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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, June 17, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best' Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6, VOL. 16, NO. 1S6. CONNELLSVILUS, PA., MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 17, 191S. EIGHT PAGES. SIXTY AUSTRIAN DIVISIONS FAIL TO BREAK STUBBORN RESISTANCE OF ITALIANS -Situation Very Reassuring Says Semi-Of- Y ficial Statement Issued in Rome; Pres- 3 "* sure Continues With Unabated Ferocity on the Part of the Enemy; Prussian Militarism Will Win, Declares Kaiser. WOUNDED AMERICAN CAPTURES HIS CAPTOR ». By Associated Tress- ITALIAN BATTLE GIGANTIC OAE. mSHEN'GTOJf, June 17.--An official dispatch / iroui Konie, dated 11:55 o'clock last night, says the battle on the Italian front will assume gigantic proportions, the Austrians attempting to break down the Italian defense by a great pinccr moveineut. It adds that the b.attle will last several days before a decision is reached. CGNNELISVILLE'S CAPTAIN R. s. MORTON CURB MARKET WILL BE OPENED JULY 2 IS LAID TO REST WITH THE HONORS OF WAR Housewives Will Have Opportunity of Getting Produce ITJrst Hand. M.L CHURCH LOT THE SITE s oi* Civil nnd Spanish-American Wars i'ay Liibt Tribute of Ki bpect to ConunniiUer of Co. J). Captain Robert S. Mor'.on, a former commander of Coni-pany D, HQth Rog- iment, was buried yesterday afternoon with honors oi! war. wheu a mi.Lla.ry funeral was held ai 2.30 o'clock from the residence o£ ins parervts, Mr. aud Mrs. A. B. .Morton ai South Pittsburg . j street, veterans of tlie Civil svar and Tnes.U ly ,md Vridavs HaTe Been ' o f 'I" Spanish-American war ,. , . ' . . . out i" a body and participating m the I-Kcd us iliirket DUJTS nnd Hours i servlces Viill lie From S A. a. Until Trod- j Tlle ( i aeral was u , e largest held in ucts Are jisposcd u f j Interest Keou i ConneLlsvillc m m^nr years, men , prominent in all walks ot life, aud Conncllsville'5 curb market will be I many olher sorrowing relatives ot the opened for business at 8 o'clock Tues-' young soldier from Connellsville and day raorams, July 2, at which time , more distant points attending Rev. the housewives of tlie city will have ] J. L Froudflt. pastor of tlio First IS BEFORE COURT o of Patsy Mcdio. Alleged Slayer of Raymond Bnrcelli, Started Toilav. JUNE 26 "SARAH WRIGHT A FiGBRE BRITISH BATTER AUSTRIAXS. June 17.--Austrian troops which had as'their objcctiTe on the British front, a range of hills, telegraphed neuter's correspondent at the Italian headquarters, were much discomfited-bet'ore the British wire entanglements. The Austrians suffered heavily from the British machine {fun fire ami they were also caught by their own artillery which fired short The Aiistro-Hungarian casnaltics, the correspondent says, are being: reckoned in thousands while those on the British arc very light. an opportunity to buy freshly gathered market garden products at first hand, and the producers be given an opportunity to dispose of their wares without the necessity of canvassing the city tor buyers. The committee appointed at the get- together meeting o£ the farmers and the men "of the city some months ago had worked out the details necessary to the establishment of the market and it will be in readiness at the hour and on the day named. It will be on the lot owned by the Methodist Episcopal church, fronting on Apple street, between the post office and the church and running back to .Mountain alley. Entrance will be from tUe Presbyterian cr.urch, and Rev. Ellis B. Burgess, pastor of the Trinity Lutheran enures, officiated, the services being very beautiful and impressive. Miss Elizateth Mae Brown sang appropriate numbers. Following the services in the home veterans Mysterious Woninn Prisoner of Italian May 1'voie (o Ke Star Witness For tJttmmoiinealUi; Probing of Triple JUu-dcr of June, Wednesday. Surrounded with a most mysterious atmosphere, the case of Patsy .Medio, a Dawson Italian charged wilh the murder ot Raymond Barceili, whose body was found in an abandoned cistern at Dawson a few weeks ago, was started before Judge E. H. Iteppert in the large court room this morning at the beginning of the third and last week of the June term of court. On GRADUATES GIVEN GOOD ADVICE BY j DOCTOR M'EWAN; Voiuig tfen and Women Leaving IJijjh School I/mii£ in »n 1'misiml Age, Says .Spi-;ikcr. Wearing gray caps and gowns and | grouped m a reserved section of the fcign school auditorium, tbe graduating class of 1'JIS beard the class scr- mono delivered by Dr. AV. L. AleEwan of Pittshurg. The Urge auditorium i | Board 2 Will Send Conj tingent of 51, Board 5, 37 TRAVEL OVER THEB.O. Special Train is Scheduled to .Leave Station at 9.1 o 1?. M. was filled with friends and relatives'ORDERS TO IEN GO OCX of the graduates and the stage was occupied by ihc high school chorus home and as tlie casket, draped with a large American flag, was carried by on the shoulders of the pallbearers, they uncovered. Veterans of the Spanish-American war, who formed in lines on either side of the gate, presented arras. At Hill Grove cemetery whore the interment was made, the William P. Kurtz Post, No. ](·!, lley -side only. A walk fifteen feat j Grand Army of the Republic, conduct- wide will divide (he lot into two | ed the G. A. R. ritual, after which a fir- parts, the gardeners' wagons and ! ing squad from Camp Walter E. Brown trucks being parked on either side i Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, corn- Counters or tables will be provided ' posed of T. R. Cunningham, command- -rv rt n. T T-i -, -, -T mi. -i. i- Lt Ti. T · e *. ,. along the walk upon which the prod- er, who had charge; John Martin, \v. ROME, June 17.-- The situation on the Italian front seems uc J M be clisp f ayod ^ inspopctmn i E . DeBoll , M . ! Voisch, iWmas very reassuring says a semi-official note issued tonight. It is b . purc i msors . Tne space on cither Courtney. Herman wdker. Andrew idded that the great battle which broke out Saturday has but S jd e O t the central walk will accom- Caihouu and Joel Strawn, tired three aegun although having a strength of GO divisions the enemy at-imodate ^0 wagons each, or 40 in all. ivoKeys over the grave. "Taps" was :acking forces had llOt succeeded in passing the Italian advanc- j Tuesdays and Fridays have been . sounded by il. C. Goodwin and Carsoc 'd area at any point. . fixed as the market days and S o'clock 'Paine, buglers. Colonel J. J. JBarn- ' at which the market will j hart. Commander if. D. Clark Capuin TM it Austrian pressure continues very strong along tbe e n t i r e iTM n !£ 'ront. The enemy is concentrating most powerful and fierce at-1 hp ^TM't ;acks astride the Brenta and across the Piave and it is stiU possible for the fighting line to flow backward or forward. ROME, June 17.--Victor Ittorio Orlando, the Italian pre-j on duty during market hours to see ! gess spoke briefly. The floral offer- tbat order is maintained anil the reg- ; Ings were unusually numerous and illations of tie market In general ob-j magnificent. \ served. i The pallbearers were L. F. Shutier- From the interest displayed by mar- j iy and J. A. Barnhart of the H. C. . . Gardeners and farmers in the plan j Prick offices at Scottdale; Lyeli But- |Iho city , ul . n o u t on markct dajrs _ so nier, in an interview, said that Italian troops by tenaciously re- visting the Austro-Hungarian troops in their new offensive in \orthern Italy and by repeated counter attacks were strongly lolding the enemy. The struggle, he added, vras most bitter on ^ _ _ _ _ _ _^ he eastern' slopes on Monlello and to the \vest of Sandor.oa di {that the products can be disposed ot Neville. ^iavei j Quickly and the fanners be given op- j i I portirnity to return to their farm wort i MILITARISM WILL TVIS, SAYS tvrLLIABT. jw.tii'as little loss of time as possible. ' AMSTERDAM, June IT-Pnjssian militarism will bring i U ^\^^ r ^ lll ^\ ml ·ictory to Germany, says Emperor William in a reply to a tele-j considcr . lblc time and efrort |n clo - m _ ;ram of congratulation on the 30th anniversary of his acces- Jp i cang tllo det , llls CODS isfa O c F. w. ion from Chancellor von Hertling. The emperor declares that; Wright, rhairman; E. r. Norton, wu- *.e leads "the most capable people on earth 1 ' aryj expresses the Ham McCormicit of ConneUsviiie; TH- that the German people will have strengtn to bear their 'ufferings and privations. DOESN'T REKAIX PRISONER LONG. WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN FRANCE, Sunday, ,junej a m i 6.--The Germans captured an American soldier in their attack value. n Xivray today but "be did not remain a prisoner very long. At lie end of the village three Germans came upon a wounded .merican. Hs was placed under guard of a German private and H. Kern of iVormaiviUo. A. C. Oglevee of Dunbar towuship and Jesse Blair of Flat woods. Farm Agent Dougherty has frequently met with the committee and given information ! ncllsville accompanied the Connells- ce that has been of great tarted for the enemy lines. Reaching a point near the enemy rife entanglements the American suddenly drew a revolver and :rced his surprised custodian to march back across No Man's ,and into the American lines. After turning his prisoner over 3 fellow soldiers the wounded man fell unconscious from loss I blood. REXCH UIVKOVE THEIR rosmos ovut .MOHT. PARIS, June 17.--Tho French oops improved their position north 3d northwest o( Hautebraye, be- ?een the Oise and Aisne, in a local eration early today. One hundred ·isoners and scene machine guns ere captured, says tie official.state- ent CABINET QUITS THE JOB SOFIA, via Amsterdam, June 17. -le premier has tendered the resig- ition ot the cabinet, and King Fernand has accepted it The ministers ire requested by the king to retain eir portfolios until formed. a new cabinet The government has considerable .undisclosed evidence against OXeary and his companions, it wris learned today, and arrest of his co-workers has been deferred only- pending his apprehension. AUSTKIAXS CROSSING PIATK-ARK RKFTTLSKR. WITH THE ITALIAN ARMY, Sunday, June 16.--Austrian troops which forced the Piave river bave been driven back. The fighting along the river is most intense. One o[ tbe most brilliant oC the Italian actions was the defense of the -Mont MoschHn salient protecting the important Brenta position. Here tbe Austrians suffered i heavy losses. The prisoners are ragged and ill fed. CABJtY OUT JJAH) AT ARRAS. LONDON, June 17.--A successful Id was carried out last night east Arras by the British, who took a T prisoners, it is announced off- ally. UKII-FOCK MORE AM.EB1CA5K FALL. WASHINGTON, June 17.--The army sulty list today contained 34 names ridea as follows: Killed in action, :; died oi wounds, two; died of roplane accidents, one; died ot dis- 5e, four; wounded severely, 24; runded, degree undetermined, one; seing in action, one. BST FKEXCII CROSS CO5TERKEV OX AXXR1CAX iVASHINGTON, June 17.--Award the French cross of war to Private J. GuyitJn as the first American dier to be killed on German soil is lounced by General Pershing. JLRBESTS TOM, GENERAL WOOD AT FUi'STOX. "WASHINGTON, June 17.-- Revocation of orders assigning ^lajor General Leonard Wood to command the Western department and re-assignment, of the general to Camp Funston, Kan., vvas announced today. RJOJOXG PLA.VE CHASED BACK ACROSS CHAXSEl. LONDOX, June 17.--A German airplane crossed the Kent coast ot England soon after noon today. It was chased back to sea by tie British, antiaircraft guns. AXERICASS REPULSE LOCAL ATTACKS "WASHINGTON, June 17.--Repulse oC local enemy attacks in the "Woevre and in the Chateau Thierry region was reported today in General Pershing's, communique tor last night Doirltog Memorial Tomorrow. Solemn requiem high mass for 'William Francis Bowling, who died of F0U.OV 01EiRT*S disease somewhere in France, will be held tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock at the Immaculate Conception church, with Rev. Father John T. Burns, assisted by Rev. Father Henry DeVivo of St. Rita's Italian Catholic WASHINGTON, June 17.--The cap- « of Jeremiah. O'L«ary, Irisc- .ericaa leader under Indictment in * Yorfc in a mountain cabin in ·shhigton. Ore., Till be followed tt by arrest of a number of other ih, advcKMters in the United States charges of treason or espionage. nan of St. Aloysius Catholic cimrcfl ai Dunbir officiating. $800 FOR RED CROSS Elks Doimfr Tim* Sura Out of Minstrel ISoosfor Fund. At a meeting of the Elks' minstrel- booster committee Saturday night it was voted to turn over ?800 to the Red Cross chapter of Cormellsville _ _ out of the proceeds of the minstrel ! at the City Hall. The machines tol- of tbe Civil war lined up on ci'Lher side | Wednesday Mcdio will be arraigned on of the walk ieaciing from the Morton thc char S e of slaying Frank Traverno. one of three ineu slam near Dawbon on June 23, 1DI7. In the former case ·will figure the myslc-rious "Sarah Wright," who claimed she was kid- naped by Medio and BaredU in Pittsburg and forced to live a life of shame in. Dawson, vrhore she was kept a prisoner. It .s undeistood that "Sarah "Wright" is the star witness m the Barceili case. H is rumored that she not only witncssod the killing 1 but also saw Medio and Rocco Simari wrap the lifeless body in a coat and carry it outside to dispose of it. Simari is the principal witness in tho first case. lie will state that he was standing close by when Medio fired the shot that killed Traverno. Owing to her prominence f-vory effort,will be made to guard the true identify of "Sarah "Wright," wbo ^ said to b« tlao wife of a PiUsburs lumberman. who married her vrben she secured a divorce from a man prominent m society circles in Westmoreland county. She will be calk-d "Sarah Wright" throughout tbe tnnl unless the attorneys for the defense succeed - in. establishing her true identity. For the first time in the history of Fay cite county, the defendant in a murder caso has no witnesses. Up until noon today, not ono had been strmmoned in his behalf and his counsel says they know of none. His defense will be hifa own story, probably self defense. He is expected to give _ _ i\tiTt\ sensational evidence regarding "Sara THE MILITARY BAND ! ^ r i e h t '" w l l o a c c o r d i n St:ohi3StQr-, came to Dawson of her own free will, receiving such guests as Barceili and others Drought to her, sharing tho profits with Barceili. When called to plead Medio, instead of answering in tbe usual -way, called on Jesus to prove his innocence. He made another demonstration when asked how nc wanted to be tried. He is vry nervous. The court room was well fHcd wiLh spectators this morning: at the open- Ing of the session, all eager to get a glimpse of the mysterious "Sarah "Wright," who up until noon had not ! been brought over from the Fayette Arc aud the ministers of the city. Speaking of the graduation of Ihc 75 students Dr. Mciivrau said ihcre was n o t h i n g more representative of our free government in all our American life. "You are graduating at a time that Orders were received by the local is different from that thai has been dr^ hoards to call an incremeni of known by aayonc- in this age," he told j draftees to go to Camp Lee on June 26. lo I2?jiirt lit the Armory at 10 O'clock on IJie 3Iornin^' of tlio Jay of I**imrt«re 1'or Camp tee; Other Western Pcnnsylvanias Go. the class. ' \Vhal the problems of the The men will leave over the Baltimore future are, what the days before you Ohio railroad at D.35 o'clock, in tho have m them tbe wisest man on! evening, arriving at Camp Lee the earth cannot say. If you are inis-1 follo.vjng day at 11.45 ia the morning. understood and tho world docs not ap-1 Local Board' Xo. 5 will send 37 rac-n . preciate you; if you do not succeed as and Board Xo. 2 will send 31 men, a i fast as you anticipated do not whioa-l total of SS. ·per. B e brave, do your work daily I Cards will be sent out immediately l a n d wait for recognition. Do not be to the draftees to report at the ar- jso tjuick to criticize, do not misjudge,) mory at 10 o'clock \Vednesday morn- and do not say bitter things of others. | ing for roll call. On the same special These lessons will take a long Lime to train will be men from Allegheny and learn. None of us knows when will Butler counties, come the testing of each day's work 1 ' so faithfully do your work." Rev.v "Wilbur Nelson presided at the services and introduced Rev. McEwan. Rev. .T. H. I^amberison gave the invocation, and Rev. W. J. E verb art read a Scripture passage. Rev. G. "VT. Bucluier led in prayer. The beiie'c-1 | lion was pronounced by Rev. J. L. ProudfH. The services were opened by the j singing: of "Onward Christian So]- Tbe following men have been called by District No. 2: Joh:i J. Foley, Connellsville. James Lankey, Acme. Jacob Gardner. Connellsville. Harry S. Uerriugtou, Broadford. Thomas S. Pierce, Asbland, Ohio. Frank Krause, R. D. No. 2, Connellsville. llichael J. Castillo, Monongab, W, Va. Paul Fiore, Connellsville. j diors," by (Jie high school chorus and ! Bryan, W. Alter, CounellsviUe. border; W. F. Bnckman and R. A. FROM HERE TO MARXLETON WITH audience. The entire assembly also pang: "America." The high school chorus under the direction of E. "W. Hart land sang U« "lAberiy Anthem" and the ''Prayer For Freedom.'' at 5louutaiu V/ith Convalescent Soldkrs Bospltal Aro DoH tlie Concjcr Several hundred persons from Con- ville Military band to Markletou yesterday, where a concert was giveu for the convalescent soldiers. The trip with the band boys was made overland in automobiles provided by persons of this city. Others went by train, and many people from that section were on the grounds. It is esti- wated that at least 1,JOO persons were show and booster edition of The Courier in April. The gathering of the committee, of which J. M. Doj-lc is the head, was called for the purpose of approving ___ ______ ____________ _ ..... _ the setting aside of that sum for tire ] lawn and the visitors lined the board- Red Cross. Mr. Doyle presented i walk or sat on tae ground. The con- Chairman T. J. Hooper with a check today. EOPERS ARRESTED Indian Head Man and Another's Ifife Canpht Here. Giovaccbino Madolinl and Mrs. Anna Chuckbart, both of Indian Head, ·were placed under arrest here this morning by Patrolman P. M. Kulli, on information of George Cbuckhart, husband of the woman. The police were called on the phone about 8 o'clock this morning, Cliuck- hart telling Patrolman Rulli that his wife had left with the Italian, Mrs. Chuckhart is the mother of two children. at the hospital yesterday. The fleet of automobiles left here at i county jail, where sue has been held 9 o'clock in the morning, assembling [as an absconding witness for several months. Medio is being defended by Attorneys Harry W. Byrne and Joseph J. Bacr, appointed by tbe court when Medio pleaded "no funds.' The commonwealth's side of the r"s~e is in charge of District Attorney S. John Morrow. Other interesting cases of less importance are to be tried this week before Judge J, Q. Van Swearmgen in court room No. 2, and by Judge J. C. Worfc in No. 3. lowed the National Pike to Addisoa and from there went via Confluence to Markleton. Most of the cars returned early in the evening. The band assembled on the big . HOUSTON RESIGNS Pastor of Covenanter Church Wll locate Jn tlie IVest. Rev. S. B. Houston has tendered his resignation as pastor of the Cov- enanter church in Greenwood, to take effect the latter part of July. Rev. an^I Mrs. Houston will leave for the west to make their home with a son. Rev. Houston was the first pastor of the Covenanter church. His successor has not been chosen. J!ain Does Some ]anwge. The heavy rain last night did some damage to the gardens in this region. At Smith Patterson's farm in Dunbar township the rain washed out his corn and, war gardens in the city also suffered. On the West Side some water ran into the basement of the Crawford school on Seventh street. \ Saving Stamp Drive. Chairman J. Buell Snyder of the Public Safety committee of Perry church, and Rev. Father J. P. Bren- township, announced yesterday that Jane 27, 28 and 29 would, be the days for the W»r Saving Stamp diive. valescent soldiers, who had been Syirig in their beds on the long porch of tbe hospital, were allowed to leave them when the concert started. They lined up and with their hands on one another's shoulders did a "goose- step" to the music. The men wero delighted with the visit ot the band after having been in the -hospital for weeks, seeing or bearing little of what was going on outside. Tbe band played many popular selections and Miss Helen Bell Rush gave several vocal solos. The band and most of the visitors who mado the trip by automobile left Markleton between "4 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Others boarded the Baltimore ^ Ohio accommodation. Miss Rush has been extended an invitation by an army officer at the hospital to give a concert some time next week in the diningroom o( the hospital for the soldiers. Her accompanist will be her sister, Miss Marguerite Rush. FORTY-FIVE PRIESTS AT FUNERAL OF THE REV. FATHER STANZEL Sen-ire Is Held Today in St. John's Sluiish Catholic Church on the West Side. About 45 priests officiated at the funeral of Rev. Fatbtr Michael Sian! zel, held this morning at i) o'clock | from St. John's Slavish church in the \Vest Side, among them being Jlev. Father E. E. Gelhoff of Donora, a former pastor of St. John's church. Following services at the Stanzel home ai Leiscnring No. 3 yesterday afternoon the body was removed to tbe church, where it lay in state until the hour for requiem high mass this morning". The funeral was unusually large, the church being filled with relatives and friends of tho d-eceased. The bodr I was interred in St. John's cemetery beside fiev. .Father "VVeider, the founder or St. John's Slavish church. Home From Hospital. Mrs. J. E. Murphy of McCormick avenue, who underwent an operation at St. Francis 'hospital, Pittsburg, returned home yesterday. Mr. and Ivfrs. John. Wilder of South Connellsville, her brother-in-law and sister, accompanied her Borne. Probably tlumder showers this afternoon and tonight; Tuesday, fair and cooler is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Kecord. 1018 1917 Maximum 86 6-i Minimum 60 44 Mean 73 54 The lough river rose during the nignt Irom 1.30 to 3.00 teet CONVENTION ENDS IntcrestiiiK Talk on Japan Closes Conference tit Poplar Grore. Tho fifteenth annual convention oE the Women's Missionary Society of the Pittsburg.conjerence branch of the Evangelical Association which had been in session since Friday evening at Poplar Grove closed last evening with an address on missionary work in Japan by Miss Florence Erffmyer, a missionary home on furlough, in .which she gave soroe interesting in- 'onnation on mission worlt in general in the land of the mikado. Miss Erujnyer aJso spoke at the morning session. Last night diplomas were iwarded to a dozen persons over the oonlofence branch who nave completed the course prescribed for the .Missionary Reading Circle. Officers were elected Eor the ensuing year as follows: President, Mrs. J.. W. Richards; vice president, Mrs. Winstanley; recording secretary. -Mrs. R. C. Miller; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Mattie Rutherford; treasurer. Mrs. M. B. .McLatigh'.iD, South Coa- nellsville; secretary of young women's work, Mrs. Clark Shields; secretary if the work of Message Bearers and LitUe Heralds, Mrs. A. F. Richards. OFFICERS NAMED Annnal Election of Concordia Lodge, Sons oi* Italy, IH-ld Sstmtlay. Officers of Concordia Lxjdge, of the Order Sons of Italy, vere elected yesterday as follows: A. Trovaioli, ven- erabile; L. Scbiavmo, assistant vener- abile; A. Scbiavoni, ex-venerabile; P. Bufano, orator; H. De Angelis, corresponding secretary; Nicola Pullia, financial secretary; James Ross, treassurer: A. Caruso, P. De Lone, M. Contort!, V. Paladino and A. Armeni, trustees; G. Vicini and G, Del Grosso, cerimonieri; T. Mascia and G. Giannascolo, sentinels. BIGTENTARRIYES Cbaatanqim VTill Be Held on the Site of Last Year. The tent for the Chautauqua which opens Thursday, arrived in the city \ James Henry Van Sickle, Clovcrtop, Ralph H. Leighty, Dawson. BImer Nickleaon, Connellsville. ilalher J. Collins, Everson. George Dunsxon, Connellsville. Lloyd Undine, Davrson. Frank Acurri, Cheyenne, 'VTyo. Sahato Defeo, Star Junction. W. \V. Kuopsuidev, Scounale. Daniel McCashin, Connellsville. Guiseppe Davoli, Scottdale. George "W. Breakiron, II. D. No. 2, Connellsville. John Martinosky, Owensdale. Joseph M. Becbman, Pittsburg. Carl -Welsh. Ohio Pyle. i*eo Kwiatkowski, Davidson. Joseph E. Love, Connellsville. Steve Bordask. Grays Landing. John 'W. McGraw, Connellsviils. Terrance OTools, Bverson. F. Benamanti, Conuellsvjlle. Harry Clark, Acme. Milton E. Watson, Conncllsvillc George S. Hudiak, South Connellsville. John G. Brindlinger, Broadford. Andrew Lenindowski, Scottdale. -William Fred Thomas, Pittsburg. August Baird, Everson, Frank T. Geisler, Broadford.. Frank Houston, Pencsville. James S. Gibson, Dawson. Jeremiali Riley, Broadford. Frank B. Nickleson, Connellsville. C. Peluso, MeClellandtown. James D. Miller. Norfolk, W. Va, James Stamas, McKeesport. George Andarick, Owensdale. Joseph Feber, ConneDsville. Lawrence Eicher, Scottdale. Nicholas Buch, Connellsrille. Daniel L. McKnigbt, R. D. No. 1, Dawson. Ernest H. Beal, South Connellsrflle. Benimini Marino, Connellsville. Arthur A. Morrison, South Connella- ville. Walter Ostroweskey, Everson. Joseph Baird, Everson. Grovoni PachioJi, Connellsville. Robert Raymond Dull, Connella* ville. Guiseppe Fah-o, Scottdale. Antonio Stefano, Scottdale. George F. Herbert. Dawson. Edward Horner, R. D. No. 1, Connellsville. W. E. Chorpenning, Connellsville. The following men will be called by; Local Board for District No. 5; Kraak. B. Spaw, Chalk Hill. Charles Wesley Buruworth, Ohjo- pyle. today, and will he erected on the lot at Washington avenue and Pittsburg street, where it stood last year. The crew-boys are here. Tickets can be secured of tbe Boy Scouts or at Hetxel's, Graham's and Kcagy's drug stores and the Wnght- Metzler company. Officers at Markleton Promoted. The medical officers in charge of the Un-ued Stales Army hospital at Markleton have been given rewards lor faithful and efficient service in the [ lorm of promotions. Major Hoagland has been made a lieutenant colonel and Captain Loomis a ma;or. Daughter Born. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Homer C. Bungard of the Colonial apartments, Connellsville, at I the Memorial hospital. Mount Pleasant, on Sunday morning. Mrs. Bungard before iier marriage was Miss Winoaa Snyder o£ Mount Pleasant. T)oi-,lin;r iearrs $10.000. Williiiin J. Dowling, who died in France, lefi ?10,000 insurance to his mother, Mrs. Richard J. Dowling, of this city. livery Seat Sold. Every seat has been sold for senior class play tne George C. Shaffer. Indian Head. John Henry Lowry, Duobar. Joha Albert Eowon, Smithdale. Jesse Davis, Eomerfield. AJva Ritenour, Indian Creek. Nicolo John Fallow, Adelaide. Joseph Scandale, Waynesburg. Robert Harnsoa Welling, Yonder. bill. Philip Dolan, Dunbar. James Bartiett, Dunbar. John Harvey Knopsnyder, Greens. burg. , Carltoa Baldon Wise, Chalk Hill. Jacob Henry Snyder, Normalville, John !xug, Donora. John Edmund Williams, Dunbar R. D. 3. Vacilias Kanstantopules. Vanderbilt, Earl g. Daniels, Ohiopyle. Frank Ellsworth McClam, Dunbar. Adrian Little, Ohjopyle. John Ediskas, ConelLsviUe, R. D. Albert Nicholson, Normalville R. D. 1. Clarence E. Fearer. BrandonviUe, Continued on Pago Taro.

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