The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 6, 1939
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AIOXDAV, MARCH (5 THE DAILY C O U R I E R , CONN.ELL,SV1L,L1±:, PAGE THREE. Activities Among Girl Scouts Envoy to Franco Voices Happiness To Skate March 11. i Fotonie Melessanos, chairman of the skating party to be held by Troop 1 of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, has announced lhat all plans i have been completed. The affair w i l l ' bo hold Saturday, March 11, at Hillcrest Skating Rink. i Dolls Dressed. Troop 3 of the United Brethren Church held a shoi't meeting Tuesday evening at which dolls were dressed. At the close ot the session the troop attended the picture, "King ol 'Kings," showing at the church. Patrols Reorganized. The Patrols of Troop 4 of the First Presbyterian Church were reorganized Tuesday evening as follows: Silver Star Patrol--Ixmiso Thornley, leader; Cora Lee Driscoll, assistant; Marjorie Humphrey, scribe: j Barbara Humphrey, Lois May, Mar- i tha Herbert, Janice Nairn and Cleo Driscoll. Laurel Leaf Patrol--Gloria Gould, leader; Betty Harmening, assistant; Mary Virginia Cunningham, scribe; Ann Kestner, Betty Goldstone, Jean Leighty, Betty Ellenberger and Mary Jane Sweeney, Pine Trail Patrol--Marian Miner, leader; Kitty Lou Young, assistant; Jean Leighty, scribe; Adricnne Brady, Jennie Miller, Marjorie MeCairns, Jean Kestner and Vesssa Knight. Rosebud Patrol--Ruth Carol Anderegg, leader; Marian Baldwin, assistant; Lois Hall, scribe: Janice Lindsay, Kay Driscoll. Helen Gordan, Audrey Smyth and Helen Daniels. Eacli patrol was presented with a Keviscd Girl Seout Program Book. DUN BAR, Mar. 0.--The American Legion Auxiliary will hold its monthly meeting Tuesday evening at the ; home of Mrs. Robert Rankin, with . Mrs. Jessie Hardy as co-hostess. A ! good attendance is desired by the i president, j 1'crfc 1 Records. George Moyer. principal of Pechin school, announces the following who ; have perfect attendance records f o r , the month o£ February: j Grade One. 94 per cent, Russell Frye, Ralph Tomaro, Patty Ann Baker," Jane Hurdy, Bctly Manges. , Grade two, 95 per cent. Ansclo Crocetli, James Leonard, James Nicklow. John Pamcelln, Elaine Hardy, Wanda Rca Leapline, Joar.n | Moyor. | Grade three, 35 per cent, Eugene Baker, Elizie Mangos, Henry Bryner, NDW Member in Troop 1. Greta Piper has been taken into Troop 1 as a new member. Troop 5 Thursday. Troop 5 of South Connellsville will meet Friday at Firemen's Hall instead of Thursday, the regular meeting night. Phyllis Lconhardl Feted. fa'rewel! party was held Saturday evening at the home of Miss Meredith Woods for Phyllis Leonhardt, a member of the Amelia Earhart Patrol of Troop 2 of Trinity her patrol, and prizes .awarded. Lunch, with'St. Patrick's · Day appointments, was served. Miss Woods is lieutenant for this patrol. With proviso his appointment be cf fectivc for only three months, Marshal Henri Petain (above), heroic defender of Verdun during the World War, accepted post of French ambassador to the Spanish Na-r tionalist Government of Francisco Franco. G. 0. P. Patronage Boards Created In All Counties Ada Pearl Golden, Deloris Golden, MnrsoUa Tomaro. Thcressa Crocetti. Surplus Winter "GOOD SKY SHOW" ffORECAST The Most Reverend Amluto Cicognani, Apostolic delegate to the United States, is shown in Washington as he voiced his happiness over the election of the former Cardinal Pacelli as new Pope. Gragc four, 97 per cent, Aniedio Crocetli. Donnlrl Hardy, Glenn Hnrdy, Rny Hardy, Glenn Lenplinc. W i l l i a m Martin, Daniel Nicklmv. Louisi' Bungard, Marian Frick. Mary Nativio. j Grade five, 99 per cent. Eugeno; Baker. Jack Benl, HavoM Bungard,' Nicholas Fritk. Edward llaRner. James Martin, Leroy Tlieis, Betty Frye, Julia Kelly. Lois Martin. Rosemary Miller, Gertrude Moyer, Valetta Thcis. Grade six, 97 per cent, Jack McGarrity, Frances Piccicme. Lewis sinkinK W indber. 45 lo 31. Somcr- Bryner. Carmella Cope, V,re,n,a Cro- ^ ^^ ,,, ,, wi , h ,,,,, ch cett, Jean Golden, Dons H«dy Pearl, of Some ,. s . ct Count -.,.,_,, A Martin, Betty .lean Mart.n, Eleanor ., ^^ L f l n j s h j n g a full I McGarrity, Viola Nativio, Annlc i p ., mo ., ho;id ot BoswcM which h!ld By Somerset in La$f Game on Cage Card Garments Given Needy Families Distribution of surplus winter, woolen garments to the needy is in full swing .in . Washington, Fayette I and Greene counties, LyclI'L. 13utter- ' more, WPA branch manager, revealed today. Only persons certified as needy by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Assistance are eligible for the clothing, the WPA executive said. Garments, he revealed, are being given out only when the direct relief recipient presents a card certifying 1 .his eligibility, to the WPA official in ! charge of the distribution project. These cards are made up and mailed to relief cases from lists supplied by the Relief Board. ! All garments being supplied are new. The _ materials and finished products have been inspected and certified by expert clothing handlers, Mr. Buttcrmore said. The items were purchased from manufacturers by the WPA through, the Procurement Division o£ the United States Treasury. Similar distribution centers have been located at urban' points : elsewhere in Pennsylvania and throughout the Nation. In every instance, the WPA head pointed out, each relief family head given garments has satisfied the relief outfit that he or she is unable lo purchase needed clothing through usual business channels because ol FOR WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA Bandit's Victim Connellsville will see a pretty good sky show this year. Dr. Frank C. Jordan, director of the Allegheny Observatory, said in Pittsburgh that eclipse of the moon and sun, a display of Northern lights. and two meteoric showers will be seen in Western Pennsylvania.. The heavens will start acting up on April 39 when there will be a partial eclipse of the sun. It will t i r t about 11 A. M. and last se%'- eral hours. The moon will move across the face of the sun. There will be a total eclipse of the sun on October 12 but it only visible at the South Pole. ' On October 27, starting · about midnight, a partial eclipse of the moon will be visible. The first display of shooting stars will be about August 12 when the Perseids flash across the heavens. The other will be about November 14. Mrs. Henry W. Breyer, Jr., 524,000,000 widow of an ice cream manufacturer, was kidnaped, robbed of her furs and jewels and then released by Philadelphia's notorious stop-light bandits. Mrs. Breyer, Sr., in car at the time, was also kid- naped and robbed. Paul Wancr Explains. Paul Waner revealed that dif- Bowers Ordered Home From Spain WASHINGTON, Mar. 6.--The State DPpartment revealed that Claude Bowers, American ambassador to loyalist Spain has been ordered home for consultation, presumably as a first move by this government toward possible recognition | Sfero. HARRISBURG, Mar. C.--Patron-1 Grade seven, 95 per cent. Jerry age boards recommended by the He- ! Manses, Charles Miller. Bruce Pick- publican State Committee have been i ens, Teddy Woriman. James Bryncs. set up in all counties, State Chair-I Audrey Hardy. Sara Elizabeth Hardy. Grade oisht, 93 per cent. Albert Hardy, J r . , James Martin, Mary C. Cope. Elvira Crocetti, R u t h Miller, handle dispensation of patronage in ] Lois Rankin. Clara Tomaro. the State government, which has Birthday Dinner, been held down to less than 100 key j A family dinner was held[Thursday setback, of the dealt it its only schedule. Uockwood, Clas Shade Township, Class A five. 2.*! to B titlist, Joppled * conomic duress, and that he or she , , _,, _ ,, ,, . . . . . .·ill not sell or barter the articles ference o£ S3 ' 000 m "^ K k *P m B ; of the Franco regime. eceived StiJT penalties are provided i hlm . from s 'S«mg a Pirate contract. y law for infnctions of this rule ; He saicl lno Bucs ° Rel;ed h i m a con Most of the clothing distributed' is tract wilh a S 7 ' 500 cut and thcn " man James F. Torrence said today, j The announcement was the signal j that the organization is ready to! 35, by completely I from the field. domm»tmg of heavy or medium weight, principally for winter and early spring use. There are suits and overcoats in men's and boys' sizes; women's and i Kirls' coat:;, suits, dresses and blouses ! and children's and infants' coats, suits Bosv/cll finished on the short end j ;inc j snow SU H S . ol u SI to 26 decision in a tilt with j As \ rei , " ns i hcsOi thcre ,, rc vised this by ?2,000, making the out- : fielder's slash $5,000. Paul said he ' would quit baseball before signing for less than $18,000, while the Bucs claim their top figuie will be $12,000 which is now oil'ercd. of Tips Husi Tell Public large Johnstown Catholic while Berlin | number of miscellaneous items such of Mrs. John positions sincii Governor Arthur K. | evening «^_ »**·.- .i."..v · James replaced Pennsylvania's only I Gildroy in honor of a daughter, R^ h Democratic Administration in a haU- cenlury, and that the job turnover will begin without further delay. Torrance said jobs will be distributed "equally and fairly" among the Republican factions. j Hiijh tripped Lonnconing. Md., 2fl lo | ni mackiniiws, raincoats, i 22. and Mtryersduie nosed out ' j Somerset Township at Fi-ieclens. 28 tu i 27. Hostetlcr's four lo*s representing 1 the marsin of victory. Lutheran Church, by .Games . were played Officers Elected in Troop 5. The result of the election in Troop .5 is: Troop scribe, Elizabeth Aba- dullah treasurer, Alsia Younkin, and ,_ii"assistant ""-rarian, Norm a Soisson. Patrol officers are: Juliette Lowe Patrol, leader, Patty Dushaw; assistant leader, Arlene Gouse; scribe, Anna Grace Freed; treasurer, Verlaine Thomas. Florence Nightingale Patrol, leader, Doris Mankmamyer; assistant leader, Eloise Helms; scribe, Barbara Wcy- ant; treasurer, Jean Urbach. David Patrol, leader, Dorothy Taylor; assistant leader, Peggy Lou King; scribe, Margaret Blubaugh; treasurer, -Connie King. Attend Movie. As a reward for winning the bird contest, the Dog Wood Patrol o£ Troop 2 went to see the picture "King of Kings," at the United Brethren Church. Complete Plans for Banquet. Hans were completed for the Scout mother-daughter banquet to be held Friday, March 17, at Trinity Lutheran Church under the sponsorship of the Girl Scout Council, at the Leaders' Association meeting at Mrs. Carroll Fisher's home in South Pittsburg street, Wednesday. Mrs. Ernest H. Kooser and Mrs. William Brooks, members of the committee in charge, were in attendance along with the commissioner, Mrs. Frank Van Norman. Tickets were distributed among the leaders. Mrs. Harold Hoover was appointed chairman o£ the favor committee and Miss Katherine B. Humphrey \vas placed in charge of the program in which all troops will participate. Troop 7 Elects. Officers were elected for Troop 7, South Connellsville for the new year, February 193B to 1940. Troop officers are: Ethel Katona, treasurer; Emily Mae Blubaugh, librarian, and Alma Jean Burke, assistant. Patrol elections resulted as follows: Wildwood Tatrol, Audith Pierce, leader; Colleen Budd, assistant; Mary Mysko, scribe and treasurer. Lucky Star Patrol, Lucille Phillippi, leader; Helen Mankamyer, assistant; Norma Shumaker, scribe and treasurer. ...,, ,.lubnttcxl her birthday. Tht table was centered with two cakes. ^ Tho.«c attending were Mr. and Mrs. j -- -Robert Cilroy, Mr. and Mrs. James j M ai -tj n ^ Charles U Martin, James Gildroy and daughter. Jean. Mr. e«nd; Kct . d _ s ^[- yy Robert. Charles Kier, Mrs. Albert Hardy nnd childi-cn. A I - I V ; 0 | n H-,^^. ni.-il:i U\\t:*, KUr.mor bcrt, -Ir., Sara Eli/.;ajclh nnd Ray. [ tM:irt j ni \V:lm;i Martin, Jean Roland. Miss Jessie Gildroy, Mrs. Gildrny and j Grade in u, Or. pvr cent. Albert the honor cuesl. The litttor received ; Rodt , inj J r _ ( Arnold Brub.-iker. Don- some bc;\uttlul Kilt? Suffcns Strokr. Webster Thomas of H n r d y hill suffered a .stroke- at his home kite Snt- 1 aid Bl-ub.-ikcr, Ernes! Jainci, John . Kimlr, F.rla Dohn. Olive Garlrtts. urdav evening. Two The troop committee is Mrs. Will- j Isabella and iam Budd, chairman, Mrs. Willard Pierce and Mrs. Ralph Blubaugh. Leaders are Mrs. Kenneth E. Miller, captain; Mrs. Henry Dushaw and Miss Eleanor Ladick, lieutenants. Bi-tty K!mk, Jean Klink, Rose Mwr- ., Nflho "Hucc, Aum^v \Vilson. North of j Gratis 5 i x . i'i) per cent, M.irjjnrrt ^0" H t " | K o c l k i n , IJorolhy Cainj*. Alma J«-;m have been trailed to the bodMdc. · n.- tr nc!l, Cl«m Boll JoIiJToc. Mnrcarct Other Items of Inttrrst. j Ho ,. (: jn^p}, CriHicUj. Robert Krod- crick. Paul Kenny, Harl«in E-*os, Jijirmon H. Williams a Pittsburgh . of Church ] c:.Ur SB'.- I Silver Tea, March 18. From 2 to 4:30 o'clock Scouts of Troop 4 will he hostesses at a silver tea to be held Saturday, March 18, at the home of the troop committee chairman, Mrs. Karl H. J. Schoenborn in South Pittsburg street. Patrols 1 Mrs. W. street wns urday, Mr. and Mrs. Enrl Snowdc-n and dauA^ter Lois, and Mrs. Ro«in;i -tl'/vr-s of Unintov.Ti v.'ero vj^iting r^!at;\~c: and fricntis Sunday. sweaters, CARSON CITY, Neb., Mar. 6.-Nevada employers who confiscate ; the tips given their employes, clothing over a period of years. Now i henceforth must post notices to that they get clothing when they are cer- ', effect in their business esablish- t tided as to need. The plan now in ments. wind breaker:! and jackets for men, j operation has wreaked no economic i Governor E. P. Carville signed a women and children. hardship or stress on merchants and ', legislative act requiring that such Prime reason for this mammoth I retail business houses. This is true,' employers display signs reading: purchase of surplus clothing served a . f o r the simple reason that men and j "Notice: Tips Given Employes two-fold purpose, Mr. Butlcrmorc women receiving these woolen gar- : Belong to Management." menu have not been economically aid. The move by the work-relief program made possible, he added, the able to purchase them in commercial ot huge inventories o f ! establishments. The clothing manu- hnrasscd manufacturers, gave jobs to facturing industry, then, has rehired idle clo'Jnng workers and provided tens of thousands of its workers and warm clothing for the destitute. al the same time several millions of the problem, Mr, But- ^ummcr employment in oxir Kr'-;*i clotlunR industry was at a low Utr.-nort' "Lust our destitute people are getting the first adequate clothing they have had in years. Mr. Bultermore called emphatic iortfan. Cirireriet 1 Riser, John Knrl Ryan. Kobrrl .Shipley. Gr.'idc aevt-ri, 9o pvr ct-nt, I^orothy Clemer.Ls, Helen Dormnit-Jc, H:itel Martin. Imo^irne Smitlt-y, id friends Sunday. Deou. John Rose, Jurnc* Shipley Mr. and Mrs. Curtis I|:ict-rm:tn and j Henry l-«s. Arthur Boal. son Freddie, of Mount F'ltrasan!, -.vrrc | visiting Mr. and Mrs. Smith Sunday. Hunry H. Crude (Ti^h*.. 94 per cent, R--*lph j Mnrtin, MiJdrrd Srnitley, Nellie Pen- weli. Joseph Krai I, Km ma Hardy. J i l O U U L l l ^ I k L . ^ U U ^ K S V l ^ u v . ^ U k l l ^ U , i ^ . . . , , ,,. n , } · - - . - ~ l ..... ...... . . . . . . . . . . and 2 are arranging the service and Robert AmMcy and Oarenre B.wm, H awl V;,u«hn. Albert Lons. Alfred appointments; Patrol 3 invitations ! and Patrol 4 the program, which will i be continued throughout the tea. Invitations will be sent to all Girl Scout troops and the captains, lieutenants, troop committees, council members and to various .social organizations in the city. 3 i n v i t a t i o n s ^ 0 * Unionlown were Sunday visitors j Ma^arelh, v/;ivne Hyatt Joe Bob- -ith relative;-:. ! y^J;. Mrs. John Will tarns and son Jackie,. " jHiini bt-citiisc ol it hinl) surplus ot \ attention that no persons could re- n'ntshotl K-' rr "cnLfi that could not bo ' c^ive garments unless he or she had moved in iht* op^n market,---. 1 received an "Eligibility" card through "Credit were lied up in these sur- ; the United States mails from the pluses nnd many plants were shut- j propor certifying authorities, after the ·' do\^n. Unemp!«ymtn.t among cloth- \ case had bctin ' approved by the De- j in« -*nd lextil*.- workers was at n high | partmcnt ol Public Assistance. It is · level. On Ihc oUv.-r hund, the Works aniicipntod that all relict cases: Progress Administrniion knew that should have received "Eligibility" ; many ni-t'tiy people ;tli over 1 the cards within the next two \veeks or i country -- through no of their ; more. -- w-j-ry shabbily dressed; so shab- I Purchases of clothing by the WPA i biJy drofised. in fact, that not only j were distributed among 1,452 manu- j ivnji their morale sh^ikcn. but they i facturcrs in 32 states. WPA workers W(»rt' also in dar-Rc-r of ncuic sufl'erinsi and employes are not eligible to re- snd illness during the cold winter j ceive the garments. Only relief cases, CHILDREN'S COUGHS (due to colds) Don't let distress of cheat colds or spaa- rnodic croupy coughs due to colds go untreated! Rub Children's Mustcrole on child's tliroat, chest and back at once. This milder form of regular Musterole penetrates the surface skin, warms and stimulates local circulation. Floods the bronchial tubes with its soothing, relieving vapors. Musterole brings such speedy relief because it's MORE than "just a salve." Recommended by many doctors and nurses. Three strengths: Regular, Children's mild) and Extra Strong, 40r. Approved by Good Housekeeping Bureau. All druggists. CHILDREN'S month*. I Mothers' Assistance and other direct "Then too, millions of people on | relief groups come in the distribution elief had been unable lo buy proper j category. Two Fields Completed. The Wildwood Patrol of Troop 7 prepared dinner at the home of its captain, Mrs. Kenneth E. Miller in Sycamore street Thursday evening. The menu included chili con carnc, cold slaw, biscuits and fruit jcllo. Miss Eleanor Ladick instructed the girls in tablcsetting, completing the homcmaking field. Work in. the international friendship field was completed Friday evening with a costume " party representing various countries told in stories, songs and dances. Pencils and Scissors Needed. AU Scouts of Troop 4 are asked to bring pencils and scissors to Hhe meeting at 7 o'clock Monday evening. Work will be done on the banquet favors and tea appointments. Doll Baby Party. A doll baby party will be held Friday by the Brownie troop of Trinity Lutheran Church. Last meeting members planned for the affair and worked on-their "Good Deeds" scrapbook. Any girls between the ages ot seven to 10 years interested in scouting are invited to join the troop. spent Saturday in Pittsburgh. Mr. and Mr.?. Loui:; Falcone nnd : children, Robt-rt and Dolores, have returned from Oakland, Cal., nftcr spending the post few months there. John BogUFky, Sullivan Mnddas and Rose Dolan were in Connetlsvilie Saturday. Andrew Colony visited hi.s wife, n patient uL the Ctmnellsville State Hospital, Saturday. Tony DeOre was in Union town on business Saturday. Attendance Records. Principal Daniel He/Trier of Furnace school announces the following students who had perfect attendance records for February: Grade one, 95 per cent, Henry Bartholow, Charles Be;iJ, Howard James, Tommy Kalena, Harold Miller, Corinne Bryson, Edith GarleUs, Marilyn Turnbaugh, Frances Hixon. Grade two, 05 per cent, Ralph Brewer, Donald Clements Charles Joy, Eugene Morris, John Kalena, Helen Rugg, Irvin Wilson, Elsie Hiles, Dorothy Miller, Frances Smat- Jey, Millicont Srnitley, Jane-He Smitley. Grade three, 94 per cent, Robert Bartholow, Jerries Hixcn, George Masciarelli, Sullivan Morgan, Edward J^ose, Irvin Shipley, Pearl Bartholow, Ellen Gabriel, . Doris James, Eleanor Shipley, Bessie Widdows. Grade four, 94 per cent, Donald Brewer, Donald JolifTc, Charles J. 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