The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 3, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1930
Page 2
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PACJI-; TWO. I'HW DAIX.Y COURIER, J, PA. Inventor Gets Another Degree NT n s; .',. o, u. u " \ I I . I A K Y ' ' K K S I D K V r VISITS ' O T T N T Y Mrx. A s i i i . i ,\l - T l c n u m of S r r u n t o n . - ' i . c p r i ' -..|"ii! 1.1 t h i - f,aijies' A u x i l i a r y t o lli 1 .- Av.: ; . - : i t l.irder of nibern- · · i i i : ; \v;i- ;i K U I - . . : if. i ho v e - g n l u r nioet- \:\H iT I)ivi:!!u!i \ - ) . I, l . ' n i o n t o w n A u x i l i a r y . S u n d u y t i ' t e r n o o n ;U t h e 1'. 11. ('. i l a U in' r i i i ' . ; ; i u j \ v n . .Mr.,. M a r g a r e t Miil'.'m o;' I ' o i i i e l l s v i l l t - ] r e n i ( l e d i i u r f , i n t h i - n ; i n i u t h e c o u n t y a u x i l i a r y , p n - x t - n V d M:v. M c T i u r n a n w i t h a p:\iyc-r hook. I X i r i n j i tho a f t e r n o o n Mrs. M c T i e r u a ! ! '-'.nvi' u. t a l k oti "Mein- A! t.hc clu.u- ,-f the mi.-*. 1 t i n g the Uu- innto-.vji a u x i l l : ry served lunch. Oul- ( r - t f ) » n a u x i l i a r i e s w e r e r e p r e s e n t e d at the nice!iiii,' jMrri. M u l l i u is c o u u t y ' p r e s i d e n t . Pajama Ensemble for Collegiate Women M"i* s r i u ;s I U 1 . L Y \'C U T I i K R A A C H U R C H The M a r c h Mrfct.lng of the Oouu-ells- v l l l e Di/Uricl Sunday School Aasoeia- l i o n w i l l bo held touighl at 7:3t. o'clock at T i n s i t y Lutheran Cluirch. The. address - t the e v e n i n g will bo ;;iven by liev, K. A. Su.huIt/, pautor of tho Firt:.( I'Hit.-'d. Hrcthreu Church. His .subject it; "T a c h e r a Truiutx! aud Un- tj-Hlne«l." All officer* ind Uuch-erii of lh* Sunday wehooi.-, UMd i-UidBiMt In the ditftrii;t it re tirgtxl to attend. V. i'. ('. l). U U . L Y I'll! DAY I N U. I'. rilUlW'II A rally of the. Y. P. C. U. of the Westmoreland Presbytery will be held Kriday n i g h t at tlw K l r u t i; tilted J'rosbyterian C h u r c h of thin city. Alias SVilliti. Miss Q u i n t ! and o t h e r I'resbyte.nal ullleors art; exuei:ti:*l 'to a t t e n d . The rally 1« for the. Mount, Sc.tidale ami KviclotioB ot the local cirirch. Missionary Mt'etlnc. The Wonum's .Missionary Soi.-ipty n( the Kirst 1'resbyterian ('Kirch ivill meet. Wcdn sday . a f t e r n o o n at -:.'!" o'clock in t e Ucii.v,' p a r l o r . Devo- lionalK w i l l x - let! by Mrs. J. b. Proud- Jit. Mini* Id-i, W o l f e w i l l conduct the missionary rograiu and Mr:-. IX K. Trehe.r the study book, " f r o m Jerusalem to Je-uaulem." World Isy o Prayer. The day of World Fellows h i p and P r i v e r will be observed Friday aS'terno u al the First C h r i s t i a n C h u r c h . T H- meeting will begin at L' o'clock. Members of the various m i s s i o n a r y s-'ocletu-s of t h e city arc i n v i t e d to u t t t u l and t a k e part, in t h e program. Silver Thimble Club. Trio Silver Thimble C l u b will be entertained at a 1 o'clock l u n c h e o n Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. Jacob D u l l at ho' homo in Ka-.'-t PaUorwm A. Kdiron, ajreti etectriod wtwwd (eent«5r), tnapped (taring the ceremonies held at Rolling Col- ·ege, Florida, dartag whicli Mr. Btlinon nteeivied the honorary degre* of £ketor ·/ Scienc*. H«trirt n Holt of tho coHepe U telling Mr. tb,«t ti a college honored rteorf when it eoal«ni«d * bo tor «j«m (Jta "Umiag inunoctei." This 6/ue an white pa/ama «· xfmbls with the callegiate troa*- «rj j* tha lei »»f in filmland. A of h us nad white crept complete.-! tht tea going 9f this fJegit :t outfit. .liifiior Ciiltiire Club. A program on "The Ideal Club" will be proaeiu-xl T i K - K d a y n i g h ! at. iho r c K i i l a r mee-uus tt tho J u n i o r Oalturo C l u b , to be hold in the i-.luh rooms at tho, Ciirucrio Freo Library. M u s i c a l rf v, ill aiso be contributed. \VIth Mrs. Friend. Mrs. Carolyn J'Vlond will entertain' the Ci. O. C l u b Tuesday nisht, at her homo at South Coime-lisville. .Vrt. Fils? Hostess. Mrs. C. H. PllHB will e n f e r U i i n the J. \V. N. C l u b Wednesday n l p h t at her homo at .Kiist .lolly Frionds ('luh. Th« Jolly FrlondK Club will be cn- tertaiiiod Wednesday niKht by Mrs. J o h n Low cry at her homo at youth Counellsv lie. Trinity Lutheran Events. Tho T r i n i t y iiihlo Class will meet t o n i g h t i i tho church. Tho Dorcas Mission '.-It-do w i l l inoet Tuesday . niKtii in the church pars-onago in Kast Pat eraou avenue. With Miss Iletrick. .VUiWi H a z e l H e t r i c k w i l l outirtain tho t'\ and M. C l u b Tuesday night at her hoim- in South CounlIsvUIe. I)oiuie'-,Spuw. Miss Bolcn (!. .Dcnney and Thomas A. H p a w , both ot! b'niontown woro married Sunday afternoon by Kev. JDr. \V. Scott BOWIIKIII at hi.') reeldence ' "·"' """ u "«-"' MRS. SOPHIA I- rir,MVA(JO* H O \ r f t K U O N H I H T H D A T Mr. and Mrs. .HiriJi-) Barnes wi-rc hoot and hoste: t at a family d i n n e r Sunday afternoi i at i o'clock at i V . v i r j homo In Robbi: s p f r o f t In honm- of (he sevonty-C'i^l th ;inti|vrre;iry of t.hc birth of Mrs. So h i a SliHwa;;',n, inolti- er of -Mr. Han -s. The tablii was ornanH-nl.ed wi h a lar^e blrtii'liiy cake, iced in hit*- and decoraied with "Mother," ;md "7S" In Inron'lcr. Mrs. Stlllwii::ot \v;u, tho roclpieut (.f b o a n t i f n ! sif*s. ("'overs were laid «t tbf d i n n e r for Mr.H. StilHvu,';;i) , (HT « o n - i n - J a w arid daughter, M r . uid Mr«. C l a r k F l v i c y , her KOIIW and d i n i t - h t c r s - i t i - l a w , Mr. i anil .Mr.s. J o h i ) RH-IH.« and Mr. ami 1 Mrs. JPKSI? T J c i r !-H, .Mr. and Mrs. J l a y i Kooser, run! d nirhiers, Miy.-so;! I'Jt-lla ! Mao and Ma: .;arc' MariH.-s. Mrs. i Kooser is a. d- i i K t i t i - r - i n - l a w and the i .MisHoK Barm".-; griLJiddaoglUtira of Mrs. S t i U w a TM o . EASTERN ST. !t DISTRICT M E K T 1 N C A T 1 J K L L K T E R X O N A d i s t r i c t u ijotinK of the Ortlt-r of Kasteru St-vr w i l l be heid Tiieadfiy afternoon at J 1 , -Me Verwon. A banquet will br served in the evening. Conne!l*vill and V a n d ^ r b i l l chapters w i l l bo represented at thr- moot- ins- j WOMEN'S F K O ' K K \ T I O N M E E T S I M A I t H ."· IN IMTTSIH.MlCi j Thr a n n u a l tnoctins of t h e Soutli- western distr; -1 of t h e Stale Federation of Pemisr -Iv-ania Women and the district c l u b a s t i t u t e w i l l lo held, at tho Hotel Sc. l e n l e y . Pittsburg, Wednesday, Mart-.] 5. MemberK urged to a t t e n d . L u n c h e o t t v i l l be Korved. (,'riionl.own Spaw ,nl.own. Mr. and Mi-e. hpinv to reside imar Detroit, Mich SI. pHtrlrfc's lay Dunce. The .luiiior Reception (iominittee w i l l hold a St. Patrick's Day dance Friday night, March 14, in the Stutu Armory. The auditorium will bo b e a u t i f u l l y decorated for the occasion. Special attractloms are being secured for the dance. One o£ tho feature.-; w i l l be the appearance on one of ;lif nioHl. p o p u l a r dancers in [·'ayette c o u n t y . The name of l.ho lUiui-er i v i l l he announced within the next, lev; days. M. E. C. flub. The ft, K. C. Fancyworlc Club will meet T it-sday night at the home of M r * . W i l l i a m Grieves al South Coil- n e l l s v i ! e. r. P. K vents. The v h i r y K. I ) U : U Bible Class will i i u H i 'I iicsihiy n i g h t ;tt th" home of A!r.i. i i . A. l ! i i i ! i . 1-.1L' Sycamore stvi .·! Kicctioi!--! of ofliccrs Cor the .-u-'ii!:'.:. V ' - a r s w i l l t.iko'place. T i i e bo.ird of trnsto-.'s w i l l moot T h i i r - i ;iy ni;;ht in lit"' 1 c h u r c h . llnp. 1st The .t'hilat iea (Mass of tlu First Baptist Chur h w i l l meet Thursday evening fit th home of Mr". G l e n n A. Cad.svallacli'r f I ^ I S Sycamore ni.reot. All inemibers are aaked to be preueut. Man Announce!) riage of Al daughter of strong of MV i n c e n t of which took j ins at IV c Street Mcth KDV. G. K. !: Vincent and ongahela, w pJoy by the pany. inire AnnouneiHl. em is made of the mar- ·ss M u r l e i Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs, W. Artn- aionKahela, and Fred K. ·lonorigahola aud Irwiu, lace last Tuesday morn- olock at tlie Smithfleid 'rfist Church, Pitt.sburg. rennomaii officiated. Mr. brllo will rewldo at Mon- lero the former is om- We-sl Penn Power Com- M l i . AM) M'KS. B K E N N A T V U1VK A N M V E K . S A l t V Mr, and Mrs. T. J. H i v n n a n outor- taliK d at a dituiei- S u n d a y n i g h ! ·'''-i t h e i i home in J o h n n u m I.V«-IHU in [ hoiu r of the t h i r d a n n i v e r s a r y of the marriage of t h o i r K o n - ) u - l a w and d a i i f M t o r . Mr. and Mri-. K. (''liiitoo Fri-i !cn of PlttB-hurs. A color KcheniK ot g ild ami while was cn'"euveiy car- vied o u t . M r s . F r f i K t - n w i l lijc- rcmein- bir«l by her C o n u e l l . « v l l l e frieuds UK .Mis; Ann.-* B r r - a n a n . A t : o r n e y \V. P. ( ' r u . - i i i ! of Mcii-Rdiit/iwu. \V. Va., n con;.in of Mr.s. H n M i n a n , v,'a,s an out- r. B, t The Win One Cla*i« w i l l moot TUC-B- i ilay nifht. at, t h e borne oi Mrs. Albert-. \V:i.;rK % r. South A r c h .street and Por-· tc-r aventitt. | 'I he of.a-e.iul ixxunl will moot. Thvirt--,-1 d a v night at 7 : 4 5 o'clock ;u i b o ' church. It is announce) i h a t import-! an.: buMlneHfi plans a r c :o be taken «ji | uu h month. j "he n j o n t l i l y mevt.inr. of the "Wo-1 n u n ' s M l a H k i n a r y A.-'nx l a r i o n % v j ! i bt j be.l ['"'riday i i i K t i l at. 7 : 1 5 o ' c i i K ' U ; i t i t h ! homo of. Mr». O. 0. in ICiittt Green at root. All meralmrK are ur^ixl to attenl. Mrs. I!. K. Xinini'.'r- in.,i) -.vill take c u r e of ihc KvaiiRfl f Christian News. The- Jcasie M. Grey Clr o of the Christian Church W'l! tnoel thi« even i n g at 7:-'l' o'cioc'-f al U church. Mi:--- Marque-"!! 1 1 Atar/.anfl will be The cabhi'.'t of t h e Bibl" i ;hool will ro.efi Wednesday e v e n i n g lifter the mkf-wc«k priy-r sitrv!oi\ ntit.fud oi before. The WornfinV M.ssionar · Society w i l l nnei T h u r u d a y ai'ttrn on m thi: i t i n r c h . Ttin- every-ineinber canvt i-fl will In; made Sunday. March ^-'3, A comiritte^ roTirocri) at .1. \j. Kurir.. rhalrmau. Mrti. Mar ;arot Hen- T..T, ,1. P. Buui, Mrs . Irelun 1 S. W h i p - kr-y a n d Mra. E O. Uirtt hi s beou itp- jxihiii-d by \V. l i . 8-ywmai c h a i n n u n of i.ho o/licia/ board-, · o un iJnate o!Ji- eera of the i-ongns-taUon · be WI«K! un at ihe Hiitiual Tncetitip Thurnday, April :i. Th( ii.isic-r, Rev. ·;, N. (Jaty, I'h» G h r i f t i a n ICnd--v\ir Soclely buslnoHfi and -:oci,'il rijeoi.intv s v i i l );i ht-lcl Friday night at the church. GriMMiivonrt M. E. Kvent- 4 *. Th* Wotntin'u ForcitTii .Missionary S-ciety will meet Tu«'-,-lay al'larnoon at the church. Tho badk-.s' A i d Sfx-ifity ·will in-eci T uimday n i g h t at .'he home of M)-n. D. K. M l n o r d , South KighUi «tro?t, C! re*?nwool. The. ofWi-.Ial board "will m-ect Friday r i . g h t at t.h-ti church. 1). A. It- N"II! .Hi'ol. P h i l i p Freenum C h a p t e r , DaughUT;-: of the Am«rl«in .Revolution, w i l l niwt. Av'e.dnesdiiy al'teriKMirt at 2 o'clock, in t:H Carnegie. Free Library. Lottie Bnulley (,'lass. T h t Lottie A. Bradley Claris of (ho KvanKellcaxl Church at Smth ('011- nell.sville will meet Loutght at 7::») o'clock at tin- homo of Mr«. Hoy Ash- Ixiugh -of P i n o ptroet. AH are aeked to IMS th-ere. ( l i l i c c r s 1,1 i I'd Blblt 1 pr! ,xl w i l l be elected S!ir..':ii. M.-.rrh 3ft. Th.- c-ojji- mittec on ii i.ninat;ons IK i otn-iKised of C. K. Rcy:;old.s. J. (.. Kurt;. , Mr*. H. K, ShipU-y. M r s . V,'. C. Heyuo; l» and Mhsa Mary Bisiioji. Mns. .lacoii II.. Sticrrard of Browwfe- v i l l e , forcuerly of Count 1 leville, will Iff )»i-'iidM J ;o the T'ie«iU .- Afternoon i ! r n l f r i - C l u b nf l.lro.vriHV lie TtKM^lay af!.erntv)i\ at hir h-irrt.. Th - canies will be prowvlei' by a 1 o't ock brklgc lunchoon. est Colds Rub well over throat and chest 1'IrM; M. K. M«etfnss. Tho ofliiM; I board will meet Tuesday n i g h t ; !. tho church. Tho timo is 7: HO. The 0«rr-y Kwiyon Auxiliary will meet T h i n - s l a y night "at 7:30 o'clock at tho ' f h u r h. The l u n c h coinmlttoe consists of virs. Julia Co.swoi, Mrs. E. S. Sayder, \liMs; Hcrtha Cunningham and Miss K n m a ijong. Mrs. B. S. la program leader ai3d ii W i l l i a m s w i l l conrluct t h u dcvotloi alH. A get-tog- ilior moe-tiuf tor the men of the chu ch wtu io held Monday n i g h t , M;m h 10. at the church. This moothiK ia iu (mtobnuioii of (lie union til' tho l vo clrtBH^s, (lit? Mon's .Bible (Jlusu and 1 '. 11. boroo's cluws. {'fit i rioii Liiorar- Oluh. The- Crlt -i-iou [.l:.trury '..:iu.h wil nuwi Tuos. ay night at the iionio. ir Mrii. il. B W h i p , Vino street.. Mrs. \S"i!li;un K sUicr w i l l h;ivo chfirgo ' UK- rirot-; m on "Mottle OtlttilaiKliu;; Characteiv of i h o ilible." First M. !'. M'isBlonavy Cirolo No. 4 wUl ms©t Tu-esday nig!\t at. tho home -'t' Miv;. Harriet Franks, Jofterson utrec't.. Missionary Clrola .Vo. 'i will nw»t Thursday n l s h t at the homo of Mr«. J. D. SUllwfiRon ^of tho South SI do. Cii-cle No. 1 w i l l meet on tho same night at the home- ot Mrs. Horhort Shaw of East M u r p h y ,av0tvu\ The tnterftiodiute CTirlsLiun Ein- d-eavor Socloty w i l l hold H« rog-ular busiinoss and Hooial uieoting: at tho church on Thursday night. Tho E. M. S. Class will mecyt TJVLday night, at the church. M. K. Church I)uy. C h u r c h Day will bo observed Thurs- i day. The Ladies' Aid Socl-oty will j nijet at 10:30 A. iU,, at which. time the · -fi-l(?c.tion ot ofllcers w i l l take pla:c. i Lunch \vill bo ttwvorl at noon. Th« j Woman's Foreign MlsiHonary So-clety will moot at 1:15 o'clock. There will i be- Hpcc'.al music. The Wonuau's Home M-l»stouary Society will nvc-et kt 2:45 o'-ulock. The lunch cominititee eonsiatt: of Mrs. L. S. Michael, .Mrs. Anna Bates, Mr.s. Laura Jaynea, Mrs. Anna Miller, Mrs, S. K. J3diuoud« Mrs. Clyde B. Campbell, Airs. U. L. Owruy, Mi'H. Kobert M. KVUIIK and Mrs. John Mtwigcs. j A.n attractive *eddJn| took r'lfi" I thitt ujornSng at li i-'cloc. In tho ini- | mam-Late Coticop1on C urch when ! M ! B H G'sctrad'- IJ-)ti/dier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Baiills Be.u- her of Freeman Ixino, was u n i t e d it; inarrlago to ', son of Mr. and Mrs. of S .ir''Junction. £!ev. Henry Geltx 1, Lhe c urch pastor, j olBclatod. The biid. woi a bo-soming fiowni of nnrj- bli.e georf -ito with tKit of m a t c l i i n g cxUi". Mist; Anna lleuch- ·T. hoi- si.-jtor's maid ( ' honor, ap- jn»ariM.i in frcwn of cop tiihafjen bhio fioorgettn with. b*it t hartnotii?,e. I'Vod llihlebrajult u«jr od as Te«t man. The eorenioriy wt i followed by a br^ikfaift In t h e brii 's hoine, A d i n n e r will tx; f:tvm 1,7 ·» o'V-enin« in Uie hoone of t/rtdogroc n's brother, John Sohono4;e. Mor ell avonue, OreoD-wooii, in honor f the couple.- TJie brhleffrooni ui t:m ioyed by tho Capstan Claws Company of South Oon- iiollsvU-lo. The oo«pk ori-H r«ftide In Connel)arill».. East 1 . Llfwrlv (;i«ss rhnrsday. Tho AUruriai) BIhle Class o£ the Baet Liberty Pn»byterl n Church \vill jneet Thursday nljjht o , the horn© o{ Mrs. W. J. Iteecl at Van* erbilt. A large attendanco la roquesUx as Iniportant bueiueftt-t nrattors v Lo be trana- acted. County Aid S- cfety. Tho quarterly meotl- g oC the Ohfl- dren'a , Aid Skaciety of Fayiette County wllJ be held W xtaesday afternoon at 2:30 In the Parish House, Uukiutxwn. MRS. THELMA RAPP DIES SUDDENLY WHILE SITTING IN CHAIR Mrs. Thorns. Stewart Bapp, 21 years old, wife of John Rapp, was fodnf dead mt Wodntieday morn In K at S o'clock. jrittiiH" in a chair ;u her home at. Homewood, n. F'fttBbnrfi; Hflburb. She hud given hlrtli to a daughter abont two ww»lu! provioattly. Mrrt. Rurrp wn« the daujdttor of Mr. and MTK. C. K. Stewart of HoriMWood, who itnUI 10 years IKO remde! on fJlackaiont' row!, W«i KKM, Connellsville. Mrs. Rapp w^m Iwrni and. reared in thin cHy. Har nuebaml, n rwo-weefew old datnghter, her parnnta, two atetors, Mr«, Myrtle Copft of MaKeewport and Mias Vcra Stewart, at hom«, asnd fwo brotixsrs, RiluM" Strwart of Mo Keopport ami Ruanell Stewart of Detroit, Mich., enrvive. The funoral wai; hold Katnrdtiy af- torixxin at the Stewart home at corner of Mstpk; ami Homewood tttretstx, Inrfcmment waa made. In Honjowood Comotory. Mr. and ! Mrs. Irti. Kk*«her »f ronnonsvflle, ! undo and aunt of the young wife, attended the f u n e r a l . MRS. SARAH M. JOHNS DIES AT AUQUIPPA Special to Tho Cottrlor. MOUNT PLKA8ANT, March. 3.-Mrs. Sarah Mitchell Johoe, 46 years old, died at her home at Alicjuip-pa on Saturday following' an operation. Tho body was brovtpht today to tho home of a aistur, Mre. Ann Jonos on the Mitchell farm ne,ar Bridgeport, by Funeral Director C. W. Ucnnmon. Tlor husband and the following brothers and aistons survive: William Miu-hell, Washing-ton, Pa.; JoJin L. Mitchell, M o u n t Pleasani; Frank Mitchell, Bridgeport: llernian MJtch- ell. HammoodviHe; Mr.s. A.nn Jones, Mrs. Victoria Thomas, Mrs. Marj- Carson arid Mrs. Eli/.a Boycr, Bridgeport; MTS. Oliver Baker, Scottdale, and Mrn. M.lRaouri Ciansnr, PtttH- I- ' I ' OVEi!' 1» MIlliON JARS USED YEARLY j si.--i.ot-a. |ol J '. i n e r t touigln m Hall. u. c. r. eitiss The B. C. C. Class of the First Baptist C h u r c h held Its monthly mooting ut the homo of Mv«. Halph Walker of Carnegie avenue- on Friday evening. A f t e r the huniness meeting, MIHH Kloanor Kaiuage (juv« several piatio aoleqtions, c;--i.ines wore played. Lunch was nerved. Miss CoiiHtiince Irene King was a suesl. Pver iiFftiii'ii! A called meetinii of (ho Kvor Faithful Cliias of tin* ICvaiigellcat C h u r c h w i l l ho l n l l T f i u r j i i i a y n i g i ) L at, 8 o'clock v! the hotiu* i f Mrs. d i u r l f w \ V r y a i ] t of PLuc at reel, fcjoiilli t'ou- l!ulo Bora to C Mr. and Mrs. Damo ·of 317 O^den. street ; th-e birth of a sou, Da' morning at 2 o'clock. a boy and a girl in tl Critclitteld wan fortm Shailer. Mr. CritclUie wood mail carrier. itchiieids. L. Critchflold re announcing id Lee, Sunday There are now a family. Mrs. 'ly Mlaa BtheJ d is tho Green- Baked I lam ; -upper. A.. Bradley i IU.HH will serve a buked ham eupper J i Snyder'a store room, South Oonuolk ville, Thursday evening, Mirch 6th, G o 7:30. Tickets! 60 ceute.--Advertiserr jnt.--Sniar-lt. Suuer Eraut S upper. With triinmingfl, ; uspices Khoda Dunn W. (.'. T. U. at t 10 M. E. Church, South Pltttiburg atree'. Monday, March 3rd, 5:30 to 7:30. Ti keta GO cents.-- Advertisement--27fol It. Card Pii rty. By the tiafiias of Mount Carrnel Sodality in SI. Kila f- :!mol Ilall, Monday, March 3. Bridge. "500" and bingo, Umeh will be swved --Advertisemtmt. --raaxJ-21. , Ciugsified Adve tls«monf« Bring resuJt.a when : la«-d in the col- «£ Tib* Badly ' oiwter. Th.o funeral service vrfll t«} held at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at tho Jouea home. Burial ·will be made in Greonltck Cemetory. SAMUE B. BEH0MER DIES AT RUFFSDALE MONDAY, MARCH 3,- 1930. ft»WWMWMWWMWWIIWW«! Special, to Tho Courier. , Marcli 3.--~9am,uol B. Bilb-etmer, 79 y«ars old, died at 5:30 o'clook Sunday morning at hfs home hero. H« was a member of the Mount ijOtxi'TKm Methodist Hplacopol Church of . He is survivc-d by Ms widow, Mrs. Anna B. BUh-eirner; one daughter, Mrs. 3. O. Heed of Tarr: one sister, Mrs. Samwert "Wai thorn- of Ruffsdole, and one "brother, Clark Btlheim-or of Homeetead. A short, funeral service will be held- at the home of his graud- fion, Joseph Finfrock, in Ruffs dale, at 2 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, The full aorvico will be held at, Mount Lebanon Methodist Episcopal Church at 2:30 o'clock. Interment, will follow in the adjoining cemetery. PAUL MONZULIC DIES AT STAR JUNCTION Raul Monzullc, 69 yeurs ohi, died Saturday eveniag at 7 o'clock at liis homo at. Star Junction. He is survived by his wlf-o, tour sons and throo daughters: Michael, NiuUol;i», J o h n and Peter, MI-B. Michael Torlosky, Mrs. Joseph Swetts and Mr«. J o h n Janosko, all o£ Star Junction. The funeral will be held tomorrow morning. The cortego will meet at tho late home ;it 8:30 o'clock. Muss w i l l he celebrated at 9 o'clock at the Pci-ryapolls Greek Catholic C h u r c h , nnv. V a l e n t i n e Ralegh of Brownsville w i l l officiate, liHevmpnt w i l l he itiiule in tho c h u r c h cemetery. Use Classified Ads. Cost IB small. Results are "hie- A Firestone Factory Method "To Keep Down the Upkeep on Your Tires" Thousands of Tiro Miles and Dollars are being thrown away in and about Connellsville by car owners who discard tires because the tnad rubber is worn off. We are fully equipped to (liminate this waste at a small cost. Bring your worn tires to fis for re-capping. We will re-new the. life of any make of (ire, restoring four-fifths the original mileage at one-half new tire, cost aa follows: BALLOON TIRES 29x4.50 30x4.50 28x4.75 29x4.75 30x4.75 29x5.00 30x5.00 31x5.00 28x5.25 30x5.25 $5.00 5.00 5.25 5.50 $5.75 5.75 5.75 6.00 $6.25 6.50 31x5.25 29x5.50 30x5.50 30x6.00 31x6.00 32x6.00 33x6.00 30x6.50 31x6.50 32x6.50 $6.75 7.00 7.10 7.50 7.75 8.00 8.25 9.25 9.50 9.75 HIGH PRESSURE TIRES 31x4 $ 6.00 33x4y 2 ,,,,.. 9.00 32x4 . 6.50 30x5TT.. 12.00 32x41/2 S.50 32x6TT..^ 18.00 AH Re-cajiping Work Fully Guaranteed Fireston e Service Stores, Inc. H. C. "Zeko" Haddock, Mr. 139 W. Apple R . Phone 21. Connellsville, Pa. HAVE YOU Read the Classified Page today? Do so. You will find .some real bargains advertised in its columns. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 109 North Pitteirarg Street What you wmut ia iramedi- ate relief---mai. )tpaotab« will do it orcnrig it. Two taJbOcbi taic«n »t nl«ht ·wUl gihra cot** Jp«*ion raliof In th* rooming without poin ot gr^ing. Doe* not tnean/cnieace, itad fcrf pkotaat and cosy to take, Sccyovo dru«p»( tonight. la two iaea, 3Sc mnd SOc. Write for free mmple. THE MIJ. COf/SPANY Norri«to«»o. Pm. ^··^IV^B^Hi^HMMCII invest! TKls Loan Service \nimtfyxnfit f DANCE Vrick .Vudltorluni, LELSKNKIHO, PA. Monday, March 3rd Hoofs: 0 to 1. Benelit of St. Vincent ])e Church. V"OU wfll Hk* this bettor w»ty ot -*· obiainin^c »h« money you ne-d. Oar friebdly plan lets yon Ivvn MM money promptly and privafaly. We make no embarrassing ima» tlf^ikmi among your friends. VFe require no outside «is7K!rs. You can borrow up to $300. N«t« easy payments below whldi INCLUDE lawful interest: $ 5,18 montMy repays $ 50. loa» $10.56 monthly repays $150. loa't $21.12 montWy repays $300. loai Let us trfl yoa itbont our digni fed loaning plan without obligation *nd onr Bervice which extends ver 19 years in Grennsbnrg. Call, Write or Phone 1-3-1-3 I'lc«iuied by the tttatn Open 8 to OiSO--Saturday a to 9 UNION LOAN CO. First National Bank Bldg. Room 304 -- Second Floor, GREENSBURG, PA. U«e Our (Classified Ad*. Patronize Home Merchants Who Advertise

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