The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 19, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1918
Page 7
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WEDNKsusi, JDKE 19, 191S. i-HE DAILY COURIER, CONNEIJwSVXLLB, PA. 1AGE SEVEN. I H A V E A 60 NOTION XOT TO IT, BUT IT IS A L R E A D Y PAID FOR - THE ISOV6 HOW | ORD5R150 AT SIX MONTHS TIE ^LIEUTENANT ^PATDBRIEN- SEES PLAY FIVE Tii/iES AND THEN REPRODUCES II I could hear tile volley ot W I told fan so'*" that greeted her good tid- fcgs. *1t would tafce more than tlie kaiser io keep Fat In Germany," I could heur ine of them saylcg. "Knew he'd be back for Christmas, anyway," I could hear another re- mart, j "I had an idea that Pat and his comrades misht i;penil Christmas in Berlin," I could hear unoUier admitting, "but I did not think any other part of Germany "would appeal to him very much." "Mrs. O'Brien, did Pat' write you how many German prisoners he brought back with htm?" I could hear stfll another credulous friend Inquiring. It was til very aurasing and gratl-1 fying to me and I must confess I felt j quite cocky as I walked into the war j department to report. For the next five days I was "kept very busy answering questions put to me by the military authorities regarding what I had ol'Served as to conditions in Germany iind behind the lines. What I reported was taken down j by a stenographer and made part of I the official records, but I did not give them my story in narrative form. The information I was able to give was naturally of interest to various branches of the s-ervice, and experts in every line of government work took: it In turns to question me. One morning would be devoted, lor instanco, to answering questions of a military nature--German methods behind the front line trenche?:, tactics, morale of troops and similar matters. Then the aviation experts would tufce a whaclc at me find discuss with me nil I had observed of German flying corps methods and equipment. Then, again* the food erperts would interrogate me as to what I had learned of food conditions In Germany, Luxembourg and BelgiTCB, and us I had lived pretty cloee to the ground tor the best part of serenty-two days I was able to give them some fairly accurate reports as' to actual agricultural conditions,; many at the things I told them piob-, ably having more Kiguificance to them than f"·";,* had to me. [ There were many things I had ob-j ·erred which I have not referred to In faeee pages because their value to us j might be diminished if the Germans knew we were aware of them, but j *fc«y -were an reported to the author!- j ties and it was very gratifying to mo j . to bear that the experts considered! ·oxne ot them of the greatest value. One of the most amusing incidents irf myTCtmri occurred when I called at mr bankers in London to get my per- floca! effects. Tbe practice In the Royal Flying eorpfl when a pilot Is reported mls- aiog is to have two of his comrades assigned to go through his belongings, check them over, destroy anything that It might not be to his interest to preserve, and semi the whole business to his banker or his home, as the ease may be. Every letter Is rnnd = through, but their contents is never afterwards disci JSS-K! or revealed In I any way. If the pilot is finally reported dead, his effects are forwarded to his next of kin, but while he-la officially only "missing," or is known to be ft prisoner of war, they are kept either at the squadron headquarters or sent to his bankers. In my case as soon as It was learned that I had fallen from the skylit was assumed that I bad been klifed and my chum, Paul Rjiney, and another ^officer detailed to check over my effects. The list tiiey made unU to ·which they affixed their signatures. ns I have previously mentioned, Is cow In my possession and is one of the most treasured souvenirs of my adventure. My trunk was sent to Cox Go. in idtie course, and now that I was in London I thought I would go and claim it When I arrived tit the bank I applied to the proper window for ruy .mail and trunk. "Who are you?' I was asked rather i sharply, "Well, I guess no one has any j Crenter right to Pat O'Brien's ejects \ than I have," I replied, "and I would be obliged to you if you would look thejn up for me." -4 "Thru may be nil right, my friend," replied the clerk, "but according to our records Lieutenant O'Brien is a prisoner of war in Germany, and we can't very well turn over his effects to anyone else unless either you present proof that he Js dead and that you are his lawful representative, or else deliver to "us a properly antbenti- ticated order from him to give them to you." He was very positive about It all. but quite polite, and I thought I would kid him no more. * f WeIl," I said, "I can't very well present proofs to you that Pot O'Brien Is dead, but I will do the best I can to prove to you that he 13 alive, and if. j yon haven't quite forgotten his signature I guess I can write you out an order that will answer all ycmr requirements and ennble you to give me- Pat O'Brien's belongings without running any risks," and I scribbled my signature on a scrap of paper oad j hnnded it to him. j He looked at me carefully through ! the latticed window, then jumped I down from £he high chair and came outside to clasp me by the baud. "Good heavens, leftenant!" ho exclaimed, as he pnmped my hand up and down, "how did you erer get away?" and I had to sit right down and tell him and half n dozen other people in the bank all aboat my experiences. I had been In England about Ove days when I received a telegram which, (it first, occasioned roe nlmost as much concern ns the unexpected sight of a German spited helmet had caused me In Belgium. It read as follows: "Lteut. P. A. O'Brien, Royal Flying Corps, Regent's Palace Hotel. London r "The king !s very glad to hear of your escape from Germany. If yo*j arc to be In "London on Friday next. Do cumber 7th, His majesty will re- ri ,va you at Buckingham palace at 10:30 a. m. Please acknowledge, "CROMEn." Of course, th(»n» was only one thing to do and that wus to obey ortl- ors. I was an officer in (he army nnd the king was my commander (n chief. I had to go, and PO I sat down and sent off the following answer: "Earl Crorner, Buckingham Palace, London: "I will attend BncUinKlinra palace ns directed, ITrlday, December 7th, at 10:30. "LIEUT. PAT O'BRIEN.' 1 In the interval that elapsed, I must confess, tho ordeal of calling on the king of England loomed up more dreadfully every day, and I really belioved I would rather have spent art- j other day In the empty hoiiw in the big city In Belgium or, say, two moro days at Courtrai, than to go through ivhnt I believed to bo In store for me. Orders were orders, however, and there was no way of getting out of it. As It turned out, It wasn't half as bad as I had fcured--un the contrary, it was one of the mflst agreeable experiences of nry life. TO 3E CONTINUED. Gay Zenola MacLaren to Demonstrate Power of Mimicry in Modern Play at Chautauqua. The startling power of mimicry! Snap-Vini-yipr-E-ncrgy-Bravery . , ^ r, , ,, r ,, : -- and nerves or Ktuet are required to go possessed by Guy Zenola MncLaren ; Kover thQ Qn the fi ,,'^g fronht will he denxmstrnted when she np- · Good red blood aud an active liver are pears here on the Rcdpnth Chantmi- needed, to face the enemy. Not only is riTm program. She has available a list this true of the soldiers afe the front, bat , onr folks must have enerjry to figbt the battle of Jife, right here at home. It is . noi. on tbe battlefield alone tliat this war is being fought. It is waged in the factory, in the workshop, on the farm, and in the home, HB truly as in tbe trenches. i The paJe-cbcekcd woman at home, aa well as ihfl workman iu tho cliopj feela ! that lack of soap and energy which rich; red blood Ebould bring. They both i need iron in their blood. j The biood lacks tone-- perhaps the red, blood corpuscles are lacking. If one I lacks the energy to walk in the open, to or from work, if ho or she fenls enervated , lax, limp, worn oat before the day is half · done, it's Li mo to take a blood-maker and ! tonic-- a tablet which has ja?t the right 1 o n c -- a combination of iron and herhai extrasta to bring " pep," vim, vitality and vigor to you. This latest product, which the best science and skill con Id evolve, called I LI, 1 . 1 i TUU VV ALHl VU n.* H4l;oc J 1 u 11 on* ! tablets, send lOc. to the :;bove addrees for trial pkg., but almost every druggist '. Cjii .=eli you lioctvir Pierce';- Irnnuc Tabi lets at sisty cents n vir.l. They make . pure ricl;-ryI blood. Start to-day, ! BF-FORE THEY HOLLER PEAGEI i Old Gentleman Thinks There Should Be Something Definite Happen to Treacherous Huns. 'Teace!" said my old man, "yon of plays from which n modern and ap- j ma ke me tired," propriatB selection will be made. | Some excited cent he was, anil plank- ' Miss MacLarcn's home Is In New ' ed Ills lunch pull down on th' bottom Yorlt City, so It Is convenient for her j step nnd iht-n himself beside It. to attend early performances of tlie · "Hid I ivrr till ye about, the Oarrnan great productions. She sees the plays | I had th' rocch honse w-id when I Drat Interpreted by the best actors and In wlnt to vrorrk ID th' sas house?" ; the tending playhouses. After wiuieSH- i "Search me!" PCS I. Ton've hod ?o Ing the production from live to seven i mnny ronrti house? It'd take a char- times she Is able to reproduce not only j t'-red accountant to keep (brack of Uie words of tbe story but the manner- j them." j Isms and voices of th« aciors as -wets, j "SYelll this round-headed Prooslan She does not claim to orifrmate the I start H a Pminybrook--" "Kh?" T Hsfcs. "17o did?" ! Weil, sr»n*»body did ! Anny^vay wo : many characters she assumes, but buses her success on an iibllltv to mimic. The fcnack of representing a j pot to lucking horns, an' wint to tbe certain character comes to iier sud- ; flure wid a lar that sinik til' .sTis tank. !i«*nly, probably sitter attempting for : Lii:e nil Giirinans be was a (Thirty fljrbt- nmny days to strike tlie proper trail, i er, so ho \vn«, an' irot me thumb in bis Tbe Tords of the play aic- a minor | ncly raoutb, :in' that made me mad. an* consideration. lor when once she Uas | I tronipU-rl hin\ wld ttie knee, au--welt, secured tbe proper majancrisms of an he hollered peace, .-^o be did. So I tufc me lefr ont of bis stommick, an' mo fmper ont of his eye, and sot up on me fpri. nnd reached over an* ^ivr him o hand tip, an' lie fetched me a belt wid n piece of Kcnntlin' that me by the heels for q n i t n n spell, an' kept your actor the words coine imturally. German "Kultur." C. Joornellc, n Fronrb writor, dls- cnurses In tlu? AtJuntlr llontbiy oi! "I*rnppEan Munnern," nnd thonsh he ^mntlonnl or Is otherwise mntiior busy putting poultices on my ' [S than calm and moderate in erprop?ion i iNSt l ' r b- sets ?orth a most tlamninir picture, j "^ ! After Fhnwtnfr brrvv nncoiKineret] ; war?" I'Tfneh repatriates are after months of prison brntnlity he jdvcs It as his belief tliat the German tjTiinny does I mnyhn. Bood-aotcred that got to do with the ! (Veil, tir ice' nln't i OarmnnF Is hollnrlo' ley, un' Uncle Snm is,. ish to give \ not consist simply in nn exorbitant an- I "'' bloody linns a rest, nnd thin, he ; plication of tlie dosmn ot misht. "It I d** smashed wtd a wnntllnc. No. sir." | has special morilflcfltion.i, p"CT,!lar to j '"· fintslu-cl. as he sphered up his lunch , the race, ivhirti make It. even more ! ITM 11 «"! Rtnrtwl Into the back door, j ' ""' nixt Proosian I fit. it was w h o ; "»»' wlnt to ix'.tnfnl if that is possible. It IH not in- ! spired solely by the systematic des-: wlnt to ne1 wlth Pfmlticcs. so he did. pntis-m nnd Immorality cynically 1 nn ' T Wlnt tr work tt nlxt mor m!n'. adopted hy Germans-; It ie not a pure, j D '^ l h l n k rro K° lr ' ^Wont TM" can o . unadulterated application of any doc- bm ° bl1 ^ t h r i f t *TMVS, and thin have th' "iv.-ir end that way? Not much, be jaber.s; we've pot to lick 'em first, an' Iben they cnn holler all the Gunners Making Glorious Record. The gunners of the armed guards on merchantmen, have mnde a record of which we may be justly proud. Tho contestw of the Silver Shell, which .sent down the submarine which attacked It; of the Morenl, on which the men stayed at their guns ^intll the flumes., flared up to the top of tho smokestacks ; ou tlie burning ship; of tho Camrmna, whose gunners fought tor hoars -until their ammunition was erJiuusted; of the J. L. Liichenbnch, which, tliougii under a rain of shells, htt ninu times and temporarily disabled, fought a submarine for four hours, before aid arrived, and-later managed to reach port under her own steam; of tlie Armenia, which, thongb torpedoed, was saved through the courage and resources of its captain, crew and nrmed. guard; of the NaTajo, the Mongolia, the Petrolite arid a dozea others are notable enough to be rcaord£d in tke naval history of the time.-r trlno.; it ppilnps from n gpnnino lack of morality, nnd from n well-spring of visions animnJlPTD, which psychnloplsta have'so often detected In the Gorman blood. "Not," he adds, "that T am so foolish ns to hold that all fiorrnnns nro low, mnUjmnnt, and hrulni; but it can be snld without hf'sttntlort that Hn-h Is, irpnernlly spftiklnjr, thoir psychical rypo, more or los.f eraphaKlzed; that such nre their rnclfil chiirnrtcristies, as appears from mnnmerable fnctB gathered from tho lips of onr repatriates of c\-cry locality. 1 * Electrons and Atoms. Atoms nrc minute parllclcfl rf mutter, each about oae-three-hundredtb part of an inch In diumetor. They am KO small that If tho earth were made up of baseballs It would bo a fair jmidol of :i drop of water made up of atoms. Th(i clccfrnn Is smaller still. It 1 has a diameter of about one-hundred- | tlu»usa.nltn. that of an. atom, yo tlmt If ! nn atom were rfpresenterl by a upbore j yards in dinmeter tho electron thoy want.'"--Edward S, PUs-: worth of Tlie Ylgllnntos. No Back Door. A crowded elevator stopped with a shuddor nt tho ninth floor ot one of the lnr.2;e nfilce bniliHnKs in the city. Tbn operator callrd "Out nine!" No ono volunteered to follow his suggestion, Uowevpr, and a crowd was waiting to ppt on. "Step back In the car, plotiKt*," snid the operator as tlie crowd on nine started to pnsh Its way In. Whon all hut one hnd sqnoezed in, and Hie operator had repe;iif j d h!s request, 11 small hoy piped up in a cornprcfised- soundfn^ voice, "Say, mfcler, there hnin't nr) hack door to lliis car." Be Right Plan. Mnny collegians have boon filgnetl by tlu 1 CiirdLimls. Pcrhnpn Hlckey expects Io win tbo pennant by degrees. HOW PATIENCE AND MONEY ARE LOST This woman worried through a whole season anticipating-tlie arrival of a badly needed household necessity. lost many nights of sleep fearing that the f a m i l y provisions would spoil and then, when the article was not necessary .the express man comes to the door w i t h the long-expected shipment. Throughout the months that have elapsed since the money was forwarded the mail order concern has had the use of her money, have probably kept on multiplying it and thus the money that rightfully belonged in the home community is doubling itself for one of the town-wrecking business houses probably hundreds of miles away. The homo dealer is always ready to fill your wants when the want is most urgent; his deliveries are prompt and the community shares in the distribution of his profits. MORAL:--Buy at home where yon get at once what you have paid for and where your money will some day come back to you. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. COMPASS Furniture, Kuvs. Stoves 1.VI-15S M. Crawford Are. IV. .\. LECIIE Dry Goods I-":! IV. Crawford Are. THJE HORSJEB COMPANY Men's Wear lOfi IV. Crawford ATC. COLOMAL JVAIIOXAI, BAXK Corner I'ittslrari; Street nnd Cnivriord Arenne. HcDOXAJ.1) MUSIC AMD ELECTRIC CO. Kojal Hotel Ulock X. I'ittsunrs St. H. KOKACKER SONS | "The Big Store" S. rittsbnrg St. j C. W. DOW5S Footwear for F.Torybody 1-" *. I'ittsbarg St. | CO.SXELLSVILLJE MAllKE'C AX I) XORTU ' E.ND MARKET ; Lending Grocery Storey 130 and 3J3 X. Pittsborg St. . ASH'EllSOX-LOL'CPIS HAKDM'ARE CO. Hiitilnarc 110 \V. Crn-ni'ord ATC. i CHARLES T. GILES Jeweler 141 West Crawford Are. BR-OWNELL SHOE COMPAXY 1 SbocR Vest Crawford ATe. CONSELLSVILLi: DRUG COMPAXY Drags ISO West Crawford ATC. PETER R. \VEKffEIt Pinnos and rhonogrnphs 127-129Kast Crawford ATS. A. VT. BISHOP Jewelry 107 West Crawford ATC. CO. Shoes for the Vhole Family 113 W. Crawford Ave. ABTMAX TTORK China and Wall I'aper 147-151 Y. CrawIoTd Ate. THE CENTRAL STORE Dry Goods 211 IV. Crawford Ate. KLPEK.VS Ladies' Soils and Coats ISO N. Pitt-'biirg St. FIVE AND TEX CEXT WALL PAPER CO. IVliIl P.IIPS.T 103 W. Apple St. WELLS-SILLS MOTOR CAR CO. Agents iur 1ViIlys-Kni(,-!it, Orrrlmid Cars, .Iceessories Jlen's Store r.rros. lil j. rittsbarg St. COSNELLSVILLE LACX1HIV "Snow IVIiitc Work" 12U Ualdwin XTC. COLUMBIA HOTEL .loun Dupsain West Sido l-'RISBEE HAIJDVrAKE CO. Hanlwure \V. Crawford Ave. WRIGHT-3IETXLER COo Department Store W. Crawford Are. RSIAX CO. 1'ou Can l)».ltetU'r Here. You should take a thoro, purifying, i f would be about thu size at a pitf* ! oleanstng laxative once eaeti month. | head It has bnen s-ld that tho elec- Decay matter in tho stomach and trons which form an atom can he com- bowels gunorateji poisons that go to ] pared to :i swarm of fc-nats In a catbe: evcry plirt ot yorl . body unil3SS rc . ! dral or orher larae building. As atoms I mov ed.--Hollister's Rocky Mountain ' are made up of electrons, so molecules T(ia c|eiinSi pl , rlfles Uie stomach anrt . are made up of alomu. bowel«.-ConuoUsrille Drug Co.--Adv. Why b«r b u l d i Save Ilir hnlr. l.'ne ror.Hfx Bald «cnd Hair Grower, (he o n l y remedy for n:N i i l t K . Price $1.00. poMnRc iiiiid. B i l l y F-arxt, Scoddnlo'R U n i K , Seottdnle, I'n. OOQCCiOOOCOOOOCCOCOGOOOOOOO J. B. KURTZ, . - s O t A R V HOBLn. AND HEAL EL8TAT2. No. d Eouth Meadow Lan*. ConncU*-y|Jia Pa. COO3OO HAVE YOTJR JOB PRINTING DONE AT THE GOUSIER 07/FICE. 'CAP* STCBBS "WELL--W1IO CABBS!" Bj'EDlVLSA WHEN WErYT TO WAT* TUTTU'S. ftW -RED SK

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