The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 19, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1918
Page 8
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f-AUE EIGHT. /ETE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTULE, PA. WEDNESDAY, JUNE IS, DRAFT OF MEN FROM 18 TO 45 EAT SAOER KRAUT AS A WAR MEASURE, SAYSFQMJ EXPERT Othenrige MiUioa* of Fmmds of Cabbage Will be TOwted This Tear; Is a lY^cdesoBie Product. Millions of pounds of cabbage win be wasted and production discouraged if the derivation of the term sauer kraut which is really Batch, not German, as many persons be- WI! SOW Wfl I APPROVF aeve - is Permitted to engender preju- naouri WILL ArrnuYC |dice Thc spread ot sucil preiudice . ------- i in the last few weeks has caused. 1 Food Administrator Hoover to take 1 ofcial notice in a bulletin deploring ajritatiou against sauer krariL "Sauer kraut is a good American. , product, regardless of the name it 1 bears," says Dr, R. J. H. DeLoacu, agricultural expert with Armour Company, "and it behooves Ameri- Secretary Baker is Won Orer to Plan of General Crotvder. JUUtary Authorities Ainvctl That It is »eessarv to Place Army of Fho XIHIons in Field iu Order to 3Iake Tietorr Over Sun Early aud Certain WASHINGTON. June 19.--The draft age limits will be extended - P r o b a b l y caas n)orc Qf than faavc IS to to. Secretary ol War Baker has a the past not Quly IQ prcvcnt a possible waste of millions of pounds already packed but also to cause been persuaded that this step is necessary. He announced that he will approve any change in the selectr* e greater quantities than ever service act accessary to riuse an arn.y _, own and packed this sllmmer and ol Uie required s:zp. f a , L Sauer kraul ls not needed hy American and allied military lea.l- our al;ies b u t near , y cverythmg e , 30 ers now are convinced toat the Unit, d ta ^ tood , me ls _ and the more krallt »iai« must place an army of at least WQ eat t h e moro wjj win have 5,00u,000 men in the field, if victory .s othor foods to send .^ rmd to be won. This will be possible wiia tho proposed extension of the ai;e limi:s. . A/aJlable fighting men under the present age limits are expected to lie exhausted about January 1. of The policy of the war departmeat is_not to go into Otoss 2 u n u l Class 1 ;has been exhausted in all states. This condition would compel an "Under normal conditions the average American eats about two pounds of kraut a jear, We should be eating a great deal more because the product is wholesome and so rich in mineral sal ts that it is very beneficial to the digestion. Recognition of Jis value has caused it to be made a part of the rations of our soldiers and sailors. car!.,- invasion o£ Class 2 aud possibly: "Cabbages can be grown in great other deferred classifications unless quantjties b u t ool} . for a few m(mttls in the year and they are not easily kept fresh. Turning them into Bauer kraut is the logical way to distribute them over the seasons. As the demand for kraut increases, production will keep pace and the consumers will benefit in health while aiding the nation to meet the demands of out allies for more food." the ase limit woie extended. Class 1 may be exhausted before January 1. iLcluJing June calls approximately l.GO^',900 drat- men ha\e been call'-cl to :he colors. The J u l j calls w.ll tring this number up to neai iy 2.00",- ooo. 'WUh the ".000,000 draft men u.iiUr amn by the end o£ July and tbe ".- OOG.jO in the regular army and fie Kauonal Guard, the strength Annrfean army by August 1 2,00 J.OOO men. .. Another 1,000,000 men car. be £ u r - 1 niihcd by the drat: system T, i necessitating an invasion ot tac tie-I -iii.vd clisses. I For several weeks past A. A. Clarke ' A registration o.' 10,685.? 19 between [ has done a bi c - business iu selling Ho- 'the ages o! 31 aid 45, both inclusive. 1 kara. the skin healer that has won so is the estimat" of General Crow-dr. I many friends in Conn«Hsulle. Fran IS to ."1, botn ir.elusr, e, ;c Vould expect to e-roll 3,087,063. X Dt-ry-six per cent or the men bc- twc-'u is and 20 are not married, it is Estimated, while 77 per cent of t ie "men between 31 and 15 ar^ behaved '.o be married. Tie number of single male;; let w e n 31 ar.d K is therefoie expect'J to le 3,5-5.472, anti between JS and 20 tiiore should be d.'C1 331 PiOTring on a oaa.s o£ the percent-) try it are simply delighted with it age of acceptances m the fir.-t req.s- \ r 'Sht Irnm the start. trat on. General Crowder would c o u n t ' ^ n spite oC its unusual curative on registration of men LetweCT 31 a id towers, the price is trifling. To con- 45 producing l,S?J.3';s fighting nun. 1 viace e\-ry OIIP of its merits, A. A. ane 18 to 2} registration should produce 1J67.017 fighting me:i. Tje total number o r . flgcting ni'-'n expected, therefore, under tac pro- po^ d age limits v. oukl be 2,557,^5. "W'iUi the present available total of I.- OOO.iiOO the extension of the draft ages to IS and 15 would allow for an ca- largement cf tnc army to more th.m GODMOTHER OF THE ITALIAN ALPINI Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt, Sr., has agreed to become the godmother of tho Italian Alpint» soldiers. Tbe pic ture shows Gen. Popino Garibaldi and Mrs. Vanderbilt reviewing the Alpini. Dunbar. DUNBAR, June IS.--Mr. and Mrs. Dawson Moats of jpmithficld were calling on friends and relatives here Monday. Mrs. 'vnillam Uogan and Mrs. Gessener were ConnellsvHle callers recently. Mrs. James Barrett and Mrs. Timothy Daily were calling i:: friends in Connellaville Monday evening. J. M. Troy of Uniontown was a business caller here yesterday. ITlo to Putronlzc. Those who advertise in Tho Courier. Daily Try our classified advertisements. -'"'LET THIS CREAM CURE YOUR PIMPLES It has been found to heal not only all minor skin troubles, such a,- piia- i pies, blackheads, herpes, acne, scaly scalp, comp.e\ion blemishes, Hchmg feet, piles, etc.. but al»o the worst sores, ulcer.-, or e\en cniouic eczema aad salt rheum. There is yet to be found any foim of uround or disease affecting tl:e =li:n or mucous membrane that Hokara does not help, and its acLon is so quick that those i Clarke w i l l sell a liberal sized jar for 35c. And remember tbat if you do n o t ' think it does u-ha; it claims, you can gci your money back. You certainly can afford to try * l on this plan. A. A. Clarke.--Adv. j Meyersdaie. Classified Advertisements Bring results. Cost only le a word. I N D I G E S T I O N 6,59i.000 without disturbing the dustriai, agricultural or domestic concUtions of the country. lONAUSTRIANS "$5,000 REWARD" ADAPTED FKOM TIIH STORY-- "iry ARCADIAN FORCES CONFESSION. A DRAMA IN 5 ACTS. ALSO A GOOD COMEDY IN' 2 ACTS. -- LOVE T 0 Jl 0 RRO W TKTLUAM A. BRADT PRESENTS .II'NS ELVIDGE A.VT) JOHN HOV.'ERS IX "THE OLDEST LAW" This sinking picture-play presents J u n e Clvidge in one of the mosr effectively dramatic rotes in which thu popular rtiar a as yes. been soon. V*The oklcst Law" is a srippingly intense drania «ith pep and punch. ALSO CURRENT EVKNT3. dHOWING ALL THE LATEST NEWS. VWW*ftrVW**rt^^ MEYERSDALE, June 17.--Mr. and Mrs. Wjilson Walker and their son and daughter, Mr and Mrs. Edward Walker of Summit ttnrnahip enter- , tamed a number of tbeir Meyersdaie | friends at a dinner on last Sunday. .Are Thrown Against Allies on tlic j The guests from Meyersdaie went by ' Italian Battle Front. j automobile and included Mr. and Mrs. PARIS, June IS.--The Austrian I R - B - u "alker and son. Robert, Mrs. forces engaged on the Italian i r o n l . A n n a Hurley and tbe M.sscs Myrtle comprise three-fourths of tlie whole ! Smiley, Irene LenJiait, Maggie Baer. .Irian army and the choicest troo^a imdvr Uae command of Field Marshal 'Boroevic. The number of men in .ui Austrian division LS not exactly known but the number of divisions engag-'d would indicate that approximately l.~ QQOfUOO Austrian soldiers have be- n thrown into the battle, Papers fcuud on officers show that after forcing tbe pa$sa,se o[ the Pia 1 e the first day's ooiective ^as the Tr j iriso-M^ontebelluna railroad. In t w o i j j days of fighting the enemy colun n I ~ had succeeded only in realizing ^ l minimum assigned for tae first day. according to '.he official note issm d at Konie. Not ooe single Allied au- ' ator has been lost during the AUJ- ! triar offensive while 44 eatmy m '.chinos have been brousbt down. Lillian Bacr. Kmma Weber, Margaret "Weber, Marne Weber, Gertrude Hibner and Emma Eroosrcker. Mr. and Mrs. George Hibner have returned to their home in Connellsville after a few days' visit here with the former's motber, Mrs. Emma Hibner. DAINTY" VIVIAN MARTIN IN "TIM; PETTICOAT PILOT" Entire Proceeds Donated for ihe B e n e f i t of the V. M. C. A Overseas V, ar Fum! "Screen Telegram" and a Strand Comedy Will Also lie Shown. T () 31 () K K 'J IV DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS IX -THE .iiATimroxac" Coming--William S. Hart m "The Tiger Man." At the Ho^pitaL · George 2ahuramc. 17 years old, j smp'oyed by the Washington Coal vOkc company at Star Jun.ctioi, while at work yesterday in some man- ; icr caught his foot in a truck. He j ffas brougiit to theCottage State ho .- iital where it was discovered t h ^ t ' ,he foot nvas badij" mashed and .t i .vas necessarv to amputate a toe ' John Stetz of Leisenring, who receh-' id treatment for a fractured femu-, | yas discharged yesterday. : KUT Curtail Heer Outpnt A conference is in progress in tVas'iington between tbe brewers and "epr-'sentatives c f the Fuel Arimmi:- xati :n to consider the ad~. isabihty 01" t fii'ther curuiihuent :n output as a uel con^cnat:ou measure. HnTitlnjr HAriTJilns ? fou will find tarro ;n o\tr ad column. Stop Itching Eczema. |j t Ne/er mind h3^ often you have trieJ id failed, you can siop bur^irs, itching czer:a quickly by applying a litae zema ornihhed by any drugcrist for 35c. Extra arge bottle, $1.CO. Keaiin^ begins tb= soia-'nt zerao ic applied. 1^ a short tixno iscal'y every trnco of cczcna, tetter, to?'cs, rash, tla^h^cds and sinulrr kin diseases wiil be rcrr.ovcd. · For clearing the sl:ui and making it igorjusly hcoTt;:", o T '"ay3 t^e zemo, ths «ci**r3t;ng; ant.T^'.c l;ru.''J, It is not a rea= / s s!vs r.r.'J i: do-;; rot stain. When theri f ul it i-? ths cr.e dependable £rea lent foi* skin troubl-s cf ail kinds. "His E. Y:. IVw Co., 3cvdaai O. The Community Jewelry Shop, 100-102 S.oufch Pittsburg street wish to announce they will sell by auction their entire stock and fixtures. The stock consists of Diamonds, Watches, Wrist Watches, Rings, Silver and Jevelry of every description. Positively nothing reserved. Auction commences Wednesday. June 10, at 2 P. II. and 7 P. M. and continuing every day at the same hours, until all the goods are sold. We are going to enlarge our store and install a modern stationery store, in addition to cur line of jewelry. It will be impossible for us to keep open while the contractors are remodeling. Here is your opportunity to purchase any article at your own price. Beautiful souvenirs given away each afternoon and evening. Turner, Comprising this extensive lot are many of the most stylish Suits the season has prodiiced--tailored from popular and serviceable materials and in practically all the new novelty shades. The savin?;, of one-third is sure to be welcome, and will prove most attractive to the woman planning to buy a new suit at this time. The actual savings are as follows: Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular Regular $19.75 $25.00 $29.75 $35.00 $39.75 $45.00 $55.00 $85.00 Suits Suits Suits Suits Suits Suits Suits Suits Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now $13.17 $16.67 $19.84 $23.34 $26.50 $30.00 $36.67 $56.67 There are no blues or blacfcs, but there are plenty of what the fashion-loving woman will probably much prefer, and that is--sew greys, tans, smoke, Pektn blue, tampe, khaki and biack-and-white chscfcs. All sizes from 10 to 46. Owing to the preat redaction at which these are sold a nominal charge will be mAde lor alterations. Two Special Lots Ladies' New Coats at a Lower Price One lot Ladies' New Coats Priced Regularly to 39.75 One lot Ladies' New Coats Priced Regularly np to $55.00 $28.50 Ladies' and Children's Are Attractively Priced Children's mercerized Socks in phxin white or with fancy tops,--at 2flr pair. Boys' imd girl a' black Stoddnss Tnth reinforced Linen heels and toes,--at 50c pair. Children's Silk Lisle Hoso m hlaclt, while and Uin,--at 50c pair. Ladiea fine Silk Lisle Rose in white, hronzo, grey, pongee and black,--fit 65c pair. Ladies' pure silk and fibre silk hose,--at $1.25 pair. Ladies' pure Silk Hose in many colors, all sizes,--at $1.75 to 52-50 pair. New Beauties Appear in Now on Display ProspoctSre Jane brides who mafc© comparisons be ween our Silks and Chose elsewhere, make selection, here to their own great satisfaction and advantage. Scores of beautiful White Silks for trons- seans--Bndal Satin, Chiffon Taffeta, Crepe Meteor, Crepe de Chine, Crepe Georgette, Silk Voile, Satin de Luxe, Satm Charmeue, Xessalrnc, "Washable Satin and Gros de Loodres. All In a complete lino of street and evening shades for bndesma:ds and wedding attendants--and priced jnst as lovr as their quality will permit. /T* · 11S71L*iL 1VT T * f "W *T* T! 1 Lnsp White New Linens for Your iable Fully-bieached mercerized cotton damask in several p r e t t y delfms, is 64 inches wide and sells at 75c ;i yard. At $1 25 a yard, table damasli w i t h a lovely satin finish and in four designs-scroll,, violet and fleur-de-lis--and is 70 inches wide Linen-1'mish damask ol an "unusually heavy qnahty, 70 inches wide, has designs of Lily of tbe Valley. Roses, Chrysanthemums or Carnations to make ji gay. The pi.ce js $:.50 a yard. Half-linen table damask, is f u l l y bleached and satin finished. There aro ten pretiy floral and sniped designs i-o choose from. The width js 70 incbea, and ihe price $2.25 a yard. Napkins Hemmed Napkins o£ mercerized and binached cotton damask, 3S inch size at GOc a dozen; 20 inch .at $1 50 a dozen. Madeira N a p k i n B m a wealth of dainty and artistic designs,--at ?7.00 to 511.53 a clo/.cn. .Madeira Doilies, ]2, 18 aud 24 inch sizes,--at 75c to $4.00 each. People Are Buying Cool White Cottons Ahead of Hot Weather For example preity stnprd and pla'd voiles, T6 niches w i d e , biiLUhlc for dre^set, and blouses.-at If^c to $!--."» a jarti. Fine batiMe, 45 inches \\ ide, ar 25c to G5c a yard, and organdus 40 and 15 inches wide.--,it 6."»e and £1-00 a jiird. "While Skirtirgs that are esproany favored ai e gahardmes, :'.6 inches ^ ide,--ut ."iUc tJJ Vl*^," a yard. Piques, 27 and 3G inches wide, at USe (u 7.'c Fine Soft Bath Towels at 25c and 50c Are Here in Abundance We h a \ c Turk:fh bath 'owcls as low as 25c, in si/...- I S x J G inches, that are reradrkably good for the money. Turk ^h tov. els of a finer quality in ^i/.e 25^42 niL-hop are equally jood \ - i l u e b a: 50c each. Tliete Lave neat borders of reu ami blue. Arm and urn 3* Turk Touels with I". S. A. in rori-white-antJ-bliip acrubs border are 20i.3S inches v,- cle and sch a L 53c eac!' Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Eve ry $100 You Spend--Save Them. | ·oee? (SET Jewelry Shop c/ a©®=l©l l®Bufiih PnfitefemiiPl Sfe®©i CsiBHisels^'ai®, IPa 0 IVateh Papers For Opening Announcement. EXTRA! EXTRA! ROOF'S PRSTTY BABIES COMPANY TSie Slioiv That Pleased the Ladies--By Special Reqacst IVill Rcuuiin for the First 3 Days of This Week. --TODAY-The Merry Musical 1'arcc NEW JUDGE" Featuring Joe Fields and Gus Hoff, Iru Hex and Jiutli Jlaitland. Helen Grim, The Pretty Babies Trio and Girl-,' Quartet aad n Gingery Choru--. Patronize Those Who Advertise In This Paper. OOSCGO3SOO^

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