The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 18, 1938 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 18, 1938
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

--t'ACE TWELVE. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1938. BABSON SAYS ADVERTISING WILL HELP BEAT RECESSION Continued from Pago One. with foresight and courage who Sought securities and commodities and. started, new enterprises in 1932 have established fortunes. We have a similar opportunity today--in a smaller way. Right now cash is a "sale" and raw materials and securities arc a "buy." Those who arc buying-and investing today are doing themselves a good turn. More important, they are doing a service for their communities and the Nation L As refail shelves- arc emptied orders shift bach to factories and the "Help Wanted", signs, are. hung up once more. - .--- r .. Newspaper, magazine "and" radix advertisers arc doing their bit, too, to help" defeat tho recession before it degenerates inlo a major depression. For 30 years, I have studied the business cycle and have tried to discover how the peaks and valleys can be- ironed out I have always been convinced that one ol-the solutions is by -the proper use of advertising. When times arc good and business is booming, advertisers like to drive for orders. _Thls is only natural. Actually," however, manufacturers and merchants should hold back in good .times, and build up-an advertising backlog- which _th«y can pump ;out to-maintain their sales volume and. their employment in periods such as the present. Why Not AdoertfetaE "Relief.." If all concerns in. the same industry would agree to spend a certain percentage of their gross sales, on advertising, this .policy might be made workable. The trouble is tha B few outfits would always back ou! ut the bargain and take advantage of their competitors' programs. Two or three concerns can scarcely afford to carry the advertising for the industry. So, while the logical policy is to cut down on, space wh«n business is coming in under its own momentum and to boost sales budgets in slack periods, In practice the opposite happensr ~ -The Government is pouring ou money for various purposes to stimulate public purchasing power. Why not consider a policy of allowing business concerns to deduct any increase in their advertising and selling expenses from their tax bills du: ing periods when industrial production is running below normal? Depressions are serious only when re tail selling stops. Most of our basli economic troubles today are not con nectid with production, but rathe with distribution and taxation Speeding up the flow of goods 1 where we must? put the cmphasi rather than on speeding up the as sembly line. Space advertising can play a tremendous part in this pro gram. -Time to Ting" Sale*. Advertising is to mass distributio: what the machine Js to mass produc tion. Right now, for instance, it dc serves a good share of credit for th comparatively excellent volume o retail trade. "Sales" cannot mov goods unless customers know abou them. "I think that merchants an manufacturers now realize this mo: than they did m 1929. Not on] should purchasing power bis inflate! but the will to buy should be en ccuragcd. Advertising is the las item to cut in your sales budget un less you want to close up ihop. Cutting prices is just as essentia as maintaining or itcpplng up you advertising quotas. Despite its carl 1038 slap-in-the-face, purchasm power is still satisfactory althoug I expect that the year 1938 will aver age under 1S37. Farm Income ma be down, factory payrolls may b lower, and there may be sharp break In dividend payment However, the drop In Income on th average need not mean substantial] less goods for everyone Hits yea Why?. Because merchandise "sales and cheaper foo'd bills can so a Ion way toward offsetting the drop in Ih average family's Income. If you giv careful attention to your person and household buying this year, think you will come very close t matching your 1937 living -standnr Three" Buying Rules. I have three specific suggestio along this line for the months ahea First, shop carefully for your foo Always stock up on "sale" days o your staples. Watch the cloihln ·hoe, and other merchandise sale arle Advocates Drive to increase State's Industries By JAMES SHEPIEY Inited Press Staff Correspondent. HARRISBURG, Feb.-18--Governor corgr H. Earle took formal cogni- nce .Wednesday _ of charges that ew Deal taxes are bleeding Pennsyl- ·mla of its 'industry with declara- on of a vigorous drive "to bring ew industry into the State." .." * statement welcoming the tote .Chamber of .Commerce to (he apital for todny's_opcning of its 1st annual convention,- he_said: _ "Within the next-few days repre- entatives from the Department of abor and Industry will visit every lamber of commerce and trade association to obtain available data rc- aUve to.the advantages of Its par- cular locality. _r - _ "When that task, is completed.and ·e have the fncts before us I shal ppolnt a Pennsylvania industria ommission, consisting o£ rcprcsen. ativcs of bnsmc'B, labor and govern ment, which will study the entire ituation and formulate a program to ring new industry inlo Pcnnsyl ·anla." The statement was interpreted a !arlo's acceptance of the challcng aFd down by the chamber in Its an nounccmcnt that the convention vould discuss a "definite and factua distribution to the present con trovcrsy as to the severity of cor porntion taxes in Pennsylvania a ompared with other states."' Clarence L. Turnei, Phlladclphl icrtiflcd public accountant, reporlci to .the convention on his survey o Comparative taxes. President Favors . Higher Pikes As Recovery Agenq By SANDOR S. KLEIN United Press Staff Correspondent. WASHINGTON, Feb. 18--Prcsl dent Roosevelt sought higher com modity price levels today In a nev move to lift the Notion from a economic recession. Reiterating his conviction tha trices generally still were too lorn Mr. Roosevelt asked a group lovcrnment fiscal experts to prepar a report on the price structure serve as the basis for action. This group, which included sue New D e a l brain-trusting a Mordacai Ezeklel, agriculture depart ment.'price expert, and "Dr. Jaco Viner, Chicago University economis met for the first time yesterday. ] an effort to expedite the report, which the President indicated h wanted by Thursday, members of th group met until a late hour last nigl and planned to continue their stu today. Mr. Roosevelt said he probably will discuss the price analysis at his Friday morning press conference. Although President Roosevelt has said repeatedly he favored a return to the price levels existing in 1826, it was generally believed that his first objective will be to increase the prices of those commodities which are unusually low and to bring into line with the general price structure those he feels are too hlfh. Hero Cop Solves a Murder Reilly Asks Squires, Aldermen to Prepare Returns by Saturday UNIONTOWN, Feb. 18. -- All squires and aldermen of Fayclto county are urged by Diitrict Attorney James A. Reilly to moke return of their cases by February 10 In orderi to expedite the work of preparing bills for the March grand Jury. In v many instances the district attorney said the^e returns by nquirei and aldermen are made so late that it seriously complicates the machinery of h(s ofncc in getting ready for the court term. Held In Motor TheHs. GREENSBUHG, Feb. 18.--County detectives reported the arrest of Harry Sprowls, 26, of Smlthton, R. D., on charges of larceny ot an automobile, accessories and gasoline belonging to the H. B. Chevrolet Company ol Churlerol Inst December 15 and that he had contesscd to several gasoline robberies and theft of tires from autos. OfBcers said the man had served time In the workhouse. Patrolman William Ormnn, of North Cnstlo, N. T, who won nation, wide attention when he captured tho notorious Merlo Vnndenbuah, then Public Enemy No. 1. is pictured holding tho belonging* of Morrlt Felroei (imet), found murdered near North Cnstlo. Fcltnor'a death WM laid to 110-year rcvenfro hunt /or an alleged diamond swindle. Ormon arrested Joseph HorowiU and his brother-in-law. Bernard Benkler, of th« Bronx, New York. (Central Prttt) Tenny Back 19 Years Later. SEATTLE, Feb. 18.--Nineteen years ago in Waterloo, lowu, Mrs. Helen V. Olds put a 1816 Lincoln head penny in circulation. Recently she made a purchase here and in her change was the same penny. Mrs. Olds' brother gave her the penny in 1017. It had a hole In thci rim, and peculiar markings on the back. PAWNS WEDDING RING TO BUY GUN OKLAHOMA CITY, Feb. 18.-Buck Herring, 34, died of gunshot wounds Detective Lieutenant John von Elm snld were Inflicted Frtdny night by Mrs. Opal Herring, the victim's 29-year-old wife, who pawned her wedding, ring to buy the gun. The shooting, ths detective said, followed a series ot quarrel! In one o£ which the victim had challenged his wife to'get n gun. She once served n term in the state prison for automobile thclt, police said. FIGHT OVER LAND COSTS LIVES OF 13 Former Massachusetts Officials Must Repay Improper Settlement MEXICO CITY, Feb. 18.--A land dispute that led to two gun battles costing the lives of 13 persons In Hidalgo state was reported by a delegation of peasants arriving here. The peasants said the trouble started 10 days ago at Tiahuallpan when armed men allegedly headed by the police of Pachuca,. capital of Hidalgo forcibly seized land belonging to 60 small farmers. \y United I*rcsu. BOSTON) Feb. 18--Former Governor James M. Curlcy and Joseph Slantosuosso, prominent Massachusetts Democrat, were ordered yesterday to pay the city of Boston $61,625, including $50,000 allegedly retained by them in an improper settlement of a damage suit against the city. Curley, now vacationing in Flonda, was accused of having icccived $30,000 of $85,000 paid to settle a claim ot the General Equipment Corporation while he wan mayor In 1933. SanlObUosso, twice candidate for secretary of state, was accused ot having received $20,000 legal fees. alvc, Nose Drops Liquid. Tablet* COLDS and FEVER Checlts first day Headache, 30 mlnutci Try "Kub-My-Tlim"-Wor!d,'« Bett Liniment State Liquor Receipts 5411.000. HARRISBURG, Feb. 18--Revenue Secretary J. Griffith Boardman, announced today that January malt and hard liquor tax receipts totalled $411,542 in Pennsylvania. Total biennial receipts to February 1 were $5,331,566. although look carefuly before you leap. Second pay cash for your goods. Conservatively, instalment buying costs you 10 to 35 per cent more than cash. Third, make a simple budget and stick to it!-. Remember, "A dollar saved is a dollar earned." There is no easier way to increase your income 10 per cent than by carefully buying all goods from tomato soup to Oriental rugs! Follow these purchasing rules and 1938 will be not too bad a year! Various Uses of-Sunlight In Medical Treatments By LOOAX CLENDENING, M. D. -THE SUN always has been retarded as the giver and preserver of life. All primitive people welcomed the return of the sun at the t i m e 01' t h e spring xolstlcc, and held religious ceremonies to commemorate the event. It was first used deliberately for th» purposes of treatment as long ago as the third century, w h e n Antyllus, a famous physician of tho Roman empire, recom- m e n d e d « u n Or. Clcndenlng baths in the treatment of skin diseases and also to treat rickets. Avi- cenna, tho great Arabian phygi- Wan of the tenth century, rccom- jmendcd sun baths, and de Monvlllc. (the French surgeon, used red light an cmallpox. In recent times, however, the first widespread use of lunllght was begun by Bcrnhoro, a Swiss 13r. Clcndenlng will answer questions of general interest only, and then only through h!s column. physician living at St. Morltz. He noticed that Swiss butchers cured their meat by sunlight. In 1902 he made his first experiment by tak- dnjr . patient who had an abdominal wound full of pun and exposing the wound to tho sunlight The effect was remarkable. In « short timo the wound was completely lioalcd Treat* Tuberculous Children Almost at tho same time, Rolllcr, also a Swiss, began his famous treatment of tuberculosis joints in children by the use of sunlight. Ht selected a spot high up In the. Swisi AJpo. He tells the story of th» incident which prompted him to USQ un- llght; that ho had a little dog from. whose splno he had removed a. tumor. He dressed the wound and was determined to keep It covered with a bandage, Mhich the dog wan just as determined to remove. Ho did this several times, and one day Dr. Rolller canio on tho dog by accident and found out tho reason for his persistence. Instinct had prompted the dog to lie with the wound exposed to the sunlight and It was soon healed. The llrst artillcial sunlight was used by Dr. Nlclr Finsen. It Is not remarkable that this invention should ha\c been made by a man who lived far north in Scandinavia, v.herc for long periods ot the year the days are almost completely dark. EDITOR'S NOTE S«cn J"! °r- . clcnll '. lllnis c "" now »« ob " tAlned b ending 10 cent* In coin Jor eacli nnd u sclf-addt-pj-cd cn^ vclope utsinpeU mill s tlirrc-tont mamp. to Dr Lo E an Clisndcnlnf:. In core of tills pspcr Tho pamntilcta lire' "Thrco \\cckn Rrducfrr Dirt". "Indlfrotlcm nnd Constipation", r.xducmi: «nrt Gdinlnp . · Inlnnt ted- 1ns" "Jn^tnictionn for tht» Treatrrent _oi plabcty-Tr-rsraimoii .JB'Kltn. ' «nd Th« Car* tf th% Hair «nd Skin", w-- FASHIONS 10 75 up to 16 75 Dresses that capitalize on moulded bosoms, high waists, fan pleated, swirl or slim skirts I Dresses with vervo and grace to make YOU EXCITINGLY PRETTY! Expensive style details in shirrings, tucks, pleats, lingerie and flower trims! New square, low or V-necks! Tiny flower prints, pane) prints, spaced' prints! Pastel sheers, lots of navy, black, lively colors! Styles to Hatter every figure! All sires. Choose yours today! LADIES' DEPARTMENT C O N T I N E N T A L STORE THE WENFOLKS ALL AGREE- *'·" IT'S.HIGH TIME-- Yot, the own Sea p»! '(cod Wvo seen quite a few lod'wt do thetr;.s{K)f«'when a delicious, flaky-crust »f«om«;» ,tfc», tabt«.) r-Wtor. - In- r«wry}kW'yo«ram;lhiiktof! ·TM""« RED CHERRY PIE . USE SPRY, Specials on what you ne»d SPRY FLOUR MS- 23c dxvm( FARM--r»«ii/ Onnamon «·« lOc CT.01 Vanilla CI.OVTJH JTABW Ittl. nomo--i»r« FLOUR FLOUR 93c CHERRIES_2« 29c v^r"ifcS%l%lc5 *ssr^5Oc CC/OTXR. rAiut--M»I»M A«I« COFFEE » I5c PEACHES COFFEE ·M.BTCD S O A P 25c 6»25c PICKLES *· I9c 'ounnAuc-- mm «r ««*r WHEATIES 2~23c BISQUICK «t 29c firt r At a Price To Suit Your Pur*« and Quality To P!«aw» th« Most Exacting Tarte ! CORN 4S£ 29c rTAIVDADO--Omfccd Crrom C O R N 2 as 25c CT.BJCDAI.K---WWta «r OoMm Italttam C O R N 2 SsS 29c OCOVXR fATtlt rraahnJ Coldrn llnntAm C O R N 2 Si 33c CIXJVKR 'AKH--Whole KcmH B E A N S 4 »s PRKSTOff--O«t MrlnKfr« B E A N S 3 855 25c B E AjV S B E A ° N S 2 8S 29c 29c VA»M--Oot Wmt Baby Food * Ap- MeIlc*l Tmmv JJwfcr A H*«* 3~25c NOI.A Soap Flakes lTBBfT-PUIS»nSfA(n08| Snow White-. AbiKiIul Finer Thlnic*. 25c CLOVER FARM--New! Delicious! Timely! CHERRY PRESERVES or ORANGE MURMALAUE Try This--It Is Now--It Is Different--You'll Bo Back For More CHOOSE YOUR VARIETY TOMATOES TOMATOES r .,. TOMATOES 2SB25c S U N S H I N E EDGEMONT SNAPS 3 P* B .. 27c Mnnhmnllo-w CHOCOLATE COOKIES *. 21c MEAT SPECIALS J'r^imrrd Knp^Hnlly HT Peter* rkic. C«. Ct.OVKR FAIKtf PURE LARD I-;.'., lOc Triple "A- ( V A A ) STRAIGHT BOI^)GNA Lb.23c BERLINER u.. 3ic SOAP SPECIALS OCTAGON POWDER 2pxp.Sc OCTAGON CLEANSER 2c.«9c OCTAGON TOIL. SOAP 2v.TM9c SUPER SUDS 3 m.. 27c S A L A D A T E A RED LABEL b. 23c M«.t. 49c BROWN LABEL 19c V,U. 37'C GRAPEFRUIT 2 S3 29c 'orf«*( MrM7 Sc-fCmrntii

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