The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 17, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1918
Page 8
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S. ·'' ?AG'E' EIGHT. DAIL.Y COiSfNELLS"VXLX,El. PA. MONDAY, JTOE 17, 1918. EVEY PRECAUTION I TAKEN TO PROTECT f MEN ON TRANSPORTS *~~' . s^r .. iJSUhiboiate Safety System Siir- rOBDds Troops Erery Minute of Voyage. iWORTH IS ESTABLISHED pi So Better Testimonial to tb« Efficiency HJv'' ot the Plan Followed Co»W Be (Si'.. Ghren Tlioa iae Jtoveiaent of Ncjurly S--,i 3Hn»» aien ia Salety i» France. ON THE TRAIL OF-THE GERMAN U-BOATS " .' . By Associated Press. vVASHINGTON, June 17.--No great- r care' and secrecy could attend the of royal "Jewels than is ob- l in shipping American troops to j ·jTi France. To safeguard bis boys, Uncle I | Sam takes every possible precaution, ' fp-trom the time they embarfc until the p." transport has reached its destination. hKHe leaves no loophole for the ma- |-^;"cbli»tions of enemy agents. An- : :£ :i tujuncement of General March that fyfSOOJMO have been sent across testifies £'-to the ·ffldency of the system. £·?:" Usually, as a result of this etebo- .t'-.-rate~ protecUre system, the trip trom f'"An Atlantic Port" to the French or iSlEogllsB port, as the case may be, is !?ijaiM|irkably .uneven ttnl. All elements Sof dinger have been to carefully an- vcacSp«t«J tb« the risk is reduced to S'ttie knrtet minimum. . . |-:'.': tJnUl the troope and civilian passen- fegsis iBve readied the pier they do not toenr the n«me of their ship. It '·V is' only a wombs! to them. On the p'racaiBr tM»p*ipe it is difficult for jf;:'aehrflten. nnlOE h» is engaged In war £Twor£ to secore*.passage. Those who t^iniMNVe to-do- so-are subjected to close ffi-'scniitaT, and their credentials and (t-MociEftO acre thoroughly examined. ;'" Embarkation often begins several S~ l*f before the transport sails. All good-is-3 hwe been said before the K: troop* start for the ship. No reJa-. jf tire or friend may aecompaiiy ttem F to the/pier. This rale applies to the as veil aa to the men. .Once aboard, there they remain, no Chicago Vessels ot tbe American nary ot all Kinds are scouring tbe sea tor Hie German submarines that are raiding along the Atlantic coast. Some of tile laryer' vessels carry observation balloons like the one here seen ascending from the battleship Utah. Prom these balloons the U-boats can be-seen-when submerged. BED SATJOSAL LEAGUE. Yesterday's Eesnlts. No games; aU teams in East. Standing of the Clata. ·: shore . comiramication. being permit-j New York ted.. ******* regulation imposes no hard" Jitp other (ban inactivity. Until all r\- troop* bar* been assigned to quarters (^ aad organization has been effected, the '»! own are left pretty much to" their own. V- devices. .?· - -No restriction is placed on writing, : and bags are kept open for soldiers' ^ mall op to ahnoet the hour of raffing. ;! This pririlege gives many a chance J to. get off neglected letters and post*, cards, although these, as a matter ot 7 of precaution, are. not put into the j mails until the ship has passed through the submarine zone. ' The troops also take advantage of an arrangement devised by the gov- ·; eminent for the sending of "sale ar: rival" messages. Telegrams or post'" cards advising family and friends that the writer has made the trip in safety may be prepared in advance, and left " la charge of the authorities at the port of sailing. As soon as iwrd is received by cable of tte ship's arrival · cm the other side, the telegrams and cards are released to. O\t vires and malli. Not only is nrach tima saved by" this" pJan, bnt the soldiers are spared the high cost of catting from . . . . ,'With..the. exception of the ship's ·MCttttves and .the officers in military command, no one aboard knows the Tom fixed for sailing, and this become* a favorite topic for speculation imon« ti« men. But finally the Jaet iwldUr has come up--the gangplank .··ad the last piece of freight has been ; stowed away. A busy little tug ap- 'gwn alongside' and-begins to nose the TeiMl like a terrier investigating ;»; (reyhpand. , ! , Saddmly there is a blast from the ^ship's whistle, and then are enacted .vi'^few details of "the-familiar scene whi«h before tbe war was witnessed whenever, a transatlantic liner left iu :pler. .The comparison, however, is ; «itremely Itmited. .The call of 'Ad iMhore that are goto* ashore" affects '·only * few stevedores and perhaps an .official or two, who more leisurely off. *Cv°Wbtt excitement there is is con- '4n*! to tho*e on the ship. There is ·ijOB« on the nier for the reason that '(lt_l* now empty and Its great doors f'ign closed. Only a blank wnll looms ithierev |ri;On deck the movement, instead ot ibelng toward the transport's rails, is i»way from them. Orders have been fiiven'for the troops to go to their Quarters; so that when the ship is :'leiLving: harbor no uniform may he jyiiibl* to any prying eyes on shore. ,V. Slowly- the big vessel is coaxed by flie~ tug into the stream, and majesti- i«tfly she gets under way. A few ^Svilian passengers, to the envy ot !ot*Acers"and men, hang over the rails 'iut~~watch' the city's skyline Jade J;f Soon "the" port is only a blur in a JveiJ" of mist. · It is' safe rjoir for the Itroops to appear'. They rush out on ;deck, boyishly eager for'the sight-- ·fstrange to - many---of the open sea, it-glance is cast toward (be vagrne. It8« on -the horizon that is homo j When-they turn and peer forward into ' Jhe- mystery o£ the unknown, toward 85s -scene of the great adventure-- O»er there. Boston Cincinnati Philadelphia St. I/oois Pittsburg Brooklyn -23. 20 _20 27 Pet. .702 .667 .469 .469 .435 ASS .426 Sour stomach, clogged trp pimples, blackheads, foal breath, are evils of constipation. HoHister's Booty Mountain Tea regnlates the bowels, purifies the stomach, expels decay matter from system. Nature's wondrous herhs. Positive results. 85c. Tea or tablets. Ccamellsville Drus; Co.--^Adv. For Officers in the Service or For Men at Work at Home The unitonns we supply have the flt, the "hang," the quality that is all important to the men who wear then). We doubt if any other store in the Coke Region has been called upon so often for uniforms oE various kinds anu has so unfailingly made good. Single or entire staff orders respectfully solicited. ARKT OFFICERS ·SOSPHAL ATTUXDAXTS FOIICE CAJtMEJT HOME GUARDS 3WJSJCIAKS The Store That Gives Gold Bond Stamps WRIGHT- METZLER COMPANY -J9 23 :3961 Today's Sdiedde. PJttabnrg at Philadelphia. St Louis at Boston (2). Chicago at Brooldyn. Cmdnnati at New York. AKBEICA2T r«4«nJ»j'5 Results. Cleveland, 4; Philadelphia, 2.. New Tork, 5; Detroit, 2. Chicago, 3; Washington, 0. St. Loms, 2; Boston, 1. Stendbg of ttc dabs. W. L. Pet. Boston 33. 22 .600 New York _ Cleveland -Chicago St. Loiiis Washington PMJadelphia Detroit -30 22 .577 -30 25 .545 -26 22 .5-12 pARAMQUNTTHEATRE --TODAY ASS TOMOEBO'W-- "The Unbeliever" AN EDISON SUPBll-PEATUIlE BASED ON THE BOOK "THE THREE THINGS." THE GREATEST STORY THAT THE WAR HAS PRODUCED--BY MARY RAYMOND SHJPMAN ANDREWS, FEATURING RAYMO.VD M-KEE AND MAEGUERITB COLTITOT, SHOWING- U. S. MARINES IN ACTION. THE GREATEST PICTURE SDICE "THE BIRTH OF A NATION." AT.SO A KEYSTONE COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. -- TVEDXESDAT-- BLUE BIED PRESENTS FBANEZ.7N FAKNUM IN "$5,000 REWARD" ADAPTED FROnt THE STORT-- "MT ARCADIAN TVTFE"-- LOVE FORCES CONFESSION. A DRAMA IN 5 ACTS. ALSO A GOOD COSCEDY IN 2 ACTS. -25 25 .500 -26 23 - .473 -J3 31 .380 -J7 30 .362 01 - WIAI ^nr ' T»*rT's Schedule, "Washington at Chicago. New fork at Detroit Philadelphia;at Cleveland. Boston at St. Louis. Jap Marines landed. TOKIO, June 17.--Japanese marines -were landed on Sunday at Swa- tow, a treaty port of China and a center of the sugar industry, 225 miles northeast of Canton. According to an official announcement issned hern today the Japanese marines -were sent ashore because of the disturbed conditions at the Chinese port. V To* Want Advertise for it in our classified column. One cent a word. Patronize tboM wbo Mbrertiac. TONIGHT AT BEDTIME If you feel out-of-sorts, run-down or "aJl : in"- trom over-exertion, or If -you are c-onatipated, or your liver Is out of order, take BLISS NATIVE HERB TABLETS la severe 'cases of sick headache or rheumatism pains,, two tablets ms.y be taken. You will get-up next morning: feeling- very much better. BLISS NATIVE HERB TABLETS act gently but .effectively on the kidneys. liver and'bowels. One box contains 200 tablets, costs Jl, and usually lasts six months. Get the g-en- ^-^ ulne. and look for trade mark tjHl on each box. ' 'G?' Sold by A. A. 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JACK ROOF'S PRETTY BABIES COMPANY The SIiow TJint Pleased the ladies--By Special Bequest Will Remain for the Pirst 3 Days of This "Week. --TODAY-The Merry Musical Farce "THE MANAGER'S TROUBLES" Featuring Joe Fields and Gus Hoff, Dru Bex and Bnth Maitland, Helen Grim, The Pretty Babies Trio and Girls' Quartet and a Giagcry Chorus. The Community Jewelry Shop, 100-102 South Pittsburg street wish to announce they will sell by auction their entire stock and fixtures. The stock consists of Diamonds, Watches, Wrist Watches, Rings, Silver and Jewelry of every description. Positively nothing reserved. Auction commences Wednesday, June 19, at 2 P. M. and 7 P. 31. and continuing every day at the same hours, until all the goods are soid. We are going to enlarge our store, in addition to our line of jewelry. It will be impossible for us to keep open while the contractors are remodeling. Here is your opportunity to purchase any article at your own price. Beautiful souvenirs given away each afternoon and evening. Watch Papers For Opening Announcement.

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