Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 11, 1976 · Page 17
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 17

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 11, 1976
Page 17
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3B -July 11, 1976 Sunday Ga*etle-Mail Owrltifin, wtit Virglnli YourBridgework East dealer. Both sides vulnerable North S7 HD A 8 7 . 6 5 4 C K 8 7 6 3 2 East SQ104 H K 2 DQJ109 C A Q J 1 0 South S A K J 6 5 3 H A J 1 0 7 5 4 3 DC- By Jackie Wileox West S982 HQ986 D K 3 2 C 9 5 4 the bidding: Table One East Idub pass pass pass Table Two East South 1 club 2 clubs South double 2 hearts 3 spades 4 hearts pass West- pass pass pass pass pass West pass North 1 diamond 2nt 3nt 4 spades North pass Mrs. Wileox Freak distribution almost always produces interesting results. Even the experts are reduced to guessing the correct bid, as evidenced in today's deal from a Swiss Team Game. · At table one East opened with a club and South made a takeout double. Over North's .one diamond bid South elected to jump to two hearts. North bid two notrump, South showed his spade suit and North bid three notrump (not recommended with such : an obvious misfit). South bid four hearts, North re\ turned to spades and the I bidding died. West led the club nine, dummy played low and declarer ruffed East's 10. A low heart was trumped on the board and a low diamond ruffed in the closed hand. South now played the A-K and .another spade. East won the queen and returned a diamond. Declarer discarded a heart and dummy's ace won. With no way off the board South had to use his last trump to reach his hand. The ace of hearts was his eighth and last trick for down two. At table two North-South were playing Michaels in which an overcall in an opponents minor suit promises^at least five cards in each major. South thought the partnership was playing the bid forcing. North had other ideas and passed two -.clubs in ah effort to keep out of trouble. 1- West led the club nine, East won the 10 ^"and led a diamond to dummy's ace. A -;spade finesse supplied three spade tricks. ^·Theace of hearts was followed by a heart °ruff on the table and the king of clubs eventually provided a trick for down one. North-South weren't too unhappy with the results until they realized that they could make four hearts via the safety play of the ace and a low heart, losing two hearts and one spade. Also four spades would make from the North hand because clubs could not be attacked in time to shorten trumps before the heart suit was established. HIT WEEK'S WINNMJ BR!DGETTECt.UBTOURNAMENT NORTH-SOUTH . . 1. J»de Wyatt and Jim Morrison 1. Mrs. Robert Bailey and Link Young 3. Mrs. GeorgeWoognd Mrs. Russell Van Cleve EAST-WEST 1. Mrs. J. A. Galens and Mim Rogers 2. Mrs. Tom Mooreand Mrs. Ann Pollltl 3. Kurl Pocsi and Tom Moore OVM-ALL 1. Jrte Wyalt and Jim Morrison 2. Mrs. Robert Bailey and Link Young 3. Mrs. J. A. Galensand Mlm Rogers 4. Mrs. Tom Moore and Mrs. Ann Pollltt 5-6. Kurt Pocsl and Tom Moore 5-«. Mrs. George Woo and Mrs. Russell Van Cleve MONDAY NIGHT DUPLICATE 1. Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Snider, Jr. 1. Dora Grubband Mrs. Robert Bailey 3. Coy White and T. B. Legg WEST VIRGINIA STATE COLLEGE DUPLICATE NORTH-SOUTH I. Austin Miller and John Cayton 2. Mrs. 0. D. Smith and Mrs. J. A. Gatens 3. Alma Perry and Mrs. Austin Miller EAST-WEST 1. TomMoorc and Mike Chow 2-3. Mrs. Ann Pollittand Mrs. Tom Moore 2-3. Linda Donley and Murray Jacobson OVER-ALL 1. Austin Miller and John Cayton 2. Tom Moore and Mike Chow 3. Mrs. 0. D. Smith and Mrs. J. A. Gatens 4. Alma Perry and Mrs. Austin Miller' 5-6. Linda Donley and Murray Jacobson 5-6. Mrs. Tom Moore and Mrs. Ann Pollitt EAST ACES NORTH-SOUTH 1. Mrs. D. B. Eakle and Mrs. a. N. Kissinger 2. Mrs. Austin Miller and Mrs. W. J. Wischmann 3. Mrs. L. M. Gillispie and Mrs. A. T. Walter 4. Mrs. H. c. Riley and Mrs. Russell Van Cleve EAST-WEST 1. Mrs. J. A. Gatens and Mrs. W. L. Pyle 2. Mrs. R. D. Keightly and Mrs. A. C. Rogers ·3. Mrs. F. C. Gall and Mrs. L. T. Snider. Jr. · 4. Mrs. C.E. Ellis and Mrs. Roy Monroe BEGINNERS DUPLICATE I.Mrs. Del Groves and Mrs. J. A.Thetford ' 2. Mrs. Tom Pearcy and Jim Sorrent NORTH-SOUTH KVBA 1. Mrs. Austin Miller and Mrs. Ann Pollitt 2.Mr.aniJMrs.KenCoghill 3. Mrs. George Wooand Mrs. Anthony Solomon EAST-WEST 1. EdMaier and Link Young 2. Jenny Petersen and Mr. Sehman 3. Bill Lonesome and Austin Miller BIDANOMADE 1-3. Mrs. Ann Pollitt and Mrs. D. B. Eakle 1-2. Alma Perry and Kurt Pocsi 3. Link Young and Jim Morrison 4. Jade Wyattand EdMaier 5. Mrs. Harry Welsch and Reuben Graham BRIDGE CALENDAR WEEKOFJulvIl SUNDAY Sunday Night Duplicate. 7 o.m., Morris Harvey College Union. Public invited. MONDAY Bridgette Club. 10:30 a.m.. Home ol Mrs Harry Welsch. Public invited. Monday Night Duplicate. 7:30 p.m. Home of Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invited. T U E S D A Y - Tuesday Night Duplicate. 7:30 p.m., Morris Harvey College Union. Public invited. WEDNESDAY - Easy Aces. 10:30 a.m., D. Street, South Charleston. Closed. wv Stats College Duplicate. 7:30 p.m.. New Dormitory. Public invited. THURSDAY - Beginners Duplicate. 10:30 a.m., Home for Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public Invited. FRIDAY - KVBA 7:30 p.m., Morris Harvey College Union. Closed. SATURDAY Bid and Made. 7:30 p.m., Home of Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public Invited. ^Chess World Champion ^Honored on Birthday Edward _I Our recent three-week vacation caused · .us to miss reporting various chess activities, which we would otherwise have in- I'-cluded in this column. We cannot catch up ;.on everything, but we are not going to pass '·"by Dr. Max Euwe's 75th birthday. L" Machgielis Euwe was born in-Water ^ graafsmer, The Netherlands, May 20, ^ 1901. By 1920 he was already one of the I leading Dutch chess players, but his tal- « ents in the Royal Game developed without ; any detriment to his studies and he always -'remained a pure amateur. He gained his "/doctorate in 1926. When Euwe won the ~ world championship from Alexander Alek- · nine in 1935--to the amazement of the -.chess world--he was also a full-time ^teacher of mathematics, mechanics and -- astronomy in a lyceum. '~' ; The record of previous world champions ~ (including Alekhine) had not shown their - overwhelming desire to meet their most 1 dangerous rivals in title competition but 1 Euwe gave Alekhine a return match only - two years later--and lost the world cham- - pionship. During World War II, Dr. Euwe *. refused to compete in any tournaments in *· occupied Europe, thus denying the Nazis ·--the use of his name for propoganda pur- ·I: poses. :-. ' * * * p HOWEVER, Euwe used his post as di- ··'· rector of a chain of food stores for the !"-! highly dangerous additional purpose of -;. getting food to Dutch cities and the under;- ground movement. Following the end of '"·· the war (and Alekhine's death) Euwe was ':. one of seven grandmasters who competed - in the great tournament for the world Z. chess championship which was won by ~ Mikhail Botvinnik. M. Foy As he grew older. Max Euwe's appearances in chess tournaments became less and less frequent. Now, he no longer competes in tournaments, but his continued contributions to chess, beside his very fine chess books, include his presidency of the FIDE (the international chess governing body), an office which he has filled with , great distinction. Ten West Virginians competed in the 44-player "Roanoke ?500 Open #1" last month (June-26-27). Master Charles Powell, who played on the Washington team in the National Chess League, and Expert Rusty Potter tied for first place with 4Vi- '/2 scores. The Mountaineers scored as follows: Paul Harless (4-1 and tied for top "A" and 3rd place), Bernard Kiernan and Karl Kiser (3'/2-lVz), Gary Cummings. James McAlister and Jerry Lawson (3-2; Lawson tied for top "C"), Brett Thompson (2 1 /2-2'/2), Tom Slamecka and Jerry Evans (2-3), and Dale Ward (1-4): W.Va. high school champion Harless lost only to Potter. Michael L. Chapman BBA Degree--Accounting Major Announces the Opening of Office Bookkeeping and Tax Service 1105 Bridge Road, Charleston Phone--344-1081 or 342-2035 TODAY JAY ROCKEFELLER CECIL UNDERWOOD At The West Virginia Associated Press Broadcasters Association Convention Gubernatorial candidates Cecil Underwood and Jay Rockefeller presented their views and answered questions at the annual meeting of the West Virginia Associated Press Broadcasters' Association. West Virginia Public Radio will present a complete recording of the candidates appearances before the group at 2 p.m. today. ' fm91.7 BECKLEY TODAY AT 2PM Ml IfMIVI IH( IIGMI TO UUII OUAKllllli OPEN DAILY 10 toll SUNDAY 1T07 PRICES INEFFECT SUN. MON., JULY 11 12 WHILE QUANTITIES LAST QDVSSEV an From Mag MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY TV GAME WITH FREE AC ADAPTOR JneTV screen into achdlenging electronic playground. Odyssey is a gome for alfages.Oayssey 200 offers the following features tor exciting ploying · Un- Screen Bar Scoring Indicators 9 Mechanical Scoring · Action Sound 0 Boll HECK'S REG. $99.99 JEWELRY DIPT. 17OZ. DOW BATHROOM CLEANER HECK'S REG. $1.06 HOUSEW ARE DIPT. LITRONIX SLIDE RULE CALCULATOR F«tt Snenlifo Menwry-^ to w d *,* oil feui O ..ihir e i.t function Sepor- ote square urn! square root !«eyi. % Key--peMurTM ell percent fu^ciioi-- k logic*-'·.'( ,ou cni?i pjobk-'"*. -^ you «^culd Mote ihe»'. 1603 HECK'S REG. $19.96 99 JEWELRY DEPT. GRAN PRIX CASSETTE RECORDER WITH CONDENSER MIKE Hide-A-V\-oy carrying handle. Completely portable 90^5 anywhere. Excellent sound reproduction. No tope threading necessary. High irvpact plastic coie. Practical versatile tun! Batteries included. Earphone !or private listening. EC8000 HECK'S C REG. * $27.96 JEWELRY DEPT. 8T40 40 MIN. BLANK 8 TRACK TAPE HECK'S REG. $2.49 00 JEWELRY DEPT. 46 OZ. XLEAR FLOOR WAX 120 MINUTE CASSETTE RECORDING TAPE H R E E C G K ' S $ 1 49 $2.49 I JEWELRY DEPT. K BASS BAIT HOG CALLER OR HOG BUZZER HECK'S REG. $1.69 SPORTS DEPT. BEHOLD iSTI FURNITURE POLISH HOUSEWARE DEPT. 12 BLADE COMBINATION KNIFE $4.88 SPORTS DEPT. ^ JOHNSON CENTURY REEL Dual onti-reverse, and right or left hand retrieve on any fishing rod. Slecto-Dial multiple shoe drag, flash hardened. Permalloy gears; tungsten car\ bide pick-up; Diochrome rotor. Stainless steel shafts; Hash hardened stainless steel line guide; oil-impregnated bronze bearings. 100B HECK'S REG. $12.99 i44 SPORTS DEPT. LIMIT 6 QTS. IOW40 HAVOLINE SUPER PREMIUM MOTOR OIL HECK'S REG. 74* QT. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. 636-67R *OKT VELIO* HECK'S REG. $2.74 HOUSEWARE DIPT. DOUGLAS WEED WHIP $322 HECK'S REG. $4.90 HARDWARE DIPT. 19-493 ROPER 15" CHAIN SAW Engine: 2.5 cu. in. displacement. Lominoted !5" bcr, 9-tooth fixyd rim sprocket, Oregon chain v " chipper. Kick bock resistant design. Autonioiic oil system with monual override. Serviced by oil Bnggs S Slrction Locol Service Centers. HECK'S $ REG. ^ $169.96 HARDWARE DIPT. USE YOUR MASTER CHARGE OR BANKAMERKARD "(faditatod. I/JOIL * CHARLESTON STALBANS ROUTreONEARST.ALBANS KANAWHACITY WIHFIELD CHARLESTON "IT W. 9 | AT PATRICK ST. BRIDGi

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