The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 18, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 18, 1918
Page 2
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DAILY COURIER, CONNELJLSVILiS!, PA. TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 191S. iT.'.' *·?:. |t : £. 1: . : The pnpils of Miss. Josephine Rine- har{ and Mtss Mercedes Gladden gave a..deli£htrul;mnsie3!e last evening at the Gladden home in Eighth street, ""Greenwood. AKout '100 1 persons' at.. .tended., .The.prosram was vcllselect-. 'ed and Was rendered in a manner · ' wnich'Sbowed careful instructing 'in'd mnaical'/abillty. .The following num-. bers were rendered: Camp of 'Glory (trio). Ester, William and Gillette Peterson; schottische,' Mildred Zebley; Tie Wind, Harriette Mier; Polka Caprice, Libbie ..Marks; Fifth Noc- · tnnrej'-Tbsfina -Hetzel-'-Pensee. Marling Newcomer; Valse Animate, .Thel_ ».ma-CaOTpcr.;: ; UnmorteUe (duet),' Cal- .;r^to"aJiaiCKri9.tltia.r: HcKutt; Meadow "" . ,Flo«eiC,'"-l3abel. - Hays; Taranteile, 'Jrcricierl'iMisJJ'.^dToniuse, Roliert Ston- "-eri-- Iffeffi^arinr "Eleanor Means; ^Kffittin^XvpMl-solo}; (To tlie Soldier ^'Ofcta-jttrhwmJt;-; -.^wallow Song, Bl- ^.esUQj^Sp'tth:: .Tapsv.nilitary march), ·atUdTWj."JSesmaw; Waltz,. Bertha Dar- Kr;-_XUrCiIai;MoraeniK-tairet), Wilbur -Scherzo Cai!. ".Premiere. tht tina .J£c- gillettfr · Peterson; Minin F ra. P: i.:E:'SB!KZ)r:"-M3reh-Ctwo pianos, eight ".Bilidg), Misses Millen, Obcrly. Rine- hatt aiod Gladden. " ~.^_"1 5iIrT.~H. P. Snyder and Miss Kath- · arine JRribee, re guests at a one ^Vcloei rnncheon at wUch Mrs! Frank ; MlHer of Greeitsburg," Is ioaiess this aiteropon, at. .the Greensburg. Polo The Woman's Bible class of the First Methodist Episcopal Sunday school .will .meet- Thursday afternoon at fie home"of lire. George Carotaers in Sycamore street. The mite box-opening' f? the Home Mjss-ionary-society-of the First Pres- -tyterian church, which was 'to have ·. -1?een: held Thursday _everiin'g at the ' Dm«r~of"3iIra. w 'J. M: Cecil, has been postponed until July on account oC the Miss Louise Morton, Miss Grace Morton and Carroll T. Morton of Washington, Pa., were among -the out-ot- town persons' who', attended the funeral of Captain Robert S. -Morton. We .'will clean; press or repair that old svJt of yours to look like new. Dave Cohen, Tailor.--Adv. · Alo;relus Coll of Clarksburg,, who has.'boeh visiting'at. the home of his father-in-law, J. D. Madigan in East Fairviaw .avenue, nas returned home. Mrs. (loll and two children remained for a longer visit. Downs' -Shoe 'Store is showing two new oxfords in brown and grey.-- Adv.-17-3t Mrs. Clara B. Port, superintendent of tho county tubercular sanatorium, is .visiting ather Lincoln avenue home. Miss Mary Hyatt has returned home from a visit with. Mrs. S. B. Frock of Uniontown. Send the Daily Courier to your boy In 'the army.. Call at the Courier office and leave his address. Hate 50c per;m6nth.--Adv. .Mrs. Frank Hellea and son, Hurley Hellen, who spent the winter in Florida, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Reginald, their son and his family, will leave St. Petersburg by automobile the latter part of this week for Indian," Care park. Hendersonrtlle, N. C., to spend the summer. They will visit the training camps in North and South Carolina. .Among out-of-town persons attending the high school class play here last night were Mr. and Mrs. William Jones and family, Mrs. George R. Grouse, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Raithei and daughter Flossie, Charles and John Danielson and Mrs. Mary Danielson of Smithton, Mr. and Mrs. John McCauley of West Newton, Miss Ada Cook and S. S. McConnell of Beile- vernon. ~-Stxta Treas«reT and Mrs. H. M. Kep- .'hart-w»nt'. td'Cresso'a -this morning to - ' "wilBe«»"tfie-gr».duatktt-of-tli(flr daugh- '"··ter, Xiss^Sarah'-Kepiiart from Mount Aloysius academy. Others who will attend the exercises are Mayor and. :: "Mrs. John 3uggan, uncle and aunt of Miss Kephart; Mrs. Joseph Riling, ..· Mrs. John, Dusgan, Jr.. and Misses .· Clara and Gertrude Dixon. The Misses Cixon will motor to Cresaon from Meyers^iale, where they have been the _ s»»»ts of Mr. and Mrs. James Diion, ._Mrs., George-Snyder will entertain -.UiV O.;I«; T.,Fancyyjrk club Thursday afternoon at her home in. South Conneltevllle. "_^--JIis». Grace Riinkin will entertain ^Ttfiii."tr-C. If S'an^woTk club^Fnday- ·-i2aJght af-the-bome" of the 'Misses Pat- tersba in'Porter avenue instead of at ?~^erphoioif at Adelaide.' ...... .,-.: -4nnojui£pra«nt has -btei: made- ot 'rrtire .marritgs' o-f'Mijs ' : Heieji Ayinifred '-Simpson* 1 " ; tir -MlHHsocv - -Wis.,-- and Charles Splane Fergnsn of Rolla, Kans., formerly of Farmington, sol- emnlzed. June 15: at Madison. Miss Evelyn GoKstein, Henry New- '·"Berg'aid : Mafk Levlne "attenikd a farewell party given Sunday evening by Misses Sophie Cohen and Sadie Levine of Uniontowa, in-honor of Nathan vVeisenweig. ; . , ; Miss. Sarah Ray will entertain the. West Side NeedUeworkers Thursday ; evening at her. home in Snyder street. : The regular meeting of the Woman's Benefit association of the Macca- bees will ba held tonight in ifacca- ^·- .bee hall.. ...'-.. .- - ------------ ..... ·'.- __The KnitUng circle p£ the Christian .- · 'Oulture; class" qf the Ui-P- chnrca will -^Biert-tiJts svenlpg at;the home of Mrs. £ 'Jay _Cr~Stauffer. _'Mts.,Stauffer asks ~ 'mamoers "to bTing~tli'e!r thimbles pre- .paratocy to- making .comfort kits for . Cross. ."-' '- :~ NORMALYILLE HAS FLAG Honor Paid Sunday in Men of Locality Wbo Arc In (he Service. ·- At the dedication of a service flag at Normolville, honor was paid to the enlisted and dratted "men. of Normalville and vicinity. The services were held Sunday morning in the M. B. church. There was a short address S'r Bov. McCandless of the United Brethren church, and also a brief address by Evangelist Hoak of California, and Rev. Pennintrton of East McKeesport. Rev. H. G. Trimmer, pastor of Uke church, preached the sermon on iie dedication of the flag. , One o!""the boys is Jesse Johnson, who enlisted in Company D, of Con. neilsvillf, last July, and is now in I France. His brother Prank fought in ( t h e Spanish war, his fattier, Andrew, in the 3ivil war, and his great grandfather in the war of 1S12. The 31 stars '-in the service flag represent the following: .Jesse Johnson, Don and Carl BrooKs, .'Marshall Brooks, Earl Brooi-s, Ray, James and Jasper Laws, Hoy jtnd Harry Cavanaugh, John Basinger. Ira Whipkey, Reed King, Jesse Pirl, ; '3merson Myers, ^Lay Myers, Mc- CleilZTi"/! wiipkey, Howard Spicker, William Dickey,. H. Cestlee Hoover, Jacob Ifell, Levi King, William Kemp, Tissue 1-ritts, Norman Kitenour, Davis Grim; Hay'Hart, .-Frank- Showman, John. Barger, - "Wayman -Barger itnd 3Iite:Gaborko. Jtfrs^.Austin^W'ilson^of Vonngstown. O.; iSTiiaiting-Jier -parents, Mr. and MtaT Eugene .ETKorton of "Windy~~ ~ The condition of Miss Elizabeth Evans, .y£a:!iisTbt«ji ill at her home in Lincoln avenue" "for the past few wBcltoi in aUghUy-lmproved. The 5est;pl»o« "to shop after all. Brewnejl Shoe . -- Adv. -Missrfeertradff" HWehinson of Mill Sun wasjlsiting friends here yester- dax. ^.' ?. Z ~ T '^..- .^·Charleis. gluesener is tn Pittsburg . WT3I." Young, "Miss Margaret Young of,itew Xork, Jdtss Charlotte Young Tif Savannah, O.', S. E. Morton, Mr. and Mrs3G.tE-^Mojfton..'5IIs's Harriet Mor- tonT-^Iifis Jennre.il6rt6n.and Miss Jen- sic Negley of Pittsburg; Mr. and Mrs. "Edward - \V"alfaca,. - Mrs, Jfaiy Jforton, ,, BEVERAGE FOR WAR-TIME INSTAWT POSTUM No Walter Sicholson. \VnJter Nicholson, about 50 years old, a well-known resident of Mill Run, was found dead in his home last evening. · Mr. Nicholson'-had been a sufferer from heart trouble for some time past. He was unmarried and lived alone. Notice of funeral later. air. Nicholson had resided at Mil! Run for about 38 years and waa known in this section. He is survived by the following brothers and sisters: A. W., of Diclterson Run; James, of McKees Roclcs; both engineers on the Tittshurg ' Lake Erie railroad; Adam, of Juniata; Mrs. .John Dealing, of Mill Run; Mrs. Marian Fisher and Mrs.. Sarah-Adams, both of Turtle Creelc." AYw. Nicholson was in town this afternoon on the way to. Mill Run. WINS $5 GOLD PIECE. 5ti«s Sarah Esther West Writes Best - Essay on the Jtonroo Doctrine. S^rah Esther West, who "took sec- und honors in the -high school graduating class, was awarded the f5 gold piece offered recently by Rev. G. W-Buckner for the best essay written: oo.-the'Monroe' Doctrine, . Nine..niembers of the senior American history class participated in the contest, signing fictitious names 1 to their essays. For Infants and CMIdrea. Mothers Know That Qenuine Castoria Always Bears the Signature of In Use For Over Thirty Years Er».t Copy of Wrapper. TM« ·urr*un ESTIMATES ON PAVING FRANCIS AVENUE ORDERED ELABORATE SYSTEM OF GRAFT LN WAR CONTRACTS EXPOSED By Associated Frews. WASHINGTON, June IS.--Several thousand letters and documents containing proof of aft elaborate system of obtaining government contracts,on the illegal contingent fee were re- j ceived today by Uic Department of d^ed to definitely dispose of it until Justice from its agents who conduct- f«n-ner opportunity can been given for ed raids on hundreds of contractors' suggestions as to amendments, business offices late yesterday. Continued from Pace Oi»e. Monday night for final action, T! measure had been regularly advertised but tbe solons did not feel in- The commission paid on these contracts, it was disclosed, ranged from 5 to 20 per cent and the aggregate fees probably ran. into rnillians of dollars. Indications weru that the measure may not be adopted unanimously. Councilman Hoover expressed the belief Urn the coai-pany is "asking every- thiug" and "giving nothing." Coun- Manufaoturers were threatened in ciiman Utts was opposed to giving a many ca.«cs with being deprived of franchise to oac company when oUjer contracts if they refused to negotiate companies retain their wires above with these agents and a commission | the ground. Councilman Pryce took compensation plan. Some agents rep- ! t-he view that the enactment of the or- resented tbat the;- had special influ- dinoaco will work lor the sairly of the city in thai It will rid the business section of a great many of the overhead wires. Dr. Utts contended that there will remain in the business section of the West Side almost as ence over monibers o! Congress. LOCAL MM IN CAST "Steve" Jlotniult Seen in "The Un- bcJtovi'r** at I'nrjUHOunt Tbenlre. Stephen Rotundi, a Conncllsville young man now in the Marines, appears ia the cast of "The Unbeliever." great -var drama which ia being many wires as are found in the down toirn section. Tho company declines at this time to .eiund its system to Uao West Side. The ordinance covers Fittsburg street Crom Peach street to Green shown this afternoon and tonight a t i street, and Cravrford avenue from the Paramount thea.tre. Friends of j Prospect street to the bridge. "Steve" discovered him in a prominent place among the soldiers of the sea during the initial presentation ot the picture yesterday. The picture is pronounced by many To the superintendent of streets was referred a controversy over the removal of several Carolina poplars at Pittsburg street and Patterson avenue, the roots of which, are said to be who have seen it as absolutely the! interfering with tlie sewer on the best war drama since "The Birth of a! properly of a man named Thompson. Nation." Despite the counter attrac-| Mr. Thompson was be/ore counc:! to tion of ihe senior class play large! say that h« had been given permission crowds paw the production last even- I to remove the trees, but when two o f | ing and everybody was pleased, judg- · Lhein had been cut down the work was ing by the comments heard. Some I halted by tie own.,-r ot the property j who saw it yesterday expressed their .'on which they stood. The contention JUST COME A3T9 SEE. Tke HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 129 to 153 N PITTSBURG St. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. TUBE'S GREATEST STOEE. Well-timed Event--Prices far below tlie wholesale cost--25 different styles. Women should buy two or three Skirts at a time viewing the present cost of cotton fabrics. These Skirts present decidedly uncommon values. Plenty of extra sizes. Choice 95c up to $7.50. Skirts of Repp. Lineue, Gabardine and Beach Cloth. $10 to $25 Hats Priced For This Sale at $3.95 up to 12.50. Over three hundred Hats to choose from. All are to be sold--at |3.95 up to $12.50. Many are models from New York's foremost noted milliners. These are our finest Milan Hats and those of Leghorn, Hair Braid, Lisere Straws and Malines for dress and sport wear, j Mark Down Sale--Suits No need to wait until after the Fourth. Women who will come tomorrow will have the opportunity to buy this season's stylish, stunning suits at the most sensational prices ever quoted for dependable Suits. You will ffnd as many garments here to choose from as most stores show at the beginning of the season. SUITS UP TO $45.00--The season's smartest styles. Choice colors and models at $32.50. SUITS UP TO $37.50--The most remarkable reduction on Suits this season. Every imaginable shade as well as black and navy. Your choice J24.95. SUITS UP TO $27.50--In the latest styles and olorcings. Made of serges, poplins and mixtures. Choice $ 19.95. intention of returning today. Raymond McKce and Marguerite Courtot play the leading roles. For T. M. C. A. Fund. A treat is in store lor moving picture, patrons in Vivian Martin's delightfully spontaneous impersonation ot "A Petticoat Pilot," to shown tomorrow- afternoon and evening at the" 'Qrpheum, the proceeds to be .for the Y. M. C. A. overseas war fund. Theodore Roberts, known far and wide as', th'e .grand old. man of the screen because of his many varied impersonations, is prominent in the oast. The shore scenes and the scenes taken in the-prim, dusty, seldom-opened "best parlors" are 'laughable in the- extreme. .LitEUT. JOJL\ LOCKE ARRIVES OVT.RSIUS Lieutenant John Locke, son. of P. J. Locke ot Uniontown and a nephew of the property owner is that v they are ncc poplars but maples. ' . ' A representative ot the "Human | Fly," whoso means of making a livelihood is scaling high buildings for the amusement of the public, appeared to ask permission Uiat the "Fly" be permitted to perform here. of Mrs. John LaSey ot the West' Council declined to break away from Side, has arrived safely overseas, i l t s f o r m e r decision to bar all such at- Ueutonant Locke is with the engi- tra «-° n s during tie war. neers. Armed with a lot of photographs a representative o£ a company putting' out memorial tablets for "honor rolls" for men in the service attempted to DOING FLTEIY AT CAJttT ME, SATS PKEBCCS A card received by Prank Dorcbock of The Courier force from Caarles Premus at Camp Lee says that Pre- interest council in his proposition. Two to three tablets would be necessary for CorniGllsviile, he indicated. mus' and the other boys who went in Th °3" cost ? 26 each at Ashtabula, O. "the last draft are doing finely. "We | T . he tablets are made of metal and de- got our second shot in the arms last Thursday," he s?.ys. vised something a-ong the line of tho directory boards in skyscrapers. The tablets would toe placed on the public MORE YOUNG XETf OF FATBTTJE grounds at city ball or on..the post- ESXIST IN AmiY AST) SLAHDfES '· oftieo grounds, it was suggested. ' Council indicated that something Among the young men enlisting in Pittsburg yesterday 'was Amos P. Pickard of Connellsville. Kenneth E. Neville of Mount Pleasant, Lawrence P. Patterson and "W. H. Bratton of Uniontown and Sidney C. Lewis o? Oliphant in the regular army. Clyde B. Rhodaback of Uniontown^ enlisted in the marines. ELJtEIt DKEBEKT IS XKXT AKSIT DRAFT would be done along that line but did not give the agent any assurance tbat h'is system would be adopted. Indications are that tho deal between council and the Elgin Street Sweeper company for a motor sweeper will fall through. The two cannot come together on terms of payment for the machine, which costs £6,000. A new proposition, differing slightly from the original one made by the To Dedieaia Service A. service flag-will be deciicated shortly at the Evangelical church at South ConneHsville.. The pastor, Rev. M. B. McLaughlin, is assembling a list of men in the service. Jferr Stenographer. Miss Hannah Ritchie is a anew stenographer for the West Penn Railways company. Miss Ritchie was graduated this year from the local high school. Try our classified advertisements. The name of Elmer C. Drebert has company, and which was rejected flai- been added to the list of draftees who 'y, is now before the soloes, and may will leave on June 26 for Camp Lee. be disposed of at the next meeting. JOHJf IV. COTjE'KTEl' ESTERS SERTTCE. John "William Courtney, who enlisted in military service, left this morning- lor Vancouver, Washington, where he will be stationed. William Siecle HL William Steele, clerk at the Smith House, who was taken ill while serving on the jury in Uniontown, went to his home in Morgantown this morning to remain until he has recovered his health. He was accompanied by bis sister. Mrs. Prank B. Trotter, and his brother, George Steele of Morgantown, who were called here by his illness. When You Come and See the Dresses at $5.95 up to $19.95 Tou will understand why our values are the talk of the town. Come see the Dresses. You will appreciate the wonderful bargains offered. We told you in our advertisement a da^ or two ago the purchases we made from one of the leading manufacturers of Dresses--being one of the sensational purchases of the year. Dresses are just fresh from the makers' needle. Over a hundrer different styles. You can imagine what a sensation this will cause. All sizes for women and misses. A Superior Collection of Voile Waists at $1.50. With the coming of warm weather the Voile Waists again dominate fashion--not only because Voile Waists are pretty and desirable, but because they are suited for hot weather. In this collection at $1.50 are the very newest styles. See the waists. An exceptional selling of charming -Silk Blouses at $3.95 up to $12.50. We've done our share in getting the extraordinary purchase. All that remains is for you to come and see the Waists and examine e them--try them on and you'll do all the talking and questioning yourself as to whether you should buy one or two or more Georgette Crepe, Crepe de Chine, Tub Silk Blouses that bids fair to outdo any recent offering in our Waist Section. See the Waists. Classified'iito Bring results. Cose only Ic a word. Tliree Generations of Women, For three generations women of this country have used and recommended to their children and children's "children the use of that famous old. root and herb remedy, Lydia 13. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, until today it is recognized everywhere as the-standard remedy for woman's ilis. It contains no narcotics or harmful drugs; is made from roots and herbs ot the fiold under tie most sanitary condition, and any woman suffering from s'ucb. ailments should be sure to give it a trial.--Adv. Bowman 3i!olonald Knlists. Bowman McDonald, son of Attorney and Mrs. D. W. McDonald, enlisted today in the navy. ANDREW 0. BBAL. MEYERS-DALE, June 18.--Andrew \ 0. Beai of Sand Patch, died Sunday j following a stroke of paralysis whicii he suffered Friday. Mr. Beai was one of the most prominent and best known men in Larimer township and for a number of years had been the postmaster at Sand Patch, where he also conduced a general store. The funeral will be heid "Wednesday morning, leaving the house at 9.30, going to the Hosteller church ia Greenville, where the services will be held at j 10.30, with Elder Silas Hoover officiating. Besides h:s widow, Mr. Bea.1 is survived by tie following children: j George and Charles Beai, Mrs. George H. Benford and Mrs. C. H. Schockey, of ileyersdale; Mrs. J. V7. Madore, Unionlown; ^Jr5. R. M. Lynch, Pittsburg, and Misses Lydia, Gertrude and Grace at home. JOHN HAGGERTY. John Haggcrty, 76 years old, a resident of Dawson virtually al] of his life, died yesterday afternoon at 2.15 o'clock at his home following a lingering illness. Funeral from tho house Thursday morning at 8.30 o'clock and at 9 o'clock requiem high mass will be celebrated at Sacred Heart Catholic church. Interment in the Cath- olic cemetery at Dawson. Mr H gerty is survived by his widow' an family of children, including j Haggerty, Jr., a well known Ba more Ohio passenger engineer Raphael Haggerty, stationed at Ca Lee, Petersburg, Va., and now he on a. furlough. SHAKE iNTO YOUR SHOES AUcu's Foot-Ease, the nntiwjptfc powder 10 be shaken into tho ehoes and sprinkled, in the foot- b«fi. 1 ha Pltutsljarg Ciunp Manual adyioes rc*a in training to use Foo'.-fiaacin tlieirelioes $Hch morning, it prev«n la bUattra and sore spots ant* rclievia painful, an-oi^n.siriArtincfecC and Uikca wKSfittn^outorcorus jmd baniona. A certain reluf for eweaUns, catlooa. tired, ftchiQjj feet. · PICTUBE OX Graduates in Caps and Gowns Can Seen in Hetecl's Window. The picture of the graduating c' taken in caps and gowns on Satur in front of the hi-ga school, has t placed on display in the windon Roy Hetzcl's drug store. The clas 75 students is grouped on the bi steps in front of the new high seh The picture is the first to bo ta with (ie new building as a backere and the effect Is excellent

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