The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 1, 1930
Page 9
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W D A I L Y rOTJRIER. C'DNN ELLS' 1 1LLE, PA. l t J K NJNK. BY ROY V I C K E R S "L 1 CHAPTER XUV. OOK ip that ridge," he told I pr "That's wherd thoy showed themselves. They're riding away now to come through the trs ok we to get into the camp from that end-that's whore I intended to have the jnachlnc-guns. There's another defile at the »eat. I tell you, in thia position yvp could hold off a fores--oh, what's the good of talking! I kitted in their not coming eo soon." "Suppose M a u r o i s -sent them," sujfg-eafced Shir ey "He knows a lot of thDm HP may h n % e passed the word." "That's ix l t of an idea," he agreed "We'll tee. Htre they coma." A3 he spoke she fa\% the lender come at a trot round the bend, followed by hH riven. "What will they do with us, Alan?" "I don't Jmo,v. They may cotnt to terms- rhny may cut our throats." The ronutidji wore riding through the caip, making straight f o r Alan's aha:k "Th«v'ro gomg to talk or they would have sVot at u«i by now," he told her "Everything doponda on how the talk goes." The men, in every description ol dress from flrr-ok to shabby EJnro- pean, now fi! «d the clearing in front of the -hack and \vfrt dismounting. . .. "Juirt what I thought," said Alan "It's sheer povi rty that drives them into thi» game for the mont part. Look at those ) oraes--and the men themselves look as if t h r y were starving," He had spoken within hearing of the leader, who wws advancing ·npon them. "You're quit* right there, Mr Brennaway, 8 ud the loader "But we shan't be t o poor by the tune we've done with you.' ' · And where tha d*vil did you, pick up English?" asked Alan with a langn. . , , "With the Army, said the man. "1 had six caiques during thp war used to be up «t headquarters every day." The men, exhausted by their riding through the night, hod tethered their horses snd were squatting down, some of them amoking "Well, now, what do you think you're going t get out of thia?" Alan demanded. "I've g*t about a thousand franrs hero. I suppose you've got f i f t y men with yon, haven't y o u ? That works out at twenty francs apieco, assuming you divide with them." "That's worth having on account," said he leader. " B u t you're a rich m»n, Kr. Brennaway. You can sign a check on the Ottoman bank." In three years of daily dealing with officers a' headquarters, the roan had acqvt rod a certain re- ipectfulneea of manner which Alan WM mick to iiJticn. Shirley saw him glancing critically at the members of the garg "What's your name'.'" he rapped out. "Andreas Abramovel." "Well, Abrarnovel, you seem to 1 have dealt w i t h my countrymen and you know we aren't iiulU loola. If I buy y»u off with a ·check, there's nothing you coming here toi another." "I've got the men Brennaway. That's v. here for--they're go sftmethmg or I can't uw-iy." "I'm not going to pa - -hut I'll tell you wlv I'll pay you to -ta\," "You've earned roKiilai fora now arid you kn-o out m u c h bt-tter than Ramu. I'm paying in franca a day and all t aa much food its they I'll pay your fp.llov s r m p for working wit --nnd I ' l l trive them franca a day to «tay h\ rifloii and keep off n'ny of cornitjtdii that turn draw double that »s there will be a borj a m o u n t of work dons, arrangements if there' to prevent- lorrow for hen-, Mr. lal they're to hav p g t tlu m / you to go t I'll do-said Alan money }v H it works- t h i n bandit guiijf ton u'ir food aw f at. i j u t t thp i the Rung n o ' l i ^ r t i n w i t h then thor bands ip You'll aadei', and M on the ind .special any flght- ·him, he's trying to talk them over already." "If they d t n ' t ? " she suggested. "1C they don't I thall srive m to then tcrinrt- -became you are hero," he answered favagclj. }'r naif a hour they waited, thru the lend T rame tow arils the faimtk "H's no goxl, Mr Brf-nnnway," he aaid apoloj.-clically "Ion't bo i fool, \bramovel," laid A l a n harplv "What good would it do v i u to kill iia'' You'll fd that thousand franca and no inon- thnt's o n l y one day's money " "Thnt's all right, sir," cut in Abramovol. "But your offer wouldn't Last mor« thiui a week Thrie's Stephanos---he's got a hundri-d mor ·--more than that, maybe and they're all well armed And he'll be along here a.- soon as he s assembled---call it a wi rk " For ,i m o m e n t Alan waa ailejit, and then: "Die/ jou know P» ? got machine guns here," Abramovpl gasped rith astonishment at the offer. "Just get this at t IB buck of your nead," said A l u m impressively. "During the war you follows couldn't do this ittle game. Most of you were earning good wages with the Englisl Army and having the best time of your lives Well, hero's a chance to do the name again. You do y o u r work properly hero -- and I Mn give you all employment -- year i i, year out. "I'll build houies f r you and you can make your ov n villages, and there will always be plenty of pay nnd plenty of food. Just so and talk it over with y o u r friends Come alonf . Shirley, ·we'll les.'e them " She went back into thc shack and he followed her He dropped into a chair and bt h i pipe. "Alan, that was splrndid 1 " she exclaimed. "Do you U ink they'll accept?" "I tiou't know" he ann wared "It depends on what k i n d t ' dtnoipltna they hnve. Wo've got trmt lender, all right, Judging by t n e look of "DM you ki ow I're got machine- guns here, Abrsimovel?" "No, sir." "W*ll, I h»T«. And I'ye got some A r m y pitt«rn rifles -- and vn three days I iJiall have more, and any amount of ammunition and -round about f i f t y Serbians who will fight under y ur orders and mine. You'va had * good look nt this place, I daresay, and yon know perfectly well that, if \ had had a dozen armed men here I could have kept you off. "With a hindred of us here we could not onlj keep Stephanos off - we could ct i him off and flnmh him. Then you'll be top 'log if you're ever fool enough to go bark to the game. Get aJong and t»lk that OVIT. If you agree, we'll gtrt down to Salon kn this morning and be back here in thrro days with the men and the i rms." "Right you are, Mr Uremia way 1 " said Abrnmovel eagerly and hurried back t his followers. ( To B» Continued ' , . , Kin return sr»«llfH». Iw Diet and Health lum HUNT PC r;aStM a, WTOOR or our AHO HCAITH*AHO oitr TORj Vasqiiea ReBigna as Rebels Seize Fort» .1 LHtcatte M RS n : HoclK cln'a (named for tho doctor who lirht dc- ·cribcd It) la a raie disease of the K r n p h glands of the body Theie H a glow, paln- »» Lulu H u n t Tetois. M I cnlnrff'inent o f t h e I v m p h nodes, b e g i n n i n g w i t h thoia of tlio neck Tho glandi of tho nock ovont- tiallv beconm no swollen t h a t it tnol\i as t h o u g h tlie patient had a Brrit collar of the'n, especially (in tho aides and front. Later tho o t h e r l y m p h anil the spleen and mlnpral eleme one composed largely of and vegetables, milk and bo tried, I bolleve. For those who nro lot ha\o an article on Hal ·which ·will be helpful rulci for obtaining 1 this. its, so ihut raw fruit* aits, "jhoulJ ·rested, w» need Diet, .ce column nocles of the body aro affected Tho cause H not k n o w n , but the concensus of opinion is that it a an Infection; trial r, it is due to some /form. (Tho tuberculosis Ret in has been »u»pect«J but not pi oven initlty by any means ) There la a bloc 1 disease known as leukemia, In w h i c h the, lymph glindn all over the bodv' n i t also s w o l l e n But In thia disci so the w h i t e blood corpuscle* aro ory mailcotlly Increased. (Tho , v u l lei kemiu means uihita Mood) HadgMn't disc ise li sometimes caJled a pseudo-leukcrni.i or false leukemia, hut It is not n real leukemia because the blood has no characteristic chunges. The modern t r e a t m e n t la either w i t h X-rays or r u l i u m Some, phv- siclans advise si rgorv. hut Uyflelcl belie\e3 this 1* vsoless, and If Rood effects Aro obtained, it Is be\ius9 It It usual to USB t i a X-rays over tho Held of operation In recent .eat», aevora! diseases 5n w h i c h the cm sea have bten unknown--for Instance, pellagra, pernicious anemia, r ckcts arid scurvy-- h a v been foun.l to bo d'lo to deficient dirts, perl ap» n some -.iso3 InrivMioria suporvMunff. It may bo probablo that tut i Hodgkln's (llsn»« will be proved of wronic dietary origin. It certainly would be wise for the patient to h a v e a tliot which IB, for a while, at, over-high In vlt- M t s II M : The t o i y m.uhlni« ig #ood i niuBsagu U stimulate tho ·ind used over fatty s,x' odiy helps to disseminate they will NOT reduce ·without proper dlotin? who is irylig to sell j o u by tolling you t h a t o u by it« use, without havin wronK. 1'robubly If you day \onK you might use encmry o you wouldn't n. I have a vibratory mac --the Battlti Creek typo-on an avii-go of otie-h day, hiit when I put on t jccumultitioi:n of 10 poui have to go right back to inff diet, ovon though I i n u m b e r of m i n u t e s that machine. One should n u t use 01 v i b r a t o r y iitachinon until thnr« Is no Infldnimator conijltion that is gouiK to up by Its , For thaso who aro in rn we have a pamphlet whk atructions on how to gi wolght, and an nrticto on i Ton exercises See colum obtainInsr these. g of vibrri- or general circulation, ) uniloubt- them But ho weight Tim ngent a uiiichlne ^111 reduce, to diet, IH used It all up enough ve to diet ' tine jnysolf ind I USB It df hour a. iy BU miner Is or so, I my reduc- icrea'se tho I UNO the 0 Of mo in sura or other bo lightad ·1 of them, 1 gives in- in or lose jo Tummy » rules for Scnor riorticio Vaaqaez has presented his resignation us President of tho Dotr inlon Republic following t c v o l u t onary outbursts which havo resulted in tho seizure of the Santiago fortress at Monte Crifiti. JReports indicate that Vasqnez in presenting iia resignation to Con- jrcss stipulated aa Vv'ell that he vould go nto retirement and de- hne to be a candidate for rejection. Editor's Note: Dr. Pat irs cannot diagnose nor gtvo perso lal advice. Your questions, If of (jenei al Interest, will be answered In the column in tholr turn, Roqnests for articles or pamphlets on hand must be accorn- panlod by a fully Belt addressed, stamped envelope, plun th i followlnpr small charg-e to help co\ at cost of printing and handling": for »ch nrticlo wanted, two cents t n coin; for ettch pamphlet ton eent» t \ coin. The pamphletii aro RodurtHi) n/ d Qatni-ng, of Woman, K dnav and Disorders. Ar Jroga Dr. I'etcrs, In care of thlg pai or. Writ* and not o v e r 200 woicU. Use Our Classified Ads When You Want Hdp Wants Make the Man BABIES are born with but one want--food. \\Tien men jrow old, their wants again become few--quiei corners, rriendly laces, peace. But in the years between, men and wornen are living and ieveloping to the full extent of their powers. Then .heir wants are legion. People today are wanting and getting more things that nake for complete living than ever before. To these com-non needs of every one of the advertisements in this newspaper bring invaluable opportunities of satisfaction every day. (t is the function of the advertisements to enable you not :mly to get what you want--but to get the very best that four money can buy. They help you to decifle which automobile, which set of furniture, which radio to buy. They assure you that your wants will be more than met-- rhat they will be wisely and completely satisfied. The minutes you spend in reading the advertisments may bring you years of satisfaction ,; Looking Backward { Ui« P*.»t Con. doused from Us» o; Th« Gouriw. FRIDAY, F K B H t U K Y 37, ,)ohn Ocx'.ey f-Wt, a H k i e r o o m Httehurg Rtr^H It * to b-v xx-«r «ifc a tiui room h Mrn. D.ividson. 1' S Ntwmy«r eroctB t w o r double houactt In Onwe 'itrwl. A narrow gauge road IK to be c tjtnjcied d u r i j i R ^ho t u u i m e " by Ptirnacft company .tl Duubai fwm 1 Parm to Ferguson. All the :oke fr lint pl«.ec -vvin tli-en be tak'n rla t road to the furna-cf, thus Caving onormoue freiRbt rate» charged twcen FergtiHon and Dunbti), r K I D A \ , FKBH01KY 8t, 1890. Detailed import of th« Oonncl!»v coke trade for t h f wcolt ending F ruary 23 shows a (oUil nt 1-1,608 ov in t h e region, of which 12,881 are bl.iflt and 670 idln, w i t h a total «· mated production of 133 503 lone Th« plftnh are prepared for Fay county's new cotnthoiw hut the r tract has not boon Id. Marriage licensee a r e ie-suod in 1 iontown as follov-'B- John F Ro W . i n h i n p t o n town«)i'p, and M i n n i e H voy, Helle V e r n o n \Uert Hamn and loiibcllo Ixs-wellyn, bot'l of H VorrKin; Alnxand^r WoahliiRtoti i MaRgie- Bradnian, both of Conne v i l i e , Byron K i n g of Daweon , Jxmlbe Joseph of O h l o i y l e , Thoi Poppor and Hannah Kolly, imth Valley Wqrks , Kobort Wilso i end S A. Ssuliley, both of 1 Mm bar; l«a Morris and Eva t'. Weaver, both ScolUlale; O«org« R«ynold6 and On onno S. C a r t e s , both of U n i o n t o v I)fl,vld T Jones n n i l . A n n a B Lee, b of Unionlown, an1 S a m u n l N o n n a n ; A n m p K. Whito, iK'th of (ionium t o \ ship t'luirlos Wln«low, enj,'ine»r on B a l t i i n o i e Ohio Rallroa-d, haft eyeb severely burned by stcarn o)i(' ing t'lom gauge co'ke on hif engun A stable ownoil by F i a n k Curtis Yowlorsvillo is destroyed by f l r r , lOhB 1elng $7500 Mrs. HuBan A f f e r b a u g h dies at age of 74 yoaro ,r=68« Kr-opps and M»a Emma Bigt both of Mill Run, i r e m.irrled ta Co borland. Mre Sarah Bradford, S2 years ( wtteof r/evi Bradford, dii'fl at her ho In Johnston avenuo Charles B, New comb, niglit car spaclor of llw B O Railro mnslies a l l n g a r in Llio brakf rachol n car F R I D A Y , MAIU'II 2, HMK). D o t n l l o d icport of ' h i - C o n u e l l a v coko trade for the \ v t u k o n d l n B F ru.iry 24 uliows ti totnl of 20,074 ov- In I h o region, o£ w h i t h 13,«SH arc b l n i t uiul :ii)l kilo, w i t l t u lota! n mated i)ioiiicUon of :'19,221 toiw Edward BruUttUcr, W l l l U . m ILx and CloorKi) ('imipljoll aro badly bin w h e n moltoii f u r t ' i i e e ^laK is niiliib on thorn at5 two onulnet collldo at D u n bar Furnace Coripnfly'n jilant D u n b a r , Marriagw Itcene^h «r« isMiwI In t lontowa «* follows; John 'Jurblu ed ed i ho at i n ol South ( J o n n o l l s v i l l e and Margaret Hartlctt of Dunlmr, James F Adsnhart o! Percy and Sarah Ixiwden of Monut Uradlo k, James 1 Union and Nctlio Thomas, h.itli of fioorgea t o w n s h i p , ThomtLH J. Nr« of r o n n o l l e v f l l e and Hli7.rapth C I l e l n z of Tjomoat, John II. Ncliin of L u z e r n c tow iifhip and Haddie Chalfant of I l r a j - n e l l , Irfo Wclao and M i n n i o M Fields, both of Falrchance; C'tmrlrri B Yatea ami Kmma I'hlllipa, both of ConnellsvUlc, ,inl Georgf M a r t h and Jennie N u h o l o o n , iKith of Connolltsrillo. Autilm Kins, w h o ha« been sttporin- I n n d o r i t , of Ijip Ixsiaenring works of the H. C' Krlck C'oko C'ompany, hairing lo*n appoiutfx! m i n e lospeotor of all the company's minus, Charles H. Franks ol Mammoth io appointed assistant fiuperlntc-ndcnt THURSDAY, F E B R U A R Y 4, 1910. Ictiil)ed ronirt of tho OonriellsviUe colto trade for tho week ending February 3D shows a total of 39,426 oven* in tho region, of which 36,645 ar In hla«!t ami 2 , f S O Idle, with a total rsti- mat^i produclion of 443,123 tone. Dunbar Borough, Council reorgan- izo8 as follows A C Duncan, presi- d e n t , C D Klmh?i!l treasurer, and K Dilp Fic!l, secretary and ftol'citor. A W. B5shop of Connellfrin« is I elected Becond vice-president of t h e Railway Watch Inspectors Am oclation of the United States and Ga.iada at the convention in Wiushington, D. C'. Frank R. Foe, who has lived !j C'on- DollsvUle 32 yoarH. moves t P i t t h burg Austin K B-rooks of Normals ille it, in the Cottage State Hospital ' U f f e r i n t f from two fractured le^i receh ·-·xl when he ie caught between a tren; and his wagon whoa th« latter n k i d f on the u;y rood when he la d r i v i n g to tins town from Norrnalvtlle. Frightfully bUTned Roy 0. ilar- baugh, 47 ycjire old, Is at t i p South Side Hospital fighting for his iifo. Ho i« suffering from injuries received when he was literally buried u burning soot at the W«H Penn Power House at Faye-tte. lie had bet n cleaning out noe of Uvo big stac.ce when without warning the accjimu atton o f ] eoot was dislodged, covering him and setting ftre to hit) clothee. THU«S1AY, MAJftCII 4, l»90. Hnrry L M i t c h e l l , formerly of Oon- nelleville, is made vico-presideot of the West Penn Railways Compa ry, siic- Williston Fish. Ho assumed new work just IS years tr the day from the time he entered 1hn pniplov of the company When promoted Mr. Mitchell \\LS gonernl manager. Mr Fish bocomcss general meni'ger of Hie Chicago fontolidAtPil Surfrtco Lines. Fire t h o u g h t to have been r a used by ignition oC sue accumulated ;n !lio press room of the Dally NVwg t h r e a t - ened to debtroy tlie plant The diim;tg« t« eetlmatevl at $10,000. The Stats Department of Hijrlnva» advertiwes for bids on the Pcnn«vill«'- Kvoruon and Perj-y township routes U«v. J. Karl 10hvardfe, new pastor 01 tho Firet Baptist C h u r c h , plans to secure an electric church sign, the firbt m tho Connellevllle coke region. A w a n d i n g oontracti, for the con- fatru'tion of threr- bi idges over M o u n t / rreek in Bullskm t o w n s h i p to the Geuora! Contracting Conipiny for a oC ?22,082 50, the oounty finally discarded a plan to eliminate two of the bridges by (.hanging Uie channel of the elream. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Brown, 71 J M I S old, dice a 1 ! Flat wood s Looking for BiirgaJns T If eo, read th« advertising coJmrms of Tbo Daily Oonrl6r. Patronize those who advertise. THE OLD HOME YOU^l HUBBY, Mff S FLITTER- I FOOMP IN THE DOORWAY OF MY STORE TIMS'--! F)LL-ED "THE COAL TO YOUie NOTE -BOT \ GUESS HE OTM'Hie FMUUINS STAT/ON RSACHED MY OI.D "TDD FI iT-refai SLIPPED OFF THE WA50N "WE T=IRST HIQHT H\5 Wlr^E LET HIM OUT AFTETJ. DARK,SINCE HE\M YBA^S EVK-

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