The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 1, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, March 1, 1930
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH I, 1930. THE DAILY COtmiJSR. 1ONNELLSVILLB, PA. PAGE VI\ March Communi Go-To-Church Month 5 f \ Ye That Labor and Are Heavy Laden I 'Brass Tacks" on the Sunday School Lesson I You Need the Church, The Church Needs You" '!y IR, Al.VIX K. 1-iKM, One o£ Uie gracious i n v i t a - tions 01,r Lord ever extended h a s most appropi iatoly )xv?n chosen I-IK this !»»- non'si goldoti t x xt: "C'omo u n t o me, n i l yr- I l i i i t labor and :ire ho:n y l a d e n , and ( u - i l l glvo you riv,t." Comfort for t h e Di-iennrng-ed. His f a i t h f u l atiti loyal forerunner, John th«» Baptist, was l a n g u i s h i n g in Horn rtV chin peon oC Marha-ous, near tho I'ca'l !Soa. He had announced Christ a the Messiah who had cotr.o to judge tho -earth and punish UK wtekodn S8. Hi- pictured his ministry of impoi'd-ins; j u d g m e n t as "tho nxo laid at t l ' o root oE tht trees" ami "the fan in h a n d " for p u r g i n g tho threshing floor of its chuff. But .Jesus had a niari looking for a soft snap and tho j .soft raimorr and delicacies ot royalty, lint ho wn; in some respects tho greatest of -h-e prophx^s, for be was thft me»sonf w of prophecy sent out immediately beforo the Messiah-King , to herald hi coming and prepare- his way before 'am. Couagcoiis conviction, 'imvss and proph-etic passion luut m .rkeJ John's whole lifo. Those wore · tars I n John's life which Jesus would not c.llow th« people to lone sight o in tho cloud of doubt which hud i -UMI momentarily out of his ili.scouraj~oment. Ocniinriullvn tor the DingTuiiUed. Tender as liad been hi.') defense of John. In- turn ^d imnwdiat-fly U.POII the- critics ot Joh and of himsolf in tones First of Weekly Sermonettes on Members of M Go-to-Ohurch Month to Be Written by inisterii 1 Association. Hy P a s t o r f Fir.« ; J\ S K N l ( " i r i - t .in C h u r r h omo not ;;o m u c h in j u d g m e n t aa in ! of severe tier unt-iiition and likened ner-.y, ant! John ln\aan to donbt v l u - t h f r .10 wore rally (he promised Messiah r whether they should look for another: "Now when John hoard in (he prison, tho work.-} of tho Christ, ho s e n t by his ductplos and said u n t o him, Art ihou ho t h a t cometh, or look wo for a n o t h e r ? Ami Jes,us answered and said unto them. Go and tt»ll John tho thing:, -which ye hear and w«e: The b l i n d receive their sight, and the lame wall., the lepers are cleansed and (lie- d»-n.f h^ar, and the dead are rained up. and the poor have the gospel prw.rhed to them. And blessed is ho. whosoever shall tintl no occasion of sti mbling in me." T h u s the Sauour mi liate-reil comfort to a heavy laden and h.-u-ouragcHl servant to reassure his d r o o p i n g spirit and displace hi^ c oubt with faith t h a t ear- r l p i l John n to victory. lie w i l l do the siitno for any of LS if, like John, wo b r i n g oisr doubts and dIst-ourape- month to hi -n. Jebius ii'Mnodiately forestalled atiy misunderstandings, w h i c h m i g h t h a \ e arisen frotr John's uueationinps, by launching i n t o a deIenso of John. They were not to charge John w i t h being "a reed shaken with tho wind," nor them to ill-mi urc-il children who siru- ply would w' "play the game" no matter what -vas a-uggest-e-d, whether it was a wedti ng game- and they were asked to daiu' , or a funeral gam--* and they wore as! cd to Uvko the part of m o u r n i n g . ,Ti at that difference had !oe-u tho m i n i 'tries ot John and of liims-olf. Th\\ growled about Jesus localise he joi ied in tho social life of Ins t i m e at an occasional feast, and they prowled .bout John Ixxsaitso he kept aloof fn in the gaieties of society. John "b vrt a devil" bocauso he tWrtn't and Jo: 'is was a "gluttonous man aud a -win* bibber" because bo did. Such an a t t i t u i o toward hU gracious "Come unto i: o" left no loom for a n y t h i n g but cl rumination. (The- I n t e r n a ionai U n i f o r m lesson for March 2 is \ I a t t . 11:2-6, 25-30, tho being " IOKHS Teaching About This m o n t h of March is being u t i - lized in n united eflort by (he- Protestant churches as "(J-o-to-Church" month. This tine spirit of cooperation ami Christian u n i t y t h a t is being experienced in Oonnellaville c a n n o t but givo a new emphasis and power to tho work of Christ's C h u r c h in our .'Ity, which is vprv Incoming in this '000th anniversary year of Pentecost, -.vhich will be celebrated on Jun-e S, 1930. The Apostolic, C h u r c h was e.stab- Itshod on tho c!ay of Pentecost A. D. 30, tho birthday of I ho C h r i s t i a n c h u r c h ii;' l h « pi,ice \ here lives are prepared for and pus*. ( -i 1o Jloixven. "The moiit expensive piece of f u r n i - ture in uiy church Is t 10 empty pew." This IK a thought for Hi business man to ponder, and In orde · to offset ( h i s once, t w i r c or so a year does not show much, gratitude, or appreciation for these blcHsinftH. One hour out of 168 hours each FIIiST CHURCH OK THE or 52 hours out of 8760 hoars per year is not asking much. n u c l e u s of i u - n - u . t h e c h u r c h Himself," and t 10 Golden T e x t , Matt. 11:38». (The Daily Ri'ile Head In RS for nest week's *tudy ai ·: Mon., Matt 13:1-9; Tue?., .Matt 13.18-^3; VVe/t., Uuke . Xech. 7:8-14; Fri., 1/uko H:2y-,1. r »; Hat., Pnalm U9:9-l« and Sun., Pruv. 3:i:M8. District No. 2 March Meeting Monday Night At Lutheran Church The Mprch -nocting of District No. 2 cf Ihe J a y ft!" County Sunday School Ansoci.ition w i l bo held Monday even- i n g at T r i n t y lauheixin Church, at wl'icli t i m e KI-V. 10. A. S c h u l t z , pa? tor .if the L'nitcd Brethren Churcli, w i l l e x p l a i n t h o l e a d e r s h i p t r a i n i n g school w h i c h w i l l be held in Conncllsvillc be- ;MHiilnc March 17 and continuing- for two sveokh. Ml who anticipate taking t h e loadei.-ship course «re asked u bo- at the- nift'ling. Olotrict 1'robtdont I,, (i. Hoover w U l i l n g a n d bcgin t ) , e GREEK CATHOLIC SCHOOL, SCOTTDALE, WILL CLOSE SUNDAY The Ti-ligious \'hool of St. John the Baptist Greek Catholic Church «t North Scottdale, in session since November 3, last, w i l l bo brought I" evening, March a, a , r ead'ing contest a closo on Sunda at t! o'clock with and examination. The school, cor ducted by Michael Pasulka, is made u D of pupils iK-tweeis i 11 iuid 16 yeat ; of age. Church. Prom a little- early Christians grow u n t i l today m i l l i o n s worship Jesus Christ and aoppt Him as tboir Stviotir. This vaiU company are f r o m every walk of l i f r , from iho lowest servant, or sorf or rncaprc poasaut, to tho hiRlinst Btntesman, the notables of iife, and even the prrsi- (!t nt.s n/id kings--all pay Christ liom- a e and revenenco and worship Him j '^' !O at. tho world's saviour. The Church is tho i t i r t l i f u - tl( n thi-3 side o* Iloavcii. It is God's saiotuary on earth. I f J.H i h e house of prayer, the place of consolation. It is thp pHop whoro troubled hoart.s are .socthcd, whore burdens are l i f t e d , and ('·! t-houkl be on iblished. The jioTponne! of tb- C'hurc-h -have been strettKing t h e - Uibl · School for many .years, and k Is i .ght no (o do, Irut in so ki!K the iiil le School has ovor.s-hodo-.Vfd tho C h u r - h. Tho. liitilc Krhool is tho. t o i e h i n s ervioo of the C h u r c h , and Mu» Churcl on the- other b a n d is t h f placi- to ass mblo to worship Clod. It is dirt div -to institution where new l i f o and \ l e w p o i n t n are j is found r e R u U r l y m the H us«s uf flod. f c l t e n , and where one's Hpirit and a s - j T b c r e are m a n y sraemndi C h r i n f i a n n piratlons are heifihten^tl and the ' (hat atteiui Ch\irch iirojru i r l y . They sane renewal witli a new buoyancy , make t h e i r KaMer, th i( IH ittmd once lo :arry on. condition in t n e c h u r c h i churoh-goinKi Vou can receive a blessing and come from Die IT MI so of O-od refreshed and enriched, if you go desiring a blessing. It depends upon the attitude in which you KO. The womhp-fierriec is I h e means of our approach to ,God. Do not, expect perfection in the C h u r c h , iiri it is a. hos-pital for souls; it is w h e r e 1ho h e a l i n g influence of the Oospol and God's grace- meot-s the nerds of our sin Kick souls. The per- fionnel that G-od nse« to carry on hir; work aro h u m a n agencies, hence, we w i l l find imperfections, for we must romomber that there is only one JXT- fix-t and He is the Christ, and it is this l i f o perfect that IH lifted up in the Church, and if lifted up will draw all men unto Himeuif. Will you not resolve to irive four ho urn per week to your o-hurch during tho month of March ? Attend tho Hible School aixl morninp an:l evoninp eor- vice each Lord's bay ami attend the prayer-meeting, t h e inid-vrek pause to t h i n k of God. 'Phie is for five Sundays and f o u r prayer-meetings during this Go-to-Church Campaign. All Una means ie 1!) hours out of 744 hours during the- month of March to give to t'ho L/ord, Can you not tind time to ett in "heavenly plao**s with Christ Jesun" 13 i and t h e Churcli, and I K - UK* Bible School should be the out l a n d i n g neel of the iiip!n of r n y coiu m i n i f y , Gladstone rfcgnlzoJ tho leed of the church and «ud that the i aeoii he was a "twicer" tvicli f/ord's )ay at t-he church wa*, t)mt ho had i little, plant of rovorewe w i t h i n him that needed watered t w i c e each 1/ordV Day. in re«iponsi Ie for overy tmitlvo or good tl-at w c irriwl on hi ( b o world. It's i; flueuce Is felt cren t o the remotest v.llagt Tho non- r h i i r c h Roor won d not Ive, in any f o m m u n i t y whero th«r · wue no c h u r c h . The happi"st f a n i l y is ic one ( h a t ' a j e a r ; nUier« .1 (\\ irte.r, and FIUST South PitteburR and West Morton avenue, George R. Knipp, pastor--Sunday RChool at !l:4n A. M. Worship at 11; thetne, "When ( onselcnco Speaks." Kvening worship, 7 : 3 0 ; t h e m e , "Wh«-n the Mauler Speak »." In termed kite Y. P. 0 U., G:30 P. AT Senior Y. P. C. U., 6:4. r i P. M. Wednesday evening, 7 : 4 5 P. M, mid-week «rvleo of pnij-er and praise. Subject, " T h e Fortune of Mie- 11HKTHHKN I N CHRIST, Lincoln .(.venue at llace, street, Idlmcr A. Shi It/., minister -- Ch'irch school at 0 . 4 5 ; a claw* for every age; Harry (!. Vitt, suporintendont. Divine worship, 11; special music. Sermon, "Speak to That Young Man." Senior Christian 3'5n- doavor Society, B:30 P. M., topic, "Faith and What Is Does," leader Mrs. S. K, Huey. Junior Christian Endeavor ;io- fortune," Tiiosda; workers conferenc evening, 7 P. M . J c i e t y , G;M, topic, "How Can Wo Sb iw Friday, Y. J'. C. The Olntrcii is Cod's Holy place ;in stme once :i m o n t h . (Tin e t i a n i t y is ! hours during the month of March, per tho.«j-niholleni of the tobernacle in practical suid i fo · every day in the* w h i c h wil! not only be a benefit to the wilderness, which hujr-g-ests the i calendar, ,u( to the Txrd who yourself and family, imt to your pas- Mot t Holy Place rc.pesMiting Heaven, every day U biasing lit; n th n i l our j tor and jxmr c h u r c h ? iu,d the Holy Place the C h u r c h , ;o t h e j t e m p o r a l and s p i r l l u f l l th ngH, only EVERSDN REVIVAL WILL CONTINUE OVER MARCH 9 Thomas Filpr, RHml Soloist o f ! Blind Evange 1st A l f o o n o . Will Arrive oil Jfonday. ! K e t i v s i l m e t ' t i n p f i at ( h e Kverson | T n i t e i I t r e t h r e u C'hurc.h w i l l c o n t i n u e 1 over .'.Ian;h !). l/iUr«5(. prow*- w i t h A f t e r vusper'sev !CP« at the c h u r c h . ! oa «' 1 «rvice while consn n a t k i n w f i l l ' UNION SERVICES NEXT WEEK, DUNBAR all ot the school c lililrrn will oci up.v i t h e cl urch n i g h t l y to hear Kev. P;ui! t h e i r seats in UK Kulanlc Hail at j I 1 '- Mi«-kcy of I M i i l i i p s m i n c w h o has C o'clock. I charge of tho mo'tlnga. Rev. C o r n e l i u s G "ibovsky, pastor l ' Three meetings will bo held Sunday the c h u r c h , will w Iconic tho g a t h e r - I w U h f c p e ,. i a l masg m(e ,tmp at 2:30 in x a m m a l l o u of t h e | |he a t t e r n o o n . Timo an ,j subject.-! for the d a r will lx: 1045 A. M., "tJnanevrerod PrnyRT." The program fol Prayer. Song, "The Star audience. Iteadlrig content prizes, Songs, pupils. Kecitation, "Hope pain;!ed a n d a w a r d i n g of I lie Presbyterian Chtircl). SUNDAY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE NOW AND YEAR AGO Method is Kpbropnl and Pros- Mediation, "Hope in Children," b.vtcrlnn cliurcht-t. at D u n b a r w i l l unite | j.; va SmigalBky. l u r t-rrvices Sunday night, at t h o j Hecitatioti, "Poc, \Vidow," by I ' r c r b y t c r i a n C h u r c h . Stephen Plosh. The m e e t i n g w i l l bi; continued e a c h ) Recitation, "Don't Uo Harm," Mich- K «f t h o w e e k at 7:30 o'clock, a t ^ a e l Koval. Recitation, "Why i o We Trespass" Kattierinc SmigalsU: . A one-act comedy, e u l t i l e d "ivr(or of Miracles," director by Mr, Pasulka \ v i l l tlifii 13 p r e s e n t ' d . The east of c h a r a c t e v s is as f o l ! w s : Doctor of Miracle;, Tony J a n i c k y . Much Talker, lady who talkes loo much, Mrs. Peter PI -sli, Daniel J u m p , bud boy who plays "hookey," Michael Ivjval. Tilllo Chcwer, who bites; her nails, Eva Smlgalsky. Stomach Ache, a g -oedy boy, Nick J finicky. Lazy Bones, who loves pleasure, Stephen Plesh. Hard Guy, hunting trouble, Steve Popchalc. 'Tooth Ache, always afflicted, Cathe r i n e Janicky. An orchestra under - h e direction of Peter Plesh will provic e nuisic. Other speakers who will appear on 2SI I tho program are Pet T Koval and 272 -1 Nicholas Smlgalsky of Scottdale and 2SG John Eguot, Sr., of Le senrmg No. 1. I The program will clo ie with a pr-e- 113 Lenten amusement. Kef'oshmeiits will ! bo served. ... j ··"' i !! STAR JUNCTION G2 X X . v.n . 1GS 2S3 261 270 . 311 ^'S'J 87 . 31 . 6-1 88 (M 3-10, Thi v lollo^ int; ligurc^ on a t t « n d a » c o n I be Snnd.iy b'c loolb of the c i t y tuid irarby compared w i t h a year ago wero . o m p i k - d by t h e Connoilsvllle Miulstcr- Utfit Vear Sunday ago Church of t h « Br«thren 'J'J i(;hurch oC (Joel ( ovenanler .\l-'irst Baptist t'irt-t C h r i s t i a n . Frst Ev«ti(?t'Hcal .%!ethodir.t Kpl^i'opj'l A l f t h o i l t s t Protr-slaiH IVcKbytorian --. V likxl Urethroix . x U n i t e d P r e s b y t e r i a n (.iiwnwood M. K. ',. ... x i l l u h l u n d .Mount Xion U n p t i s t I ' a v n e A. M. K x H o c k y Mount. B a p t i s t (!f -itiiin f j U t h e r a n ... . H a ' v a t ion A r m y xT " i i i l t y Kplscopal _ T r i n i t y L u t h e r a n T r i ' i i t y Reformed -- .. Tr" Hor C o m m u n i t y I ' l U o n liapti«! 2:30 I'. M., "An T r p-to-n;itt» Weighing Device." 7:30 P. M., "tiod'n Blockade on th lUghwiiy to Hell." Thomas A. Filer, w e l l k n o w n in this fioctioi) ;IH a Miloist of exceptional ability, w i l l a r r i v e Monday and sin# in each service to the close of tho camp a i g n . Monday o von ins w i l l be "Mystery Night" and d u r i n g tbic; meeting the THOMAS F J L E R A l t o o n a t-lnser w i l 1 issit" next week in roviv.U son iocs at t)rer- .s.»n United Hr»throu Chnrc! evaripeliet w i l t "do something o o t h e r evangelist ha:, e v e r d jn« d i -Ing a serltts «C npeclal n i f o t i i i g s " T 10 Sunday School orelnsstra v.-ill p(a Tuesday, Thursday and Su-id.iy e- e-ningH. Tuesday e v e n i n g the Boy Scot tB w i l l attend i n a lKidy .inii tli » Ixxrsti - choir will ainjj. Rev. C. K. Honaehol'ler, pa. tor oC t h e c h u r c h din-cte the adnlt on l j ag-i J-'ovcn. ;horu» 'SOVIET PREMIER'S ANTI-RELIGIOUS SCORED Walsh of University ('lies Facts From Personal Knowledge. l',y BDMUND A. WAUSIi. H J. Vim 1 I'resiWnl, ( S o o r R f l o w n U n i v e r s i t y , u»i) K e i f p n i of tho Ueorfietown i'-'ori'ij^n ,^»'rvice School. ' V V r i t ' c n Tor t h e 1'nitcJ Press i WAiSHINC-TON. March 1 ~ The Soviet KOvernrneiK has publicly declared as JlH ideal what (iladstono so ii,oll described in his celebrated phrase, "Tho negation of God erectwl Into a system ot governin'Ont." Tho defense of the Soviet government's a t t i t u d e toward religion as expressed by the Russian prompter, Mr. Alexi.s Kyikov, w.if to be expected, as denial and :ouutercha.rj»e have forme.d the order of the day in every a t t a c k on religion. Mr. Jlykov the customary sweeping denial and claims to k n o w 'of no case of persecution in Rus-sia. The official pronouncements of re- Continued on Paso Seven, U. rally of the. Sco tdale, M o u n t I'leas- «int and Comieltev !! societlc«3. Special speakers. CHURCH OF "UK HRETHKKN, Vine and Nowmyet llalph E. Kho))er, mlnteter--Bible school at 9:45, Mrs, Piml V. Lepley, .uperintendent. A claes for all ages. Morning worship at 11 o'clock, Bcrnu netto for children. " R a i n i n g Out of a H»le in tho Ground." Sermon, "The Typ of Christian the Devid JLiko" At 7 : r o tho pastor w give the third of a fi-ric« o£ illustrated lectures on tho Ori (eg of the I/ife of Christ, "JesuK on t 10 ITillsides With (be Common People. ' B. Y. P. D. at 7. A message for ail. Prayo-r mooting Wednesday evening it. 7:30, John C3. Sleight?», leader. T 10 Board of. Itcli- gioue Kducation w i l ' meet, in the c h u r c h Monday evening at 7:30, Sunday School workers ; nd teachers conference Monday evening at 8 o'clock, owry teacher, offk.T and worker worker urgel to be re«cui. Tomorrow is the iirst Sunday in "go-to- charch-month." tm forfiake not Uie assembling of ourselves together ae Uie manner of PRBSBYTERIAN, D u n b n r , I^eard VL Wylie, minister--Sundt y ochool at 9:45 Upton D. Spoor, BUp«rintendent Worship at J l ; subject,-"The Blessing of Giving." Christian Kideavor at 6:45. Reverence?" leader, Sara Belle Evening ficrvico, 7:30; special ·servicee close, MtiKic b chorus cbx. ir. Sorm/jn, "Deliverance." Mid-week si r- vice, Wednesday at 7:30 P. M. Pcnic- cOBtal retreat, CIreensburi;, Tuejwla.y : f- ternoon and evening; Diishop 73at1-'y will be the (speaker METHODIST KPISCOPAL, Gree-i- wood, South Ninth street, ROT. Fr d Wneman, paetor--Sunday school . t 9:45, W. S. nehatma. ^uperintcnd'en . Morning worship at. 11; sermon by tlis pastor. Kpworth League, at 6:r,s . Evening worship at 6:30; se-rmon b / tho pastor. Regular m o n t h l y mooting i ihe coming week arc: Women's Foreign Missionary Society Wednesday evening ifter prayer meeting; Ladies*' Aid Society Thursday evening at 7:,'50. Official Hoard meeting: Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock. FIRST PHESnYTKRlAN, .T. I-. Proudflt, L).D., 7i)inteter -- Sunday .school, 9:30 o'clock, If. \V. M-,Robbia» superintendent. Morning service, 31 o'clock. T. Rose Paden, Jr., o£ tho Western Theological Seminary will preach. Young people's society, G.-r.O. Kvening eervice, 7:30. Mr. Paden will preach. Prayer-meeting Wednesday evening, 7:15 o'clock. TRINITY LUTHERAN. Fairvirw avonuc, W. H. Hfrtricic, D.n., K v e n i n g w o r s h i p at "Christian Growth." The Method is t Episcopal and Presbyterian churches w i l l unite for the evenir g services, Th/ meetings will continue all week in the Presbyterian Church w i t h services ea«ii evening at 7:30. FAYETTK U. B. CHARGE, Rev. R. II. Arndt, minister-- Raft Rnd: Sunday school, 10 A. .M., Walti- · f l u e y , super- iuleadpnt. Senior C. 10. jocic-ny at 6:30. Preaching, 7:80 o'clock. Mount. Olive: etibject,' f' a6S in Catocbmm, 9 A. M. Sunday B-chooi, 10 A. Preaching 379 SI BAPTIST REVIVAL COMES TO CLOSE It) x Indicate^ !!'rcprrt recci ,\ (rili(.atefi not av lilablo. Throe ShirtonN Inlurcil. A l . L K N ' T O W N , Mar I - Clay Lragu», 17, !; in the Palmertf u Hospital with se-wa! broken ribs, a it! Walter Halte- nian and £llnliu i (JanuM-, fellow Doylo-;- tt^vs High School j-tmient.s, snffe-rfd bruises w h e n t h e -ai in which they ·svero riilint; to Ha/.! Y ton to se« a b;nk"f b a l l pamo era. hed into a c u l - vert Url Killed ) Anto. M O N ' d N G A l l L ' l . A , A arch 1--N'elllp I J n i n t I ~ . w i · f a l a i l v injtirod last iii(;ht v l K ' i i ·'hi- - t n u ' k by an a t i t o i n n b t U ' ' i t h « » \V.-ihir;i,-tn road, Mlif ! ','l a l t e r h e n i K a d i u i l t o d t'i ( h \ ho-pit H *', M r o t i ^ o n o n c k , !)if IK !!·*» rHMfted, wa-« i h drtvor »f i l i car Evttngelistic eervicos came to a j close last Sunday at the Star Junction j Baptist Church, with th · auditorium crowded to capacity. R e - . McCullocLi of the Beilo Veruou Bapti. t Cinirch delivered the closing addres . Ilov. J. L. Alogaree, pastor o-£ tlu Fialwoods Baptiet Church, and Rev E. C. Linn of the Star Junction Me-th»dfat Ohtirclj assisted w i t h the service Catherine Kltonour sang "E Havt- I h r l u t , What Need 1 More?" Misses Eth ·! Ruth and Cora Be«« Sheerer sang, "Have You Coiirued the Cost?" Sunday was docielon day in ihe Bap- t i n t Sunday school. ROT. Mc.Culloch had charge of the service In all 12 new members were addf 1 to tha church rilncn the services 1 »gan. Ou Tu«jd«iy evening pra v«r-nt*etng was hold at the c h u r c h v Ith (\a at- H-e of (51. Charles 7 uttori was loader. A New DAILY DOZEN ci tizens ^ Bo loyal in speech and action to Conn illsvillc. 2 Buy, Build, and Bank in Conncllsvillc. 3 Work hard, spend intelligently, gave c insistently. 45 67- 89- 1011- 12- A -Toll of the best things about Ccmnglls ille when talking to strangers--not the worst. -Cultivate optimism. Think cheerfullj. Plan, the future courageously. -Pass on quickly to proper c-ivio boly anj thought or information that will prove helpful. -Be neighborly. Make friends of (ho p 'ople you meet, happy city is a prosperous ono. -Deal fairly, squarely, and honorably w i t h everyone, -Share your prosperity with less fortuna e- ones. -Have faith in Gonnellsvillo--your busin ss--yourself. -Never say die. Better (tines may be just ahead. -Believe in Connellsville's possibilities make the most of them. aid work hard to You Are Always Welcome at the Fi iendly Bank Citizens National Bank of ('onnellsviilc Bring your money and business proble ns to us. We will safeguard the first and help you $ olve the last. Patronize those wbo adv rtl»». services 11 o'clock. SP lior C. E. society, 7:30 P. M. A beany invitition is Extended to you to w o r s h i p w i t h ue. TRINITY 10PISOOPAI. Conon, L. H. Buria--Church school, lo A. M, Morn- ng prayer and sermon 13 o'clock. FIRST A1RTHOD18T PUOTKSTA.VT, . West A p p l e Htreet, .1, 11. lyambr-rtson, minister--Class meeting il leader, school at 10. Morning worship - w i l l be at 10:30, under the supervision ot the Sunday school, a foreign mission service, entitled, "The Kin-rr's Highway." Offering, special for foreign missions. Luther League 6:10 P. M,, "Faith and What It, Does," leader, Ralph Snyder. Evening worship, 7:30; sermon, "Up to Jerusalem," pu.stor preaching, Lenten services Iwgin Ash Wednesday evening, 7:30, in tho main audtorium of the church, with f u l l church service, subject "The Holy Spirit" FIRST CHRISTIAN, South Pittsburg street, Rev. Kugene X. Duly, minister--Church school, Di.'JO A. .M. Morning worship and commnnioi), 10: 10; euojoot, "The- Macedonian Call." Senior and Intermediate Christian Eti- Socioty meetings at fi:::i) P. M. evangelistic sorvces at 7:30, stibpoct, "ClKxiBinj; Gol." Wednofitlay prayer meeting at 7:30 P. M. A midweek pause to t h i n k of Cod. Tills ]·- "Go-To-Church" m o n t h . Svery member should find his place in t h e church this month. A f r i e n d l y clmrch invites you to all of i t s (services. FIKST BAI'TIST, K 11. Slovens. ffeorg-e Swnllop. Sunday school, ft:45, T. II. Meane, superintendent. M o r n i n g worship, I t ; Holy C-ommrnioti w i l l r.e administered and recepll MI of mem- bore. Junior C. E. 3 P. 11. intermediate C. B. 6 P. M. Senior c, K. prayor meeting at 6 : 4 5 ; topic, 'Faith and What It Dows," leader, Jol'n Penn. In the evening at. 7:30 Ihe pan tor's theme i minister--Church school a!. 0:4r,; leu- will be, "Salvation to the Ultermont." 1 ' * on ' " Our Ixlrtl1 3 Testimony Concern- Regular Wednesday even'tig p r t l y t , r j)iig Hinwelf." Morning worship, ]0:4.'.. meeting at 7:30. Team :,V. s, witli sermon. "Why .losus Its King." Coin- Jjawrence. Cueter and K B Small will be in charge. FIRST M13THODIST K J ISCOPAL, D. H. Graham, D.D., pastor- First S u n of t h c ol1 (S ° n W B Mkfi l«ve b«il, s h n l l day of Go-to-flhurch m o n t h . A l l mem-! bo llsoli - Tho '-a'l'o*' Aid of t h o First mtmion; reception of new Meeting of Ihe Juniors at 2 P. M. in ( I d chapel. Evening worship 7:30, BPI mon, "The GOfipel in SOUR," of t h e old Fo lxm are requested lo »e pr«scnt. Sun-day school, 9:45. At U o clock tho eermou nn'bject will bo ""'Vhat Men Need Most." Evangelistic services at 7:45; subject "Sowing and Reaping-." FIRST EVANGELICAL, South Con- neUsville, M. R, Tyson, paeto · -- Sunday school, at 9:30; Mrs. G. S loemaXer, superintendent. Morning w o r s h i p at 10:45, subject, "Our Hope." 5. L, C. E. at 0:45 with Mrs. Kster lie! ns, leader. Evening wors'hip, 7:30 subject, "Dust to Divinity." Wednesday prayer- meeting at 7:30 o'clock, DUNBAR METHODIST EPISCOPAL, Harry Humbert, pastor -Sunday | school, 9:45; morning ser ice, li. [ E p w o r t h League, 6 : 4 5 P. M.; evening service, with the Presbyterian congregation in tho Presbyterian Church, 7::!0 P. M. The evening service is the beginning of a two wecUs' s-eries of special services to bo held one week in tho Presbyterian Church uid ihe f o l l o w i n g week in the Method! u Kpis- copal Church. PAYNE A. 1U. K., W. S. A m i s, m i n - ster -- Sunday echool at 0:45, W. P. Thompson, superintedi'iit. Morning worship, 10:45, Evening- wor ,lup ul 7:30. Young people's meeting .it 6:30, Gladys Marilln, president. Special services at which Kev. C. N. Thompson oi' liniontown will speak vill be held at 2:30. Thu choir of hie -hurch will eing. BIOTHKTjBORO METilOWIST IOPIH- COPAL, Harry H u m b e r t , pastor -Sunday school, 2 P. At.; p r e a c h i n g at :!. Baptist C h u r c h w i l l meet Friday nipl.t, March 7, at 7:30, in the church jiar- lars. NEW MEYERSDALE PASTOR WILL TAKE CHARGE ON SUNDAY Special to TJic Courier. JtKYKHSDALK. March 1. -Next A!. at IIOCKY MOUNT 1UPTIST, K ;v F. Sims, minister -- Sunday «t:hool 9:30.. Sermon by Itev. G. H. at 11 o'clock. 730 P. M the revive 1 tic.r- vices conducted by Rov. O i i v o · I". Carter, gospel singer and interir'eter, member of Uin Evangelwlic Hoard of the National B a p t i s t Couvpiition w i l l begin. Sunday Kev. CleorRp T... IJctwiler w i l l asH\ime tho pastorate of the Mcyrs- dale C h u r c h of the Brethren w h i ' i i has been vacant since I b o lirst of last October. The services on H u n t l a y w i l l berfn with Hible school at n:30 A. M., fn 1 - lowcd by t h e installation of Rev. Pei- weilcr by Dr. I. Harvey Brumbaugh of Jnniata College, l l u i i t l n K t o n , Pa., at 10:.'!0. The u s u a l Christian Workers' services will be held at G:.'iO P. M., with evening church services at 7:30 o'clock when Kev. Jctwoiler will deliver his first sermon as naslor of tho church, lie is unmarried and has been living in Salisbury d u r i n g t h e latter p a r t of his pastorate there. fJe moved his personal belongings 1o MeyHrsdalc- this week and will occupy t h u parHonage of the chuvcli ho lins come to Horve. On Monday ev-ening at 7:30 o'clock in the assembly loom of the church a reception will IKS tendered tho new pa.stor at which time a very appropriate program will bo rendered. Kverybody i.s cordially i n v i t e d to attend these services and also t h e reception. UHS J''!gJit, Dropped. l-'ollowiuK iiie lead of Piushurg in dropping the fiRht for lower ?as ratev, for eonsiimcj-s, a t l o r n e y h for four more m u n J i - i o a l i t i e s ar'iean'd before t h e Public Service; Comminsion in I ' i U s b u r K and w i t h d r e w thoir complaint. These are S m f t h t o r , P«aa, Jeannette and Koscoe.

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