The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 17, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. DAILY COOHfiUK, PA. JUJVfi I't, At tlie Theatres. fev CONSIDER.ONLY DUTY LABRADOR PHYSICIANS NEVER PUNCH FROM DANGER. MANAGERS ARE POPULAR. Mar Flack perpcfxated an im. assisted double play In a recent . gnrae, and thru Is a most un- uanai ffiat for an ontfielder. Witk Herzog on flrst Kelly filed to the right fielder and Herzog wns so certain the ball -would fall safely that he started around i the buses. Ho was at second Answering Call at Night Seems Hardship to Doctors In Civilized Countries, but Read Those Expsri- ono« in the North. ? whcn Ule catch w " 3 raade - rcal ; Izeil tbe futility of attempting to An urgent call in Labrador meana j | return to first und remained at not only inconvenience and. hardship i * "e tcystono I while Flack ran a- 8 THE PAILUIOIB'T. : "THE UNBEUBVER"---The" great ^ Edison war drama, with Ravsnond Mc^ Kee and;Marguerite Cpurtot, popular ; screen stars, in tae leading role, is ~ being Shawn today. All of the heait- " stirring... soul-racking, draioa of the - great world" "war.'is embodied in this : epical -production. The pivotal chai- - actor of. the story is Philip Laadicutt, ~ a young man of New York's wealthy - leisure"class, -who is firmly entrenched : behind-class pride, race prejudice and - unbelief in the God of Christianity. ;· His virtues are passionate pity for ; the oppressed, a fine sense at chdvalry ; that cannot contemplate, a wrong un'.' xoov«d - and the quick self-sacrifice of . youth. These redeeming qualities into'the chaos ot WIT. In the *. wirite heat of stupendous happenings : his soul is cleansed, and he emerges - -with that love of humanity which' is j the very sense -of Democracy. "Ray'- mond McKee's taterpretaiion of this " part places tifrm in the foremost ranks ·_ of motion picture actors. Marguerite ; Conrtot, who Blws. opposite him, is ^ -singularly fllted,by-lnrtb. and heritage "j for the'part of Virginia Harbrofc a girl, who..for .the love of her country, risks the most hor- "rfblo"fates.' 'Authentic military atmosphere is -given the picture by the 'cooperation of .the officers imd men .of the Shith Battalion, United States --^Maxine-;Coups at their cantonment at' QuantJco, Va. TJie production will also be shown tomorrow, Thursday, June Elvidge and John Bowers, will appear in "The Oldest Law." docs, an unprecedented number oC .screen players, it is essentially a superior production of the highest class. SONGBIRDSPLENTffUL Still 3bLny Animate in France, Wdtes Earl HusscU. Writing to his mother, Mrs. E. S. Russell, on. Mothers' Day, Earl K..Russell, formerly 01* Conne'Msville, says: "Tbls day has beea designated as Mothers' Day, and our general has asked that each boy and man. write to liis mother. The Y. il. C. A.'s all over Prance are going to hold Mothers' Day services. "You sT-^iy made my mouth water with your description, oi; strawberry shortcake. How I would. like to have strawberries and ice creara and quite a few oiher^thmgs, but I will apprecl- ate them all the more when I get home j ice »* again. I surely would like to sce'r l e f t the wa " of John Philip Sousa aad his band j to the doctor and his sledge drivers, but actual danger. Nevertheless, no one ever flinches from his duty. Dr. G. K. Hutton tells of one such call. On a bitterly cold and stormy night the message cams from the missionary at Hebron, 71 miles away: 'Coine, my people are dying." It was an urgent call and there must be no delay. Quicly the dogs -were harnessed to the sledge, the Eskimo drivers were in place; everything was ready. It "was pitchy black isfhen we started. A raw air canie moaning from the east; it chilled ua through our sealskins and made our cheeks and noaea ache." When .1 tried to warm my stiffening toes by an occasional trot alongside toe sledge I kept stumbling over jagged points of ico until one of the men shouted: "Sit still, or we shall be losing jou!" After that I sat still and hoped for morning. For two solid hours the agony went on, and then a faint glimmer of gray began to shovr in tho east; it changed to a dull red, sullen aad lurid In the morning haze, and we began to see the -wide stretch of white ice beside UB, and a black and awfnl sea ahead of us. The ice in the bay had broken "with the storm E "Th.ere is no road," the men said; "tha ico is all broken there round the headland. Let us turn homeward." "I know a track over the headland," said Johannes. "Let me see If we can do it" He walked along the Ice at the foot of the rocto, now standing for a moment, now running a few steps; ho came back presently nTMi soil: "We can do it." ^ I think that of all my memories of Labrador, the most vivid is the memory of that race along tho fringe of in and touched'tho initial sack. I \ BIANT OUTFIELDERS SHOWING CLASS McGraw's Trio Should Make Good Record If Held Together. tooi ot U 16 clIBa. On the rosB rteep; ° Q c l u r l e d TBE 01SS03V Upon the request o j hundreds · of patrons of the Soisson Uicatre, · Mrs. ' ;~Fred ;JRpb4ins has arranged for Jack - Hoof s Pretty Bibles company to play in that theatre the first three days.of . .this week. The attendance was larger last week than for any similar period ' ' ' for many months, which was because of the many excellent features of the ·'attraction. These Include a girls' qnintet of singers and dancers, a decided novelty; two very funny com--. ediarrs. Joe Fields and Gus Hoff, who "are among'tie best comodians playing Connellsville 'in recent years, and an unusually clever chorus of pretty girls.' In addition two vaudeville acts are featured by Miss Rex and Miss \ ~ "MaiUancL" The" bill for this afternoon : T 'ami 'evanihg' will : be : "Th'e Manager's Troubles," a very funny farce com: edy, in wnich.Mr. Fields will be seen in. tbe leading blackface role. He will sing his own original topical war ·song; "Beans." iHss-Rex win sing lUt,..You.-_IxrYe. Me," ..and. Miss Grip bwUl song war song, "If He Can Shoot Like He Can Love, Good Night Germany." The Pretty Babies Jazz --Trfipwill be'-'intrbdnced for the first time in ui ?to the jnimrte songs. To- morroir ffle offering'-wlll be^Tne New -Judge;".and;on -Wednesday""The Up- atm"F!ats." - · · -- tumbled and ground the floating ice- pans together; beneath ua the thick uea Ice rocked and heaved, and here and there toe water came swirling through. "Sit tight, sit tight!" sold the marching through the "Wiluelmstrasse in Berlin, and near it playing 'The Star Spangled Banner.' "I have not yet given you a description of our camp. First, we are near a French city that is spoken of every day in reports of the A. E. F. Our camp is situated between a big swamp and a heavy forest. The surrounding country is very rough and the lowlands between the hills are all swampy. We'are living in long low- barracks about 90 feet long by 30 feet wide. The windows have coverings to keep the light fi'oai penetrating the darkness outside and revealing our the n«3rt it sank away whereabouts during air raids. We can I dogs went scrambling over, watch one of the chief highways to interest on that road, both going and George Burns, Benny Kauff and Ross Young Have Many Yeare of Baseball Ahead of Them--Fans Have Forgotten Robertson. The regular outfield trio of the champion Giants is one of the clan- siest combinations gotten together in} the National league in yours. There are several outfields in the j big show which may stack up as more deadly with the bnts, but for all- around baseball ability you hnve to go ! a long way to beat George Burns,; Benny Kanff and Ross Young. I First of all, euch of these players , has a good many years of baseball j ahead 'of him, and if ilcGrnw is lucky he should hold on. to his triplets for I three or four ycurs at the very least, i Burns and Ktiuff were seasoned; plnyera when the season of 1013 opened. There was no donbt about their ability. But there was some doubt ns to whether Ross YonnK could successfully fill the shoes left vacant by Davy Boberstoa. That doubt has been swept aside, for Trmng tins raatlo Polo Grounds funs forget Duvy. j Young's stylo of bundling himself In the field and at the bat Is not unlike! that of Burns unil he hits hard und ; timely. He is a good judge of a fly' ball and a good baso runner, which la i 'all ilcGraw could ask. J In IcJt field George Burns ranks i as one of the best players In the Ka- i tlonnl league. There is no better sun : fielder than Burns and tho fact that New York is the only blg-lnague team STOVES "The B5g Store IMear The Bridge." 15-1-15S West Crawford ATenue-Siiccessors Leonard Furniture Co. JUNE BRIDES and others just starting to housekeeping will find the biggest values at the "Big Store Near the Bridge." Everything for the home here in a variety that is fairly bewildering. We shall appreciate the opportunity of showing you the new things for the home. · No Chance for Mr. Moth With One of Our drivers, and tiiero we sat,' bowling! } te has ever played with proves hia'. along over tbe beary !co. Sometimes i class. He cnmo up once and lias been j one of the men pushed out a leg to U p ever since. i guide the sledge around a bend, or ' to check its speed. At the place! where tho gttfdo led us to the head' \ land tbe Ice was broken a-way from the rock, and was rising and falling with, tbe swell. One moment It came op to the lansl of tbe land; The glotl to ICnrrft. In center,.IP not tlio prnrtlest! fielder In tho business, but he Is rea-jj sonubly sure. Benny triiprf a hall I n j ~ a rather cwtrwanMooklnff way, bnt he; "gets 'em," and that Is what counts. | On tho bases Bonny is tho best of the i three, and If he realizes his nmbttf on \ thin season October will find him h/tad- ; :THKATEE. f i _Th^ w*efc*at'the Arcade theatre will f ii£. ^B/jcnpvetty^.offering · hi *^ e ' vra y °^ a ? ·£ ffitnlafaire nttislc, ;tabloifl. . company, £ ££ tZfthxxw'B" English;"Daisies." Thia show . ; 3£ ^3S-jnt"'together different from the '" .32- - usual Zarrow shows. It is said to be ' ^ irfiie-'besf show 3aK-Zarrow has on the ** Jtpad 1 today. --Miss Mona-Mayo, late of - ·» jthe Razzltr Bazzle^compaiiy, : is said to she wears'are the best. Mr. rWJlUam'Yotmgls rrw to.ConnellsviUe "tfieatregoers," bat" comes highly rec- ommeoded-as-being-a ligkt comedian. --AH-tbe costtrmes with ttus show were : ""specially" designed of the latest crea- . tlons, and the scenery and lighting et- lects;*re-tfae-48St -word- in musical comedy. There are_a number of vau- devflie features wittrjhis-sljovr including Ipna Deianey;-Prank · Queer,. -Man Brltton, Thomas "Williams. Like all the Zarrow shows this company car- rJes a good chorus of ·prettj' girls that kno\£ how to "sing and dance. Prom all reports this show should prcf'e a winner to the-Arcade patrons. On'the screen'will be another cbarrter of that famous picture. "The--Lost*.Express," featuring the girl that stops at nothing, Helen Holmes. Th'e Arcade the- said'in a previous letter that they did ' not have any song birds in France, 111 take that back. I have heard some · beautiful singers* since comics into" this section. The forests are fuU of animal life. ' In tlic last week I have seen squirrels, rabbits, foxes, brown, mice, and owls." ·YonniTvool Iffan Wonnded. Daniel Willard George of Youngwood was severely wounded in action in a recent battle at Chateau- Thierry in France, according to an announcement made by the "War Department. ..Young George is a member of the United States Marines. they started the dogs again* and ! bumped ucroea tho crack just as it j came up level. A second too soon or | too late would Uavo meant smashing j tbe front of tbe sledge to splinters. i Finally, in tbe dark of night, WQ I got to Hebron--71 miles over sea Jco and snow-covered Mils.--"Among tha Eskimos of Labrador." HOW INDIANA .LOST CITIZEN "Sufffrredge." The eleven-year-old daughter of a member of a woman's franchise association, produced the following essay: "I have been aaked by a lady friend to write what I know about Women. SturcreOge. It is a very difficult thln^ to be asked to -write about, as I hardly know anything at all of It "The women, I believe, are divided Into four cli the aufferegettes. i who break wtodowe, throw black stuff Escapade That Caused Youth to,T«rn lnto * P" 1 " bmces ' an* ^ow up His Thoughts Toward tho "Wild and Woolly" Region. Harry Coonse, ranchman and real estate erpert tn the for Northwest, re- tnrned to Indianapolis from trig home near Seattle after an absence of fourteen years. It Is not widely known, but Mr. Coonse, when a boy of 15, started in business as a helper on a delivery wagon of L. S. Ayres Co. -started and ended his dry goods career In an unusaal and interesting manner. , Harry, out of his first month's wages, had bought a rttle and a box of cartridges. One evening in Park avenue the delivery man. went into a honse witii a package, leaving Harry on the driver's seat in. charge of vrhat was common at that time -- a Texas mustang -- well broken, but still worth Instead of holding the line's I Lloyd George's new houses--the suf- ferigists who want women to get the vote, but who don't want them to do wild things--Qie antics, who are raost- ? In the Federal league. Leonardo da VJncl Amazes Surgeons. Thoujjb written, four hum}rod years njjo, Leonardo da Vinci's book on unat- omy has only recently boon published, and Mirxoon*' are only now discovering fe tho marvels It wntains. j Lecturing recently on it in London, j Prof. WiUlani Wright pointed ont that wlieu It was written tho circulation of tho tyood, osmosis, oxygen and tha tnlcroHcnpo were nil unknown. All due* tors bulk-veil that tlm nrtarlos wcro full of fro? ;;ir uul thnt the blood was aerated In tbe bf-arL Tho Interior nr- j ningcrnont ot Uie hfart "'as also ml*- nndorstood. But. Leonardo dun led tlmt uir entered the heart, and wrote thnt tbe blood was "refrpsliod" in the lungs; he Uc v - scrlbod accurately tlic anntomy oC tho heart anil Targe blood vessels and Ihft act'.on of the muscles of tho chest urv' abdomen In respErution. Your prized Furs and other . winter garim-nts will bo safo from moih ravage t* stored in one ot tbe Zimmerman - Wild guaranteed Tennessee Hod Cedar Cheats. Come in and see the beautiful selection here. See Our Big Special Cedar Chests $13.50 Harry spent the Interim handling a new rifle. As often happens, the, gun was discharged and the bullet struck the' mnstang-. Harry made one grab for the liner., missed, tumbled off the seat and the wagon disappeared down the street, strewing packages in ita path. At dawn the next morning the horse and wagon were found in the Pleasant run bottoms,'' near the place where the furnaces of the Citizens Gas company now stand. Harry had already resigned. -- Indianapolis News. . Alexander Buys Bonds. Grovor Alexander, before lenvlng for ly stupid, and don't want women to I Camp Funston, Invested the $5,00(1 thnt I R vote at all--and tbe ones who don't j tlio Chicago club paid him as a bonus j|: caxe If they ge.t the vote or not. The j ia Liberty bonds. sufforigiHts are far the most clever · usually. The Bofferigettcs are really not much to he blamed for their conduct, for Mr. AsquJth and Lloyd George, and the rest of them, havo always boon, promising them the rote, and then breaking their promises in a way that would raako anybody mad, TH i 5 HOOKT VAI.CAHM? ruonucr Their bruabands (if they have got'any) THE A«K. always pretend they sympathise with Yo« ftinmid iu- u iuu in KVMT SCHHC. '· them, but in their hearts tliey r ars J A "'""'"r"Mm.'"^' CIIAULKS 31. SCI1WAI1 TRL : I-V SAVS '"The mat: who has done hla boat bar. dont; everything-. The man who done less lh;in his best has done noih- 1ns." No man can do his best with Blood Dfsorflcr;;, W-eakanod .Nerve: Sluf-jrish Brain, j Sunken O.VI'K. This is the celebrated Kitchen Cabinet with t!ie flour bin that lowers to the floor for filling. You have seen it advertised in your favorite magazine, now see it ill reality here. Prices $29.50 to $45 "\ jr. will have a most satisfactory vacation if you travel equipped with a 13eltor Bag or Suitcase. TSe rrl'-or label is an idontif;cation of the best. See t-be big stock here of latest styles. Very Special Bags and Suitcases S3.5O Exclusively at the Zimmerman-Wild Store Known for tone--the phonograph with the soui of an artist. For the noble quality of its TONE the STRADAVARA stands supreme among phonographs, just as the Strailivarius stands supreme among violins. Extra Large Cabinet Styles All Woods--Play Any Record. atre management h^ c^nxpleied ,the [ tion ^g to be Hoe:,as.Freedom f s Weapon. " *We," the people of the United States, In'gardens assembled,' might well be .'the'beginning of n new preamble of .American liberty; stating that the people had decided to fight for. freedom with hoes, proclaiming to thn world the declaration that the welfare, prosperity and iapplness of this na- cooling system in the theatre, ;_and that makes the Arcade ..the coolest theatre in ConneUsviy.e, .Get the iabit. Go to., the Arcade where, toe «hoW. is. always good. .Why? Because we .play.'only the best;.attractions' THE OETHKIH. Beginning today the great Artcraft "Th« Whisp.enng Chorus," be the bill at the Orphetun theatre. This is a S5*cial ]iroductioa by Cecil B, Ha Mille, one of the .most la.- pjeus dlreetors to tu« saetioa picture Wtiti* that the freedom of other peoples Is to be gnar r auteed '. against, oppression," writes ChnrleaLathrop Pack, president of the national war garden commission, in j the People's Home- Journal. . i This preamble "could state that It '· had been decided by "an American peopJe armed Trith hoea" thafc they, would help to raise enough food to win j tlio war. Every man in the army' would be doing his duty In the trenches of. his ovn back yard or a near-by vacant lot. The work In these trenches I Is just as important as that In the front battle Hues of Europe, It will constitute es vital a factor in, the final . Age No DravAack to Service. "There Is no snch thing .as a 'retired patriot.' One Is never too old to render some service to one's country." This sentiment of Mrs. ntchard Flower, ninery-foor years old, hns impelled her tp become one of the lending Red Cross workers of New Orleans, Since tho declaration of war slic 1ms knitted a dozen sweaters, eight pairs of socks and many helmets, mufflers and washcloths. The Red Cross authorities highly praise Mrs. Flower's industry and say that her example hns been invalur.ble. She not only works every day at the production of RoQ Cross artidesT but also keeps abreast oC the wnr news in the pipers. She has assisteil in several entertainments for the benefit of the lied Cross. 3Irs, Flower has reared a family of five sons and three daughters. One of her sons was the late Mayor Flower of New Orleans. ts. Gloomy. I Face and Foreign Demand for Our Chemicals. · There is every indication that permanent markets are being steadily gained by American manufacturers of chemical products In all parts of the world, remarks Popular Mechanics Magazine. In the first nine months of 1917 the total .exports In this line were $141,000,000, ns compared with $121.000,000 In the eorrfSponcHng period in 1316, and 154,000,000 In tho first three truar- tors of 1915. 'In connection with this rapid expansion, students of foreign commerce arc pointing out the necessity of making our export goods absolutely reliable In purity and strength. Even slight carelessness in these particulars would do Incalculable harm a t ' A UROP TODAY IS A IIUP TOMOOH- UO\V ATtfD A STRKASI KKXT VTISISfC. A OOIIK IS WHAT YOU WANT. Dr MacICcnzle only accepts cusca tor t trc-itmenc thun can bu Kroatly bone- filtod or curiiU. It your cnno ^s incurable you ivlil be franlclj' told so. However. many c;ih«s that hav-e been pronounced incurable under the; old methods ctin bo qulcUly heiiefitlccl and cur- ad under this wonderful new special One of th£ loveliest mamherB ia tho entire Jviiy group of Columbia Rec- onla is M;ias(inet ; si wonderful "Elcgie," sang by Riccardo Stracciari, with the most IiauiLtingly bea,uCiiul violin ob- hligatx) iraagiDnbltj, by no less a vir- fyofio tliaii Sa.sctin Jiicobsen. Tnil}*, liere it; a rare cpmbiaaiaon iruleed of singer aud musician. Both of iht^o aruists are world-fLimous--aud thu se- iectiim in which their powers are united ia one we all know and love, music, so great, so simple, so affecting timt it stands in a class apart. treatment. OLD AND YOUNG, it matters not w h n t yburallment may bo, or how long standing', 1C your future h e a l t h and hap- pipeKs are at stake consult t h i s specialist, «KMI2DIB12il TIU3 WAY 1VEI3NKSDAY BACH W K K K , Tttnv StuK Holel. CouncllBvIIIc. Fa. Hour** D A. M. to 0 1*. M. ,- A new Al Jolson record--in a vein tlmt i= wholly and delightfully new for this versatile, joyous uomotiian of the Winter Gardua. Sweci beyond ·wcnxla is the earnest, lieart-catching call of a woo, nigbtic-clad ot, ''Hello. Central, Give Me No Man's Land." And Mr. Jolson'3 rich, melodious voice thrilla with t-cndcr. sj-mpufchetic feelias: in this song that ia already sweeping the country in a great ·wave- of pcpulurity. "Just like Washington crossed the; DeJawnrdf General PershioK will cross tlio BlripiT"--!iej-e is a rapid-fire refrain, that fairly sines itself. Arthur ifi the Pceiicaa, Qiuurtctte sint; it on one of the new July Columbia Jieuords with a quic!:-:ei Hxjng und a siiap;jy-ca.Lcliy ru-jlcdy that 'are quite irresistible. W e l l . J liccn The poet- snys. "Then blc=i:i!;s on tl:e faltiiiK-oiu. that n i l the iiittrc en- dtiara." This boxuiiul se:itiiut;i.t, underlies tlie charm in t; l i t i l e sonjr, !i l'j:i SoiTy I Made Yuu Cry," wh:c): Hubert Lewis siui^ with such c.cjur ;.r,d su' ou a July Columbia. Jie'j- orci. Here is a perfect gem of melody, spiondidJy-simi;. Another star join^ the Columbia const elhaion! Amparito Fnirar-- lovely American ^t.prano from the gpldirti Paeiiic coa-^t--miU;c.s a par- tJL'i;JjirJy happy dub'.Jt ivilh u ri/conJ ill lit :nL'ludus ''Sweet und Lcnv'' and "Mighty Lak' a Hose." rarely ln\tn- til'ul ^ongs bi;fh. enriched by a voice of radiant, loveliness. Box Ev» at Ex s in The MRS. r;HAS. p. j 477 Wood Si.. liel't.-v(;rnnn, Pa, j- \Vodne^!«y a:,d Saturday also hange J I c i v l , rniontown. A record as unique as it is beautiful is mude *by ihe Edna Wliilc Trumpet Qinu'teUe for the Columbia July list. These imunial rnusiciupj offer-two popidar hits. "Just a Baby's Prayer at Twilight" and "Faiicy You-Pantrjifin* Me." to serve you with good printing. No matter what 1 the nature of the job may be we are ready to do h at a price that will be Satisfactory 0US is A ,WOED.

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