The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1938 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, February 21, 1938
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LAST E DITION The Best Advertising Medium In the Yough Region. PRICE 2 VOL. 36, NO. 9:2. Tile Weakly Courier, Founded July 17. 1OT9. Tho Daily Courier. Founded November _10. 1002. I Merced, | July 18. 1023 CONNBLLSVJLLE, PA., MONDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 21, 1938. TEN PAGES. 25,000 DRIVEN! FROM HOMES BY FLOOD WATERS BORN AS MOTHER DIES OF BURNS Lowlands of Arkansas and Oklahoma Swept by Raging River. RED CROSS RUSHES AID TO DISTRICT By United Press. LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 2].-More than 25,000 men, women and children, routed from tlie lowlands by icy flood waters, were scattered among refugee camps in southwestern Arkansas and southwestern Oklahoma today, many of them exposed to cold weather and endangered by pneumonia. Red Cross disaster workers were rushed from Washington to the stricken areas of Arkansas, where 5,000 families, representing 22,000 persons, were homeless. National guardsmen were out in Oklahoma directing airplanes, motorboats and ambulances along the deluged sections of the Arkansas and Red River bottoms, where other thousands had been forced to abandon their homes. Anti-Lynch Bi Filibuster Wins; Measure Shelvec By United Press. WASHINGTON, Feb. 21.--A weeks' filibuster against the anti lynching bill ended in triumph today when the Senate shelved the cuntro vcrsial measure to make way /or th $250,000,000 deficiency relief bill. As the Senate plunged into a con flict over proposals--unlikely to sue ceed--to boost the relief measure t $400,000,000, leaders of the Souther: filibuster bloc claimed that anti lynching legislation has been buriei for a long time to come. German Refugee Scientist Victim Of An Assassin By United Press. CHICAGO, Feb. 21.--Polk c toda summoned the German consul Chicago to an inquest iito th puzzling death of Dr. Max £ammet 44, German political refugee an World War hero, who was foun murdered Sunday near the colleg laboratories where he carried on re search work in dentistry. Lieutenant James Dohcrty said 11 consul. Dr. Joseph Baer, would b asked to aid in obtaining some know edge of activities and background the victim. Sammett's body was found bo ncath the steps of an abandoned residence by two boys. He had bee shot twice through the head with .3 caliber, steel-jacketed bullets. coroner's physician said the body ap parcntly had been disposed of : broad daylight, as Sammett had bee dead only three hours when found. Robbery was not believed to be the motive since Sammett wore a fur-lined coat and expensive wrist watch. He carried $14 in his pocket. A vice consul, who requested a full report of the case from police, said Samnett was not on the consul's list of nationals. In a small hotel where the victim lived, two blocks from the spot where the body was discovered, police found an elaborate wardrobe, costly luggage and an extensive collection of scientific books. They also found several war medals including an iron cross, which Sammett told hotel residents he was awarded by the German, government for heroism In the World War. Saved by Cacarifui birth a« mother die* Born by a CaeMrlan operation ax its mother lay dylnjr of burns, this baby boy Is held by a nurae In Vnlley hospital, Scwicklcy, Pa, The mother, Mrs. Anna Haus, 25, of nearby Coraopolls, Pa. became R "human torch" when her clothing was ignited by an explosion of floor wax which she was meltinjf on Uio kitchen stove. Neighbors rushed her to the. hospital, where iihe. died flvo hours after smiling and touching her healthy new-born ton. --Central 7'rrj» Dr. Earl L. Douglass Writes for Courier Earl L. Douglass, D. D., pastor of the Gcrmantown, Philadelphia, Presbyterian Church, is one of the outstanding pastors in America today. His position in the ministry is unique for not only is he a strong pastor, but a brilliant writer, nnd a successful businessman. Born at McKccs- port in 1888, Dr. Douglass attended RlercersburK Academy and was graduated from Princeton University in 1013. Dr. Douglass has been a contributor to religious and church publications for a. number ot years. In October, 11)34, he began writing Mi- dairy newspaper story, "Strength for the Day." Last year he wrote "The Faith We Live By," which has been chosen as one of the 24 books to be printed in the so-called Lenten List. Dr. Douglass is co-author of. "Snowden's Sunday School Lessons," used by approximately 10,000 Sunday school teachers and preachers. The son of a lawyer, who was one of the three founders of the McKces- port Tin Plate Company, Dr. Douglass received a thorough training along business lines Irom his early youth. For the past 12 years he has served on the board of directors of the McKeesport Tin Plate Company He acted on a committee appointee to study conditions within the General Assembly--the national organization in the Presbyterian denomination. At present he is president of the board of regents of Mercersburg Academy and a trustee o: Woostcr, Ohio, College. Dr. Douglass' "Strength for a Day' will appear dally in The Courier Page Four, beginning today. FREIGHTER F I R E UNDER CONTROL By United Press. SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21.--Fire in the forward hold of (ho British motorship Silvcrguava was being brought under control at 5 A. M. today. A fireman was overcome by · smoke. Many at Eagles Meeting. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 21.--Largest attendance in history of Uniontown Aerie marked the meeting of District No. 4, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Sunday afternoon. Visitors were from Connellsvillc, Scottdalc and other places. Just Off the Wire By United Press. CHARLESTON. W. Va., Feb. 21.-Two men cliarevil w'Uh participation in the $39.800 robbery uf n South Charleston bank on J.uitiary IS. were under urri'st today. Amoit Eugene U'ard, 26, of Charleston was anx-slcd here by state police and Leonard C. Jackson, 2C, of Indianapolis, was held a Baltimore, Mil., by Federal Three County Men Held for U. S. Court On Liquor Charges PITTSBURGH, Feb. 21.--Three Fayette county men wore ordcre held for United States District Cour on charges of violating liquor iaws following hearings before a Unitee States commissioner today. . John Striker, ot Tower Hill, R. D 2, and Albert Bianchi, New Salem K. D. 1, were ordered held under $1,500 bond each. Alcohol tax unit agents testified they found Striker and Bianchi operating an illegal still on February 3 James R. Mauler, 252 Asken street Uniontown, was ordered held under $500 bail on charges of possessing untaxcd whisky. Agents said they found six five-gallon cans of bootleg liquor in Mauler's automobile las: February 19. Second Vocational Talk Given Students The second of a series of vocational programs was presented for members of the junior and senior classc of Connellsvillc High School this morning when Miss Evelyn Murphy employed at the National Bank S. Trust Company; Nick Caller, employed by Turner Automobile Company and Charles Kunklt-, employed in the West Penu laboratory, spoke The speakers, all graduates of tht High School, urged the students to make the best of the advantages offered them in the school. The third man implicted in j Robcit Willard, vicc-piesident o the hold-up, Ray Duval. 29, was still I 'he senior class, was chairman of the at large. program committee, President Silent f On Hitler's Talk VIENNA RIOTS GR By United PrOM. HYDE PARK, N. Y.J Fob. 21.-- 'oreign affairs held the attention of 'resident Roosevelt totjay. Whatever cactions he might have had to veek-cnd developments were kept ccrct wilh no immediate likelihood hat he would break his silence. Secretary Marvin II. Mclntyrc vould make no comment when asked vliether the Chict Executive had tudied the address of Adolph Hiter and the resignation o£ Anthony Men from the British cabinet. It was assumed that Mr. Roose- ·elt was in possession of a complete ext o£ Hitler's speech. lommons Hears Eden Tell Why He Quit Post By United Press. LONDON, Feb. 21.--Captain An- :hony Eden told a crowded, attentive House of Commons today that he had resigned as foreign secretary became could not agree that Italy's attitude makes it advisable to hold a conference on bettor relations between Italy and Britain at present. Eden implied that he feels Italy and Germany are violating international agreements. 'We are in the prcscnAj of the progressive deterioration of respect for international obligations," he declared. EDEN QUITS; HITLER TALKS Thrilling Chase Ends With Arres On Liquor Charge XJNIONTOWN, Feb. 21.--jAs li nm« flnhod ;»nd thunder rolled Saturday niRht, Federal liquor aR and «T Uniontown man dashed ;iJon on n buck road, ncvir the Atlns mm a duel of motor power whir ended only when a dangerous look wcnpon was flashed in the of Robert Miller, 30, ol Askrcn street. Miller was jailed on charges of 3o::ses,Mon nnd transnort.ition of un- Luxcd liquor and 30 pullons of moonshine, in five-gallon tuns, confiscated, Through the vigilance of G-men, the rendezvous nc;ir the Atlas pump- inc station was interrupted when the first car to arrive iwii chnscd out of the "transfer" aie.i. That necessitated an automobile d.ish of short duration. No liquor was found and the suspect was released. Officers lay in wail and alone came Miller. When ho realized he had been caught in a trap he sent his car bounding along the rough and narrow highway at full speed. The pursuing officers did likewise. Several times the pursuers bumped the rear of the boo^c running automobile in an attempt to draw up along-sidc. Miller almost wrecked in a "movie" turn onto the Coolspnng rond. On and on the two machines thundered with only a few feet separating them. - At a point where the highway widened a little, the officers' car drew alongside that of Miller and a gun, thrust into his face with a stern command to stop. "What's going on here?" he yelled as his car was slowed down from a dizzy pace. His arrest and incarccra tion in the county jail followed. Miller repeatedly refused to impart any information as to the destination of. the moonshine liquor. Officers arc centering their efforts on dctermina tion of, the source. Miller's automobile also fell into the hands of the law. No date has been set for his hearing. LONDON, Feb. 21.-- The British government, having jettisoned Anthony Eden as foreign secretary* moved swiftly today for nn agreement with Italy. Within 12 hours after Eden had resigned. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain i eceived Dmo Grandi, Italian ambassador, nnd was informed according lo m unimpeachable source, Hint Premier Benito Mussolini has accepted propositions uhlch Chamberlain hnd conveyed to Rome last Fnd.iy. Tbr terms of Mussolini's acceptance* were not revealed, but it was believed Mu\v?ltm agreed to immediate, direct negotiations between lxn- dcm nnd Rome on the basis of Chamberlain's plans to sidetrack the question of volunteer* in Spam and certain oth^r achieve n sp«t:dy p likely would miolvr Two Injured in Motor Accident at Coalbrook Mrs. Elsie Ro.sskfimp, 22, of Dawson, wife o£ William Rosskamp, suffered an injury lo her face as did Charles Nowsker, 18, o£ Wmdber, in an automobile accident near Whistle Park at 12:05 o'clock Sunday morning and both were admitted to Con- ncllsville State Hospital. Mrs. Rosskamp was riding in car with hei- husband ;mri Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Rcilly who were shaken up. Their machine was reported to have been struck as they pulled out from Whistle Park. Police were told the other machine had bul one headlight burning at the time. Nowsker was said to be in the "other" car. in order to which most British recognition of the Italian conquest of Ethio- pm. ANTHONY EDEN Fiery Britith foreign minister who resigned his post because of a cabinet split over English policy toward Germany. His action delights Italy. ADOLPH HITLER Observers of European developments believe tbe German, fuehrer is now mare (Irmly established than ever before as dominant ruler on continent. LLOYD GEORGE URGES EDEN BE RECALLED LONDON. Feb. 21.--David Lloyd- George, premier, through the Council o£ Action for Peace and Reconstruction, issued a general call to the British empire today to demand the recall of Anthony Eden to the foieign secretaryship and re- cstablishment of his policy of "no surrender on principles." infection Developes After Man Biles Off Finger; At Hospital Milton White. 37, of Newell, is ronvalcsemn al Conncllsvillc Stntc Hospital from blood poisonmK which reportedly developed niter he had bitten ol a finsor while n patient r.l iho K.tyette county jnil ;it Uniontown The European Situation sever. 1 1 weeks His condition By United Press. London--The government of Premier Neville Chamberlain, adopting "realistic diplomacy" which causcc the resignation of Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, moved swiftly for a more friendly alignment with th' Rome-Berlin axis by consulting with Dino Grandi, Italian ambassador Eden awaited a final inning in thi House of Commons where he wil explain why he precipitated the mos serious British cabinet crisis in recen years. " Vienna--Jubilant Austrian N«z reaction to Fuehrer Adolf Hitler' promised defense of Germans beyonc the borders of the Reich caused an . Continued on Page Six. Vtany Try to Hastily Sell Properties and Leave . Country. ROMAN CATHOLICS PRAISE CHANCELLOR By FERDINAND C. M. JAHN United Press Staff Correspondent. VIENNA, Feb. .21.--Panic, spread mong Vienna Jews today as Nazis nd anti-Nazis clashed in front of he university. " --- . Numerous wealthy Jews made ar- ·angements to leave the country, ecking temporary refuge. Some Jewish real estate owners began lastily trying to sell properties. Nations of the Danubian basin alternated between hope and fear as o their own position under Europe's diplomatic new deal. The flrst real clash here between Nazis and non-Nazis was of potentially serious character. At first there were minor -fights. ?olice sought to disperse the rioters. Then outsiders joined Nazi-students and girl students joincM with boys. Shoutinjr as they went into the university, they took possession and be-[an- shouting: · · · · · -- · "Judah, jump the twig!"--Go hang yourselves. "When Jewish blood drips from our knives everything will go well!" Police were hard pressed. They contented themselves, for a time, with keeping traffic moving and separating such clashing groups as they could reach. Nazis had it their way" at first. But the opposition gathered strength as rioting developed. Members of the Roman Catholic Youths organization began a )argc scale distribution of hand bills praising Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg. Socialist and Communist youths began gathering to join in counter-action against the Nazis. was reported .ti somewhat improx'cd Diplomatic quarters believed the White been taken to Union- fiext move by Clwrnb^ilam would be :o send nn envoy to Rome, probably Sir Robert V.trmtt.irt, permanent under- (oicicn secretary. Fayelle City Truck Owner Fined $500; Did Not Have Compensation By United Press. WASHINGTON, Pa., Feb. 21.-- Thurm.m MeCrory of Fayctle City, a truck owner, was .sentenced in the Washington county courts to pay the costs and a fine of $500 or spend six months in the county jail. lie was before the courts on his plea of guilty to violating the Workmen's Compensation Act. MeCrory, owner of two trucks and hauler of coal from various mines to the mills at Allenport, did not carry insurance. A young man who worked for him was injured last February when a truck ran over his leg. The man was awarded S800 indemnity by the Workmen's Compensation Board and it was found that MeCrory did not have insurance. MAYOR CALLS FOR DISPLAY OF FLAGS Mayor Ira D. Younkin today c.illcd upon business men anci others to display the American Flag Tuesday Washington's birthday, and on other holidays of national significance. He expressed surprise at finding so few flags on display on Lincoln'i birthday. "The American Flag should always be displayed on a national holiday and I u r ge all to do so Tuesday and on other holidays," Mayor Younkin said. WRIGHT'S SANITY HEARING TODAY LOS ANGELES, Feb. 21.-- Paul A Wright, who was £ound to have been insane at the time he killed his wife and Ills friend, John B. Kimmel on .ov.n on advice of a physician for observation after .1 nervous condi- ion in winch he had become violent. In the Jail he suffered another at- k m which he bit off a linger. Then he \vtib taken to the Torrnncc Hospital nnd when an infection was reported to hnx'C developed as a * r · suit of the bite White was removed :o the hospital hcic. Missing Tax Duplicates In Court as Evidence UNIONTOWN', Feb. 21.--Tax duplicates for the city of Uniontown for 1934 missing for two years were brought into court this moining by Mrs. Frances S. Kcir.sted, convicted woman tax collector, at the resumption of a hearing in the county's case against the bondsman, the American Surety Company. There were four volumes, showing names of taxables, amounts of taxes assessed in each case and the various sums paid to Mrs. Kcirsted as collector. Mrs. Kcirsted who was on the witness star.d first said she did not have the duplicate totals. She said they had r.ot been in her hands for the past two years but was not asked where they had been kept. Mrs. Keirsted, upon examining *he duplicates, .said they totaled M93,- 594.75. She said that some o£ the rccoids slill are missing. Jail Swearman for Threats to Kill Kin MEYERSDALE, Feb. 21.--Oscai Swearman, 21, unemployed laborer of Meycrsdale, R. D. 3, was committed to the county jail on charges o£ assault and threats to kill made before Squire Robert Cook who hac him locked up in default of bail. Swearman, the squire said, was charged with mistreating hi' ·- jthe and brother and threatening to kil them. National Debt Again Climbs to New High WASHINGTON, Fez. 21.--The national debt touched a new all time high of $37,010,223,093, the Trcasuty daily statement for February 18 disclosed today. This was approximately $7,000,000 at eater than Hie peak estimated for the 1038 fiscal year in the President's January budget. November 9, will be given a hearing J today to determine whether he is sane now and qualified to go free. It was considered a foregone conclusion that Judge Ben B. Lind^cy would decide that Wright is sane now, and set him free. The Weather P.vtly cloudy tonight and Tuesday, slowly rising temperature Tuesday is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Kecord. mas Maximum BO .Minimum ... _ . 28 Mean _ ..... ·!·! Unionlown Man Dies After Fall on Stairs Greensburg Policeman Charged With Beating Youth After Arrest 1 By United Press. GREENSBURG, Feb. 21.--William iVohnsky, night lieutenant of the Greensburg police department, today was charged with assault and bat- ery as the result of an alleged 'third degree" beating intlictcd on Raymond Coshey, 21, of Greensburg. The charge was made in an information filed by the youth's mother, Mrs. Gertrude Coshey, who claims that on February 14, Wolinsky illegcdly beat her son in the city mil lockup while -the officer was questioning Coshey .in connection with a charge of larceny of some shirts. Conley Family Safe in Tornado Swept Area The M. G. Conley family escaped injury in Thursday night's tornado at Rodcssa, La., according to word received late Saturday night by Mrs. Hr.rvcy L. Silcox of Poplar Grove, mother of Mrs. Conley. The telegram merely stated "all are safe." A letter is to follow, giving par- liculais of the twister that caused considerable damage in the Louisiana sector. Human Skeleton Found on River Bank at Kentuck Skeleton of a man was discovered Saturday afternoon along the banks of the Youghiogheny River at a point n the Kentuck district near where Sugar Run intersects it by /.loyd Watson, a trapper of near Grcenbrier. Tho bones were removed by Funeral Director James T. Burhans to parlors at Dunbar and t'ayettc county authorities notified of the find despite the fact there \vas no signs on the skeleton that victim had met with foul play. There was no indication on the skull or other bones of fractures that might have led to a suspicion of foul play. The man had been wearing a pair of overalls and an undershirt and only a penknife and a package of tobacco were found in the garments. The teeth were missing as was the lower jaw, .apparently having been washed.away'by high water. - ~ " The."skeleton was found between two and three feet from tlie present water line of the river over 16 miles from Conncllsville and nearly, five miles from Ohiopyle, 1 Undertaker Burhans said. Possibility was held that "the man might have teen a flood victim and the body carried downstream until it caught on to a bush. It had lain there-for some time as the bones were partially covered by sand. A cap was found, caught in the bush. CHILD KILLED BY LIGHTNING NEAR HUNKER Carol Proclaims Royal Dictatorship For Roumanians UNIONTOWN, Feb. 21.--Charles Pope, 42, o£ 144 South Mt. Vernon avenue extension, died at 8 o'clock Sunday night at Uniontown Hospital of it fractured skull and olh"r injuries sustained when he fell down a flight of stairs in the cellar of his home near Jamison mine. Hu was on the top step on his return after fixing the firo in the furnace in the collar when he fell. MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 21.-Lightning, during a severe storm which swept Westmoreland county Saturday night, caused the death of a little girl near Hunker and a small fire at Youngwood. A heavy rainfall accompanied the 'thunder and lightning. Rose I. Kovach, nine years old, dr-Ufihter of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Kovach of Penn Valley, near Hunker, was killed instantly when struck by lightning. She had left the h"me of a neighbor and was out in tlie open, enroule lo her home when hit. She is survived by her parents, two brothers and tuo sisters.. The funeral mass will be held Tuesday morning. A thunder slorin o£ summer-like proportions, .swept over Conncllsvillc Siituiday evening eaiiy ni^ht. Lightning Hashed vividly, followed by heavy thundet pt\tls. ins; (U 'J9 '16 Hospital PatiiMit. Veina Bloom of South Pitts- Spanish War Veteran Dies. WAYNESBURG, Feb. 21.--George j Wallace Phillips, 61, who served m the Philippines with Tenth Regiment, ami school director stu-ct hns been admitted to t h e i h c i o . died in I he of a hcail hospital for Ucatmcnt. ' attack. By United Prc». BUCHAREST, Feb. -21. -- King Carol placed Roumania under a "royal dictatorship" today, proclaiming a corporative state and presenting a new constitution to his 19,000,000 subjects. The "rescue of the fatherland," he declared in a proclamation, was his motive for establishing a corporative (stacndc) state, under which party and democratic systems were abolished. The new constitution probably will be submitted to a plebiscite on Thursday. The king declared that it would guarantee equality before the law o£ "all people of other races who have lived for centuries on Rouman- ian soil.' 1 Carol's proclamation came less than two weeks nfter he established a military dictatorship, ana a day after he placed control of all civilian policing, except criminal affairs,, in the hands of the urniy. Under the constitution, workers, farmers and free professions will be represented in a parliament, diminished in MZC, "protected from dangerous political factions." Lemont Miner Injured. Wilfred Freestone of Lemont, employed on the Colonial belt system of the H. C. Frick Coke Company, entered Biownsville General Hospital for additional tteatmcnt o£ an injury to his right foot.

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