The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 17, 1938 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 17, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE DALLiY COURIER, CONNELlSVlLLiE, PA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 103S. PERSONAL MENTION Mr. and Mrs. Harold Roth of East I Green street have as their guests Mr. Roth's mother, Mrs. Milton Roth | of Gettysburg, and Miss Jane Whitehead of Philadelphia, an aunt, of I · Mrs. Roth. | Card parly, Junior Culture Club, benefit eye fund, Thursday, Feb. 17th, Woman's Culture Club Rooms. Auction and contract bridge, "500" and bingo. Prizes, lunch. Admission 50c.--Advertisement.--14feb-4t. Mrs. C. A. Lansbcrry and Mrs. ,,· Ralph Gray attended -the funeral . services for Mrs. Malcolm -.Johnson : at Point Marion Wednesday. ; Oppman's Taxi. Phone 700.--Ad- I vcrtiscmcnt--9oct-tf. " ." ' Miss Ruth Beck, R. N., afRoose- ^ vclt Hospital, New York City, will ·" return this evening after a visit with ~ her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John -- Beck, of Davidson-avenue for a few 7 days. t. Take advantage of our annual - February (.pecials in quality dry " cleaning. Simons Cash Carry ". Cleaners. -- Advertiscment.-12-fcb- - St. .... .. -- James Gilmorc-of Dunbar spent - the day in Pittsburgh. Card party. Junior Culture Club, ~ benefit eye fund," Thursday, Feb. ~ 17th, Woman's Culture Club Rooms. '· Auction and contract bridge, "500" ;· and bingo. Prizes, lunch. Admission" ·· SOc.--Advertisement.--14fcb-4t. £ Miss. Joan Duggan of South Pitts~ burg- street visited in Pittsburgh ~ Wednesday. -- U. B. annual baked ham supper, £ Thursday, Feb. 17th. 5 to 8 P. M. ,. Adults 60c, children 40c.--Advcrtise- ·Ji mcnt^-15fob-3t. Miss Genevievc Leasure' is ill at ." her home in Pennsville. -- February .Frolicking Fair, First M. ~ E. Church, Friday, February 18th. ~ Hours 8 to 10 P. M. Benefit Junior -- Choir. Price 25c.--Advertisement.-- ~ 18feb-2t. - " ' ~ Julius Gordan of South street al^ tended the Ace Brigade dance at Uh~ lontown Wednesday evening. « Sec the sensational newest "Swing" ·· frocks, boleros, pleats and J'Gauchos." ~ New shades and -prints. Princess 7 Shop.--Advertisement.--lCfeb-3t. Mrs. Howard Lunncn and Miss Evelyn Donnadia were Uniontown visitors Tuesday evening. Martha Washington Tea, Monday, February 21st, 8 P. M., First Presby- terian Church. Auspices Christian Endeavor. Programme. Refresh' · rnents will be served. Admission - lOc and 25c.--Advertisement.--feb- .' 17-19-21. Miss Thclma Cassidyjof Uniontown " visited Miss Martha Sellers of West - Green street today. Starting Saturday, Two for one-two plain garments cleaned for the price of one, 60c. Simons Cosh Carry Cleaners.--Advertisement.-- I7feb-5t. Mrs. M. M. Patterson and sister, , Mrs. F. West of Kcnmore, N. Y., who visited at the home of their " lather, J. J. Donnelly of East Green street for a few days, left for Mrs. . Patterson's home in Cumberland. -' Penny bingo. Jr. O. U. A. M.. Odd "· Fellows Temple, South Pittsburg -"street, Friday night, 8:30.--Advcr- ~- tisement-- I7feb-2t. Aunt Het 'By ROBERT QUILLET* "You hear a lot about illiterates and moions bein' a curse to the country, but it's always the educated smart ones that get us into a mess like this." Conducts Nazi Pur;?e llclnrlch Hlmmler chief of political police Acting on instructions .of Col. Gen. Hermann Goerlng-,- Fuehrer Hitler'* right-hand man, the Nazi secret service chief, Heinrlch Hlmmler, above, li conducting a widespread purge of Germany 1 * military clique, according to Lcn- - don reports. Hlmmler Is reported to have dispatched special commissions of trusted army officers and secret police agents to German garrison towns under orders to carry out the purge among commissioned officers. In a recent speech, Hlmmler U sold to have warned Rclchswehr officers that hi case of war troops might hav« to be used in Germany against opponents of tho Nazi regime. He said his own "security troopi" would take care of that. - Dies of Accident Injuries. - GREENSBURG, Feb. 17.--Charles A. Turncy, 59, prominent Grcensburg citizen who was employed for 30 _.years by the Keystone Laundry and who had been washroom foreman Tand master mechanic, died in a ""Johnstown hospital Wednesday of ^·injuries received in an autdmobile - accident ·while he was enroute to Johnstown to attend the Section 9 basketball game there Friday night. Home From Hospital. J. C. Jacobs of Liberty, who underwent an operation at Connellsville State Hospital, has returned to bis home where he is convalescing. \ou 11 Have more furiwhen theSKINis-clea? fromWITHM Tyro man or woman wants lo hare a JLl finger poked at them or recehe sympathy became of an unhealthy skiu appearance. Some skin troubles are louph lo correct, but we do know this--sUn tissue* - like the body itself must be fed from within. To make the food we cat available ' for strength, and energy, there must be an abundance of red-blood-cell). S.S.S. Tonic builds these preciout redcelli. It is asimple.imernal remedy, '. tested for generations and aUo proven by scientific research. ; You,, too. will want to take S.S.S. - Tonic to regain and to maintain our - red'blooa%{i:lls... lo restore lost weight regain strengthen nencs...and to give to)our skin that '. natural health glow. Take the S.S.S. Tonic treatment and shortly jou should be delighted with the way you fed... and have your ' friends compliment you on the way you- look. Available at any drug store. AUSTRIA ABANDONED TO HITLER Continued from Page One. were understood today to hav brought the German-Austrian crisi to a new deadlock. It was because of these dimcultic over consumation of Fuehrer Ado1 Hitler's plans, observers believed that the new Austrian, Minister o Interior, Dr. Arthur von Seyss Inquart, a Nazi supporter, hastenc to Berlin and conferred with Hitler. Well-informed quarters understoo that Hitler was 'insisting upon th removal of Victor Kienboeck, gov ernor of the National Bank o Austria and former finance minister The failure of trade negotiations which were broken off suddcnl Monday, was ascribed to Kienboeck opposition to extension of furthc credit facilities for Austro-Gcrma trade. Kienboeck also objected to Aus tria's participation in Germany (four-year plan for economic--self sufficiency, which is among the majo German demands. Therefore, It wa understood in well informed quar ters, Hitler insisted that a pro-Naz be appointed to replace Kienboeck who is a staunch left wing Christia Socialist. An impasse also was undcrstooc to have been reached in connectio with the press and propaganda office BERLIN, Feb. 17.--Dr. Arthu von Scyss-Inquart, official Austria Nazi representative in Austria's new ·cabinet, arrived today after a hurriet. all-night trip from Vienna and won almost at once into conference wit Fuehrer Adolf Hitler on · new de vclopmcr.ts In a situation that a Europe watched. Youns rickets "Rewarded." SAN JOSE, Cal., Feb. 17.--Brun Filicc and Frankic Lico, both age 8, picketed the winery of their uncle M. J. Filicc. Each carried a bannc reading "UNFAIR! My uncle won pay me for picking prunes." Afte two minutes of arbitration, the pick cts withdrew, each with a $5 bill i his pocket. Furniture Moving Perilous. WORCESTER, Mass., Feb. 17.-"Why doesn't borne one tell me thcs things?" might well be the plaint o (i-ycar-old Arthur Peterman. H nightly made a running jump int bed, he told a police surgeon wh stitched a cut in his head--but n one told him the bed and bureau ha been switched. Stamp Collectors to Meet. The Fay-West Philatelic Society o Pennsylvania will hold its regula meeting at 8 o'clock ^riday cvenin in;the club room at' the- Carnegi Free Library. The program will b in charge-of Jack Coulter of Greens burg. v ' Sun Lamp as Treatment;; What It Wilt Accomplish Dr. Clendcnlng ISy LOGAN ULKNUENINO, M. U. THE FEATURE EDITOR ot a prominent Illlnoir paper asks me to describe the "so-called sun tamp* or ultraviolet ray lights. . a a a h e a l t h measure. "I have read articles for and against t h e m . When 1 read one ol tho pamphlets against them. I Imagine 1 am committing s u i c i d e when I sit under my own lamp. When I read praises of them, 1 am enabled to scorch m y s e I t with sonic degree of equanimity. 1 believe an article on the subject would be of general interest." Neither extreme of statement concerning these lamps is quite nc curate. They do not do all the good that often is claimed for them, but. on the contrary, they do no harm except when used for too prolonged a time, because they can cause extensive and severe skin burn:, just as sunlight can. There arc t'n sources of ultra V.olet light: i 1. Natural--the sun. " 2. Artificial, (a) Carbon arc light (open or closed arc): (b) quartz mercury vapor arc (air cooled or water cooled). In this country the quartz mercury vapor arc Is Die type of light usually used. There arc those who argue In favor of the carbon arc light, and those who argue for the superiority of tho quartz mercury light. Tlie carbon arc light is used very largely abroad. When purchasing a lamp. It IN well to rcnicmb«r that there are n great many lamps on the market which are Inferior In their power to give off ultra dolct lights The nest way to judge of these Is to be certain that the council on physical therapy ol the American Medical association Ims approved the lamp you are thinking of purp'--sing. Harmful or Beneficial? Rcgardlngjthc question of whether these lamps arc harmful or beneficial! There should be little argument. Of course. If too long nn exposure Is made, the lamp will burn the *kin just Ilk- too much Dr. Clendening will answer question; of general Interest only, and then only through his column. exposure to sun. Very severe burns of the skin con occur from these lamps. 1 know of many people who havo gone to sleep under one and had a serious sequel. Aside from that, they do not do any harm. The use of the lamp for the purpose of some vague general gain In health IB. however, not justifiable. There are people who believe that Bun ton is healthy, but except for the fact that It Increases Vitamin I) In the body, there Is no justification for this belief. Of course, In children it Is a useful procedure to prevent rickets, especially during the winter time, when the hours of sunlight are short. The ultraviolet lamp Is of most benefit In such things as surgical tuberculosis of the bones and joints and for skin conditions, such as ulccni, boll*, acne, eczema. Prompt relief from pain is obtained in shingles (herpes zoster). Other uses of light therapy will be discussed In the article toir.or- Joy, Too Shy to Ask Aid for Lost Sister, Dies From Exposure { Continued from Page One. until they found the girl. There was no further trace of the xiy until yesterday evening, when *oy Kinkude, member of the scarch- ng party, found the body huddled igninst the side of a shallow ditch. Two airplanes, bloodhounds and members of a CCC camp had been used in the search. Dr. A. N. Winchester, Jasper coun- ly coroner, said tho boy had been dead 18 to 24 hours. He had died of exposure sometime during the cold rains and sleet Tuesday. The mine mills in the vicinity were all lighted brightly at .nights and the boy was only 100 feet off the mill road where miners passed to and from their work. The place where the boy died was only three-quarters of n mile southwest of where he left his sister. He was clad in corduroy trousers and a blue shirt, open at the front, and lay in several inches of water. Miners from the Playtcr mill were surprised that they had not seen the body as tlicy passed along the road. The father said the only plausible explanation was that Bert Lee was afraid he would offend the working miners if he approached them, and that in his fright and exhaustion, he had made no effort to save himself. Vivian was confined to bed at her home in Pittsburgh today, threatened with pneumonia from her 24 hours exposure. HUSBAND NO. 9 TURNS OUT TO BE BIGAMIST Somerset Man Gets State Job. HARRISBURG. Feb. 17.--Personnel charges sheets in the Treasury department yesterday showed the appointment of 62 persons and the dismissal of nine on the State payroll, they included: Appointment--Justice department--Ralph L. Vanish, Somerset, chief of parly, $1,260. Safety Expert Forccts IAW. MEMPHIS, Tenn., Feb. 17.--R. L. Denning was arrested and fined $10 lor breaking a traffic regulation by double-parking. Denning is an engineer, also a paid lecturer on traffic safety. Continued from Page One. Bronx, already married and the father of three children. Early today, Mrs. O. P. S. V. F. S G. G-P. B. walked into a police station, took one look at Kaplan and said: "He certainly looks different, but he's the same man." Kaplan was dejected. He had a hangover, 22 cents and a charge o bigamy was threatened against him He said he was sorry. Mrs. Kaplan (the mother of the children) saic he was "a rat." "I met her (Mrs. O. P. S., etc., etc. at a bar Siturday," he said, "and wi went to Baltimore (it was really Elkton, Md.) and got married. been in a drunken stupor ever since I've been walking the streets." The bride, who became known a the "Georgia Peach" after winning a bcai-ty contest in Atlanta, had a dif fercnt story. Everyone was sobe during the wedding ceremony, sh said. She and the erstwhile Bromley me across a bar a week ngo last Tucs day, she said, and a few hours late "he asked me to marry him, and told him to drop dead." The next day they went to th movies and to dinner, and had a few here and there. That continued unti Saturday, when she consented to th trip to Elkton. They returned her Sunday, had an "altercation" Mon day morning and separated Monda, afternoon. She said he struck her He denied it. Mrs. Kaplan, who said she ha been looking for her husband sine July, was a bit upset when she saw his picture in newspapers, with th caption: "No. 9 for the Georgia Peach. r She and Mrs. O. P. S. V. S. G. K G-P. C. B. haven't decided abou bigamy charges. A charge of descr tion was entered on the police blotter today. Marie Goes to Health Resort. BUCHAREST, Roumania, Feb. 1' --Dowager Queen Marie cntrainc today for Meran, an Italian Spa i the Alps. She has been suffering fo some time with an intestinal ailmcn Grim Reaper MRS. ELMIRA GUSAN Mrs. Elmira GHsan, 95 years old. ne of the oldest icsidcnts of South- 'eslern Pennsylvania, died \Vcdncs- jy at her homestead near Marlcys- urg, after a year's illness. She was nown lo a host of her friends as Aunt Elmira." She had een bedfast for a year and despite ,er ailments, was ehcciful and con- crsational until the end. Miss lisan was a descendant of a pioneer amily of settlers in this historic dis- rict. She was born March 1, 1843, n Somerset and had spent most of cr life near Markleysburg. She was lie widow of Samuel Glisan, Civil Var veteran and a piospcrous farm- r in his later years of residence in lie Markleysburg vicinity. He died 1 years ago. Mrs. Glisan is survived by three ons, Frank, Morgantown, W. Va.; icott, Bobtown, and James R., of near MarkleysburR. She had made icr home with her son, James R., for 8 years. The funeral service will be held ? riday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Jrcthren Church at Markleysburg. lev. George VanSieklc will officiate. Sunal will be in Tiiomas Cemetery, arkleysburg. I-OI1R FUNERAL, The funeral service for Lindlcy i.ohr, OC years old, of Loucks avenue, Scottdjlc, who died at 8'25 o'clock Wednesday morning, will be held Friday at the funeral parlors of dc B. Brooks at Indian Head with . F. O. Eakut, pastor of the Church of God at Indian Head, officiating. Intermci.t will be in Hopc- ivcll Cemetery near Indian Head. Mr. Lohr, who was unmarried, was born and reared in the Melcroft district, a son o! the late Jeremiah C. and Sophia Miller. Ho resided for a number of years at Scottdale where he was employed as a tin worker by the American Sheet Tin Plate Company. Ho is survived by a brother, Amos Lohr, of New Kensington. Wright Probably Free Man Friday LOS ANGELES, Fob. 17.--Paul A. Vright, exonerated by the verdict hat he was temporarily insane when e killed his wife and John B. Kim- .cl, remained in ijail today awaiting nly a formal sanity examination, rtcr which he will be released, prob- bly Friday. I It remained only for him to prove int he was presently sane. The same Jury'which decided in our hours last week that he was uilty of manslaughter, agreed ycs- crday evening after 16 hours of de- bcration that he was "not guilty by cason of Insanity." Wright had made wo pleas against the murder chnrg- s, which required two trials. Today, although .technically still a irisoner, he was making plans for he future which had remained un- ertain since he walked into the Hv- ng room of his home at 4 A. M. No- r ember 9 and found his wife and Cimmcl in an abnormal sexual act, vhich caused him such an emotional hock that he shot them to death. He plans to go to Cleveland as soon as he is freed, to his parents' lome for a visit with his thrce-ycar- ild daughter, Helen. Then he will o to a desert resort with his father, Dr. J. J. Wright, for a rest. When ic has regained his health, he said, ic will resume his aviation career. 1e has been offered several jobs. Unil the tragedy in his home, he was resident of the $2,000,000 Union Air Terminal. · ALUMNI TO HAVE SOCIAL SESSION THIS EVENING Every member ot the Connclls- ville High School Alumni Association is invited to attend the special meeting at the High School tonight. There will be a short business bcssion followed by n social program in the cymn.ismm. A 14-picce orchestra will piny nnd there will be games for entertainment. Refreshments will be bervcd. Valentine Babe for Emc.stcs. William T. Ernesto of McCormick avenue is telling everybody about the valentine" that arrived at 1 o'clock Monday morning. It was in the form of a son, weighing nine and a half pounds. The fact that the new arrival is n "Junior" probably is the reason Bill is counting on him to become the pre.sidcnt of the Baltimore Ohio Railioad where he is employed as a yard clerk or else manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates o the National League. The infant is the second in the family, the other being n girl. The mother formerly was Miss Catherine Rlttenbcrger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry B Rittcnbcrger of Smock, and the father, still walking on clouds, is th son of Mrs. Jennie Erneste of Jeffer son street. "Bill" confided that i wouldn't take the youngster long t outdistance him in birhdays as the father is a Leap Year Day "baby.' For Raw Throat Doo*t wuio prodoua time on ranedleo. U«o ZooKot Standard Uboratorr (ecu proro It's 0.3 time* more actlvo than my other popular, non-pobonou* antlxcpUo ... Zoalto Idlli tiio Kornu th*l cauao cold-at coniactl... Boothd raw throat, too. and IocTOM«a the Cow of natural, healthful flukLtt Get Zonlta at your dnuo^3t'« right away. Garglo at once and Ktort killing tho cold Rcnni In TOUT throat. Kollow simple direction* with bottle You'll bo Gld you'vo dlacOYorod thij firiJt ucy to fleht told pernu. THE NEW AND TOMORROW S "MR., DEEDS GOES TO TOWN"! Clarence Bud'mgton Kelland goes to Hollywood for the hilarious--but so romantic -- tale of the Wall Street banker---and the beautiful stooge for a star: 1 . It's his grandest Saturday Evening Post story! W A L T E R W A N G E R presents Scrrenftuj by GENE TOWHC * GRAHAM BAKER Dirttlttf by TAY GARMETT COMEDY SELECTED SHORTS NEWS CODING SATURDAY: "THE B U C C A N E E R " To Probe Free Rate Request. MEYERSDALE, Feb. 17.--Public Utilities Commission will investigate T request for elimination of a tcle- ihonc toll between Mcycrsdale and Salisbury, it was reported at a Chomer of Commerce meeting. Mount Pleasant Man Wins Suit for Wages GREENSBURO, Feb. 10.--A verdict for $'100 \\las awarded Russell Shumur o£ Mount Pleasant against Clarence L. Fc.lgley of the same place by a jury Tuesday afternoon before Judge J. Hilary Kccnan. · The amount of money is part of the sum demanded for constructing a fish pond. Safety Cuff "740" 49c Canvas 10c Jersey 15c Fuzz Front 19c Rubberized 25c Leather Palm Safety or Knit Wrist Men's Dungarees .... 79c Spaide Shirts 69c Work Shoes $1.98 EiiilIcoU-.Tohnson Work Pants . $1.00 Harry Bowman 71!{ West Crmvforu 1 Avenue West Side Last Times Today · 3--TWO BiG FEATURES--2 "PAROLE RACKET" ivltli 1'uul Kelly Roslllnrt Keith "BRILLIANT MARRIAGES" Stnrrlnjr JOAX 3IAKSH Comedy! Romance! I'KID AY OXIA' . V ..M ;-S COAST GUARD BAFFLED! .FEDERAL AGENT SLAIN!! ; Blazing action* wtei " i-Uncle Sam's M --pr,us--· BANK NIGHT $400.00 - $50.00 CONNELI/SVUXE'S BEST TODAY and TOMORROW - , 4;c^f«\il!k^^ jn^rfe^'aft'en^^A^V^rf.i^^ £thr^,n'h tiAuHInnWth;.'""**-:^ '.^^"^ ^v HELEN VINS3N ^MICKEY ROOMEY , .;MONTYWOOILEY I and Travel, Cartoon, Novelty 9:00 P. M.-TONIGHT-9:00 P. M. $50 CASH N8TE $50 BEfiTXNING SATURDAY JOAN CRAWFORD SPENCER TRACY --in--' 'MANNEQUIN' ADDED TU" THK SCIUJEX DOES TRICKS DON'T MISS "THE AUDIOSCOPICS"

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