The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 4, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1930
Page 7
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T C E S D A Y . A t ARCH 4. io:;o. C U U K 1 E H , CONKELLSv^ILLE, PA, PAGE SEVTSN. WABASH OVEN RIGHT TO JOIN P. W. V. FIGHT ( o u t ml of Whoplincr Lake V.rlp. Hailroat j ( o Bt l A i r e d At, ilojiriuiril.March U). Associate Holds no Hope IN CONFORMITY WITH I. C. C. PLAN \\\f. ; oaf! ( l u i l 1. M a r c h 4.---Pittsburs CiiIIroad in|p-p.-its a r e looking f o r w a r d ;iS ot tho application of ;: Wt\st Virginia Rai.1- ho £iven control of tho '··Vhroling J / a k o lOrie Railroad, Thich rvjiMis M a r c h 10 before tho In- ·r-r-Rtiilf (Vnnnic.rc: Com miss-ion. Permission was- si von t h o Wabash .Ka.llro:id on .Saturday by '.'no conuniii- km to i n t e r v e n e in t h r contest "brought by the {· tt.sburg West Virg i n i a against t i n - N i c k e l Plate, t h e F-Hltimoro Ohio and the New York C e n t r a l which tor.othei' control 52 per cent, of tho sto:.-k of iho Wheeling 1/o-ke Krio. \ V i l l ! u i n 11. president «f ;he WuUabh. Hi :.hi Wabash petition declares that. ir.U r v e n t i o n by htH road. in tho event Uiii; the Wlibatth should in s-:ven c o n t r o l of the Wheeling, will !x- u stop in c a r i ' y l u j j out the groUT- ni.K .-.iisfcost.ioii b," list- Interstate Com- inci'io Coturnis.-'ion in H.- recent merger (thr.i irovi!ii:; for the great t r u n k lino.-;. Tho \V;U.i.«h un!er this commission p l a n w-riild be aUoca.ioil tho W h e e l i n g * Ixi ho Rrio, the JMttsburg \V'.-,t \'irpini;i, and the Wostern .Marylund. m a k i n g a f i f t h t r u n k lino f r o m t i d e w a t e r (. tbr l a k r « and thrjrico 1y way of t'.u- Ann Hrbor and car f o r r i c K to the 'I'wlu Cities and the N o p t b wo.-'i. This u r o u p h i f : of i lu Wheeling 'J^akc I C r l f . the \\'o«tprn Maryland and tho IMUiburs Wost Virginia, is th« -vision of Frank Tsuplin o' Cleveland ClovoJand who for j;*ar.=5 has fought for tho iXH.'caKa.-y c o n t r o l to put. his plan into pfr«H:t. !Io battled tho Nic.ko! .'I'!ate. tho Baltimore- fr Ohio and the jV\\v York f ' o j i t i i i ] interests in a .spectacular stock nmrkot iight a few years apo for Control of tho Whooling IjaJce Krio waich pushed the stock to now htgh k-vels. When tho shares ·WB-TO counted u] it was found that the three railroads had IKXUOU T a p l i n . T.h6y had 17 IKT cent each or 52 JXM- cent of the- stock and Tnplin was loft the largoat individiiul st-ocfeholdor with about 48 por cent. Htace thon '! x aplin has fought in- cosaanrtly for control ot tho Wheeling bakt Brie, tlo broosht suit in the Cleveland cour-s to farce rwogriition cf his own diiroietorato which ho had named with h s 4S ior cont of tho Stock. This suit wan sjottled Saturday rwhen a jonrnal entry was made grant- frifC a perpetual Inunction against Tap- itiri frotn further sec-kins .to enforce control of (he road with his -JS jor eont. directorati!. · j His real M g l i f , however, is boforo tho Interstate 'Jonunerco Coni.mission, tho Cloveland court suit beinp; a more Kido iasue. ll succeeded in fighting through an or.ler by the comrais«ion, Tulinf; that thf control ot 52 po,r ceut ol' tlie Wheeling I^ako Rrio by th« ihrce lailroadi waw a violation o£ tho Clayton anti-trust, act and directln.}; stock owned by the roads be Thli; was done, aad E. R. of Cleveland, was named Inistn-e. Ho holds the- Ktock, and t-crtlllcates of deposit wore- issued to Mio A!!eghen Corporation, a Van crcatifM). Ijater they 'were to tho Nickel Plato, fn tho nieai'lime, while Taplin wafi push-inR hlK :lglit before tho Interstate ComnH'rco Commission and l u i i l d i n ? a ;!S-niile J i n k between hi.s '\Vc:-t Side Bolt road near Pit.t.sburK to t h e SVcsten M a r y l a n d at Connells- villc, a n n o u n c e m e n t , was made In 3'hiladol!hia '.hat the I'e mi road Corporation, a P e n n s y l v a n i a railroad owned corpoiatioa. had acquired . all of Taplin's K ^ o c k in tho Plttsburg West VirprinU, wbich means prac- t i c a l l y :ill of It. Sioco- then, no formal announcement Jia.s ever bee i m-ado by either Penn- a-oai! or Taplin. Tho PlUsburg AVost V i r p i i i l a lias beon piiahlng a'pTHca- tions Ix^foro :he Jntorstate Conuuerco CotnTtiisHloti for permission to build l i n k s to lxnor;i and other steel towns. The Pennsylvania Railroad haa ap- 5-oared beforo the commis»ion In opposition to these application*. If Taplin should win MB present contest before the Interstate Commerce Commission to acquire control of the Wheel ng I«ako Krio It would moan that Pennsylvania interests ·would have* two great links in an- otlior tlde,vater-to-the-Uikes line t h r o u g h the- ,-reatest industviul section .in tho world If tho Wt.bash s h o u l d be granted Wlieeliiij; f"iko I'j'rio, control il -svould lf t h » llrst step in fuKilltu-ent of tho pomi;visnlon's great merger f*wtfifuv*iMV*Mf*wwvw^ URNITURE TALKS 4- TOO / does it say about you? Associate Justi-'H Harlan Stone at the Supreme Court, «urro»ndsd by newspapers -tin outside the Tuft home after he visited the bed- aide of tho sti icken former Chief Justir* William Howard irlw was rcpor ( ,«d on the verge oJE death. SANATORIA HELP STATE IN FIGHT ON TUBERCULOSIS I HAFlRrSBURG, M,-rch 4.--Since thf establishment of tho t h r o e Stat-o sana- t o r i a tor t r e a t m e n t of tuberculosis ther?- havo been 50,500 patients treated in them., uco i r d i n p to a stato- metit uindw today bj Vr. Thoodt)ro B. Aprpet, Secretary itt H e a l t h . "Pennsylvania pot spumes the l a r g e s t Htute- owned and o'eriited sanatoria tor the t r e a t m e n t -f tuberculosis in tho U n i t e d State*," said Dr. Appel. "Tho number of p itlenus who liave been removed f r o m t h i ; i r homes and treated at these it s U i u t i o n s nfl'-.Tds but a small oone-e ition of thi- pre- ventlve and c o n s t r u tubercnlnsis t h a t pllshod in t h i n ( must le iindcrstooi were m a n y ihousar cured who from ti Fashi ions I'sislUon Tips HP Hat to Taffeta. ·live work n p a i n ^ t ias Ix-en nci'oni- o m r n o n w e a K l i . I 1 (hat not only Is 01' t h e patients iu to l i m e have .sanatoria, but by 'hc.-H b(xsplta).s' a n W;IH )-(-ino»'cd c d e v e l o p m e n t ii l h a t llu- '.rujtretl. TWO SCOTTDALE BOYS ON W.J. COMMITTEES FOR COMMENCEMENT been ftuosts at t l ' i their t r a n s f e r to source of co»tag w h i c h prevented t mttriy more [ ids "The Slate'* r e ' o r d disease is an o u v i ible of its now t o p p i n g mujor killern of til syivania, it occupii proved living cc-uliMons. sanitJiry housing and gener il prosperity have u n d o u b t e d l y been uctjy-s fn dccroas- ing the i n c i d e n t · of also." apitlnst t h i s bio one. i n s t e a d he list amoug the e i f l K c n s in Pc-iin- i sixth place. l:n- Acme ACMK, March ·! -Michael Peterson visit«! over tho v oek-ond w i t h hi.'f whiter, Mre. Stev\ urd JoUustou o£ SoutherwooU. J. M. Peterson : as u'unouucel as a candidate for representative in the (reneral Assembly on the U«niocratic ticket. Mr. and Mr«. ?,i H. Marker vJai!cl with Mrs. I\ltrl\er .-; (-titter, Mre. Alice Borty of Now Ale v a n d r i a , on Sunday. Revival rnoodn; H are goiritf on at the Acmo Church. The meetings have, been well att«ndi d and much appreciated. Mr. «.nd Mre. 1 ·'. C. Johnston, Mrs. Marjorle Howard, Attorney Albert 1-1. Bell and Mws M-a;el Y o u n t wore on a l;u«incfi« trip to iho ;at«ei-n /.art rl Use State on Tue: day and Wedn-eHduy. They took In Philadelphia and OuttyH- burg. Tho tri]) was mado by auto. Tho funeral 01 William Marks of this place was woll attenlcd on Friday, at the- Kecki burg Church. Thonxw Howa d hae f u l l y r-ecov- ered from a «evci o illnt«a at his home near liodney. Patroulze thos who advertise. By FRANCES PAOKT. C'opyrij!)it, 19;',0, by Stylo Sourcos. N1CW Y O R K , March l·--AVHh fabric!' u U a i n i n s I h o n o v e l t y Interest l h a t .'.hey ar ' t h i s sprint:, and i h c f a c t that. : i o v t ' l t i ' - K h a v e . s t i r l i a n i n i p o r t a n l j j i l a c o in t!m modi", k is not ."in-prising j 'luit 1'a iric,-; long ne.f.h'i'fcd h a v e hocn j r u t U[i i n t o m i l l i n e r y f u . s l i i a n s . O n e ' ut' the most, intcri'-atiim; d c v t - l o p r a e n l s j of t h e f a b r i c lilca is (lie way French i m o d i B t i n h a v e r e v i v e d t l u ^ t-tlTo'Ui ha'. j Tht- in w v e r s i o n s of (.he h e l t i n g h a t : are [F3 l i n i w r l a n t Cor p a r l y .spring. i Tlit'Sc! v w o f a b r i c s ai'e e m p l o y e d in , i-very i n a n i p u l a U o n f i » r i u i i r l y u s R O c l i ' J t e d w th f e l t a n d U e o p t o t h e 'ailoi'ed I a p p e a r a n c e . T h i s d o t w ii',;t mean Uiat ' i h o l i r e of c i t h e r t h e t a f f e t a h a t o r ' t h e !H U i i i K r i b b o n modl is s i i v e r e . I Psirtla; b r i m , t u c k s , pleat,', or f o l d * j are us-Ml t o b r i n R t i l e ,«ofi. l i n e aljont j t h t - fa o. 1C i! in a t u r b a n or a boret type, : h e S a m e a r i i u l M K - ot p i e a l s , t u c k a , (iild.-j i n e m p l o y e d , and the sot't o u t l i i x - u r o u u d t h e lace prssorved. But.) t h e t a f f e t a a n d t h o b e l t i n s h a t s are, iii-ido by P a r i s i n i l i i u t r s w i t h o u t lining.; of a n y k i n d , so thai, t h e y aro tho "rajc in tiie h u n i l " uud lit v e r y closol.' on tin; head. In the new usage of taffeta*, the I Krenc:i have o v e r c o m e tho ucccHiiity of 1 [iiittii:;; e x t r e m e f u l n e s s in the lint j a n d h a v e acc'n!pli.s|jid t h e .same re- j . s i i l t w i t h c o r d i n g s , Khlrr-iujri;, jileaus, j or fo.ds. Honuv in' the n e w modt-lb w h i c h have j u s t arrived show t h e f i f f - t l i -- l a n e e f f e c t aceorupnshed by l a y i i i i , tti« s o f t brim bat k to the c r o w i ; in p l f - a l s v\'lth t h e softnt-ss of t h o b r i m p u i l o d o u t a t l.lii. 1 f i i d o a . Hi-'UiiiK ribbon b a t s a r e ( r c m e r i d | m i s t y i m p o r t a n t , t h i s sprlni; f o r t o w u i wear as w e l l as fur the c o m i n g sitrn- I iimr -ioaiion. Of course ( h e r e is the j d i i i e T e u c i ! of c o l o r in the. town h a t , | I h o d a r k n u i t shades a n d t h o p a s t e l s ! fot later on. Kor t h e tinst hat lo be j w o r n w i t h the suit, t h e r e I H m u c h io j be d IH; w i t h t l i o little b e l t i n g t u r b a n both in tho off-lhe-faco mode and In tlie l i o u u e t and beret t y p o . Coyote llelrayx \Voli". LOCiA.V, U t u h . March 1. Uctruyed by i. thoroughly frightened eoyotn t h a t ' was atUMnptiug to escape tho w r a t h of ranchers, dacha Valley's big gray killer, a woll' that, terrtimed sheep and cut.Ua In tho Ijowiatou section d u r i n g ; ( h e winter, was f r i g h t e n e d from his lair and fell u n d t T a barrage of shot:* laid down by marksmen. H OW cor fidently they entertain--these interesting, gracious folks who have learned the importance of an inviting background. Follow their example, and furnish your home first. It tells what you are. Perhaps ·"is-.tors may not consciously "take stock 11 of y o u r surroundings, but they cannot fail to note cut -of-date or inadequate furnishings. And nothin j else so surely detracts from your rightful social standing. Why permit your home to do you this injustice? You'll find-cur furnishings sound investment that will bring an increased measure of pride and prestige. Ar d the modern method of buying furniture here lets you have what you want right away. Comr in today and let us help you in your selections. JdRST- F VANISH YOURB1OME IT TtlLS WHAT YOU ARE FREE BOOKLET usforyvttr copy of this helpful 24 -page color- illustrate ../ Witli Hi* ideals of ji«u- conn MODERNIZE YOUR HOME New Styles and Colors That Beautify and Charm! coming of spring the "Home Beautiful" becomes the uppermost thoughts of "hose home is comfort and beauty! We present out- new arrival;; in a comprehensive man- lete in ever r detail and at prices that spell Havings in every instance. Home Rtmlshers life Classified Ails. (.'-st 3s .'(mall. HosultH are big. Combination Garden Dress This casentble consists of 3owe.r*'d taffeta ribbon, with "Nt SCOTTOALK, March \.-~-Boye of ·tl'.iri locallt who are enrolled at Washington Jeft'ertion College, have IMHMI cho.-^oi: :i:i inembecs of various i:om(i!!!ti.H'tj :o have chnr.t:*' of the ;iu-! jiual coaiidt ncemtMif a c l i v i t i u s . Thev i Mu-iic - J w s o p b li. Simpler. Wowt '.N't-w I on. i-*r«s; h u u ' . - -- Hobert A. K u t b , H c o t l - Pi'ti : ti - - \ V - . l i i a i n .1. M c D o w e l l . . , : - . , , Si u l t i U v i c . I 6 6 6 Tablets Alencon ??cc. The attractive Bustle effect: are form -a' by the wide girdle sti is. The blue me] ne hat of silk, complex e the costume. s a H^ndarhp or »nrnlg!u i n ; , rhc«'k.«i a Cold Uin flrjt i and ch«M'h«i Malaria In three daj.^, ; 66( also iu Liriuid. ., [ Raging winds efest oy millions of doll ir« worth of property annuaHy. Can you afCord to tue \vii h-aut WINDSTORM INSURAJ CE PKOTECTIONT J. Donald Porter JLNSUJIANCE--33 YJ:A.1iS Plwiie 7(!8. First National Bank Bldg. W I N D S T O R M N S U R A N C E protects agaii st any loss or dama 50 to your h o u : e caused by wind. Every home owr ed in this w i u y mountain section should Imve t us protection. It costs but little. We will gla lly furnish rates by telephone .or personal call. Fayistte Realty Compare/ 'J!. I). Gardner, Ma tui (20 Yours" Insn -anco Espeni Sellers A to make a long story short A short story writer labors long and hard to condense his tale into a few vi^id pages--but the result cannot compare in effectiveness with the story told in a few words by each Daily Courier classified ad. A long story of satisfaction follows every short ad in the Classified Section--That's why it always pays to give these sds all your attention for a few minutes every day! "The More You Say, The Quicker It Pays." |; i ' IF YOU HAVE A PRINTING WANT WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS Putting out good printing its our business, and when we say GOOD PRINTING we don't mean fair, but the ?est obtainable. If you are "from Missouri" give ui a trial and we will SHOW YOU

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