The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 17, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIIaLE, PA. MONDAY, TONE 17, 1918. HENRT P. SNTDBB, and .Editor, !S7»-l»i. , Beefy K. it SKTDEB. President, JASL j. DSISCOIJX -' JOHN I*. OAN3, WALTER s. City Editor. ' Society Editor. MEMBER OF: Associated Press. Audit Bureau of Circulation. Pennsylvania Associated cents per copy. SOc per month; y#»r br w n " to advance. Entered as WBcona clots mattM at the f out office, ConaetfsvUle. FA. ETESTSG, 17, 191S. Charter** 9errlc* . WILJLJAil P. Hospital Unit L. American Kx- EMcUtlonry Forces. France. - - RALPH P. SLICES. " Company V H, 31»th Infantry. U. 3. N." A., American. Expeditionary Forces, France. MICHAEL GRENALDO. HAROLD RICKEY, . ttery B* 107 th Field Artillery. 2Sth Division," TT. S." .'(S.. American Expedition- l ary Forces, France. LLOYD B. COX Company-*', -W^h-Enffiaeexa. U. S. A.. Fort Myer. Va, JULIUS CKOUSE, Company E.' 15th - En^lm-ers (Hallway).- Xmerican Srpa- * ' dltlonary Forces, France, * · JAMES J. McPARTLAND, Company: .B". 63rfi Engineers, " IRaflwayTr Fort - Benjamin Harrison. Indianapolis. Indiana. RUSSELL LEN1IART, U. S. 9. President Grant, tJ. S. Navy. M*wbev 9t TW iMinlaii* *«·». ' " Tlia Associated PTMU !· «· '^*elU9lT*iy eotltled to the uso for Vtepublicatlon oS all n«ir» dto- · patches credited to It or not '.iotHerwlae credited .In thU pjtjwr ·»nd also th« local n»w* published " To the several rulings that, have aeen made by Provost Marshal General Crowder relating to the exemption or deferred classification of registrants under the selective service law, who have married since May IS, 1917, the data upon which the law was enacted, there has been added a revision of regulations that will operate to change the status or a number o£ men. In effect the new regulations, will oblige the local boards- 10 reclassify an cases involving marriage since tKe. -date- mentioned, making it mandatory-that" claims for exemption because- ihe 1 registrant has assumed tae marriage relation be disregarded as a ground for deferred classification, except in "certain specified instances. In the case of young-met^Vho have become 21 since June- 5,1U17, and who have married since January 15, 1D18, the date when their registration was authorized by Congress, the new regulations expressly direct that claims for dependence resulting from, such marriage be disregarded. In the case of yoong men who regis tered on June 5, 1918, and who had contracted marriage between May 18, 1917, and January 15, 191S, the fact of dependency resulting from such mav- riage will be disregarded as a ground ioi deferred classification, unless the dependent is a child, born or unborn, on or prior to June 9, 1018. In such case the registrant shall be assigned , to Class II. Similarly if the claimant for deferred classification be at the number of those who registered on June 1917, and who has married since May SEES HEE DOOM Df- The certain collapse, of German interests and · the eventual breaking down of German influences in Amerca are, next to the rapid and fonnEda- Dle development of America's wa. r strength, causing increasing uneasiness and agitation among those Germans 'in Germany who have a saner view of- the situation than the war lords, who are drunk -with blood-lust. Statesmen and editors who have been able to read the signs and portents have come to realize that Germany is bringing' disasters upon herself she cannot avert and never repair. The taking over by the United States government of alien property, the breaking up~ of the Germ an-American Alliance and other sources of pro-German propaganda, the elimination o£ the study of Gerrozji language and literature from our schools and colleges, the restrictions being placed upon the German language press, and the growing, repugnance of everything German which the Americans are showing, are some of the factors that are forcing the more open-minded Germans to comprehend the completeness with which the? German elements in educational, industrial and commercial America are facing crushed and the doom o£ Germany as a world tra'de power being sealed. The enlightened German newspapers see inevitable trend of events as shown by the followjng; candid admissions of the Koelnische Volkszcitung: The German press is already nearly crushed out of existence In America. The greater pan- of the Gorman schools are closed. The German association-* are having- to strip themselves of all i-estiges of Germanism. It is a com- j plete debacle. i It is unnecessary to be pessimistic 1 to realize that the consequences ot our European victories are In a measure balanced by the tnim total of the losses which we hare suffered Jn America. For the rest, all this cou'tl have been foreseen. Jn the future the Koelnisrhe Volkszeltung ·will also show itself pessimistic . After the war Germans will no longer be aole to enter America. They ·will no longer be admitted. They wili be better advised not to try to BO there The Harrsburer-American and the Xord Dentsche Lloyd lines arc entered Jn the black book. Other shipbuilding yards and offices have been sold with a, prohibition aprainpt reselling- to Germary after the n*ar. Thf American preps speaks of forbiddlnrr Germans to bay or lend shipbuilding yards. It will be the end of German transatlantic commerce. . "Besides these maritime forces, German est.itrs, repressntinpr mJJlions of dollars in stocks of copper, nickel, Jcotton, leather arirt chemical products, ~:ave been-peized and utilized to fabricate American war material. If the kaiser and his military chieftains were equally as honest with, the German people as this German newspaper, and would admit that tli3 eventual crushing of Prussianlsm is just as certain to be accomplished as Germany's world dominance of trade has already been crushed, peace would soou come to a distracted world. But the overlords of Germany are not honest even with themselves, hence nothing remains but to crush their power by the same means they would en-slave the world--by force, "without stint or limit." Tho moral and spiritual barbarians of Germany are feeling the first evidences of the strength of the force America is bringing into the war, and they fear it as they have feared nothing, not even God, since they started on their campaign of murder. "We need only to make our strength so irresistible that there can be no possible doubt of the issue, and, sooner than we ourselves expect it, perhaps, Prussianism will go down to crushing and ignominious defeat. the world. Have you? There comes a time when a man finds in his heart a crouching treachery. It got in, somehow. It says: "What's the use worrying? "We can't all go. They'll come back." And it sort of coaxei you to close your eyes and think: "Well, they'll be safe enough. It won't last long They'll come home * covered with ,glory." And all of a sudden you lose all sense of personal responsibility- and just charge everything up to fate, and let it go at that. But he didn't--the Boy wl o went away. He made responsibility his own- made it his partner and his faitli. Have you? ' He.might have won the laurels of a great author. Or been hailed an artist of world-fame. Or any kind of a great man--adding to the world's progress and. happiness. But he didn't wait. The emergency called. He discounted the future-cancelled everything but his duty. His glory will be in making a place tor tlie greatness of others. Yours, maybe, ' He gave all he bad. "Without waiting, calculation or fear. He did the best he could. Will you? Conijellsville expects every member of th« city council to do his duty tonight in protecting the rights of the city when considering the fino.1 passage of the conduit ordinance. "We must not forget that patriotism has round no distinction in race or color among American citizens, hence we nuiet not fall short ol our full duty in paying just as much respect to the colored draftees Thursday evening- u we have paid to the wiiite. Under the new draft regulations marriasre seems only to havt; deferred 18,1917, his claim will be -lisregard- ed unless the dependent is a child of cape from marriage born or unborn, on or prior' to. June,9, 1918. Like the young mart who has "become t of ago since June 5, 1917, and married, he; too, will be assigned to Class II. The-new rules also provide that no registrant Woo "was finally classified in Class I on the affirmative finding that h'ls marriage since May 18, 1917, was made with " the view of evading service, cannot be transferred to Class II. If is plain, therefore, that the new rules will make marriage cf no avail as a claim, Tor exemption from military" .service,' Tnose,wno establish the a*epend*ence-of a child "born or unborn on oV'b«Core '3une -971918," will be gU-en'c^^ific'atToa-iii'Class II, the effect- of * which is^ merely to grant a temporary^- discharge from draft, ef- dicttojx.of .the. local board is exhausted. ~TKe" selective service law exempts ao person Jfrom military service on the ground of dependence. , It-_only authorizes the exclusion, or discharge from draft of "those in a status with respect to persons dependent . upon them, for support wiucfa renders their exclusion of" discharge desirable." The classification scheme was de- ! signed to defer the induction into the, Army of registrants upon whom other ! persons are mainly depi'ndent for , support until persons witliout actual dependents hare been called. Class I, which comprises registrants presently liable to military service ia the order determined by the" national drawing, having already been .exhausted in many districts and nearing exhaustion In others, the registrants in Class II, whether " previously assljrned to that classification, or transferred to it by the latest regulations affecting mar- it, as some had construed Crom earlier regulations. There isn't any doubt about Pennsylvania- con.tin.ulng to be the keystone in the arch of patriotism so long as it remains "the imperial TtepubJicrf.n state." Neither Is there doubt about its place In the ar«h of Republicanism. Seven Arrests Sfutle. Seven arrests wore made by the police over the week end. Only one? prisoner faced Mayor Duggan this morning, however, all the others leaving forfeits. The one man got two days street "work. Four men arrestcc! at 1 o'clock Sunday morning in South Arch street for shooting crap each left .i $5 forfeit, and two others, arrested for bejng drunk paid $3,50 each. Ne-vra of tho Past Con- dcnuod from the FHe» of The Courier. With 2S Hun U-boats sent to the bottom by Uncle Sam's gunners ffince January 1, the sinking of a few schooners and small steamers off the Jersey coast is a Ions way from evening- up the score. By Georce E. Eowon Every soldier in camp or under arms across the sea has done tae best he could. Have you? To the soldier, who heard, the call of duty and felt the thrill of sure devotion, there, was only one thing to do. He-did it. The biggest, best he could give was his life. Everything finally came down to that standard -- which is the meaure of our coming into the world, and passing oat of IL All else is incidental -- for us to glorify or neglect, ^as always we do. The soldier boy cast away everything but life itself. Ambition, pride, business, profession, wealth, fame, .family, happiness, love -- all these lie cast aside. Have you? Any of tem? He cared mightily for the promise of life -- for the opportunity of youth. He knew they were true -- as he could make them sa Yet lie chose that sterner course -offering nothing but a sense of duty rieft men, will be the nex, to become eladl / doae . £ ave m , -presently liable to military service" j la [ way Ws ^ ^ The. Austrian* ftnd the Italian front Just ,a3-unyJeldIn£- aa their . Bosche comrades find the Allied front In- Ft aneo and Flanders. 0 Isn't the "War Industries Board tempting; fate when. It s«eks to regulate the heicht and stylo of women's shoos? bod ? and a11 uis beautiful dreame between you and tho destroying horror. fear behind. Have you He left found U? ' He never for a moment thought you wouldn't do as much for him and for F1UDAY, J U N E ID. ItsSS. Ejnmfjtt Itohltmd of \Vcst Newton, a Baltimore Ohio brakoman, la fatally Injured at Hickmau Run when he fails between two cara while tightening a brake. Peter Ginboria of New Havan dies- of injuries received when ho falls between an ftis"l:rc and a. car on the Baltimore i Ohio lailroad. He is survived by A wife and seven small children At one time he was a policeman In New Hjivcn. Henry Xlcolay ot Mill Hun. 65 yeara old, challon^eb any man of nny ayo in tho county to a reaping cont^fct with sickles. lie bucks up his clial- lenge with a forfeit of J200 Frank Coueh^nour, Fourth v ard councilman, exhibits a campaign bj-dj^e which Is B. relic of the ea.mpa.frn of 1840. He f o u n d it at Cumberland. Major A. B. DcSaullea of QHphanL furnace disai'Dears. He was ui ono tlmo superintendent of the Dunbar furnace. Preparations for the celebration of the Fourth are being- rapidly completed. Invitations arc stnt out to bands? lodges and other societies to tu.hc part in exercises here on that day. Dr. S. D. Woods now rides a Star bicycle and Ben Goldsmith a Columbia New Havrin streets are being 1 t^r^de'l and improved Harry Dunn is home from Allegheny coIJeffe nt MeadvJJle, whore he completed his junior year studitR The new store room and QtTlcc of J. R. Balsley Company, Plttsburi? street, ie completed Repairs co the Baptist church ha'vrs been completed. The interior ha* been thoroughly r u f i t t e d und tae audmnce room, repaired. The contract for the erection of tho Mount Sion Baptist church in New Haven H let to J, It. Balany Co for $1,785. The ground for the f o u n d a t i o n has already been broken. The ctiurch win be ready for occupancy in nine days. School board Is (n another deadlock The directors cannot agree over the election of a teacber. Prof. Humbert receives three vote» and J, A. Deverux K'Ots four when three ballotn are taken, Mrs. Had ill Donaldson dies at her home at Oilpha-nt Furnace. She was *22 years old. Mrs, Joseph A Jordan dies of heart diaeube at htir YaUfjertown Hoi low residence. She was 67 years old. Rev TV. F Hunter, McthodiBt Episcopal pastor at Dunbar. marrlea M.IHS T^ucinda Vanaickle of L'rsina at the bride's residence. J. S. Carroll is elected principal o£ the Dunbar schools. The Scott dale and Evorsun Democratic d r u m ciirps reorganized with J. T. Bail president and J. C. BrownQeld J secretary. KIUIM.Y, .fi;VE 17, IMS. Detailed report of the Conoellsrvillo coke trade for the week ending J u n o 11 shows a total of 18,603 oven* in the region, of -which 13,707 are In blast anii 4,901 idle, wiih a total estimated production Of 140,325 tons Shipments, for the week asKregated 8,170 ears, distributed as follows 1 To Plttabure 1 . 2.978 cars; to points west. .1,951 cars; to points east. 1.24L can. This is an increase of five cars, a? con- pared with the shipments of the previous week. The Tenth Regiment departs from San ITranci-^cci for 'Manila The Stars and Stripes are floating in Cuba, marines capturing a Spanish camp. John Duflln, 17 years old, son of Patrick Dti/fin, died at the Cottage State hospital as the result of having- hiu Je^s severed by a Pennsylvania tram when his foot ,causht in a guard rail. A Piirprl'e birthday party is held on Justice Crawford Still wag-on .it the home of his son. Edward Still-wagon In F a f r v j c w avenuo, to celelirate h f s 53th birthday. Iiocsl merchants expect a big" sale of fireworks on the Fourth when enthusiastic cHobrators are expected to b u r n the heavens owing- to the spirit o£ the war lime. It is expected that the fruit crop in this section, with the exception of ponchos, will be a failure. J. "W. Brown of Dunbar is run down near Port Royal and cut to pieces. Confluence council votes to have twenty-five lec-tric llgrhts placed on tho streets Two summer schools are flemishing- in the bornuKh school building- and one In New Haven. Mlsfies Ella Skiff and Alice Homer are conducting 1 a school in the high school; O. P. Mosrer one '.n tho Fourth ward and W^, D. McGlnnis one In New Haven. School board decides not to erect a new building- In the Third ward this summer. If necessary rooms will be rented throughout the town to accommodate Rny overflow. A danprhter arrives at the home o£ Mr. and Mrs. John "W. Ward. "William F. Kurtz Post, G. A. R., attends church services at the Jjulsen- rms' church in a body. Some horse owners Imagine that South Pttibug 1 street from Porter ave- nne to Patch alley, la a race course. Children are In dangrer of being killed or maimed by the reckless horseman. THURSDAY. JUMS 18, 1008. Detailed report of the ConnellsvlUe coke trade for the week en din? June 13 shows a total of 37,359 ovuns In the reeion, o£ which 15.30G are in blast. mid 2",053 idle, w i t h a total estimated p r o d u c t i o n of 162,947 tons Shipments for the week a^gi egated 5,812 carp, distributed aa follows- To PiusburR:, 2.163, to point-.Vest. 3,206: to points east, 443, a decrease of 2DQ c.irs, aa coinjiaicd irith tine previous, week. Bloodhounds b r o u g h t here from West Virginia failed to locate the body of Mrs. Brown Cooley of Dunbar, w h o is mfsint," f r o IT her home. T h f y trailed Hie wo man to the Baltimore *"« Ohio bridge at Greene j u n c t i o n and there lost. It. Later her body IS f o u n d in the river near Broad Ford. The Dunbar townsh'p school board g-ivo an increase of ?a to thu teachers Principals of the various st,!iools were elected. I Th police nre determined to put. an end to gambling: in the Framlstaml and bleachers at tho baseball park. New Haven has her now ii~e ^histle It has been placed on the Wu-st Pc-nn Cold Stornge company's b u i l d i n g . Tin; now whistle w o u n d e d Jikc t h a t of a seti- polnE tug, r-iid m a n y reMdonta won.- under the impressiun a steamboat wius comim? up the Tough river. Bash are reported to l»- h i t l n ^ strong in the vicinity ot Confluence. , A persistent rumor is circulating about tKe town that Pcicr R u i f i u k . whoso t l i rce banks recently closed, l- In ConneJlsvflJo. An "observation" car has been inaugurated on the Indian Creek Valley railroad. Tho A. Wilson company has be- R u n placing a hu«?o pile driver preparatory to d r i v i n g the pil^s for the Second .National bank building 1 . T h o 112th anniversary uf the Baptist church Is cHobrnted. Rev. James A Maxwell of McKe»-i*port a former pastor, delivered the anniversary sermon. Salaries of achnol teachers are ad- justod by tlie school board Jacob Myers narrowly tittcapps death when his wupon (^ hit by a Pennsy 1 - vania train at Pcchln cros- WANTED -- TOUR business KBNDINE'S. BAJS.B13IUNG Ct ISHWASHER AT CQT- ee State 17|junolit WANTED--DINING KOUt G I R L AT trans AHeg-hcny Hotel. 12]unotf j WANTED--HANDY MAN FOR COX- struction work. The Foundation Co., West l j cnn Puwer House Iijimc6t "WAITED -- GIRL FOR GENMRAL housework Good wagei. Appl 124 W. Apple street i D j m i e t f OTKB THEBK. Our boys arc swarming 1 over there as fast and thick as Islazos; at Which the Jcafaer rends his hair and hands out smoky phra«ea. He thought we wer'i so far away, across tsueh wastes of ocean, we'd never cut a deal of lia,v, but now ho'b changed hft notion. Hf understood his submarines would kc-M* our boys from hinding, but now hv w o t s and also weens he lakcd h f s mi- understandinfj. He ihourM the al!!«?·» would be whipped, ht 'd wml up all t h e u l u u K h t e r . before our feuldler 1 * could b" hhippcd ncroHh the b r i u y w.ucr But now his hopcb aro ponf tn smas'li. t h e i r wreck Is m'^t dlstre^PlnR. u n d now h* 1 soi-n, Lhrouph his irou^uchc. liow p u n k w a s all his fruesbine- 01\ nnw ou" boy? are over there, to *,wat the Hun' anti bleed 'em, to can the k itbor find hi" heir, and save tht word to frcetlorn. And every day an rther h a n c h KO^ t.i]]Inf; o'er the water, t" demnn^trat' 1 O'ir \vcfitern p u n f l i . ixnd m « i U e tin' t rant totter We'll j;ho\v tho T e x t s what force can mean, w i t h nevvr '-tint or l i m i t : we'll earn a plory ino."t serene, and acres 1 cannot «Iim it- Our boys will put Rcrt B U I on 'cc. and t**t MB doo-n bell? t o j l m f r ; and It I." oitra to the price, and ktep the bar a- roll in K- T have a koff of pick.tvuno* n n d t won't HKThtly b k i m it, but; ilitr thu b u n d l e up uftsoons, with n t - v e r htint or limit. YIC'JCOHY. Boy at Flanders toll m« pray \^HiaL you're dreaming o£ today? What is it j o u yue out there Past the va.llejb of despair? What is* it that htfma to lie Past the place w h u r e fao Ulers die? Whivt la it tha-'s w.orth your death Worth y o u r last e x p i r i n g breath, j Worth the dista-ici; you have coma | F o ' l v w i n f j the stirring drum, Worth the loniiMn'Ui o u boar What ib it you t;eek out there? 1 had aunt my eoul afar To the Hcenea where hOldlcrB are. Sent it to that dreadful place Whuro is always death to face And i questioned them at pi^Ji^ And the morning's golden light: Boy and man what iff it here, Tn the ch.i'jinfl ted w i t h fear, H a u n t e d by the dead's last shriek j That so h~vll:-ntly you aeck? I What great joy is worth the price I Of such nob!« sacrifice? "Man from home," he ?;iid to me, "We are seeking victorv! That I; why our cinnona (iarno "Why we I t f t cur home-, unrl came To Va-lleyi ^auut with fear-Freedom lives or pusses here! .Tust beyond the battle's smoke Where the dyii-g- ga^p a-itt ehckc, Past the^e hours oC Brim (Jpi.patr And the heartache and tho care And the sorrows that you see Lies the f.e'd of victory. Past the valleys of uet'j.ilr, I Past the hfartache and the care, Jmt boyo'itl the linoa of hate And the b.tter guns that watt; P3.=;t the d y i n g boys u h o ahnelt "Anronie*? they c.innot ^pcnk Preedon's flap shall bt i u n f u r l e d , Fllncrlrfi- beautv to the world 1 . Sn we stand, i n t e n t to go Forward through t^ese vales of woe. For t % e joy that Is to bo In our day of victory" STATEMKJVT OF State of Pennsylvania, County ot Fay- ctte. S3. Beforti me. the subscriber, n Notary Public within and for said County and State, personally appeared J. "Wylio Driscon, who being duly sworn accord- ins to law, did depose and say: That he Is Aetfstant Maaai-er o [ circulation of The Courier, a daily newspaper published in Connellaville, Pa., and that the number of papers printed during the week ending Saturday, June I B , 1918, was as follows: J u n e 10 0,722 June 13 G.G81 June 11 6.C7.* June 14 6,670 June 12 6,550 .Tune 15 6,8-10 WAITED-- EXPERIENCED M.CAT cutter. W i l t o Meat Cutter," care Coui ifcr. ' I0june2t WANTED -- A GIRL AT Till', Queen City rest lUiMiil Apoly 13J West Peach street. ICjm.cGtd WIANTED--AT ONCE, TWO siicns caKCh, coffee u r n , stools and o t h e r rc:s- tuurant equipment Bell phony 242-K. ·WANTED -- BOYS AND GIRLS over J G years of a^'C. Clean, 3iluai.ari worlt. Carfare paid. CONNl£LL£V;iLX.}; JUIbL. Tjunctf WANTED -- LOCOMOTIVE FIRE- mcn. A p p l y to P. W 7XJGSQN, o-ssiit- ant rood foreman of En^iiioa, Y o u n y wood. Pa. 12ju-ieGL WANTED--HIGH SCHOOL BOYS T work in Laboratory. P. P, KAMUJ.EH, West Penn Railways EJhopa WANTED -- EXriCRIBNCBD PAT- tern maker for e* neral work. Apply at otncs. Conntllsvihe Manfij. Mint- Sup. Co. 14june4t WANTED--YOUNG AW X TO DK- liver and l^arn to cut meat. Apply Harry L SiJcox iltiat Market H J u n a S L WANTED--MEN TO LEAUN ^^^:3l ing cars. Good opportunity to rish: party. Steady work Apply MASTER MECHANIC, West Penn Hailwaj Co. WANT12T)--YOUNG SLAN TO CLEUK 'n hardware store Good o p p o r t u n i t y to H*arn the business Address HAItD WARE, care Tho Courier, Conn* 1 lls- villo. Sjunetf WANTED -- MKX TO WORK ON V motor trucks and K^npral repair w o r k Su-ndy work C'nrt.iro paid. A p p l v MASTER MECHANIC. Wi",t Penn RaH- wnyi. l?junc-Ct WANTKD -- MIN113 TO Gl^T TSK complete (of'iciall net of the latn examination, questions nnd an^wt-r^ Price, $1.00. JAMES W A R D L A W , Soottdalo, Pa. 1 l a u n c C t WANTED--OLD FA LSF, TEETH Don't matter if broken. I pay 5L 1 00 to ?15.00 per yet. Send by parcul post and receive chock by rel u-n n*.ail L MAZHR, 20Q7 South Fifth hire*;. Philadelphia, Pa. ljunt?22t FOR RENT -- ONE rU room; (jentjerruin preferred. 115 South Cottage I FOR HEKT--TIlREi: FL'RNISHEU rooms, erenilemen preferred '_D3 E Crawford avenue. I4$ism.-Jt FOR RENT--TWO FURNISH EI rooiiirt for llp:ht h o u s u k c u p i n j j 347 No Pitt^burg .street 17june2t* FOR RENT -- A tlircf-room «p irtment with b,i_th In- tiulro KLORKNCK SMLTZ b.ith In lljunetl FOR RENT -- STORbaiOOMS IN quire FLOIlENCE SMUTZ. lljun'_:fd FOH RUNT--FL'P.NISnKD KOO.M IX private f a m i l y ; $^ per week 111 N Cottagre ave. 373une3t FOR KENT--iTWO VNFU HNTSHBL* rooms for l j ^ht h o u s u k o t jiiiit, No children. 500 Hast Green bt. ITjurH'eoeltf FOR REMT--A VERY CONVKXI12NT K-araffO located on. CottaKu ave, rear ot Kail':! residence. Inyuire KAIL'S BANK. I7junuf FOR RENT--FURNISHED OR TJ.V- furnlhed rooma Cnr Hffht houackeep- IDJ,". 311 Eai?l Cjawford avo. ISjunotfd For Sole. FOK SALE.--ADVJS-RTISOJG SPACE In this paper. Ask tor rates. FOR SALE--PODGE ROADSTHR, A- 1 condition. Will d c m o n f t r a i L Ti i State Phone 719. I T j u n e ^ t * FOR SALE--USKD HUDSON AUTO, model 34. in (food r u n n i n g c o n d i t i o n I n q u i r e 104 W. Crawford or Wells M l l l a GaragQ l o j u ' i u t f FOR SALr,--ONE LIGHT FIVK- passcn^cr Itoo a u t o m o b i l e W i l l sell cheap. Inquire of EI-AJCR Mrtl'iKOW, Scottdalc, Pa I D j u n e ' t FOR SALE--0 ROOS1 HOUSE, NICE location; paved street and Hide walk Pantry, bath and two porches Hot air heat. Address "D. J." caro Courier. FOR SALE--ONE POOL TABLE, just used mne months One Ford "Roadster, d e l i v e i y bed on back f o r ll^ht deliveries. W 11 bell both cheap for cash. Call at SHUTSY'S STORE, LeisenrlnK, Pa. I t j u n e G t GENERAL HOUSE PAINTING. AD- dress G. B. SHAW, 11G Orchard A v e . City. 12junelOt* FOR SAJLE--1 SINGER DROP-HEAD g"o]den o.'ik, a)l aUac^menta complete $16. 1 Eidridsc rotary. ?2C I Singer round-bobbin, $C machines all in lirst-claay acwing order guaranteed W h i t e Sav, ing Maclunt- Co , 129 S Pittsburg aL, ConncIIs\ UIc, Pa. ale ill linage r Total 40,14-J Daily average 5,6.00 That tho daily circulation by months for the e a r 191S to data was aa £ol- 1 o w s: 1918 r Month. Dally Av. January 175,963 0,520 February 156,165 6,507 March 370,732 G.CCT April 173,823 6.685 That the dally circulation by month? for tho year 1917 to date was aa follows J ProiJOSLtioii harmonizing w i t h wa- c o n d i t i o n s requires) bcrvk-es of sale-? | manager in ConnoIlsvHio, who t,ati Ue- liver s-cronK sales t u l k b to salesmen. ·**i .li^rht commission, IjiK it's' Ur#i Nothing: £6r you to invent. "VVc \vill im ,··*]i Hunting in you u j j t i i your ability is provun We have a proposition worth auial'. f n - t u n e to mar who can organ .ze a sales Corcp of h !ffh grail u men to sell tlu 1 tMntJ most salable ever offered ihe people Unit-hs you can carry tl'o message and have buJlicien* v i t a l i t y to answer in, save your stamps, W. H. W1SHART. 316 Eorgci Side*. Pittsbars 1 . Pa. 33j«ne3t* 1917 January .. February .. March April May Juno ...... July Aug-ust September October ,.. November . December , Month. Dally Av. ...157.2C1 ...130,852 ...149,431 .. ,339,180 ...149,162 ..,141,59G ...153,575 ...165.595 ...151.193 .. .165,233 ...163.192 ..,155 343 5.82-t 6,452 5,53-t 5,448 G.Mr! 8,133 6,1G? 6,135 8.127 6,234 Total 151 343 5,853 And further sayeth not, J. WYLIE DRISCOLL. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 15th clay ot June, 131$. J. B. KURTZ. N. f. of your stationery the bettei the impression it will create Moral; Have your printing done here. This is Inventory month in every Union Supply Company store in the coke region. Bargains are available in every line. As fast as goods are inventoried all surplus, shop worn, soiled, and odds and ends of goods are immediately put on sale at bargain prices. These lines include all kinds of merchandise carried in a regular department store. You will find bargains in the dry goods department, in. the shoe department, furniture department, notion department, hardware department, grocery department, meat department; in fact throughout the entire store there will be something of especial value to attract your attention. These bargains will only last a short time. 63 Large Department Stores* Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. will be closed every evening at 6 o'clock --except Saturday's --until further notice. AT It's a mighty good investment--because Poplar Grove is destined to be the coming residence district of Con- nellsvilie. The location is ideal--one of the most beautiful in this section It's only a 5-minute car ride or a 15- minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." Not very far--but far enough to be out in the open where you can enjoy plenty of fresh air and beautiful surroundings. They measure 60x140 ft.--quarter acre tracts--and there are still a number of choice lots left. But at the rate they're selling, you'll have to get busy if you want one of these "bargains." There's city water in front of every lot and the Public School is just within a. stone's throw--giving you every needed convenience. And you can buy one of these lots on your own terms--tt)iy not write me today for full particulars!. C. B. McCormick, COXSELLSVILLE, PA. P. 0. Box 144.

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