The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 3, 1939 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, March 3, 1939
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LAST E DITION PRICE 2 The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region. VOL. r,7, NO. 03. The Weekly Courier, Founded July 17, 1H79. TUe Daily Courier, Founded November 10, 1902. I Merged 1 July 18. 1320. CONNJBLLSViLIJS, PA., i'HiDAY li X U , J1AKC11 3, i'J'v'J. SIXTEEN- PAGES. Rev. L. S. Elliott Elected Community Fund Head; Directors Reorganize Aid China's Children Confidence Expressed ·That Year Will Be Completed W i t h o u t Deficit; $2,000 Still Needed. 1939 CAMPAIGN TO BE PLANNED Freeze Halts Search for Dead In Hotel Fire By UnUcd Press. HALIFAX, N. S., Mar. 3.--Freezing weather, which turned the watcr- soakcd ruins of the fire-destroyed Queen Hotel inlo iee, interrupted the search £or bodies today as authorities started investigations of the city's j worst fire in 20 years. I Firemen and others had recovered eight bodies before their search was halted. Authorities officially e.sti-, mated the death toll at 3-1, indicating ' that 55 persons previously reported missing had been accounted for.. Twenty-eight of the 87 guests and 3(1 employes in the 50-year-old wooden hotel when fire broke out early yes- ' terday were in the hospiuil with · burns or fractures suffered when they Nine directors to serve for three years were elected at the annual meeting of the Connellsville Community Fund Association held last night at the council chambers in City Hall and a report on the condition of the fund itself made. After the open meeting the directors organized, electing Rev. L. S. Elliott, pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, president. Althougn it is not generally known. Rev. Elliott was "father" of the community fund plan for Connellsville Tnd through the sponsorship oC t h e , j cd Irom win(Jows . Ministerial Association achieved its organization. He has served as chairman of the budget Committee for two years, a task generally considered as the most difficult one in the entire- set-up. Rev. E. A. Schultz, retiring president, called attention to the financial i report which shows $2,000 still needed to complete the year's payments due participating agencies. It is not impossible, he said, if those in arrears will make an effort to honor their pledges as soon as possible. "This movement is founded on the faith we have in the promises of the people who make pledges," said Hev. Schultz. "No one questions the wisdom of the community fund movement and we have made every effort to operate economically. I believe we can count on those who still owe to Two Danbar Men. Die When. Car Overturns; DEAL COHOMY Companion Uninjured DEMANDED Sees "Other Man" In Child; Beats Infant 50 Times Roadster Fails to Negotiate Curve at Foot Of Furnace Hill. nichlichts of "A Cantonese Night's Entertainment," which launched the drive of the newly-formed Committee to Aid China's Children at an elaborate banquet in New York's Chinatown, were the appeals made by Chinese youngsters to a distinguished audience representing nil walks of the city's life. Jn the picture Mrs. Grace Hillycr, chairman of the executive committee of '.he Committee to Save Chirm'* Children, is shown with Gloria Lee and Mrs. Li Quon Choc. -Money raised by the committee will he u*«i for relief of China's needy children and will be sent direct tn Mine. iiy united Prtsa ( Tu o Dunbar men lost their lives S U N H U H Y P.,. Mar. 3.--A t w o - I and a third miraculously escaped in- year-^Kl K.rl was in critical condition IJ;"^ who » the automobile in which , . i thcv were ricung overturned on a in n here today f i o m beat-, ,. m . V( , a t Ulc foot oC Furnacc H jU, in«\ by an adm.ier of her unwed near Dunbar, pinning the tvio beneath inothi'i, wlio ssiid "eveiy time I 't, at about 10:13 o'clock Thursday looked at 11 ic baby, I t,aw the other n '^j'' man," according U) authorities. I charics"Tildcn Bell, 32. of Dunbar, The i i c t i n i wj.. "Rosebud" i formerly of Furnace Hill, killed in- Wulf. P.iul \Vilh;im Biirnck, -'2,' forniL-r Ilariu.uurs bi'icky.ird worker, wan hcid tin a ch.irfic of aggiavated a.sasult ;md battery a f t e r allegedly .-irirnntinK 'JinI he beat Rosebud "m.iyhr- 50 time« " Helen Wolf, 2:2, molhrr of the child and housekeeper Conservative Democrats Insist Business Confidence Be Replaced by Curtailing E x p e n d i - tures. stantly, neck broken. William Raymond Bcnford, 40, colored, Spcers Hill, Dunbar; victim super- Chiang Kai Sbck. (Central Frest) ' on a Li'wblown f,:nn, ur.s held as a 1 witness. | Tho motlicr saut ,hc had ' Borrick. but "I dun t line him any 1 , mure--he beat my buby." ' James Fires All State Relie Boards; Prepares Nominations Students Picket Store as Druggist Forbids Smoking make their payments quickly so that we can finish the year on our budget schedule." Nine directors were elected, 18 others being holdovers. T-iere are nine terms expiring each year. Directors until 1942 are Superintendent W. G. Davis, -Walter T. Smith, Miss Minerva Keller, R. E. Wilhelm, Mayor Ira D. Younkin, R. M. Leiberger, James M. Driscoll, William J. Davidson and Mrs. A. I. Daniels. Other officers, in addition to President Elliott, are: Paul O. Malone, first vice-president; Walter T. Smith, second vice- president; James M. Driscoll, recording secretary; R. E. Wilhelm, treasurer. Ot the $13,125 subscribed in the 1938 campaign, $9,729' has already been paid, leaving less than $3,500 to be collected. Monthly payments are holding up well, it is reported, with the fund office making contact with persons whose pledges are due. The first work of the new directorate will be to plan for the 1939 campaign, scheduled for the latter part"of May. A campaign director must be selected and other details worked out. In order to provide additional time for such plans the reorganization meeting last night was held several weeks earlier than a similar session a year ago. By United Prcsa. PITTSBURGH, Mar. 3.--Meyer Pope Pius Asks World Peace in Broadcast Rosen's unappreciativeness o£ tication of 16-year-old high school j girls--and boys--led today to virtual. abandonment of his drug store as a j 'coke and cig" hangout (or Taylor-j By REYNOLDS PACKARD United Picss SUff Correspondent. VATICAN CITY. Mar. 3.--Pope JU.NT, TUTS DI.SCOVEKRR nlKK OF ILLNKSS; NEVER G A V K CRKDE.NCG TO CUK.SI Ministerial Crisis In Negrin Cabinet Reported Looming By united Press. PERPIGNAN, Mar. 3.--Nationalist sources reported serious differences in the republican cabinet of Premier Juan Negrin today, and said a ministerial crisis might result soon.' They also reported that 229 persons had been arrested in Madrid in the last two weeks. The republicans reported that Gen. Jose Miaja, m.'lltary commander at Madrid, had inspected Madrid's defenses in the company of Gen. Sigis- mundo Casada and Gen. Manuel Matallana, alter which "important military decisions were taken." Allderdice students. } p ms XII, assuming his duties as lead- Rosen, it seems, advised one pretty cr 0 [ tno Catholic Church, broadcast 16-year-old student that she was too ; ln n,e W0 r!c! today a pica far jieni e young to smoke. She gave him a. lift j ant j BOC|[ I v ..]ij among nations. of the eyebrow, argument and the j advice that her parents allowed use ' of eigarets. Nevertheless, Rosen said, his drug store was going to be no den ot iniquity for youngsters. Other students sided with the young girl, and finally marched outside. There, they painted a sigti that said: "This Store Unfair to Students." Police broke up their, picket line. March Criminal Court Will Get Started Monday UNIONTOWN, Mar. 3--The March term of criminal court will begin Monday morning with a total of 180 cases listed by District Attorney James A. Reilly. Arthur "Boots" Yowler, now serving a term in the county jail on gambling charges, is listed for trial Monday on an additional count of keeping a gambling house. On the same day John L. "Eucky" Jaynes is scheduled to be tried an a charge of assault and battery with intent to ravish Ginger Ross, Pittsburgh girl who came to Uniontown to appear on a floor show in a local beer garden. Steven Samonas, alleged liead oj! the Steubenville numbers pool, and nine co-defendants, charged with lottery law violations, are on the trial list for Wednesday. Samonns, Duke Davis and Tony DeCarlo, charged with conspiracy growing out o£ numbers pool activity aired in ihe parole hearing of George Betters, Connellsville numbers racket head, will go on trial Wednesday, March 15. Frc-d Garrow, another widely-known local man, g.oes on trial next Thursday on gambling charges. Gandhi Begins "Fast Unto Death" When Reform Promise, Is Broken By United Press. ' RAJKOT, India, Mar. 3--Mahatma Gandhi began a fast "unto death" at noon today because the thnkore, the ruler of Rajkot 6tate had broken, a promise to inaugurate social reforms. The aging Indian ascetic and leader of India's depressed millions, appeared illy fit for another of his famous lasts, and his followers \vcrc ilarmed that this one would kill iim. At noon today he ^nid j.pccinl prayers and began his fast. Piiyst- irians hnd examined him und pronounced him unfit for sui-h an .n-deal. aCtev all, at the age oi' 70 has no insurance value, I should be most willing to give it in order to secure Ihe due performance of a sacred promise." Last December, the 30-year-old LONDON, Mar. 3.--Howard Carter, (J5, a famou. 1 . Kgyptolopist and dij-eoverer of the tunib of Tutankhamen, died ytisterduy of heart dio- ease after many months ot illnos. · Carter hnd d!--co'.crod mid cx- c.ivatcd the tombs of. Kcyptian kings and Queer.:, and of k-:.scr persons. It way r.cU-v. urthy tl' he never believed in tlio .slightest in the so- called "curse of Tut:mkhn:nen" which wa- blamrd by the super. s'.ittou'. for Lhx: fk-a'h ol se-. er.ii pcr- from the Sistinc Chapel ( !vOUS ,. vh ,, eoopt-ratf-d in i-xravatinfi in which he was elected the 2fi2ml' Uie ndl tl ,,,,,,,,,.,.,, ,, { Tut..nkhamen-i Tope only yesterday in succession to | Vomb between 1007 end 1923. Pius XI, the new Pope snid: j "Peace means understand- ! ing and cordial collaboration m the' great human family for true prugress · and civilization. The Jirst message ! of the successor to St. Peter can not ] be anything else but a message ol 1 peace, ot that peace with which tno I Almighty rewards those who bi'sccdi, ~r desire and prepare for peace svith .1 . 1 O pure heart. "We hope for peace, for that peace for which our predecessor prayed and for which he offered his life to God." Pope Pius had authorized only a short time before the announcement that he would broadcast to the world. He spoke after a service in uh:'ch the College ol Cardinals rendered him the third and final act of homage consequent on his election. At the end of, liis six-minute speech, which he delivered in Latin in a c.ear, resonant voice that told ol his physical well being, he iir.parted io the world his apostolic benediction. It had been forecast, when he was elected, that the new Pope's 11 Padding Scandal Probe would be one dedicatee to world pacification. He mentioned world pence three times during his bnef speech. By UnttLu Pi ess. WILKES-BAtttti:, :M;u. 3--District Attorney Leon Sehwzirtx moved today to bejim immediately the grjnd jury investigation oi the Luzerne county high way puyroJl padding scandal. He asked, and expected to receive, official court approval so he conUi bc/fin presenting e\idence to the grand jury either late today or tomorrow. The incfuiry originally had boon scheduled to bogin next Monday. It was indicated \\\n\. Judge Mich- reign i ae-l McDonald would deliver a special charge to the grand jury before it begins the payroll padding inquiry. The investigation is expected to take the rest o£ the month. HARRISBURG, Mnr. 3.~Adminis- tialien of relief xvns completely ccn- trnhzed in H.nrisburg toctoy by order of GovLinoi- Arthur H. Jaime*, sup- IKirtcd by in opinion of Attorney General Claude- T. Reno. Public* Av--ihUmeo Secretary Howard L. Russell told the United Preb that his dc'purtment assumed fui! rospoiiMbihiy for locnl relief ndmin.- isir.'H'on, Inking over duties of the (57 county aviiisluneti board.-; dismissr;d by j the Governor. { Russell s;nd the- complete central- 1 !l'an°" uiHte U the ''Attorney' Generis j P U D l I C ruling thot in the itb.sonce of board the Sinte fkpnrtment affected could) k-giilly inf^urrt 1 duties at the board ryu-mbiTS nt the discretion o£ the Governor. "There will be TIC stoppage of relief," Hus'-uH said, "We are supervising lot-Hi a^Mslance administration here, helms through the executive directors selected on n civil service basis by tlip dismissed county assistance buurd " v Jt was indicated Governor James' appointment; to the bonrd vacancies would be sent to the State Senate Monday night for confirmation. lie had .^elected 3U new bonrds today but annour.ccmcnl of the appointments u-a.s withheld, Boaj'd ir.embeis draw no salaries, but are responsible for the. operation of asMvUnLc: in their counties. Janus also I'ecjnested tlie resignation oC mumbors o£ the Slate Assistance Board which also works with the department und the county board*;. Tho?r asked to resign include Mrs. Anna E. Cort. Greensburg, and John G. Watson. Pittsburgh, Although the Governor announced he wns mailing letters requesting resigntition of ;ill county assistance boards, Russell .said today that a checkup revealed th^t letters had been mailed only to 22 counties. oC shock and heart attack, induced by acccitlenv. Escaping in the crash was Charles H. Miller, 32, of Dunbar, who reportedly was unscratched when trapped under Ihe overturned road- loved , hter with his two companions. The double fatality increased to four the number of motor deaths in FaycUr ctjunly this year, two liaving b**en recorded in February alter a- deathless January. 'Hie three men were traveling down Furnace HU1 road toward Dun- bnr in the old model roadster. Bell was said by State Motor Policeman John Rock, who investigated the crash, to have been driving the car, Miller sitting in the middle and Benford on the other tside. I As the machine neared the curve j ut the foot of Furnace HilJ, Bell saw j a slone in the roadway and swerved | his machijne to miss it. Jn doing so, FINANCE CHAIRMAN LEADS MOVEMENT By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correspondent. WASHINGTON, Mar. 3--Chairman Pat Harrison, D., Miss., of the Senate Finance Committee, led conservative Democrats today in demanding that the New Deal restore business confi- replacing its free spending policies with economy immediately, Harrison, whose committee handles tax legislation, proposed a five-point program for immediate consideration: 1. Remove taxes which are deterrents to business. 2. Assure business oX future governmental calm. 3. Forbid further increase in ihe National debt limit. 4. Reduce government spending now, at this session. 5. Promote t joint economy conference of Senate and House Democrats. That program was offered partly in a prepared statement and partly in a press conference at which Harrison gave it to reporters yesterday. Upwards of 40 newsmen crowded into a small room oft the Senate chamber on word that the Finance Committee chairman was ready to bolt the however, the trooper said, the car {Roosevelt Administration of spend- truck the stone berm on the curve and went out o£ control, overturning. It stopped on Us top, the wheels upright in the air. the three occupants pinned beneath the car. A young man in the vicinity of Nick Variano's store heard the crash and ran to the scene. He was un- ab!e to extricate any of the trio so he hurried to a telephone and sum- Continued on Pace Six. Rumor of Hitler's Death Given Public In Book Form; Supporting Evidence Lacking Thakore signed a pledge lo give his Nazi fuehrer. Ey United Press. NEW YORK, Mar. 3.--A fantastic rumor that Adolf Hitler is dead appears in book form today with publication of "The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler.'' Although evidence to support the rumor is entirely lacking, the Maccauley Company, publishers of the book, assert in a foreword that the manuscript came from reliable sources and that they made an effort lo check its authenticity--presumably without definite results. The volume is anonymous but the publishers state that it is the- translation of a manuscript written by "Maximilian Bauer," described as a soldier of fortune born near Hitler's Austrian birthplace and since 1933 one of four "impersonators" oC the Bauer's story is (hat lie went lo ! speeches for Hitler, the book says, subjects the widest powers under a government responsible to them. Gandhi, whose father was once prime minister of Rajkot state, pleaded with the thakore last week to abide by hi.s promise. The Thakorc, He had eaten last at dusk yester- ] his brother princes. He seemed uii- Bauer, they state, sent the manuscript by courier to Switzerland and thence to France to be published upon his death, but it fell into other hands rmd reached the United States in January, when it was decided 1o it was reporlcd. received his plea ! publish ii immediately, contemptuously. Thc publishers admit that some ot The United Press correspondent the statement as lo Hitler's activi- foumi the ihakore sipping u-ine with [ ties do not check with the known Berlin in 1933 and was arrested by German police who thought he was Hitler. His life was i:i danger, he asserts, until the next day when Hitler was unexpectedly made Reich chancellor and ihe iate Captain Ernst Roehm, breaking in on a conference to decide Bauer's fate, was struck by his resemblance to the fuehrer and took charge of him. Hitler was impressed with the resemblance which was greater than that of three other doubles, Bauer states, and called him "Little Adolf." By disguibtng himself, he *,a:d he served as bodyguard for the fuehrer and, when Hitler feared assassination or was indisposed, took part ir. ceremonies by impersonating the fuehrer. On some occasions he made The Weather Jay when he had one »( his usual ! r u g a 1 repasts--grapes, oranges, pomegranites, and goal's milk. Absolutely unperturbed, Gandhi Sold the United Press: "Even if it L mcans thr lo^f-- of my life, \vhich. concerned by Gandhi's fast, an instrument which in the past has deeply moved his millions o£ , r ol- lou-ci-i. He said lie intended writing Gandhi to request time In consider the reforms record of the fuehrer's activities, but they attribute these discrepancies to the USD ot "doubles" for Hitler, j Throughout, the book is an indirect j indictment of the Krzis although j ostens.bly written b an ardent lol- lowcr oi Hitler. Cloudy tonight followed by light rain Saturday; warmer tonight and in south portion Saturday; colder in extreme north portion Saturday aC- ternoon. Sunday rain changing to snow and much coldrr is trie noon weather forecast for Western Penni sylvania. Temperature Record. 1839 -Maximum . -!! Minimum :!K Mean .. 3P Bauer recites thai he narrowly escaped death on one occasion because he customarily tasted Hitler's food in advance "and an attempt had been made to poison the Nazi lender. He describes many intimate conversations among Hitler and other Nazi leaders, quoting them cxten- To High Schoo! Program Friday A public program at the High School Auditorium Friday night, March 10, will bring to a close the observance ol Americanization Week of Cannellsviilc Lodge, Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, which begins Sunday. There will be a speaker of National prominence on this program ai:d his identity will be revealed next "week. Also fi feature of the exercises will be the naming of the winners of the essay contest in the three high t-chools--ConnellsviIJe. Immaculate Conception and Dunbar Township. Prizes of $50, $25 and S10 will be awarded in that order to competing students in each of the schools. Considerable interest is being manifested by seniors of the three schools who are writing their essays on the theme "What Americanism Means to Me.' 1 The cssnys are to be between 2SO and 500 words and must be submitted to the committee in charge not later than Tuesday so that the judging will be concluded in time for the public'announcement Friday' night Samuel Feigus Named Assistant To James Reiliy UNIONTOWN, Mar. 3.--District Attorney James A. Reilly today announced the appointment of Samuel Foigus to one of two existing vacancies on his staff of assistants. Reiliy said he would name another member to his corps oC county detectives. The two new appointees will work __ to coordinate the law enforcement sively. He ' gives "details of the ' agencies of Fayette county in a con-- · - · - ceiled campaign to rid the county o£ lackets. Feigus will prosecute the so-called racket eases. 1938 Rcichstag fire, various attempts to assassinate Hitler, the occupation, ol the Hhincland, the purge of the Nazi party and other incidents--all written in the words of an enthusiastic Nazi but in a manner to discredit the Nazis, On the eve of the "big four" conference in which Hitler, Chamberlain, iMussolini and Daladier participated at Munich in 1938, the book says, Hitler was given a "South American poison" in his food while dining with his principal aides. The book said he tried to rise "and was almost straightened up but with his features scrunched up and his eyes FO narrowed they had disappeared. Then with startling suddenness he slumped back on his chair." Hitler, the booh continues, died a few ir.inutes la lev ant 7 , the Max! leaders decided they must carry on with one o£ the doubles, Bauer states thtit he has been the principal double for the "fuehrer" but that he tears assassination at any moment ciud max commit suicide. ing. The plan, in general, would seek to effect some of the business rapprochement policies recently revealed by President Roosevelt and others in the New Deal Administration. The senator refused to budge from his opposition to increased deficits and a steadily growing National debt. He told questioners that if the Roosevelt Administration or Congress refused to economize, he would fsvor laying new taxes to meet Government costs. Harrison's plan got a mixed reception on Capitol Hill. But there is force behind it and the issues raised will further cleave the New Deal- Democratic party. Senate Majority Leader Alben W. Barkley, D., Ky., said he was in sympathy with economy moves but believed it would be difficult to accomplish it now. Regarding the proposal of a joint congressional Democratic conference, be said: "I have no objection to any conference that might improve any situation." House Democratic Leader Sam Rayburn, D., Tex., had no comment. Representative John Taber, H., N. Y., ranking minority member of the House Appropriations Committee, endorsed an economy conference. Chairman Edward D. Taylor, D., Colo, of the House Appropriations Committee said he "wouldn't object to any conference with the Senate," but expressed doubt tliat it would accomplish anything because "the usual Senate" custom is to increase appropriation bills." Federation Seeks To Replace Labor ~ Relations Board By United Press. WASHINGTON, Mar. 3.--The American Federation of Labor announced today that Representative Graham A. Harden, D., N. C., will introduce in its behalf a new bill to abolish the National Labor Relations Board and create a new Federal labor board ol five, members. AFL. President William Green said that Bnrden's bill also would include other AFL amendments embodied in a bill already introduced in the Senate by Senator David I. Walsh, .D., Mass. Under the AFL's new bill the-jobs o£ the three present NLRB members --Chairman J. Warren Madden, Ed- svin S. Smith and Donald Wakefleld Smith--would be , abolished. President Roosevelt then would appoint a new five member board. " State May Purchase,, Free 17 Toll Bridges in State With Motor Funds By United Press HAHRISBURG, Mar. 3.--Measures , o£ 510,000,000 in bonds for this pur- providing £or immediate freeing o£ j chase by the motor fund instead of Pennsylvania's 17 privately owned through continued toUs. toll bridges through State purchase with motor license funds, a bill to The bond isue was approved by voters in 1933 in a constitutional supply funds for two br.dges over j amendment, but the certificates were the Susquehanna River above and i never issued. The act of 1834 to below the Capital, and a resolution · carry out terms of the bond issue urging construction ot two other i nmendncnt called for liquidation oJ bridge at HjrrisfaUi-g were before ; the loan with tolK and eventual freeing of the bridges. The 17 intestate bi-idgcs covered the Legislature today. The bills to tree present toil bridges were sponsored by Representative William B. Shearer, R., Cumberland. They would amend two toll bridge laws now on the in the act which excludes the seven interstate structures over the Delaware Kiver include: Moncmgahela -- North Charleroi- aaluu books IQ authorise purchase J Mtmesseu, Point Marion, Massmtaya,

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