The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 3, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1939
Page 7
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FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 1339. 1'HE DATt,Y COT7RIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. i-AGE SEVEN. Railroads Must Install Stokers On Locomotives Grew Seeks to Salvage Freighter After Collision CLEVELAND, Mar. 3.--A three- Judge Federal court ruled the Nation's railroads must install automatic ctokers on all modern coal burning locomotives. Approximately 180 railroads had sued to enjoin the Interstate Commerce Commission from enforcing its order of December 27, 1937. They contended the installation would cost $39,000,000 or more. Railroad brotherhoods advocated the stokers in hearings which began as long ago as 1931. A railroad authority said the order ·would apply in general to "practically all the locomotives now used on main lines," but those o£ branch lines would not be affected. The court, composed of Judges Florence E. Allen, Charles H. Simons and Frank J. Kloeb, heard the case last fall, and saw brotherhwod motion pictures intended to show that firemen needed more time on other duties. The order specified that 20 per cent of the locomptives be equipped with automatic stokers each year for five rears, beginning July 1, 1938. H. F. Altman Retired By Pennsylvania After 46 Years of Service GREENSBURG, Mar. 3.--H. F. fUtman of 339 Concord avenue has Deen jetired after completing 46 years £ service with the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Mr. Altrnan entered the employe D£ the Pennsylvania Railroad on September 1, 1890, in the M. W. department under the supervision of Horace Good whose territory at that time was between Latrobe and East Liberty. The late William H. Good was foreman with headquarters for a floating gang at Greensburg on March 1, 1891. Mr. Altman resigned on October 1, 1893, and was reemployed as car inspector at Radebaugh scales in October, 1900. -When the Radebaugh scales were abolished he was transferred to Youngwood as foreman car inspector where a new yard was built on the Southwest branch, then a portion of the Pittsburgh division. On March 1, 1920, the Southwest branch was consolidated .with the Monongahela Division and'Mr. Allman was transferred to foreman o£ · Ereight car repairs with headquarters at Youngwood. In October, 1930, heavy repairs to freight cars were abandoned and Mr. Altman was transferred to Pitcairn «s gang foreman. Mr. Altman, who was 70 years old on February 17, is enjoying good health and plans to live a retired life. He has resided in Greensburg almost his entire lifetime. .Junior Auxiliary Tonight. The Junior Auxiliary o£ Emory Lewis Pratt Post of the American Legion a.t.Vanderbilt %yiU.mcet -ut 7 o'clock this evening in the "American Legion rooms. ' ' . Tho_ American freighter Lillian, her bow well under wator, -was sinking rapidly when this picture was snapped from a United Statei Coast Guard plane at the spot whore the Lillian collided with the German freighter Wisgand off tho New Jersey coast. Tha Witgand had taken off the crew and started bach to New York, but a Coast Guard cutta later transferred the master of tho Lillbin and 14 men and took then back to th« crash scene to determine whether tho ship coul' besalvasred. (Central Pretf, 1400-Mile Chinese Back Door China's answer to blockade by Japan is thin new 1,400-mile highway from Kwcichow into Yunan province and on to Burma, built by Chincec peasants and "providing a backdoor for entrance of munitions. Thia view indicates the mountainous terrain the road-builders encountered. Th« road is called one of the greatest engineering feata of modern times. /Central Prtta) Sues Orchestra Leader. PITTSBURGH, Mar. 3.--Her orchestra leader husband," Nelson Maple, whom "she married in April, 1937, ignored her in public and embarrassed her by flirting with other women in restaurants, Dorothy E. Maple alleged in asking for a divorce. County Stockyard Has Biggest Day Grange Approves Milk Orders for Relief Families Spectacular Charges Made Against Mayor Davis Wilson PHILADELPHIA, Mar. 3.--The longest investigation o£ vice and gambling in Philadelphia's history ended Thursday with spectacular charges against police and the administration o£ Mayor S. Davis Wilson. The special (October, 1937) grand jury handed up to-Judge Curtis Boh a 31-page presentment summing up the results ol a 17-month investigation. Charles included: 1.--That the .mayor's conduct "was of such a nature as to cast grave doubt o£ his .integrity and his fitness to remain in public office." 2. That Eublic Safety Director Andrew J.' Emanuel conducted police business without knowing what he was doing. 3.--That prostitution was permitted to flourish. 4.--That a magistrate received as much as S500 for exerting political pressure to allow a disorderly house '.o open. 5.--That the numbers racket was responsible for many killings.' "Wilson, who now is in Florida on a vacation, already has been indicted on charges of .misdemeanor in office by allegedly failing to enforce laws for suppression of gambling. He was expected to return to Philadelphia next week. The jury charged that more than 100 horse-race betting establish- The Fayette Stockyard Company auction held at Evana Manor Tuesday was one of the largest since Its GREENSBUHG, Mar. 3.--West- beginning. The market was excep- moreland County Pomona Grange tlonally good with a demand for all adopted a resolution designed to typss offered. Cattle and hog re- bring about more effective adminis- ceipts were heavy with prices strong, tration o£ relief milk funds in the Sheep and lambs were in demand. The quotations: Cattle (receipts heavy)--Common to good steers, $6 to S3 per hundred; common to good heifers, $5.50 to SB; common to good bulls, $6 to $8; medium to good fat cows, $5 to 37.25; Bolognas, S4 to $5; fresh cows and sprongcrs, $35 to SOO a head. Calves (receipts good) -- Good veals, $10 to 512, common veals, S8 to $!0; heavy and thin. S5 to $8; heavy feeder calves, 512.50 to $25 a head. Hogs ' (receipts heavy)--Medium weights, S8 to $8.35; heavy weights, S7.20 to 58.10; sows, $6.50 to $7; pigs, $2.50 to $6 a head. j Sheep (receipts l i g h t ) -- Good! sheep, 54 to SO; good lambs, $7 to $9; . common Inmbs, S5 to $7; bucks, S3.50 j to $5; culls nnd common, $3 down. j Poultry (receipts light)--Heavies, j 17c to 20c; leghorns, 12c to 15c; ] mixed, 15c to 17c; turkeys, 21c to Me; eggs (receipts 12 coses) 18c to 20c per dozen in case lots. ments were discovered and that they were "open and notorious." "About 80 of them were outfitted with elaborate equipment, including window hoods and air blowers to provide ventilation, card tables, craps tables and layouts, cashiers' counters, heavy doors reinforced to withstand assault," the presentment read. The grand jury also charged that one member of city council attempted to open a gambling house under the patronage of Nate Schaffer, alleged gambling overlord. Another magistrate was threatened by a member of the notorious Lanzetti gang when he refused to accept a bribe, according to the presentment The presentment described a "little black bag" which a witness testified was taken by a high city official .to a rendezvous for payoff purposes. OLD FOLKS Here Is Amazing R«Hef for Conditions Duo to Sluggish Bow«l« i-gJssnaiSi -. waTwS'PS®''" oi KB *om. YYitnout KISK a.-n5cw- M«IO tm. test--. II not delighted, return too box to UB. W« refund t6e purohue a rlco. That'* fair. ctNRTar--- ---- m QUICK REULT FOR ACID INDIGEST10M State. The resolution asked the State Department of Public Assistance to restore milk orders to relief families in the State as a matter of more efficient aiid economical administration of such .funds, and to the distribution of surplus milk here and elsewhere. Never Too Lute. ORLANDO, Fla., Mar. 3.--William Harry Lucas, who said he was born in Dorsett, England, May 30, 1836, applied in Federal court for American citizenship. He said It was "never too late to change." We Will Answer Your For READY CASH For SMALLER INSTALLMENTS For MONEY EMERGENCIES Quick, convenient panonol IOODJ up to $300 -- without Andoraan. Corao in, pHona " or write for lull fact*. 304 Second Floor Phone 1-3-1-3 FURNITURE AND LOAN CO. First National Bank BIdg. Greensburg AUTOMOBILE LOANS Air Corps United. WASHINGTON, Mar. 3. -- The Army Air Corps which has been split into two divisions for four years was placed under a single command. Secretary Woodring ordered Major General Henry H. Arnold, Air Corps chief, to assume directions of all Army aviation activities. Since 1935 half of the Army's fighting forces las been directly under the Army chief of staff. Room Guaranteed Fabrics Cov- Here's an exquisite suite, at a saving well worth while. The frames are handsomely carved, the fine-velour covers are not only smart in appearance, but are guaranteed for wear, and against moth damage. · . ... March to us, is one ot the most important ·months in the year. It means new merchandise . . . new heights.of value-giving, because we realize that home-makers everywhere want to fix up their homes for spring. Easter, Spring and June Brides ·will welcome the new showing of spring furniture. Spring Brides and Brides of Other Years We will store your furniture free qt charge until wanted. Evening appointments gladly arranged. Call'376. The Gift That Starts a Home LANE CEDAR HOPE CHEST Is the only tested aroma-tight Cedar Chest Backed by Free Moth Insurance Policy. We are exclusive dealer for Lane Cedar Chests. Priced as Low as $12.95 Cheese the.Chest-Robe Waferfall Modern Bedroom ' It's distinctive enough for your nicest bedroom. It's as new as tomorrow, it boasts the finest kind oC veneers that's possible to procure. All the inner details show its fine quality. And remember, this chest-robe is cedai 1 lined. LEADING THE PENNSYLVANIA PARADE OF MANUFACTURERS ARE: PELS NAPTHA ID 8 "'*! FRANKLIN SUGAR 10 ""'47 MOONSHINE "mDwatt «· (3 FRANKLIN SUGAR 25 Ib. 1.14 DR. MELODY DOO FOOD c "4 HERSHEY SYRUP 2**1$ JACKJILL DESSERTS 3"*° 10 MUSHROOMS '"«'· '-°*· stse - 19 CHEF BOY-AR-DEE =" ID SPAGHETTI AXD AlEAT BALLS VIVA VIVIANO! MAYFA1B BRAND MACARONI A '·"· Oil SPAGHETTI VIMCO SPAGHETTI DINNER ***· 10 PESJHSYLVOTfl DAYS--FOR PROSPERITY THE GROCERY TRADE THROUGHOUT THE STATE IS SHOOTING THE WORKS FOR THE NEXT TEN DAYS--THEY ASK YOUR SUPPORT, WHEN YOU PURCHASE THOSE PRODUCTS THAT ARE MANUFACTURED IN PENNSYLVANIA YOU GET IN A DOUBLE LICK, OF COURSE, BUT THE THOUSANDS OF OTHER MANUFACTURERS NOT IN THE STATE ARE MAKING THEIR CONTRIBUTION THROUGH THEIR USE OF THE FACILITIES OF PENNSYLVANIA'S GREAT STEEL, TIN, COAL, ALUMINUM, ELECTRICAL, TRANSPORTATION AND KINDRED INDUSTRIES . . . INCLUDING, OF COURSE, THE MILLIONS OF BROKERS, SALESMEN AND TRANSPORTATION EMPLOYEES NECESSARY TO THEIR SALE AND DIS- TRIBUTIOtf, THOROFARE MARKETS PENNSYLVANIA DAYS FOR PROSPERITY THE SUPPORTING THING TO DO BUY HESNZ "57" KETCHUP 3 B Ig B«* 50 "57" BABY FOODS 4C»» 29 "57" CUCUMBER PICKLES 2 BIcJl TM35 "57" CHILI SAUCE **«*.**. 2 i "57" BAKED BEANS 2Motc " !1 19 H. J. HEINZ COMPANY, PITTSBURGH, PA. I S PRESERVES =-". J*r 29 Eictpt Strawberry MS Soapberry SNIDER'S PEAS 3 N - 2 25 SNIPER'S CORN 3 N °-»25 BUTTER KERNEL CORN N °-' 10 DELMAIZ NIBLETS Ol " 10 OERBER'S PEAS 2 N °- = 23 QREEH BIAHT PEAS 2 Ko - s 25 -RED KIDNEY BEANS A""-^ CUT OREEN BEANS Ko - 2 5 SLICED BEETS ^No-scaM^ SIT DOWN AND CHEER UP! WITH A GOOD CUP OF BREAKFAST CHEER COFFEE *· 27 CAMl'IiET.1. A WOODS CO., Feb., P»- PEACHES 2 B 's c TM23 FRUIT COCKTAIL Toucan, 0 ORAPEFRUIT 3 HO. 2 CM. 25 BABY LIMA-BEANS 6"»-25 OARMATION MILK ^B SERVU !**pcr Cleaner 42-Ox. j g CALUMET SAKING FOR. a ~°*- 15 ARMOUR'S SPICED HAM Cim 25 . RINSO G ""' 52 PILLSBURY FLOUR 5 Lts -22 SALAD OIL HARTLEY MARMALADE "^ J «23 BAKERS MARMALADE =-"·'« 23 AUNT JEMIMA P. C. TMt- 10 MAI/TO-MEAI. pits. 21 SPICES ALASKA SALMON 2 T ' JI I9 KIPPERED SNACKS 4 CU I9 ARMOUR SLICED BEEF "^ 19 SHRIMP SALAD PIECES ^10 SWEETHEART SOAP A^^IB SWEETHEART CHIPS 5"» 25 WYANDOTTE CLEANSER 4 c TM IS o 2 PHE "- 35 SANKA-KAFFIE HAS 2 LM -69 SHREDDED WHEAT 2 pk "-2l CLIMALENE 2 ?**: 35 MORTON SALT PEPPERMINT PATTIES "·IS PENNSYLVANIA DAYS FOR PROSPERITY PENNSYLVANIA PRODUCES THE WORLD'S LARDEST SELLINB TISSUES SCOTT PAPER SCOTT TISSUE . SCOTT TOWELS WALDORF TISSUE SCOTT PAPER CO., CHESTER, PA. TISSUES 4 «°*- 3 *""· ' -A *"* 2 L6 " 47 "°^" 15 PHILLIPS TOM. JE. DOLE-PINE APPLE JCE,:2 CaM IS 6RAPE FRUIT JUiCE 2 "·»'· 27 TOMATO JUIGE 2 10 -° z -29 FOREX VINEGAR FOREX VANILLA pu TM TETLEY TEA BAGS 1M CHICKEN NOODLES DEL MONTE COFFEE STA-FRESH BREAD CAMPBELL BEANS 4OaTM25 BISQUICK tarss Pkc. 25 SWANSDOWN CAKE FL'R plt s 20 PANCAKE FLOUR 4 Pi «s*- 19 CATSUP 3i"s«25 COFFEE K 0031 " FrMh 3 Lb *-29 Millet's COKN FLAKES like S KRAFT DINNERS 2 r "e«- 27 BURNETT'S VANILLA ^ 25 10 MUSTARD "sworn*,* PRUNES : LIBBY APPLE BUTTER APPLE BUTTER qso *- 10 MUSHROOMS s"" 4 8 0 "- It PANCAKE SYRUP BLUE RIBBON MALT DILL PICKLES SWEET PICKLES . DILL PICKLES ~ ~ «- 10 SLICED DILLS - =-It) SPAGHETTI-MACARONI 20"--75 TOMATO PASTE is ·"-.9 »·«· 13. POTATOES 10 Ib. Bas- ONIONS Solid Ripe TOMATOES Large California ORANGES pit. bar 23 2 IK '17 .2 doz, 35 PENNSYLVANIA HAYS FOR PROSPERITY THE ORIGINAL PORCELAIN AND ENAMEL CLEANSER HAS A PLEASANT WINTEP.GREEN ODOR WHICH *fc MAKES V- CANS IT K" PORCELA RAD-AX CO., NEW BRIGHTON. PA. t-itTiajv-MT^^ii^sia* rffjSSr Fresh Calla Style FORK ROAST Break Cast BACON, Piece Country Style BUTTER Ib. 14 Ib. 22 -CT5UCK ROAST, Pot Roast cuts For Fryins PORK STEAK 2'Ib. 55 .OLEO Ib; 16 Ib. SI ! Ib. 25 WESTINGIIOUSU--25-100- WATT MAZDA LAMPS KAC "

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