The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 3, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY (.'(JUKI HJK, MONDAY, MARCH 3, I!) 3 THK COfntKR CO., PubUHhero. HBNRY P. SKSTDSR, PresMenl a n d K d i t o r , 1879-1016. MRS. K, M. SNYIKR, 1'rcsWenl, 1UIO-IU22. Pre JAM£3 .1. DHIS'JOIJ* i c l p u t and General Manager, V. C. BDMUNIJSON, Vlee-IYealfli-nt. MISS R. A. DONTSGAN, Secretary ami Treasurer. JOHN U CANS, WA-LTEtt S. City Editor. M I S S LYNXK H. KINCBUU Society MTSMBKU or n Newspiipev Publishers Assoc-.atlon, A u d i t B u r e a u of Circulation. Pennsylvania Ncn-spaper Publishers Association, Two c * n t H per .:opy: 50c por m o n t h ; jr., 00 ppr «iu- by mail U paid In advance. I2f, per weok I y carrier. K n t c r M as second claos m a t t e r at the OonneilsviUo. MONDAY KVI.MM;. plan of getting a still earlier start would bo agreeable, and possible to be practiced, or w h e t h e r keopli.i; !he clock at standard time and 3 -aving the changed hours excluFlv* ly to business housen and i n d u s t r i a l es-- tahlishnients, It. would be dcstrabla to know before any general change in customs is undertaken. The K»noral objection of farm people to the method now u vojjuo in some cities Is that they must gcc Into town in mid-afternoon, before I b e farm work for the day has been finished, In order to do tbeii s h o p p i n g before the closing; hour at the stores arrives. This often is a .erious inconvenience to the f a r m s hedule and its actual effect IB to pre'. e-nt us fre- q u e n t visits to. town as might o U i e r - , wise Ixi desirable. ! The tarmor has become- too i m p o r t ant a factor in the bus - . R O M S life rf the community to be di.irosa.rdnd in any plan that would re ult in a disarrangement of his working, hours. Another valuable sug; es-tion of Mayor Minerd is that the change would bo conditioned upon T ' n i o n t o w n , ScottdaJe and Mount ; 'leas;,nl making tho same arrangement. The des i r a b i l i t y of Rcncral agreement «n the proposition is o l ' v i o u t . PoopU- who visit sections; u r i n ? r the i ' , - u - rncr where the cloel -moving p l n n is in operation are f a m i l i a r wit's the inconvenience and confusion t h a t is, experienced. We wip wish, nhovf all things, to avoid similar t'Oiidit.t'ns here, but Mayor Mi-.erd's; plan if made a community ord r, w o u l d o b v i a t e many if not all of the*: d i f l l c u l t i e s . Mayor Mlnord .-i not u n a l t e r a b l y committed to tho plan, hut i n t e n d s m in our secure cipresfiio't of sentirornt before final action is taken. H is d'-- sirable, therefor ·, t h a t the reactlm of all RTonpa of citizens who aro interested should he made k n o w n promptly. THK KAW \caif(ST t'NTlU K, DKHOOAT* 'B V STATKM ENTS. 'Po make it U!I p l a i n e r to persons disix»ed to n ake or circulate, or to aid or counse; others to make or circulate, any H afcmom intended 10 in- j u r e any tin m e t a l i n s t i t u t i o n --f !he C o m m o n w e a ' f h of P e n n s y l v a n i ' i , the severity of he p e n a l t i e s provided by law in H U C ' I cafie-. 1 !, The Courier di- W H A T OTHERS THINK C O N S ELLS VtLLK. Those c i t l z i - n s who havo beon wont HI I'omplain u b o u t the stores of Conn B l I s v i l l e , f i e extent, variety and ( l u a l i t y ot the stocks, and services rendered by our m e r c h a n t s , ] havo been -.-ather mildly rebuked 1y a woman f r o m a distant city m a n y times the iiKc of ConneHsvUle, who has, suppii-.x! The Courier with very pertinent, ilmely and pointed observations that were prunrpiwi by her experiences hero on Dollar Days. That she- f o u n d much to commend staves, the bargains that were heir duality and price, and 7,-as a t t r a c t e d by the beauty of our rhurche.-. and (he n a t u r a l surround- i n p s of he t o w n , and t h a t all of these t h i n g s an- "much tn the credit of the town ·[ Connel!«ville." w h e n compared n-Hh larger places, ought to stir ouv own people to a feeling of pride in what we have. That feeling ought to impel us to Kreai'-r appreciation of and more Intense- loyally to Coniiellsville, its establishments and institution*. These s h o u l d bo made the objects of our interested concern, knowing, as wo do, t h a t t h e i r success Is vital to tha wel'are, prosperity and happiness of our people. The testimony v o l u n t a r i l y given by this woman from a distant. cUy re- c a l l s that giver, by others who have become residents here after living in larger places, and o p p o r t u n i t y ban b.M'.n given their, to contrast our K-hools with those of t h e i r . f o r m e r homes cities aud towns. In a n u m b e r af instances the new residents havo been so favorably inaprr-sB^d by t'no c h a r a c t e r of the school w o r k being done here, and the progress their children make as s t u d e n t s , that, they very f r e e l y express t h e i r a d m i r a t i o n to teachers and friend* of tho schools. Fur instance, a f o r m e r resident of ii M i c h i g a n city, recently said that the schools of Connellsville are far 1 advanced over those of tho peninsula state. Another, f r o m Yo'.mgstown, O,. and ii t h i r d from New York City, hav borne- eloquent t e s t i m o n y to the superior excellence of our schools and their m a n a g e m e n t as contrasted vrl'.h the more populous centers which have been their former homes, A w o m a n who attended an educational conference in Ohio recently reports that one- of the Inalruc'.orE j is but one safe course to pursue-- urgcd the teachers of that state: tc j regulate your conv«rat-.on BO t h a t Qngress Asked to Protest Religious Persecution Which Prevails in Russia Police intercepting a woman Communist in the disturbjyice which broko out in City Hal! Park, New York City, following f i e call which a committee of the Trade Union Unity League mad* at, fche Mayor's office. Tlu- representative* of tha league, which is a Communist organiy.*t.ion, announced their intention of domain ingr un reliof. HAWC frtoa»s I , i«eanr VS/HY DOMT Hop? ELVSTN SMrw- NOAM » DOES A STARTT, AND (5.UN NVHSN THE At-AftAI P5IN«»S7 JOHN (RpuLD Moaaiv/Lts PA 1 i I "I nil il I I i i · in, · · ira iir» AL.V3 NOAH'S- IF THE PiSTOAJ , SHOULD THK MOTOJt, 15 TH« THE CCl-t-B*. To YOU**NUM«KOLUON MOTIONS" TO CABS THIS ...PAP-JIB. In support of his resolution which j Soviet, government fell, itself Joel a res that "the persecution and th ·» enough entrenched or po««ibly resort to let loote l,h persecution ami K? last, as n K of to a n n i h i U t n all forms of rolisious belief. The fact ia that there is an irrepre«- «ib)o conflict between In* principles advocatwl by communism and a in God. OomimmtetK boaet of lxinR atheists, and take pride in waging 'Jrar outrages which have been inflictrd upon the Christian and Jewish KU' jocts of Soviet Rmsfiia, who desire joacefuiy to -worship Clod According to ,he dictates of conscience, is an oJ- to h u m a n i t y , anl that the seizure and diversion of Chris inn. chtirche« and Jewish «yn»go«w* to griouVs purposes, and the rese- cration of burial grounds, aiv r e - j "Tbo attack of the Soviet goTern- pugnant to the ideate of civilize*! na- ment is no/, merely against the RUH- Uonts," Representative Fish of fiarri- soe, New York, recently addressed the House OK follows: "That tho Oo»gr«fls of tho United Stat*H o-f Amorica oxtonds ita syiopatliy to the iere(xnited Christiana and J«WB in HuHaia, iind la d-osirout; and willing to cooperate with other na'jons of tho world in offortH to tht» R-uesian Soviet govorninent t/ put an cixl to r-oliglouH persecutions ami th-e Coiigrc«8 -views with satisfaction tho ooncertod and united purpofi-c of ·p-eople of all reunions f a i t n i j in tho clijUrc!/ or the Russian clergy, b u t against Got! and upon all who profeisf religious boliofe. The Communist party began, in 1929, a rckintlese cam ·paign to uproot and destroy not only the Ortlxxiox Russian church but every semblance of r-eligiotiB belief among JOWH, Catholics and Protestants, including the Baptiets who have been proloctod u n t i l recently by the Soviot government. Up to the laf-f, 'year the Communists did not interfere ·with tho religious beliofa beyond circulating propaganda agalnat religion. "That it !a the further 8':n»o of the Congrces of the United Sta jos that thp recognition of the Unior of Soviet Socialist lleiHibllos by tho United State* of America is n-compaUbte with th-e traditions and inatHutioo of (,he people of th« United States, until religious p«raecotkn in t h a t country shall have ceased. "The persecution ecteting today Unitexl States to protest ajainfit the j The era of propaganda is at an enl denial of religious liberty in Knssia. j and thor*.exista Usday determined' militant pers-acution of prie#U» and rabbifi whch is increasing rapidly through- OUT- iillHrfiiel. "Articte 121 of the Soviet Criminal Code, adopted In 1922, provides that instruction of children and-minors in reHgkmH teachings of farth In State or private educational iuKtitutioiifs and schools is pureisliaJjlo"by hard-labor up to one year. This has been followed up recently by forbidding the teaching of religion to children hy pri-estB or ministers and by active atheistic instruction in th« public echool«. Tho schools np to last year were free from antireligioufi propaganda, but now ar« veritable hotbede of atheism. Orders have gone forth recently to teachers in all public schools requiring them to instruct the school children of Ruesia hatred of God end of all fortnf of; religion and disobedience and con for their own parents if the; rects attention to the text, of the Act of Assemb'y that was approved by Crovernor iklwiri S. Stuart, A p r i l '2.?,, 1009. The penal section of this Ac', is as foil' w»: 'Section 1. Be It enacted, kc^ that an \ person who shall make, utter, Ireulate, or transmit to anothes or Ui«rH» any statement tntruc In fact, dcroj^atorj to the financial condition of any hank, banking bonsc, bankln; corap.'uiy, Lnist company comp my, jniaruntP* title Insnca-ncf company, or oh- er financial institution In this Commonwealth, with i n t e n t Jo In- jurr any such financial liisl!tu- Hoii; «r who Khali couriKei, aid, prtM'nre, or lnlnce another to orihuite, ffiake, uttor, trmi! mil, or drculatii! any such .state'.ncnt. or rumor, w i t h like Inte-nt--shall b guilty of H misdemeanor, and, u »on convf.c.tion thereof, shall be punished hy a fine of not more f t a n live thousand dollars- (|."i,, 100), and by I m p r l N o n i n r n t »t 'innl lalto;/' for a term not exceeding five () years." Tho carO'tul perusal of this section h urged wpori Jill por.'fons who i n i y t'ot be 'awaro of the- peril :.hcy are iiivlUnjf for themselves »hen 'hey houghtl«*ifi!y give currency to a derogatory rumor or u n t r u t h effecting a financial l:uUtutlon thr.t may bu Snoopers Arouse Senators' Ire When They Spy on Them Rut Do IS'ot Care llnv Much They Wiitch Movements of 1'rivato Citizens. REGULAR CHECK ON PERSONAL HEALTH "The niari vrlio ha hi« watch ami culticH if thoy Are not caught in titno. chtn;! ad at regular in- i "The fact that you are young, or ia th-fi prime of life, doca not cxeuee you from the nxxl for aa annual health examination. A study of the first 400 persona who reported to the Boston Dispensary, showing that 79 per cent showed definite phyei-cal dofecta, UmepS(XM« and ca s," ho addeds, "tratifihowed also that most of tho persons tervuli but f a i l e to ;ive his lxdy the «anie opjxirlunity S; a poor enconocn- i«t," F«y« D?, (!, O. -iapplngton, Di-rec- tof of Public (ealth Division of this National Safe y Council. "Spar? f.arifi c* i be bought for against men, women and children for maintaining th-oir fo.ith in God has had no equal aince th« Tlr ; rty Years War aBl the martydom of the Russian people for their religious convictions concerns every Chrfedan nation and aJl people who reverence and worship God," «aid Mr, Fteh. "I do not dispute the right of the Soviets to establteh any form of government and to ga^ern the Iluseian people isnthout int/-rferOTce of otber nations, but when K comes to a tion of the destruction of all churches aixl religion* ijwtiluUon^ and the exe- cotion, imprteonni :nt and exile of priests t.h« whole world stande agh.aet and rightly prot usts against such borbaritie*, and t-aat sentiment ebould be- proclaimed throughout every civilized country," h * continued. "Tbere 8bould be no eurpriso at thio sudden eruption of the flames from a communistic volcano that has been stout In t«iaaporarlly until their the inipartcd to them b- another, or which w a r ( j they themselves may originate. There' By OH A HMOS P. STKWATtT, Central Press Stuff W r i t e r . WASHINGTON, March :.!.---Govern- 1 nifHi. s IKK'per s can snoop to their heart*' c o n t e n t , f o r u!l the Senate (·.arf%s, so lont; ;i.-., ;hcy snoop ex- c h i s S v t - l y n; p r t v , ' ( t ' ' ' i t i z o i i ! - ' . anI sh'ict'y r f - f r a i n f r u r n mi»o!;ns' m :mv SenatorK. R u l if-t ;v S r - n a t o r y.'.ifT«vi. :i--- is bo- inj; Knoopo*! en, a:;«l how h-- h ' ' ! f r f i ' W h e n , a i i al ( h o Pinno ' i m o prcsont. p r a c t i c i t l l y t h i - e n ' i r e :* Her, ators KI-I t h e c.omplc-x. riit-h i h u t K O V - errU sti'ioporw are on his t r a i l . !w!k-v; ( b.»co rne, tin- Hi-nate oflico I v i i i d i n s is no j . m safo p l ; t ' « for a si ran? "r t.i v i ' n t u r n 1 -, ) r i n t o ; one of SorKfiunl-E.I-ATtnH Uarii! | ) n u y K. Barry's jvntl-snoopiri.A fly cop." i:i j liab'e to B!HV, him any r n ' . i i u t p , a: ; pror.aution -and i n v t ' - s t i f j a l o a f t i ' thero ;iro no span- parts for the body." au« of high standards are reporting were young or mlldte-aged. "More than 80 per cent of those i)-Tiodic ,ioalth exjiminfitlona' persons thought themselves well. an a yearly hai t for all persone,; "It is strange but true," says Dr. · whether th"y ha o a definite compaint [ Sapptngton, "that most of us know e ' or ii'H J good deal more atwut the condition of : "A periodic r-;iHh eiAjnination i s , our automobile than we do about our ' n-.rr-;Iy ,i scion' .fie uppmi^al of the : bodies. · I'.abiw, f u i i r t i o ! s and jo«si!!« defects j "Your health flhonld be pat on a i ( i u a i . Il ftuniA np tho i hnsiness haeis by laying out a budget ,dvte«! a work- for yonr physical and mental upkeep, to tho imiivi-1 A health ex'aminAfion is n-eceesary omx a year. It is an investment of at ' mr p i o p n i m iniaptcd 'H tu:«!ff. Mi 101- dt'U and bad habits oastly « 4ssUi; litshed without your he- 'ij; ·«n. ti ;iou*i of them," the doc- -antionf "Thoso minor affection* o;i«l!y grow into serious diffl- which JK one should fail to make." Tho railroadfi are among the- forefront of those industries that are con- b-Uuitly studying raethods to improve the health of employee. World Lacks Great Orators; Loquacity Supersedes Thought "Bryan h*s paeeod away, Coolidge is silent. Hooker read« from a document, and de*sp»tf L,loyd George, despite Borah, dospite Briand and other oratorical tueliocritee, there is no longer a Cicero to be heard." Tirua W. Wilson, once a member attempt to maintain, the faith jjl the-r fath«rs. Not only is th-e doc^ine -)f anti-Cbriet mcd« mandatory in t i e pubHc schools, but immorality a n d vice arc brazenly taught and practiced among young children. "Mtiltitti(i«s of Russian Jewish rabbis, Zionists, priests and Prote«tant mtnistere are being arrested and on flimsy chsrg-ea oxiled to Siberia, if they are- not secretly executed. "Are the people of the Unltod Htates to continue silent any longer on those ath«istic attacks of the CXm:auniet regime !a Rtieeia a^aitust Christian and -Tewiah religions? It IB truo, while we claim no right to interfere with the internal affairs o£ Soviet RUJ - sia which we have v»ry properly refused to recognize, there ar«! higrher laws of humanity and God w h i c h are' the foundations of civilization. "TJB« of tb-; Unitei r n a k e . i i to the schools of Con w o l l s v l l l e to seo in a c t u a l operuMo. certain teaehiiiK molluKls t h a t wer ·; u n d e r discussion, b u t . had not bet ;i applied in the Huckeyts State, Me-i i- berB of the graduation class Ji.t t 10 Teacher'?-, ('ollege at Galit'orrsi i );-st year .spent several days in iusjfiK:t/un of school work in Kaywtte ( otu ty. K e t u r n i n g to t h e i r sc/hool they reported that t h e "most p r o f i t a b l e "url of their visit was tho timo spen in the schools of OoimellBVilte." M a n y other i n s t a n c e s could be Red t h a t havi.: called f o r t h i - q u a l l y f ivor- able connneiitH by visitors on some phase of l i f e or activities in C o n u e l i s - vlile. Surely, i£ strangers an t h u s impressed, o u g h t not we o be ashamed of our own complaints, ·winnings aud faultfindings about things that o t h e r people iimt to be so w o r t h y of commendation, praise and approval'.' U . V Y L H J H T SAVISO UY A SI NS1ULK AND NATURAL MKTHOI*. · Tho ;s,isg-o»t,lon of Muyoi II. D. M i n e r d , that, the working hours during tho summer months 1-cgin one- hour earlier in tho m o r n i n g and end by the same urrangomen an hour earlier in tho afternoon, v ill provide all tho advantages clainv«l £.11- the HO-callcd system of "(liiyli^nt raving" by the o n l y sensible n i u l natural method the system can t-e 3niployot'. II. will do a w a y with ?.he- Hilly d;- vico of niovlng the cloci.s :thead o/id w i l l prevent the c o u f t i s i j u '·vhich re- Bull.s from two time st tnctards. G!o- Ing to work ut 7 o'clue! in tho int. ruing by .standard t i m e i- precisely the same as moving the cl-ick ahead one hour and going to wo k at. S o'c.ock us indicated by the t ; rao pieces have been changed. Some may gain the Unpre aiou. they gaining another hou 'H sloop ir morninj;' by the changed clock they iiro merely deli ding thorns .' n e i t h e r you n n r the '.icrson w i t h whom you converse w i l l become U- able, to the stiff peruilticfi of t h i s Act. . IXC'OMF TA.X. ..... .. A Net lxss in Trade or Business, j w l i o r e i h c k t y h o i e h;.d Provision ifi made in the revenue act which jilknva a taxjiayer "who sustains a net IOHK in a t:'a«io or Iweiness regularly carried on by him to d-oduct the amount, of «uch not IOSK when cootjiuting hi« not income for the succeeding Uixahle yoiir, and if .such loss Is in exce«H f thu income for that year, tho excess may be carried over ami deducted In computing tho not income for tho next succeeding taxable y«ar. When eomputiiif; a net leas u n d e r this provision ot the act there may bo included loflses f r o m the cxilo of real ! the !ni; la; alarm. ; j P u r h n p s he had rnusoa for beiu-v-.n:'. j I ... ( ^ , . . , . . . ' . ' UK Uio door, irorn h t s p n v a ' - J i i n t o ilio c-orridjir, he f o u n d a. [ m;ui w i t ! OIK.' eye t i l v n i t i n p l a c e · n an in -w ill ' prcviou.-ily. The: M - ' - o w n v - r jvovod ! to bo art!Hd, too, b u t t h a i w a s i-x- ' p l a i n e d on t h e i. r ,rtiu!i'l «f hi.; dauus as HI; oflif.'ial i u v c s r i : ' ; i U r , of w l i i c h the Ciipltol .truani w ! i « , \v;is s u m n T i i j c / t l i Kijtisfiod h i i u s t ' i f , r a " p i i i ' - h " \v-.mlij I h(iv(» been in o r d ' - r . | NcvcrtliL-'.t'SK, I t i i ' inciil''!,'. mad-. 1 I Si-nalor Wln;c-Icr Being a Bride in Cb na Is a Trying Ordeal for Victim Then Bc.-nutor W i l l i a m 10, Bor.ih d«- cidi'd t h a t . In- n i s ' i wan a n of olhc-r ;tt!at(ir« i o l - J o m p ! i i i n t s f n lowed. . . . ,. ,, . : F i n a l l y Sr ; niU,r .fjimos K. Wataon, wtate, mncWncrj-, and othor capital | u , f , Scnate . s n l n j o r ; , y s, : »| t w, rU.HAin.l- Tho H' itus of a Chin-ewe bride; is not · in e n v i .blj one. Hut n h c hoars it itcicall;- . knowning that evontually she w:!l lie a rnotlKH'-in-law and ontiticd to ;iv« f g« honsolf in t u r n upon soin« l u c K l i i .i tjrhia for indlgnltlf.s she now j t i u f f u r 1 Priuccst* Dor I i l h i ! *\ writer MiiRazlno., j .iKiti'. p i c t u r e -fit' liouu- faslii juxl China. Td · y o u n g brid« m u n i arise in tho iiior ing at tho same time the horde ot sen iritM ri«c. 't'hifs in b«causj she mil' '- make hr«elf roa-dy to .supervise hro ,kfi) for mother-in-law, fathor-in- lav and brothers and ttistcre-iu-law. o£ the British parliament, now an America! journalist and widely-known public s) eaker, laments what ho terms the dea'h ot oratory, In an article written for the current North A.meri- iiif; w r i t i t i R in KIV:« an iuti- l i f e in old- are t h e i ut J3y actual time they got up otie h o u r oarller. btit at tho s; me hour th i persona arise who h: ve chungec 1 the s t a r t l u j ; t i m e of th - l r day's w rk in- f cluingl-ng t h e i r ulockr. Heforc there is ormal ucKpUon of tho iii-.,v method, as ;\ltx i 'or Mlncrd suggests, it is pi iposetl to carefully canvas the heads of business houses and I n d u s t r i a l os-abllshrn feeling out of si in the adjacent H- bo overlooked. u n a l t o r a h l y o(' «avtnK by i h o They ilready havo a long assets uswl in the. trade or "business, but does not it-elude loafi-ee arising from tra-n«actiori6 not, connected w i t h the busineefl except to th-e extent of the amount of grose Income derived from such outsW-e tranaactiona. Thai IB, if. an iriiivkiual had a tuxahlo income from ou'^kie eourc-es of $2,000, a»d susttvined a net lo«s from his tviuio or businos-s of $S,000, awl aleo allowahle deductiona out«Wj of hi« business of $1,000, for 1928, ho would he allowed to carry over $8,000 as a deduction in computing nte net income for 19.'i9. j c-! an iuv(-st.lf?atiin. ho r o i a x a t i n u i n patrol f.stablifihcd Light By Garbed Prayer Lands Under Scrutiny ST. LOUIS, March A middle- aged man, clad in und-crwear and u Jacket, hold tip traffic, here, when he decided t o kneel and eay his prayers In the middle of a street car track. H-e said ho decided to pray and that ho wats in the middle of the tracks* when the decision etru-ck him. He was placed in an observation waixi at the city hospital. utiiu "Meteor" Is Elusive. ST. LOUIS, March 3--St. Louis detectives have fnihxi to find trace of an ob"ject that .attracted the entire "meteor" leavin;: a trail of was seen p l u n g e earthward sleuths warn u n a b l e t o fiml T for Bargains 7 he advertlftlng (x!umiLs kurl«r. aunoum-ixl that, tin.- i m n i i r y had f a i l e d t o reveal any j u s i t i / i c a t i i i i i for s h e scnre. 1-lowov^r, t h o r p has bet n no t h o r o u i j i i n c H K ^if t.h'o j titnn b\' Ker- | goiint-at-ArrnB Barry it.i l l u : 3enut.n | fillice b u i l d i n g lobbies » n l h a l l w a y s . Folk who doulit tins; c u n Lost it for themselves by outcriiip. ;inrt l o a f i n g about for a few i-;ecnnd; in a s l i g h i i y stiKpiciousi m a n n e r . A r n i c a anil i.lcril i/.cd* bandages are to bo h;ii at th pharmacy (Uagonally iicrotsJ* i t s .Capitol i!nxa, * * * As one would expect, wot S?nalr -s attribute t h e s n o o p i u p e p i d e m i c to t itt '18tli A m e n d m e n t . Stune ilry Senati" -ti, who have been a t t a c k i n g gov- -u- ment'fj enforceraetit org;uji?atioi!, I .ce- wisc blame ( l i e p r o h i b i t i o n ad mi iia- t ration. U n r i u c H t i o n a h l y the wrt-aru" dry s i t u a t i o n haa .served to keep the espionage sysloni up to K . i f l i c i e n t pro- portlons not even to hes'.taiu at lack- ling Senators, hut it appears to havo arrived at a f o r m i d u h l e -scale- i r i g i n a l l y a.K a war lev-elopniont. Certain o£ Iho e x e c u t i v e epart- mouts evidently formed t h e lui! it the-n of relying on secret agents' : arvlces to an extent w h i c h they nev r have since. u t c'aamber hy tho ears?, as in the pr ;-sont instance--ilespUu Senator V at.aon's rcassurauf.-cs. The Senators can contemplate t looping on oUuTK q u i t e tolortintly, ' u t t h e y rosc-nt it violently in t h e i r .wo iffico b u i l d i n g . Abe Martin Spying on sselei ted fe 1 public men may bo safe in an o caaiona! emergency, especially if the · happen to be temporarily u n p o p u l a r --such as the late Senator LaFollettK · u r i n g the war, or Senator Whoeler, w icn a plot was h a t c h e d to "t'rdrne" h m for his oil - a o t l v i t i c B . It is not, so cert-'iln th;r it is judicious to Fc-t v i r t u a l l y tho whole Scii- The bride prepares h«reelf, dresses carefully, then goea to the kitchen to mako euro that the food is ready and prope-rly cooked. Well she knows that if things arts wrong she, a^ the bride, umst account to the mother-in-law fbr derelictions. When all is re«ly the Number One Boy goes to the door of master's and mtetreen' bedroom and calls out: "Master! .Mistress! U w time to artee!" Mother-in-law and -father-in-law take their time about it but do manage to get out of bel as servants bring in tho washbowte for them. Tho washbowls ire placed on separate stools of master and mtetrese, who »eat thoineelvee on yet other etools to wash their faces --while such servants as are admitted 1 patronize those to the bedchamber stand by and watch or hold steaming towele ready against tbt'ir n-oede. The house is overrun with servants. Master and mlfitrefis must never oxerc thom«elv;-s. There are sermnte for erarything. As 1 recall f t , when I myeelf "became a bride I had 21 servants In my household, most of whr m 3rft not only uscleefi hut in the way --but I had to have them bowuisf it was tbo cutsiom. The family repairs for broakf.uit. which Is w^rvr-ii on a hum' ! !rc liar to,ble bare of tablecloth but polMnxl u n t i l it refloclH t h e )'»«·« of Uiorso seated about it. Breakt'aet consi: ts ot porridge, ham, nofxHiR, soup an 1 ton --always niifl forcvor toa! If tj tha duty of the brido to ««·. that tin- plaloHl of mother-in-law and father -iii-law nro kept heaping f u l l , o f t o r w h l t - i i s h e ! must soo that all ilio o t h e r i n - h \vt5 aro proporly 6nrvol. Tln brliie ii.iiv not j Mil w i t h tho in-huvs. Shi' iniiy s e r v e ' them, and ba olornully ami p e r . i o t u a l l y criticized by thorn, but must w a l l until they havo finished r a t i n g before »^h. herself may parfaUo of food. Thn whoU- f a m i l y iii-;vi c'u|wtirkH. They huvc. i i i i p k l i i M , h u n c ^ rlotu.s with chisp.'i at one i-orncr, Thl.s rhuip fiifilcna !n the nock of t h e gown and flows over l.ho chest--*i y u HW t h a t your grandfaUlor, of who'll piwsihly you havo occnfiionttlly hoo'i :mh«unMl, haw 'bocrow«l' tho h;ibi( of t.Hrklns hli napkin into his collar fn-in a poopU* that te very old iiulooi.l! car, At toe same time, he declares, "oraloiy hag been smothered in a welter ot wx'da;" never have so many billions ot words be«n epoken with so little tiKrasht bohind them as today when radio, dictaphone, luncheon clubs, lecture courses, talking pictures and jthe-r modern aids to loquacity have mad« speech the cheapeet ot corn- mod i ties. "?n earlier centuries a word really coe. something," h-e points o«t. "If utt»red, it could be heard only by a ha idful of. people. If recorded it had to bo written by hand with a pea on pt rchment or lin«n paper, and BO mechanical duplicaton was poseible. A man thought before he spoke. Ho t bought a thousand timea before he produced a manuscript." advortl**. States is willing and ready ti formally recognize the Soviet g-ivernment whenever, satisfactory guar intees aro offered that the Third In .ornational will cease its insidious propaganda and that payment be mad a for the property of American citiaeas confiscated by the Soviet gove^nm-e-ut, and that the loane made by the United States to the Kereneky government be recognized and funded or a fair baste, and religious peraecutica shall have ceased. "We insist and demand that there ehall 1* no attempt to mdevmine our own form of government by the Reu International or by any other foreign influence, organization, or government. If the Common L«t« in America do not like our popular form of government and pret-e! a dictatorship over the proletariat "jy «. few Communist politicians » ithout regard to freedom, justice, o" democracy, let them go back to Russia. "I shall never vo'e in the Congresfi of the United State* to rccognir/e Rue- eia as long oe the Third International is merely a torch n the hands of the Russian Commun! t Party which -use« it to sow seedH ot clasp hatred, ath- elem and to work destruction throughout the world." Molnrs. KEARNEY. Nob. . M u i c h :!Leech, i'arnver «i' noar hi n, Vnu wn« j h was "Now tli-iii, in a rase l i k o ' t h a t does i n p O(isef(li i on o f ,, H p!ir? stt (if t l i e g o v e r n m e n t assume t h - rnai o , . . ., ,. ,. m o u n t - I n ' ilm s n l i lisli, 01- docs the j teetll--lost last f a l l w ill! P r e s i d e n t IUIVP to so ilown In h i s own i htl«ljing t'orn, «.rul I'oiin-l mid r o t u r n e d tiooke*," iiskfifl A r t . .Lark w h f - n i)3 rear! i t h a t P r e s i d e n t . H u n v o r w u » a t I^ons: K e y , Florida. A Nr-w t i a v i . ' i i l . i i n r t l l s t o l e $ l t O , i ( ) 0 w o r t l i o' l i n g e r i o ,-in 1 »st.'apo-d on it bi* r y ^ l c , to h i m by hi« !OR. Use ChisgifiPf, Arts. Roe-utts (juickiy fol ow Snjoy your evenings at home with RADIO There's nothing like an open tire aud an At water Kent these long evenings. There's n o t h i n g like an Acwater Kent any evening . , . Say the word and we'll prove it tor yuu with this wonderfully beautit'u! and home-like cabinet model. Home d e m o n s t r a t i o n , if you like. We g u a r a n t e e satisfaction and make the purchase easier with our liberal payment plan. Screen-Grid Lisa TUBES UNION SUPPLY CO. Sixty Stores lu 1*l»e Countlos of Penngylranin,

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