The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1938 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1938
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEUN. THE DAILT COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY IS, 193S. 'Be Merciful" Plea Recalls Local 'Man's Work in Murder Case State Trooper Mehailick Did Clever Sleuthing Job. WOMAN ALREADY OUT ON PAROLE Presentation to the State Pardon Boird of a pica to "please be merciful ' to John G Polcns, former jus- ticc of the peace at Garland, Pa, and Joe Senauskas, Cleveland, condemned to die on Monday for the hirod slaying of Metro Seminuk, Youngvillc innkeeper, recalls the role played by State Trooper John Mehailick of Lcisenring No 1 "and another officer in solving the case. The killing that occurred at Scminuk's tavern near Warren March 25, 1930, resulted in the conviction of Mrs Mary Seminuk, 25, his wife, on a second degree murder charge but shojwas granted a parole only-rccently -- -- Apparently there was not a single clue when the two policemen began working on the case yet an automobile that was stuck in the mud nearby provided the lead that cleared up the shooting Senauskas of Cleveland, and Polcns, former Duqucsnc University law student, who pleaded guilty and were sentenced to the electric chair, appealed to the board to commute their sentences. They claimed Mrs Seminuk gave them money to kill her husband A stranger who had stopped at Southwestern Fire Chiefs Appoint New Committees for Year Peiry Stuck of Pcrryopolis, piesl- dcnt of the Fire Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania, appointed new committees for the year at a meeting of he organization Wednesday night at Wayncsburg, attended by over 200 firemen The committee follow. Fire School--F. G Latta and Scmmuks inn at Youngsvillc, near Warren, was quite talkative the night the proprietor was slain In fact he" gave the impression of a city slicker in a small town trying to^give the natives a treat When Tom Bowers, who lives nearby, went Into the inn for some beer, the stranger confided in him: I've traveled a lot but I had to tome up here to get ituck in the mud with my car " Bowers was about 300 feet'away from the inn when he heard the revolver shots and soon a car drove away. Suspicion directed to the talkative stranger but Bowers had never seen him before He rclitcd everything the stranger had told him, particularly about being "stuck in the mud," as officers questioned him after taking beer bottles and Classes that the stranger had been using for fingerprints Then began the task of learning where the stranger had become stuck in the mud Working tirelessly the two troopers found the muddy ro id .ibout a quarter of a mile from Gjrland, four miles from Younssvlllc. and Ira" Waller, a mlivc who had in vain tried to pull him out nnrt Raymond Tripp, a fiu ·"gen 1 in who moved the car The nvci ne 1 ft fiom Garland for Cony, Waller and Tripp had no- tic :c! the c.u boic New York license r a tiooueii. learned that a stran- Rcr in Co l y Known ns Gerald Ch-j t , hnd been staying there and he 1 rt i S"l friend They w o r t to ,-!tf with him They hid obtained ^ood discnption from Bowers \ '10 mid the man seemed to talk f c-n !-cr down in his chest. The troops noticed this at once when thpy rout d Chapman " When they told tli' in in to put on his hat, they noticed he wore his hat on the ·very tep of his head and when he did a blond lock of hair curled above his right eye, just as Bowers had identified the "stranger." The fingerprints further identified him. Confronted with the damaging evidence, "Chapman" who turned out to Senauskas admitted being at the inn but denied the killing, saying he had fled Cleveland where he had Jumped a jail bond. As the troopers went to Cleveland, the prisoner broke down and confessed, implicating Polens, who Senauskas Insisted had given him $120 to kill Seminuk Polcns was nabbed in Pittsburgh and confessed his part, claiming Semmuk's gossip had ruined his political ambitions Troopers Mehailick and\ J F. Schmidt were not satisfied with the Polens' story and began to pry further Eventually they learned that Mrs Seminuk had really been the business brains of the Inn and always was there until the place was closed But the night of the shooting she \vent home cariy and didn't come bick until after her husband was dead. Then by checking further the · policemen learned that Polcns and Mrs. Seminuk had been carrying on an affair. The upshot of the vigorous investigation was that Mis. Seminuk confessed tho plot to get rid of her husband. jcorge Hugey, California; Thurman Reeves nnd H. B Dunn, Belle Vernon, nnd Robert Agmcdi, Lock No_ 4. -Law--Joseph Radish and W. D. Ccwis, Fayettc, Charles Martin and W E Edwards, Allegheny; F. L. Hoo\er -\nd Perry Meyers, Greene; George Stcphenson, Washington, and Chailcs Mayer and Harold Williams, Westmoreland county. Chief Frank L. Hoover of Wayncs- burg, aided by several firemen, gave demonstrations showing how they conduct fire prevention week there. They showed how use of a penny when a fuse blows out may Etsut fire and how a hot poker place near an old broom near a furnace can also start a bluzoi The demonstrations revealed what may happen when someone smokes in bed and how ftrcs begin by leaving an electric iron connected or how fumes from gasoline will reach a fire and become Ignited, causing an explosion. A cordless iron, recently invented by Harry Lutton of Wayncsburg, was also demonstrated Mill Run MILL RUN, Fcb 18--The Mill Run "500' Club held its regular meeting Friday evening at the home of Mrs Earl Harbaugh Prizes were won by Mrs Dave Marietta and Miss Gladys Livingston. A lunch was served by the hostess Mrs Alice Hawk, who has been il for some time, is improved. Mrs. Milt Stickcl and son, Robert visited the former's daughter, Mrs Robert Thomas, of Homestead Miss Zona Robinson of Uniontown who is a tenchcr in the local schools has resumed her work after an attack of tonsilitis. Mrs Smith Prmkcy and daughter, Rcglna, were shoppers in Connellsville Tuesday. Irwm Mountain who has been il for some time, is now improved. George Hawk is ill at his home .William Bowers and daughter Dorothy, were callers in Connellsville Friday. Mrs Sturgis Colborn and dnugh ter, Betty Lou, arc visiting the former's brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs Paul Buchannan of Pitt* burgh Lester Bowers was a business caller in Somerfield Friday. Mrs. Charles Marietta, daughter Florence, and son, Francis, visitcc the former's son-in-law and daugh ter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Livingston of Uniontown Saturday Mr. and Mrs Dave Colborn an children of Pittsburgh visited th former's mother, Mrs Suo Colborn Sunday. Mr. and Mrs Ira Tissue and ohil drcn of Connellsville visited th latter 1 * parents, Mr. and Mrs Albcr Shobert, Sunday. Revival services wer* begun at th Baptist Church this week with Rev 'Jean Valjean" Gefs Term in Workhouse By United Press PITTSBURGH, Feb. 18 -Jomcs J. McCann, 30, Pitlibuigh's "Jcon Val- jcan," yeitordny was sentenced to six months in the county workhouse and fined $1 on a pica of guilty to it charge of larceny. Last year, McCann was granted n pardon by Governor Martin Davey, of Ohio, after he had lived a "model Me" lor six years following his escape from an Ohio prison camp. But January 14 he added another chapter to his version of Victor Hugo's immortal classic by taking a fitted suit case containing a movie projector *rom a railroad station. He admitted his act to visiting Judge C D. Fcttcrhoof, of Huntingdon county, ^ho sentenced him. Their First Sight of the "Promised Land" Lining tho rnil of the PrtMmt Harding «rn members of » putty of rmrnlgronta who crossed tho Atlantic on tho lm«r and ar« shown enjoying thoir first light of tho United Statas. The picture was mode us th« Bardma itwuntd up tho bay to N«w York City. (Central Preii) Om of Many Bombing Victims Fish Declares President Trying To Police World Bod Crow worker* noovtr wounded boy In Buotiooa Almoit nud«, a badly-wounded urn all boy 1 taken from tho mini at hli homo hi Barcelona, Spain, by Red Crois workers following; th terrific bombrdment of the city by Fascist air raldira. Hundred* dlod In tb« bombing. Frank Wortman in charge. Miss Jeannctto Marietta motored to Uniontown Saturday to spend the week-end with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Livingston She was accompanied to Connellsville Sunday evening by Miss Alma Atkinson of Jcannettc, who was also a week-end guest at the Livingston home Sturgls Colborn was a business caller in Uniontown Monday. William Whlpkcy and son Dcane, were business callcri in Uniontown Saturday. Mrs John May and daughter, Mrs Ruth Albright, of Connellsville visited Mrs Susan Marietta, Sunday Miss Alvcrda Rugg visited her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs James Ohler of Connellsville, over the week-end. CUT RATE 116 South Pittsburg Street. Phone 618 You get cut prices here on the finest cuts of meat. Everything cut but the quality. Shop here Friday for meats and cold cuts for the holiday week-end VEAL SHOULDER ROAST Ib. 15c BEEF STEAKS 5 Ibs. 9Oc PICKLED PIG FEET 3 Ibs. 25c SHANKLESS SUGAR CURED CALLIES, Ib. 17c FRESH GROUND MEAT 2 Ibs. 27c CHUCK ROAST Whole Cuts Ib. 13c PLATE BOIL Ib. 1Oc FRESH SAUSAGE Loose, 2 Ibs. 33c Ham Salad 30c Bacon Squares IB 17c Loose Sauer Kraut and Dill Pickles Jumbo Bologna 15c Club Wieners » 15c SALAMI AND PEPPERONI BACON - HAMS - DRIED BEEF - LEBANON BOLOGNE BUTTER - EGGS AND CHEESE By Untied Press WASHINGTON, Fob 18--Representative Hamilton Fish. R , N Y asserted before the House Naval Affairs Committee Tuesday that the United States probably has an agreement with Great Britain for parallel action in the Far East to translate into action" Presiden' Roosevelt s foreign policies as enunciated in his Chicago · quarantine speech Discussing ' motives" behind President Roosevelt's request for a 20 per cent increase in naval armaments Fish charged the President is seeking to "police the woild, to force us into the League ot Nations through the back door' and to wage "an offensive war for world peace" News of Tri-Town Community DAWSON, Fcb. 18 --James Moore, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Moore o£ Vanderbilt was able to return to school last week after being ill for some time J. C. Jacobs of Liberty is home from Conncllsville State Hospital where he underwent an operation Miss Margaret Henderson of Mount Pleasant was a week-end guest of Miss Gertrude Cottom of Railroad street Mrs F. J McCarthy of Youngs- lown, Ohio, Mrs Annie Ambiose of Mosontown, Mrs. J. A Mclntyre of Leckione and Mrs C J. Gaal of North Dawson visited with Mrs M J. Hasson of Connellsville All are Mstcrs and it was the (list time they had been together for two years Mr. and Mrs. Claude Barfoot ind daughter, Beverly, have moved from Liberty to Vanderbilt Mrs R. K Smith entertained at a dinner Sunday in honor of her parents, Mr and Mrs. A. C Brown, who celebrated their fifty-ninth wedding anniversary February 10 Those present were Miss Margaret Henderson of Mount Pleasant, Mrs. Anne Brown, Dr. and Mrs. J. R Cottom and daughter. Miss Gertrude Cottom, Miss Daisy Brown, Mr and Mrs Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Smith Mr. and Mrs Harry Martin, Jr, of Masontown were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs E M Addis of Vandrr- bilt Miss Wilma Bceson of Dormont spent the week-end at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs. Wallace Bceson of Liberty Mr and Mrs D J Patterson of Conncllsville were visiting Saturda with Mr. and Mrs Frank Patterson of Vanderbilt. D J Patterson is able to be out after a couple of weeks' illness Many Real Estate Deals Recorded UNIONTOWN, Fob. 18.--Deeds filed with Recorder Pat F. Hynes include Allen C Berwick to H WiUard Herwiek, Conncllsville lot 63 in Ashman-Torrence addition, Connclls- ville, for $1. Allen C Herwick to J. Graydon flcrwick, Connelsvillc, lot 44 in W F Soi on plan, Connellsville, for $1. Allen C Hcnvick to J. Graydon Berwick, Conncllsville, lots 70 ana 71 in Ashman-Torrence plan, Con- nellwille, for $1. George Durshaw to John Durshaw Dunbar township, tract of over 103 acres in Dunbar township, for $5,000 John W. Kendall to Mary Clark t-emont Furnace, one acre in North Union township, for $1. Smith Prmkcy to George B Hutchmson and wife. South Greensburg, over one acre In Springfielc township, for $2,000. Albert \V Franks to Albert W Franks and w.lfc, Conncllsville, Jo 18 in block 12, East Park Addition Connellsville, for $1 William Kukpatrick and wife to Ralph R Forsythe and wife, Smock R. D 1, over 20 acres in Franklin township, for $1. H C Frick Coke Company t Michael J Fisher and wife, Lemon Furnace, less than an acre in North Union township, for $900. Ira E Kclscr and wife to Flor Hcn-y Tricot, Like Lynn H D. 2 ovci an acre in Spnnghill township for $1 London House Opened LONDON, Fcb 18 --L o n d o n House, a home where overseas students and professional men can live in luxury for little more than $10 weekly, has been opened by Queen Mary. Each private bedroom has modern book shelves, a desk, gadgets designed for the comfort of bachelors, and a private bath Federal Judge Orders Fayelte Still Wrecke PITTSBURGH, Fcb 18--Fcdera Judge Robert M. Gibson yesterda ordered forfeiture and destruction o a 300-gallon still seized by Feders agents in a raid on a Wharton town- snip, Fayettc county farm, last October. There was no protest to the action although notice of the procedure WE served on John Cehula of Nort Union township, Fayettc county, whc pleaded guilty to operating the sti and was fined $500 and sentenced tc six months in jail last December II ConneSlsvilie's Headquarters -FOR- CLOTHES OX OUJR DOWNSTAIRS SALES 1'LQOK MURPHY'S WORK SHIRTS Guaranteed Sumiprc Chambnc --cut to fit--jumbo sleeves to assure working comfort Sizes HVa to 17 Specially priced. ea. Counter No. 10-Downstairs Sale* Floor. WORK SHIRTS BIG YANK Covert wear tested fabrics, prc- ihrunk, tailored collars and cuffs Guaiantccd not to rip. Sizes IVn to 17. Sale price 49 C ea. Counter No. 10-Downstairs Sales Floor. Yank" Week at Murphy's Also Big Yank $1 .00 Zipper or b u t t o n front. Counter No 10 Downstairs bales Floor ii*BIC YANK WEEK, FAMOUS SHIRT Here ar* ill tho great fearoref that made BIG YANK America's favorite ihirt . . . plus tho most icnubonal improvement in 25 years--the patented Elbow Action sleeve. Made a new way . . . MUCH WIDER . . . gives complete freedom, ends strain in bending or reaching; rolls easier and »tajr« rolled; gives gauntlet prottc- tection from chaff and dirt; troiu in half tne time, D O U B L E S wearl Special COUNTER NO. 11 DOWNSTAIRS SALES FLOOR Also Big Yank PANTS $1 .49 Non-Rip Pocketb Counter No. 11 Downs tain Sales Floor Waist High Dungarees $1.00pr. Snnforlised Shrunk No shrinking from washing.. Will Always Pit. Buy Your Coriect- Size. n?: IN OUR DOWNSTAIRS Big Yank Pants $1.OOpr. SAND STORES WITH SELECTED MERCHANDISE TO l£2

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