The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 19, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 19, 1918
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, .TONE 19, 1918. D4ILY COURIER. CONNELLSVTLJ J3. PA. PAGE FIVE. **VVWWffVVV^^ I Tffi "?500 REGARD."--A five-part Blubird atlradon, in which Franklyn Farnum isseen in a splendid role, is being slum today. When Dick Arlington ourried, it was with the utmost DJSgiviag. His wife was the daughtr of a farmer for whom he worke,under an assumed name. Dick finally decided to tel: JIargaret that he \vs a fugitive accused of the mnr- der c his rich uncle. 'With perfeei j faithin him, ?Jarsar-?t set out with ' Dickto return to the city where tne ( crim was committed, and though \ Didtdid not look for any help from his \rcadian. wife, it, was she wlxo finay solved the mystery which had puz»ed the police foi nearly a year. Fo.'Tracy, Dick's laa-yer and con£- daf, who had advised him to run awy in the first place, was inveigled byhis sudden infatuation for Dick's we into a full coaiession o! the cne. Then it was Dick's turn to dubt his wife. The story has a hppy ending. A selected comedy is itluded. "The Oldest Law." a five- jjrt World feature, in which June Jvide, the · harming screen star, and jhn Bowers, are seen 'in the leading jles, will be shovm tomorroy. The joiy told in this production details le experience of an unsophisticated .ountain girl, wbo under strange cir- j amstances is forced to come to thu i ig city and there endeavor to eke out n existence for herself. Miss El- id-ge is superb in th^ role of Jennie, ae mountain girl. Mr. Bowers, who -lays opposite Miss Elridge, has one '£ the best parts of Ms career. SdjB rfnxntrd Iron ! / ; i r S t r t n = t n i . Vdnl of I)i..n tnd Biinsa Roccm to the ·Cctt* of Ii'trvcui. Ban -Bom Wom«». fecKmhaailrcd o v/h)i they owe. their uteac*Jt ind tec to uiiM Ireo." . Dr. Jiinei Friocl 3eJJir*ft, (Dtro=(rjr Ptijik juvef Bt'IcTBc HctpitU Dept.) New Ye-*-, tad the W COOOTJ lloi?i:al, J j * * For S;ile by A. A. Clarke. HARDIN APPEALS i TO RED-BLOODED [ SONS OF U.S. A, i Cold at no time be better demonstrated than at this sale, when managers of the different departments are engaged in friendyl rivalry to beat fcheir past records. They are helping you to double the value of your dollar for helping them i DOUBLE THE SALES IN JUNE. They are offering you merchandise up to $2; yes, even as high as S3, for $1. There are j hundreds of items not listed in this advertisement that you will find on Sales Tables with One Dollar price tickets displayed.; Come early Thursday as some are limited in quantity and we want to see everybody get their share of the Bargains. OKPffECT THEATRE. "THE PETTICOAT PILOT."--A Paramount feature starring Vivian Martin, will be shotTM today for the benefit o£ the Y. II. C. A. overseas war fund. Tomorrow, Donglas Fairbanks appears in'The Matrimordnc." Friday and Saturday. Charles Ray Thomas aipears in "His Mother's Boy," taken from Rupert Hughes' famons story, 'TiTieii Life is Marked j Down." The story Js about Matthew Denton, a strictly brought up New England boy whose father urongly tnrests money for hrs neighbors and dies, leaving the boy to redeem the Jarcrny honor. One lot of Ladies' Panama Hats, straight and curJed brims, with plain or telescope crowns. fiimmec! This lot consists of different straws in all colors and shapes. For Dollar Day, 5 yards for ?1.00. In different checks. A very good assortment, 5 yards for 11.00. 3 pf 0 Men's Ptsre Sit lose In plain white or black. This is a real bargain. A good selection of desirable ark mixed patterns, sizes 7 to IS vears. $1.48 Children's Hats $1 A very nice assortment to select from. Ladies Hose, 3 pr. for $1, In plain black and wbfte, all sizes. OVERCOME BY GAS lutes Tarr is Found Unconscious Sear Plcax:j)t Unity cod Dies. James -Tarr of Pleasant Unity, chief first aid operator for the H. C. S*rick Coke company at Pleasant Unity, was overcome, either by gas or by an overcharge of oxygen, while- exploring a mine near Pleasant TJzrUy Friday afternoon and died sometime later. The mine had been ekeed for two months on account of i fire. - I Mr. Tarr with several other men, j ·urnippod vith the latest gas and j ·mofce helmets, entered the mine tode-j (tezmme whether or not it was in con- j £ition. to be placed in operation. They Shad not gone over a half a mile when Sir. Tarr fell over. All means of artificial restoration -were applied ·with no avail. Mr. Tarr "was 40 years old. He is survived by bis ·widow and sue small children. MARTIN D. HARDIN. "Why, that fellow has enough punch to be a pclzo fighter," remarked ez- Gongressman J. Adum Eedo to the man beside him as they sat Ustenlng to Martin D. Hardln, before a Minnesota audience. It Is troe that Mr. Har- t!ln Is a mac's man to the core. He Is nn ardent sportsman, and when tn college was cm aU-star football man. Through his visits to practically all of the warring cotmtries Dr. Hardin bos secured, up-to-the-mlntite tufarnra- Hon wbicli will be extremely Interesting wh?n presented for tie benefit of his Caantauqoa audiences, Ee returned only a few weeks ago from Prance, where he was a member of c i special committee of speakers sent by ' the American Bed Cross. ! $1.25 Ladies' J1 Purses ^* With back straps in different leathers--a real Bargain. $1.25 Assortment of Toilet GooDs for One Tube Tooth Paste--Penreco or Colgates, 30c; tooth brush, 30c; Pond's Vanishing Cream, 25c; cake Palm Olive Soap, 15c; one box Face Powder, 25c. NOCHANCESALARIES H. Taft: I do not see any why the Cha atatHjuas shonl d not go on this summer aa they have in the past The great body of oor people need lnforr ni -;tlou on the subject of the wot and need to hear dlacus- sdon of the Issues which ttie Cbaotsn- qnas present. Dr. Frank W. QTmsauras: The Lyceum and ChatHauqua movement has become a great people's university. This movement Is one erf the greatesr feeders for oar colleges and universities. 1T« Stenographers CJoiDg- to ingtou Start at $UW0 to ?1,200. WASHINGTON, June IS.-- The United States Civil Service Commission announces that through some misunderstanding an impression scorns to prevail that the government has raised the usual entrance salary for stenographers and typists in the departments at \Vtisiiington to $1,400 a year. The commission states that there has been no change in initial salaries for positions of this kind; the. usual salaries at tho beginning 1 range j from $1,000 to $1,20 a year, appoint-' merits at $1,200 being in the minority. I There is still great need for steo-j ographers and twists in the govern- j meat offices at ^"a^hington. Pull i n formation may be obtained frcra the representative of U;e Civil Service Commissipn at the post office in any city. A«KfQT THF ^HitjjJSsS A £Mj ANAEMIA AND POOR BLOOD How 3Ir3. Darnell's Daughter lircuvurcd. Drewsville, N". If.--".My daughter was anaemic, had poor blood and su£- ; fered from indigestion and bilious itt- i tacks. As Vinol hai built up my son · some time ago. I gave it to my daughter. She soon improved ill health, and it has built her up and restored j lier health."--Mrs. X. Burner.. The reason Vino! was so succe?s- ful ia iliss Durnel'.'b is because it contains beef °.:jcl cod liver peptones, iron and mai.ganesp puptonates i and glyceropbosphau's, ti;e very elements needod to birld up a weakened.; run-down system, n ake rich red blood and create strenstl:. . ; Laughrcy Drug Co., CoaellsviUe; D. C. Easoc. Dimlar, and drugb'ijts. evei-j'wherc.--Adv. ; to mobilize the financial resources of the nation by depositing every surplus dollar in banJt. There is no better proof oC patriotic economy and thrift tiian a growing Savings Account. This strong bank pays liberal interest on Savings. $1 starts you, 129 IV. Crawford ATP., ConncllsvIIlc. "XUe Bank tlial Docs Things for You" Ciicckiiif: Account!! Invited. $1.50 (Mdren's White Canvas Shoes $1.0O Button style, sizes 5 to S, Special, ?1_00. Women's op to $5.00 Slippers $1.OO In blue, pink and black satin, all sizes. A genuine Bargain. Arrow Bnind Collars 10 for Discontinued styles of men's Arrow Brand Collars, sizes 1-4 to 17, regular $2.00 value for $1.00. 25c Dress Gin§- iiarn, 5 yards for III all the new summer patterns-- ', a Dollar Day Special. $1.25 Silk Camisoles $1 Pink only, trimmed with lace edges and rib- j bons. A genuine Bargain. $1.25 Petticoats $1 Of Striped Percale--a very good value. $1.50 Men's Dress Shirts French cuff styles in newest stripes and colors, sines 14 to 16. $1.50 loose Dresses $1.OO Percales and Gingbams in all sizes, some trimmed wiili em- 1 broidery adges. Up to $3 Ladies' Skirts $1 Ladies' Colored Wash Skirts, nearly all ·waist measures and a good assortment of colors. $1.25 Ladies' Silk Gloves $1 51.25 Ladies' Corsets, low bust, all sizes-Dollar Day fl»-| A A Special vJ-»"U i All white and white stitching, in all sizes. \ CORSET COVERS GDc hadies' Corset Covers, Doi- lar Day Special, _ $1.00 5 Pair Men's 25c Hose $1 In plain black or clmmpaigne colors. All ^^ Work-tirlohrlst. Miss Phoebe H. \Vork and "\Yillinm C. Gilchrist were married Saturday morning in the ho:r.e oil ihe bride at Laurel Hill. Rev. V.-tlliara P. Russell, pastor of the Laure ; Hill Presbyterian church, officiating. Only the iuinie- diate members of :be tv/o families witnessed the cereuony. Fo'.Icnvini; a wecMiug trip to eas'-prn citip? Mr. and Mrs. Gilehrist will be at home on the Gllcbvist farm near Bethelboro. If Ton Arc Hn-iUns Baronies Read the advertiser:ig columns o? The Dally Courier. You will find them. When Ion ITont Aiqrthing Advertise in our Classified Column. The army of our Country stands shoulder to shoulder with the armies of our Allies--thus forming a barrier of steel to the Prussian fury. Let each of us, even at home stand shoulder to shoulder in the defense of a just cause-and render full support to our Government. i: This Week Is Dr Schott's Foot Comfort Week Throughout the continent this week is being devoted to Foot Comfort, as brought about through the use of the famous Dr. Scholl's Appliances. This store carries the complete line, and we are experts at fitting them to icdividuai needs. Foof Comfort Appliances Dr. SchoD's Toe-Flex Straightens the toe, prevents overlapping and removes t h e ~ c a u s e of b u n i o n s . P e r f e c t l y comfortable We have been trained l n the methods pursued by Dr.Wm. M. Scholl, the recognized foot authority and inventor,and can promise immediate relief and quick correction of your foot troubles. Foot Comfort Is a thing that not over 25 9o ftf adiihs enjoy, yet all can enjoy it. Come in and let the expert examine your feet and demonstrate ho\v the discomfort cnn be banished. No charge what' ever for this service. Come in fhis weektDr.Scholl's Foot C o m f o r t Week) or any time. Note our w i n d o w display tins week. Dr. ScholPi Bunion Reducer Protects the bunion or enlarged joints, gives immediate relief and causes reduction through soft en ing and absorption. 5fie Eicb Dr. Scroll's Absorbo Padi Made of soft, pliable rubber. Afford absolute protection. Worn m the daintiest slippers without fear or detection. Always in place, never slip. K. ·00 is the record of S. W. Straus Co., a house which was founded S in Chicago in 1882 and which has since become a national institution, known from coast to coast for the absolute safety of its investments, no client ever hewing lost a dollar of interest or principal in bonds purchased from us, The growth of S. W. Straus Co. has been due to the safety and stability of the securities we sell -- first mortgage 6$ bonds and to die protection we have given to the funds of our clients at all times and under all circumstances. Before you invest your savings the first thing you should do is to satisfy yourself that the investment banker you select to guide you is responsible, experienced and reliable. This is more important than anything else. S. W. Straus Co. for 36 years has invested hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients tvithout the loss of a dollar to any investor. Thirta what this record* means to you. It is because of this record ch-.t banks, insurance companies, and trustees of she most sacred funds in the world --bequests to widows, orphans, hospitals, churches and colleges--invest in First Mortsrage 6% Bonos safeguarded under the Straus Plan. Surely their example ana iud^mcnt are worth following. Write today for our book, "6% On Your Savings With Safety." It tells you how to invest your money where there can be no danger of loss. It explains the Straw Plan, and tells how to safeguard investments. It describes the First Mortgage 6% Bonds we offer--tested, tried and sound. They can be bought in amounts of 5100,^500 and $1,000. Write today and ask for BROWNELL SHOE GO. !l5 Stores 145 West Crawford ve. Ail Busy BOOK MCSS-t You arc entitled to 6% on your money. If you are not getting it your money £s not working at JOO'/o of Its value. PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS, WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER- ESTABLISHED 1882 INCORPORATED ;.Vi K H O A 1 ' , V A Y , 'EW YORK. Mi:!.-.eapoIU San Franci*M Philadelphia Kti Thirty-six Years Without Loss to Any Investor

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