Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 11, 1976 · Page 24
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 24

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 11, 1976
Page 24
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ItB -July 11, 1976 Sunday GaKtte-Mail -ChtrltsAn, W«|I Vlrglnlt , High Court Takes Tough Stance on Criminals WASHINGTON (AP) Court which appears to be finding increasing harmony within its ranks has given strong signal? that it will deal sternly with criminals and take a limited view of federal power. In its nine-month term which ended last Tuesday, the court announced a score of decisions against persons accused or convicted of crimes. The most dramatic was its ruling upholding the death penalty for murder. And in its most important ruling in years in the.area of federal-state relations, the court overruled its own 1968 decision and said Congress could not extend federal wage-and-hour standards to state and looil government workers. It was the first time since the 1930s that the court struck such a direct blow to the power of the federal government to regulate commerce. The ruling was one of 13 decided on a 5-to-4 vote. In its 1974-75 term, the court ."decided 16 cases by a 5-to-4 margin. ; Seventy per cent of the cases during the -recent term were decided with two jus- Itices or fewer dissenting. This was the ^highest percentage of agreement of any -year since Warren E. Burger became ;chief justice in 1969. ; ' With the retirement of Justice William .0. Douglas. Justice William J. Brennan ;Jr. became the court's leading dissenter as well as its senior member. Brennan. 70. .joined the court in 1956. Brennan filed dissents in 46 of 135 signed ·opinions by the court. This equaled the .number of Dissenting votes cast by Douglas during the previous term, when" he was -ill much of the time. ;; Perhaps the retirement of Douglas, a -frequent dissenter, and his replacement .by Justice John Paul Stevens had some;thing to do with it. but the court seemed to ·be drawing together. .; The conservative William H. Rehnquist. ;who cast six lone dissenting votes in the 'previous term, reduced this to three. jSuit Filed ·Against State Camper Firm .';.'MORGANTOWN, W.Va. ( A P ) - A '^Pennsylvania couple has filed a $1 million "suit against a local camper sales and rent- ·a! operation, claiming they were falsely -accused of stealing a 24- foot mobile home. · ' The suit was filed Friday in Monongalia 'Circuit Court by Paul Nichols and his wife. ·JBetty. of Greene County. Pa. ; · · ' It accuses U.S. Camper Rental and ISales Inc. of unjustly charging Nicholas ·last July with grand larceny and felonious .taking of property by false pretense. ,.. i ; - ' The couple names Larry Sypholt. a for- ··."mer employe of the firm, as the man who brought the charges. y ' The suit said Nichols lost his credit rating and was jailed one day before the /charges were dropped. And it said his wife · -was "coerced" into signing an agreement no pay $960 for the trailer, which they said ' · h a d n o t b e e n stolen. 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Miami Beach. Fla. 33139 (unconditional money-back guarantee). JBVUTIHMWT pared with Douglas' 11 in the 1974-75 term. IN NEARLY a third of the cases in which two justices dissented, the two were Brennan and the court's other leading liberal. Thurgood Marshall, who was in a hospital with heart trouble as the term ended. Shot Rome judge Vittorio Occorsio was assasinated Saturday morning by gunmen who halted his car and sprayed it with bullets after the judge left his residence. The gunmen who claimed to be members of the New Order, an illegal neo- fascist group, accused Occorsio of promoting his career by prosecuting members of the group. (APWirephoto) When Brennan and Marshall were able to get a third to join them in dissent, it most often was Justice Byron R. White. For the first time since the four justices appointed by former President Richard M. Nixon have been on the court, they did not make up the minority on any 5-4 vote. The four - Burger, Rehnquist, Harry A. Blackmun and Lewis F. Powell --' voted together on five such splits, but attracted either White, Stevens or Justice Potter Stewart to their side each time and were in the majority. When President Ford appointed Stevens in November, some commentators predicted he would complete a shift to the right which began with the Nixon appointments. Stevens turned out to be more of a "swing" justice, siding with no particular element of the court. In criminal cases, he voted most often on the side of law enforcement. When a case involved discrimination, he tended to vote against the discrimination. Cf 40 divided decisions in which he took part, he dissented from 17. In criminal law, the court's last major decision of the term gave a hint of the direction in which it is moving. By a 6-to-3 vote, the court sharply reduced the power of state prisoners to challenge their convictions in federal court. The high court said prisoners are not entitled to a second chance in federal court if they already have had a fair chance to persuade state courts they were convicted with illegally obtained evidence. And the separate opinions which the justices wrote clearly indicated there probably is a majority on the court to curtail drastically the. 15-year-old rule that evidence illegally obtained may not be used in a criminal trial. In other votes for law enforcement, the court gave officers the right to make arrests in public without a warrant or to- pursue a suspecl|from his doorway into his home. It also ruled that it is not a constitutional violation for officers armed with a warrant to search a person's business files to collect evidence for use at his trial. A much smaller number of cases were decided in favor of the suspect. 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But it said the same reasoning does not prevent Congress from limiting political contributions. Reversing one of the free-speech decisions of the.court under Chief Justice Earl Warren, the justices held there is no con- stitutional right to picket in a privately operated shopping mall. * * * THE COURT also struck down laws against advertising prescription drug prices, saying the First Amendment to the Constitution gives consumers the right to receive such information. The decision substantially abandoned the rule that the First Amendment did not apply to advertising. But it ruled that despite the First Amendment, cities may enact zoning ordinances treating bookstores and theaters which feature sexually explicit material differently from those which do not. In the civil rights field, the court ruled that nonsectarian private schools are prohibited from rejecting black pupils because of their race. It also held that civil rights laws cut both ways, protecting whites as well as blacks. The court had little impact on the nationwide controversy over school busing for integration. It refused to review the scope of busing in Boston, and its ruling in the only busing case it considered was confined largely to a unique set of circumstances which arose in Pasadena, Cal-i if. In other cases, the justices said states; may not require the consent of husbands for a woman to have an abortion and can not give parents an absolute veto oven abortions sought by their teenage daugh-, ter. . ·' In the area of church-state relations,! they continued a trend of recent years by,, ruling that states may make annual grants of tax money to church-supported schools for nonsectarian education.. . . : The court will return to the bench Oct. CHOICE BONELESS ROUND STEAK $109 1 LB. CALIFORNIA LONG WHITE POTATOES 10 LB. CHOKE TOP BOKUSS ROUND STEAK CHOKE BOTTOM BOKUSS ROUND STEAK.... $119 1 ii. CHOKE BONEUSS SIRLOIN TIP STEAK CHOKE LEIH'N TENDER MINUTE STEAK $159 1 LB. $169 1 LB. 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