Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 23, 1974 · Page 121
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 121

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 23, 1974
Page 121
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Advertisement How you i* Horoscope can bring you weatth,love 9 8uece88 and happiness. bv Norman P. KenneHv -K. -M. by Norman P. Kennedy Did you know your horoscope could mean the difference between happiness or sorrow; between success or failure? Picture a long room with doors at each end. In this room there are money, attractive persons of the opposite sex, books that tell you the secret of happiness and many other valuable articles. But, also in this room are bottomless pits, traps, hostile persons and dangerous beasts chained in various places around the room. You must walk through this room, but you may take out of it anything you can. Now if you had a choice, would you choose to 1) go through the room blindfolded or 2) go through the room with your eyes open and with written instructions on which places and people to visit or avoid. Of course, all of us would pick the second choice in a case such as this. Isn't it ridiculous, then, that we would choose to go through life, the same situation, blindfolded! Even when there is a means to go through life with a map and our eyes wide open! The means provided is Astrology. The map is our astrological horoscope. How does it work? Nature's cosmos imprints each of us at the time of birth - when the umbilical cord is cut. We then become ourselves. Until the cord is cut, we are part of our mother. Why or how we presently do not know. The movement of the large solar bodies then times potentials for our lives. Astrology does not cause events but is timing of events. But, it's not fortune teUing. It's a prediction of potentials which free will can override. A natal horoscope analysis contains the best psychological analysis,,of yourself that you can get today. In addition, a natal horoscope analysis includes discussions on the following: financial outlook; taxes and inheritances; early home environment; relationships with family, relatives and parents; lovelife and marriage; children; career and occupation; hopes; wishes'and goals; and subconscious attitudes. Many people think that astrology only appeals to "way out" unscientific people. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, studies show that astrology appeals most to intelligent and logical people. Famous scientists Galileo, Carl Jung, Johannes Kepler, Roger Astrology Today PRESENTED BY THE AMERICAN ASTROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION "The Nation's Largest Astrological Society" r Anyone familiar with Jackie pnattit' horotcope will be amazed with the uncanny way that it hat predicted her love life. For example, Jackie'* Cancer lift on the cutp of her eighth home. Thit indicate* that the will marry a man connected with water. Her flrtt hatband, the late Pretident Kennedy, wot a P. T. boat Captain in. World War 11 and alto enjoyed tailing. And, of courte. her current hutband, Arittotle pnattit, it a tuper-wealthy ship- pint magnate. Her Sagittarian riting tign thowt that the prefers foreign countriti and people. Her hutband, Arittotle, it Greek and Jackie it known for her jet-tetting image. Finally, the planttt Jupiter and Venut tymbolite money. The fact that thete two planett fall in her teoenth haute, the Haute of Partners, indicate* that the will have a very wealthy' hutband. ·-_ , Bacon, Tycho Bache and Albert Einstein all believed in astrology. Your horoscope can help you be in the right place at the right time.-Your horoscope can help you avoid disasters, while guiding you to your beneficial opportunities. Did you know that astrology helped the Allies win World War II? The Allies employed astrologers. The Axis powers started out employing astrologers. But, this was ceased early when the famous astrologer, Karl. Ernst Krafft, predicted the exact time and place of an attempt on Hitler's life in 1939. Hitler thought the astrologers were conspiring against him, so they were imprisoned. Hitler turned back to astrology - too late. He read his horoscope in the last moments of the war as Berlin burned around him. On the other hand, astrologers aided the Allies in forecasting the Axis' moves. The most famous astrologer, Louis deWohl, employed by the British Government, predicted the exact events leading to the downfall of Mussolini. He gained the faith of the American military, when he predicted Pearl Harbor a year before it happened. More on avoiding disaster, came these stories from a recent article in the Miami Herald newspaper. The article tells the story of Mary Kelly, a Miami computer programmer, who heeded the advice of her horoscope which warned her of a wrong medical diagnosis. She avoided an unnecessary operation that would have left her a cripple. Your horoscope can bring you wealth. Famous business tycoon, J. P. Morgan, used astrology to acquire his fortune. Morgan did not make a financial move without checking his natal horoscope forecast. From an article in the Miami Herald came this story: "Stockbrokers on Wall Street are as likely to call an astrologer in this decade as Hollywood film stars would call a psychiatrist in the last. David Williams, a 75 year- old retired financial expert who lives in Clearwater, has made $150,000 from the stock market in 13 years by using astrology as an investment guide." n Your horoscope can show you the way to success and happiness in love and marriage. Horoscopes of Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy predicted their current successful marriages. Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier and Jackie Kennedy to Aristotle Onassis. As with these fa- . mous people, your horoscope can help you find and keep a lasting and meaningful love relationship. Now and through the ages, a good natal horoscope analysis has meant the difference between success and failure. Will you miss your success opportunities? Will you stumble into pitfalls you could have avoided? Today, right this moment, you can have your natal horoscope cast and analyzed. You can get it for only the cost to make your duplicate copy. You get the expensive casting and analyzing process - FREE. The article below will tell you how. The means are available, but the choice is yours. HOW TO GET YOU! NATAL HOROSCOPE FDR ONLY THE CIST OF MAKING COPIES. by John F. Ford " Send me your exact time and place of birth. I'll cast and analyze your natal horoscope for research purposes. You may have a duplicate copy of your horoscope for only $3.00 -- the cost to make your copy plus postage and handling costs: You get ,the expensive casting and analyzing process - FREE, because of the fact that we must produce your horoscope for research anyhow. Your natal horoscope will consist of nine pages and over 3,000 words. Your natal horoscope will contain your psychological analysis plus a discussion of the following: your lovelife:financial outlook; marriage, family and children relationships; career and occupations; hopes, wishes and goals; and subconscious attitudes. A horoscope of this type would cost up to $300 if done by an astrologer. I will cast your horoscope with the help of our 360 - 65 I.B.M. computer, which contains over 24 million bits of information. Your horoscope will not be - the worthless type found in paperbacks. Your natal horoscope will be cast from your exact time and place of birth for you and you alone. THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO CATCH. I need this information for my astrological research. I am looking for certain planet configurations. ~If you are chosen as a research subject, I will mail to you a . research questionnaire. If you fill out and return this questionnaire, you will be entitled to extra bonuses. There is no need to worry about find- ind out about an unavoidable coming disaster thru your chart. As mentioned, astrology deals in potentials. Your free will can override potentials if you know about them. In, the policy of qualified astrologers is positive astrology. If there is something negative-in your chart, you are told what you can do to make it positive. To get your horoscope thru this special opportunity, simply fill out the research computer form and mail to the address given on the form. Include the $3.00 copy cost for each horoscope or charge your credit card. There is a limit of two per family. If you don't know your exact time of birth, fill in 12:00 PM. If you have any questions, call me, John F. Ford, president, The American Astrological Association. Telephone me at (216) 478-2171. Thank you! I Mbntt my trirth diU for retwdi. 1 tm BOW dfcBfe to promptly recent my 3,000 *ort MUl horowopt for only a $3.00 co* to BMk* my dapicttt copy. OM or two name* from my houiehoU may be nbmhttd. (Limit of 2 - no exception*) Clip and mH this form to: TT» American Attrotofjal Anoc. Research Div., Dept.493 ' 4965 West Tine. Canton, Ohio 44708

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