The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 15, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

^ . * *".! $ «j*g^f-0|SBBfflSE3 / h_eGclC7n s l. Sk.irl of Striped r Lsrvnel ,%of t S i . ous e.rxd a'Knitled ^lion. Kake "the Ideal a a ^nrnpl© ^kur-l arid K cTrrvrT^ ^VM-VOQ Show tine Key/ Titled Cos Cost srxd Breeches of Vslerproof Cloth. Boots of Rubber* for* The Craze for Practical Clothes Makes Sport Regalia More Popular Than Ever - The Tennis Girl Abides By a Knitted Slip- xx« P;J; ^ u«U:^ *l*~ on - Kidmg habiis me Acme of Smart Perfec-j tion - Hunting Togs, f .V5HIOX IS G(. I tre:ne this yen." of s i m p l e and ; T And bfCiiuse ::e spor. COSIUJHC a^uinsl n bi'i'-k r.nd yellow rus. wn? ; cause t h e y niu:si in- ex.--.-;l*-nt in l i n e secxns most ex-u-Iy : · · :ir tho ;--.T.I:;:V- n mustard colored sill: b a t h i n g suit In j a n t j C l l t aml n i : i t o r l ^i ; o have the- rarnts of tuK-.rtnc.-;: corr.biiuu \.'L;h j :hc nc ' v/ :«Hifci"y «yl. : w i t h saucy lit- , r l K h l erfect, rid'.ni; clothes are t h e simplicity, it Ls t h e o.«:;iruc, par v~- j r l f l Cll $ r -° ^atoh. Posed against the j mopt cxpcnslvo or a j : K ., on wearable-*. ·ceUence. for ponoral Miinmer \vcrr. Ir i ' lo ^ m u l b e r r y and miiroon r^ijc in an- j ^-m a roariy-mada rldln:; s u i t c-jsi:- one of t h ? MS s h o - j w i t h win-.:o-.\: · ^ r h e r w i n d o w WJLS a. sport * - u i t ^ o f ; a substantial sum, and ih».« ^ « : j J J n r - ^·x t en d 1 n'-' a -.v h o I o b l o c k n n or- ·.· : · und half a. 'ulcck on mot':er sit!:, ory -\vinuov,-, last v. ·;·-,k. \v.:* «ver to r, u ! f [ not a conglo: · handed in rose. w i t h straw sailor i c f i ^ n r l w . of th W i n d o w a f t e r win- t r o s t u m c r n n k w i t h . ; . -.v-;,ra^.:s-- : mjs . 1 . a l l u r i n g l y jjosfd affalnsi . the .--xcluslve articles of dress. Ihr U l u r i n t r sport toggery. a u . PI|ian w h o can UIVor(1 lo oivn ., ·sr.--or :o hiro ono by t h e h o u r with the services of a. groom -- mi? irirl, enrreo;!y v/e:i,- a :Sa n n · ·!. ; 11 '-a 11' d to .-·!! o \v d ' t i K : ' h , - ;;t r S i' i-ii 111 somo subdued f n l u r . i I : ' - r : Tli" h;i".;'. nn her sp^rt h u : .in"; JU.T vlicro j k n l ' t o i 1 wool .slipon m . u c l i ' h i s uM!o. ; so '.to - h e clocks o" h"." u-hito s i o o k - j ·i and i IIUT--. HP" lo"ri b l o n d e w i r h , ;, b u t ' *fve.- t h a t rr.-.iy bo rolled back on ' am, '.'* of "(i. J L t u b =llk. ~.f nip.drn = 11' lln'-'ii--iv-vr-r of :i s!;o.:r. t r a n s - h'.-r !e,-i'h-r pu'tees over liirth- hef.-ii-n : parent f a b r i c l i k e OoonrHte or or- fnot.wc-' r of '.ho d a i n t y lyp: w o u l d | £a.r.:ly. Thru is. if ahi is uvli and ·r.Mrcly . r -j-piJ -K'r correct c-nsc-mhie t r o r r r - r M y .:r;i:-h.--.l for h : . r s ^ n r t . woods is t ? : ^ shoo'ing: co?.*mi:G / I i J«r;u!:rt« sJpovplcss shooting or, .^hor; shirt of worstcC :nn- ;. ^ior«T. iurrl; :ra,mping boot,^ and rinn ili.nncl blouse. Ir.srs iv. any one \\v. J."J! t-vrr · P'*'t-ry \vlndov,- was an ^f-^^_ ronvlc- ; can n f f o n j t o p r o v i d e all Uic cssen'I:i]s U n d con'.iuU a i-rav^ crime .-itialnHt i !!LI! and ·-.·:oo.-: arc vory ii:ipr, : -i.-., m ^roiiplns'^ o/ one or rv/o a.-rU'ios *r ' *'·''" T 0 '-'^ J(1 ' ri ' n:rir - b c h o i d e r t h a i . Q ^ a :jmart j-ulinp wardrobe. Sp!- and i f/nod tasu-. U.uH-r :hc t r i £ *oat 1:- ::c-ns o? :.e --o.^'ui-ne. :.:;.-« "ircsa r.b'ahist rich -. u-k ;roiir:.:! ; , ;. nd \ '''*''- r h o r - errU ' 11 l^-yond all C-!FC l'or: H , i : i n n j i ft sprint , rSd'.np suit should i w.-.r:. :-. . - - f t .«.:k rldlns 1 K!'.:.-. v;!;. ^r I ) !^^ H j n r ^ t , ;-. r i , « . c l i a m p i n n wj-.o ·h? efface w?.ii o.;»-*--:i..'nr. H f r c - . : :his s " mrner wcis Irrcprcr,.-hab!c wport . j J6( a n d p c r f o c t ty correct In each !art i i m m t i c n l a t o stock and ascot; h » t u . r - : i :UL MV.-..-..M: h e r --.-;-.y t l i r o i i j ' h to'jrna- The fJIr) Vt'lio : :»nhi^t a gray-b!vc C hinc-sc ri:~, V.TT-- · *1 a .·rcupncl a bcl'.ff! it; or- .-"lit of V-U:-- i .··ool jersey with a tcri.'! Joo'tfnp" olri'-k j *'i' a l l «;orr costiirutK, -rai.'.- .--allor a:\-l i n ^ : - i 'y .'rrrirt : n ^ ; h r . b i " . Is i h ' ; :nor.t fo the c h e c k e d ' r l Mvis:od worn'ed a n d the ooa; i;; cu* In . latest f-aPhlin. w i t h dart-lltted No de-vim lor f r o m h i i r d a::-l | per part, tapcrir.^ to t h o wn:r:-]Jr.e. j !":· ·.vr.M*"j: :L* r.iuy bo an-'! u j hr AN OLD FAVORITE BACK OTTl^ri SW]", t].:u .'.ninty and · rui!!c-.-, aro distra-trrinj^Jy feminine and iU"*in.}i'.c s".:r.;tH-r f a b r i c , i.s ' cli.trniir;?. Most of these cool litiio ' · · i " k 'n f-.-.-C'- ;«u:ri :.'.;.-. ye.-.r 'roc):? liavc vory sini^lo bodices, cut and so'-n^'' ^-cond t,." or- . TM-TMl at :h^ nech and fa^ioned down -n/ly '» iV',-"'-.. r.-L.-nr.J 5).,' i .-*! . : " r ' 1 ' : : k - or c "°^ d ^ :h ^ ' ro "'- ^ ' ' , .. . . . . ! rurniicc- f;. ^Iiion, w i t h a frill-trimmed swifts a!^ ::;-. s-v-ms ,o ,o:,o-.v th-, -'^^ ;;h , t ^ r o , l a r or flrhu SIecvf?s arJ oi rnJJk-F. ^o j u r h : i j - s it is 1^ - P U P : , | ( U ,. e ^ GI . :I scarcely :o the- elboir and i ' . t t l c r-.iv.u-; nvi- b-r".'.: u. B '-il on s-,:in- . KU . Q tVi . o or T j, r c c t ; n y , hemmed fro--k---. !h;it .-u.-'.u-d i-v.-iss nuihvs vusH' 1 :* for trinimint?. Could anything i t s re'tppoarnrc'C-. ,\: :.ny r;u-- l i t e be di'.i"\ior--or more a!lurir,^Jv y o u t h - i-'.imuic-r i-.fu-ri'.ooi: :":r.-.-S'"-s of t1l!i;y . i u i -- ' I : a n s-cli a Mtt'.o frock of ruffled ·Vjt'i."! rwirs, r.iiidc wit ii {!-JUT;;-V--:- ^ n t i ( dciju-a r.v.-ian, worn ·tt'ith a sash of soft tup.ios eiJ^tt] w : i h f\vo ! .::':h, "-H :vj-:(-d , «atin ribbon !n ^on~.o delicate tint? - -··(·! 3 -Color.::;! j.-orf;. 1 ; i:,ii tin- h.-.ji·;- J.J 3 .-.Dme.^f Orion: t'. - i - V . r;:f-=, ' r V. ..'fa'i c.-::pen.^1vo lat-o wintlow dranc-r:^-, '··an rioC abovo i h c br..l ff'i'Ci-- : .i · ' r 1:^.- visitor ro yo:;r h-rrne--of a .-;]cj".-.-r:- iy. ill-:ra''::cd inaiJ o; t h o door. i'ir.~i :mpres:lor,5 r.rc every: hr.-.i:, s o j i t L b u d y .-7.7 yp; and, indeed, tlic-y iio C O I J U T f norinoui?Jy !n r h l i '.'orld \vhero most :'jople j*.:flffc JnMa:-:fy---nd by exteriors. C h a r m in*; y o u r hojr.t r a r y l-c when your frU-'id^ hr. ve jrot "c know it, ,a^ u'j-s. h^rincnH;:;^ ;\--" TT^c" cxprc'r-"ion of -:ir;irn!.- can ri2ko !t. pleasant v.-i:'i i:.s ati:-.orp!icr-? jjf h^pplnc-ss and pvucc. '.t.? j r r f i c i c ' j s '.'o^piTallty: but r.oi.u of this Ti".Il be :;;!cssed--and mor; of it will ';? ilonbtod by thy. ^Trr,::=:er at your pa'e ·.viio--lii-frrcoted -a; t h o thresholi; 1-y i; maid whoso appearance and m a r n c v tw*[ftes apainst yo'ir. hnov."lelKs of · the tanQns p.* corractnefB. Infinitely bener ?:io effect--on t h e de.firab^e acquaint^rco who eonir.-; ".' call upon you for tl.c first time--of :·. mcd«st. even shabty IHtlo house '.c- whicfc a perfectly tr.ilnod and dres^.-d maid admits her, tht n of a protenno^F dwellinpr. . expensively Burnished t-tf with a down-at-hoel, sac-at-the-boU spirant at the door. It is so vc-:- difRcult, These days, to srot any maki at all--'n a suburban town t-^oeial- ly--that many women who k n o w bitter permit carek.^.i.\^ a n ^ r.'.ovt-nl!- no-« In their s«rTS!]t.=i for foar Th '' criticism of a . per ;t;nnl n a t u r e wiK * sow aeeda of disc.»ntcn: leave them a£ tha: --icl.-inchoiy-Ptate of belnp "without :v.-lp." And mn^i of tho maids tha.' -o.iic jo one, «!.··.f. have." been, so in? 1 . trained: anil ways of crvrel^v^no.'s and, of stlf- Eattsfaction ·with cr.rel(v-£ne?3 have so growp. upon thorn, that It is a vr-ry brave- and pr.tient mJstress who ^ i j ; vcntiire to undo t h f - wrong: rhins r.n-: Insist upon the rlpl.t ones in the -way of correct ser\-icc. Tho a\'eraff? maid-of-al3-work IF a rathar koen. reader of character. She up her t:i:w inii^r^ss :ind kno'v;- T-,;-; '· ,y woil v*hut \v:ll be dr- i n a n t l e d of V.or .and :n v/'iat w;:y laxt:y ·iviil bo p.-.-ruiiUcii. Small b l a m e to ;··.-'· if j-Iio rr.k 1 -;-' *i: · i-«;-TUij r f i a t rr:- ^ul:.s in !cas! t r o u b l e far herself. Jlu; :'iuvi!,:.bly ?ho rYcIs .t pood deal more rt-KpC'. 1 ! fn-.- the ini'tr«-Erf \viio c x a c t f - t;ood strvloe--cind Insists upon I t : providin?, of coury'.', I hat. t h e good oturj Srt-lss -Uid iiicIitiK: Kntbrnlil- cry Corjilrfiii; In A Pretty Apron \\"hoso Ti*im Lines Arc Engaging t h u i t h e exactiny la done pU-u^ir.tly und nor in ri d i c t a t o r i a l Tact in t TO ion 01" a mi.'s;ro. ; s to IHT i j i a i i i i.s «o i m p o r t a n t a f e a t u r e of uiii-- '.·e.HP oa :'. i~ in most oUier rc-laUonw of life. The- f j u f o t fnsisTfirco u p o n n ··lollnite iind ivljrh sUM;ii;r." ;iv. t h o u r f ' 1 . it wore i! m a t t e r of course wii: f i i ' h i c v o better rosults t h u n a:iy : amour.t of nags-ing, a r s u f n r r and seek!i Ins- 1 A n d , b e f n ^ a fc-nijiir.G t.htnfj, thf ' .'ivorfiyo maid-of-all-vvorlx deliyhts in \ looking her bi;st. If sht is provided i with, irim froci^i and d a i n t y aprons in ; \vhi-:h her m i r r c r tcU.« lit^r she reiil!;, ; look.-* fixrcodingly pretty, she will b- | very ,'ikel.v to irear her unJ;'orm iritfi . a. ?. o o J d ea 1 of pi e-asure--a n d t h e ; tica' preson-ta.blo.TOss of hor appoar- · rmr.j will havo its lnevita.blo effoc: i upon her character and her efforts oi ' wor£-;. There Eire m;ii({y w h o kcoj: i {.liCin^.elvcG in the rlctnt -sort of \vorl;- · Inrr ^ n d n f ; n m o n ; i f r o c k n w i t h r-.prcr.:: f o match, but t h e y are f e w u n i I'm betv%'oen--0.9 any housekeeper \vil t e s t i f y . Most maUls-or'-aM-worU cx- pcc 1 to have t h e i r uniform.';--if u n i ' forms ,ire r c f j i i i r c d -- " f o u n d " for I 'ihc-m. ar.u this is no: i;iire:'.son;ib;». ; In large houses where man., fiovviimr 1 are kopr. u n i f o r m ? arc niv/r.ys p r n - j vidi'd. A now maid or man is sent ; ;n .L special our fitter wh.o Nikos her ; or ills measure and f u r n i s h e s p h r r t l y ; all the necessities of the working ' \vardrobc. cut by a p a t t e r n and from a material decided upon by t h e tnis- · tre^-s of t h a t home. ! A mald-cf-aH-work In a very srnal! C5if.-i.lj! islini en t ivmrs, th rou^rh 1- h c ! morning- hours, a print frock and p'a'r. ! w h i t e j i p r n n In -which she car. attond ' t h r door. Over t h e small w h i t e a p r c n i goes a work ?pron of gSnrrhri.m. w h i ! r [ houRvho'.d d u f f e s are being-. /mended i to. By three o'clock in the a f t e r n o o n shf IP sunpo.scd to be t h r o u p h w i t h thf more strenuous tasks of the day and to havo had'an hour £or rest in her room; and ahe must be down- This i;:jir.ty Afu-rttooji Tea Apron Is Oi' Hiei'n-Hi l^ With TnexiKru- ^:\t' J.;nv Trimming And Ribbon JJr.-twn Tliroufi'h Bfiulinjr 5fairs, i^arherj fn neat black frock ;infl dainty spron, ready to open tlio door for f.-'llers or t o servo to a in ibi.- dr:i\vi;ijv r o o m . In tliir- IV.ack frock slit,- must prepare the dinner, removins: for the p u r p o s e , her smart w h i t e cuffs and covering her duinty l i t t l e p.irJor-niJihj apron '.vith an ft-inpie one provided with a bib--this to be removed, of course. If she is called to the door by i late visitor or by any one- on any errand. Vory g"ood bJack: sateon dresses with p:-f:ub.---r'.-,r WHY DOES KNITTING WOOL RUN SHORT IN WEIGHT? ri;'.i:i:rIT j-.hort in '.'-·- t - l f - ; shcjrrago in yr-rn has m.iclo tlie asso- · J-.'ii..;)) ' hi n.;·;.:!«'; . r.,, ci.:t!cn m n r c - lonic-r.t; r.r.d a half pLyUnd. S(.;"L ;:ive iiecn i hi- ?::tiu nf y;irn wil: do one of socks very l):-'.t c-itlier the; too? ;;s her«lofore. \ iiicoly if a 'uordt-r iri:r.ininpr anC t o n s i.-, rabrlr.-i;^.: ou; O L' -'cine otin.-r ^h:\.:-:-. I I f ' h i s y.:r:i s h o r t n j r o f'f ;i n-. ·«.- sort · ;;f co!oro-d worsted aro added. (ji- r.'f"-() y.r ru ir,u.Tt !-o purchased i^e- ' is o:.o o£ i!n- lii.-'.ii-r-i'os'-i. 1 "-'!v;nc j TV' ;:i;\k» ;in a t t r a c t i v e border; k n i t ."ore- i ' i o soi'ks .'tr; j r t ; . r t O ' i ' . K:i,tfc: - ;- i ?ro:iliJ^-.-' ;?:.:? -:.c :::'·:*' }"::'. ·:·'· ~-v'·'':. '· IV.T., j u i r l tv,-o i'cir tv/o inches, tht-n ;:..'nor::lly Ixtvc bc«'!: :ir-.vh nr.r.oy.'d | :I.H 'cc----: one ;ii:iy; -"..v:\- : f v t v. o · ;·:"..-- · v.s^ y l t c r r . a t c l y for \ni next f o u r by th:."--. f i h o r t / i p o in (]ii;iiit!;y for w h i ' - h j · .1 do :\".x'.u .--Ot;k: on-- t.- li;:y ;'.,· j iiii-hr.-; the rook yarn and worsted of ;'i jre seems no ijooJ .-«·::sun A h n i f . .''.*.r:i in r.L'i^IiV '-rrujrid ciu' 1 ;-. an ; X':M , r.noil'i-r co'or; then k n i t iwo, p u r l p o u n d !.·* Ji ;inli' pnijr.-;!, and a lir.'f Mi!:' ;:our..'. br:n^ distv!!.;;;.. =1 :,U:.T ; .. I tv;a :;£.-.-,in ill t h e pl-nin color. It is poinul i::,eil (c i-uU;e a p a i r of ^celts ; !:n·:" a di--.-n iir-iirlibo:-.- f o r ;:ic :.':;:.-·?:-. iuir iK'-.vssary to bre.-Jk znd tie ;ho Vory n l e o l y -- t o o and E.!!. Jt IX-'.TI*! j !nq off o? ?·'..""!:-toPS; ;:::··: h'.-r :? t . j i u r - ; «'Oo: ·*.";c!j row. Ha'.'o tho tv.'o halls \rith a fcv/ ivonicn ir^o Iiiivt r t -ccr.r]y · rJi::. 1 ;^ r-::our': y a r n at f.i:i.i t!-y.e for | in y o u r l a p ar;d simply uso the- nlter- biiirtcri Bocks am) wlio a;-pl!d to o t h e r I several puir^ .of tiocjt^. for ^ni- 1 -. cwn · n : i * - eohir y,-; yet: nc-fd it. There \v!ll kr.ifi'r;; f o r a l i t i l c "l;-:"t-over" y a r n . k n i i t i n p . w j : h nn i?x·.··'·· ;-:iu",:n" to j b- ;i . ; -uc i f^.'--c;rn r ;f short loop? on tho t o "finish the tons." t h e n very spopdi- j m a k e nil ';;:· tO'.'s. Tho:;:,V: '.}.- r.- ! j wroni: side of the- sock and these may ly it bcci-.T'M- ayp;irfrn t h a t t h e r e v:«s i f'ru.^ at fir.-:i r/fused :M :.-.-..· .-'··i-k.^ ; 1-c- cau;;r.. riov.T. "vith a d t i r r l n g needle no "Jpfl-avor" yr.rn; cv-:-yi.u,?y'-- ' \\-!h fr!i:'ri: : i:;v "- -.'!oro-.i ·,.·.!-.? ;:.-· nf:-:-r t h e borJt-r J« fir.NJ.-r-d. cur't's Jhaf :;nbi(tton-£?o t h a t the ;.. . . :;iny '.c t u r n e d back, and r o l l a r b a n d to w h i c h may be fa^i'iicd :.})«.- i :irT i .ss.-,.-.'f,'5. si irc-hed w h i t e collar, cot'i It 1 -": 1 ! l : . - n | n r f,hc---r f v c doliti.r3, A sot of apron, c o l l a r i w!; h iriiu'hin r;inl cufL's may be had for from srv-n- ty-ftve. cenip 10 a d o l l a r - t i n y , (.Ipjicr-d- fni? on t i i f . q u a l f c y 01' r l i c m.-i:t*r:; t J anci sm.irin.pss of shape. Fashion: llOEti?^;-H's 3"csa t h e i r s u a ' d s in fri hi'.ie. p l u m or somt 1 o t h e r n * - t r ; i ! i rtm-r.\ cn*2r iiv^ic.'.d of i h e more- cm:a»u- p.'.'.ce b l a c k , w o r n by r f - s t j i u r n n i n n d ufii,i''.ii!i£ 'touse w'iitres^. 1 :--.. bul p o i M r . or mohair drcs*!.js in fru~h colors c«y-\ n'.c-ru than -,h b!2.0k laioen m a'tovo described. Ii! :L mn'.'l is w: to w^nr a cup. wcli r,i:M ji-oot 1 . l Eh;? is not, far b e t t e r to d^-pt-^^r; \v:t:: ; !! 1""i'in t o m;ikf; op;*nriu:i!:y for fir;r\- j n M.'n 1 and d i PC n n t e n'. A ;: . m p 1.? :. i'.' · i j i v i u t i f u l l y nt:it J u i i r d r ' ; ; sinrr in?if.*cd u p t ' i c u r'K, psych c k n at s c tr-wav«v should }jo nn :;^rn]y h i J - i t e d »s ear-rlng^ : would be. vory cir.inty n.'fiornoon nprons are t::re!, np.e. of d o t t e d wiss and br-jidprj* p r e t t i l y iltlod to t h e fbjure. j brmf of ; tJic? ether or* ftno I.-UVTT nncl Incxpen^irr j n-}'.h crr-n!*'*- };.·)!;·; liice. The mai:Vn l i t t l e apron m u s t I s^-iwp. ;i :PO !n ji:;'r y e l l o w V ; a n d Ptrnp.s; thesp frivp !' i'-s c h r r a c i f r IMiu'Tv strnv,-, ,\r.} !:i w h i t e T. as a service apron a n d d i f f e r e n t in t e it · b r n h i e r e d hi r^i ru v.-lih :i pre. f r o m the f?owIn?T ^r t'ancy-\vork n.pron ; f.'icing-; but The bitro nioi,K;I. the mistress herself may wear about j o f Its sutrg-.estion of bhifj china her Jiomc. A pretr' sot of apron, col- 'most novel ant! captivut-insr, A Thousand Shades In Tan Stockings f F VOL" HA VI-; ,i DC--.V pa.'r of ;im- hi'i'-'.Tiy o;- c:.ocolate oxfords or w.-i-kJny 7)ij:i;rj.s v ,e sure 10 lake ·sin--or ot'.c- of t h e pair at least - ··.·;·;. yo-j \vru-n yen; fek-ct stockings t'.' at mmrnr.y n*»*,v lootivear. It is p c s i t i v c l y -)(v:i!drM-:nff to note how ui:.:;y ·*";.:':c,s of :;tf;hosrany ;ind choco- ·,rhii'V' :; t ^ i J s sen son. And no 1 MI);,I --:!-,·.,,· i v v - r ' i r i v i s li'.uo--is so h a r d i '.o 'V.irrv i:i on- 's i-yo" ns :i shade ot i h r M w n . 7''H-r;; arc- rcd.iish brown. : stnekirs*;. ..;-.;: p u r p l i s h brown ones. c.\trv-:ii'-:y ·li:ii;'0i -,o pic'.; out t h e ex- i f h o ^ 10 :;trrk;--^. ;,J,O . r.'jr.cinher to · . ^ · . · · : t ' : i i ' to ;;...; »}-, e e fi- cc i of i r v.-..:i\-.j o'-vr t h e s k i n . So ·'.r.. Hj:nr of i;:y new shades : ' h : n :h.- i;;^r-.- :.drt!:io:) of Tho fier.h ; tone O i n c - n i h w;ll prov:-;it a good : m a t c h in r-toc'-ti:-.'; and shoe. It j s , 'Jfi:j;;]]v -.-.v. 1 ] lo l-i;y t a n or fcroivn sl!k r.-i r, U"le ir.rkcr than one ! nr-cd-: for sor.u- of ih* co:or is apt to ; come ·)!:[· in t l i r - firs" -.vash!nff. Such i s t a c k i n g ;-hrjuM be carefully washed ·' a n d n h o n M nor bo rubiic-d en a boardj ; and they should be hung in the Bha4» ' to dry.

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