The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 17, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1918
Page 3
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MONDAY, JUNE 17, 1818. DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIIJUE. PA. PAGE?THREBI« flEWSY NOTES TELL WHAFS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Women of Red Cross Realize : Goodly Sum From Carnival. JOHN FORSY1HE IS INJURED Klefertovrn Xan Thrown Over Da»li- lkard o! Baggy IVhcn Horse Bolts ' and Sustains Compoaml Trnctnre o? leg; Is Taken to Hospital; Notes. OUR BOYS IN FRANCE Special to The Courier. SCOTTBALE, June 17.--The ladies ot Unit No. 32 of the Scottdale Red Cross auxiliary, did very well on Saturday afternoon and evening with their carnival. Tag Day began early in the morning and hardly a person, in Scottdale was there who did not wear a flag. In the unit are Mrs.. J. it.. Ztemers, .Mrs. Crver, Jlrs. H. B Hartman, Mrs. Harry Newcomer, Mrs. Mary Loucks, Mrs. Hoy Loucks, Mrs. Floyd Darsey, Miss Georgia Humphries, the Misses Wyley, Miss Ruth Jonicka. Miss Edna-Krouse, Miss Kate Sooner, Miss Besse Reid, Miss Cecilia Reid, Miss Jessie Brown and Miss Irene Loucks. These ladies were assisted by the high school girls, and a number of the girls from, the jounger set and a number oE the younger boys, who worked earnestly all day at tag- Sing. hjnred In Tinnairar. , On Saturday evening John Forsythe ot Kiefertown, went to a farm near .Mount Pleasant to deliver a calf. Alter 'leaving the call at the farm ie went with two ot the boys out riding in a buggy. On West Main street the ^ horse became frightened and ran off, throwing Pdrsythe over the dashboard. He suffered: a compound fracture of the right leg. He was taken to the Memorial hospital. Mouat Pleasant, where he had his leg dressed, and then at his request he was taken back to his Kiefertown home. Shower for Recent Bride. A number of friends of Mrs. John Kritschgau met at the home of her aunt. Mrs. J. G. Ferguson, on Friday evening and gave a shower for her. Mrs. Kritschgau, who was a recent bride, received a number of nice presents. Refreshments were served and a very pleasant evening was spent. Likes Jkiiitsoj. "Word has been received here from Marcer Mcllvain, who is employed at a tana experiment bureau at Hayes, Kansas, that he likes the work and in all probability he will be back in Scottdale early in September. Juniors Win, The Everson Juniors of the Public league won a baseball game from the North. Side Juniors, breaking a tie and making a series of games that wiil have to be played by Pine Tree, Cver- son. and North Side to find ?he winner of the "Observer" trophy. To 1*Tie IT] Camp Work. -Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Flagle left yesterday for Baltimore, Md., "vkere they will visit friends. Mr. Flagle will visit Camp Meade. He has Deen called for army i". M. C. A. work in the Southwestern department Imt refused this, and will likely accept Camp Meade or Camp Lee vrorjc for the summer. Personal. Miss Kegma Xash left Saturday evening for a two weeks visjt to friends at 2oches:er, N'. Y. Mr. and Mrs. John KritSjChgau left yesterday for Niagara Falls, where they will spend a. couple ot weeks. Robert Hood of Mount Pleasant, spent Saturday here \isiting his daughter, Mrs. Jeannette Parry. Miss Margate: Kritscligau spent Sunday with Miss Ruth Rowe at Mount Pleasant Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Cable of Scottdale, have received a card from their son Frank stating that he has arrived safely overseas. The Premier Kient " Of the entire spring season! Sav- Tie men on the firing line represent tho pick of our Americah youth. _Ono in four of our boys at lioroo was aiek, rejected because' of physical deficiency. Many times the kidneys were to blame. If we wish to prevent old ago coming on too soon, or if we want to increase our chances for a long life, Jr. Pierco of tho Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., says that you should drink plenty of ·water daily between meals. Then procure at vour nearest drug store Annric (double "strength) This Anuric drives the uric acid out and cures backache. If we wish to keep our kidneys in tho best condition, a diet of milk and vegetables, with only little meat onco a day, is the most suitable. Drink plenty of pure water, ta^'C Anuric three times a daj for a month. lLLSssnunc, PA.--'' Pir?t I had grip, then pneumonia, then kidney and bladder trouble. Kidney excretion was high colored. I got sick on November l"th and laid up till February 18th, when I began to use tho Anuric Tablets I told my doctor, and That's all right, keep on with 3 I did. I am now perfectly well and work hard."--Wjf. D. SNTDEE, Boi 301, Haiiroad and Market Sts. Clarion, Pa.--"I hjvo been suffering for years from disordered kidneys, backache and headache. I doctored with several doctors and tried several other medicines, but^sith no avail. I at last began taking Dr. Picrco's Anurtc Tablets ai.d .thcv have cured nic of my backache and headache, and I fanvc better health nor/ ftian I bavo had for 21 vears. I am now h!e to do my work, go to church, and do lot of walking. I have a splendid appe- T T ar.d sleep well and feel good in the J he said. them' PATRIOTIC NUMBERS , FEATURE CHAUTAUQUA STARTING THIS WEEK Bed Cross, Libert) Jxinn and Other Jlrhes to Raise Funds Made Easier by Interest Arftnscd. Having visited several cities where Chautauquas are to be hold this season J. Frank Eaton, advance repre- resentative, reports that much interest is being shown in the 1918 program because of its patriotic makeup. In fact, committees and patrons are of rhe opinion that their Red Cross, Liberty Loan, Y. M. C. A. anil similar drives are being made easier through the get-together spirit fostered by the Chautauqna. It has been found that in most cases the men who mike up the patriotic organizations of a city are the same men who are back ot the Chautauqua. The two propositions go hand m hand. On the Chautauaua program here this week will be a number of speakers and entertainers who have interestipg messages on v a r i o u s phases of the war and government j work in general. Indian Creek. INDIAN CREEK, June 15.--J. M. Stauffer, Jr., left for Plattsbnrg, N. Y., to enter military training. Don't neglect your eyes. See Dr. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, 105 South' Piti-'jurg street, Conneilsville---Adv. | Mrs. Walter Smith spent a day) among Conneilsville friends. Mrs. F. TV. Daberko and sons are spending a few days among Conneils- ville friends. Mrs W. S. Bradley ana son, Wilmer, of Connellsville, spent a day here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs J. M. Dlig Grover Bigam, Mrs. Matthew Meyers and Evans Bigam of Mill Run left for Cleveland, 0., to attend the funeral_of Mrs. John Bigam. \Valter Nicholson. Frank Steind! and Frank Kooser of Mill Run aro in Connellsville today. Mrs. James Cole of Leisenring is spending a few- days here among fnends. Miss Rose Steindl of Mill Hun will spend several days with Connellsville fnends. Miss Lucy Brown of Confluence is ' .-- ...I -juy,.. - J J U H J 1 U l V ^ U U L l U U f l U e J H far beyond all possioility ot du- spending a few days here with her plication! Similar low prices will scarcely be quoted again for years -if ever! See the wonderful bargains ia every department offered during June at Bendiner's Broadway Ladies* Store, Scottdale, Pa. the car.--Adv. As you get oS Vanderfoilt. V.YNDERBILT, June -15.--Dr. J. H. llaziett and mother, Jlrs. Elizabeth Hazlett of Vacderbilt, and aunt, Mrs. Belle Wiley of New York City, motored to Waynesburg yesterday, where -Mrs. Hazlett and Mrs. Wiley will visit with relatives. brother anil siater-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Brown. Jean Illig spent a few hours here among friends. William Thrasher is off duty on account of illness. You will get comfort and style if I examine your eyes and fit your glasses. Dr. A. L Tucker, Optometrist, 105 South Pittsburg street, Connellsville.--Adv. Tolls How Tinol Made Her Strong. So. Kaukauna, Wis.--"I was weak, Mrs. J. R. McCleary of Eldersville, | a11 r u n down ' tlr °d a" "m*. and and Mrs. Nolle Robertson of Steubeu- I na(I Asthma so I could hardly keep WfAl RUN DOWN WOMAN ·ville, 0., are visiting at the home of their daughter and sister, respectively, for several days. L. L. Collins attended the birthday celebration of Commander w. P. Clark, which was heid oa Friday, June 14, at his home in Connellsville. About 30 guests were present. Mrs. H. E. Moore of New Geneva, j who Is visiting at the home of Jlr. and ] -Mrs. J. C. Moore, was a Pitreburg shopper on Friday. C. S. Freed and G. jr. Shirkler of Dunbar township, were Connellsville business callers. Little Catherine Pratt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Pratt, is confined to aer home with the measles. around and do my housework. After everything ele had failed to hel-p me, Vinol built me un. and made me well and strong."--Mrs. Jay Parker. The reason Vinol was so successful in -Mrs. Parker's case, is because it contains the necessary elements to j create an appetite, aid digestion, make pure blood and create strength. It is the beef and cod liver'peptones --iron and glycerophosphates in Vinol --that does it---you will not be disappointed if you try it. Laughrey Drug Co., Connetls-nIIe; D. C. Bason, Dunbar, and druggists every w here.--Adv. Hunting Bargains 1 Yon will find theffl in our ad. columns. t'KJCE K«ep the family free from colds by tiling »5c--iOc--$1.00 Ticlt'ts Goinp IVelL A report from the Elks' Fourth of July picnic committee states that everything is going along nicely. Inquiry has been made by the people of outlying districts concerning tickets and automobile parking space. A number of people who have already secured tickets have come back for more. Is the most important essential "IVhea the need for Iloraefurnishings arises* be on the safe side by buying (he Auron hind--the kind that have quality Iiuilt right jnto them--the kind tluit are nationally knovm--the kind that will give you service and life-long satisfaction. Connellsville's Reliable Househirnisners Since 1891 Cheap, Mioddj- inen-handi'-e of fjuestion- alile quality IMS n; yiaee on our Floors-and it sltouM have no iiace in your home. Every article vu sell must pass our rigid standards of {«ali1--and vse Ijacli it up tally with "our "satisfaction guarantee." (Made liy (lie Cndahy Packing Co.) This 40 Ib. Genuine Hair Mattress, Special at This js a buoyant, supporting mattress a luxuriant, rest-gmng one--made from sterilized curled horbc hair, E*er hair Is a live coil spring--that's why this mattress is 40 poundb of comfort--40 Ibs. of well-built, everlasting sleep luxury. See These Values! This -I Ft. Solid Oak Swine . This I Ft. Solid rj Oak Swing , P I . We Are Exclusive Connellsville Agents for "Kakex" Fibre Furniture-the kind that was built to last. Will stand hard wear. This 1 Genuine Kaltex Rocker $5.00 This Kaltex Rocter, fl»rr Clihoistered Seat .. «J5 * · These Rcckors are exceptional values at the prices quoted, and see ihem. Priced upward from as low as.... $26.50 This, Soiid Oak 6 Ft, Extension Table--A Special Value- $14.50 $2.25 Substantially built from genuine quarter sawed oak. This Genuine Oak Buffet Quarter $29.50 Tour choice of golden fumed oak finish. For Real Service $34.50 This Pullman Bed Davenport Frames are solid oak. Upholstered in ,mnaiion Jeaiher. A big Rugs, Carpets and Linoleums Entire Second Floor. Largest Varieties--Newest Designs-Better Quality--Lower Prices! At Aaron's you have the largest collection of Floor Coverings in Southwestern Pennsylvania to choose from--all the newest designs and patterns. And the exclusive, quality Aaron lines cost no more than other stores ask for just the ordinary kinds. All Floor Coverings Laid FREE. To Insure Baby An Enjoyable Ride! Collapsible Carriages at Genuine Reed Carriuges at Come and See 7' icm. Come in and See That Famous Here is a Refrigerator that is scientifically constructed-that is made of the best materials only--that is Imilt by specialists to last a life-time. That's why the Leonard Cleanable is a permanent investment. Ten Walls to Save Your Ice! That's why the Leonard Cleanable will save it's cost in nee alone--conserves and saves your food most economically. Come in and see the Family Size Leonard (hat -we're offering at $8.50 Just Over the Bridge Conncllsvflle (West Side) -SERVO!" STATION, Carroll Battery Co. A Factory TraiiH'iS Batter; Man. J. M. Trump IITE LEM1 TRAMSFEft 103 IS. Ur*p* Alley, ·|1c P. ft. B, DeiNtl. ««»th A A U A *P3LCLALTV, PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. -The Cnbelieier." See "The Unbeliever," at the Paramount theatre today and tomorrow.-- Adv.-17-lt. Try our classified advertisements. Tri-State 57S. Bell S42. LOCAL AiT) LOKG DISTAIfCS MOTDfGS. E « 8i(len « 1M Haas AT*,, COSITEILSYIHE, PA. W W £lnff/Ih7 . Tf. UWUCiiy rau'OT SKRGI: SVIT W I T H TEKY SUU'LU UXLS. ,ave Next time you are in a of woman note tho different coadi- tJona apparent in complexion. ?"ou ·will see pome flllod with blackheads, some dry and rough, some smooth «.nfl greasy, some smeared irltJi rougro, some streaked with, heavy rnotalllc powders and once in a tvbila you Trill BOD ono that Is a Oemon- utra'Jon of inteIl)K«nco from every point of Tiow. Tho color is rosy, the Gfcln ia clear and smooth, tlm PD-OS are small and open, th powder does not Bhovr on tho firm \ porous slciji. Every worran can liavo a cooil corn- plflxlon it sbo -will oniy use a little discretion. It ou would acquiro r eoJ beauty, Uis bcatty of perfect health, you must replenish you.- worn-out nerves with lecithin. Nature's own nerve restorer, and put into your blood tho inUrorai(ny Iron TvhJcJn Mature intended It to have for (health In most of tho modern foods these and other vltalirinar elements have been la.reei climJrateJ Yot to bo £-ea!thy and beautiful Use s3- tem must have them. They a r« found In Bio-foren, not onlv In prop, «r proportions to restoro Tfooi. r n ed (·vitality but In such form as the s;a- Itoj33 can beet asblmUatu them A treatment of Jcciilim and iron E cptonfttc aa ocmbfnod in JJ)o-f«ren icrceaos the appell-.o nida nutriUon and Invlfforatea the patlem And Blo-/aren in it3 peJlet form is oasy and paktUiblo to toko--no liquid j-on discoloratJon of the teeth, M unplciaam tasto. There Js no accret^or T mystery about B!o-femj. Jtoctorg prescrib* It reerulariy because they know exactly what It contain* as well as n h a t it wiH do aj;d thty Jtnoiv they could not formulate a, better up- bulldirij tonic. Tho action of Bio- fcrcn on tha ivi.tem 33 bo bfieilclal, -we aro so sure of Us K'.\.nfr ou pojitlvc hfioltli and vigor, provWJmr, of course, thero is ro serious, cnronlo a.'ment such as c-^uicer, tuoeu-uiob's. c-(c, that w« oiil^. sell It on the ooud'i'on that you aj;rce to return tlie empty nickas* und :tccept «. refund of yovr money unlesu you are entirely sa.tiant.-U. Th-rc Is no u«ia walttnc: for health and beautv. Jt i« better to do things todny tljc.n tcinon o A*. Go to your physfctin r.ow--I'e wiJI advise Bio-fert^n Then istart tailing it a.t once at lie artvises or as dlrec^ tiona on tb3 pac:;«-j« ct.ll for. The fuaranteo protrcia your money. ]n- to-cstlns boolJct may ue ha4 lor th« utkJnc. Lurero pacltacre $1 M at all leadlna drugfflats or ciroct IT your druersli Can not supply yuu. Tho PcniincJ Remfcillca Co. Inc. Claduiati. Ohio. The simple, rigid hue of tbis suit of navy tricot serge gf v es it a markedly modern effect The trimming is of soutach braid. The slernrress of line is offset by a soft satin collar. Patronize those who advertise. Classified Advertisements Ic a Word.

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