The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 17, 1938 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1938
Page 7
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17,193S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNKLLSVILL-JU, FA. PAGE SEVEN. FORMER BROWNSVILLE YOUTH IMSISTS HE KILLED TEXAS MAN (6- Kobcrt (Buster) Evans, 28, former Brownsville youth with an amazing background of adventure, is in trouble again. Or it he isn't in trouble, it isn't his fault, "Buster," now an automobile salesman at McKecsport, has insisted for the last several weeks that he killed a man in a Texas filling station holdup last fall. Allegheny county authorities to whom he voluntarily "confessed," have spent a lot of money on telegrams and telephone calls to Texas but can't seem to learn about any holdup that fits .his description. They think he wants n trip to Texas and they have indicated they are not going to cooperate. A trip to Texas would be nice just now because Robert is in jail on another charge, involving stolen automobiles. He is held for false pretense in two Pittsburgh cases with detainers lodged against him for similar oftenses in Washington county and in West Virginia. "Buster" has been interviewed by Fsyette county police on a number of occasions. A few years ago, he reported a girl with whom he had boon living in a Uniontown hotel had taken poison when he left their room. She recovered with the aid or expert medical attention. A year or so later he was s central figure in a widely publicized "suicide pact" in Allegheny county. Both he and the girl involved recovered from the effects of poison they had taken. In Allegheny county atop his talc of murder, Buster has related more definitely his marital adventures. He can remember only four of hfs many wives, taken in many states, he declared. He married Louella St. Clair of McKcesport in Wcllsburg August, 1926, but left her in New York some --time later. He says he was next wed to Ecna Ropcle of Clarksvillc at Washington, D. C., in June, 1933. The third wife he recalls distinctly, he says, was Ann Kuslck of Isabella whom he wed in July of last year nt Wellsburg. Last September he married Victoria Kerfontc of Monongahela at Alexandria, Va., wife number four, according to his story. Victoria is still living with Buster us his wife but she isn't too sure of her status, since he voluntarily confessed he has never been divorced from any of his several wives But she Is definite about his story of the Texas holdup-murder, in which she is alleged to have driven the car: "I never was in Texas in my life," she told authorities wearily "I can't even drive a car, so I couldn't have driven away after the killing as he says I always knew he was a liar but didn't have any idea he was this good." East Huntingdon Students to Give Historical Program The winter meeting of the West- morcland-Fayctte Branch of the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania will be held nt the Zion Lutheran Church, Pennsylvania avenue at Second street, Greensburg, tcnight at 8 o'clock. The program will be given by the East Huntingdon Township High School History Club. To emphasize the history of Westmoreland county, the students of the East Huntingdon High School local history class have marked a map, locating many of the sites of historical incidents in the county. Plans are being made to have other high school history clubs duplicate the work done for the branch by the East Huntingdon club at future meetings. Last 0. A. R. Veteran Misses Lincoln Dinner UNIONTOWN, Feb. 17.-John R Hayden of Hopwood, only surviving member of V/ill F. Stewart Post, G A. H., was unable to attend the Lincoln dinner Monday night of the Sons of Union Veterans because of injuries suffered earlier in the day when he fell. Swift Operation Saves Girl. LONDON, Feb. 17--Twenty minutes after Louisa Usher, eight, ha( swallowed a celluloid doll, surgeons at the Royal Free Hospital performed an emergency operation, removed it from her throat and savcc her life. Old-Style Currency Appears. CANTON, Ohio, Feb. 17.--Bankc: here report there Is still a good dca o£ the large-sized currency in circu latlon, although it was supposed to have been replaced in 1928. Washington County Aiforney's Funeral To Be Held Friday By United Press. WHEELING, W. Va., Feb. 17.-Funeral services will be held Friday at Washington, Pn., for Attorney Charles F. Morrison, 80, who practiced law in Wheeling for almost a half century. Morrison, a member of the Ohio County Bar Society and the West Virginia Bar Association, died Tuesday at his home at Taylorstown, Pa. He i.pent the greater part of his life in Wheeling, retiring about a year ago. Survivors Incude: His widow, Agnes Morrison, and one brother, Dr. Paul Morrison of California. Is This the Reason You Are Constipated ? If you're wondering why your bowels don't work right--stop and think about what you cat. Bread, meat. CBES and potatoes. All good nourishing foodj-but all concentrated, locking In "bulk." And you need "bulk"! 8om« food that forms soft, spongy muss In tbo bowels--helps them more. It It's this lack of "bulk" that's causing your constipation, Kellogg's AU-Braa is Just what you need. It soaks up water and softens like a sponge. And this soft mass helps your bowels move. In addition. All-Bran gives you Nature's great intestinal Conic, vitamin B,. £at tbls crisp crunchy cereal every day. drink plenty of water, and enjoy nappier days. AH-Bran,"Is mode by Kellogrtt itt Battle Creek. Sold by every grocer. Confluence CONFLUENCE, Feb. 17.--The condition of John Turncy, who was injured Thursday when the car he was driving was hit by a fast freight train on the crossing just west of the Baltimore Ohio station, is considered favorable. F. R. Havncr %vas a business visitor to Connellsville Monday. Misses Rcba Pore and Elizabeth Bower, who teach school in Dunbar township, spent the week-end at the homes of their respective parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Pore and Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Bower. Kr. and Mrs. A. C. Flanigan of Pittsburgh were Sunday visitors with the former's sister, Mrs. Orville Bwnworth. The funeral of Mrs. John Turney, who died Friday evening of injuries received Thursday when the automobile in which she was riding was struck by a Baltimore Ohio train, w^;i held Tuesday in the M. E. Church in charge of the pastor. Rev. J. O. Martin. The service was largely attended. Interment was in the Baptist Cemetery. Mr. nnd Mrs. James Bcal of Con- n"llsvil]c were visitors with Mrs. Bejls' parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Havncr. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Brown and daughter, Betty Lane, of Wilkinsburg were here Sunday visiting the former's father, E B. Brown, who is a patient in Frant/, Hospital. Mrs. David Cronin continues to improve liowly from an infected foot. REDUCE SAFELY Says* *oted Authority r,o tc. Clarkc'h fcnrt get a box of Kock- A-Wa«er 3"«*Mels. Reduce lo pounds in I! « l i \ » Tnhty-*r,y treatment only y 00 -- Kp you lo'sc 'a- Alaska Dodgc* Kcccbbion .SKWARD, Alaska, Feb. 17.-- Busl- jj. ^s conditions arc on the uptrend, if ,i loport giver* by Captain C. W. Adams, who operates the river steamer Xonnna plying Hie Yukon b"twoc.n JsVfiiJn.T ;md Mai'-hiiJ] jv any 1 criterion. The FC.ISOII j»st p.ts^rd ' was n banner one, he vud, j UNION DRUG CO. Specials '$1.20 Scott's Emulsion 83c 50c Phillips Milk q/1 of .Hiitrncslu «5ftC $1.00 TVampoIe'd 7Q,, Tonic I«JC S1.25 on I'ctroliigar OI/C 50e Do Witt's Kidney J?llls $1 Adex Tablets 79c ?!.()« Adex Tiiljlcfs 79c $1.00 Bi-So-Dol Keciininint 19c -~c Aniicln Tn blots, 12's Hoc Ylcks Sahe 17c MHMMNBM 27c Sl.20.Symp Sl.'-'o Creomulsion . . George Washington Down the Cherry Tree- Sauer Kraut, loose, 4 Ibs.. 25c Fiako Shortening, 4-lb. bucket 53c Ritter's Baked Beans, 3 Igc cans 2pc Evaporated Peaches, 2 Ibs. 25c Mayflower Table Salt, 3-1-Ib. boxes ..25c Pillsbury's Sno-Sheen Cake Flour, box 23c Pillsbury's Pancake Flour, 2 boxes .. 19c Young Tender Green Beans, 2 cans 19c Book Matches, 50 in each, 2 for 19c California Dry Lima Beans, 3 Ibs 25c Red Kidney Beans, loose, 3 Ibs 25c Hogsett's Pastry Flour, 5 Ib. sack 23c Cracked Hominy, 6 Ibs. 25c 65c Pinex - - - 44r Chopped Peanut Butter, loose, 2 Ibs Prunes, 40-50 size, 3 Ibs Post Toasties, 4 boxes Brooms, well made Dried Beef, 2 glasses Jello, all flavors, 5 boxes _., TM_ Pillsbury's Flour 5 Ib. sack . _.,, BREAD 3 loaves 25c Geld Bond, Sliced Vienna or Rye, MILK 3 cans 20c Vim Camp's. Fresh. PEA SOUP 5corss25c Rlttcr'g. BORAXO 2 cans 25c Cleans dirty hands, SYRUP i/z Gal. 39c Stalcj-'s Chrystal White. HERE'S WHY YOU SAVE! Check these prices. 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SALMON STEAKS per can 25C Spring- packed from Columbia River, fancy. EGG NOODLES 2-1 ib. P kgs .25c Very (jiMy. Fine, broad or medium. CORN 2 cans 19c General Jackson Brunei. Sweet, Evergreen. PEAS 2-1 Ib. 4 oz.c ans 25c Shan ncc Sivoet Variety 1'ons. NAVY BEANS 10 ibs. 45c 3Iichlt:nn Hnnd 1'Irkcd. CLOTHES LINES 2 for 25c Eiich line contains 50 ft. CLOTHES PINS 2 boxes 15c Each box contains -10 pins. B A N A N A S Golden KIpc Frcsli Beets, with tops, bunch -Maine Potatoes, 15-lb. bag Sweet Potatoes, O[* large. No. 1, G Ibs. £t)C California Oranges Tjiirfre Size Doz. 29c TANGERINES Doz. 15c 29c Florida Oranges, large size, doz or Grimes ·Jolden FANCY APPLES Per bu. 95c STRAWBERRIES Pin* Box 15c Baldwin or Grimes Golden Apples, S Ibs. California Oranges, small size, doz Delicious Apples, fancy, G Ibs Spinach, fresh, 2 Ibs Calif. Celery, 3 bunches Button Radisbes, 3 bunches Fresh Pens, 2 Ibs. ,, ,,. 25c ISc 25c 15c 25c lOc 25c Cauliflower, large head California Carrots, 4 bunches . . Idaho Baking Potatoes, 10 Ib. __ Leaf Lettuce, 3 Ibs. Green or Yellow Wax Beans, i! Ibs... New Potatoes, 6 Ibs ,, 19c 25c 33c 25c 25c 25c POTATOES-NO. 100-11). Hug $1.45 Government Inspected Finest Quality SWIFT'S PREMIUM We Have the Best Beet in Town! Fresh Beef Brains, per Ib. _____ Rump Roast, Ib. Rib Roast, short cut, Ib. Chuck Roast, center cuts, Jb, lOc 25c 25c 19c Beef S h o u l d e r center cuts, Ib. Roast, 19c HAMBURG 2 Ibs. 29c Beef Shank or Neck, ]b Plate Boil 2 ibs Tenderloin and Sirloin Roasts, Ib. ... Veal, Pork and Beef, ground. 3 Ibs. . 17c 25 c 50c Ready- to-Serve Whole or String Half Fresh Spare Ribs, Pork Loin Roast, rib end, Ib. Pork Shoulder, whole, Ib. ...., , , , _ , 15c 17c 17c Pure Pork SAUSAGE Loose or Link Ib. 19c FORT PITT Whole or Half, heavier nvc- Ib. Pork Shoulder, calla style, 5 to 6 Ib. average, -I A Roast, Ib 1 .fL Pork Butts, 4 to 5 Ib. pieces, Ib Mixed Pork Chops, 'Jfif. pound .---. fcdt/C Pork Chops, center cuts, Ib. «.,--«.««.«--. Pork Liver, pound ,,..,, , Canadian Sliced Bacon, Ib. Neck Bones, Fresh Hams, whole string half, 10 to 12 Ib. average, Ib. lOc 45c 25c Wilson's Certified or White Lily String Half Whole or Veal Loin or Hump 1 Q _ Roast ,lb ................. _.. I»/C Veal Shoulder Chops, Ib. Veal Chops, rib or Loin, Ib. Veal Shoulder Roast -center cuts, Smoked Callas, 17c Cottago Cheese, *?£» 2 Ibs. tiOC Veal Steak, Ib. ____ ..... _______________ Smoked Sausage, Ib. __________________ 14c 30c 25c Jllack Hawk .HAMS larger Average, Ib. 25c Veal Breast, 2 Ibs 25c Lamb Shoulder Roast, 4"or 5 Ib. in a piece, Genuine Spring Leg of Lamb, Ib Lamb Rib Chops, Ib Lamb Shoulder Chops, Ib Lamb Breast, 3 Ibs. _.: Home Hade Liver Pudding, per Ib. 23c 35c 25c 25c !5c TJCMMOIUZEl) SLICED Home 3fmte Pure Rendered LARD 50-lb. Can, $5.25 Small Wieners, Ib. Club Wieners, Ib ,, Skinless Wieners, Ib. _ Forty Fathom Fish Cresh, Ib, ,, Frying and Stewing Oysters. Halibut. 23c 17c 25c 25c Fresh Pig Feet, 3 Ibs Spiced Lunch Ham, Ib. Sliced Corned Beef, Ib. Scrapple, ·1 Ibs Ring or Long Bologna, Ib Bacon Squares, Ib Leaf Lard, in cone, Ib ~ .._ Jumbo Minced Ham, Ib 25c 35c 35c 25c ISc 15c lie 15c Koasthip, C H I C K E N S Ib., 35c SVKIXG CHICKENS Ib. 39c Fully Dressed. Ham Ends, Ib. _ _ Black Hawk Platter Sliced Bacon, 15c Sweitzer Cheese, Ib. Pure Rendered Lard, 2 Ibs. ..,,. 29c 35c 25c 10O2 West Crawford Avenue PHONE 620 Connellsville, Pa.

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