ho^phoratrtl m a l t i^ = o!r1 by all drUffR-ist- ant", especially in Connr-nsvllle by ihe I.anghrey !rufi i Co. and J. C. Moore J *HUGE FEES INVOLVED IN TRANSFER OF THOMPSON COAL LAND TO H. C. FRICK The schedule in tbe sale of the J. V. | Attorneys' fees alone are massed Thpmpsoa lands to the H. C. Frick i under two items. On one figure the Coke com par y has been filed w i t h : firm of Guggenheim, Uatermyer | to sec you. { Referee ^ Bankruptcy J. G. Carroll,; Marshall is asking for $25,000 f o r 1 causes of senile aftlictions. "ceep^them I in Uniontowu, showing Uie disposi- | services rendered to the receivers and clean and in proper working condition.' tion of the ?3,797,472.-15 which accrues i the croditors' committee p-ior to the t Drive the ^poisonous \v-aeies from the i to Ihe Thompson eslato by reason of j trusteeship. The second stim, $6.148. leal, made through Colonel J. G.' re]resents the bill of five law firms, ir of Youngstown. including tho Guggenheim, Untrr- The magnitude of the sale is re- ] myer Marshall In to rests under the Oil Capsules periodically and you will find that the system v.*lll always he In pnrCcct working: order. Your spirits will be enlivened, yoar muscles made strong and your face have once more the look of y o u t h and henJth. of I vealed by some of the minor items. trusteashjp. Attornoys* costs are set which appear upon th« schedule down at $8,293.65, wbilc for postage, shortly to be presented to the United There Is only one goarar-tecd brand j States court for confirmation. It takes $3,678 in revenue stamps alone to convey the deeds to the property. Haarlem Oil Capsules. There are many fakee on the market. Ba sure you pet the Original GOLD MEDAL., Import "d Haarlem Oil Capsules. *£hey are the only reliab'e. For saJe by all Grst- class drngglsta. Confluence. June 19.--The tent and poles for holding the chautauqua have arrived and will be put up this week preparatory to holding union church serviced, Sunday school and proacning in the morning and preaching in the evening. The first session of the chautauqua will be Monday afternoon. Samuel Spears, late oC Beaver Creek, Pa,, was buried at Jofcnson Chapel yesterday. Quite a number from here expect to go to Kmgwood next Sunday to attend the Odd Fellows* service, held there in honor o! their dead. Rev. Bracken, pastor of the M. E. church, was called to McKeesport yesterday to officiate at a funeral. E. B. Brown still continues to improve from his recent illness. Mrs. Chas. Minder has returned to her home in Rockwood, Pa., after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Brown here several days. Ray Show, an employe of a large coal company at Fairmont, Va., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Show, here at present. Miss Thrrza Pike left yesterday for Connellsville, where she will visit Miss Floto for several days. John Minder, formerly of tins place but now of Bnchd, pa., is visiting his mother here at present. Mrs. W. "R. Van Sickle of Ursina, was here yesterday on her way home from a visit with friends in Wilkinsburg. Mrs. Wesley Morrison was in Connellsville yesterday snopping and visiting friends. Dr. J. H. Colftesh was a business visitor to Selbysport. Md, yesterday. Are You Worn Out? When tho human machinery bejrfns t* wear ont, yoa prow old, tea into dediao and decay, tho blood becomes thin and watery, circulation p«oor. Uu nerves shattered and weak. DR. CHASE'S BlooditlNerve Tablets Wtdch Contein Iron, Nnx Vomica, Gentian Meet this condition brrcpUciDgr the iron that hoi btwa T^rura out, making them a perfect rem- ·dy for buildmsr«p tired and worn out people. Weigh Tonr»elf Before Taking Prim DO ceota, Secdil Strencth SO cesta. advertising am! incidentals, 54,670 was expended. | The talk of the schedule is divided ' into payment ot the mortgage hold- The trustees o£ the estate, subject to j ers with interest. Taxes are estimat- a mir.or revision, will receive a commission o£ one per cent, amounting to ?37,974.73. This will be divided equally among Trustees George R. Scrng- liam. Attorney D. SI. Hertzog and R. M. Hite. Referee Carroll's commission will total the same figure, $37,974.73. OHIOPYLE, June 19.--Mr. and Mrs. Richard Collins of Meadow Ilun spent Tuesday shopping in town, Mrs. Edward Gaddis aad Miss Una Woodraancy, who have heen visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jimmerson at Sugar Loaf, have returned to their ed at $34,249.50. The coat o! "curing titles' 1 is set forth at $1.500. To the Safe Doposit bank, on the Rove, and Null mortgage, $2JQ7,G02 is directed. The remainder is distributed to the holders ot mortgages largely in Greene county. Ohiopyle. FREE TO ASTHMA SUFFERERS ; A Hew Home Cure That Anyono Can Cso 1 Without Discomfort or LOBS ot Time, and we want you to try it at our expense. No matter whether your wise is of laag- dtandfnff or recent development, whether It is present as Hnv Povcror clironlc Asthma, you should send for a freo trial of our motho2. No matter In what climate you ,,_ , , ... Hvo. no matter what yoar ftffe or occupa- spent Tuesday shopping and calling I tion. if TOO arc troublud wltli asthma, oar on friends · n** 1110 * 1 should rcliove you promptly. T« T· r. \ . ^ ,. ,! ^ e ospoclally \vont. to send it to those 1C. I .Cottom oC Connellsvufe was apparently hopploss cases, where all forms a busVness caller liere yesterday. ' 9l_ 1 ^ ia . 1 . er3 i douches. OP.UUU proparations. aomes at Dunbar. Mrs. Geary Shipley of Btdwell ' caller in Con- ' (amen. *' patent smokes." ctc« havo fulled. We irant to show overyonc at oar own expanse, that this new method 13 designed , to end all difficult brcnthlcir, iill whe«zln(r. spent i and all thofo terrible paroxysms at onco j and for nil time. 1 ·- This free offer la too imuortiuii to neRlect Mr. and Mrs. M. U. Hochstetler mo- a sinplo day. Write today end bcKin trie method at once. Send no money. Simply mall coupon below. Do It Today. Earl Daniels was nellsvllle Monday. Mr. Rohlf of Fannington Tuesday in town 01 business. tored to Sand Patch Sunday to spend ' a few days. T. Bailey of Run spent Tuesday here on business. Miss Mamie Shipley, Daisy Joseph and Nora Fosbnnk were among the Connellsrille callers Tnseday. "William Joseph spent Tuesday in Connellsville on business. Indian Creek. INDIAN CHEEK, June 18.-- Mr. ' and Mrs. William Ohler of Mill Run.' are calling on ConnellsvIHo friends and shopping. Don't neglect your eyes. L. Tucker, Optometrist, See Dr. A. 105 South Pittsburg street, Coiinells-ville. -- Adv. Mr. aad Mrs. A, IL Hamilton are spending today in Cinncllsville. Walter Nicholson of Mill Run died very suddenly yesterday. He dropped dead -while preparing his breakfast. Charles F. Newe-U of Mill Run is transacting business in Connellsville and Uniontown today. H. I. Fisher returned from Pit s- burg today. Yon will got comfort and stylo if T examine your eyes and fit your glass- ct j . Dr. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, 105 South Pittsburg street, Connellsville. -- Adv. FREE ASTHMA COUPON FRONTIER ASTHMA CO.. RoonHSfiT NlniHvra and Hudson Sts,, Buffalo, N.Y. Send free trial of your method to: F. T. EVANS ns Let Us Help Cut Down the Cost ©f Running Your Car "VT'OU need the car now more than ever, JL but you also want to economize toward dom£ "your Lit." Let us show you the way to tire economy. You don't know Kow ood a fabric tire can be unless you have seen the Firestone of this season. Better than ever, because they have adapted to the fabric line several important features tli ey developed in constructing their fine cord tire. Come in and sea the cross section sample and let us explain. We have a complete stock of Firestone Cord Tires, too. They cost more, but they certainly pay back, with liberal interest, all their extra cost in. added mileage and other advantages. «! Another economy we offer is our repair work. Don't figure a tire or tube "g,one" until you brin^ . it to us. We have saved many car owners many dollars. Let us save some for you. a ^3 For Economical Service and Dependable Goods South Pittsburg St., Cosnelisvilie, Pa. Real Money Can Be Saved by HfiTmi; lour Hat Cleaned and Reblocked into the latest Shape by our Experience!' and Expert Hat Cleaner, who makes a special study of all Panama work. "\Ve use no acids and guarantee all our work to Ue the 'K'st. Established 1908. The American Up-to-Date Sat Cleaning Parlor J. L. ITvKIU'S, I'roprielor. 111 W. Crawford Ave.. CONNELI-SVILLE, IBN"NA. A Lecture By CAPT. MARTIN 2. HARBIN Toured the War Zone in March and April with Red Cross Publicity Commission Capt. Hardin Speaks at the SECOND NIGHT Preceded by a Concert by the isrs 50 cents Season Tickets $3.00 Capt. Hardin, Connellsville Chautauqua, Friday Night. NO ADYASCE LN PKICE B O T H E R S * * Keep the family free _ from colds by using fijl 2Zc--50c--il.00 The Community Jewelry Shop, 100-102 South Pittsburg street wish to announce they will sell fc«y auction their entire stock aE?d fixtures. The stock consists of Diamonds, Watches, Wrist Watches, Rings, Silver and Jewelry of every description. Positively nothing reserved. Auction sale each day at 2 P. M. and 7 P. M. and continuing every day at the same hours, until all the goods are sold. We are going to enlarge c'sir store and install a modern stationery store, in addition to our line of jewelry. It will be impossible for us to keep open while the contractors are rernodeiing. Here is your opportunity to purchase any article at your own price. Beautiful souvenirs given away each afteruoon and evening. Col. John F. Turner, Auctioneer. souvenir. 100-102 South Pittsburg Street, Connellsvilie, Pa.

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