The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 18, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1918
Page 4
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rAGB FOtTR. i-HB DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA- .TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 19IS 1 . I 8fcr Bails HENBI P. BNYDSB. nd Silitor. U79-JS1* not *nom: ODHT AMY. ; K. M. SNTDER. ·« President. · ..... " JAS. j. DPJSCOIJ.. OANS. Editor. City Editor. ·j , MM UNNE B. K1NCE1.1* '^ ' Society Editor. 3 . . . : MEMBER OF: r- Avoolted Press. i- Aktflt Bureau of Circulation. , ; P»naylv»nii AMOoiatcd DiiUle i : fwo einM per copy, 5»o per rnooUu ·I* j»y ywu- by lufcU it P»H ln advance. * inured as wconfl class matter at the . ConnellavlUe, Pa. EtEHNO, JO'E 1$ 1938. ···tiit Cvwrttl'* Serrlee Fla«. WILLIAM P. SHBKMAN. Hospital Uait !«. American Ex. p*duluniry P6r»3, Prance. RALWI T. SIJQER. Pompsny H, 31»tb. Infantry. V. ST X A., American i:xpadi- . . . tionary . Forces.. JFrancfc. .. .HAROIJ) IUCHET. ,, Battery B. l«7th rield Artillery, 2Sth Division. U. S. N. ., American Expedltion- - * arr Forces, Franc*!,. LLOYD B. COX Company. F, 37th Eoginjera, V. S. A., fort Ms-er, Va. - ' · JOl.rOS GROUSE. Company E. I"" 5 - Engineers ..CSaUi»x. . Eipe- - · -fllttonary Forces. France. jAitE* x. MCPARTL.VND, Ceanpany: B.. 63rd Engineer*. (Hallway), Fort Benjamin . .·'.^-Harrison ___ Iniianajp-.._ . . . lis. Indiana. RUSSSLL LEXHA31T. . U. a. S. President Grant, U. S. Navy. ', r "-Th» AMooiated ~j"r«i Is «· ieldslvaly erititlsd to tha van tor ^repuilcatlon o£ all --news 1 , dis- -Wtobta credited to It or not "otherwise IcroditeS In this papar «nJ alsalUe local new. aubl'.tZfl ibereln...";.. ^j Il^iiJ^bicoming'moi-e aad more ap- " ' parent "that' tie inability of the mines tctprouiice coal in quantises sufficient to meet the demands ol war-time in- problem in. Am«rieaJ In fact, America's coal problem is TO part England's coal problem. ' "That is, when England caanot supply, coal, America mast. England is not supplying coal because it is short oC miners. America must moke irp the flei'.cit. It cannot do this if it, too, is short of miners. . ."^Vill America never learu '-hat we can profH^by the mistakes of England, without going through tho forrualiLy of duplicating them? "The best thing (o do is to leave the skilled men in the mines--and exempt them from draft if ihoy remain jii the mines and it' tuey wort. H more men are needed for the army, tbey can be obtained from other channels. "In fact, to take the miners out or the. mines at this critical time is like sending the army to the front without a supply train behind it. . To cut of: coal produetiou today bj- drafting the miners is to cut the threat, of the army." "Wliile there hss been much discussion of the problem, and the need for definite action is everywhere recognized, "BO one," the Coal Age observe.-, "seems to. want to diMH- odium upon himself by opposing the rirp.ft or these much needed men." Such action is regarded in some Quarters as savoring of the conscription of labor and for that reason also there has been a hesitancy in Washington to advocate a measure of this kind. Pud Administrator Garfield has taken initiatory steps with a view to affording relief to mine operators, but the point has not yet been reached by anybody or by any agency indicating that a clearly defined policy has been decided upon. In this state ol the matter the coal and coke operators can very properly press the question somewhat more- vigorously with the .Fuel Administration and that organization be fortified to make a strong presentation of the situation, in its vital relation to the business of winning he war, to Pro- vlst Marshal General Crowder. Being thus made to see the peril involved in a crippling of the fuel industry, as will certainly ensue, this supreme authority on application of the selective service law would no doubt also see tho necessity of a revision of the draft regulations to provide for the placing of miners in such classification as would in effect exempt them from military service. I HERE ARE SOME OF THE AMERICAN MARINES ' WHO ARE WINNING NEW LAURELS IN FRANCE The, Food Administration has evl- deritly ovrrlookcd conservation rejcula- tions eoveming the use of tooth picks and drinking water. War time insurance in the full a m o u n t allffwu:!. under the law----Jl0.- , · . . , 000--can never compensate for the l i f e dostry-and .transportation, is du* to of an A m c r i c a n nt to became a soldier. the ,shortage ot men. it 13 a well ] but as. a measure oC our country's itp- tnown fact that many Jiava been at- j pnsclMlon of the sacrifice that is madi: UWM to-war mumtloas plants and j^^Tn ^nT" 1 " " "' th ° m ° sl tlJe shipyards, and- that a stiil larger number have entered the military i wihile the class of 'is of the Cooneils- BOTYice, some as volunteers and aiorejvtile hijjh school Is graduating "at a as draftees. To such :in extent has tlrae I1m ls d'Cerent from any that - . . , . . ' han ever been known by anyone of this tho aTaslable forces ai tie mines been i , iec ... Bs nev . McEwan remlndl! d tho depleted, without recruits having been members, it mi«iit not be out of place limed to take their places, that no if remind him that the class ot '18 t» little alarm is in coal and fS*;TM^^*^ Con- coke producing circles aver Oie situation. ·;; TVitfc the draft calls coming with montly regularity, and each taking a certain' percentage G£ mice workers, ' the.coke and coal industries arc facing "the possibility'that their forces Will be presently so reduced that the present rate o£ production cannot be maldtaizttdv. much less increased, as jL Adminifltr«Uioa is .demanding musVbe done if we are to escape a ftj*B'' famine 1 next winter, ' aren't euousb miners now to produce tbe coal," says the. Black Diamond, in directing attention to the situation, '"There . aren't machines enough, to take the place of, the miners that are missing. Swae of those Vho are "needed cannot be replaced by machinery. "The draft is taking more miners. . The- situation after the Srst of July wtil.-bd inconceivably worse than It is now unless the practical miners are put; in the deferred. classification. The figures which . support this- statement. are: irresistible. : '*At the close of. 1917.. we. had about ' 515.:tlionsana;;bitiin;Enous'miners. TFe - produced 3n.;.thai year .542 million tons of "bituminoBst""". coal.'; "^Each miner,' therefore, "inlixetf. on thie--raverage, a fraction -over I,0o2 tons "of "coal -that yoaK - '. " '*"-;/·' '"·'· ··- : " "tfce; unyielding fiict is*that-' : a coal mirier can do so much, work per day -- and no more. -If conditions under whigh. * f "the miners work are not ' the miner can get out 1,052 Td ge£.ihore coal, there-' fore';;'ttEf".i£itIOn' most have more 'mia- ' " "^SsSSK^Si nefcd-- according to, Mr. ^Gmft*^^"estJ^te¥~646 ' million . tons-; of bituminous -coal, ir each miner produces on the average the same amount; Chis" year, he: did.. last thisrcalls for upwards of (JOS thousand miners. The increase, therefore, in the Semaud for coal makes a demand for 93 thousand more miners than we had 'last year. : "Witb^a biSger diunand-for coal, the , .lation. Cannot -get along with, fewer juners. However, the estimate is that ;he ·draft this year will take 60 thou- .sand^more miners. Therefore, instead of getting £3. thg more than we had fn 1317; we wiirhave 60 thousand less.". This: is going to. mean that the shortage ot miners, as-.compared with the need for: coal, will be 153 thou- san'dr- "General Crowdar, the provost marshal, will undoubtedly say tbat he needs the miners in the army. He does-j Bat an army without coal is the twln^bt th.Russh'.n ariny which tried to fight off^ the. (Vennan hordes with clubs 1 , 1 scythes and broomsticks. "T%o provost marshal general may say that he can . iftke the miners into ·iha array aad; if the subtraction proves too heavy, he can pat them ibacklnto the mines. "That is what England thought. "Wlth the removal of ttie sapar bowl rom the restaurant and hotel tables bo divided between thu catsup bottle and the mustard jar of ancient vintage. In its murder mysteries Dawson has an opportunity to prove the truth of the old adage that "(ruth lias at th bottom ot the well." CohnellsriHe's curb-market w31] not "deal In the same cJasB of commodities as are handled by the famous institution of the same name close to Wall street, but the patrons are much more likely to get their money's worth and have something to take home to show The visit of the Conneltavllle Military band to Markleton brought the convalescent soldiers there into touch ·with a very Hwa part of the outside The assignment and re-asulcnment of Major General "Wood to all varieties at commands except one where the administration does not want him has? become an exciting- summor sport In "Washington. The Austrians on the Italian front, like the other H u n s on the western .tronV'are setting blow for blow, only a little more so. 53,000,000.000 to be raised by taxation- and an autumn Liberty Bond drive for 56,000,000.000. we w i l l not need to depend upon the news from the front to know that the war Is still on. Ed^ar A, THE 1VOEK3CAK. '·'Twaa all right once,* be- said to me, "Por me an' 'him to disagree. Time was across my glass o[ beer I' talk about injustice here, [Vn p tell my pals that sve were -worse Than fools to work to fill hia purse. An' many a strike we pulled thoae days, To i ourselves a little raise. That used to be our only way. But we're not uain' it today. "There's bigger thoughts Ulan raise o* Pay. Keepln' our minds on edge today. The boas an' I ain't got the .time To squabble njw about a dime, "We've g-ot the Flanders* line to liold That's worth far more than all the gold · T'nat capital will ever see, An' holdtn' that appeals to me. The only job we've got today Is helpln* out the U. S. A. 'I a i n ' t got any- time to take To count the profits he may make. Too many of my neighbors' sons Are flshtln' back the brutal Huns, An' they're not stopping there to ask How much we'll pay em tor the task. So I'm not worrfu* here about The coin that I can do without. I'm -w-orryin* to turn out stuff The boys are need In''fast enough. "I've grot but one thing: on my mind. An' that la not to fail behind. I don't care an' I'll never aak the profits in my task. . Englacd took miners into the army I Today ru say by one concern And ihea tried to put them back into i Is not how much mv -^m can earn tl* *a 0? . The net result was tbat | ?TM only twr*p'er cent of those who came pin b^.t.nfclne'eTer went back Into has.*,' 'been short of . ., (Bluer* 'since; And,' England's short ££ ot miners i Intensifying the coal Kof I'm satisfied to. work today. For victory Cor the U. S. A," WTion uMd, In Th« Dally Courier ».!- Krays brins results. Try them. These the corps wood. UiUted States uiarlnns, pho Lographtd in a village in France, are probably amocg the gallant men of who have gained n.ov» glory in tliu fi£tiiing on the Manie u.ud hav ( c beeii driving the Haa out of Belleau PRODUCES MANY "Uncle Tom," once an old southern negro slave. His greatest trouble vro:- the pain In his old boccfi, but he s'HI retained a hearty laugh. A better pt-r- EOD for the part of "Potcr "VVycombr." a pessimist, could hardly have been selected than Norwood Fioto. He filled the role excellently. His palpitations of tbe heart and fears of burglars and fires kept the houso in a continual tangn. Mildred Hopkins. as "Mrs. Wycomhc" could not have played the part oC a "personage" better. Helen Adams, as ".Dorothy "Sa frivolous daughter of "James J-an- don," a man with a temper, played her part very successfully. Secretly engaged to "Tom Carter," hc had a good time at his expanse ^hik- he was masquerading as "Uncle Tom." The part of "James London" was piiiyerl by William Jones. Wylie Driscoll as "Boh Gray," head of thn Gray home, carric-d out his part well. Harry DeBolt ap-peared as "Officer Hogan." Much credit for tbc play gotxs to Miss Margaret Baker, a member of the high school faculty. 'When rehearsals first began sho and Prof. Fred- crick Smith were in charge, but last week Mr. Smith was summoned to his home fn Massachusetts by his local draft board and Miss Bakor was left entirely in charge. Directing "The Time of His Life" was her first experience with such a play and congratulations are numerous. The costumes and makeups tor tbn butler and pessimistic parts of th*J play could not have been better, and a huge lorgnette added to the "personage" ol "Mrs. Wycombe," (Mildred Hopkins). The commencement week program wilt end tonight with the presentation of diplomas after tbci exercises at the auditorium. Persons holding tichts will be admitted at the side door until 8:15 o'clock when the public will be admitted. Dr. Charles F. Th-wmg, president ccf the Western Reserve University of Cleveland, O.. will deliver the commencement address. OF KKTS AT POST Cifc. Reward If ro- turned to D I D ID. Grten KI. iSjunelt T V A X T K U -- I M N I N U ROOM O H t l . AT J.,OST---35.10 BILL BETWEEN Mc- Tr:inH A l l f g n n n y Hotel. I Z j u t i e t f ·' frory and TX-QoKvorth stores- or 253 E, ~*^TT^r--"Tr:--TM; ^..^.-..AT" i Crawford ave. Reward if ^turned to ; W A N T I C U -- A 01 ill- AT Til fc. ; Quoflu ( " I t y rifM.iui-n.nt. A p p l y 1.11 ; \Vest Poach !Uret.-t. 15j»n*.*5tU : W A NT K! --A T G N C K, T \V O S U O ^V' lat'.riirU enui]*»i';su. Doll p h i t n u '-42-11. T*OUNI--UlSD H K I P E R . ABOUT t yoar old at John Bitner Farm, below Gri'-ck ciiurch. Lciscnrfng- No. l. Owner can h.'n-" same by calHiiff and payJnff for (3«imas-cs dujju. !Sjunc2t" Painting. GIRLS ..'.Sll.K MILL. :i. A p p l y ro-.ul f . » r t otl. 1'a. G K N K R A L rJOUSK P A I N T I N G . AD- ri*-in p l e w ^ - m l drL * as G - u - SjfAU", 116 Orchard A r c , CONNliU.SVlI.LK \ CUy ' I S J t i n c l f l t * 7 J u n c U *'M M M O T I V K W. liOUSUN. K I H E - ; ^ur!; in l.a.l.ur:H(ii-y. ; Wt-st I'enn lUiiv.,1 v . Nut It-** BSTATB OF I. E. O. Ml^LliR. D12- coaw^d. Letters testamentary in the i m t u t u "f I. K. G. MS1UT. laife oC South Connt'llsviifa, K a y o t t e county, ifenn- r y t v a n i i t , Joc^ancd, h.ivintr biren granted the unUersipricd, not fee i« hereby Kivfiti J.O Jill persons indebted to said {tst.iu* to make I m m e d i a t e payment. ;iij(] to t h o K o h a v i n g claims against the PAT- ; «arr,e to present them properly autlion. A p p l y a t 1 t lea ted for ncttlftrnent. ,7. K. R E N N E R , Administrator lj«not-lues HOOL JJtlYS TO . I'. K A M E U B U . W A X T K l ' -- S A L K r i l l A N OU S lad-y. O u t d o o r v - o r U ana a ^oud t u t i t l y f u r i h u r l i j i t i i»t;rsun. A d J r v XX, car» Courier. I S j u h t t f pyor- ESTATE OF FRANK. YOUNK1J. deceased. Letters luatamentitry jn tho C3tuJ.ti of I?rn.nk Y o u n k i n , late of Bull- skin t o w n s h i p . Payetie county. Fcrm- WANT;i»~MKN* TO L.KAUX W J R - syivanla. dcjotjaaed. having bfe*:n srani- 1 jnjr car«. Gnmi c p p o r t u n i i y m rifilit! id tht; uncK-rn'^ned .notice is hereby ! p n r t y . Steady w o r l i . A p p l y MASTl'it i K l v e n to af! perwonK ir[di=bted to said i M K C H A X 1 ' ' . Weet Pone Hail way:* Co. · estate to truLke ?inmediiLtc p.'tymoni, · llijuiu'tjt i nnil to thoso having- claims against the I , , i sami* to present tlir : ni projior!y authen- I W A N T K n -- Y ' H r . V G JL\N TO CLKKK ticatcd for set'Jemcnt- CHAJILIOS ! In JmrtHvarrt store. Guod o p p o r t u n i t y · niCTV-'U^OR. II, D., Connellsville. Pa. ! 10 It-itrii t h t * Vm^ineas. Addrecw HAttO i DICK SHICRHICK, OunufcHtn-illc, Pa. WA11E, care Tho C o u r i e r . Conm-Uu- K.xocutors. F. E. Y O C N K f X , A t t o r n e y . "·'ilia. 5 j u n e It 2Sma'it-t«es %VAN"T£r;n -- MBN TO WOIIK ON i motor trur'jis rind i^cru-ral repair w o r k . · Stc.ldv w ^ r h . Car f a r e paid. Apply I M A S T K K M K C I I A X I C : , WoMt P«nn lla»- i U ay?l ' 13june6i | ! \ V A N T K I --- MlNKilrf TO GET T H E ! j c u m p l w t n (o:lici:i!t wet of tlic lafft ex-.! · ami:;;i.tJon, q u e s t i o n s an*J answers, j ! I'rlcfl. 5J.50. JAMJ2S TVAIIDLAW, i Sttat.ttln.h-, J\i. 13juno6t \VANTKD--OLD VAIE TBETH. D o n ' t m:itt»?r if. broken. I imy $2.00 to $15.00 \i".c s«t. Send by parcel post and rece! v-f; cli«ck ly r e t u r n mail. L. SIAZKU, ^1JU7 South Fifth struct. Phila d e l p h i a , I'a. Ijune22t- NO MORESUGAR BOWLS To Be Allowed on Hotel nod ttestan- rant Tables; Less Meat l/rped. Notice has been given by County Food Administrator Davidson to hotel and restaurant proprietors.and managers throughout the county directing the removal of sugar bowls from tables where · meals are served. AT the same time grocers are notified to return to th'e basts of selling tu-o to five pounds to customers except those filing pledges Lbat -their purchases are to be used only in preserving fruits for winter use. Such customers can secure sugar in 25-pound lota. Hotels anfl restaurants are request- to limit their boiled beef :neiuis to two meals a week; beefsteak to one meal and roast beef to one men! weekly. Householders are asked to litniJ their "beef purchases to one and one- quarter pounds of clear beef or to one and one-half pounds including bone, per person per week. Increased supply of pork will permit sliphr expansion in it? use, but everybody is urged to practice economy In all meat consumption. Kur FOR BEKT -- TAVO FURNISHED room.-; f c r l i ^ l i t liousekeepfn],;. S-l? No P i t t s b u r g si ret- 1. I T j u n e S L * FOn R K N T -: A three-ro*m a p e r t i n e n t w i t h bajLh. f t u i r e FLOP-ENCB S5U5TZ. bajLh. J n - lljuneit FOR KlSNT -- STORt^iOOMS. j quire KLOHKN'OK SMUTZ. l l j u n e t f d US'- Propoyltiun harmonisl-i^ with war conditions requires servitvs of sales mana-Kfr jn CoimellsviHe. who can deliver strong sal«» t:UUs to salesmen. ?:r;ui;ht 'commission, iiut it's larfye, Nothing for you to We w i U tnviij;t nothing 1 in you u n t i l your ability Is proven. "We Iiuve a proposition worth small fortune to man who can organize EL sales force of high grade men to sell UIR thing mosrt salable ever Offered tho people. Unless you c:in carry the messi^tje and liuve nulliclcn* vltftHty to a-nswcr In detail, sttve your stamps. W. H. WISHA1XT, 3iG Berber BIdi:.. Pittaburgr, Pa, , ZDju.i«3i* A OR0JNAXCE, FOR JIFN'T--LJfHNISIIED KOOM I p r i v j i i c f a m i l y ; $2 per week. FOR KKNT--A V K E Y CON'VKNIKNT I ou CotUige ave., rear ot j FOn RENT--FUr^NlSHBD ROOM. i South Side, p r i v a t e family, all convenl- i «nces. W r i t e li, care Courier. I I S j t m e t f PROHIBITING FAST OR RECK- !o»3 d r i v i n g ot Uorges or vehicles and of standing or parking 1 ·warrotis, carts, bugirieti, autoraobiles or any other veil id e or vehicles upon ceriiUn of th« stri'Uta of the Borough of DuHbar, Fay- otu- County, Peniisylvania, and providing- penalties for violation of t h e same, anti providing: ior tho tuileetion ihcreoi"; Be it ordained and enacted by the OM IN I Town Council of the Borough of Dun- 111 N. bar, Fayett« County, P o n n n y v a n i a , and it is hereby onUineU and mi at: cud by j tbf a u t h o r i t y of the sam-e; , Section 1. " ' T h a t it shall be u n l a w f u l ! jja.rn.gfc lO'MU-d ou CotUige ave., rear ot Cor any person or persons to ride or K a i t ' n residence. Iimuirc KAIL'S I d r i v e any horse or horses, or any jiuto- ! BAN'K. I 7 j u n u t £ { mobile the vt-biOo -In ar.y o£ tile s tree is, rond-s, bridges, aileys or thor- ous'hCarew uf said Borough in a fast or reckless rr-ann-er. or so as to endanger ! tht-i sweety of pcraoiiH on said streets; Section 2. That it shall be u n l a w f u l tor any person or :crsons to stand any w;itron or wagons, u.irt or carts, buy try or buffeie.s a u t o m o b i l e or auti- mobilow or any other vehicle or to ' bJlch any horse or hnrsea, upon any o f ] the following 1 described streets or h i g h w a y s In said Bordu^h ovor fifteor (15) minutes: On Conrxjllsville street from Us Intcraectior. with the southern limits 01! said borough to tlic top of the Hill near the David Dyers prop- e r t y ; From the intersection of Church street w i t h Connc-tlsvJ:ie .street at UK; O e n t r a J HotH t o t h e V i c t o r B u i l U i n g ; and 0:1 "Woodvalc street from its int«;r- p sent ion with ConnollKVille street to tlr* j top of the hill n e a r the new bricU [ FOK KI-:NT--KUIIIVISHKD OR ux- j furnished rooms for l i ^ h t liousekecp- i irjff. 311 Eas-l Crawfonl avG, ! ISjunctEd FOR SAljE--WODGK ROADSTER, A- · 1 condition. Wilt de.monarrate. T r l - j State Phone 7-10. 17june2l* j FOR SATjB--USE/.) HL'OSO.V AUTO, ' model 33, in S'ood r u n n l n y condition. I J n n u l r e 10-1 W, Crawford or Wc-Iln Mills j Oa.rRfe-0. I S j u n e t f . By Watt Stason. TOWING J),UIGXY. Sorce men are b u i l t so strangely mulish, their stubborn piisalmifsm's foolish. They won't admit that tilings are cheering:; they're alyays doubting, fretting-, fQarinsr. "Todaj*, 1 they fay, "is short of sorrow, but wo'ii have low of grrief tomorrow. Today :he sun- sJiine'a truly splendid, tomorrow it w i i l all bo tnded, and there'll be hall or cyclones blowing, to spoil thj crops ·we have been growing:." L-tist ovc I said to Grigs', the granger, "The vrheat crop now seems out of danger. \V*i'vo had a most propitlus season, and there in every human reason OP throwing 1 up our hats and sltout!nfr, all hoadoos and all Jonah* flouting." "To history you seem a strangrer.* replletl rhe sore and wad-eyed stranger; "the season's been so blamed propitious, thd harvest time Is bound to dish ua. If weather's good when wheat Is grow ins, the harvest KCQS the torrent flowing. Yoti'll sec the eloutts will promptly Gather, and there'll be ruin, a whole denied slather; we'll have, to po around In cruisers, and all the farmers -»-jlJ be losers." The ivorjtl should prize its c h e e r f u l Jokers, there are so many sullen croakers, who'd rather travel in the s*hadoiv than prance through streets in El Dorado. FO7'. 'SAL-TC-- A MSAT SHOP. C12N- tra'ily !ocatocl, Good reasons for soll- Ins. Address "M." Tho Courier. ISJunefit FOR SAL13 -- O.-UxLAKD ROAO- ster, with t r u c k bed Too light for present purpose. Cheap to quick canh buyer. Address X, care Courier. ISJunct! FOR SALR--ON'B POOL TABL,I2, 1 ju^t ustd n i n u months. Oni Ford Roadster, with d e l i v e r y I bed cm back for l i f f h t deliveries. "\Vlll 1 Koil b o t h i:iii;,ip for cash. Call at I SHUTSY'S, STORK, Leiaonrin^, Pa. | 14june6t FOR SAtiS--PIUCI3, ?730, HOUSE cf 4 r o u m s and k i t c U c n ; f r o n t pocoJi, good w a t e r am! trood collar; one a u r e i j ^ ^ ^ ^ 34 f r u i t treed; stable, 4 clilclcen hounes; : 15 m i n u t e s from trolley inid on main rnad. S u i t a b l e for miner, coke w o r k e r ; or m n i t rnan. Between ScoLtdalo und i Pt. PUmiant. Adrtrc-ss MRS. T* M. | MU"nijL,T3R, 125 Dith ridge St., Pittsburg. Pa. I8june2t* Section 3. Any person or iicrsons vioh-ainfT any ot the provisions of this ' O r d i n a n c e H h a f I pay a f i n e of not less j than one C5U dollar nor more t h a n ' three ($X) dollars for e:tc!: offense, tho j same to bo collected as oilier Qnes are j collftctoO by law. i O r d a h i c O and eniictcd i n t o law t h i s | 7th tlay of May. I D t S . lay the T o w n 1 Council o£ tliti Borough of Dunbar. i ATTKST: i RT. .T. STEWAKT. ) PreKideiit. of Council. j GKORGB E. SfARTIX. | Secretary of Council. | Approved Uiis CtJi Oay of June. 1518. j ALT3X R, PUN'CAN, ! Chief .Bnrgc.=s. i FOR SAX.T3--BABY CHICKS, BT "parcel post," t o - y o u r d o o r . Send y o u r money no«·. "Wo w i l l ship at once, parcu-l post £t:urges paid. Burred fly- moiiJ.h Jiock and Ilhodo laU^ncl R^da at 15 for M.50, 50 for JO, 100 for ?17.5Q. Alsu W h i t e and Brown IeKhorn8; Also \V"iiite and Brown 1-effhorns: L5 for S-!. 50 Cor $S, 100 for 515.50. BLUE RIDGE POULTRY FARM. Bell Phone 1779. Uitlontown, Pit. ISjunctf Bank Stock for Sale A party owning some stock of Connellsvfile Banks, and Deeding all his available capital for new projects, is willing to dispose of tie said stocks on ;i sacrifice basis. All communications strictis" confidential. Address P. 0. BOX 74, Times Square, Kow lork City. This is Inventory month in every · Union Supply Company store in the coke region. Bargains are available in every line. As fast as goods are inventoried all surplus, shop worn, soiled, and odds and ends of goods are immediately put on sale at bargain prices. These lines include all kinds of merchandise carried in a regular department store. You will find bargains in the dry goods department, in the shoe ; department, furniture department, notion department, hardware department, grocery department, meat department; in fact throughout the entire store there will be something of especial value to attract your attention. These bargains will only last a short time. 63 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Oxfords, Pumps, Shoes--all the shades and colors that are good. All the newest and best styles are hera Men, women and children with, real Shoes. A HOME AT ar Grove It's a mighty good investment--because Poplar Grove is destined to be the coming residence district of Connellsville. The location is ideal--one of the most beautiful in this section It's only a 5-mimite car ride or a 15- minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." Not very far--but far enough to be out in the open where you can enjoy plenty of fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Lots as Low as $80 They measure 60x140 ft.--quarter acre tracts--and there are still a number of choice lots left But at the rate they're selling, you'll have to get busy if you want one of these "bargains." There's city water in front of every lot and the Pub- He School is just within a stone's throw--giving you every needed convenience. And you can buy one of these lots on your own termsH-why ^ot write me today for full particulars. C. B. McCormick, P. 0. Box 144. COXXELLSYUXE, PA.

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