The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 18, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1918
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE 18. 1918. THE D4ILY COURIER. CONNELLSVIU JS. PA. PAGE FIVE. NEWS OF THE DAY AT MT. PLEASANT i BRIEFLY RELATED; fliuous Life Main Street Hot^l is Damaged by Lightning During Storm. IHDSOAL SERY1CEJNM.E.CHURCB First Children's P»3 in 1SSS Wll Be Reproduced Xext Sunday; Pecoro- Uons Will be Copied After Photograph of Those of the Former T«»r. SDeciul to Thft Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, June 18.-Constable James Ellis arrested Charles Mevelgenko, charged with a serious offense by Mike Kuscyk. He was given a hearing before Justice of the Peace L. S. Rhodes and in default of ball will be sent to jail today. Cooper Honse Damaged. During Sunday night's storm the lightning struck the Cooper House on West Main street, tearing the bricks out of toe chimney, tearing slate off and making a hole in the roof. No person in the louse was injured. Patriotic Service. On Sunday evening a patriotic service was held in the Methodist Episcopal church when an address was given br Dr. Knox. and letters were read from 'boys in the service by T. O. Anderson, superintendent of the Sunday school. ICeprodnce 1SSS Program. Children's Day services will be held Sunday at the Methodist Episcopal church. The program a reproduction of the Children's Day service In 1S88, v/hen the day was flr=t observedxm the Sunday schools. An exact reproduction of the decorations on that Sunday will be made from a photograph in the possession of O. C. Galley. The arch over the altar was made of pine and will be made of pine this, In the center was a fountain and that is being reproduced. Peroaps who took part on the program in 1888 will !e there Sunday. Other Hews. Mrs. P. J. Knox returned home on Sunday from Camp Lee where she visited her nephew who sailed for France. While there Mrs. Knox saw Joseph Galley, who is employed in Y. M. C. A. work there, and Mrs. Jos- tph GaHey who is engaged in library work. Monday being wash day only six German alien women came to Chief of Police Robert Smith to register. Mrs. J. J. Dufmir and son of Ferine, B. C., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Join Freed. Old Sores, Piles, Burns and Scalds Heal Very Quickly ,The Laughrey Drug Co., CouncllB- vllie, and Broadway Drug Co., Scottdale, sell an, ointment called San Cura that surely does do anything it is ad- vertlstd to do or money back. Thoe. F. McCauley, Cooperstown, Pa., cut his finger; blood poison set in; arm swelled terribly; friends despaired; said nnn must come off. San Cura Ointment drew out water and dark pus; agony ceased; arm and hand loon as good as ever. It Quickly draws out poison from sores, lever soret, ulcers, boils., carbuncle, cuts, burns, scalds and bruiaeo. For iiehmg, bleeding or protruding piles, it has received the highest in- dorsements, while Innumerable cases are recorded where eczema, tetter and salt rheam were cured in the shortest possible time. San Cura Ointment is 30c, 60c and $1.20 a jar. Everytody should use San-Cura Soap. It's autisfptic, prevents germ life, lre«ps the skin clear, soft and velvety, 25 cents. Thompson Medical Co., Tltusville, Pa.--Adv. Dickerson Run. W« mr« KT)QV ***» up oar vital forcM futer tt*.n Minn 4ttMpl..e.» thorn. Ortrwork. worry, Imhi-tira and diMif»tk» WMU mwar tb* mo*« Yital ekrawita of tb* blood. U*i» and IMCTM. DR. CHASE'S BloodtNerve Tablets Which Contain Iron, Nnx Vomica, Gentian Make now blood ao fart they force n«w life and TlBor intoevery part of the body. They build you up by replacing tha «lemanu yoa fait to get from ordinary food. Weigh Yonnelf Before Taking FricaUnatt. 9pedal Streaalfa W omta. *4 Htdkn X. C4 N 101k St.. ~ Aft (Oh® IHli PABAMOUJiT. "THE UNBELIEVER."--The great Edison war drama, which wab shown Patriotic Week, from Feb: uary IS io February 25, at the Rivoh theatre in i New York, is being shown toda. The i marine corps takes a prominent part in this interesting picture and seen in action they show themselves to be "First in the .Fight Always Faithful." "The Unbeliever" has to do among other things, with the love story o£ Philip Landlcutt, late of one of Long Island's exclusive colonies, now a private ol marines, and Virginia Har- brok, a Belgian girl of gentle birth, caught in the horrible vortex of the war and a victim of its most terrible phase.- The plot of the story contains every element of interest, the appeal to the national pride and patriotism, the development of a man's soul, a friendship that regards selt- sacriCce as a privilege and a great and chivalrous love story. Raymond MeKee's interpretation ol the part of Philip Landlcutt places Mm in the foremost rank of moving picture actors. Marguerite Courtot, who,plays opposite him, Is singularly fitted by birth and heritage for the part of the ,young Belgian girl. "The Unbeliever" is really a great photoplay arid a distinct contribution to the American war drama. A selected comedy Is also being shown, "fl'^d- nesday Franklyn Farnum will be seen in "The Girl With the Flaminf; Hair," a Blnebird feature Thursday June Mdge, supported by John Bowers, will appear in "The Oldest Law." ABCADE T1CBATEB. The Zarrow English Daisies company opened a week's engagement at the Arcade theatre yesterday and thongh the show is not as good as other shows Mr. Zarrow has, it pleased large crowds. Mr. Young holds up biB end as does Miss Mayo, but two people cannot carry a whole show through. Tho stage settings are beautiful and also the lighting effects. The comedy is written around a man who takes another man's wife out to a roof garden and brings her home and when he gets there he has to do a lot of squaring, as is usually the case. Miss Mayo has a beautiful voice seldom heard outside of the large productions. The chorus works together but could do a whole lot more dancing. The show will be repeated again today and tomorrow and Thursday will be a new bill entitled "Noon." On the screen will be Helen Holmes in "The Lost Express." SOISSOS THEATER Jack Hoofs Pretty Babies company scored another success at the Solsson last night when they presented an old time favorite farce comedy, "The Manager's Troubles." Connells- vllle theaetrgoers have seen this sketch before but never have they seen it in this clever form. Joe Fields in a blackface role was a scream. 'When he sang Bert Williams' "Beans" song he was compelled to take four encores. The show is full of hokum, but it is good and wholesome. The audience was unusually large notwithstanding the storm. The bill today Is "The New Judge," in which Miss Lillian nich- Chautauqna "Fans" You're You will admit that year after year you have been urged not to miss certain attractions. Occasionally you have doubted. Then you have said: Oh f if I had only known! In other words, you were conscience stricken because you did not hustle around and get your friends and neighbors to enjoy those attractions with you. We're G@lisg to Give You Another Chance This Is Onr Friendly Tip: Captain Martta D. Hanfia-- Back From France Princess Watahwaso-- . . Indian Soprano Gay Zenola MacLarea-- Reader of Modern Flays Harry L. Fogleman--Live Wire in the Business World Sidney Landon--Impersonator of Great Literary Ken Private Artfcnr K. Herman-- Hero of Vimy Ridge Of course you will be on hand for the Kryl Band Concerts and the many other big numbers. All well and good! But the attractions here listed deserve the best things you can say for them, and the biggest crowds that can pack the tent. They Are CMistauqia Eeadliners StttBlE $1.00 Ladies' Bungalow Aprons of light and dark colored Percales, full size, well made, Special .« ^..^ 25c Novelty Figured Voiles, beautiful floral and striped patterns, -| ·_!.£» special, yd. JLaW 2 ** $3.00 Heavy Cottotn Blankets in grey with blue or pink borders, size 64x78, ' woolette finish, 1 Special ISc Ladies' Gauze Vests, ic very 1 1 f* ; J special, each JLJLt/ Up to $4.00 Women's and Misses dull kid and patent leather Pumps and two-strap Slippers _,,__ $1.50 American Alarm Clocks. Correct time keepers and positive alarm. Special Connellsville Chautauqua June 20-26. mond will introduce a new character, the "lady policeman." Tomoirov r there will be presented a domestic mixup called "The Uptown Flats." Special scenery and wardrobe are used for each production. On Wednesday the picture will bo "The House of Hate," featuring Pearl ·White." ORPItEOI TIIKATKE. "THE WHISPERING CHORUS."-An Artcraft production with Kaiblyn Williams and Elliot Dexter in the leading roles. The central idea is one of self-.sacrlfice on the part of an erring husband who prefers death to sacrificing the happiness of the woman who once was his wife. "Fare., Please," is a tunny cr.mcdy that will ' appeal to every one Tomorrow Vlv- j ian Jfartm appears m "A Petticoat I Pilot." Try our classified advertisements. Skin Sufferers Too will ash wim relief at the flrit marie tciicli of D. D. D., the *»!tiin£ vrasb of oil* Maor of our customers Umnk u* for Utis adTlcu. Vou icifl too. TrrD.D.D. We fuerantcc iL 35C.KC and fun. Art for D. D. D. todar. J. C. Moore. Druefflet. Water EL, Conneltsvllle, Pa. Classified Ads. One Cent a Word. Jj 88c 25c Children's Muslin Drawers, ages 2 to 10 years, finished with tucks and embroidery ~f K/» edging, Special...... JLt/v/ lOc Heavy Toweling special ., Twill Crash 6c $2.50 Bed Spreads, of the popular Utopia make, superior quality, full double bed size, hemmed ready for use, Special _. $1.95 "Quick Suds" Laundry Soap, famous for its washing qualities Misses up to §3.00 gun metal, patent leather and White Canvas Shoes, lace and button styles .... darks' 0. N. T. Thread in black, white and colors, all numbers, 7c spools, special , $1.95 --THE-- EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME. Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pnre. ASK FOR ODR SPECIAL CLUB BREAPAST AND SUNDAY DINNER. "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOH TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. mnnnonmw ftHftlWMrWIIil ·F YOU HAVE ANYTHING FOR SALE TRY OUR CENT-A-WORD ADS. A TALES! A person may be naturally gifted in some special profession, business or line of work--but unless that talent is properly trained, it cannot reach full development. Cultivate your talent for saving by making regular deposits with us. CQNHEU.SVIU£,PA, Your account is invited. IWESTSIDE)' 3% Iiitercst Paid on Savings Accounts. UNION NATIONAL BANK, Conadlsville, Pa. DICKERSON RUN, June 17.--Mrs. James B^atty was a shopper In Con- nellsvllle Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Beatty were the guests ol Mr. and Mrs. Griffin Con- difi at South Coimellsville Sunday. D. A. Ansel has enlisted in the Marines ant-will leave for Fort Royal, S. C., Wednesday. D. J. Newell of Banning spent Sunday here visiting his parents, Mr. and i Mrs. William Newell. j Frank Hepler spent Sunday visiting relatives and friends at Owensdale. Mr. an4 Mrs. George Harlan are spending this week visiting friends m Bedford county. James O'Donnell returned to McKees Rocks last evening after spending the day with Dawson friends. Mrs. John Habel of Cumberland is spending a few days visiting her parents, Mr. and His. M. J. Gibbons of Dawson. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Thomas spent last evening with friends at Boston. Mrs. C. A. Carlson and daughter were tho guests of friendsc at Con- j nellsville yesterday. Fire Trncl Creaks Down. The left front axle of Fire Truck No. 1 snapped while the firemen were returning Saturday from a fire on the South Side. Patronize those who advertise TONIC - UPBUILDER StaUora Co.jai, Weak Lai(i aad CoUi Eckman's Alterative Tor roan/ yearn this Calcium preparation boa ronfnta ned an ever-increasing- reputation lor ueompUahlnc; rood, and ·Iter* nmarlcabte reaulu. *2 Sin $1 Siz. MW $1.SO r, ow S0c Price Includes TFar Tax. All Druggist*. i. Laboratory FhlladelpbU The Community Jewelry Shop, 100-102 South Pittsburg street wish to announce they will sell by auction their entire stock ahd fixtures. The stock consists of Diamonds, Watches, Wrist Watches, Rings, Silver and Jewelry of every description. Positively nothing reserved. Auction commences Wednesday, June 19, at 2 P. M. and 1 P. M. and continuing every day at the same hours, until all the goods are sold. We are going to enlarge our store and install a modern stationery store, in addition to our line of jewelry. It will be impossible for us to keep open while the contractors are remodeling. Here is your opportunity to purchase any article at your own price. Beautiful souvenirs given away each afternoon and evening. an© 19, Watch Papers For Opening Announcement. Don't make the mistake of thinking that all beers are alike! There's a surprising difference and you see it immediately in Finer materials in this popular brew! Better brewing methods! No expense or effort spared to make it best possible! Ask For Goianellsvilie Special Beer at Hotels, Cafes, Clubs ORDER A CASE FOR YOUR HOME

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